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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  September 20, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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officials sent with an alert with his mug shot to millions of cell phones in the region. we find cnn's jessica schneider outside of the family home in elizabeth, new jersey. >> reporter: christine, rahami is not helping investigators. he is not being cooperative. he was taken to the hospital after the gun battle. he faces five charges of attempted murder of a law enforcement official. no federal charges yet. just state charges so far. investigators are ramping up investigation. they want to know if rahami was helped in the plot. they want to know if he has ties to international terrorism. rahami did spend significant time overseas. he was born in afghanistan. spent a lot of time there. spent time in pakistan. he married a woman in 2011. he spent time in quetta,
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pakistan, which is a taliban stronghold. every time he came back to the united states, he was screened secondly by officials, but was never flagged. he is in the hospital after the injuries he sustained in the shootout. a bar owner stumbled upon rahami in the vestibule of the bar. the bar owner told us his account. >> the first cop looked at him and he was sleeping. the hoodie still over his head. the second cop woke him up. right away, he went police left side to pull, i'm sure, a gun. i could not hear the conversation because i was across street in the doorway. right away, he pulled a gun and he shot twice. i was like shaking a little bit. the cop pulled out his gun and at that point in time, i
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realized this is the guy. >> reporter: federal officials raided the rahami home and the chicken restaurant they own yesterday. the chicken restaurant is a point of contention in the elizabeth community. the neighbors here is a the restaurant was open 24 hours a day. that is when police came in to enforce an ordinance shutting it down by 10:00 p.m. that is when the rahami family filed a lawsuit saying they were harassed and discriminated. that lawsuit was disposed of, but we are not sure of the terms. john and christine. >> thank you, jessica. another development overnight. law enforcement official tells cnn a handwritten note was found with the unexploded bomb in chelsea. the picture of it right there. the second bomb. the note included references to previous terrorists, including the boston bombers.
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one thing you can imagine is did this guy have help? was he part of any organized terror ring or sell? the suspect was not initially cooperative with police. cnn's ed lavandera is in the neighborhood where the second device was found in chelsea. good morning, ed. >> reporter: good morning, john. investigators still trying to piece together the details. here on 23rd street in manhattan, traffic is open again. this is the area where the bomb exploded on saturday night. it is around here where surveillance video showed rahami walking down the street with two duffel bags. investigators in the hours after the explosion here combing through the area and looking for the video clues to point them in the right direction. it was actually the unexploded devices four blocks north of here on 27th street which
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provided the crucial clues. including the handwritten note. we are told by one official there was a fingerprint found on one of the devices and that fingerprint is what led investigators to identify rahami as the suspect. which then yesterday morning led to the quick alert that went to everybody's cell phones here to millions in the new york area. then the quick capture of rahami just about four hours later. investigators still trying to piece together exactly how rahami learned to put together all of these devices. rahami has been connected not only to the explosive devices found here in new york city, but also to a bag of pipe bombs in elizabeth, new jersey and another device that exploded along a parade route in seaside, new jersey, over the weekend. a lot of questions for investigators to delve into as well as one of the more bizarre elements. video surveillance of two men
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seen walking away from the explosive devices on 27th street with the duffel bags. police don't think the men are connected, but police are trying to track them down. >> thank you, ed lavandera. so many loose ends tied up now. let's discuss more with michael weiss. editor of "the daily beast." we are getting more details about this suspect. he's not cooperating with police, we are told. maybe there will be more details later today. yesterday, we talked about the phenomenon of loser to lion. when you look at the suspect, what do you make of him? >> it could be the loser to lion scenario. this reminds me more of the boston bombers. tsarnaev went unnoticed in dagestan for a scruffy region
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which the russians have been fighting for decades. this guy spent time in afghanistan. >> a year in quetta. >> and the fact he was able to construct these devices to a degree that seemed to have some level of sophistication. most people who play around with pressure cooker bombs or pipe bombs, end up blowing their hands off or face off. it is difficult to manufacture these consistently. my question is did he link up with some foreign cell or foreign group of jihadi. did he have training? or, okay, it is plausible he was just one of the lucky ones who knew what he was doing or studied "inspire" magazine closely and all of the low-tech used in the devices, ieds, christmas lights, that tracks with what al qaeda style manuals
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have been saying for years. >> the fact that stuff was in there, it gives you some window into intent. his intent was to kill and maim. he did a very bad job of it, it turns out. he placed one bomb in a dumpster. the fact he was in afghanistan and pakistan. who is there? you mentioned the pakistani taliban and quetta. the terror group. isis has a presence in afghanistan now. >> with the region which is notorious for hosting broad consortium of jihadis or taliban. isis has a small and growing franchisen afghanistan. they are complepeting globally h the al qaeda brand. it could be an unknown element or the religious mileau. this is looking to me, i know,
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we are all meant to be circumspect. we don't know his motivation. i would be surprised if this wasn't a clear cut case of terrorism. that doesn't mean there could not have been personal motivation. >> there is overlap. >> completely. >> what about the suggestion on the campaign trail from donald trump last night that people know these guys are out there and they are too afraid to turn them in? >> i could convince the case of the under pants bomber in 2009 who tried to blow up the airliner over detroit on christmas. he was attending university of london. it was the university completely oblivious. he was posting celebratory notes on facebook and social media commemorating the 9/11 attacks.
