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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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communication counts on centurylink. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn breaking news, a rapidly moving investigation. lots of pieces sort of beginning to come together here in multiple bomb tax, or would-be attacks, planned bombings here in new york and in new jersey. first, let me show you some video. this is the suspect, ahmad khan rahami. as you can see, captured alive, after a shootout with police in linden, new jersey. now, this man being wheeled on this -- being wheeled into this ambulance, bloodied but conscious, saw his eyes open, hands cuffed behind his back. that arrest coming just hours
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after the fbi launched the manhunt to find him and issued a cell phone alert to millions of people across the state. you also have this surveillance picture believed to be rahami in new york moments before an explosion detonated. this is the one saturday night, chelsea neighborhood, downtown manhattan, 29 people were hurt in the blast. you see just glass, you know, windows, cars, businesses, shattered. just a couple blocks away there was another pressure cooker sort of device that was found. that never went off. rahami is also being questioned to possible ties to other improvised bombs. a blast that happened at the start of a charity race in seaside park, new jersey, on saturday, which didn't begin on time, thank goodness, because of issues with registration. then you have these five pipe boms that were found in a train station overnight. one of those devices inadvertently detonated by a bomb squad robot. now police want to know if rahami built these bombs himself, and perhaps most urgently if, in fact, he acted
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alone or if he had help. let's begin our coverage with jean casarez at the scene of the capture in linden. jean, i know there was a fingerprint that led to the i.d. of this man and then the be on the lookout. tell me about the man who saw this guy at asleep at a bar because he had been watching cnn. >> reporter: what we're finding is it's a tip. it's a tip that actually led them to this area. it's a very residential area here in linden, new jersey. i spoke with some neighbors just a minute ago and they said this morning there were shots, so many shots. as we heard new york law enforcement officials just said it's very excellent that he was taken alive and he was taken down right here in this sleepy little neighborhood that's filled with families, with children. very close while this was happening this morning, and we will tell you that four officers were injured along with rahami, and they've been transported to
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two different hospitals, but about three miles away is where rahami and his family lived, at the first american chicken restaurant. they own it. the mayor of elizabeth, new jersey, told me that the family lived on the upper floor. this morning while this was happening here, the fbi was executing a search warrant at their home. at least one box of evidence, two cars were towed away. they stayed there for hours executing that search warrant. very important to them. and then i will tell you that one mile away from the chicken restaurant is where the bombs were discovered this morning a backpack. it was actually 9:30 last night that two homeless men, i am told bit mayor of elizabeth, new jersey, were walking. they found the backpack in the trash can. they took it out. they took it under the railroad tracks. they opened it up and there they saw a pipe and wires. these two men, i was told, literally ran to the police department and told them, this is something serious.
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and that is what got the bomb squad out. that is how they detonated at least one, secured the five bombs that were in there, so no one was injured in all of that. they are now packaged securely and will be on their way as possibly evidence in a criminal trial against this man that they just captured this morning. no charges yet, however. but law enforcement just said federal charges may be coming. brooke? >> all right, jean casarez in linden, thank you, jean. now, this bombing suspect was injured in that shootout with police. four other officers were also hurt. all were rushed to hospitals for treatment. let's go to cnn's brendan joining us from new jersey hospital where the suspect was taken. what do you know? >> reporter: what we're seeing just outside the hospital is a heavy police presence, which we've seen all over the place. officers standing here, making sure every car that goes inside
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the car at the hospital is checked and made sure they're allowed to be in there. that's likely because rahami is here being treated for those injuries. you showed that video to your viewers. we know he sustained some sort of injury to his shoulder. he was alert and somewhat talking when he was loaded into that ambulance. and then brought here to the hospital. so, we don't know exactly his condition at this point. we don't know if he's even talking to authorities at this point, but undoubtedly, fbi officials are here as part of the investigation. now leads them to the hospital where he's being treated. we also know at this point that one of the officers that was injured in that takedown, as jean just talked about in nearby linden, one of those officers is also being treated here at the hospital, nonlife-threatening injuries. that's good. we know the injuries sustained, one officer hit in a bulletproof vest. another officer shot in the hand. we don't know which officer is here, but we know this is one of the hospitals he's at as well as
