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tv   Wolf  CNN  September 20, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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that's not the issue here but interesting to know what's in there about the children. we don't know why, ashleigh. >> hard to know who makes more. they could either. one of them, file for that kind of support. thank you, stephanie elam, thank you all for watching. "wolf" starts now. hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington. six p.m. in london, 8:00 p.m. in aleppo, syria. wherever you're watching from irnd a the world, thanks very much for joining us. we start with breaking news. the search for answers in new york and new jersey in the bombings there. the lead suspect ahmad khan ra hamm rahami in the hospital in a shoot-out that happened with police office. police are looking for his motivation and want to know if he had help. >> right now it's just -- it's
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we don't have anybody else. again, this is just a couple of days since this event happened, and just about a day since we apprehended him. this is still an ongoing, active investigation. >> are you concerned there's still a danger from rahami accomplices or this plot? >> you know what? an old saying in the police and in law enforcement, just because you make an arrest that's not where the investigation stops. a lot of times it's where the investigation starts. moving forward, were she to identify everybody involved and see what they're backgrounds are, see that they've been, what they've been up to and we'll be able to make a determination then. >> the new york city police commissioner talking with jim sciutto. learning more about rahami. we now know his father was interviewed by the fbi two years ago after expressing concerns about his son allegedly calling his son a terrorist. it was part of a domestic dispute and when federal authorities spoke to the father he downplayed the actual incident. rahami was already in jail in
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connection with that domestic dispute. also, we're getting new details about a notebook found on rahami when he was captured. a notebook that includes writings about the boston marathon bombers and anwar al awlaki, the islamic extremist, terrorist recruiter killed five years ago in an air strike. rahami charged with five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, those stem from the confrontation in new jersey. we expect more charges possibly terror charges, keshgted econnd with the explosion in new york and seaside park, new jersey. joining us, our correspondent and ivan watson from kabul, afghanistan. jessica what are we hearing from investigators right now whether people in the neighborhood there suspected anything? >> reporter: well, wolf, you might be able to see behind me, this has been a buzz of activity
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over the past few hours. in fact, the past two days. neighbors who knew rahami and often saw him inside the fried chicken restaurant that he ran with his family, they tell me they're completely shocked by this news. they say they saw him often. he was a regular presence working at the restaurant. they said he was friendly, outgoing. one guy even saying he made some of the best hamburgers around. but what we're also hearing is a man emerged from the rahami's family residence, a little earlier today. actually several, twice, and we believe it to be rahami's father. he actually walked right out of those doors and he talked to the media. there was media gathered around that area, and twice he said that he had called the fbi two years ago to complain about his son's violent tendencies. he says that there was an instance where his son rahami actually stabbed his other son and then hurt his wife, rahami's mother. he watalked to him twice today d take a listen to what he had to
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say. >> why did you call the fbi two years ago? what happened? >> because he doing bad. >> what do you mean, he's doing bad? >> he stabbed my son, he hurt my wife and i put him to jail, two years ago. >> now, i've spoken with the mayor of elizabeth. he says that the city of elizabeth, the elizabeth p.d., never had any sort of documentation of any complaints about rahami. however, the fbi has said that it interviewed rahami's father back in 2014 after what they're terming a domestic dispute. they said that at one point rahami's father called him a terrorist. but here's the thing. when rahami's father actually came in to be interviewed by the fbi, the fbi says rahami's father downplayed the incident saying it was nothing to be concerned about. ultimately, the feds did end up investigating. ended up interviewing rahami who was actually already in jail, because of a different family dispute that also involved a stabbing. all of this was happening in
