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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  September 20, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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that does it for us. thanks for watching. cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. donald trump on the defensive tonight with just six days to go until he faces hillary clinton on the debate stage for the first time. this is cnn tonight, i'm don lemon. reports trump's charity foundation paid out over a quarter of a million dollars, to settle lawsuits against his businesses, essentially using other peoples' money to settle when trump's businesses were sued according to the "washington post" and meanwhile, the trump campaign is defending a tweet from the candidate's son comparing syrian refugees to skittles, and former george h.w. bush saying he will vote for
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hillary clinton. not his own party's candidate. that's as clinton herself holed up in her home in chappaqua comparing for a debate she calls a contact sport, and the alleged bomber who injured 31 people in a blast in new york city. new charges filed amid whether the fbi missed questions from the suspect's father. jim acosta, you are following in the battleground state of north carolina where the candidates are deadlocked in a new poll. clinton's up by one point, within the margin of error, trump on the offensive tonight, what is he saying? >> he is seizing on this terror attack that happened in new york over the weekend, don, and making the case that his policies on immigration and terrorism taking the fight to isis, are what's needed right now and that hillary clinton has simply been soft on what he calls radical islamic terrorism,
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and at the very end of his speech, he veered off message and went after i guess hillary clinton and the obama administration on what is happening in the african-american community. listen to what donald trump had to say about this earlier tonight. >> our african-american communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they've ever been in before ever, ever, ever. you take a look at the inner cities you get no education, you get no jobs, you get shot walking down the street. they're worse. i mean, honestly, places like afghanistan are safer than some of our inner cities. it's resinating because you see what's happening with my poll numbers with african-americans. they're going, like, high.
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>> and of course, don, you know, i think a fact-checker out there might be snapping his pencil out there, one or two of them that. is not a fact check false that is a fact check ridiculous. obviously the african american community has had periods of time in this country's history it was much worse than where it is right now. the civil rights era, jim crow era, slavery and so forth, so that just -- that kind of comment just falls under the category of hyperbole. donald trump is feeling very confident, less than one week before the first debate of hillary clinton. consider this tweet that he put out, he says hillary clinton is taking the day off again. she needs the rest. sleep well, hillary, see you at the debate. don he's sounding like a trash-talking prize fighter heading into a heavy-weight bout. the question is can he take a punch from hillary clinton? >> come talk to me donald trump.
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help me help you when it comes to african americans. let's talk about this. it makes no sense what you're saying, trump. come talk to me. we'll have a discussion and we'll sit down and we'll have a beer or something. there's also a report -- i'll get off my high horse. it's just insulting. donald trump spent more than a quarter million dollars to settle legal issues dealing with his businesses. what do you know about that? >> that's right. and we should give credit to our friends at the "washington post," david farrenhold who uncovered this, found that $258,000 from the trump foundation was used to settle these lawsuits donald trump was facing. one of them had do with legal fines that were racked up in florida over the placement of a flagpole at his resort, mar-a-lago. kellyanne conway said some of that money was used to help charity groups, instead of settling out of court or
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settling in court with some of these jurisdictions where he was facing these lawsuits, he paid charity money to charity organizations they helped charities. so she's saying that that did not help his business, this is not a violation of u.s. tax laws, but there are a lot of tax experts who say this is clearly in violation of u.s. tax laws. >> and lots of backlash against donald trump's junior's skittles tweet. the one that compares candidate candy to syrian refugees. what's the campaign saying about that? >> right. the campaign put out a statement earlier this evening, don, saying that don trump jr. is a tremendous asset to its campaign, and in their view, don trump junior is speaking the truth when it comes to -- and they use these words speaking the truth -- when it comes to the issue of syrian refugees but a lot of people disagree.
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john favro, the speech writer for president obama put out a tweet saying is this also a skittle and it was a picture of that young syrian boy who was blood-covered, that a lot of people held up, that image went viral of the plight of these refugees and the trump campaign is not completely embracing the skittles tweet that don trump junior put out there, but what is at the heart of that message and donald trump was not backing away from this at that rally this evening that they believe extreme vetting is needed for countries where terrorism is a big problem to keep those kinds of immigrants out of this country and they're not backing off that one bit, don. >> interesting. i've not seen a kid comparing it as good either. two wrongs don't make a right. thank you very much, i appreciate that. i want to turn to cnn's jamie gangel and mark preston. >> how are you, don? >> is this happening?