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another hospital in this area, brooke. >> brynn, thank you so much in newark. now we're learning a little more about this suspect, about his family, about potential lawsuit. i've got evan perez here with me here in new york. our justice correspondent -- can we first pause for a moment just to reflect on everything that's happened over the past 24 to 48 hours. this race that, thank goodness, didn't go off, the marine corps race raising money saturday morning. the fact that this one bomb that did go off in chelsea in downtown manhattan ended up in a dumpster, or else this would have been so much worse. >> a lot worse. incredible series of lucky breaks, frankly. the fact that that race started late meant people weren't standing near that garbage can, witnessing, waiting for runners to go by, and nobody got hurt when that blast went off. there were three bombs in that garbage can. only one of them detonated. that was another stroke of luck. then you have saturday night in chelsea, the bomb that did
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explode on 23rd street, it happened to be underneath -- pardon partially underneath a metal dumpster so the dumpster took a lot of the hit. 29 people were injured, but luckily not any serious injuries simply because the force of the blast, even though it shattered windows, damaged cars, there was a lot of damage done there, nobody died. and then, of course, the one on 27th street, according to the press conference there, the information that was given by the fbi and the nypd at that press conference at the top of the hour, they said that someone apparently disturbed the device. it was inside a duffel bag. that's a duffel bag that rahami was seen pulling on 23rd street as well as 27th street in surveillance video. they appear to have taken the device out of the bag, and that might have disturbed it and caused it to not go off s, broo. >> someone who owned a bar in
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linden, new jersey, who found this guy asleep into the entryway of this bar, because he had been watching cnn on his laptop, calls police, dot, dot, dot, the guy gets caught in the shootout. as far as his background, record, family, what do we know? >> well, he's afghan background emigrant family as jean casarez was talking about, they lived above this chicken restaurant in elizabeth, nj nlg. in 2011 they filed a lawsuit because they said the town and the police officers were harassing them with code violations. it appears the lawsuit went nowhere, but that's really about the extent of the kind of trouble that we've seen with this family or with this suspect. we do know there were a couple minor background -- minor criminal issues in his background. the police talked about that at the press conference at the top of the hour, but nothing major. no sign of him at all on the fbi radar for radicalization.
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we do know he's traveled back to afghanistan. whenever he came back into the country, he would be interviewed. again, nothing at all that came up. >> the question, one of the primary questions, did he act alone? >> well, at this point they do believe he acted alone. there was some question, we reported earlier certainly from talking to officials, because of those people who were seen on that video handling the device that didn't go off, there was some fear that maybe others were involved. they now believe that those people had nothing to do with it. they still haven't found them. they haven't talked to them. they want to talk to those people. they right now believe this man acted alone. >> evan perez, thank you so much. we'll talk again. a witness to the shootout this morning is putting on a microphone right now. he will join me live to tell me what he saw there in linden today. also ahead, new york on high alert as world leaders, including the president of the united states, are in new york at the u.n. general assembly. we'll take you there and talk
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we're back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. the arrest of a suspect in bombings in new york and new jersey that left 29 people wounded has been captured alive as investigators are trying to determine if he acted alone. joining me now, cnn terrorism, paul, pamela wood, certainly ceo of guidepost solutions and anthony may with us, retired explosives investigator with the atf. paul, the last time i laid eyes on you was in nice, france, when horrendous, horrendous attack. i don't know if motivation was similar in terms of maximizing casualties. we made the point this could be a lot worse. you're most curious about this man's multiple trips back home to afghanistan. >> we're hearing about multiple trips. we don't quite know what years
