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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 20, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hi there, i'm brooke baldwin, thanks for being with me on this tuesday. this is cnn. breaking news here. new details in the man accused of planting those bombs in and around new york city and new jersey. he was jailed for stabbing his own relative and the fbi had investigated him on accusations of terrorism, allegedly, by his own father. this as we get a window into the
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mind of ahmad rahami. a source telling cnn the suspected attacker wrote about the boston bombers and an american-born al qaeda mastermind. his terror ramblings found in a notebook after his shootout with police. investigators now believe he was inspired by other terrorists but questions remain about whether he was, in fact, acting alone. another big question here -- why did the bomber's wife up and leave the united states days before these attacks? officials telling cnn this pakistani woman who he married while they were overseas back in 2011, skipped the country three days before the bombs went off. so we have that. pamela brown has been working this for us. she's our cnn justice correspondent. let's begin with this note on the father, the fact he'd been in jail. what more do we know about that? >> right. so we have learned today in speaking to law enforcement officials that the father of ahmad was questioned by the fbi in 2014 after this domestic
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dispute. ahmad had been arrested for stabbing his brother in the leg and unlawful possession of a weapon. he was put in jail and apparently at this time a neighbor heard the father saying his son was a terrorist. the neighbor alerted authorities about this and the fbi interviewed the dad and we're told by officials that during the interview the dad down played concern about his son and the fbi apparently determined that this wasn't anything more than a domestic dispute and ahmad was not placed in any terror watch list. what's interesting is we're told ahmad was never interviewed at this time in 2014. he was in jail, a grand jury decided not to indict. but this apparently happened, brooke, this domestic dispute, shortly after he returned to the united states from pakistan. he spent a year in pakistan, 2013 to 2014. before that he was there in 2011 where he married his wife and so, of course, all of this raises questions. but we're told he went through secondary screening when he
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returned to the u.s. and he didn't raise any red flags. he said he was visiting his family. >> also we know he is still in that hospital in new jersey. he's being treated. we know he faces five counts of attempted murder of police. is he cooperating? >> so at last check -- and, of course, you know how these things go, brooke, it can change any minute -- but at last check initially he was not cooperating, he had not been mirandized as of this morning and so what authorities could do is exercise the national security exception, the public safety exception, which happened in the boston bombing as well with the dzohkhar czar nitsarna the hospital. what's tricky is the medical side of things because he went into surgery after being shot. he could be on medication which is could amounter his mind so there's a lot of factors at play here but authorities hope to learn more about his motivations, they have some clues in that notebook that was on him that they were able to get after he was captured in the shootout where he talked about
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anwar al awlaki, the al qaeda cleric, he talked about the boston bombers but they want to hear more from him and find out, brooke, whether anyone else could have beeninvolved. they're not ruling that possibility out although they're not looking for anyone specifically, as we heard yesterday. >> the beginnings of some of the pieces are starting to come together. pamela brown, thank you for that on the investigation but also just on this 28-year-old, his character, what he was like in high school, the suspect here. he is a naturalized citizen, he was born in afghanistan, came over when he was a little boy and is a naturalized u.s. citizen. he attended high school in elizabeth new jersey. my next guest attended that same high school with ahmad rahami and he joins us now, he's a radio host now with 98.9 the buzz. chris, when is the last time you would have talked to him? >> actually, in high school. the difference in what you just said and what happened was we
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went to edison high school together in edison, new jersey. i was a sophomore and partial junior with him. the last time i remember him was just the casual encounter. it was either in gym class or the cafeteria or shoulders in the hallway, nothing stuck out about ahmad in high school. >> if nothing stuck out, do you remember? i think i read he was a class clown. tell me about what he was like? >> sure, i know that he -- i remember he dressed well, designer clothes and stuff like that, he wasn't the center of attention to where he was, the captain of the football team or the prom king but when he spoke to him and when he did respond if you were outside of a group of friends it was funny. he didn't talk much but when he did it was something clever to say, whether we're talking about sports or the music at the time.
