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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  September 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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your digging is that the questions surrounding trump's charitable foundation, they are not going away. they'll continue to face this candidate. david, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and thank you all so much for joining us at this hour. >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. -- captions by vitac -- hello everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." a little over 24 hours since the only known suspect in the new york and new jersey bomb attacks was taken into custody, and as so often happens, each new fact and lead actually spawns a dozen brand new questions. today we know when ahmad khan rahami was captured on the streets of linden, new jersey. he was carrying a notebook on his person containing his thoughts about terror and three infamous terrorists in particular. we've learned that rahami's
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wife, whom he married five years ago in pakistan left the united states just days before the attacks. i want to get trite our reporter starting with my colleague jessica snyder at the rahami family adopted home town of elizabeth, new jersey. question, he was in the hospital yesterday, likely to stay for some time. do we know what condition he's in, and what his status is right now? >> reporter: we've been checking in withof the authorities, and we understand he is still at the hospital. in fact, we heard from the union county prosecutor that it's likely his arraignment won't be for another week, and they're still saying they're not sure if the arraignment will actually be in court before a judge or actually inside the hospital. we do know that rahami is not talking. he's not cooperating with authorities. he's not giving them much information. but i will tell you, ashleigh, i've been out here all morning, talking to people in this community. they actually tell me that rahami was regular presence at the family's fried chicken restaurant just behind me.
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just below where the family lived saying that rahami was there regularly, he was friendly, funny. one guy even telling me he made some of the best hamburgers he's ever had. a lot of people completely surprised this happened. in addition, in just the past few hours we've seen who we believe to be rahami's father come out of the residence, twice, in fact, and on both occasions, he addressed the media, very shortly. not exactly clearly, but he did indicate that about two years ago he claims he calm s he call authorities. talked his son's violent nature, had allegedly stabbed his other son and also hurt his mother. those are claims we're working to independently verify with authorities, both federally and locally and at the county level, something we haven't done yet. one thing we know for sure, ashleigh, rahami was arrested in 2014 on weapons charges and also aggravated assault. a lot of pieces to the puzzle that are starting to emerge and
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we are just now starting to try to put together obviously as investigators are as well. >> jessica a two-part question as a follow-up. i know the fed were raiding that chicken restaurant above the restaurant where apartments were believed to be occupied by the family members. i'm wondering if we know what the feds got out of that raid? if they're still there getting anything out of that raid and what the family's reaction, other than what you just mentioned? i think someone believed to be a sister putting out a post on facebook demanding some privacy. get me up to speed on that. >> reporter: yeah. a lot going on here, ashleigh. we obviously saw that raid yesterday, and throughout the overnight hours tonight, i've been out here since about 3:00 in the morning. i've seen federal officials, federal agents going in and out of the restaurant and the residence itself. we haven't seen any other raids that have taken place today, but just a constant presence by both the local police as well as the fbi agents. you mentioned the family. we do know, i talked to a few of the neighbors here. they say quite a few people
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lived in that residence up on the second floor, just above the fried chicken restaurant. they tell me that it was rahami, his father, also a brother. a mother and then a few other small children as well. while we think we're hearing from the father, the man believed, that we believe to be the father, we're also hearing from rahami's sister who released this on facebook. i believe we have a full screen of it. she said, i would like people to respect my family's privacy, and let us have our peace after this tragic time. so she's asking for privacy, yet the plan we believe to be the father, rahami's father, has come out twice now and addressed the media telling us that he did contact authorities about two years ago as to his son's, what he said, violent nature. ashleigh? >> all right. jessica snyder, thank you for that. going deeper into exactly what's happening in the paperwork, investigatg, charging, exactly what this man is facing at this moment. cnn justice correspondent evan perez is with me now.