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it's such a crazy campaign. 49 days to go? 49 days to go. there's new poll out, in north carolina, a tight race. we also have new poll numbers in florida. is it good news for hillary clinton? >> it shows this is such a volatile verse right now and we've seen just in the past couple weeks the polls slide back towards donald trump, showing this is going to be a very competitive race going into november. look, at this point, i don't think that we can look at any one incident in isolation. the skittles instance, we can't look in isolation, but as we get closer and as we move to this debate, this very-important debate next monday is really going to be a -- a telling point for how the campaign is going to move forward. if somebody comes out of that debate, don, very, very strong, you're going to see whoever comes out of it very, very weak, really going on the offensive and we've seen it being a dirty campaign now, let's just talk about it on tuesday morning after that debate. >> it's interesting. let's put the numbers up and look at the florida poll
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numbers, johnson at 6%, and stein at 1%. >> trump needs to win florida, let's be clear about that. he has to win florida. >> 54% of florida believes the birther turnabout was made for political reasons that poll shows that, as well. >> no doubt about it. his campaign was built upon that. he dugout the foundation of his campaign several years beforehand and he really propagated this idea that barack obama wasn't born here, and he closed the door on it for political reasons. >> it doesn't close the door for something that he touted and pushed for five years. >> he chose to say you know it was over. >> and for establishing republicans, especially republicans like george h.w. bush. they cannot come to terms with a donald trump presidency, and george h.w. bush is voting for?
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>> hillary clinton. we've seen a lot of defections among the republicans including people very close to former president bush 41, the father, brent scowcroft, other members of the administration. what happened was a little complicated. there was a meeting up in kennebunkport of the points of light foundation, which is boin, and bipartisan, and rfk's daughter is on the advisory board and in what everybody thought was a private meeting, they -- he did not make an announcement by the way. there was reception line and she went to say hello, had her picture taken and i guess she asked who are you voting for and he said, hillary clinton. and she went and posted it on facebook. >> not happy about it. >> and to say that board members, republicans and
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democrats were disappointed would be the polite word, furious. this board meets once year. i don't think she's going to be on it next year. look, this is important. even though they have publicly -- they're not going on the record either confirming or denying. they're saying his vote is private. my sources have told me it is absolutely true that he said it, that he is planning to vote for hillary clinton. >> and the other thing is true i've been told this isn't the first time. people who know him well, he's told this before, but they certainly did not expect it to come out the way it did. >> do you think there's possibility as it gets closer he will come out and say something, at least a statement? >> i think -- is it possible, yes. i think today they think
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today he's now on the record. everybody knows. they're not denying it. >> his campaign manager was on the air talking about, this let's listen to it to, to erin burnett. >> i respect the 92-year-old president and his decision and americans are very grateful total bush family for their public service, that's his right. little ironic he would vote for the wife of the man who knocked him out of the office, and defeated george h.w. bush. jeb bush really failed all expectations, that he would be the quote electable, the predominant person on the stage. he lasted through south carolina, got out of the rase before march first, so i know there are a lot of hurt feelings there. >> isn't she making the case for him? >> nobody wants to see their child hurt and it was a -- >> did he say anything about that? >> no, of course not.
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if you say donald trump and bush 41, could you pick more two polar opposite personalities? genteel, civil, that's a gentleman. that's bush 41. i did think this was very interesting because we reached out to the trump campaign very early today, all day long, they did not comment. someone was sitting on donald trump. they did not want him commenting about it. but, when kellyanne came out, very soft demeanor, different style, although she did say a couple things. she said 92 years old, you know -- >> former president. >> exactly. it was just a softer -- softer take. >> might this help donald trump considering, you know, the -- people are bucking the establishment right now? could this help him? >> look, if you're supporting donald trump because you're bucking the establishment, you're already in that corner. i think people look at george h.w. bush as a president who did a good job, who served his country and they have a lot of respect for him.