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his father was a nigerian minister who dropped the dime on his kid. he said his son is becoming a jihadi and the university did not do anything. "the onion" had a satirical bit years ago. it is always the same thing. he is funny and charming. chances are, you see it coming. >> michael weiss. thank you so much. i think you slept on the floor last night. outside groups crunching the numbers on the revised tax plan. the tax foundation finds it will cost between $2.6 trillion and $5.9 trillion. that is less than the $10 trillion estimate. that is a wide range because the plan for business tax is unclear. at issue is if he would apply a
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15% rate to corporate or all business income. still the tax foundation says trump's plan would mean lower taxes for everyone, but the bottom 20% of earners would see a 1.2% drop. the middle class with 1.3%. the top 1% get the biggest at 10.2%. >> $1 trillion right now about that plan. about how much deficit impact. it is worth getting a clear answer. national security in the middle of the 2016 race. this following the bombings in new york and new jersey. donald trump suggesting that profiling could be the best method to stop terrorism. that's next. grea ns c fro cious cl , real fruit, wholesome nuts and crunchy flakes. good things come together to make one great thing. great grains. why be good when you can be great? audi pilotless vehicles
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you like football? it's directv nfl sunday ticket. i can watch every sunday ticket game live on any device. i'm retired. i just sit here, watching nothing. if i were you, i'd work as long as you can, son. work as long as you can. thanks. (vo) get nfl sunday ticket only on directv and watch live games anywhere. the terror attacks in new york, new jersey and minnesota the last few days are giving hillary clinton and donald trump a fresh reason to suggest the other is not equipped to deal with terror.
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donald trump repeating calls for ideological test and profiling in the wake of the bombings. >> our local police, they know who they are. they are afraid to do because they are afraid to profile. we are trying to be so politically correct in our country. >> hillary clinton is pushing back hard. she says donald trump is fanning the flames of terror. >> we know that a lot of the rhetoric we heard from donald trump has been seized on by terrorists. in particular isis because they are looking to make this into a war against islam. >> joining us to discuss right now is cnn political reporter eugene scott. thanks for being with us. really fascinating both candidates think they have an advantage here. our latest poll tells you why. we ask registered voters who do
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you trust on terrorism. donald trump has an edge by six points. when it is who is better to handle the responsibilities of commander in chief, it is hillary clinton. you can see them frame it. >> very much so. i think voters are fearful and concerned and frustrated and want to see solutions to the issue. they are also aware it takes a level of experience and knowledge and control that they are seeing more likely in the clinton camp than the trump camp. both questions are connected. you think there could be more consiste consistent. >> let's talk about skittles. this image ss it all. let's end the politically correct agenda that doesn't put america first. if i had a bowl of skittles and i said three could kill you,
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would you take a handful? so rare for the company to weigh in. skittles are candy. refugees are people. we will respectfully refrain from commentary as anything we say could be misinterpreted as marketing. last week you had ford fact checking. fascinating. i think there is a lot of discussion about the skittles story. >> this is not trump jr.'s first time within the last week or two making a comment that some considered concerning. last week he said something about gas chambers. that made him have to explain what he meant. i think it -- >> he said he meant capital punishment. not the holocaust. >> right. a lot of groups had problems with it. the analogy failed.