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a lot of questions exactly what kind of questioning this suspect might be undergoing even now. jessica wasn't clear whether he's moved out of the hospital. the police commissioner saying he's still in critical but stable condition, indicating he's still in the hospital but does not preclude investigators as we learned from surnigh irv, a ch tsarniev. >> tried to make him more comfortable. hasn't been mirandized, the idea, go back today, see if he's able to talk and try to question him before you mirandize him and begin the legal process. as you know, there's an exemption under the miranda rule, the quarles exception allowing in national security cases -- >> who knows if he planted bombs
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in other locations? we know of four. >> that's the legal reasoning to do it. making sure you exalt all that before you get to building the case. >> by the way, ay i recall from s s tsarnaev, they gave him writing materials. >> to write it down. you know as well as others suspects speak even after mirandized. >> talk to me about a notebook they found. the reporting is fast and furious. this is often the case in the fog of the immediate incident. we all thought there was note with this information left with one of the bombs? >> we thought with the bowl. turned out it was actually in the notebook he was carrying on his person. there was a bullet hole apparently in the notebook. so it may have been sustained during the firefight that took place before he was arrested, and we also know that in this notebook he makes references to anwar awlaki, a cleric served as
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inspiration for jihadis around the world and makes reference to other terrorists including the boston bombers. in those notes, ashleigh, is we're we're beginning to emerge the perhaps some kind of reasoning or motivation for what happened here. >> do you know -- this is putting anybody on the spot as we just get these details, but you know, the pulse nightclub shoot her a chicken soup of allegiances. he was pledging to people who hate one another and don't actually ally in whatever they're cause is. there's no common cause, and i'm wondering if they know at this point whether the rambling nature of this notebook might be similar? >> exactly nap could very well be what emerges here. we know what we've seen so far nothing suggests isis. always the first question, given the fact we've seen many more attacks from isis sympathizers. also the first concern. haven't seen anything like that yet. what emerges he may be a mix of motivations and that is not uncommon, also. >> arraignment wednesday.
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correct? whether in a hospital bed or t not. >> right. nor the local charges in linden, new jersey. >> and a lot coming on the federal level, too. he won't escape that aspect of charges as well. thank you, great reporting. wonderful work, thank you so much. ahmad rahami was captures quickly after that alert, largely due to a bar owner. a bar own here got that alert who got those images and spotted rahami sleeping in the doorway of his establishment. just sleeping. last night anderson cooper talked about that a lot of folks calling you a hero today. do you feel like a hero? >> no. i'm not a hero. i'm just a regular citizen doing what every citizen should do, all when, whatever you see, the you call the cops. cops of hero, law enforcements
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are the real heroes, you know? >> a lot of people have suspicions but don't actually call the police when you have a suspicion. you did that. >> yes, i think everybody should do that. that's what, when you see something, you should say something. you know? >> joined now by the mayor of nearby elizabeth, new jersey, chris bollwage. thank you for being with us. right to the invest get aive aspect of this. so many details are coming out in dribs and drabs. anything more you can tell us about the possibility of other players involved in any potential cell or whether it's now the prevailing wisdom among officials that this is a lone wolf? >> yeah. the fbi hasn't released an awful lot of information to i or local law enforcement regarding the investigation. we know the search warrant was executed yesterday, and they're clearly not going to tell us
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what's going on. as a matter of fact, they haven't even told us that the suspect is connected to elizabeth and the seaside park incidents. we know he's connected to chelsea, and we look to go forward from there. >> so then the other clues may help yield some sort of intelligence, and we are learning now that this suspect had a wife who decided to depart only days before these attacks. she would have presumably lived in the same vicinity in your town, and maybe people in your town would have known her works have suspected something. do you have any intelligence about her presence and now her lack thereof? >> you know, there was very little knowledge about the suspect. never mind the wife. there was interaction with the father and the brothers on some code enforcement and noise issues through the years. but the brother and the wife, very little interaction, and i'm not so sure even people in the residence in this neighborhood know who she is. >> and certainly the federal authorities and the investigative authorities aren't sharing that now?