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he was going back, but that will be interesting to investigate as they look to see if he was connected to any overseas terror groups. in the united states he might have been acting alone but that leads to the possibility that he might have had connections overseas, might have met people while in afghanistan. obviously, afghanistan is a place where a number of terrorist groups have been operating in recent years, notably al qaeda, the pakistani taliban were the group that directed the times square attacker in 2010. that car bomb didn't go off. they'll look at that pattern, see if when he came back, he was, perhaps, showing signs of radicalization. did that afghanistan travel have an impact? where did he learn how to make these devices as well? so far, they appear to be quite rudimentary. we don't have full clarity about the chemicals inside the pressure cookers yet, though. i think we need more information
11:16 am
on that to fully decide how simplistic these bombs were. but could he have got some training overseas or did he just learn to make it all off the internet? as we find out more about the devices, i think we'll be able to come to that determination. >> anthony, as we're talking devices, let me pivot to you. everything you've heard about them, filled with ball bearings, the bb, which was one tie among some of these devices. how would you rate the sophistication level? >> well, the sophistication level of the pressure cooker device is somewhat higher than what we saw in the seaside pipe bombs. the -- now, there is some reports coming out that wrappers of taneraite, a product name for an exploding manufactured product, a target product, which would explain some of the issues going on here with the damage we're seeing. but as far as sophistication, you know, these aren't your
11:17 am
highly sophisticated devices. they're very -- they level. they go on a degree of level from crude to somewhat sophisticated. >> okay. on the tanerite note, we at cnn do not have that confirmed. julie, to you, the fact this man is alive, they caught him alive, how do investigators get him to talk? >> well, investigators are going to use all their tricks to get him to talk, to try to induce him to cooperate by, you know, offering him a cup of coffee, you know, trying to discuss things with him. it could take a lot of time. they obviously also could use higher pressure tactics. but i also want to get back to the recent travel that he took. i think it's very important to look at his travel patterns and compare it to the time of his naturalization. i think a big question to ask the immigration service is did they know of his travel, was it
11:18 am
to afghanistan, was it to other places, and did they take that into account when he became naturalized? are there things they could have focused on similar to social media and san bernardino that they didn't do here. >> okay. as far as whether or not he acted alone, paul, or, you know, with a group or was inspired online or, perhaps, there were connections back in afghanistan from his trips, how do they determine all of that and how quickly can we know? >> well, they'll be interviewing him, first of all, trying to get information from him as quickly as possible. they'll be interviewing many associates, everybody they can find, they'll be looking at his computers, his cell phones, his social media history, they'll be involving foreign and intelligent services in afghanistan, he probably traveled through pakistan -- >> he's on no list for anything of that nature. >> not at all. he was not on the radar screen. they were very firm on that, that he was not known for either radicalization or someone that was under investigation in any way, shape or form.
11:19 am
and that's a nightmare scenario for intelligence services here in the united states, so-called clean skins. very difficult to sort of see this kind of attack coming if they are not on the radar screen. you really sort of have to depend on either somebody close to someone tipping off police or to see something worrying on their social media. otherwise if he's just acting alone, pretty much impossible to intercept a plot like this. >> julie, what's your take, at this stage how do investigators determine if there's an actual cell as opposed to someone who is just communicating with accomplices? >> well, they're going to use all their resources. they're going to look at foreign intelligence. they're going to look at individuals arrested in the car and they're going to try to get information from him. you know, my understanding is he was identified in part based on a fingerprint left on one of these bombs, so he wasn't very careful. so, perhaps there are other things above the american
11:20 am
chicken shack that would lead us to his accomplices to folks he worked with. >> it was a fingerprint. we don't know if it was on the device or the cell phones, but that's what ultimately led them to i.d.'ing and the botlo. >> we're starting to see that more frequently than we used to. we saw that a lot in afghanistan and iraq theater of operation. cell phones were used to initiate and detonate devices. a cell phone has a variety of capabilities. you can use it -- use the internal clock or timing mechanism alarm on a cell phone to initiate a device or you can use the cell phone itself, the receiver as a remote command detonating type system. a cell phone is very versatile. provides the bomber a lot of opportunities there. >> what about, julie, just the
