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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. another police shooting, another african-american man killed. just hours after the justice department opens an investigation into a police killing in tulsa, oklahoma, anger boils over in yet another american city. >> charlotte, north carolina, police say the man was armed, his family says he was carrying only a book. we will hear from the family in a news conference next hour. in just about a half hour the charlotte mayor will speak to reporters and of course we will bring that to you live. some protesters, though, do turn on police, a dozen police officers injured, a handful of arrests and a city brought to a standstill. demonstrators march on to the
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highway, loot the trucks that are penned in and start fires. the big questions remain, what led to yesterday's fatal police shooting in north carolina and what happens today in charlotte. >> reporter: some of these cases we have video to look at but in this particular case no video as of yet in this investigation. it is just in the beginning stages. that as you saw hasn't stopped protesters from taking to the streets of charlotte, outraged by the shooting death of 43-year-old keith lamont scott, a father of seven who his family says was not armed when he was killed. overnight violent protests erupting on the streets of charlotte, north carolina. >> hold the police officers accountable for what they do. >> reporter: several hundred protesters blocking a major highway, looting trucks and setting fire to some of their cargo. officers in riot gear deploying tear gas, setting off flash
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bangs. as angry crowds swarmed squad cars throwing water bottles and rocks at the officers, injuring at least a dozen. protesters moving to a local walmart, video shows them attempting to break in but running once s.w.a.t. teams arrive. >> the citizens have a legitimate concern and their concerns shouldn't be taken lightly. >> reporter: the clashes breaking out following the fatal shooting of a black man, keith lamont scott. police say they arrived at an apartment complex look to go serve a warrant to another individual when they encountered scott who they say was armed. >> make some eminent threat to them and because of that at least one of our officers fired rounds at the subject. >> reporter: brentley vinson identified as the officer who shot scott is also a black male. according to local reports now placed on administrative leave. but protesters are out in full
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force, questioning when will black lives truly matter? >> a terrorist, new jersey, new york, he was taken alive. they said they wanted to question him. so because of you wanting to question him does his life mean more than our black men across the nation? >> reporter: and that exact comment being echoed all over social media at this point. charlotte's mayor promising a full investigation, carol, but at this time she's just asking for everything to be calm. >> all right. thanks so much. so there is a lot to break. in art roderick is a cnn law enforcement analyst and form recall assistant director at the u.s. marshals office and laura coates a former federal prosecutor. welcome to both of you. art, i suppose we should make clear the officer involved in this particular shooting was an african-american man. >> yes. >> does that matter? >> i don't think it matters. it doesn't matter.
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i mean, the bottom line is that police officer did not wake up to start his shift in the morning and say, hey, i'm going to go out and shoot somebody. you know, i feel for the family. this is not -- this is a situation that affects everyone, not only the community but it also affects the police officer, obviously the family of the individual who has been shot, but also the police department overall. i've been on both sides of this issue. i've investigated officer-involved shootings and i've been investigated for an officer-involved shooting and, you know, just bringing the perspective of law enforcement in here, it takes a heavy toll on the police officer himself as well as the law enforcement agency themselves, too. >> and, laura, you know, i ask art that question because from a civil rights perspective, from maybe a federal investigation will come down the pike at some point does it matter that it was an african-american police officers and a black suspect?