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it's a weird thing to happen. >> it's interesting you note his dress, was he a jeans and t-shirt kid in high school? >> he -- more of like athletic wear, air jordans, nike air force ones. he would wear the designer -- i didn't think of the actual phrase, but the swishy pants of the adidas snapoff, stuff like that. a little bit of jewelry and stuff but nothing too flashy or out of the ordinary as far as a high school kid in the '90s. >> did he have girl friends? >> the only girlfriend that i recall is the girlfriend that everybody has been speaking out, maria, and only because the relationship wasn't prominent in the gossip of high school, it wasn't announced or anything like that but she did become pregnant before high school ended. >> there was a graph on a piece
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in the "new york times" this morning talking about how the father was very upset with him for having this girlfriend and, you know, the fact that she got pregnant, though i would imagine -- did you ever meet the father? would you have known anything about him? >> i don't recall meeting the father. when he worked at the grocery store in edison new jersey, i would see him behind the counter and give a nod, knowing we're both classmates but other than that outside of school not very much. >> chris, was he religious? would he talk about islam? >> he would not, no. he was, like i said, sports, music. he did his work, he wasn't an above-the-top student but he didn't fail out of english. somewhere in the middle of cl s class. >> what about post-graduation? >> the only rumor that came up was that he had to go back to
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afghanistan if i flipped through a yearbook, that's what stuck out. we had to go back to afghanistan. and the details beyond that i'm unsure. >> and the note that i read about ten year high school reunion and invitation being extended or someone was searching for him, tell me about that. >> a friend of mine, who i spoke to immediately after seeing his picture on the news, she brought up the details of the fact that when the high school reunion invocati invitation came out she was going through the list of people and she was home and going on facebook to see what these people were up to, landed on ahmad and at the time he didn't have a facebook or at least a discoverable facebook account that existed and then, before all this happened, she thought who doesn't have a facebook? but now maybe it makes sense. >> chris konya, thank you so much for a little bit more of the bits and pieces of who is this person.
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thank you so much. i want to bring in harry houck and james gag llliano, fbi spec assistant to the assistant director in charge. nice to see both of you. did anything strike as he was describing high school, character, dressed well, anything? >> we're hearing a lot of this. apparently he was a normal kid in school, basically and somehow apparently those trips that he made to afghanistan and pakistan -- >> changed him. >> definitely changed him to the point where he came back and committed this type of attack. i'm sure you see this stuff all the time working with the fbi. how do we get to the point where we'll be able to identify them when they come back that they're radical? i know the father called the police about him but that was a domestic dispute. what is the fbi going to do there. >> that's my follow-up and let me ask you that from an fbi perspective. pamela reported it. he's in jail doer, domestic dis
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stabs a relative and also some issue with an unlawful weapons possession charge but beyond that the fbi didn't question him, father calls him a terrorist at one point, allegedly, but, i mean -- what is the proper role of the fbi here? >> you have to understand that law enforcement works in concert with each other now much better post-9/11. so you've got a 36,000 member police force, the fbi has 1200 agents in new york city, a number of federal and state police departments and law enforcement agencies working together. this is a complex puzzle. i heard the police say that sometimes the investigation doesn't begin until after the first arrest. now you'll piece together the pieces of the puzzle. he travelled in an area in pakistan that is rife with taliban. yes he's been to afghanistan. those in and of himself -- >> aren't incriminating. >> absolutely. you can't go to somebody and say "now we'll detain you because of
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those things." you put those investigative clues together, they paint a picture and you look at that and that brings you to the gentleman. >> but the word i keep reading from law enforcement is "ghost." he's a ghost. >> right. >> even the high school friend saying no facebook. he has virtually no trace online. >> and the way the high school compadre of his described his dress, the way he appeared to be assimilated, that makes it everybody more difficult. >> we're also getting new details from the "new york times" on the devices themselves. apparently most are all used the old school flip phones. christmas tree style lights used as initiators and then this substance, hmtd, the explosive compound served as detonators. that was the same thing used in the '05 london bombings.
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>> what do you make of that? >> every bomb maker has their own specific signature. the type of bombs that we're hearing of the 10, the two that detonated and the eight that didn't, these were rudimentary devices. the pressure cooker pipe bombs, not sophisticated devices. the treasure trove is the fact that we have some unexploded. they can build out where the parts came from and what style he used. >> i think it's strange he used pipe bombs in new jersey. >> right. >> and pressure cookers in new york. that seems a little strange to me. >> not being consistent. >> not being consistent. and i'm really concerned about his actions. when did he come down to jersey and place that bomb? >> how did he get there. >> how did he get there? was there anybody with him? did he make stops? did he rent a car? did he take a train? i mean -- >> what could the wife have potentially known. >> yeah, the wife, you know
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she's -- not only that, what about that car stop by the feds on sunday night at 9:30. >> nearby the verrazano bridge. >> it looks like they were heading towards the airport. we didn't know who he was until the next morning when the alert came up. even on my cell phone that alert came up. >> same. >> but they were headed 9:35 towards the airport. now -- and the fbi was on them, apparently, so they had stopped them. so how could they have known their brother was involved in something if the word hadn't gone out until the next morning. unless the fbi contacted somebody and there was a phone call placed for them to get out of dodge. and i'm sure when the fbi stopped them they interviewed them and released them but apparently their stories jibe sod that's why they were released? >> harry and james, thank you so much for now. new backlash also against one of donald trump's own sons for comparing syrian refugees to candy. skittles to be specific.
