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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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actually was watching cnn on his laptop, recognized him. this suspect was just asleep in the doorway of his bar. so, there's that. you also have this surveillance picture. this is believed to be rahami in new york carrying a duffel bag in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood. authorities now believe that within that bag was, indeed, a pressure cooker bomb that he later plant, detonating the device in a blast that injured 29 people. shattered glass, businesses, cars along the way. a couple blocks from that location in chelsea, another pressure cooker device was discovered. that never went off. rahami is also being questioned with ties to other improvised bombs. a blast that happened at the start of a charity race in seaside park, new jersey, saturday morning. then flash forward to elizabeth, new jersey, five pipe bombs were discovered near a train station overnight. one of the devices detonated by a bomb squad robot.
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now, police have a lot of questions. one of the questions they have, how de put the bombs together? did he do it alone or did he have help? let's begin the hour with jean casarez, who's at the scene of the capture in linden. jean, it is extraordinary how quickly this all went down. two hours from when the fbi i.d.'d him to when he was caught. how did they catch him so quickly? >> reporter: it is extraordinary. and when you hear this, you talked about a tip -- excuse them. you talk about a tip. this is a residential area. this is where he was brought down. but it was that tip of a man that owned a bar and he looked across the street on his property there and he saw a man sleeping in the doorway to the entrance. and he was watching cnn and he saw the picture on cnn of rahami. he looked at the man on his door step of his bar and he realized, that's the guy. so he called police. law enforcement came in and that was the beginning to come here
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to this residential area. this is where families are. it's a peaceful area. i spoke with neighbors and they said this morning they just started hearing all these gunshots. and they said, that doesn't happen around here. and when they realized it was rahami, the man they also were watching television on, knowing that he was armed and dangerous, they couldn't believe it was right here in this neighborhood. now, of course, officers were injured along with rahami. they were all taken to the hospital. but while this was going on, about three miles away in elizabeth, new jersey, at the first american fried chicken restaurant, the mayor of elizabeth, new jersey, confirmed with me that that is where rahami lived, in the upper portion with his family. and that is where for hours this morning, even before dawn, the fbi was executing a search warrant of the restaurant and the residence. i saw the upstairs. the curtains moved. fbi agents were up there. at least one box of evidence,
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two cars were taken away. all of this was happening simultaneously in part to when the takedown was going down. now, here's one more component. one mile away from that fried chicken restaurant last night two men found a backpack in a trash can. one mile away from that chicken dinner restaurant. they took the backpack underneath the train tracks, they opened it up and saw a pipe and wires. those two men -- and the mayor tells me they were homeless men. they ran to the police department and told the police that there was something very serious. that's when the bomb squad was called in. that's when the robot went up. you see it being detonated, one of the boms it went off, but lives were saved because there were five bombs in that backpack. now rahami is also being associated with that, which is so close to where he lived and where his family owned that restaurant.
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>> so many bombs that did not go off, the one in chelsea under a metal dumpster, that shielded what could have been a much more gruesome scene. then the fact that the race for the marine corps saturday morning didn't start on time. that could have been worse. it's all sort of extraordinary. jean casarez, thank you in linden. let me now bring in evan perez, our justice corporate, who's been on this since the get go, beginning with the news that we now have on -- this is an afternoon family. it's not incriminating to go back home to afghanistan in and of itself, but what are authorities looking into? >> well, now they're trying to go back to those trips he made to afghanistan. he traveled multiple times, made multiple trips to visit family in afghanistan. at the time, obviously, it looked innocuous. it's a common thing for an immigrant family to do. each time he came back he was questioned by authorities, which is part of the routine practice of border agents here in the united states. they did not find anything wrong at all.