11:21 am
timing of these bombs or would-be bombs and the locations. i've been in contact with someone within nypd and that's sort of the million dollar question as far as the significance. what do you make of it? >> it's really hard to tell at this point. certainly this an-s an important time, given the u.n. general assembly, the president coming to town. you know, i think the locations do show one thing, though, that soft targets are the new norm. there's been so much security around critical infrastructure, so this individual was able to focus on areas that were softer targets. i think that has to be a warning to those that operate businesses or malls. what sort of things do you have in place? and i think the technology that abled us to identify him, the cameras, the fingerprints, all of those pieces have become more and more important. as to why he did this on a saturday night and then bombs later o i think that is the million dollar question. you would think that he might
11:22 am
want to do it at a time when there was more activity unless he was trying to do a dry run, but as you can see, dry run doesn't work very well when you have the fbi and nypd on it. >> i mean, can we just pause for a moment. it is extraordinary how quickly nypd, fbi, joint terrorism task force, jumped on this and found him. i mean, i -- >> absolutely. >> it was like that. >> it's amazing. it's amazing. technology played a big part. the cameras, the fingerprints. but also individuals in that elizabeth, new jersey, train station. they saw a backpack that looked interesting, what was in there and they knew -- they have to say something, to call police. so, i think all of those acts really prevented what could have been a terrible loss of life in the last few days. >> thank goodness. pa paul, i'm turning back to you. you got some news. what do you know? >> just a little more detail from a reporting team on the
11:23 am
sort of multiple trips to afghanistan. he also traveled quite a lot to other countries overseas. so, they're looking at all these overseas trips and trying to see whether possibly he met with any sort of radicals, terrorist groups and so on and so forth. they didn't know anything about this guy's sort of past radical history before just a few hours ago, so they're trying to find out a lot very, very quickly. >> do we know what the other countries are or how recent the trips are? >> they're not being very specific yet on those other countries. we're hearing some of those other countries not in the middle east, so they're kind of looking at that travel pattern to see if it has any significance. so, we're trying to gather more information on that. >> i'll let you do that. paul, thank you so much, julia myers wood and anthony may, thank you. coming up, a witness to the shootout this morning in new jersey coming forward. he will tell us what he
11:24 am
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back to the breaking news here. i'm brooke baldwin. the suspect in the new york and new jersey bomb incidents captured alive just hours ago. my next guest was just a few yards away from where police took down this suspect in linden, new jersey. he actually caught this video of paramedics loading him into an ambulance. andrew campos. thank you for joining me. what a morning. can you just begin with -- i
11:29 am
understand you work at the auto parts store right around the corner. what did you see? >> yeah, i work a couple feet away from where it actually happened. when i parked my car, i was on the phone with my boss and he said, be careful, shots were fired. as soon as i literally get to the front of the warehouse, i park my car. he told me -- he said, if you look, you'll see this gentleman laying down on the floor. when we actually took -- just took a peek around the corner, we saw someone laying on the floor. all of us walked over there and we saw the gentleman on his back laid out and it looks like he was shot a couple times. he was dazed out. he was trying to get up but he couldn't. and then he looked to his left, he looked to his right. once we got close enough, we actually identified the suspect that was on the picture that i believe we all received or i think the whole town received. >> was this just in the middle of the street in linden where he
11:30 am
was down on the ground? >> he was actually laid out on the sidewalk on his back. >> was he saying anything, shouting anything? was he even able to speak? >> no, no, not that we were able to see. or not that we were able to hear anything. looks like he was pretty quiet. he was just dazed out. he was kind of stunned and just laid out, trying -- like i said, he was trying to get up, but he couldn't. >> so, this area, andrew, where the shootout happened, we're seeing some pictures. maybe some parking lots. is it fairly residential, businesses? i'm trying to understand who would be out and about this time of day. >> it's pretty much -- it's a mix. it's residential and, i guess, residential, a couple of warehouses here, a couple of businesses. but definitely, you know, it's kind of out of the ordinary this would happen in this location. >> out of the ordinary. as far as officers go, we know four were hurt in that shootout. did you see -- describe the police presence. >> no, no, from what we heard,
11:31 am