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a reality check on that next. plus, wrap your head around this. a kennedy is now saying president george h.w. bush, a former republican president, father of a former republican president, will vote for hillary clinton. and they're perhaps the most famous couple in the world, but the news today angelina jolie filing from divorce from brad pitt. what do we know? how about the why? we have that ahead. you know your heart loves megared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers the omega-3 power of two regular fish oil pills... so give your body mega support with megared advanced 4in1.
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that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. welcome back. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. donald trump, jr., facing more backlash after an analogy regarding syrian refugees and the candy skittles. he retweeted this photo of the rainbow-colored candy and then you had the caption. "if i had a bowl of skittles and i told you just fly would kill you, would you take a handful?" he says that is our syrian refugee problem. this image says it all. let's end the politically correct agenda that doesn't put america first. lots and lots of uproar over this, including even from
11:19 am
skittles' parent company, the mars corporation, this is the tweet from mars. "skittles are candy, refugees are people, it is an inappropriate analogy. we respectfully refrain from further comment as that could be misinterpreted as marketing." joining me now, phillip blum with the "washington post." he reality checked trump jr.'s tweet and is here to explain why this is so wrong. so it's interesting how you took the tack of doing the math and the skittles and how it's just wrong versus so many taking them to task over candy and human beings. can you explain? you used this number, the kato institute number, an risk to american being killed by a refugee in a terror attack, one in 3.64 billion. >> the whole thing here is scale. if i handed you a package of a carton of 12 eggs and said eight are poison, you wouldn't eat the eggs. but if you had 10 trillion eggs you'd be less concerned about
11:20 am
it. so the scale matters so i took that number from the cato institute, a libertarian organization, backed by the koch brothers, this is not a liberal organization, and they estimated 1 in 6 billion. so that's over 10 billion skittles that you would need in order to have this be a fair analogy. that's enough skittles -- i did the math -- to fill one and a half olympic sized swimming pools. so if you imagine from the rio olympics, that pool filled with skittles and three of them are poison. so you could eat handfuls of skittles for hundreds of years, literally hundreds of years and you'd never come across a poison one. that's the real scale of the issue here and that's why trump's tweet was so misleading. >> so he's wrong. >> yes. >> he's wrong. >> yes. >> when we talk about don jr. we were talking about what he said about the gatt chamber, we were talking recently -- he gave an interview in a pennsylvania paper talking about why his dad isn't releasing his tax returns and now you have to skit l
11:21 am
analogy to human beings. do you think perhaps he is not the best surrogate for his dad? >> i mean, it's -- in a normal situation i'd say yes, this probably isn't a good surrogate but it's very on brand for trump to say things that are a little controversial and not necessarily back down from stuff. i think the trump children have proven to be good surrogates in part because donald trump doesn't really have connections in the world in the way elected officials would who have been working with folks. we saw that at the convention. the trump kids were important surrogates so i think trump sees the value in having someone out there advocating for him. i think they're not too worried because they will say the broader point is they are concerned about syrian immigration. >> we are six days, philip blum, from this first presidential debate in new york at hofstra and i'm talking to jeff zeleny about his intel he's getting on hick preparing. donald trump we know has said in the past he doesn't want to do mock debate,oesn't want to appear scripted, wants to be authentic. do we know more about what he's
11:22 am
up to? >> i think they're playing their cards close to their chest. we know he sat down with a variety of folks to get input on what he should do. i think donald trump feels as though the way he handled the debates in the republican primary was effective, that he was himself, that he didn't get too mired in policy details. the campaign runs the risk of misunderstanding, this is a very different type of debate, one on one which he never faced in the republican primary, it's an extented period of time and there will be policy questions coming from the moderators which i don't know he is used to handling. whether he can handle is a different issue. i'm sure they're getting him prepped on the basics but it's risky to take the republican primary attitude and apply it to these debates. >> thank you so much phillip blum, "washington post." appreciate it. new information back to what happened over the weekend, new york/new jersey, the bombing suspect's travels overseas including pakistan and afghanistan. cnn is live in kabul with new information about where he went and who he met. also ahead, huge news out of hollywood today, angelina jolie
11:23 am
filing for divorce from brad pitt. he has responded. hear what has happened. "extra" host mario lopez joins me next.