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that is the same thing the skittles company said. the analogy did not work. he did not apologize or walk away from it. he is consistent with his father with the criticism. >> it is interesting. donald trump jr. is further to the extreme. he uses him to get the base and donald trump, the father, is getting closer to the center. and a facebook post from kathleen kennedy townsend. she seemed to indicate that george h.w. bush told her he is voting for hillary clinton. they have a picture here. she visited him in maine yesterday. he said he told her he is voting for hillary. obviously the bush family not fond of donald trump after what he said about jeb bush. the spokesperson for the former president said he will not confirm or deny who he is voting for. it is interesting to see. >> it is interesting to see.
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i think many people assume the entire bush family is simply never trump. they not think one could be for hillary clinton. i think it is important to highlight that george prescott bush is for trump. we wrote a story how he thought republicans should get on board. >> the difference between p., as he is known within the bush world, is that he is an elected official. >> right. >> right now in texas. he feels compelled to get on board with the republican party. >> and he is an elected official that people have rumored as having a career in the future regarding politics. that's something that he is keeping in mind when he he makes these comments. >> eugene scott, thanks for getting up early. we have new developments in the bombing investigation in new york and new jersey. what clues led police to their suspect and could charges be upgraded? we have all of that after the break.
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welcome back. the state department expressing outrage over the bombing of united nations aid convoys in aleppo. at least a dozen people killed in the air strikes on monday. it is not clear if they were hit by syrian or russian planes. this comes at odds to stem the violence in syria. cnn's frederik pleitgen is in damascus for us. this fragile cease-fire looks all but gone. >> reporter: that is right, christine. the two things the cease-fire was supposed to achieve. it was supposed to give the people in syria respite from the
2:25 am
violence that has been going on for five year. it was supposed to get humanitarian aid for so many in the area that is badly needed. now things have stopped with the convoy hit. it is unclear if it was hit by a plane or whether or not a ground fire. certainly the u.s. seems to believe it was hit by a jet. no coalition planes were in the area at the time. they say it must have been the russians or syrians who hit the convoy. the u.n. said because this happened they are suspending all aid deliveries in the country. at this time, it is not safe enough. 12 people were killed in the bombing, but also aid to 78,000 people was destroyed as well. christine. >> fred, thank you for that in damascus. new developments in in the
2:26 am
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breaking overnight. details on what led police to the suspect in the new york and new jersey bombings. he is facing charges on trying to kill police. could terrorism charges be on the way? we are live this morning on the scene of the chelsea explosion. right now. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. 30 minutes past the hour. major developments in the investigation of the man who planted bombs in two states over two days. 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami charged with attempted murder of police officers. officials tell cnn they believe quote he is the main guy and
2:31 am
have not determined if anyone else helped him. rahami is a naturalized u.s. citizen and from afghanistan. he traveled to that country and questioned each time he returned from that country. if you live around new york city, you got a text and you were shocked it came across your phone. this episode ended with police and rahami in a shootout in linden, new jersey. cnn's jessica schneider is in elizabeth, new jersey. >> reporter: we know rahami is not talking or cooperating with investigators. investigators want to know if rahami had help in coordinating those attacks in manhattan and plotting other devices in new jersey. investigators want to know if he had ties to foreign terrorist groups. we do know that rahami traveled extensively overseas to
2:32 am
afghanistan where he was born and pakistan where he married a woman in 2011. we know that rahami spent about a year in quetta, pakistan, a taliban stronghold. he was questioned every time he came back to the united states going through secondary screenings. he was never flagged by officials. rahami is now facing five counts of attempted murder with the gun battle with police. i talked to the policeaptain yesterday. when officers arrived on the scene, they recognized rahami from the wanted posters. rahami started firing. he struck that first officer in the vest. then when a second squad car arrived, rahami fired again. firing two rounds into the squad car. the bullets went through the windshield. the trajectory changing enough the second officer was grazed in the forehead. a bar owner called police after
2:33 am