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i presume they are chasing down every lead to find her to question her, but are you getting any of that shared with you? >> no. once the fbi takes over an investigation, the sharing with local law enforcement really comes down to a minimal, and it's an as-need basis. >> so you mentioned that litigation. there have been discrimination cases. the onlier of the restaurant behind you, the fried chicken shop, saying that the neighborhood had discriminated against him. there had been litigation regarding the hours of it being open. it have something to this? is there some sort of consternation that built up? could this have led to an angst or anger, or is it the prevailing wisdom among others who read his notes in his journal that instead he's inspired perhaps by an anwar awlaki and online you know, radical teachings? are you getting a feeling one way or the other? >> you know, it's difficult as a mayor to make the leap that someone is accused of noise
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complaints and code enforcement complaints into making bombs to stroy the sanctity of life. so that leap becomes real difficult to understand. that being said, all of the information that's been uncovered and sent to the press regarding radicalization, we're not made aware of that here locally in the city of elizabeth. no one wakes up in the morning and decides to call the mayor and say, i went to afghanistan and became radicalized. >> i understand. just you never know what the motivations are among people who are clearly troubled from the get-go. whether it was, you know, potentially some kind of litigation that throwed a motivation suspicion of discrimination. i mean, who knows. but mayor, i hope you'll continue to help us get clampri to where this investigation goes from here. thank you, sir. >> thank you for having me. coming up, the bombing suspect's long trips to afghanistan.
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you heard the mayor reference them. afghanistan was on the list. pakistan, also. he said he was just visiting family. but was that true? was there anything else he might have been up to while overseas in those places? isle find out, next. ♪ ♪ don't just eat. mangia! bertolli.
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good news to report to you. one of two police officers shot yesterday in the takedown of that bombing suspect is now released from the hospital. and that's great news, because officer peter hammer had been fired, almost point-blank, through the windshield of his cruiser and sustained pretty bad injuries, apparently had suggest consent bleeding from what was considered a graze wound. awe maude rahami taken down shortly after that injury. two officers taken to the hospital. one officer hammer the other shot in the vest. taken to the hospital and released yesterday. both of those officers hailed at heroes today and officer peter hammer finally out of the hospital. thank god for that. now on to the motive for all of this. the investigators left to pore over all the travel records of that new york and new jersey bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami. we do know he was born in afghanistan, and that he
9:18 am
traveled there often. he is also married to a woman whom he met in pakistan. a pakistani woman, our knowledge tells us. authorities now looking to question that wife and apparently that wife left the united states just a few days before the bombings actually happened. police are trying to figure out if mr. rahami, who's a u.s. citizen now, if his travels to afghanistan and pakistan had something to them. especially since he was going to areas recognized as taliban and al qaeda strongholds, where, were these catalysts for his radicalization or family visits to weddings and the like? that's what he says. so far the taliban is denying any involvement in these bombings. isis, nothing yet. mum's the word. really no word at all emerging to indicate that this might have been an isis supporter at work. and then there's another clue. a notebook found on the suspect's person after that shoot-out.
9:19 am
investigators say in it ramblings about terrorists and terrorist leaders. he references the boston marathon bombers, and the many american cleric anwar awlaki. i want to discuss this with former new york city police detective steve cartian and pcok schacook -- crookshank and others. a lot of information, some dropping out why other bits come into play. trying to get a feel from an international perspective how much we this think young man may have been internationally inspired or trained or supported, or how much this young man, it appears, may have just been a lone wolf self-radicalized? >> investigators are still searches for answers and only now looking into the travel to pakistan, afghanistan a long stay in qatar between 2013 and
9:20 am
2014 and the pressure cooker bombs recovered in new york. it was a powerful explosive substance mixture. in that probably it could be more powerful than the boston bombings. it contained hmtd, pretty trick toy matricky to make. and seen this since 9/11 what they -- >> he's great with the bombing, but with your expertise, he's got the travel. >> uh-huh. >> he's got the journal. >> uh-huh. >> got the ramblings about not only the boston marathon maybe even fort hood. it may be that there are conflicting ideologists in his ramblings as we saw with the pulse night club shoop shooter. we don't know if the family will be helpful to investigators. does that give you any feeling one way or the other about what this motivation might have been? >> the whole point very much is