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nothing -- no flags were raised at all. you know, as you know, they have hundreds of young men who are attracted to isis or following supporters of different terrorist groups and are speaking out online, doing things on social media. he was not one of these people. he did not arouse any kind of suspicion he might be radicalizing. now the big question for the fbi is putting that picture together. they want to go through his social media, look at his computer, see who he was talking to. now they also want to know who he may have been in touch with. they'll be in touch with afghan authorities to see who he was meeting with, whether or not those people might have taught him how to make this bomb. this is not just a small device. this could have been a very lethal thing, obviously. there are recipes to make these type of devices on the internet, so we don't know whether he got it online or whether someone taught him. his expertise doesn't seem that great. as you mentioned, we've had an incredible stroke of luck here that some of these devices did not work as well as they should have. >> right. stay with me. i want to bring in two more
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voices and have a broader discussion. micha michael, senior fellow for homeland security policy institute, and linney depaul, heading up the fugitive task force for both new york and new jersey. welcome into the conversation. len y let me begin with you. the fact they got him, that they got him live, what's the incentive for him to talk and what do they want out of him? >> that's a home run, brooke. good afternoon. we're fortunate he's still alive. hopefully he cooperates and talks to authorities. i'm happy to see this thing went down quick and there was a shootout. my prayers go out to the police officers that were hit. it's time to move on at this point. this guy's dna was all over everything, to include the bombs, cell phones. they're collecting all kinds of human intelligence, signal intelligence, so this investigation is ongoing. and that's huge for us.
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i hope he cooperates. >> michael, what are they asking him? >> first of all, why? why did you do it? what's your motivation? did you get any help? who have you been talking to? how did you learn how to do this? what's your digital footprint? they'll also take a look at what kind of leverage they can develop from his personal contacts, family members. he has family. does he care about them? is there an ability to go to them and say, look, if you don't work with us, well, then everyone around you who may be hit with a conspiracy charge, that may happen anyway, so there's love raj now that he's here you can say, do this, help. but the real question is, is there anybody else out there? was this solely him alone? so far that's the initial takeback there, that this seems to be just him and his associates, but we don't know what else he's done. is he a lone wolf but yet a lone wolf that slipped through the cracks. that's always the question for everybody. >> when we talk -- i know it's tough to wrap your head around,
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it's the elizabeth, the car that was pulled over, maybe that had nothing to do with it, the chelsea 23rd street location and the 27th and the race in seaside heights in the morning. was he tied to all of them? >> they do believe he was tied to all of these bombings. of course, there's still a lot of investigative work, especially the bombs in ee liz both, new jersey, which happened just last night. they're still examining that make sure they match. the belief is he was responsible for all of this. the question is, again, the difference in the bombs. some were pipe bombs, some were pressure cooker bombs -- with cell phones to detonate. >> so, the question is, how de come up with this recipe? who taught him to do this? was he making trial runs at this? where was he doing that? if he was making these bombs in his house, his home, a bomb lab, how did no one notice? how did his brother -- >> he was living with his family above the fried chicken restaurant. >> his family was living with them. those are the questions being asked right now of the family members and of anybody who saw any changes in his demeanor in
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the last -- certainly the last few months. >> where did he get the gun? that's the other thing. he had a gun. criminal record that would have prevented him from buying a gun, so that -- >> it was a concealed weapon, right? a handgun? >> we don't know what kind of firearm it was. authorities have not said yet. but that is also interesting, when did he buy that? at what point did he decide he needed to have that? was he planning this for how long? >> this apparently was from a fingerprint, i don't think we know, correct me, but i don't think if we know it was a fingerprint from the cell phone or devices -- >> one of the devices that did not go off. >> that led to i.d.'ing and the be on the lookout and the face and the guy watching cnn and sleeping in his bar vestibule and, thus, the shootout and the capture. what are your biggest questions? >> for me, brooke, here's a guy who went a couple miles from his home. he falls asleep on the front
