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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  September 23, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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from charlotte is nick valencia. >> reporter: good morning, christine. an semblance of normally to the streets of downtown charlotte. a much different scene from 24 hours ago. 24 hours ago, businesses cleaning up the aftermath of the riots and vandalism that took place during the heated protests. that wasn't the case yesterday. by and large, protests were peaceful. a few hundred demonstrators took to the streets and did so in a calm manner. there we there were incidents of shaking hands of national guard members. it has been a couple of hours now since the elements of the national guard have pulled out of here. you mentioned the non implementation of the curfew. >> the family has seen one video of the shooting. that has not been released to the public. what is the family's reaction to the video? >> reporter: the thing is it is
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complicating matters. it is turning into a he said-she said. the police saying one thing and the family saying another. keith scott's family said in their definition, it was ambiguous. they not see a gun in scott's hand. he was walking backwards. it is a different narrative from police. they said he did have a handgun. not only did scott make aggressive motion to police that cost him his life, but he had a gun and ankle holster. the mayor is thinking about releasing it to the public. we should consider more demonstrations until that happens. >> thank you, nick. a peaceful night in tulsa, oklahoma where a different police officer who killed an african-american man is charged with felony. betty shelby was released a couple hours ago on $50,000
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bond. she turned herself in before that. she faces four years to life in prison if convicted. the entire event scene in police helicopter and squad car dash cam video. you can see crutcher with his hands up. he is not fully visible at the moment of the shooting. that is when shelby's attorney says he was reaching into the car causing shelby to fear for her life. the district attorney said shelby checked the suv and knew there was no threat on the driver's side. lawyers for crutcher's family are happy the charges have been brought. >> the window was closed. that's what so many critics are saying. the window was closed. she knew the window was closed. if so, why shoot? joining us to talk about the issues in charlotte and tulsa is
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retired police officer dorsey. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> the family has been shown the video in charlotte. the family not convinced. this is what they say. after watching the video, the family has more questions than answers. is it possible to discern what, if anything, he is holding in his hands? mr. scott's hands were by his side and he was walking backward. it is appropriate that the authorities release the video to the public? >> in that is what we are cla clamoring for. there was evidence of what occurred. >> no book. there is a gun. >> now we're hearing there is not clear cut evidence. it is a little uncertain. i can't say for sure. then the fact that this law that goes into effect on october 1st is being used now in september to not produce it is problematic for me. it feels like they are beginning
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to circle the wagons and trying to create something that will justify what we know was unreasonable and unnecessary. >> what reasons could you have not to release the video at this point? >> the reason is because he doesn't want to further enflame the community. things are bad already. i think things would get worse if they saw the things that we believe occurred. >> so much mistrust. distrust in the community. i think you really see that coming through here even when the police chief said there was a gun. there was no book. police did not believe him. what is the core of that? >> the problem is because we have seen police officers, some and not all, let me be clear. stretch the truth in the past. we saw in the case of walter scott, accused of grabbing a taser. that is why michael slager pumped eight rounds.
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we heard ray tinsey say he was run over by a car. we know police will craft a story to fit the scenario. the fact he had a holster is not alarming. if you have a gun, you want a holster. the fact he had a gun in an open carry state in and of itself, okay. you don't get to kill a felon because he has a gun. >> again, just the other side of it, could be, i could see a scenario where the officers are concerned and the police chief is concerned that the video doesn't speak to what other evidence he says he has. what did he say? there's your truth and my truth and the truth. >> isn't that interesting? i'm hearing a lot of code speak and word smithing. they are saying the individual who is deceased did something that obviously was threatening.