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2014. but ultimately, the fbi ran more checks, and then ultimately never actually interviewed rahami, and never actually entered him into any criminal database. so while rahami's father now making claims that he talked to the feds, the fbi saying they investigated. his father down played the events and there was never any follow-up, because rahami was never placed into any federal database. wolf? >> jessica, stand by. i want to go to kabul, afghanistan. ivan watson on the scene for us. ivan, you know, rahami, united states citizen, naturalized citizen, born in afghanistan, came to the united states as a young boy but traveled back several times to afghanistan, and also made some trips to pakistan, including for almost a year, and he stayed in quetta, a taliban hotbed. went to karachi as well. what else can you tell us? what have you learned there about this individual's background? >> reporter: that's right. traveled to pakistan, and
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afghanistan. u.s. officials saying in 2011, 2013, into 2014. stayed so long that he found a wife eventually and had some trouble trying to get her a visa and a visa for his child to come back to the u.s. with him. now, it's important to note that the taliban, the group that's been fighting the u.s. here in afghanistan for some 15 years, we've spoken with a taliban spokesman who's denied any links whatsoever to rahami or to the bombings on saturday in new jersey and in new york. and we do know from its past record that the taliban is often very quick to claim responsibility for deadly attacks carried out here in kabul, and in other parts of afghanistan. the areas where rahami traveled, yes, he went to quetta, a pakistani border town that is known to be a de facto headquarters for the leadership of the afghan taliban across the
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border in pakistan, but it's also home to many, many afghans going back to 1980s and the soviet occupation of afghanistan. it's important to note, also, wolf, that while the taliban may be denying links to rahami, there are many other militant jihadi groups that are active both on the afghan and pakistani sides of the border including al qaeda, including more recently isis. we have not heard from those organizations yet. we've reached out to the afghan and pakistani governments for some comment on this. no comment yet. you can be assured that u.s. investigators are reaching out to their counterparts in afghanistan and pakistan to try to learn more about rahami's movements during the time where he was visiting these countries. >> i'm sure they are. ivan watson in kabul, afghanistan for us. jessica snyder joining us as well. more on the developments in this case. i want to bring in two new jersey congressmen.
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first al beo siress from new jersey. the district where rahami grew up and lives, also with me here in washington is congressman donald payne, whose district is linden, new jersey, where the bombing suspect was found and a member of the house homeland security committee. congressman sires, they contacted your office in the past. you've gone back and checked. what was he xa asking for? >> back in march of 2014 he sent an e-mail to my office in washington, d.c. from pakistan. he wanted to know the status of his wife, entry visa and passport. we sent it to our office, in elizabeth. in elizabeth, we require a signature so we can do the inquiry and his father came in and signed for him. basically, her passport would
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expire and they said she need add new passport. then after they passport found out she was 35 weeks pregnant and would not give the entry visa and would give her the visa once she had the baby, because she had to get a new passport for the baby and -- >> she need add new -- she was pakistani. needed a new pakistani passport is what you're saying? >> yes. yes. because they have to submit that before you can get an entray visa. >> a technicality, also in the final stages of her pregnancy. did you or anyone in your office have anyone concerns about ahmad khan rahami once he contacted your office? >> no. basically by all -- my office, my staff, dealt with the father most times. mr. rahami only showed up in elizabeth once, was kind of abrupt and got a little nasty
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with the staff. what we did in our office, why found out status, we don't get involved in the process. >> you were simply trying to help constituent what members of congress try to do? >> yes. >> you're on the house homeland security committee and i know you've been well briefed. what is the latest information you're getting on this, this horrible situation? rchltsz basically at the point where the officials are trying to determine if he had help in this endeavor to place bombs down the jersey shore in new york city and in elizabeth took some, some time to do. so the major key is to determine if he's a link to anyone, and if there was any help in terms of -- of doing these acts. >> because these bomb was clearly homemade, but relatively sophisticated explosives. they were very, very deadly.