there were officers hurt. two officers, from what we heard -- or from what i heard someone say, a news reporter. but in detail, we're really not, i guess, informed at the moment as to what happened. >> i just -- i just got an update. i think two of the officers who were hit, they are both in stable condition. that's encouraging. so you see this man, this suspect, being rolled into this ambulance. and they take off. that's the last thing you saw? >> right, right. that's the last thing i saw. that's the only thing i saw from the beginning of the scene. i was literally a couple yards -- probably about three blocks away. we had to pull over because there was like 20 cop cars coming at once. once we tried to drive off, we couldn't because more were coming. i called my boss and said, be careful, there were shots fired. that was pretty much from the beginning, middle to end. >> you're in linden, elizabeth is one train stop away from
11:32 am
where you are, this is where the suspect and his family lived, apparently, this is where they owned this chicken shop, first american fried chicken. are you familiar with elizabeth? >> right, right, yeah. i am familiar with elizabeth. i'm not familiar with the chicken shack where they're actually at -- or from. >> can you tell me more about elizabeth, what kind of town it is? >> to be honest, elizabeth is not the nicest area. have you your good areas and bad areas. you know, morrow is such a nice, quiet place. it's shocking. >> shocking, not just for you but i think for a lot of people around the country. abel andrew campos, thank you so much for jumping in front of that camera for me. i appreciate your time. >> you're very welcome. >> thank you. let's go now to the phone. i have our senior investigative correspondent drew griffin. he's on with new information. drew, tell me where you are and
11:33 am
what are you learning? >> i'm actually in linden also. we spoke by phone to the owner of the business who first spotted ahmad khan rahami this morning. he actually spotted a man who looked like a homeless person sleeping in the entranceway to his bar. he owns a business across the street, which opens about 9:00 in the morning. the bar was closed, brooke, so he noticed this man sleeping literally in his doorway. he was told that he was watching cnn on his laptop and recognized that this man looked very much like the suspect that the fbis looki was looking for, so he actually called police and brought them to the scene where they had this shootout. it was just shortly after he told me that on the phone that he had to jump off because a detective was coming to talk to him. so, that's about as much information as i have. it is the fact that at 9:00 this morning this business owner
11:34 am
spotted what appeared to be the suspect sleeping in the doorway of a closed bar on elizabeth avenue in linden, new jersey. >> we're grateful he was watching cnn go, saw the guy, put two and two together and that then led to police capturing him. drew griffin, thank you so much, in linden. coming up, president obama addressing these attacks as he is in new york for the u.n. general assembly this week. his message to americans about not succombing to fear. more on the capture of this suspect. was he working alone? are there accomplices? what police are saying. ll take . i'm good. i just took new mucinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away. wow, that sort of blind-sided me. and it clears my terrible cold symptoms. ahh! this is awkward. new mucinex fast-max clear & cool.
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succumb. addressed these bombings in both new jersey and new york, seeking to reassure the country and reaffirming the u.s. commitment to fighting terrorists and violent extremists. here's the president. >> i want to say a few words about the explosions that occurred here and new york and new york city, and the other device found in new jersey. i've been monitoring the situation closely and receiving frequent updates from my team. i've just been briefed again by fbi director comey. in addition, i've had a chance to speak with governors cuomo and christie as well as mayor de blasio. we've seen what was apparently a pipe bomb go off in new jersey in seaside park, where it could have seriously injured our u.s. marines and spectators who were there for a race. the bombing in the chelsea neighborhood here in new york injured more than two dozen
11:40 am
people. we are extremely fortunate and grateful that nobody was killed. our prayers go out to all of those who have been injured. we want to wish them a speedy recovery. i especially want to commend all the outstanding police and first responders in both new york city and new jersey for their extraordinary professionalism and their quick response, which surely prevented even more people from being hurt. and ensure that people got assistance quickly. the investigation is moving rapidly. and as is my practice, i'm going to leave it to the fbi and law enforcement to provide details. i think everybody is aware at this point that there is a person of interest, who is the focus of the investigation and the fbi can give you further details in terms of how that is proceeding. i told governors cuomo and christie and mayor de blasio,
11:41 am