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>> no, it doesn't, because frankly we've seen over time that blue trumps black and that the color of the uniform is far more important in the justice department's inquiry into any case. it's not about whether the victim was black or officer was black or white, it's about whether there is a system in place, a training malfunction or simply a perception of evil or perception that the person they are targeting is always going to be armed and lethal. that's the real inquiry here, not the race of the officer. >> art, police say they confiscated a gun in this case. there is an open carry law in north carolina, that means it's legal to show a gun. so what would make police initially approach scott? >> it's hard to say. i mean, we don't have a lot of facts on this particular shooting. this is in the early stages. i'm always hesitant to make a comment on a particular case until i have got the facts in and we really don't know a heck of a lot about this particular shooting at this point in time. i think investigations by a
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third party, a third investigative organization, whether it's the department of justice or whether it's the state police should come in and handle these types of shootings. i know law enforcement is looking at this particular issue overall across the country, in fact, i'm attending a summit next week on this particular issue to address this in the law enforcement community. >> and i want to show you some facebook video that was taken last night, officers during this protest apparently this facebook video was taken by the victim's lawyer, she was at the scene. keep in mind she had just lost her father, she was highly emotional. watch. >> i want the [ bleep ] police officer that [ bleep ] shot my [ bleep ] daddy and killed him. he just say he dead. they put on the news he [ bleep ] dead. >> [ bleep ]. >> y'all going to explain that? >> i'm about to set [ bleep ]
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off. >> art, i just want to ask you this question as a police officer on the scene, i'm not sure if they knew that this was the daughter of the victim, but how does that affect the work of police during a protest? >> it affects everything. i mean, again, you know, peaceful protests are what we want. that's what this country is based on. i think what happens is you have a lot of individuals in the community that co-op these peaceful protests and then you have exactly what occurred last night in charlotte. it's a shame, it's a horrible thing to watch all the way around. you know, i'm sitting here and it's affecting me, i feel for the family, i feel for everybody in this particular case and, you know, unfortunately these investigations are very complicated and they take a long time. >> all right. i want you both to stay with us because i want to bring in what happened with tulsa, laura, and i'd like us to talk about that
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to put these past several weeks in context. in tulsa, the police involved shooting of an unarmed black man has sparked an investigation by the justice department. terence crutcher, he is a father of four, shown in this helicopter video as he walks back to a stalled suv on friday with his hands up. his family says he was waiting for help, but crutchr is shot to death moments later after the attorney for the officer involved says she perceived a threat from this man. crutcher's family exclusively talking with cnn this morning. >> and we need to come to some type of way of making this right. getting justice for not only terence but for all of those killings across our country. >> so what exactly went down in tulsa? cnn's anna cabrera has been looking into that and joins us live this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. there are two separate ongoing investigations right now.
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you mentioned the department of justice civil rights probe, there is also the local criminal police investigation in which they will determine whether or not the use of force was justified from a criminal perspective. we have heard from family members, we have heard from the community urging officials on the ground to arrest officer betty is shelby, she is the one who opens fire. now, when you look at that police video you do see terence crutcher with his arms up as he's walking back to his vehicle, but you don't see exactly what he's doing or where his hands are at the moment officer shelby opens fire. her attorney tells us that he was reaching inside the vehicle. she feared he was reaching for a weapon and that's why she shot one single round killing crutcher, however, the attorneys for crutcher say the video shows evidence to the contrary. listen. >> this is the objective video frame that shows the window was
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up so how could he be reaching into the car if the window is up and there is blood on the glass? >> so i feel pretty confident that if it wasn't all the way down it was certainly down enough for him to get his arm through the -- into the interior of the car. >> so you still stand by that part of her account about what happened? >> absolutely. yes. >> now, as investigators sort through the facts of the case and look at that issue in particular the family is speaking out about the man they love and lost and why they are hoping his story might have a larger positive impact. they spoke exclusively to cnn's "new day" this morning. >> what's breaking my heart is that his youngest son, we call him little terence, asks me the day before yesterday where is my dad? because he hadn't seen him, you know, in a couple of days.
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so in his mind he's wondering what's going on. so we told him because we are people of faith that dad went to heaven. and that kind of satisfied him for the moment because he knows dad is in a good place. >> i have a final text message, the very last one, where he told me that he loved me, i told him that i loved him and he said, god is going to get the glory out of my life, in that text message. if any good can come out of this we're hoping that america will open their eyes, everybody, and see that there is an issue, a systemic issue, that needs to be solved and we're pleading with the leadership of this country, everyone, to just see that and let's put some systems in place to prevent this from happening again. >> now, that's a sentiment that we're seeing echoed all over the
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country and on social media with everybody from politician toss sports figures weighing in on issues about policing and race, using the #terence crutcher. carol. >> all right. ana cabrera reporting live from tulsa, oklahoma, this morning. back to my panel now, laura coates and art roderick. so, laura, the feds have been called to investigate the case in tulsa. why to fast? >> because what you're seeing here, carol, is a continuation of what seems to be the same script by officers across the country in please police-involved shootings. they seem to echo the same level of sentiment and same statements, they all say, look, there was a justified use of excessive force and it seems to be very, very, very skeptical by the department of justice to say you all cannot be following the same exact script and having the facts actually line up. what you're seeing in tulsa is an example when the feds look at it and said i heard the script used by officers based on supreme court precedent to justify use of force shootings but the facts don't line up.