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porch of a bar. obviously, didn't have a plan "b" or "c" or didn't appear that way. as a manhunt or fugitive investigator, that's a home run for us. as this puzzle came together, connecting the dots with new jersey and 23rd street, 27th street, you know, these investigators had a lot to go wi with. it came together very quickly and they were able to put this thing to bed very quick. >> it's very -- >> i'm not -- >> i was going to say, it's very rare -- i think what you're getting at, it's very rare we get these guys alive. >> absolutely. >> and unable to unravel what was behind him. so, that's -- often these guys often kill themselves or they die in a shootout with police. perhaps that may be what his plan is. >> what do you make of the significance of the locations or timing? people point out it's not too far after the 15th anniversary of 9/11, but beyond that? >> traditionally we don't see ties into anniversaries. you had some attacks but mostly there isn't this type of
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calendar, at least the organized isis/al qaeda f that's who is behind this. it has the flavor of an individual who's self-radicalized, perhaps inspired but not instructed. people are saying, why 23rd street? why 27th street? one of the speculations from some of my sources on 27th street the reason the device didn't go off is because it was ditched. the individual was spooked and decided not to do it. that would be a plausible explanation. now he's moving. if he is, in fact, tied to three different locations, so when did he do that? how is he able to travel back and forth? >> what was he doing the 72 hours prior. >> beforehand. was he testing it? how does he know where to do this and where did he build these things? >> police, fbi, they're on it. evan and michael, thank you all so much. we are just getting word the suspect's family filed a lawsuit over anti-muslim discrimination. we'll take you live outside the
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family's restaurant with new details on that piece of the background. also ahead, i'll speak with a witness who saw the shootout. we'll ask him what he witnessed and what happened moments after the takedown there before the suspect was wheeled into that ambulance. and, breaking developments into the knife attack over the weekend at a mall in minnesota. we now know who stabbed those nine people in that attack. what if a company that didn't make cars made plastics that make them lighter? the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this? exxonmobil, that's who. we're working on all these things to make cars better and use less fuel. helping you save money and reduce emissions. and you thought we just made the gas. energy lives here. month after month. year after year. then one night,
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! we're back live. i'm brooke baldwin. this is cnn's special coverage of the arrest of ahmad khan rahami, the suspect in a number of bombings this weekend, both in new york and new jersey. rahami's family owns a restaurant in elizabeth, new jersey. customers there we're told were shocked at the news that this 28-year-old man had been arrested after a shootout with police. >> i come in here about once
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every week or two to get something to eat. he's always in there. he's a friendly guy. that's what's so scary. it hits hard when it's home. >> jason carroll is live in elizabeth. i know you've been talking to people who know this family. let's begin there. what have they said? >> reporter: well, yeah, i spoke to a young man who says he's known ahmad's younger brother, who says for many, many years. he says he remembers when they moved here from afghanistan. what is so surprising to him, brooke, is he says this was just, in his words, a family that was just trying to fit in. he said that when he spoke to ahmad, which wasn't that often, but he said when he did, he felt as though he was very friendly. he said he felt they talked about cars all the time. he felt as though he had a connection with him. he also told me that ahmad would go back to afghanistan and then he said, brooke, it was about a year or so ago, he said he started to notice a change in
12:18 pm
him. i said, well, can you define what a change means? was he angry? was he different? he said, he would not use the word angry. he just said he seemed a little bit more distant. not as talkative as he was in the past. he did talk about that lawsuit that was filed here. as you know, we have gotten word that the first american chicken establishment, the owner of the restaura restaurant, ahmad's father, did file a civil lawsuit with the city. the family felt they were persecuted against because of their race,their eligion. those who have i spoken to here in this area say this lawsuit was simply about staying open too late. people coming out in front, drinking, smoking cigarettes, causing problems, and so eventually the city passed an ordinance that the restaurant had to be shut down by 10:00. the family did not want to do that. they sued. that lawsuit still outstanding. still getting at this point,
12:19 pm
putting the picture together of what this family is like. you talk to some of those who knew, some in the family -- they say, look, this was a family just struggling to fit in. brooke? >> struggling to knit in, huh. jason carroll, thank you. the arrest comes as a relief especially to those who live in the area. joining me now new york city council member corey johnson, whose area is chelsea. you were in chelsea saturday night, just a couple avenues away from the blast. what do you make of the fact the guy was caught in northern new jersey? >> the block the first bomb exploded on, 23rd define 6th and 7th avenues. there's a p.a.t.h. train station you can take to new jersey. and i believe, i could be wrong, i've never lived in new jersey, but i believe there's a stop in elizabe elizabeth, new jersey, or in the vicinity out there. i'm not sure if the train was
12:20 pm