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what was it? articulate it? police officers are told to articulate those threats. >> they have to show it exists beyond the video. >> absolutely. >> the mistrust with the community and police officers. also the training of deescalation. you see a suspect walking away and shot in the back as we saw in the tulsa situation. are we doing enough to train to heal the mistrust and to train the police officers that every move you are making is watched and can be perceived in different ways. do they know how to handle? i know everyone is afraid of a gun and guns everywhere in the country. police officers are terrified of a suspect with a gun. are we doing enough to train them to deescalate the situation? >> it is our job as a professional to be calm. it is our job to deescalate. we are taught to use the force with the type of force you are encountering. if someone is walking away for
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you and scared-er, if that is a word, wait for your back up and you guys swarm him or doing what you need do to feel good about the encounter. there is no exigent circumstance to follow that up. there is no cause to use that blow or strike. unless you have those demands on the officer to articulate what made you scared? if a big black man scares you, maybe you shouldn't be a police officer. to business news now. this could be the largest data breach of all time. yahoo! says data from 500 million user accounts was stolen in 2014. discovered in august after a hacker claimed to be selling data from 200 million yahoo!
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accounts. here is what yahoo! says. a state-sponsored actor was behind the hack. the timing raising questions already getting attention. connecticut senator richard bloomenthal stating as we examine the incident, we should see if yahoo! concealed the breach to bolster value in the pending sale to verizon. verizon tells cnn money, it learned of the hack three days ago. they put in a bid of $4.8 billion to purchase it in july. donald trump pushing law and order calling for more police to patrol the streets. announcing he could make a trip to charlotte next week. i hear there's a debate. something about a presidential debate in three days. that's next. ly nee .sy to.
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so donald trump says he may visit charlotte after monday night's big debate with hillary clinton. i think big is an understatement in this case. >> pivotal. >> good. donald trump calling for national anti-crime agenda. he claims the protests are making america look bad to the world. on thursday, he pitched his law and order message in a rally in pennsylvania. he also tied the protests in charlotte to drug use. he said he was just speaking in general terms about drug deaths in the country. let us look forward to monday night. the showdown with hillary clinton and donald trump. joining us to discuss is digital reporter tal kopan in washington. tal, we are three days away from what could be the most significant debate in our lifetime. we are in a close race right
2:14 am
now. it has gone back and forth too who has the momentum. on monday night, on the stage in hofstra, the back drop being the protests in the country right now. >> absolutely. you know, these protests are really codominating conversatio. for a wide group of viewpoints. it really will be something that is top of mind. we will see how moderators handle it. the candidates can only respond to the questions they are actually given. this is the first time we're going to see hillary clinton and donald trump sitting next to each other interacting going back and forth and it is going to be fascinating. the way they spoken about each other on the trail acrimonious may be forgiving. this is very negative. very use of really charged words. we will see them sitting next to each other. how they actually get into facts and policies will be
2:15 am
fascinating. >> policies is incredible. you see what is happening in charlotte and concerns around tulsa and other cities. it is like an onion. the economy, the fact that charlotte is doing well economically, but there's a black/white divide that is not healed. you look at police tactics and criminal justice tactics. tough on crime talk from the '90s and how a generation later spilled in. seeing donald trump start to wade into that. he will have to show he can put all that together into a prescription. >> that's right. keep in mind, they will speak to different constituencies. they are going after the middle, but they have to keep their base happy. it will be interesting. donald trump has gone far on the law and order message that he likes to deliver. he is also going through the motions of outreach to the african-american community. he will have to balance those
2:16 am
two push-pulls. hillary clinton, of course, has had strong support in the african-american community. she's on the left side of the spectrum. she has a lot of pressure from the progressive wing of her party to deal with criminal justice and what is perceived to be an overincarceration problem. she will have to balance that. also make people feel she can keep the country safe. the way they balance the two sides of the coin and also speak to the voters that they need to turn out is going to be really interesting to watch. >> hillary clinton. she needs the kids to turn out. the millennials. that helps explain why she went on the internet in the video released with zach galifianakis. let's play a bit. >> you supported obama's trans-pacific partnership deal. then you were against it. i think people deserve to know are you down with tpp? >> i'm not down with tpp. >> no, you're supposed to say,
2:17 am
yeah, you know me like the hip hop group. >> don't tell me what to say. >> i would like to say that is a gen-x reference. that is not for the millennials for tal. >> are the millennials breaking down the door to go vote? >> she did a good job of classic between two ferns. i'm not sure people who haven't watched it get that humor. she did a good job for that particular sketch. >> tal kopan. funny anytime of day. thank you. 17 minutes past the hour. the new york bombing suspect's father speaking out. insisting he told the fbi to keep an eye on his son two years ago. that's next.