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what's your suspicion? did he have help? are there others at large right now? who might have been involved? >> well, we're not sure. but it would have taken some time to get all of the materiels to put these bombs together. some were very -- very unsophisticated, too, moving up into sophisticated devices. so you know, we are just concerned about if he had help or not, and i believe that's where the investigation is at it stands right now. >> are you doing a postmortem now to find out, he traveled several times back to afghanistan, relatively understandable. his parents were from afghanistan, he was born in afghanistan. presumably still had relatives there and wanted to see his homeland if you will, but the separate trips to pakistan, including for almost a year, not that long ago, when he came back to the united states he had a secondary interview arriving in the united states, but no one spotted anything wrong. are you taking a look to see if
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some evidence was missed that potentially could have prevented the four bombings that occurred over the past few days? >> naturally, homeland and the fbi are going back over, you know, those interviews now, and to look to see if there are any indicators, but at that point, he went through the process. there was no indication that there was an issue, and so as an american citizen, he was allowed to go on his way. but they're combing over all the information they have, looking for new information, and working very diligently on this -- on this endeavor. >> congressman sires, we're getting information he arrest has notebook and references to anwar awlaki, the former responsibleman killed in a u.s. drone strike. references to the boston marathon bombings. what else have you learned about rahami? >> well, only what has been
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reported. it was not -- when he came through the office once, there was no indication, and the father gave us no indication of anything. and he sent an e-mail to my office from pakistan and he had said to me that he had been in pakistan since april of 2013, and we received the e-mail on march 2014. so i don't know anything in terms of, his movements, other than that. >> one final question, congressman payne. his wife left the united states just a couple or three days ago. all of a sudden she leaves. she apparently is in the united air sh emirat arab emirates, changing flights. what can you tell us about the wife? >> you know, the fbi briefed me this morning, and they're not sure that it has any -- any correlation to what rahami had done, but they are definitely
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looking at it now, and, you know, i guess it's an issue that definitely does bring, raise some suspicion of why she would have left three days before, but to this point, the fbi has not said that it had any correlation with the events. >> congressman payne, thanks very much for joining us. congressman sires, thanks to you as well. coming up, rahami is suspected of planting bombs aimed at killing american citizens nap caused some people calling for him to be treated as an enemy combatant. i'll sdwhaut ladiscuss that lat plus president george h.w. bush reportedly telling a member of the kennedy family that when he votes in november he'll cast his ballot for hillary clinton. new information. stay with us. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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national security front and center in the presidential race here in the united states. following the bombings in new york and new jersey. for his part, donald trump is defending a profiles as a strategy to combat the terror threat. >> our local police, they know who a lot of these people are. they're afraid to do anything
10:19 am
about it because they tonight want to tonight -- don't want to be accused of profiling. do we have a choice ask look what's going on. we're trying to be so politically correct in our country and this is only going to get worse. >> bring in our guests. the political fallout, does it help trump for example or potentially hurt trump? >> it's no the clear, wolf. i think that while hillary clinton is going to continue to make the temperament argument against trump, responding to terror, he'll make the argument about her judgment saying she got us into the situation in the first place being parts of the obama administration. supporters will agree with him, and look at polling, wolf. there's no clear leader when it comes to who is best able to deal with terror. she sometimes gets a boost on
10:20 am
foreign policy generally, but it kind of tends to go back and forth. so it's unclear to me if either one of them gets a real boost out of this, other than this confirms people's already solid attitudes about the way each of them would handle a crisis. >> and we're getting the very different recommendations what to do next, from trump and from hillary clinton. very different perspectives, and a lot of people are wondering, how's that going to play with voters out there xrrnlgts that's rig . >> that's right. we saw hillary clinton trying to make that contrast with her press conference, very much wanting to be out front and talk about this. she thinks this is a good terrain for her. donald trump obviously thinks the same thing. he talks tough. he, you know, talks about current policy, even i think criticizes police officers suggesting that somehow they're not doing their jobs because they're afraid of being labeled politically incorrect and in hk hrc you have somebody talking more about detail, talking about intelligence, and silicon valley
10:21 am
needing to get involved in this -- this whole problem of terrorism and self-radicalized individuals. yes. again, i think a lot of this is so baked into the cake. right? you have basically a 45-45 split in terms of where people see these two candidates and the 10% some of those people aren't going to vote, some will vote for third parties and the other split between these two. >> intrigues development. former president george h.w. bush, the first president bush, he supposedly told kathleen kennedy townsend, daughter of robert kennedy, she posted it on facebook, that he's going to vote for hillary clinton for president of the united states. a spokesman for president bush would neither confirm nor deny the claim, but how surprising would it be if the first president bush voted for hillary clinton? >> women, i think it would be surprising, but not shocking. or stunning, in way, if i can -- if i can differentiate.