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so perhaps this is an indication where an officer is trying to use a monday morning quarterback remedy -- or justification for what has already happened and the feds are suspicious of that for good reason. when officers use a script or rely on supreme court precedent to justify their actions they are looked at with higher level of scrutiny by the department of justice because it can be dis believed very easily and should. >> okay. so let's -- i want to take you back out to tulsa and show you this police video. you can see -- let me see. okay. you can see that the suspect has his hands up and officers have their guns drawn. the suspect is walking back toward his car, the officers said the window was partially down, they don't know what the suspect is doing at this time, and then the suspect is shot. so, art, what's going through the minds of police officers at that point? >> well, i mean, again, this is a situation where we don't have all the facts, theres no audio included in any of this video
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and you've got several officers that are blocking exactly what occurred. >> but when an officer has his gun or her gun drawn and the suspect has his hands up do they normally order the suspect to stop? >> absolutely. yes. i'm sure that was occurring here. that is my take on it. and you can hear, i believe, it's one of the officers in the helicopter talk about he's not following commands that are given to him on the street. again, this is a situation where we don't exactly have all the statements from the officers at the scene. i think obviously that's going to play a big role in this particular issue. but, again, let's wait until all the facts are in before we make a decision. the department of justice is involved in this. they are looking at it from a civil rights standpoint and i think, again, this case will be investigated fully. >> all right. i have to leave it there. art roderick, laura coates, thanks so much. any minute now we are expecting the mayor and police chief in charlotte to speak out. of course we will bring you to
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i want to take you for a moment to cleveland to the new spirit revival center. you are looking at don king the famous boxing promoter, i don't know who he is talking to but he is appearing at this church in support of donald trump who he has supposedly endorsed. donald trump will be talking to the african-american pastor at the new spirit revival, he will also be talking i would assume to parishioners. of course, when this event starts we will bring you a bit of it live. in other news this morning new court documents reveal chilling detailing about coming suspect ahmad khan rahami, i don't think them allegations that he bought materials on ebay
6:20 am
to build his bombs, tested out explosives days before the attack and praised osama bin laden in his journal. he is up on federal charges. >> let's bring in evan perez. good morning. >> good morning. ahmad rahami is facing multiple federal charges in new york and new jersey including for using weapons of mass destruction and bombing of a public place. the criminal complaints are filed by prosecutors are offering new insight into just exactly how the alleged bomber carried out this weekend's attacks in addition to what may have motivated him and the potential for these bombings to have been a lot worse. federal investigators say this weekend's bombings were in the works for months. according to a criminal complaint, alleged bomber ahmad khan rahami bought the components for the explosives on ebay over the summer, including citric acid and circuit boards and shipped the materials to his workplace, then just days before the attacks a video shows rahami
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experimenting with explosives officials say, the video recovered from a family member's cellphone shows rahami igniting incendiary material in a container, then billowing smoke and laughter. the bo m that ultimately exploded saturday night in new york city powerful enough to propel this 100 pound dumpster more than 120 feet, shattering windows three stories high and 400 feet from the detonation. 12 fingerprints on the unexploded bomb ultimately leading authorities to rahami. another key piece of evidence, a handwritten journal found on rahami when he was captured in new jersey which authorities say references terrorists including american born an ra ala lackey and osama bin laden. rahami writing god willing the sounds of the bombs will be heard in the streets. the complaint references a social media account officials
6:22 am