they and their teams will have all federal help in their investigations, tracking down every lead and working to keep the people of this city and this region safe. law enforcement is asking for the help of the community. and so to everybody in this region, i want to repeat what we've said before. if you see something suspicious, then you need to say something. contact local law enforcement. in the meantime, i would ask that the press try to refrain from getting out ahead of the investigation. i am extraordinarily happy with the cooperation that's been taking place between the fbi and state and local law enforcement officials. they are moving smartly on this investigation. it does not help if false reports or incomplete information is out there. so, try to, as much as possible,
11:42 am
stick to what our investigators say because they actually know what they're talking about. meanwhile, i know the united nations meeting here every year already create an additional workload for new york. but given the u.n. meetings, we also have a particularly high level of federal resources here to help as needed. we're going to make sure that everybody is working together seamlessly as one team to get to the bottom of what happened, to find those responsible and make sure that justice is done. meanwhile, while all this is going on in new york and new jersey, we're also focused on the stabbing attack at the shopping mall in minnesota. at this point, we see no connection between that incident and what happened here in new york and new jersey. our attention there is on the people who were injured. and again, we're very grateful that no one lost their life. thanks to the quick action of a brave off-duty police officer, the suspect was killed and we
11:43 am
avoided more people being hurt. i had a chance to also speak with governor dayton this morning. i assured him that we will provide all the assistance that he needs in the investigation. the fbi is investigating the minnesota incident as a potential act of terrorism. we will direct the full resources of the federal government to make sure that the investigation goes forward aggressively. finally, i want to take this opportunity to reassure the people in this city this region and americans across our country that counterterrorism and law enforcement professionals at every level, federal, state and local, are working together around the clock to prevent attacks and keep us safe. they are the best of the best. over the years they have thwarted many plots and we're grateful to their service today
11:44 am
and every day. we will continue to fight isil, which is instigating a lot of people over the internet to carry out attacks. we'll continue to go after them. >> coming up next here, new developments from the scene of the bombing in new york. more than two dozen people were injured saturday night. we'll take you there. also ahead, soft targets and yet another terror attack this weekend. a man walked into a suburban minnesota mall and stabbed nine people. what police there are saying about his motive. hey, searching for a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at
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more breaking news. the suspect in the new york and new jersey bombings capture add live in a shootout with police in linden, new jersey, just a few hours ago. the nypd are under pressure. police are still investigating the explosion in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood and the other device found just a few blocks away. more than 50 heads of state are
11:49 am
in manhattan, including president obama, for the united nations general assembly. cnn's chief national security correspondent jim sciutto is here to talk security. before you do, i know you just got off the phone with some folks, in terms of the suspect's travel to afghanistan, where he comes from, what do you know? >> so, he had multiple trips to afghanistan. i'm told to other countries as well, not necessarily countries of concern. he just traveled a lot outside the u.s. he traveled to afghanistan by itself is not incriminating. he had family there and many people ravel back and forth. there are many afghan americans here. what they're looking at now is to see during that travel if he had any contacts of concern. did he meet with any groups or known individuals while he was there that might have helped radicalize him. they haven't discovered that yet but that's a focus of the investigation right now. >> they're looking at that, "a." "b," the unga here, mayor de blasio said it would be strong police presence because of unga
11:50 am
and what happened over the weekend. you came from the train station. >> train arrived on time into a busy penn station. you know new york city -- >> bounces back. >> -- new york has a way to bounce back. there was traffic but that's also new york. that's that. now, if you've ever been in new york during a u.n. general assembly, i know you have, the security by itself is already intense. now they have an added concern, but i think that in terms of the way the city will look, it will look like it has in previous septembers but with police -- listen, on any other given day they're on a high level alert, now even on a higher level of alert. >> jim sciutto, thanks very much. now to this -- let's go to jessica snyder standing by there in manhattan with the scene behind you. what are you learning about the investigation? >> you know, brooke, we're really in the epicenter of this investigation, so while the manhunt is over, the suspect's in custody, the fact-finding mission out here is really in