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there is a major hollywood breakup blowing up social media. brangelina, yup, that's who we're talking about, oscar-award winning actress angelina jolie and her long time beau oscar winning actor brad pitt are calling it quits. jolie filed for divorce in los angeles. the reason? court papers cite irreconcilable
11:28 am
differences. the couple first made headlines on the set of "mr. and mrs. smith" back in 2003. after a nine-year courtship they secretly married in 2014 in a private ceremony inside their french chateaux. they have six children. jolie wants physical custody with pitt allowed visitation. cnn reached out to pitt's camp and we got this statement. "i am very saddened by this but what matters most now is the well-being of our kids." joining me from los angeles on the set of celebrity show "extra" host and entertainment correspondent mario lopez. mario lopez, nice to have you on. this is huge news where you are i know and beyond. at happened? >> huge news because this is probably the biggest celebrity couple and highest profile split so clearly it will get a lot of attention and, by the way, one of the nicest couples. i've had the opportunity to interview kboet of them together
11:29 am
and separately, nice and happy. is like you mentioned they had six kids and there had been rumblings for the last few months and all the magazines were speculating there was problems and trouble and clearly it ended up being the case. angelina is the one who filed and pit, like you mentioned, said that the well-being of the kids is the number one priority and is asking the press to give them space during the challenging time and they're citing irreconcilable differences and parenting styles being an issue. custody issue, where are the kids and how will the arrangement work? well, angelina wants full cut di and she asked for physical custody and shared visitation rights so pitt is granted visitation rights and they're trying to work that out how long it could drag out? i don't think anyone wants to see it get ugly.
11:30 am
laura waszer is representing angelina, a high-profile attorney specializing in celebrity divorce cases. she handled a number of high-profile clients with big net worth discussions including heidi klum, kim kardashian, ryan reynolds, mariah carey, stevie wonder, the list goes on and on. so it's sad to see because, again, there's children involved, that i've got six, three biological of their own, three they adopted. there was talk they might even adopt more and we'll see how it plays out. >> see them, photos from around the world. i want to play a clip, mario. this is brad and angelina on "extra" this is 2014 when they're talking about marriage. >> is it still weird to you to hear "wife"? there's your wife? >> no, actually, you know, it's something we thought we'd do for the kids and the family but i certainly walked away with a --
11:31 am
it means something, it's not just a piece of paper. i thought we were as deep as you can get with six kids and it upped the ante. >> what is it that makes your relationship with the man in your life so special after almost 10 years? >> he's my family. he's not just a lover and a partner, which he is wonderfully. but he's my family now. we have history and we -- we work hard to make -- to make it great. we don't relax about it and take each other for granted. so like everybody we -- you know, we somewhere our challenges but we're fighting to make it great. >> mario, a lot of people today, we all remember when he was once married to jennifer aniston. remind us how brad and angelina jolie first got together. >> well, they were working on the film "mr. and mrs. smith" and at the time brad was still married to jennifer aniston and
11:32 am
that was sort of the genesis of when they initially worked together, got together and the rest is history, as they say. they've been together since 2004 and jennifer now happily married in her own right. of course the internet being the internet there's memes all over the place right now with jennifer aniston and i'm sure it will be dominating the headlines and the online community for days to come. >> i'm sure it will, i wish them peace, hopefully they can do this amicable. >> hopefully. >> mario lopez, let's keep our fingers crossed. thank you so much from "extra." mario lopez, thank you. coming up next, is he wither? is former president george h.w. bush who lost his reelection bid to bill clinton in '92 crossing party lines to vote for hillary clinton? that story leaked by a member of the kennedy family, this is the latest twist in this crazy
11:33 am
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when it comes to american political dynasties, they are the two biggest names around and
11:38 am
now it looks like they are joining forces and even in this crazy election season this alliance is turning heads. former republican president george h.w. bush is going to vote for democratic nominee hillary clinton, that is what the niece of john f. kennedy and daughter of robert kennedy posted on facebook. kathleen kennedy townsend wrote "the president told me he's voting for hillary." exclamation mark, exclamation mark. kathleen kennedy townsend served as maryland's lieutenant governor for eight years. is it true? we know who has the skup. jamie gengel and dana bash. jamie gengel, i know you have the scoop. is he voting for her? >> so, we have election day. did he say he's voting for her? yes. we can confirm he said -- it was a group of about 40 people. it was a bipartisan group but it was a private meeting.