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there is new surveillance video of terror suspect rahami, allegedly planting a pressure cooker bomb on the new york city streets. video shows him dropping a bag on the street and two men come
2:23 am
up and take the device out of the bag and walk off with the bag and leave the device there. then a man comes up and kicks the device and it did not go off. meanwhile, ahmad khan rahami's father said two years ago to watch rahami. then senior rahami recanted his terrorist inclinations and that left the fbi to declare it a domestic dispute. we have deborah feyerick with more. >> reporter: the fbi doesn't know where the bomb factory is that ahmad khan rahami build the pressure cookers. investigators believe rahami left new york city three hours after the bombs detonated traveling from manhattan to the lincoln tunnel to new jersey. they do not know or they are not saying where he was during the three hours, but they do believe
2:24 am
at some point he did return to his family home and engaged with family members. family members say he was behaving normally. this is before the police released a photo of him and he went on the run. investigators are searching for two men who may have unknowingly removed the pressure cooker bomb from the carry-on bag. investigators want the bag. they believe it could have crucial evidence inside. including fingerprints. they want to know if rahami acted alone. as for his wife, she is back in the united states and questioned by the fbi. they want to know where he traveled in pakistan and afghanistan. they also want to know who he may have met with. john. thank you, deb. hundredin hundreds of people marching through the streets of charlotte. demonstrations mostly peaceful. we will check in on the ground with the very latest next. surgeey ing home stick around.
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overnight, protesters marching through the streets of charlotte demonstrating for the third night in a row. the family of the man watches the video. and a police officer charged in tulsa. now she has been released on bail. facing four years to life in prison if convicted. a big data breach at yahoo!. this could be historically large hack. we will tell you what it means for your security. it is big. state-sponsored actor the company claims. welcome back to "early start."
2:30 am
i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. relative calm on the streets of charlotte after the third night of protests after the shooting of an african-american man keith lamont scott. police decided not to enforce the curfew because officials said the demonstrations were made peaceful. still protesters are calling for the release of videos that show officer bradley vincent shooting keith scott. the police chief allowed scott's family to watch it and they say they saw something different than what is described by police. joining us from charlotte is nick valencia. nick, give us a sense of the night and early morning. >> reporter: good morning, john. the last two nights were more chaotic than what we witnessed last night. the few hundred protesters ma h marched peacefully protesting
2:31 am
against the fatal shooting of keith scott. the scenes we witnessed, we saw protesters shaking hands with national guard members. when we arrived on the scene early this morning, the national guard was just about to pull out, but before they did, they were mingling with demonstrators. it was a different feeling than what we saw 24 hours ago. the sights of vandalism and riots. the curfew was not implemented by police because those on the streets were peaceful and the protests went pretty well. john. >> one of the sticking points is the video or videos that show keith scott shot by police. the family has now seen it, but the police chief has no immediate plans or no plans at all to make it public. >> reporter: there is no expectation. there is no timetable given on if or when we will see the police videos.
2:32 am
we know at least two videos exist of the police shooting. yesterday, the scott family saw for the first time releasing a statement through attorneys saying it was ambiguous at best. they saw no aggressive act toward police officers. in fact, scott was walking backwards. it is turning into a he-said-she said. the police chief saying he was adamant and scott was fatally shot because he refused to comply with police. i think we should anticipate another round of demonstrations tonight until the video is public. >> thank you, nick. in tulsa now, a peaceful night in tulsa, oklahoma, where another police officer who shot and killed a black man has been charged with felony manslaughter in the first degree. officer betty shelby was released on $50,000 bond. she faces four years to life in prison if convicted.