11:51 am
full force. can you see just behind me, this street remains closed. this is where it all started on saturday night. we're on west 23rd street between 7th avenue and 6th avenue. earlier today, i saw the fbi evidence response team. they were still collecting evidence two days after this explosion happened here. this whole area has been pretty much shut down. the avenues are open but a lot of the cross streets are closed. i've seen the police here. they're actually checking identification for the residents and the people who need to get into this is area. this is a residential area. we're in downtown manhattan, the chelsea district. a trendy district. a lot of people live here. a lot of people go out here. still, life is going on here in this section of new york city, even though this massive investigation is happening. one of the key parts of this investigation actually came from this area. we learned surveillance video was actually key in identifying
11:52 am
this suspect and launching that manhunt that happened over the hours of this morning after they released rahami's photo around 7:30 this morning. the surveillance video that was captured, there were two spots, one here on west 23rd street, one up on west 27th street. in those two videos, the same man was found. that man later concluded to be rahami. he was spotted here with a black duffel bag that had wheels and then spotted on video with that same black duffel bag. now, what's interesting is that up at west 27th street, four blocks north of here, police also say there were two men who came into view, we want up to the duffel bag after rahami left the scene and went into that duffel bag. actually, took out a white garbage bag that investigators believe contained that pressure cooker. and then got away with the duffel bag. you know, investigators are still looking to exactly piece together who those two men were. it's worth noting that police
11:53 am
commissioner james o'neill and mayor de blasio say they're not actively seeking out -- or they don't actively know of any other suspects who might be involved here. unclear, unsure if those two men are involved. again, this investigation still ongoing, still hitting high point, despite the fact that the manhunt itself is over. brooke? >> manhunt is over but looths lots of questions. relatives, friends, anyone who could have inspired him, that is so on. jessica schneider, thank you so much in downtown manhattan. news just in involving a bar owner and the tip that actually led to the capture of the suspect this morning right there in new jersey. we'll have that for you. also, new information about the suspect's family and a lawsuit they filed just a couple years ago over alleged discrimination. everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing.
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in case you missed this, a little bit of political humor by jeb bush during last night's emmy awards. >> hey, you're driving? >> yeah, i'm in between jobs right now. you know you can make $12 an hour driving for uber? >> i did not know that but that's great. i have to get downtown for the emmies. >> are you nominated? >> yeah. >> wow. what's that like? >> it's nice. it's nice. >> you think you can win? >> well, there's a lot of competition and probably not. >> well, here's what i know. if you run a positive campaign, the voters ultimately will make the right choice. >> it's funny you say that. my psychic -- >> jimmy, that was a joke. get out of the car.
11:59 am
and shave that wig off your face you godless hollywood hippy. jeb exclamation point! >> it was good. it was funny. indeed, fun requesty. for more on the emmys, go to here we go. we continue on. you're wafing cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we're back with the news and manhunt and capture of a man with planned bombings both in new york and new jersey. we just learned 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami, an afghan national, traveled to afghanistan multiple times in past years. this is what we're getting now from law enforcement sources. rahami, here he is, just after he was shot, after this shootout with police there in linden, new jersey, caught, bleeding, but definitely alive. this is after a shootout with police in linden. the owner of a bar there, who
12:00 pm
actually was watching cnn on his laptop, recognized him. this suspect was just asleep in the doorway of his bar. so, there's that. you also have this surveillance picture. this is believed to be rahami in new york carrying a duffel bag in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood. authorities now believe that within that bag was, indeed, a pressure cooker bomb that he later plant, detonating the device in a blast that injured 29 people. shattered glass, businesses, cars along the way. a couple blocks from that location in chelsea, another pressure cooker device was discovered. that never went off. rahami is also being questioned with ties to other improvised bombs. a blast that happened at the start of a charity race in seaside park, new jersey, saturday morning. then flash forward to elizabeth, new jersey, five pipe bombs were discovered near a train station overnight. one of the devices detonated by a b


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