11:39 am
these were people from both parties who are members of the board of the points of light foundation -- republicans and democrats. he did say it but he thought he was speaking to -- he thought he was speaking freque ining priva. he never expected it to come out. she has not apologized. she has confirmed it. she has just taken the post down off of facebook. >> after everyone and their mother has seen it. >> so it's up there already and i think the latest news is, look, this is an advisory board. it comes together once a year, i don't think you will see her on this board next year. both the republicans and democrats on the board were, to put it nicely, disappointed. as someone else said to me "furious" that she had done this. they just felt this was a private situation. >> did you have official statements? >> i do. so from bush spokesman jim
11:40 am
mcgrath, what he says for the record, he will not confirm but he will not deny. "the vote president bush will cast as a private citizen in some 50 days will be just that -- private. he's not commenting in the interim." but we have been able to confirm he did say it. >> i want to come back on barbara bush but dana let me fifth to you. how big of a deal is this? >> it's a huge deal in -- kind of in a vacuum that a former republican president and vice president, two-term vice president ha has the legacy and name that is the republican party right now is not voting for the republican nominee for president but i said that's true in a vacuum and in theory because it is george h.w. bush and you're talking about donald trump it's not surprising. jamie i'm sure has heard this.
11:41 am
i have also heard quietly that people who know him did not expect him to ultimately vote for donald trump. voting for hillary is a different thing but -- and it's not just about him feeling upset about the fact that jeb bush ran and was defeated and did not get the nomination, it's that donald trump could not be more different from the blue blooded old school sort of connecticut raised guy that is george h.w. bush. he is kind of the quintessential old school northeast republican who is quiet, who doesn't like to flaunt things. personality wise, never mind policy wise they couldn't be more different and he agrees with his son which is what his son has said many times that he doesn't think trump is fit for the presidency. i don't know that for sure but
11:42 am
it's hard to imagine he disagrees with jeb bush on that point. >> this is bush 41. i want to bring jamie back in because you also have his wife barbara bush. you asked him -- you asked her about donald trump the last time, here is what she told her. >> he doesn't give many answers as to how he would solve problems. he makes faces and says insulting things. he's said terrible things about women. terrible things about military. i don't understand why people are for him for that reason. i'm a woman. i'm not crazy about what he says about women. is. >> what do you think about donald trump? >> i'm sick of him. >> wow, that was in february. >> that was the last time she spoke on the record about this. she did not at this meeting come out and say she's voting for
11:43 am
hillary but i think she speaks for -- you know, you can hear what she has to say and just to go back to something dana said, the word "genteel" is often used about bush 41. he's a gentleman and so i think he wanted to keep this private and as dana said, he's the opposite of trump in his very demeanor going around. just on bush 43, we reached out to him. he has no comment about this, surprise surprise. that said, he wanted to say that he was working very hard to reelect republicans in congress st. he's been doing a lot of fund-raisers for it. there is a photo i want to show you going all around social media. this is from nancy reagan's funeral. and it is bush 43 giving hillary a hug.
11:44 am
on the other hand -- on the one hand i would not think anything of that but they do have a nice relationship on the other hand. >> jamie gengel. thank you. >> can i say one thing? the other thing we should mention, even though bill clinton defeated george h.w. bush, subsequently the bushes and the clintons have become quite close, doing a lot of work together, even giving speeches on the road together so george h.w. bush knows the clintons and knows hillary clinton and so it would be an informed opinion, an informed vote if he does go ahead and vote for hillary clinton. >> apparently he's with her. dana bash, jamie gengel, thank you very much. coming up, should the new york bombing suspect be tried as a criminal defendant or enemy combatant? we'll hear what's happening
11:45 am
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this 28-year-old suspect in the new york/new jersey bombings has been in custody for more than 24 hours but he remains in legal limbo. ahmad khan rahami is charged with five counts of assault on a police officer. but sources tell us he has not yet been read his miranda rights. you now have republican senator lindsey graham weighing in calling for rahami to be treated as an enemy combatant, placed into indefinite military custody. so i've got jeff toobin standing by. he's our senior legal analyst and former federal prosecutor. on the miranda right note, how long do they have before they read him his rights? >> there's no set time limit and it's important to remember. there's nothing magical about miranda warnings. they can question him without miranda. the only issue is that they
11:50 am
can't at some point use the testimony -- use the statements against him. but what they're looking for now is not so much incrimination of rahami, they're looking are there any other bombs out there, are there any other people out there who they need to arrest? those subjects they can continue to question without miranda and use that regardless of miranda warnings. miranda warnings only relate to whether the statements can be used against him later in a criminal trial. >> i remember when we had similar conversations about the younger of the two boston bombers and there were calls for him to be declared an enemy combatant versus a criminal defendant and ultimately the president and the administration said no. what's the difference? >> there's a big difference.