2:33 am
a week ago, shelby fatally shot terence crutcher after his suv broke down in the middle of the road. the entire event visible from police chopper and squad car. you see crutcher with his hands up. raised above his head. he is not fully vice habvisible the moment of the shooting. the tulsa district attorney said shelby checked the suv and knew there was no threat on the driver's side. lawyers for the crutcher family are happy the charges are brought. joining us this morning to discuss what is going on in the country and on the streets. retired lapd sergeant cheryl dorsey. i want to start with the video in charlotte. the family of keith scott has seen it. they said the family has more questions than answers. it is impossible to discern from the video what is mr. scott is holding in his hands when he was
2:34 am
killed. his hands were by his side and when he was shot, he was slowly walking backwards. the police chief doesn't see absolute evidence in the video that scott was pointing a gun, he said. that's what he says there. he says based on witness accounts and other things, he is confident that he has the story straight. >> we're hearing the varying accounts from the witnesses as well. some witnesses said it was a book. others saying it was a gun. again, having a weapon in and of itself in an open carry state is not problematic unless you use it in a threatening matter. i understand if he pointed that at an officer, we are not required to have a dialogue with you. we're not hearing evidence of that. it doesn't sound like they even are sure that's what occurred. i feel that they are trying to
2:35 am
create a situation to justify escalating this to a deadly force incident when deadly force may he not have been warranted. >> should they release all of the video? in doing that, you are bypassing the investigation of the people on the ground every day facing threats. >> i think they need to release the video because there are so many differing stories. the police chief said he would make it available and be transparent. he said later transparency is in the eye of the beholder. that is insulting if you lost a loved one. there's no such thing. let us see it. let the family see it in its evntiret entirety. let the chips fall. >> i never said full transparency. i'm not sure the public will buy that difference. let's talk about the curfew. the mayor imposed a midnight to
2:36 am
6:00 a.m. curfew. the police did not enforce that. i found that interesting. >> the police showed great restraint when this thing started. even last night and to allow the protesters to continue to protest because they were acting appropriately makes sense. we want to be fair. that's what police work is all about. it is about having a delicate balance. it is about common sense. i say all the time if sense was common, everybody would have it and we would not have these problems. okay, a curfew was in force and they could have sent everybody home. >> you have been a police officer in riots. >> i have been a police officer in riots in uniform in south central last for 20 years. i know what it is like. >> terrifying? >> it can be. it is inherent to police work. we deal with bad guys and guys
2:37 am
who are verbally aggressive. i expect bad guys to go to jail if i stop you. if i do that, i cannot become personally involved. if you run from me, i have two choices. get ready to get exercise and chase you or let you go. i don't get to kill you because you don't comply. police officers have a tremendous amount of authority and deferences. onus is on me and a trained professional to escalate and deescalate that force as required by my training. >> thank you for being here. 30 minutes past the hour. this could be the largest data breach of all time. yahoo! says 500 million user accounts was stolen. this happened in 2014. it was discovered in august after a hacker claimed to sell data from 200 million yahoo!
2:38 am
accounts. yahoo! says say state-sponsored actor. that says a foreign government. no credit card or bank information was believed to be stol stolen. information and birthdays and user names were taken. they say change your password. make them different. >> 1234. >> no. create new security questions and answers. your first pet or candy will not be in my profiles. we are just three days away, can you believe it, from the first presidential debate. what the candidates are doing today to prepare for this moment and also how the back drop of the violence in charlotte and also the shooting in tulsa will
2:39 am
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donald trump says he may visit charlotte after monday's big debate with hillary clinton on monday. >> a big debate? >> calling for national crime agenda saying the protests are making america look bad to the world. he talked about this at the rally in pennsylvania. joining us to talk politics is tal kopan live in washington. it ways few days ago how this bomber in new york and new jersey, suspected bomber, how that would influences the tone of the race. now it is completely shifted and we're talking about law and order and racism.