9:21 am
this a radicalization point of view, the fact he was referencing anwar awlaki, an american yemeni cleric in the years before his death, in a u.s. drone strike five years ago almost to this day was encouraging people like him in the west to carry out terrorist attacks, because as awlaki was saying a lot of states, in his view, at war with islam and according to what he was saying, all american muslims needed to strike back as necessary. the fact in this notebook we understand there was even a bullet hole in that notebook when recovered. he had it -- when the police went in that awlaki is mentioned i think points us in the direction that awlaki was a significant influence over what he did. >> and that bullet hole may have been from the actual shoot-out. the takedown. bob bair, your intelligence and security knowledge, the wife. the fact that the wife left just
9:22 am
days before. can you see this two different ways? can you see this as a catalyst, a domestic situation devastating and drove him to do what maybe he might have been planning to do or not planning to do, or something more dire? >> i think it's more dire, ashleigh. i would think this guy's a sunni salafi going to quetta. what you'll find. a bunch of other groups, al qaeda, isis, you cannot go there without protection from one of these groups. did he learn explosives there? i don't know. by the way, we won't find out from pakistanis. their intelligence is bad. they don't know what's going on, and the fact that the wife leaves, and these multiple bombs. when you add it all up, there's something more dire, more since tr going on here, no doubt in my mind and the fact he spent time in kandahar, you add it all up, and awlaki and staying off the internet is interesting.
9:23 am
are they learning, these people? it's pretty clear what's happened here, the motivations. >> critical to find her, if they can, and get intelligence if they can. anthony, with your bomb intelligence, you know, with the explosives knowledge that you have, i wanted to put a list in front of you just to maybe try to glean some information off of this. this was a, a series of bombs. ten of them in total. and there were both pipe bombs and pressure cookers in the mechanics. okay? most or all of them used in old flip-style phone as a timer. there were christmas tree-styled lights used as initiators. hmtd used as an explosive compound to help detonate but in the pipe bombs, black powder. so really varied in devices. ask this sound possible one person, who clearly wasn't very
9:24 am
good at this. only one detonated. one by the police. would be able to put these kinds of devices together? >> ashleigh, it's unusual. typically we see bombers stick with their comfort level. if they're comfortable making pipe bombs that's what they'll make and they're easy to construct. moving into the realm of the pressure cooker manufacturing hmtd a home maid explosive made of a heat tablet -- a citric acid and a peroxide takes more effort and the most interesting think about that, or most importantly about that is that it doesn't go unnoticed. if you're manufacturing hmtd, there's going to be odors in the area. you're going to be moving stuff in and out. it's not a difficult task. it doesn't take a large facility to do it. you can do it in your home, and in a -- in a regular room. all you need is a good ice bath. >> hmm. >> but the cross of technology
9:25 am
here from christmas tree light bulbs and it's not surprising. when i saw the damage to that dumpster at the chelsea bombing it was clear to me, that was not black powder. but because he was comfortable with the christmas tree light bulbings it was not surprising he used the hmtd as a detonator. it's suggested a wrapper from a commercially manufactured exploding target product was found at the chelsea bombing indicating that may have been the main charge and hmtd detonator used to initial that. >> okay. >> too much here is going on for one individual, in my opinion. >> seemed to me that it was a very, a varied group of, you know, bits and pieces of knowledge you'd have to have to be able to construct all of those different kinds of devices. steve, if we're not getting this information so far from the intelligence gathering through evidence, hopefully we'll get it from him. i'm not holding my breath on this one, but that man has not been mirandized yet. there could be an imminent threat. there are exemptions to miranda.
9:26 am
what's happening in that hospital room right now if he's actually still there. >> the rule you're talking about is a quarles rule, a public safety exception passed by supreme court in 1984 based on the fact that it's more important to public safety than it is for the defendant's fifth amendment right to self-incrimination. they'll be working on him, questioning him over and over with different investigators trying to hit different angles persuading him and trying to get limb to talk and give up some information. so we know, like, for example, with the notebook, we're looking at motive. looking at intent. looking at affiliation. those are the things they're going to go after with regard to extracting information. >> see if we get anything. got a few things out of tsarnaev and then clam up. paul crookshank, anthony may,'s stephen kardian and bob may thank you. up next, accused of shooting at police officers and planting bombs as well to try to kill american citizens. so does he deserve the protection of the u.s. constitution?