running that night. there has been construction. it's not that hard to get into the city. you're just a few blocks south of penn station. but if i may say, this area, that block is still shut down. it happened in front of a home for the blind and disabled people, windows blown out. it's a miracle, 29 people injured, no fatalities. the neighborhood is still trying to get back on its feet. >> and the other bomb didn't go off under 27th street. and the race in seaside heights in the morning didn't go off on time. timeline, do you know anything more? >> about that evening. >> that evening, no. >> i would just say we know that the explosion happened around 8:30. and the secondary device wasn't found anything a few hours later. i mean, that area -- >> they were doing sweeps. >> when i got there initially just after 8:30, they hadn't
12:21 pm
cordoned off much, just the immediate block. then they started to push everybody back. nypd showed up, bomb-sniffing dogs showed up, state troopers showed up and they started to canvass the entire area from 14th street to the south, up to the 34th street to the north, i believe from fifth avenue over to 8th avenue, so i pretty large area in the heart of downtown manhattan in a densely residential neighborhood. thank god that second pressure cooker didn't go off. thank god we had no fatalities. 81 small businesses in that area right now are still closed down. people are still suffering right now. it looks like we'll hopefully get that street up and running again soon. we don't have an exact time but i think it will happen quickly. >> in the hours after it was all happening, obviously, law enforcement and city leaders have to be careful with what words they use. what do you make of the fact that new york mayor bill de blasio did not immediately call
12:22 pm
this terror? >> i think it's important that we be circumspect when things happen and make sure we have the facts in front of us. the mayor had a press conference just a few hours after this happened. i was at the press conference with the police commissioner, with the fbi. at that time the fbi wasn't saying it was terrorism. they were still gathering facts. i'm not a counterterrorism expert but i would say this, even if he is not linked to al qaeda and isis, he still may be, this is terror. this is striking terror in the hearts and minds of people going about their lives on a busy saturday night. this was not times square. this was not grand central station. this was not the world trade station. this was a residential block with restaurants and stores on a saturday night. that is terrorism, in my mind, when someone does something like this. when you look at seaside heights the day before, 23rd street, 27th street, and last night in
12:23 pm
elizabeth, this is a pattern. this individual, if it is him, has had a reign of terror for the last three days over the people in the metro dwrar. >> i'm sure they're looking into the p.a.t.h. train. thank you for swinging by. we have new details about the travel history of this 28-year-old suspect, including multiple trips to afghanistan. we'll talk to former nypd and cia agents about what that means for investigators. also, i'll talk to a witness who saw the shootout. hear what happened moments after the gunshots rang out in linden before he got caught. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice.
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doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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want to share video we've just gotten in here. this is from a man that was across the street when the shootout happened that ultimately ended in the capture of the suspect in the new york/new jersey bombings. daniel carnivale says he was visiting a friend in linden, new jersey, when this happened. [ gunshots ] [ speak foreign language ] >> the shots, part of the shootout. ultimately the suspect was rolled away into an ambulance and off he went. at least two officers were
12:29 pm
injured and all were rushed to hospitals to be treated. cnn's brynn gingras is joining us from new york city hospital where he was taken in. do they know if they've begun questioning him or he's still being treated? >> reporter: he's still being treated. at this point the officials at the hospital are only confirming he's here at the hospital and being treated. we know he has not spoken to authorities or isn't speaking to authorities at this point giving up information. certainly, though, this is a center where part of the investigation, at least for the fbi, has been focused on as we've seen a number of authorities circling around this hospital and being very particular about who is allowed to enter this hospital at this time. of course we can deduce from the video you've shown your viewers when ahmad khan rahami was taken from the location to the hop on the stretcher, he had gunshot wounds to his arm and leg likely and also was alert. so, we do know that he probably
12:30 pm
is going to at some point be in contact with authorities. at this point he has not said anything to them, brooke. >> thank you. let me bring in former hostage negotiator, supervisor for nypd, former cia counterterrorism analyst. good to see both of you. wally, let me turn to you and ask. the fact that he -- they got him alive is extraordinary. >> is extraordinary. >> he is being treated. they're not asking him a darn thing just yet, but then when do they start? >> the most important thing is to stabilize, get all his body functions and everything normal. keep in mind as we're talking right now, as they're stabilizing him, the nypd, fbi and joint terrorism task force is going out to where his footprint was in the past. what they'll do is check to see everything where he was and and they'll gather intelligence and have questions and answers.