10:22 am
if you look at -- first of all, he didn't go to the convention, and his son ran against donald trump, and if you look at all of this former bush administration officials, scowcroft, wolfowitz, hank paulson, armitage, tony fratto, all supporting hillary clinton. so it's not shocking in that sense. >> right. >> that their former boss would privately say to someone in a conversation i'm not going to suppo support -- >> probably personal for president bush too. his son, jeb bush, former florida governor often ridiculed by donald trump. >> very aoften ridiculed at low energy jeb. wouldn't be surprising if he came out way full-throat the defense of donald trump saying he would vote for him. imagine a lot of other people named bush might go into that booth and not necessarily support donald trump. a real split between the bush,
10:23 am
romney wing of the party, the m moderates, establishment in this new candidate in donald trump. >> all right. guys, stay with me a moment. a brand new poll just released this hour shows hillary clinton maintaining her lead over donald trump in the key battleground state of florida. the monmouth university poll shows hillary clinton at 46%. donald trump's 41%. the libertarian party candidate gary johnson at 6%. the green party candidate jill stein at 1%. in our series on battleground states our colonel boris sanchez take as closer look why florida is so important and so competitive. >> reporter: a state that could make all of the difference on the electoral map come election night is also one of the hardest to predict. florida. and its 29 electoral votes yet again a toss-up in 2016 with voters divided on the issues and the candidates. >> donald trump was not my first, second or third choice. but he is now. >> trump is a racist!
10:24 am
discriminated against people with disability and i have a son that has a disability. for me, he's -- cuckoo. >> reporter: there are 4.6 registered democrats in florida. about 4.4 retchstered republicans. a razor-thin difference when you consider florida's >> china -- >> reporter: since early june clinton's team spend $37.7 million on tv to trump's $9.2
10:25 am
million. despite the imbalance in spending recent polls so clinton and trump are still in a tight race. >> flip a coin. it's now all about turnout. >> really? >> it's so close, and it has been for some time. and florida's last three elections two governors' races and 2012 presidential, the victor only won by 1%. >> reporter: a few areas illustrate why florida is such a battleground better than the central part of the state. retirement communities like the villages which happens to be older, less diverse and a trump stronghold. only 45 miles away you have the polar opposite, orlando. it's much younger, much more ethnically diverse and skews towards hillary clinton. >> hi. this is rebecca calling from the florida democratic party. >> reporter: to find an edge in central florida, home to nearly 40% of the state population, clinton is investing heavily in an expanded ground game. >> operation over several months that just can't be mamped.