9:27 am
some suggest that ahmed rahami be treated as an enemy combatant and denied due process. is that legal? cure cancer million? far off. liver disease treatment. that by voting yes on prop 61 - costs. dollars pass. don't let that happen. it - because one day it might.
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for now, ahmad khan rahami is facing five attempted murder and two weapons charges with arraignment tentatively set for wednesday of next week. whether in a hospital bed or not. just the way it goes. bomb-related charges, however, well, that's not being talked about now. you can bet your bottom dollar they're coming at some point and more than likely in the civilian court system.
9:32 am
rahami is an american, after all, arrested and charged on u.s. soil right here and oh finances alleged to have occurred on u.s. soil. not a foreign battlefield somewhere, yet some people believe he does not deserve the legal protections afforded to criminal defendants here in america. >> this idea of criminalizing the war has got to stop. these guys should be dealt with with the fbi and cia and dni and all the other experts to find out, you know, what he's up to. he's presumed innocent in the court of criminal law. i'm not worried about criminal disposition. i'm worried about intelligence gathering. >> isn't he a u.s. citizen, deserves to be read his ra manda rights? >> no. not guilty of a crime but enough evidence to suggest he may have been involved in international terrorism. >> so i'm joined now by cnn senior legal correspondent jeffrey toobin. no question if he did what he's accused of doing he is definitely combative and
9:33 am
definitely an enemy of our ideals but jeffrey toobin is he an enemy combatant? >> certainly according to the obama administration, he will not be seen that way. i think that the important thing to remember about this whole situation is that our legal system has done a very effective job of processing terrorists through our criminal courts. those cases have proceeded with dispatch. these people have been tried, sentenced, convicted. the enemy combatants at guantanamo are tied up in a hopeless legal maze that is completely unresolved at this point, and that has proven to be disastrous from both a legal, political and moral standpoint. so the obama administration has quite clearly said, we are handling people like him through the criminal justice system. >> so if we're going to end up in the criminal justice system, which i wholly presume we are,
9:34 am
already charged with state-level offenses, attempted murder of a police officer, five counts of that. that has nothing to do with the plarnted bombs, though. can i ask you if i should look to the tsarnaev case again where we had those pressure cooker bombs, we had gun offenses, there was, there were myriad locations where offenses happened and things like this. a federal charge like using a weapon of mass destruction, malicious destruction of property using explosives. personal injury to at least one person. again, using mass destruction for injury. carrying a firearm. using or carrying a firearm during a crime of violence. these are all extraordinary federal charges that carry with them pretty significant prison time. is that what we should expect will happen to this guy? >> i think that's precisely what we should expect with one important distinction. fortunately, no one died in the course of this attack, and so -- at least as we understand the
9:35 am
supreme court precedent, the supreme court has never said this precisely, but most think it's true, that you cannot be sentenced to death in this country unless you actually kill someone, and so it is -- it is extremely unlikely that he will even be charged, rahami that is, with a crime carrying the death penalty. he will certainly be charged with a crime carrying life in prison without the possibility of parole. >> okay. >> but i believe the death penalty will be off the table in this case. >> i'm with you on that one, but the length of prison sentences that come along with some of these other charges that tsarnaev was convicted of that did not lead to death may be lengthy and made more lengthy if you look at the different instances two different states. different locations. these could be, and you'll have to explain whether federal will follow state here, but these could be conservative sentences. say one of these charges gives you a 25-year sentence, and
9:36 am
you're convicted of two of them, one in new jersey, one in new york, would that be 50 years consecutively because they're two separate crimes in two separate states and separate times? >> to a great extent that's up to the sentencing judge. there are federal sentencing guidelines subjected sentencing ranges for each crime but are not binding for a judge. so a judge could impose consecutive sentences. also as you point out there is also a possibility that there would be a new jersey case here, involving the attempted murder of the police officer. that, too, could about separate sentence that could be consecutive or -- you know, at the same, you know -- what's the word i'm -- >> concurrent. >> concurrent, yes. i'm sorry. i just -- that word flew out of my head. right. that, again it would be up to the judge about whether that would -- those sentences would be concurrent or consecutive,
9:37 am
but certainly, if you look at the range of crimes available here, if he's convicted of all or even most of them, he is virtually certain to spend the rest of his life in prison. >> sort of sounds like it to me, too, but i need a guy like you to check the box and let me know i'm not losing it. thank you. jeffrey toobin good to have you. coming up, another deadly police shooting of another unarmed man. this one also captured on video and this time in tulsa, oklahoma. the circumstances, sadly familiar. he is unqualified to be president. >> hillary clinton lacks the judgment -- >> the scam, the fraud. >> hillary clinton has evaded justice! >> he clearly has something to hide. >> her conduct is disqualifying.