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if it was george w. bush who has been quite a gentleman in his post presidency, that wouldn't be as effective because there still is a lot of rough feelings over the iraq war, no question about that. but the fact george h.w. bush, the father, didn't say anything today, speaks volumes about where he's at, and as jamie has reported out, there are a lot his advisors already backing hillary clinton. >> yeah, it would be interesting if you had someone like a carter or clinton, if she wasn't the husband or the wife -- saying i can't vote for this woman, it would be a really interesting time. think if the situation were reversed how we could be covering it. okay. always a pleasure. >> so happy to see you. >> thank you both. other republicans join the former president in voting for hillary clinton.
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good things come together to make one great thing. great grains. why be good when you can be great? the countdown is on, six days until the first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump and clinton getting a big boost, sources saying that former president, george h.w. bush plans to vote for her. we just discussed that so let's talk about it with the former trump campaign manager, corey lewandowski, still receiving sef severance from the trump campaign, and is a cnn commentator. and contributor to the atlantic, this is going to be the most-watched thing on television. >> a hundred million people. >> or more. so we just discussed george hw bush is going to vote for hillary clinton. he's the guy that made george h.w. bush clinton -- her husband -- let me get this out -- made him a one-term president. what do you think of this?
11:19 pm
>> look, i think a lot of people in this country respect former president bush for what he's accomplished. his military career, his service to the country. no one questions that. i do think that you have to remember that donald trump took his son, jeb, labeled him as low energy and what we saw this weekend was jeb as a limousine driver on the emmys, that's as much excitement as he's going to have left and he was going to be the next great bush family tradition and also you have to remember how close the push and the clinton family became when they left office. it's been no secret that bill clinton and president bush, former president bush have had a good relationship. i'm not surprised at all. this is more about the establishment, keeping the power within the establishment. >> i asked mark preston about that and also jamie and jamie said this is more than what happened in the primaries, just temperament. this is a very classy guy who sees someone who is not see classy and not fit to be
11:20 pm
president of the united states. >> do you know what i think it is? it's the washington, elite that want to make sure the washington elite continue the power they have. >> he was the president of the united states, he was director of the cia, member of congress. his father was a u.s. senator from connecticut. this is a washington elite who wants to make sure the washington elites stay in power and for 30 years nothing has changed and donald trump will bring fundamental change. >> do you think this opens the door for more on-the-fence republicans? >> a lot of reagan administrations have come forward. i don't think this is going to be a decisive turn, but why would george h.w. bush endorse donald trump? they have nothing in common. he tried to get into service in world war ii. donald trump evaded service in vietnam. george bush was a highly experienced candidate, and representative for the u.n., cia. donald trump has no experience. george w. bush is a guy who built an international coalition for the gulf war --
11:21 pm
>> this doesn't surprise you? >> not at all. >> not news to you? >> the two are oil and water. president obama made an indirect jab at donald trump today in his final address to the united nations, let's listen to this. >> today a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself. so the answer cannot be a simple rejection of global integration. instead, we must work together to make sure the benefits of such integration are broadly shared. and that disruptions, economic, political, and cultural, that are caused by integration are squarely addressed. >> what's your reaction, corey? >> i think the president had a chance to talk about the concerns that the people of the city had. instead he used his u.n. speech
11:22 pm
to push climate change. and that's a failure of the administration. he goes to the u.n. and talks about the most prevalent problem which is climate change three days after a potential terror attack in the city that he's speaking? i think the president is out of touch with what's going on here. >> go ahead. >> i live in new york city. did you remember the hurricane studies show much of the city could be under water? >> three days ago a bomb went off, and the president could talk about that, but instead he talked about climate change. >> he's not a threat to live in new york city. >> he decided to -- on saturday night -- you compare that to the fact lower manhattan could be under water. they're not even close. >> i'd rather be under water than be hit by a terrorist.
11:23 pm
>> people are not in new york city every day. that's not an existential threat. >> if he was giving a political speech, i'm sure he would have been criticized especially about the presidential campaign and although it is a huge problem, a terrorist threat falls way down on the list of it happening. you have a better chance of being struck by lightning twice. your television falling on you and killing you. most people in america don't die from terrorist attacks. >> i understand but keeping our people safe is the most-important job the president has and addressing the concerns of terrorism. >> that was only one thing he discussed. >> understanding this threat has been more real and we've seen more home-grown terrorist attacks, he could have addressed and spent more time on it. >> the difference is the president is not one of these people like your former boss,
11:24 pm
donald trump, who massively backs the terrorist threat. a studies show the chances of being killed in a terrorist attack are infinitely small. we've already seen a major stay almost wiped out by a climate change event and that's what the president should be talking about. the tragedy is that donald trump doesn't even accept the reality it exists as a problem. >> i'm not -- >> more people drown in new york than get killed by terrorist attack. >> not by the east river, where people can't talk anymore. the people who walking down the street in chelsea on saturday. >> the speech was about a lot more than just climate change. it was one of the things that he discussed. the president spoke about more than just that. we'll continue our discussion when we come right back.