10:26 am
the ground game that will make the difference in a state of 1%. >> reporter: the clinton camp is are the coulding more than a million puerto ricans living in florida. about half in the orlando area. >> she is talking to them about the things that matter to them about economic stability, offering jobs. >> reporter: the trump campaign has been slow to build a ground game in florida, but thanks to a major boost from the rnc, officials say they expect to have several dozen offices up and running soon. along with more than 200 people on staff and several thousand volunteers. >> we do have our offices open. there are 60 between the republican national committee, the republican party of florida, the other candidates and us. so plenty of places for volunteers to gather. >> america can be strong. america can stand tall again! >> reporter: while mike pence energized trump's base at the villages on saturday, state officials say their campaign is not focuses on any specific demographic group. their strategy is simply to get their candidates and message in
10:27 am
front of as many floridians as they can. >> but we believe that if you meet him, you support him and you like him. >> reporter: boris sanchez, cnn, orlando. for more on the new poll numbers out in florida, how the race is shaping up, i bring in patrick murray, director of the monmouth university polling institute. patrick, thanks for coming in. so your new poll shows hillary clinton maintaining a five-point lead in florida. how does that shape up with earlier polls? >> our earlier poll in august right after the conventions when she was riding high had her at nine points. less than that. compared to last week, trump up by three points, good news for clinton, obviously. in fact, not a difference in polling methodology. there is something real going on here. >> what's going on? >> because we had polls out last we're that had trump up by eight points in iowa, two points in nevada. a good week last week. i think the big thing here was she was suffering last week from resurgence of doubts about her forthrightness and
10:28 am
trustworthiness because she didn't tell about her pneumonia thing and that brought that up and trump was fairly quiet. then friday trump referrer recollects the birther thing. instead of putting it to rest. polling is showing that the whole birther thing that he raised again actually raises doubts about hi tempterment. i was sitting with you a couple weeks ago, asking what is the big thing to move things in this election? it's the temperament question. when trump talks about the birther movement it raises doubts among college educated white suburban women who are that key group that he needs to get about his temperament. about whether he really is a stable person for the office. >> and before these bombings in new jersey and new york. >> during a couple that happened after. we don't have a good read whether the bombings are going to, what impact they'll v. potentially national security, terrorism could be a big issue
10:29 am
going forward? >> right. i saw polls out indicating clinton has the edge on the terrorism question. before the bombings happened, obviously. i think that she'll continue to have the edge, because the one group that we're looking at who could be moved by that question are the group that are still concerned about the temperament question. not concerned oh i'm afraid we we have to do everything to stop the terrorists. they're the one whose say is rounding them up the right answer? clinton might still have the edge on that question looking forward in this week. >> thanks as usual for coming in's dr. murray from the monmouth uns stushl polling. coming up, did president obama take a stab at donald trump from the floor of the united states? we'll tell you what he just said. and crumbling after an aide convoy is attacked. the spokes department spokesman is standing by at the united nations right now. we'll speak with him live, right after this. tokyo-style ramen noodles.
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. president obama saying farewell to the united nations this morning in his eighth and final address before the united nations general assembly. the president trying to secure his legacy as promoter of peace and security around the world. also provided a very sobering view of global politics that world leaders now have crucial decisions ahead of them. >> i believe that at this moment we all face a choice. we can choose to press forward with a better model of cooperation and integration, or we could retreat into a world sharply divided. and ultimately in conflict,
10:35 am
along age-old lines of nation and tribe and race and religion. >> the state department spokesman john kirby joining us live from the united nations. thanks for joining us. >> reporter: good to be with you, wolf. thank you. >> was this the president's appeal for diplomacy over -- how much was directly aimed at russia and its leader vladimir putin, because at one point the president says the russians are trying to restore lost glory by force? >> reporter: i think the president was making a very strong case for his approach to foreign policy objectors around the world for ent tire time of his presidency and one of the hallmarks of that, engagement. dialogue. it is pushing for diplomatic solutions over military solutions, because you don't want to use the military unless you absolutely have to. that's not always the best way to approach very complicated situations such as facing in the world. the president also has been very
10:36 am
pragmatic about the relationship with russia. where we can agree, he's willing to let us try to work towards agreement. such as in syria. where we're not going to agree. such as ukraine or issues of cyber intrusions. we'll take a hard line and ratchet up the pressure on russia. i don't think it was aimed at any one nation at all. i think it was really a world view of what an engagement and dialogue and stress on diplomacy. >> when it comes to syria, john, a convoy's aid looked like it might finally make its way into aleppo but was attacked and destroyed before it reached the city. has that cease-fire completely collapsed? >> reporter: no, it has not. in a word, no. the members of the international support group met this morning right here in new york city. secretary kerry, foreign minister lavrov right at the head table and all of the members, all 22 agreed that it is fortunate try to get this cease-fire to hold and keep it going. to try to get a cessation of hostilities that's nationwide.