believe cobra happily's showing that the suspect faye vord two videos from jihad. rahami came on the fbi's radar two years ago. u.s. customs telling the cnn they notified the bureau are rahami after he turned from a trib trip to pakistan and afghanistan in 2013. later that year they investigated a tip that the suspect's father was calling his son a terrorist. >> why did you call the fbi two years ago. >> he doing bad. >> what did he do bad? >> he stabbed my son, he hit my wife and i put him to jail four years ago. >> his father ultimately retracting that accusation, leading authorities to conclude it was a domestic matter. a friend of the suspect's says that rahami and his family have been at odds since he got his girlfriend pregnant in high school. >> for him it was his father and it was just -- it was just tension. it was his part, too. he should have listened more to his father, maybe stayed in
6:23 am
school. >> reporter: the fbi still investigating whether family members or his friends knew anything about this bombing plot. according to a u.s. official, carol, ra maem's wife left the united states before saturday's bombings, she was scheduled to three back to the united states this week and is currently in the united arab emirates where she is cooperating with investigators. >> evan perez, stay right there. i want to bring in mia bloom, a professor of communications in middle east studies at georgia state university, also the author of "dying to kill, the allure of suicide terror." first question to you, rahami stabbed his brother, hit his mother, he was married, had children from two different women he could not financially support. is he the kind of person that he is easily swayed by extremist views? >> we see the terrorists recruiting all different kinds of people. sometimes they go for what we might consider to be low hanging fruit, people who are feeling like they are losers so they are going to go from zero to hero by
6:24 am
joining a terrorist organization or doing something that will make them memorable. in fact, a lot of these terrorist groups will look at someone like rahami as a possible recruit because they are already in the united states. but i think from what evan and you have been saying, this influence looks far more to be al qaeda influence than isis. >> so, etch, would you agree with that? you know, on the low hanging fruit part. the father did tell the fbi that, you know, his son was a terrorist. the fbi did at least talk with the family but they didn't talk to rahami himself, right? >> that's right. this was an assessment that was done back in 2014 after there was a family fight essentially and someone overheard the father calling his son a terrorist. this tip got to the fbi, the father -- the father did an interview with the fbi, but during that interview he said, well, actually that's not true and said, you know, if i did say that it was in -- in a moment of passion because, you know, we were angry during this fight. so the fbi did some more
6:25 am
investigating, they ended up closing this matter because they thought that this was just a domestic issue with this family that clearly at the time seemed more dysfunction than anything else. >> mia, should the fbi have done more? let's says face it, yes, this was a domestic, he went to afghanistan, met a woman in pakistan and was going to marry her. should they have questioned the family more or rahami himself? >> i think that phil mud talking to chris quo my earlier said it would be difficult to follow up on every single lead if they are recanted. but as you remember with the well known underwear bomber, his father contacted authorities and said, my son is being radicalized so there is a lot of leads that are not followed up on just because of the shear volume. it's impossible to know when someone is being a fant assist and saying that they are going to -- you know, i'm angry, i'm
6:26 am
upset, you start to see elements of radicalization, there is a difference between the verbal statements and when they start purchasing bombs or when they start buying the various elements to create bombs that we saw in boston. so i think that we have to make that distinction. the fbi probably should have followed up in some capacity and certainly the police could have issued some sort of restraining orders. he was a deadbeat dad, he wasn't paying the mother her child support. so the fact remains not a good guy all around. >> i have to leave it there. evan perez and meia bloom thank you. any minute now we are expecting the charlotte mayor and police chief to talk about the police shooting that led to violent protests overnight. plus donald trump on the ground in cleveland, ohio, set to speak momentarily at a church with the leader of his diversity coalition. i was out here smoking instead of being there for my son's winning shot. that was it for me.