9:38 am
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for just $199 a month. new video just released of a deadly police shooting in tulsa, oklahoma, and it is upsetting to watch, to say the least. so i'm going to give you the warning right now that if you have children who are in the room and in the vicinity of the television, they should not be. with that pause -- and this moment to change that dynamic -- here's the story. terence crutcher, 40 years old. his family says his suv broke down on friday. police received two 911 calls about a vehicle blocking a road.
9:43 am
there were other pieces of information in the 911 calls. still investigating to find out what information transpired to the 911 operators. i want you to see what happened next for yourself, and there's another warning, again, this is very, very upsetting. have a look. [ sirens ] >> always being -- do you find it really hard -- >> which way are they facing? >> they're facing westbound. just tasered. >> shots fired! >> we have shot it's fired. one says spuuspect down. we need officers here.
9:44 am
>> we should tell you before they responded the 911 operator heard information saying a man was running from his vehicle after saying it was going to blow up. there is also some police helicopter video of the shooting, and on it you can hear the officers commenting on what was transpiring. >> this guy's still walking. following command. >> that's for taser, i think. >> that's got a feeling that's a about to happen. >> that looks like a bad dude, too. >> the officers later learned that crutcher was unarmed. he did not have a gun on him and there wasn't one in his suv either. ana cabrera joins me live from tulsa. where does the investigation stand at this time, ana? >> reporter: right now, ashleigh, two separate investigations ongoing. one a local investigation by the
9:45 am
tulsa police homicide unit and as well as a federal civil rights probe conducted by the department of justice, which opened its own investigation after seeing that video that we just played. now, the police chief has vowed to this community and to the nation to get to the bottom of what happened, and says justice will prevail. we do know the officer who fired the fatal shot, officer betty shelby, who's been on the police force since 2011 is now on paid administrative leave and we've learned another officer among those on the scene fired a taser almost simultaneously at the same time officer shelby fired her gun. the family saw that video before it was released to the public. and we heard from the sister of terence crutcher. his twin sister. both celebrated their birthday just a month ago and she said what they've seen in the video shows no justification for the officer to open fire, and she says that her brother was not the bad dude that we heard a
9:46 am
helicopter officer say he was. listen. >> you all want to know who that big, bad dude was? that big, bad dude was my twin brother. that big, bad dude was a father. >> hmm. >> that big, bad dude was a son. that big, bad dude was enrolled in tulsa community college. just wanting to make us proud. >> now, the medical examiner still has the body of terence crutcher, we aunds, not released any coroner report. also there will be toxicology tests to be conducted. i just spoke a few minutes ago to the attorney for officer shelby, who tells us her side of the story, perhaps was not shown in the video. that when she came upon the vehicle and came upon crutcher while responding to a different
9:47 am
call, she was unaware of the 911 calls that had taken place, and she simply pulled up and was gathering information. when she encountered crutcher, her attorney says he repeatedly refused to respond to questions, and did not obey numerous commands to keep his hands out of his pockets. that all happened prior to what you see in the video when he la his hands raised uk waing back to his vehicle. as he walked back to the vehicle she asked him multiple times to stop and he continued to ignore those commands. what you can't see in the vehicle is the very moments before she opens fire, according to shelby's attorney, at that very moment is when crutcher was reaching his left hand into the driver's side of the vehicle, and at that moment is when he says, officer shelby feared for her life, perhaps thinking he was going to grab a gun. that's why she opened fire. back to you, ashleigh. >> ana cabrera, thank you.