seeing rahami's picture here on cnn and he talked to us about how this gun battle unfolded. >> the first cop just looked at him. he is still sleeping with his hoodie over his head. when the second cop pulled him. he woke him up. he right away went to his left side, i'm sure, to get to his gun. i was across street in my doorway and i could not hear the conversation. he shot twice. i was shaking a little bit. when the cop pulled out his gun and at that point in time, i realized okay this is the guy. >> reporter: fbi agents raiding the rahami home as well as the chicken restaurant they run here in elizabeth yesterday. this chicken restaurant has been a point of contention in the area. neighbors at one point said it was operating 24 hours a day and being a nuisance to the
2:34 am
community. when the city council passed an ordinance trying to shut it down every night at 10:00 p.m., the rahami family filed a lawsuit saying they were being discriminated against and harassed. >> jessica schneider in elizabeth, new jersey. thank you. significant developments of the bombing investigation. a handwritten note was found th the unexploded bomb in chelsea. that note included references to the boston bombers. one thing the investigators want to know, did the bomber have any help? was this part of an organized terror ring? joining us with the latest is cnn's ed lavandera in the chelsea neighborhood of new york. good morning, ed. >> reporter: good morning, christine. investigators don't believe rahami acted with anyone else, but they are not ruling that completely out yet. that is one thing they are continuing to look at especially as they analyze the sophistication of the explosive devices he was able to put
2:35 am
together. we are here on 23rd street between 6th and 7th avenue which is now open to traffic. it was along here that investigators were able to find surveillance video showing rahami walking down the street with duffel bags. hours after the explosion, investigators were looking for surveillance videos to provide clues. it was the unexploded, undetonated device found four blocks north of here on 27th street which provided the most crucial clues to investigators. including the handwritten note that you referenced as well as a fingerprint on one of the pressure cookers. it was that fingerprint that led investigators to identify rahami as the suspect and letting out that call to everyone's cell phones. millions of people yesterday morning and the apprehension of rahami four hours later. that was a crucial piece of information they needed. investigators have connected
2:36 am
rahami to the explosive devices here in new york city and two other locations in new jersey as well. they continue to track down those leads as well. john and christine. >> thank you, ed. >> we are joined by michael weiss. senior editor of "the daily beast." mike, let's start with the travel of the man, rahami. he went to afghanistan and pakistan and maybe more than once. that, of course, where you would find the taliban. where you would find al qaeda elements right now. it is a reminder that it is not just isis at play here. >> that is right. we focused too much on isis because they fit the most significant and consistent spate of terror attacks around the world and they have the so-called caliphate and inspiring jihadis across the globe. this was a subsidiary of al qaeda until 2013 and 2014. right now, there is a global competition of the two brands.
2:37 am
al qaeda is trying to match isis. hit for hit. terror attack for terror attack. in fact, in syria, the problem once isis is destroyed or pushed out, is the rise of they now claim to be a former al qaeda franchise, but no one believes that. are they plans international terror operations? you know the group when we went to war in syria. they were one of the initial targets. if this guy was in afghanistan or pakistan, it is more al qaeda related more than isis inspired. >> if he was radicalized. >> people don't travel to quetta, pakistan to take a tourist view or for the weather. >> let's talk about help. that is what authorities are figuring out. what was the network? was it a cell? there was caution of an active cell here. could somebody pull off something like this? four bombings in two states in two days by yourself?
2:38 am
>> it looks like he did not pull it off, thankfully. in some respects, this seems like a parody of the coordinated attack. look at paris and brussels. you had a separate bombmaker for the paris incidents. this guy clearly wasn't a suicide operation. leave a pressure cooker in a dumpster. >> it absorbed most of the blast. >> so it looked like there were some good technological capability in the construction of the devices, but not good tactical and logistical capability. if there are other people that helped him, i wonder where they are. who knows? it doesn't seem like they were active parts of the operation. they weren't trying to perpetrate. >> the fact of the note which we were reporting, that is fascinating. you have the man, if the note was written by him, basically honoring past domestic
2:39 am
terrorists and the tsarnaev brothers. it is hard to figure out what he thought would happen. you put a note near a bomb you want to go off. it is not clear you ever want it found. and it didn't seem like he wanted to kill himself. you wonder what he was after. >> although i say opening fire on an armed police officer is probably a good way to kill yourself. >> sure. >> you never know. this maybe did not go the way it was planned. i'm certain he believes that. when he realized he was cornered and was going to go to jail, he would go out in a blaze of glory. he probably got the text messages. they don't do that in france or belgium. that was a noose tightening around his neck. >> thank you, michael. the ceo of wells fargo preparing for a grilling on capitol hill. john stumpf will testify at 10:00 eastern.