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city of charlotte. this is mayor jennifer roberts talking about the police involved shooting yesterday. >> -- with regard to the officer-involved shooting involving keith lamont scott and officer brentley vinson. i want to take a minute and acknowledge our community partners who are here and our city council members, our state officials, our county officials. i want to appreciate them. we are working very collaboratively and i'm so glad they are here with us this morning. this is a difficult situation for everyone involved. and the city expresses condolences to the family of mr. scott. i also want to say that we express our concern for the officers who have been injured. there is a lot of information that is still to be sorted out and so i am asking our community, i'm asking people here to please wait until all
6:30 am
information is available. in charlotte we have a long history of working together to solve problems thoughtfully and peacefully and you have the commitment of your elected officials, you have the commitment of charlotte-mecklenburg, our police, our neighborhood and business leaders and our faith communities that this tradition will continue. we have a long history of transparency and accountability, which, again, we remain committed to. we understand that with these events everyone has different viewpoints and perspectives, that makes it even more important for us to treat each other with dignity and respect and to wait until we have all the information. i ask that as you express your viewpoint or perspective, please keep in mind that our top
6:31 am
priority is for charlotte to remain a safe community for everyone who lives and visits here. please be patient as our charlotte-mecklenburg police department and other city leaders as this is an ongoing investigation and we are still gathering information. at this time i'd like to turn it over to the chief of police, chief kerr putney who will share more details about this investigation as it stands right now. chief. >> thank you, mayor. good morning. first of all, this is a difficult time so i'm trying to be respectful of all parties involved. i'm not going to jeopardize the integrity of the investigation but i will tell you the facts as we know them today. those facts are based on witnesses statements and evidence that we found at the scene. yesterday, september 20th, at
6:32 am
about 4:00 we had officers from our metro division crime reduction unit searching for a suspect who was wanted for outstanding warrants. this occurred at the village at college downs apartments. our officers observed a subject, mr. keith lamont scott, inside a vehicle inside the apartment complex. he exited the vehicle armed with a handgun. the officers observed him get back into that vehicle at which time they approached the vehicle to engage this subject. the officers gave loud, clear verbal commands which were also heard by many of the witnesses. they were instructing the subject once he got out of the vehicle to drop the weapon. in spite of their verbal commands mr. scott, as i said,
6:33 am
exited his vehicle armed with a handgun. as the officers continued to yell at him to drop it. he stepped out, posing a threat to the officers, and officer brentley vinson subsequently fired his weapon, striking the subject. the officers immediately requested medic and began performing cpr. medic responded and transported the subject to the scene to cmc where he later would sum come by his injuries. our detectives through their investigation recovered the firearm that the subject was holding in his hand when he got out of the vehicle. it was in very close proximity to the subject. as per our departmental protocol officer vinson is being placed on administrative leave as we investigate this. as you know there is a criminal
6:34 am
track and a parallel investigative internal track to make sure none of our policies were violated along with none of our laws in the state of north carolina being violated as per the criminal investigation. yesterday evening at about 7:00 p.m. the officers encountered protesters who were coming to protest the officer-involved shooting. about an hour later they saw -- we saw the crowd transition from protesters, demonstrators, which is legal, to more aggressive agitators who began to break the law. we had our helicopter to give us eyes from the sky to help us see exactly what was transpiring there on the ground. at about 9:00 p.m. we had a lot of the agitators begin to damage police vehicles and throw rocks
6:35 am
striking our officers. at about 10:54 p.m. i called for our civil emergency unit to come in to try to deescalate the situation and disburse the rowdy crowd. later on in the evening, early this morning, actually, about quarter till 2:00 this morning an additional group of protesters and agitators gathered. they made their way down to interstate i-85 and blocked both lanes northbound and southbound. they broke into the back of a tractor-trailer and started setting items on fire. we gave multiple orders for disbursal to the crowd. when they were unheeded, we deployed gas to disburse the
6:36 am
crowd. despite our constant direction to gain compliance and deescalate the demonstrators pushed through the police line. we did manage to arrest one person so far, but as i said this investigation is ongoing. as of right now we have 16 officers who have been injured. we have multiple police vehicles that have been damaged. and our officers acting heroically were just trying to deescalate the situation and resolve it as peacefully as possible. as always, our officers try to facilitate demonstrations and protests, they protect the rights of our citizenry, but when that behavior becomes violent, aggressive and
6:37 am