9:48 am
sure to become more of a national conversation as the investigation continues. coming up next, what did he know and when did he know it? that is a question we've heard in politics a lot, and now it peritarians to chris christie. as the bridgegate trial gets going in new jersey, even though the governor isn't on trial, his name sure is front and center. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
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you have heard of bridgegate, right? the whole george washington bridge traffic building, sounds like it's politically motivated there's a trial based on it that got started this week. along with the prosecution's opening statement came a bit of a jaw-dropper to say the least. federal prosecutors say this man, recognize him? of course you do. it's the new jersey governor, chris christie, he was running for periresident. saying he apparently knew of the lane closures on the bridge as they were happening. he has never been named a conspirator or co-conspirator in this case, has never been charged in this case.
9:53 am
instead, others have. his former chief of staff, bridget anne kelly. she's on trial and the guy on the left. former port authority deputy executive director bill baroni is on trial, too. and phil mattingly is watching the trial and i think your jaw dropped, too, when all of a sudden prosecutors invoked -- we never expected for a minute the prosecutors would say the governor knew. always expected the defense attorneys would say the governor knew all along. our clients, boy, pinpointing them, but what does this mean for what the prosecutors might do after this trial regarding chris christie? >> the most interesting point, we knew a core of the defense. invoke chris christie and quint trinten over and over. the fact chris christie knew about this, told specifically while it was going on by his aides was a surprise. you know publicly, chris christie has nerve every been named as a conspirator, never had charges brought against him. the prosecutors said they wouldn't focus on this in the trial but continue to invoke his name. what the prosecution's office
9:54 am
has said they reserve the right to bring charges or name him as a conspirator in the future. chris christie said repeatedly he did not know about this, learned about it from the newspapers. said it over and over again and pointed to multiple investigations including an internal probe that said he did not know about this. prosecutors telling a different story, ashleigh. >> man. i wish i could go on. i'm out of time. this is -- a lot -- well, you have to come back. book you tomorrow. thank you, phil mattingly. we'll be back, right after this. , it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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they were such a unit they were almost a parallel economy. a celebrity institution so much so we called them by one name. brangelina. and now, as shocking as this might sound, angelina jolie and brad pitt are going their separate ways. they've only been married for two years but have been together for 12, and have six children.
9:59 am
and she's now filed for divorce. so jaws are dropped, and -- tongues are wagging. stephanie elam joins me now from los angeles. we don't normally do these stories but a massive deal to the industry you cover. >> true. sitting in hollywood, true, ashleigh. people care a lot about what the jol jolie/pitt couple does. surprising, just got married two years ago, and now divorcgettin divorced even though they've been together 12 years. date of separation, september 15th. a recent development we are seeing here. we also know that angelina jolie is asking for sole physical custody of the children but wants visitation rights for brad pitt. that's interesting to note, and also interesting to note as well that she's not putting in any requests for spousal support, which as you imagine these two have a lot of money.
10:00 am
that's not the issue here but interesting to know what's in there about the children. we don't know why, ashleigh. >> hard to know who makes more. they could either. one of them, file for that kind of support. thank you, stephanie elam, thank you all for watching. "wolf" starts now. hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington. six p.m. in london, 8:00 p.m. in aleppo, syria. wherever you're watching from irnd a the world, thanks very much for joining us. we start with breaking news. the search for answers in new york and new jersey in the bombings there. the lead suspect ahmad khan ra hamm rahami in the hospital in a shoot-out that happened with police office. police are looking for his motivation and want to know if he had help. >> right


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