12:31 pm
when he's able to talk, then they'll ask him certain questions -- >> that they know the answers to. >> exactly, where they have the answers and they'll see if he's lying or not. they also want to gain his credibility. they want to let him gain some strength back and they'll talk to him in a nice way and try to let him know it's a two-way deal. they want to develop a rapport between him and them. >> you help us, we'll help you. >> right. >> we've learned in the last hour or so that he is originally from afghanistan and has taken multiple trips. i don't know how recent, but multiple trips back to afghanistan. if you are an investigator, what exactly are you looking into with regard to those trips? >> you'd certainly want to know, brooke, whether that played a role in the radicalization that clearly occurred here because we don't have any evidence right now based on what the authorities are saying that there is a broader cell, there are other individuals who are
12:32 pm
operationally active with him. i would want to know, okay, was thiscy case of self-radicalization, jihadization here in the states because he watched certain things online, he's in the chat rooms referred to by, say, isis supporters, al qaeda fans or others, or perhaps he was in contact with individuals specifically in afghanistan who were part of that process of hardening his ideology where he eventually became a terrorist and was attacking, as we see here. of course, he's born in afghanistan. he may have just been visiting family there. this would be suspicious. it's worthy of further investigation, but we still don't know what pushed him to radicalize and to wage his own jihad in this way. >> wally, what do you make of the fact that some of these device were found in bags, one didn't go off in manhattan, one was under a metal dumpster, thank goodness, as to maximize casualties. it could have been so much
12:33 pm
worse. >> it could have been so much worse. you could look at it both ways as he was a lousy bombmaker or look at it as collateral damage where he wanted to get the message out and put the scare into the public, especially with all the programs going on in new york today. the u.n. general assembly, autopsy the diplomats and -- >> and heads of state. >> and the president being here today. >> we don't know if he was aware of unga was happening or not, also the significance of the locations. the marine corps race on saturday morning at seaside heights. there was that registration hiccup, so apparently when the bomb went off that was supposed to be slated in conjunction with the start of the race, that didn't happen. >> and he didn't hit the high-profile targets like a bridge or a stadium of some type, which we have events going on all the time. >> go ahead. >> i want to add, because the bomb went off a few blocks from where i was, it was clear it was an explosion and i got on the phone with former associates
12:34 pm
saying, something bad's gone on here, we need to get on this immediately. that area, as your guest says, it's not as high profile, 23rd and 6th, but it's highly trafficked at that time of night. i think we got lucky in the placement of the bomb, had it been different, probably would have resulted in numerous fatalities because 23rd and 6th is highly trafficked. there's not a lot of security there. chelsea tends to be much lighter with law enforcement footprint. >> what about, buck, the usage of the device. we don't know how he learned to put this together. you know investigators are in that apartment above that fried chicken restaurant trying to figure out if that's where he did it and who else would have known. the cell phone detonator, pressure cooker, the wires, the bbs, what do you make of that? >> as far as what we know, this is straight out of the jihadist playbook. the pressure cooker as an
12:35 pm
essential component of the device, like the boston marathon bombing that was put out by "inspire" magazine called how to build a bomb in the kitchen of your mom. this is out there and it's not particularly hard to do. in this case he was able to construct the devices properly but didn't know very much, thank heavens, about how the device would actually function in terms of the fragmentation and how placement would matter in this, too. but this is not hard to do. it's out there on the internet. there's no way to stop people from experimenting and constructing these kind of devices on their own if they choose to do so. again like with the times square bomber, we mostly got lucky here. there also was excellent police work. >> this is a guy, wally -- yes, excellent police work all around, but this is a guy who was ultimately found asleep at the door step of a bar in linden, new jersey, when someone recognized him from watching
12:36 pm
cnn, and that's how they caught him. >> he probably didn't sleep at all in the past, but, wow, what a stupid person. let me say one thing to you, brooke, that's very important. nypd has what they call the joint emergency operation center. about 9:30 when nypd found out it was an explosion, commissioner o'neill activated it. that's where every agency, city, state, federal, fire department, coast guard, military, cia, they all have a seat and they all share information together at one place where they dispose of it at one particular location. that's one of the reasons why things worked out so fast and so well. >> information sharing, we talked about that in the wake of 9/11 and how much it needed to improve. wally, thank you so much, and buck sexton from vegas, thank goodness you and your brother are okay. just in, a woman believed to be the suspect's sister is asking for privacy in a post on facebook and asking for, quote,
12:37 pm
peace n this tragic time. next, breaking developments in another terror attack on u.s. soil also over the weekend. this was a stabbing spree inside that minnesota mall. hear who the attacker was and who is claiming responsibility. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it?