destructive, we have to act as we did. and now we have a challenge here in charlotte. people are watching how we respond, how we react, and i'm optimistic that the results of our action will be positive, will have positive outcomes, but it's time for the voiceless majority to stand up and be heard. it's time to change the narrative because i can tell you from the facts that the story is a little bit different as to how it's been portrayed so far, especially through social media. so, charlotte, the challenge is ours. i think the future can be bright, but the work has to be done by all of us. thank you. >> good morning. and thanks to all of you for your presence here today. that's reporters as well as the
6:38 am
folk who stand behind me. i think it shows that we care about charlotte-mecklenburg and our community and that we are going to do all of the necessary things to get this right. on behalf of the members of the charlotte-mecklenburg community relations committee i also offer my -- offer condolences to the scott family and to the 16 officers who were injured last night. as a community we in charlotte-mecklenburg have always worked tirelessly to address concerns surrounding police and community relations. we have encouraged our citizens to exchange personal stories, experiences and diverse perspectives to foster growth and healing during difficult times like we're going through just right now. as our community continues to respond to this most recent incident, we suggest bringing together houses of faith, community organizations and organizers, millennials, local police and many others to ensure
6:39 am
that we are engaging in productive dialogue. we must all continue to -- the work that we've started to make charlotte a community that honors us all with respect, dignity and appreciation. in the past as the mayor has indicated we have always found ways to work peacefully through our differences and we believe that we will continue our legacy of solving our problems together. it is how we do things here in charlotte-mecklenburg. thank you. that was willie rach ford, forgot to say his name. with the community relations committee. so we understand that there may be continuing protests this evening and i want to emphasize that i have spoken with many community and faith leaders already and we are calling for peace, we are calling for calm,
6:40 am
we are calling for dialogue. i have also been in touch with the white house. the governor and i spoke this morning. i have been in touch with some of our state leaders, our county leaders, our school board, our local leaders and i want to thank all of them for being part of the collaboration that will help our community move forward in a peaceful manner. i am confident in charlotte's strong police and community relations. there are so many good folk in this community who have been working so hard to keep that dialogue productive and to keep that dialogue open. we will continue to support that process. i want to emphasize also we will continue to be thorough and transparent in releasing information, accurate
6:41 am
information, as soon as it is available. we want to dispel any misinformation that may be circulating. again, we are a collaborative community. we are a community that knows -- that knows that we rise or fall together. i am asking all of our charlotte communities to stand together to help us give us the time to get the right information and then to continue dialogue going forward how we continue to be a peaceful community where opportunity is open to everyone. and now i will ask the chief and our community relations, willie rachford to join me if there are any questions. [ inaudible question ] >> ride now as you know it is part of the criminal
6:42 am
investigation and we are still going through all of the footage from both body worn and dash, but until the investigation is complete it is a part of the investigation and can't be released at this point. >> one at a time. please raise your hand. >> have you seen the video? >> i have not seen all of the video. i have seen some of the video. there are a lot of officers who have responded and we haven't had the opportunity to get through all of that video at this point. >> hang on. we are going to go to jim next. hang on. we're going to go to jim next. jim. [ inaudible question ] >> who don't take it at gospel there was a weapon, they are not trusting that that's the truth. there something you can do, is there a picture, something you can provide today that might ease that concern and also [ inaudible ]? >> again, i wish there were. there was an opportunity to show property sheets, to show exactly
6:43 am
what was seized. i can tell you a weapon was seized. a hand gun. i can also tell you we did not find a book that has been made reference to. i can just tell you what i know based on what we've gathered through the scientific process of going through the evidence and we did find a weapon and the weapon was there and the witnesses corroborated it, too, beyond just the officers. [ inaudible question ] >> as i said, it's part of the investigative process. right now it's evidence. you know the law as well as i do. right now we can't release it, it would be -- it would have a negative impact on the integrity of the case and that's something that we are not going to do. >> i have a question here. >> chief [ inaudible ] any
6:44 am
background -- >> i can't speak to the discipline because of personnel laws, but how long he has been on the force, he came on in 2014. he was plain clothes with a vest carrier that we wear that has the big logo of police and cmpd on the front and back and we had at least three officers who were there in full uniform when we engaged the subject at the scene. >> chief, was there [ inaudible ] -- >> chief, as we saw in tulsa, oklahoma, the decision by the police department to release video, not only dash cam but also [ inaudible ]. can you explain is it a difference in state law? is it a difference in [ inaudible ]? why would you not [ inaudible ] -- want to release that today? >> the law is pretty specific, especially around criminal evidence for an investigation and i cannot release that. and your other part of your
6:45 am