11:51 am
the process is -- it's the people being held until guantanamo bay some are being tried under enemy combatant rules. the trials haven't proceeded. the obama administration said all accused terrorists, particularly those arrested within the united states, should be treated within the american criminal justice system and those cases have moved ahead very effectively. the -- all of the would be terrorists or accused terrorists have gone to trial, been convicted, sentenced well before even the military combatants trials have gotten under way. so the obama administration is very wedded to the idea of trying these people within the criminal justice system and so far it's worked? >> jeffrey toobin, thank you so much.
11:52 am
>> okay, brooke b. >> up next, he was standing near his car that had broken down. hands high in the air. why did a police officer shoot and kill this unarmed black man? lots and lots of outrage and police explaining why. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war.
11:53 am
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more outrage across the country after another unarmed black man is killed by a police officer. we'll show you video. a fair warning, the dash cam video you're about to see is graphic. >> which way are they facing? >> they're facing westbound. just been tasered. >> shots fired. >> 321 we have shots fired, one suspect down. >> 40-year-old terence crutcher was the man in the video, his suv was stuck in the middle of
11:57 am
the road after it had broken down. police received two 911 calls about his car blocking the road. but when authorities arrived, police say crutcher would not comply with demands and walked back towards his car and reached inside. but there's another piece to the story. the officers in the police helicopter hovering high above the scene, they are also being scrutinized here because of their comments just before the shooting. listen to this. >> he's got his hands up there for now. >> i'm going to hit the recorder. this guy is still walking. isn't following commands. >> time for a taser, i think. >> i got a feeling that's about to happen. >> that looks like a bad dude, too. has to be on something. >> investigators later learned crutcher was not armed, he did
11:58 am
not have a weapon on him or in his car. ana cabrera is on this for us in tulsa, oklahoma. i know so many people reading about that are saying how could this happen again? as far as the investigation goes, where does it stand right now? >> right now, brooke, there are two separate investigations. the local investigation into whether there was criminal wrongdoing in shooting and killing terence crutcher, there's also a department of justice investigation into whether there were civil rights violated in this case. the doj opening their investigation after seeing the video we have just shown all of you. that video will be a crucial part in this investigation. the police chief acknowledging that the video is disturbing and saying they're releasing this right now in an effort to be transparent as they conduct their investigation. but they aren't saying much more than that. on the other hand, the officers' attorney says there's a lot more to this story than what you see in the video. officer shelby is her name, is the first officer who comes upon the vehicle that is terence
11:59 am
crutcher's, but she was responding to a different call at the time. she encounters crutcher in the middle of the road, she sees his video a ways up the street -- the vehicle, he's not in the vehicle at the time. this is before we see the police video and we're told by the attorney that there was a lengthy interaction between the two in which the officer is trying to get more information, wants to help crutcher, according to her attorney, and is asking him questions, he's not responding. he puts his hands into his pockets multiple times, she continues to ask him to take his hands out and then you see in the video where he's raising his hands walking back towards his car and the attorney tells us while he's walking officer betty shelby is asking him multiple times to stop, to not go any further. he says that he reached into the vehicle right before the shots were fired and that she fired the shots at crutcher because she was worried that he may have had a gun in the vehicle. that's the officer's side of the
12:00 pm
story and, of course, her interview with police and investigators will be also a big piece of this story moving forward. the family wants to see charges filed immediately against the officer. back to you, brooke. >> we'll stay on it. ana cabrera live in tulsa, thank you so much. we continue on top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. breaking news in the man suspected of planting the bombs in four different locations over new york and new jersey over the weekend. we now know 28-year-old ahmad rahami was once jailed for stabbing his own relative and that the fbi investigated him on accusations his own father had called him a terrorist. we're getting a window into the mind of this accused bomber, a source telling cnn the suspected attacker wrote about the boston bombers and an american born al qaeda mastermind. his terror ramblings found in a notebook on him after his shootout with


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