2:40 am
senators from both parties are hopping mad that bank employees created 2 million unauthorized accounts. stumpf takes responsibility. he should go along with the 5,300 workers who were already fired. look for senator warren who will ask why the unit responsible for the sales goals that led to the fake accounts, that executive is retiring with a pay of $124 million. stumpf raked in $22 million. that brings me down to the romans' numerals. raising a lot of questions on capitol hill about reining in
2:41 am
executive pay in cases like this. >> there will be a bipartisan meeting on this. the presidential race now firmly focused on the issue of national security. this is in the wake of the bombings in new york and new jersey. trump now suggesting profiling is the way to go. what does hillary clinton say? that's next. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at
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he is unqualified to be president. >> hillary clinton has evaded justice. >> he clearly has something to hide. >> her conduct is disqualifying. >> clinton.
2:46 am
trump. head-to-head for the first time on the same stage. the first presidential debate. live coverage starts monday at 4:00 on cnn. the terror attacks in new york, new jersey and pennsylvania give trump and clinton ideas for suggesting they are not ready for terror. donald trump suggesting racial profiling and accusing hillary clinton of being soft on terror. >> in fact, hillary clinton talks tougher about my suppeor supporters than she does islamic terrorists let's ask hillary clinton how many people who subscribe to radical islamic views and support the oppression of non believers you call deplorable or to the redeemable?
2:47 am
>> hillary clinton pushing back hard only fanning the flames of terror. >> we know that a lot of the rhetoric we heard from donald trump has been seized on by terrorists. in particular isis because they are looking to make this into a war against islam. >> joining us to discuss all of this is political reporter eugene scott. i guess your read over the candidates in the last three days and using this to push the ball forward. >> the initial read is donald trump as usual came out aggressive and very strong and came out very passionate against what he believes is terrorism before we really knew what was going on. whereas hillary clinton as expected was a bit more cautious in a way that some people view as favorable, but has been subject of a lot of criticism for her.
2:48 am
it just makes her look guarded and calculated in ways sometimes people don't receive very well. >> it is interesting. you can see in the polls why perhaps each campaign is doing this right. on the question of who you believe will handle terrorism is donald trump. he has an edge on terrorism. you talk about the better commander in chief. the overall picture you ask in a poll, they think about demeanor. hillary clinton leads. both campaigns playing to their strengths here. it is not even you see both sides of the same issue trying to make the same gains at the same time. >> very much so. we see clinton waiting a bit because she has experience that encouraging a level of wisdom and caution that donald trump doesn't in terms of his experience although the approach he is taking is the one he is needed. it is very different. >> there is support for his show
2:49 am
of strength. >> let's talk about skittles. bowl of skittles. it was a tweet from donald trump jr. that got a lot of attention and got reaction from the company that makes skittles. this is what trump jr. tweeted. if i show you a bowl of skittles and i would say only three were kill you, would you take a handful? the company that makes skittles says skittles are candy and refugees are people. we don't feel appropriate analogy. we will refrain from further commentary. >> one of the things people have a lot of problems with besides it coming off as insensitive, that analogy doesn't work. >> the math doesn't work either. you look at three skittles in a bowl of skittles. if you want to take that analogy.
2:50 am
i think 1 in 3 billion chances of you being hurt by a refugee. >> which has been a bit of of critique of the trump campaign as a whole. they exaggerated the magnitude of the issue and don't have confidence in the vetting policy in place to protect americans. >> thank you, eugene. let's see what is coming up on "new day." alisyn camerota has more. >> good morning. we have new information on the suspected terrorist who was captured in new jersey yesterday. we have experts standing by. jim sciutto is standing by with the wall for us. we also have phil mudd also. we have the woman who will be on who found the pressure cooker in the garbage. what did she think when she saw it? was she scared? and the couple in the mall in st. cloud, minnesota, who was stabbed in that terror attack.