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liver problems can occur with entyvio. if your uc or crohn's medication isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn special coverage of the attacks. a wing of isis is claiming stabbings at a minnesota mall, calling the man here, dahir adan, a soldier of the state. but at this point cnn cannot confirm sigs was behind the attack. they say adan was in a security
12:42 pm
uniform when he entered the mall, slashing victims. some of his victims tried to attack back. >> i was facing him head-on and he had one fist up and i knew he was going to strike me so i tried to brace myself for it. he just did one fast motion to the side of my head. i had a hat on everything. and you could see where the blade went through the hat. pulled out the blade. i fell to the ground and he just kept pushing to whatever his objective was. he looked just blank in the eyes, like he wasn't even there. >> during the attack police and witnesses say adan made references to alla'a and asked at least one person if he or she was muslim before he began stabbing. this man also was shot and killed during a rampage by an off-duty police officer at the mall. let's go to rosa flores following the investigation from st. cloud, minnesota. the question is, why? i mean, do you know any more
12:43 pm
into the motivation here? >> reporter: you know, brooke, we've been talking to community leaders here who have been talking to the family who is telling a little more but is also being very reserved. the family tells these leaders that on saturday adan was actually trying to just buy a cell phone at this mall. so, you're right to ask the question, why? how do we go from an individual going to buy a cell phone to committing this act? we're also learning more about him, about adan. he's 22 years old. people here in the community tell us that he went to college here. he worked here. he worked for a private security firm here. and he's part of the somali community. notice, hear this, these community leaders are very concerned because they say they've been building bridges for 30 years to try to integrate the somali community with minnesotans and they're afraid this will shatter all of their
12:44 pm
efforts. take a listen. >> we've been a peaceful community. we've worked very hard to build bridges. that's more important than anything. the idea that people like isis will claim this responsibility, for me- for us, is ridiculous, because anything -- you know, they like claiming things. spectacular attacks or things that happen. they like to say, we -- but again, the facts haven't been known yet. there's no connection between isis and dahir. once that connection is made, whatever it is, then as a community we're going to respond. >> reporter: here's the latest from the police chief. he says that while warrants have been exercised and investigators are sifting through all of the evidence they've collected, they do not find at this moment, brooke, any connection to isis. >> tell me more just quickly,
12:45 pm
rosa, the hero off-duty police officer? >> reporter: you know, we do know more about him. one of the things that investigators tell us and remind us about is that he is also a victim in this stabbing. he was at the mall. he's an off-duty police officer from a nearby town called avon. he just happened to be there. now, he also happened to be a former police chief, firearms instructor and off-duty police officer all the same time. he had his weapon, pulled out that weapon and shot and killed him. he's been talking to the governor. not talking to the media just yet. talking to the governor. he is okay. they do remind us that he is also a victim, not just a hero in this case. >> yes, rosa, thank you in minnesota. next, we'll go back to breaking news in new york and new jersey. the suspect in the bombings captured alive during a shootout with police today. we have new video of the aftermath. and weeks before the presidential election, hillary clinton and donald trump
12:46 pm
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he is unqualified to be president. >> hillary clinton lacks the judgment. >> the scams, the fraud. >> hillary clinton has evaded justice! >> he clearly has something to hide. >> her conduct is disqualified! >> clinton, trump, head to head for the first time on the same stage. the first presidential debate live monday, september 26. all-day coverage on cnn. this is cnn breaking news. on that note on these candidates here, the attacks of new jersey, new york and minnesota over the weekend brought the politics of terror to the political trail again. two different takes today on how to wage this fight both from hillary clinton and donald trump. here is a clip from each. >> they know who a lot of these people are. they're afraid to do anything
12:51 pm