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we'd like to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. we'll go to north carolina where protests continue at this hour. in fact, they've moved onto the i-85 interstate. they stopped traffic and started a fire in the middle of the interstate highway. we're also being told that a number of a tractor trailers have been stopped along with the rest of the cars. the tractor trailers have been looted by some of the protesters. also word that apparently police have been pelted with rocks and other projectiles as well. as you can see from the shots, there's a long line of traffic there'v there even though it's just after 2:30 in the morning. a small group of protesters have
11:32 pm
taken their demonstration onto the highway. this started about three hours ago. protesters gathering after police and shot and killed a black man. his name was scott, he was shot in a parking lot near an apartment complex. that's where it began. protesters arrived carrying signs saying black lives matter, no justice no peace. police say he was armed. they were trying to serve a warrant. it appeared the man was the wrong man, and that sparked a demonstration. it started about three or four hours ago, and now they've gone to the interstate. you can see them throwing the cardboard boxes onto the fire. it's stopped traffic for miles, it seems. as police say they have, in fact, been pelted with rocks and other projectiles. protesters say they're demanding
11:33 pm
answers as to why scott was shot and killed. >> as far as my child, my nephews, i am concerned. i'm worried about them. >> this is my brothers. >> something has to be done. whether it's our city leaders, whether it's our state leaders, these presidential candidates coming onto the scene, something has to be done. there was a terrorist, new jersey, new york, he was taken alive. they said they wanted to question him. so because of you wanting to question him, does his life mean more than our black men across the nation? it doesn't make any sense. >> the protests continuing at this late hour. even though the mayor of charlotte has been calling for calm, he's also called for an investigation into the shooting of scott who was a black man, and as you can see, that is what sparked these protests just a few hours ago. again, this is the i-85
11:34 pm
interstate highway. it seems dozens from the shot there, of protesters have moved onto that highway, stopping traffic and in other parts of the highway they've been looting the tractor trailers. we'll continue to monitor the situation in north carolina. we'll go back to cnn tonight already in progress for the viewers in the united states. we're back. donald trump campaigning in north carolina, and a new poll shows the candidates are neck-and-neck, hillary clinton spending the day preparing for monday night's first presidential debate. corey lewandowski, and peter beinart. the sound bite we played -- you mentioned global warming. it was about global integration, so that was a small part of the president's speech, it wasn't the bulk of his speech. we talked about a lot of things that had to do about world problems. >> it's not only a response to donald trump, but to bernie sanders and the people in his campaign.
11:35 pm
the president wanted a signature part of his last years he wanted the tpp. the president is arguing against people in both parties who are essentially anti-globalization. >> let's move on now and talk about donald trump is making another outreach tonight. he did for african-americans. let listen to this. >> our african-american communities are absolutely in the worst shape they've ever been in before, ever, ever, ever, you take a look at the inner cities, you get no education, you get no jobs, you get shot walking down the street. they're worse -- honestly, places like afghanistan are safer than some of our inner cities, and i say to the african-american communities -- and i think it's resinating -- because you see what's happening with my poll numbers with african-americans.