2:51 am
the woman is nine months pregnant. we will speak with them live when chris and i join you at the top of the hour. >> and jim sciutto playing minecraft. the new list of colleges with the highest paid graduates is out. there are two in the top five you probably never heard of. we will show you the six-figure incomes when we get an early start on your money next. moevero and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you
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this morning, the state department expressing outrage of the bombing of the united nations aid convoys in aleppo. at least a dozen people killed on monday. it is not clear if they were hit by syrian or russian planes. this comes with the u.s. and russia at odds to stem the violence. let's get the latest from cnn's frederik pleitgen. he is following the latest in damascus.
2:56 am
fred, the cease-fire seems more bleak by the minute. >> reporter: more bleak and virtually zero at this point in time. it looks like the cease-fire was blown up with the aid convoy. it was supposed to offer respite and calm and people in syria have been suffering from violence for a long time. it was supposed to get aid to the many places that are besieged and other places that need help very, very quickly. now there was aid for 78,000 people in that convoy that was attacked. all of that, of course, is now destroyed. also the local head of the syrian military stating it is unclear. it is unclear if the ground fire or air strikes that caused the damage. they say they were no coalition planes there. it must have been the russians or syrian air force. don't have comment from the syrians yet.
2:57 am
the russians are investigating. john. >> fred pleitgen. thank you. this as thousands of people are waiting for aid. let's get an early start on your money. fed reserve starts the two-day policy meeting today. the investors are not worried about a surprise interest rate hike. dow futures are up. stocks in europe and asia are mixed. scoring a good job out of college is great, but longer term can pay off. these colleges are proof of that. the top five schools ranked by graduate pay at least ten years after graduation. number one is maritime college. a school in the state university of the new york system. grads make $147,000. number two is harvard. followed by m.i.t. and claremont mckenna college and princeton.
2:58 am
the 15 of the top 20 degrees are focused on engineering. i'm not surprised by that. for the past five or six years i have been doing reports, it is always engineers. science, technology, engineering. >> what about art? >> i loved art history. >> that's why we're on at 4:00 a.m. breaking details on the suspect in new york and new jersey bombings. he is charged with trying to kill police. officials wondering if he acted alone. breaking developments. "new day" starts now. >> this is the guy. this is the guy. >> the prime suspect in the new york and new jersey bombings is in custody. >> we are looking to see if this man has been operating alone. >> he is hiding in plain sight. >> we do not and never will give in to fear. >> he will be taken care of by some of the best doctors in the world. he will probably even have room service. >> welcome to america.
2:59 am
you have a right to counsel. you have a right to hospitalization. that is our system. >> this is a sobering reminder that we need steady leadership in a dangerous world. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." it is tuesday, september 20th. 6:00 in the east. we have details about the man suspected of setting off the series of bombs in new york and new jersey. a series of clues to capture ahmad khan rahami within hours of releasing the photo. the new jersey bar owner recognized his picture after seeing him on cnn. >> the question remains, was he alone or part of a larger organization? the bombing suspect captured miles from his home. he is charged with attempted murder of police officers. we have every angle covered for
3:00 am
you. let's >> good morning, chris. the man the fbi believes was behind at lean ten bombs was uncooperative in the first few hours after his capture. investigators are beginning to put together a picture of what may have driven it the 28-year-old to carry out these bombings. a note found on the unexploded pressure cooker bomb on 27th street in manhattan contained ha-written ramblings that made references to past terrorists. that includes the boston bombers. that bomb as well as one on 23rd street, which did explode and injured 29 people, bears similarities to the ones used in the boston marathon bombings. law enforcement officials say that the suspect was seen on surveillance video near both locations, hauling a duffel bag. a surveillance video along with fingerprints and records of cell phones that he bought were the key pieces of evidence that led to the arrest of the suspect. now, at this point, investigators believe he was a lone b


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