about it because they don't want to be accused of profiling, and they don't want to be accused of all sorts of things. you know, in israel they profile. they've done an unbelievable job, as good as they can do. but israel has done an unbelievable job and they'll profile. >> let's not get diverted and distracted by the kind of campaign rhetoric we hear coming from the other side. this is a serious challenge. we are well equipped to meet it, and we can do so in keeping with smart law enforcement, good intelligence and in concert with our values. >> let's go straight to our chief washington correspondent, both head and lead of the state of the union, jake tapper. there is a stark difference on how they're responding to the terror attacks. the question is, 50 days to go, which approach is more attractive to voters? >> obviously some of this is baked in, because there have been terrorist attacks in the
12:52 pm
last year, obviously orlando, san bernardino. questions about which candidate is better prepared to handle terrorism, interestingly, usually the republican in a face-to-face matchup, usually the republican has an advantage. hillary clinton has been able to maintain a lead on this in three of the last four polls, although we should point out cnn's own poll shows trump with the advantage, but an aggregate of the last four, hillary clinton is bettseen as better able to he the terrorist threat. it's different when you look at who is better at handling isis abroad. there donald trump gets higher marks. but tehe terror threat we're tal thinking about today because of these murders in new jersey and new york, hillary clinton does get better marks there. >> that's the cnn poll you just cited, but that's just one of four. >> yeah. >> breaking news on governor chris christie. what have you learned?
12:53 pm
>> it's interesting, it's the first time we've ever heard specifically from prosecutors, and we're also being told the defendants, their attorneys also say that chris christie, the allegation is, as governor, knew that this was going on, knew that there was this revenge going on with the bridge closure to punish the democratic mayor for not endorsinendorsing chrise in his reelection campaign while it was going on. that's the first time we ever heard this allegation. christie, of course, has for a long, long time denied he knew anything about it. he fired the defendants after it was shown that they did actually orchestrate this bridge closure that caused traffic problems in a town where the mayor did not endorse chris christie. but it's the first time we've ever heard the prosecutors say that chris christie, in their view, did know about it while it was going on. >> hmm. jake tapper, we'll look for more of that and look for you at the top of the hour on "the leaded
12:54 pm
"snooch -- the lead. the bomber was caught after a shooting in new jersey. this happened hours after his photo went public. woah!
12:55 pm
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you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i want to take a moment to honor this week's cnn hero. she is katherine couch. she supplies healthy meals to cancer patients that he see undergo chemotherapy. >> when people get sick, their life becomes very complicated. eating well tends to go to the bottom of the list, but it's really critically important. what we do is not so much about chopping onions but about making this difference in this family's life. >> thank you, katherine. you can watch her full story and
12:59 pm
the story of so many other incredible people we're featuring. just go to before i let you go, back to our breaking news. this bomb suspect. we have this video from a man who just happened to be across the street today when that shootout happened between that suspect and police in linden, new jersey that ultimately ended in the capture of the suspect alive from the bombings over the weekend. danielle -- excuse me -- daniel carnoval said he was playing with his phone while visiting a friend in new jersey and started recording, and this is what he caught. [ gunshots ] [ foreign language ]
1:00 pm
>> cnn also has cameras in linden at the hospital where the suspect is now being treated and in his hometown. all of that and so much more on "the lead" with jake tapper which starts right now. thanks, brooke. a suspended terrorist taken down. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news. the man who allegedly planted bombs in new york city and new jersey now in custody after a terror manhunt that ended in a shootout on the streets. did he act alone? the suspect shot, bloody, taken to the hospital. what, if anything, is he telling authorities about his path to extremism and possible links to a terror cell. plus, an explosive wake-up call with a week to the first debate. two candidates today sharing two very different views of how to best protect the country. good afternoon, everyone.


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