question was -- >> that was the question. >> okay. >> i was wondering -- >> state law. yes. yes, sir. [ inaudible ]. >> the transparency comes in with our current legislation when an aggrieved party believe they have been wronged by the police and want to see it that party can have access, but in a criminal investigation that supercedes everything else within that legislation. >> brad smith. >> chief, was officer vinson himself wearing a body camera? >> no. officer vinson was not wearing a body camera as i recall. >> so just the uniformed officers there? >> yes, just the uniform officers who were is there for the take down wear them, yes. >> can you see from the uniform officers' cameras what did happen? >> the videos that i've reviewed
6:46 am
i cannot see in totality everything that occurred. >> the question right here. >> do you know how much time elapsed from the verbal commands to drop the weapon and when those shots were fired? >> i don't know exactly the time frame but it was -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> yes, ma'am. a matter of seconds, it was in pretty quick succession that it all unfolded. >> chief, you talked about 16 officers being injured, you talked about the damage that followed. do you anticipate more arrests in connection -- >> i absolutely do. we're following every lead we have. there's a lot of footage we are reviewing, our intent is to bring everybody to justice to rye violated the law, yes, sir. >> tonight inasmuch as you feel comfortable talking about your plans are. >> my plans are to have our people ready. we are. my plans are to be staffed appropriately. we will be. hopefully we will have peaceful
6:47 am
protests and do things the charlotte way. >> question here. >> tdid he have a gun in his had the second time he came out of the car and did he say if the weapon was loaded. >> he did have a weapon when he excitei exititied the vehicle. i don't know whether it was loaded. i get believed every day, i haven't had an in depth briefing yet. >> he came out of the car twice? >> yes, sir, he did. >> both times he had a gun in his hand. >> no, sir. they saw the weapon in his hand the second time he exited the vehicle. >> at any point did the individual raise the weapon [ inaudible ]? >> that i do not know definitively. that is a part of the statements that we still have yesterday to get, but at this point i don't know that he definitively pointed the weapon specifically towards an officer. >> in the event that he would not have raised the weapon to the officer can you just help us
6:48 am
understand the situation. would an officer be justified to fire even if the individual was not pointing [ inaudible ] -- >> very good question. the totality of the situation is what carries the day. if i'm making gestures, if i'm focusing in, if i'm turning my body in a certain way to look aggressive and to give you the understanding that an eminent threat is very, very likely and i'm armed, all of those things in conjunction with one another can still give you that perceived threat under north carolina law. >> question right next to [ inaudible ]. >> chief, can you tell me what your conversations were with officer vinson after this happened? >> could i tell you, i didn't, but that's personal between me and him. i'm happy he is okay. it's a tragic event. heart goes out to the scott family for the loss. >> question right here. >> chief, do you know if
6:49 am
[ inaudible ]. >> i do not, sir. again, those are details we have yet to uncover. this is the very first day that we are really getting to delve into a lot of those issues and we don't have all the facts at this point. >> jim. >>. [ inaudible question ] >> can you comment specifically about what you're doing [ inaudible ] -- situation tonight, have you contacted groups? >> absolutely. and i also want to thank many members of city council that are here with me including mayor pro tem, our city council members in the district and in their areas are reaching out to their faith leaders, i spoke to several ministers this morning, i have spoken to the naacp leadership and we absolutely want their assistance, we want their help as we continue to have dialogue. again, i think the local
6:50 am
community, the charlotte community, has the mechanism in we all see this as a tragedy. we all want to work toward a peaceful community. we know that we have work to do. and our concern is that some of that agitation may come from folks who aren't living in charlotte, and we want to again call on our local leaders to make sure our local community has that message that we want to resolve this peacefully, we want to work together. we see a better outcome and we have confidence in the good folks here in charlotte who care about that positive outcome. [ inaudible question ] >> those are all in process. heard from a lot of groups who are planning something.
6:51 am
they haven't determined when and where. again, our district folks, i know a number of city council members, county commission chair here as well, they will be in contact with their constituents and again, trying to help us get correct information out and to continue a dialogue that we know is absolutely needed. >> just a few more questions. right here. [ inaudible question ] >> well, i told them be vigilant, be professional and do the job that they have been trained to do and that they are committed to doing. i told them uphold their oath. >> here in front. [ inaudible question ] >> the extent of injuries vary
6:52 am
but they were all minor enough that they would be released. that's about as detailed as i can tell you. one was much more severe than the rest of them, though. >> how many officers were out there? >> i do not have those numbers yet because we were pulling from a lot of different regions but we will have to review and see if we can get that number nailed down for you. i'm sorry? [ inaudible question ] >> we have enhanced our staffing and that's about as detailed as i want to be around those strategic decisions that we make. >> two more questions. [ inaudible question ] >> strategically, we will be prepared for whatever we see. conversations are ongoing for any and every resource we might need to bring to bear. but we are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. that's the best answer i can give you.