10:37 am
in short, no, it's not. but look, we're also very pragmatic and realistic. it's fragile. yesterday's strike we condemned it very, very openly, very publicly. that kind of thing cannot continue and it is putting even more strain and stress on what is already an extremely delicate situation. >> who the coalition, russian and syrian regime knop coalition aircraft flying strikes in and around aleppo. we know it wasn't the coalition and i'll let the russians and syrians speak for themselves. we know certainly who it wasn't and it wasn't us. >> all right. john keshi cashbkirby thanks fo us. >> reporter: good to be with you. coming up -- >> a u.s. citizen deserves to be
10:38 am
read his miranda rights? >> no. he's a suspected enemy combatant. one, he's not guilty of any crime but there's enough evidence to suggest he may have been involved in international terrorism. >> so do other lawmakers agree? we'll ask two of them, right after the break. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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10:43 am
be held as combatant. not a future domestic criminal trial that may take years to complete. let's discuss that and more with democratic congressman adam schiff of california, ranking member of the house intelligence committee. congressman, do you a agree with senator lindsey graham? >> i do not. >> tell us why. >> when you have a u.s. citizen captured arrested on u.s. soil of a crime they be in short ordord presented to a magistrate. anytime you delay miranda rights, a public safety exception, trying to use that i don't know he's cooperating, but i don't think you can lock him up in a brig the way senator graham seems to be suggesting. >> ever a circumstances where an american citizen should be held as an enemy combatant? >> captured an american citizen on the battlefield in afghanistan or iraq, then there's a much stronger case to
10:44 am
be made that this should be treated as an enemy combatant. somebody hoop clearly aligned wir al qaeda or isis, a foreign enemy in a theater of war seems to me a much more powerful circumstance. >> aun wye awlaki killed in a u.s. drone strike was okay to brand him as an enemy combatant? >> yes. i think particularly in circumstances like that where it's a real danger to try to make an arrest and detain the person, i think the use of lethal force even against an american citizen was warranted. >> what's the latest you can tell us about the investigation into what happened in new york and new jersey? >> we still don't know what took place during the foreign travel. one of the big questions right now. was he radicalized at home or overseas? were there accomplices. striking to me, how many similarities into the boston marathon case. the bombs used, "inspire" magazine, placed devices along the route of a race.
10:45 am
>> seaside park, new jersey, where the marine corps had a 5k race? >> exactly. that he appeared very assimilated at some point became radicalized and also had the foreign travel. also came to the attention of law enforcement as did the boston marathon bomber and if the public reports that are just breaking now are accurate that in this notebook he had he makes reference to the boston marathon bombers, that wouldn't be a surprise at all, given how many similarities there are. >> makes reference to anwar awlaki, clearly watching on social media some of his sermons if you will. it raises the question of copycat terror attacks. is that what i'm hearing from you? >> yes. absolutely. he may have been nome inspired by the radical ideology and what others have done and follow their bruteal example. we're poring through the files and may conclude there as elsewhere there simply wasn't enough to put this person on a
10:46 am
watch list, if the father said something, for example, during a domestic fight or dispute and later recanted it, that's not that much to go on. >> donald trump just said something a few minutes ago. let me play a little clip for you and get your reaction. >> attack after attack from 9/11 to san bernardino to orlando we have seen how failure to screen who is entering the united states puts all of our citizens in great danger. so let me state this very, very clearly. and as you know, at least most of you know, i've been saying this for a long time. this didn't just happen like yesterday. immigration security is national security. >> do you agree with him? >> i don't agree with the trump point of refugees, a danger to the public. murd letters, rapists, would-be
10:47 am
terrorists. this attack eer came at age 9. how do you determine 20 years after they'll about threat? trump went on to say the police know who these people are but they're frozen by political correctness. you think if the police knew this person was going to commit a terrorist attack they would sit on their hands? i think that's nonsense but part of the trump narrative, a clash of civilizations, all muslims treated with grace suspicion, barred from coming into the country. that plays into the isis narrative. >> congressman, thank for coming in. >> thanks. up next, chairman of the homeland security committee standing by to weigh in on the new york and new jersey bombings. there he is. senator ron johnson's wisconsin. we'll discuss with him when we come back. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure.