11:36 pm
they're going like high. >> first of all, that's not true. >> they are getting higher every day. >> they're not. >> how do you defend that, corey? >> if you talk about the south side of chicago -- >> that's an outlier. >> chicago doesn't happen in every single city. >> baltimore. >> that's like saying beverly hills. america will never be as rich as beverly hills and the crime rate will not be as high as it is in chicago. it's horrible what's happening in chicago, but that is an example people use as an extreme. >> let's take the city of baltimore. >> okay. go on. >> more than 200 deaths have taken place in the city of baltimore this year. >> we keep saying all of these bad things. do you know what has more to do
11:37 pm
with crime than anything? it's poverty, not race. >> i agree with you. and i can read the statistics to you. it has nothing to do just because it's black people in chicago. it has to do with poverty and guns and also because he's giving all of these bad things about african-americans. i feel compelled to give good things about african americans. nine out of ten black people -- nine out of ten black people, 12 or older, currently don't use illicit drugs and seven out of ten fathers, who help their children every day and spend time with their families, and then it goes on and on and talks about blacks in college, blacks have competed 25 to 29, nine out of ten completed high school, or equivalent as the national average. among boston universities, eight out of ten are enrolled in high universities like toughs, harvard, boston college, university, mit, bentley, baberson.
11:38 pm
your candidate doesn't talk about the good things that happen with the african american community. he tosses out these red herrings, saying there are some issues in the african community i would like to know about and i would like to help them about. why does he continue to antagonize african-americans, while still saying he's helping them. it's insulting. >> chicago has the toughest gun laws in the country, and 22% of the african-american population lives in poverty. it's a fact. we could do better. more african-americans receive government assistance than they did when barack obama took office. what he said what do you have to lose by giving me a chance? let me bring jobs. let me do better for everybody. >> what do you have to lose by electing a man with a history of
11:39 pm
racism. >> of creating jobs. >> a man whose father wouldn't allow african-americans into his housing projects? >> you're going to hold him for his father -- >> it was his father. >> he was running the company. >> no, he wasn't. that was 40 years ago. >> it was not 40 years ago. what did your father do? can we hold you accountable? >> ridiculous. >> don't mention his father. >> let's talk about him. >> corey, let him finish. >> his father didn't wage year, after year, a racist campaign to discredit the president of united states and he said -- the most lunatic thing he said in that statement was it's never, ever, ever, three evers, been worse for african-americans. he wonders why his support among african americans was 1%? it was better during slavery? it was better during segregat n segregation. it's an absurd to say things have never been worse for african-americans. >> if you look at the polls --
11:40 pm
if you look at the polls -- >> 3%, congratulations. >> number two -- >> a person of color who lived the last 50 years in this country, things have never been better for african-americans. >> when donald trump opened his club in florida, what did he do? he opened it to blacks and jews which was never allowed before and went to sue to get that done in federal court. >> there's reason for that. following 9/11, what did he do? he offered the reverend jesse jackson space in his building because no one else was going to let him. >> there's a reason. >> you don't want to talk about those things. he also has a number of african-americans and hispanics, tens of thousands of people. and the totality, he's employed thousands. >> why doesn't he ask his african-american friends, if they were indeed employees who weren't afraid of losing their jobs they would sit down and say, listen, mr. trump, what you're saying is insulting and i know you're not talking to me, you're talking at me and you're reaching out to make other people more comfortable voting for you, that's what i would say
11:41 pm
to him, as someone who has giver him a chance, and interviewed him more than eight or nine times, i would say that to him and as he as candidate of the president of the united states, don't understand, then he doesn't want to represent everyone in the country. >> first, his message wasn't delivered in an african american community. then he went to an african-american church and said you don't really believe it. hillary clinton is doing nothing to support the african-american community. she's done nothing for 30 years to support the african-american community. what is she doing? she's not going out and asking for votes. >> i'm not here to defend hillary clinton. >> obamacare led to millions and millions of african-americans getting healthcare. >> what does hillary clinton have to do with obamacare? >> she was part of the obama administration. >> as secretary of state? >> if you look at s-chip, was the healthcare plan she pushed after the failure of her healthcare efforts, that also
11:42 pm
has led to millions of african-american kids, getting healthcare, getting minimum wage, earned income credit. what has donald trump did? he said african-americans are worse off today than slavery. of course african-americans have laughing at him out of the room. it's the honest truth, corey. >> hillary clinton is not going to receive the same level of support from the african-american community braum barack obama did. ma means when 10% or 12% of the african american community votes republican, the democrats are going to lose. that's what the differentiator is. they have the democrats and the republicans have taken the african-american community for granted for 30 years and donald trump has said, give me a chance. >> this is a conversation where everyone needs to sit down at the table, like you and i, every once in a while, we should do that and not talk at each other. your candidate needs to listen, as well. it's a conversation we want to