6:53 am
>> one final question. [ inaudible question ] >> well, as i mentioned earlier, i have been in touch with the white house. there are people across the country watching what's going on and it is early in our information gathering. we're not ruling anything out in terms of resources we may need, but at this point, it's too early for me to give anything definitive about the department of justice, about involvement of other resources, but we are absolutely as i said going to continue to gather facts, be as transparent and as thorough as we are in charlotte, as we have been in the past, and we will
6:54 am
continue that conversation. >> thank you all very much. thank you for coming out. >> all right. the press conference has ended. i want to bring in art roderick, our cnn law enforcement analyst and laura coates, our cnn legal analyst. you have been listening very closely to what the police chief had to say. he clearly said a hand gun was found at the scene of what went down last night, yesterday afternoon. the victim's family, though, said that this man was just sitting in his car reading a book. the police chief was very careful to say there was no book found at the scene but there was a hand gun. in your estimation, what happened here? >> well, i think the chief, it sounds to me like laid out some facts very well. there's still some questions i have. it sounds like that this particular officer was part of a fugitive warrant squad trying to execute or trying to find some
6:55 am
warrants, execute some warrants, on individuals that were wanted. he was in that neighborhood, we're not exactly sure what the initial contact was between the officer and the individual but it sounds like the officer was in plain clothes, he had a vest on that clearly said police on the front of it, and three uniformed officers were also there and again, i think the chief and the mayor were both correct in their -- that there's a lot more information that's got to come forward. there's some video but it's not surprising to me that the individual in the plain clothes did not have a video. you wouldn't have that type of device on you -- >> you mean a body camera. >> right. exactly. if you were working undercover. >> in a nutshell it sounded like police arrived on the scene, were going to serve a warrant on another individual, they noticed mr. scott sitting in the car and noticed he had a gun. they approached the car, said please drop your weapon, according to the police chief, this suspect, mr. scott, got out
6:56 am
of the car with the handgun in his hand, he did not obey police orders and police opened fire at that point. the police chief went on to say laura, that people ought to listen to the voiceless majority because there's a lot of false information out there. how did you take that? >> i took it to mean he had questions unanswered. don't know if the gun was pointed at an officer but he's talking about the elephant in the room. remember just over a year ago there was a hung jury in the jonathan farrell case where the young man was gunned down by an officer in charlotte. we have a community that's still reeling with skepticism and suspicion with regard to the police officers and whether or not they are using the deference that's given to them by the supreme court about being able to decide whether to use excessive force or lethal force, they are using it to their advantage in kind of a 20/20 hindsight scenario. that's a real elephant in the room with the officer and the chief trying to address today. >> so art, let's say mr. scott
6:57 am
exited the car and had the handgun in his hand but his arm was at his side, he wasn't pointing the gun at police officers. would police officers wait for him to point it at them before they opened fire? >> that is very tough to say. i don't exactly know what i would do in that particular situation. but if he wasn't following commands, i mean, to get out of a vehicle with a handgun in your hand is not a good idea to begin with when officers are there, giving you verbal commands. now, again, we don't know all the facts in this particular situation but you don't have to have a hand gun, you don't have to wait until a hand gun is actually pointed at you because you are talking milliseconds of a decision as to whether you are going to pull your trigger or that individual is going to pull their trigger. so it's a very difficult question, carol, and i hate to sit here and second-guess that officer at the scene. i'm sure he's second-guessing himself constantly at this particular point in time because
6:58 am
no officer wants to be in this type of situation. >> i'm going to have to end it there for this hour. we will discuss it at the top of the next hour. ♪i liv♪in a black out town ♪midnight where we used to dance♪ ♪underneath the ugly halogen lamps♪ ♪oh, it all went away so fast ♪in a black out ♪ i know more about isis then the apprgenerals do. age. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country?
6:59 am
i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
7:00 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. just minutes from now we are expecting to hear from the family of an african-american man killed in the latest police shooting in north carolina. charlotte police now say that man was armed with a hand gun and they have recovered that gun. but the family of the suspect, keith lamont scott, the scott family says he was sitting in his car and reading a book. he did not have a gun. this man's death is fueling protests as anger boils over in yet another american city. you can see protesters filled the streets in


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