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before the break i was discussing ahmad khan rahami. i want to bring in senator ron johnson. senator, thanks for joining us. i know you've been briefed,
10:52 am
what's the latest information you're getting. did rahami act alone? >> i don't know. i've sent a letter to jeh johnson, i want to see the alien file, i want to know everything we can about mr. rahami as well as mr. adin in st. cloud, minnesota, as well. wolf, we are not fighting a winning battle here when we are dealing with these inspired lone wolves or potentially directed wolf packs as we experienced in istanb istanbul. we need to defeat isis. president obama set out that goal two years ago. this is the second time i've been one of the u.s. representatives to the u.n. general assembly. last time was september, 2014, after president obama laid out that goal and made as veriful appeal to moderate elements within islam to renounce this
10:53 am
perversion of religion. >> were there signs that were missed as far as rahami was concerned. visited afghanistan, went to pakistan, one time was in quetta for a year, want to karachi, came back to the u.s. were there missed indicators? >> there may be but that is monday morning quarterbacking and second guessing, which is what we will do. we're doing this in these past circumstances. but it's enormously difficult. it's challenging. what do you do with a not guilty yet? this is a land of the rule of law where you are presumed innocent so it's a difficult problem. i'll go back to the root cause of this literally is islamic terror, the greatest destabilizing force today in the world and we are not adequately addressing it as a civilized world and we are not leading as
10:54 am
the world's sole superpower, the one nation that can have the moshl authority to lead on this issue. >> what would you like the president to do in his remaining months? >> in the remaining months i don't expect much out of this president. i was hoping he could set the table for the next president to literally provide the leadership he has not provided by. two years ago in september, 2014, the body count in syria is about 200,000 today two years later it's approaching a half million. we are seeing -- in greater frequency these lone wolf inspired attacks, potentially wolf pack directed attacks in brussels, istanbul, nice, orlando, san bernardino, st. cloud, minnesota, my own state of wisconsin. mohammed hamza, that was a foiled plot with with great work by the fbi but me said he'd be happy if he slaughtered 30 people. so we have to recognize the
10:55 am
threat of islamic terror is real, growing, evolving, metastasizing and we have to defeat it and we have to remain committed to defeating it and we have provided by the leadership to do so. >> do you agree with senator lindsey graham that rahami should be held as an enemy come combatant and denied the regular legal protections? >> i'm not a lawyer and i understand the legal argument there. certainly from my standpoint we have to elevate national security in terms of our priorities. so from my standpoint, lindsey graham is a greater expert at this, he's written the law on some of these things. i'll let lindsey graham make his comments. from my standpoint we have to look at intelligence gathering, we have to elevate national security, homeland security bo other priorities. >> do you think this will be a central issue in the election this year? >> it certainly should be. that together with economic security and they're part and parcel of the same issue. national security, economic
10:56 am
security are inextricably linked. we have to have a strong economy so we can strengthen our military so we can defeat isis so we can secure our border. we must do these things and the debate has devolved into just corollary issues when this is really the central issue of our time. >> senator johnson, thanks very much for joining us. >> have a good day. >> thank you. that's it for me. the news continues right after a quick break. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads to this. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices.
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hi there, i'm brooke baldwin, thanks for being with me on this tuesday. this is cnn. breaking news here. new details in the man accused of planting those bombs in and around new york city and new jersey. he was jailed for stabbing his own relative and the fbi had investigated him on accusations of terrorism, allegedly, by his own father. this as we get a window intohe


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