11:43 pm
continue, but this is television, i have to take a break so we'll have you both back, i appreciate it, thank you very much. new charges in the suspect in the bombing that injured 31 people in new york city, but did the fbi miss a warning from the suspect's own father? [ala♪m beeping] ♪
11:44 pm
♪ the highly advanced audi a4. ♪
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>> the suspect in the bombings facing new charges tonight. let's discuss it with jim sciutto, michael wies. i have a lot of questions for you. jim j federal charges filed
11:46 pm
against ahmad rahami. >> he bought a lot of the components on e-bay. shipped them to an address in new jersey. it shows the ease of finding the pieces to put together of a bomb. that's one thing. two, this is the most alarming. he performed tests of his explosives. we know the bombs in new jersey were pipe bombs. the other, he set off a bomb in his backyard and filmed it on a cell phone camera of a relative. filmed himself laughing as he did it. this was in 48 hours of the attack on saturday. this presents reasonable questions as to did someone hear this happen? did someone see this happen? and why did they not report it? >> that's my next question to you. did someone not know for people who were saying i had no idea, or did he have help? where does that put us? >> i asked the new york police commissioner today, where do they stand on did he have a broader network. he said they're still talking to
11:47 pm
family members, friends, social media contacts to determine if he had help. but then you have this other category of not reporting things that you see or know. we had this with the orlando shooter. what did you know before, whether it's family or others. when you're blowing up stuff in your backyard, you have to think someone heard it. that doesn't mean someone could conclude this guy is planning a terror attack, but it's a fair question. >> let's listen to your interview with the new police commissioner. here it is. >> reporter: do you believe he acted alone with these attacks and attempted attacks? >> jim, it's early on in the investigation. as we move through this, we'll determine who his acquaintances were, family and friends, go through his social media, see if he had any phones. we'll make that determination. >> it's an ongoing investigation, he said. they haven't determine first down there was a broader network. >> considering what you're hearing, paul, from the police commissioner, the preparation,
11:48 pm
he bought some of the stuff on e-bay and did a test in the backyard, they filmed him, do you think he did it alone? >> he might have done it alone in the united states. we saw that with sha daud. but the times square bomber was trained and directed by the pakista pakistani taliban, a group no pakistan. it's possible that when he went back on these extended trips to pakistan and afghanistan he could have gotten some kind of bomb making training. this was a very powerful bomb, high explosives, detonated by an explosive chemical which is trick questiy one. it's possible to do it from the internet, but it's difficult to do. you need to get instructions generally. >> could he have blown the neighborhood where he was testing it?
11:49 pm
>> from what we hear, he tested a small amount of incendiary material. that may have been the hmtd he was testing would have been the detonator. we saw an american al qaeda recruit come back to the united states and do exactly that same kind of testing with the detonator. >> before i move onto michael, why weren't more people hurt? we're thankful they weren't. considering the hmtd and how powerful it is, why weren't more people hurt? >> here's the thinking. it's because it was placed in the heavy duty metallic dumpster. it contained the blast. if it hadn't been in that dumpster, you could have had carnage on the streets. this was a device more powerful than the boston devices just a few years ago. this was the most powerful blast
11:50 pm
really, since the world trade center attack, the first one in 1993 when it comes to terrorist attacks in the united states. this could have been a horrific incident. >> we forget about the . >> michael, the father, spoke to reporters today. listen to this. >> now he's a terrorist. >> why did you -- >> because he's doing bad. >> he's doing bad. what did you do bad? >> he's still my son. he hit my wife, and i put him to jail two years ago. >> who is he? >> what son did he stab? what happened, why did he stab him? >> for no reason. excuse me. i can go now. >> and he hurt your wife. >> yes. >> what did he do to your wife? >> no, my wife is not here. i'm going now. >> let him go, please. >> thank you.
11:51 pm
>> did you talk two years ago? >> two years ago. >> so considering what you've heard there, what you are hearing from investigators, compare and contrast other, you know, terrorists on american siel. >> the old saying all happy families are happy the same way. when it comes to islamic terrorists you see how unhappy they can be. the guy is physically violent against members of his own family, his father drops a dime on him to the fbi, calls him a terrorist. there could have been a filial connotation to that and retracts the statement when he the fbi questions him, perhaps out of fear, uh-oh, i don't want my kid locked away for a dozen years or so. there was something going on in the family dynamic. he went with his brother to afghanistan and pakistan. his own father also is on record saying today that he was he congregating with some nasty people, some bad people over there.
11:52 pm
who were they? were they part of a terrorist network? as paul alluded, the guy had some technological capability but was a moron when it came to the trade craft of perpetrating the attack. putting this device in a dumpster quite stupid. >> just want to jump on the family dynamics. in case after case after case we have seen second generation immigrants rebel against their parents, against their fathers. how do they do it? they turn to radical islam to set themselves off against this sort of more traditional islam and culture of their parents' generation. it is their quest for identity. there seems to be no personality clash between these two people. turning to radical islam would have been a way for him to really establish himself vis-a-vis his own father. >> okay. did the fbi drop the ball? jim, i want to get your response as we go to a brab. we will be right back.
11:53 pm
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na and we're back and talking about the bomber in new jersey and new york and his motives and the investigation. back with me now paul crook shank, michael weiss and jim sciutto. jim, did the fbi miss anything when they dropped the ball? >> they missed something, but did they drop the ball? these are difficult judgment calls. they said in 2014 they made an assessment. >> there's a statement -- >> they said they did multiple interviews, talked to other law enforcement agencies. they also did an internal database review. in other words they looked everywhere to see if they had a nexus between this guy and terrorism. they didn't have the evidence so they called it a domestic dispute and moved on. we don't have a precrime unit like minority report. these guys can't predict the future so they're making
11:57 pm
judgment calls. the trouble is he was on the radar screen, right? in addition, as he was coming back from afghanistan and pakistan he was stopped for a secondary screening as will sometimes happen when you come back from these countries. that information was entered into a database, and again make imperfect judgments on this type of information. it is hard to do. >> you sort of whispered that profile is not uncommon, his profile. >> listen, you look at a lot of these guys. look at the orlando shooter for instance, domestic violence, run-ins with the law, career didn't work out, he tried to be a security guard. you have people looking for an identity. here is a guy here, clearly had some violent tendencies. he stabbed his brother at home, his own father felt compelled to go to the authorities and say he was a terrorist. it is something we have seen both overseas and here in the u.s. why is that? obviously there's a certain kind much person willing to commit violence against civilians.
11:58 pm
it also is about the appeal of jihad because it gives an identity to people who don't have much, right? look at the boston bombers, the older brother was a failed boxer. that didn't work out, here is my new things. >> i want to open it up to the table. help admiration for other jihad figures. what was he writing about? who knows? >> he had drunk the gee hauledy cool aid. he wanted to become a martyr, he wanted to go to paradise. with the school aid it was very much the al qaeda cool aid rather than isis cool aid. he admired osama bin laden, seemed to adore al-awlaki, a key figure in yemen. hills message was stay home and launch an attack against the united states. he really kbiebed that. >> i heard one of our terrorism analysts saying like they all love anwarala lauky. >> this was a guy, the cia droned him in 2011 and i think in death he had a greater legacy
11:59 pm
than he could have imagined in life. >> why is that? >> not only is he drawing people loyal to al qaeda but isis. every isis-inspired attacker, san bernardino, everybody, they all listened to him and imbibeed his ideology. >> didn't al qaeda disown this man? >> he was a revered -- >> no, i meant the bomb ore here. >> well, the taliban said they were not involved in this attack. but, you know, what was it aboutabout al-awlaki? he had an american accent but he spoke to people, particularly young people and, you know, five years after he was killed by a u.s. drone his voice lives on. it is out there. so many of these folks when they're drummed up after these attacks, they got them on their computers, on their cellphones. >> i have to run. anniversary of his death is -- >> september 30th, which may be significant.
12:00 am
five years, was this somehow in revenge? >> when we come back, an unarmed black man is shot by police, the whole thing caught on camera. one of the presidential candidates is weighing in on it. i'm rosemary church. we are following breaking news from charlotte, north carolina where violent protests and looting have broken out after police shot and killed a black man. you are looking at interstate 85. i know it is hard to see there. this is where earlier protesters started blocking the highway and looting tractor trailers. now, they also started a fire in the milling of the road. we haven't got a view of that. there you see it there. at least 12 officers have been injured in these protests.


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