2:44 am
that will clearly be front and center on monday. >> absolutely. you know, presidential elections tap into the feelings of the electorate. when the economy is suffering, it is economic. when you have major events like we have seen, terrorism or these really unfortunate incidents with the police shootings and protests that have followed, that is what people are talking about. that is what people are feeling. if presidential candidates don't respond to that, i don't know what the point is. of course, this is front and center during the debate. it depends how the moderator handles it. we have seen it dominate the campaign trail in the last few days. i expect it to be front and center for sure. >> both candidates off the trail. doing debate prep. including donald trump, by the way. some would say the debate prep thing. no. we don't need do it. they are both off the trail. they both getting ready for this
2:45 am
thing. the clinton campaign would have you believe it is very hard for them because we don't know what kind of donald trump we're going to get. they point to pictures like this from past donald trump debates. let's watch. >> most of the people on this stage i've given to, just so you understand. a lot of money. >> first of all, rand paul shouldn't be on the stage. you get along with nobody. >> excuse me. one second. >> donald -- >> more energy tonight. i like that. >> he referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there's no problem. i guarantee. >> okay. >> almost erase that from my memory. >> tal, how are both sides working the refs here? we are full into the expectation. both sides talking about what they need from the moderator. the moderator needs to be aggressive to check the facts or not. depending who you listen to. >> absolutely.
2:46 am
this is gamesmanship. the debate doesn't start and end on the debate stage. there is an expectation game. the clinton campaign wants to go out and say expectations are low for donald trump. don't let him off easy. they are trying to make it seem he needs to be held to a higher bar. of course, the trump campaign is saying clinton should be wiping the floor with him. experienced debater. donald trump is pretty good too. remember the primaries? those were some debates to watch. you never knew what to expect. you know it is not just about what they say on the stage. they are trying to set the ground for themselves to succeed. yes, they are trying to influence the moderators and what the moderators may feel comfortable asking. it is all part of the game. >> hillary clinton going after the coveted millennial vote. the kids these days and if they will vote for her. she was on zach galifianakis "between two ferns."
2:47 am
can we listen to this? >> first you supported obama's trans-pacific partnership deal and then you were against it. i think people deserve to know are you down with tpp? >> i'm not down with tpp. >> no, you're supposed to say yeah, you know me like the hip hop group. >> don't tell me what to say. >> i guess millennials or gen-xers here. as our expert and political guru, does this do well for her? >> it is about humanizing her. it shows she can be in on the joke. if you watched "between two ferns" before zach galifianakis is out there and different. it is up to the deadpan and play the side kick. she delivered. she did her role within that sketch. we have had reporting that this is her idea.
2:48 am
she can be in on the joke and relaxed and cut through the negative noise and speak directly to the people watching viral videos. it was effective in that regard. i don't know if it wiped everything off the map in terms of the millennial vote. it was effective. >> thank you, tal. somewhere, steve grogan is smiling as the patriots third string quarterback is doing well. i can read the prompter. details in the bleacher report next. conference calls. companies are using virtual hubs to get everyone on the same page. cnn looks how boeing is using collaboration and design. >> it takes five to ten years to take a airplane from the drawing board to the runway. every year on the assembly line is another year they are not getting a return on the investment. boeing is speeding that up.
2:49 am
cutting the design time. >> the complexities are going higher and higher because the demands of the customers are also getting higher and higher. they want to do a lot more with the airplanes for less. let's start with spain. >> boeing has 11 design centers and hundreds of offices around the world and almost 20,000 suppliers who make engines to seats to software. to get everyone on the same page, boeing created the lab in huntsville, alabama. >> we deal with a lot of data. we have been able to put in place the computing infrastructure to deal with that. >> i'll take it. >> you see the handoff of the design between the sites which is the power of collaboration. >> it can cost $400 million just to develop one plane. researchers are hoping better collaboration can reduce that cost. >> designs used to be done in what i would refer to as silos.
2:50 am
you don't want that system of marking up a design and say here's my input and i'm passing it on the next person. if there is an error and it is not caught, it is passed on. if you don't discover you have a problem, you don't discover it until it is built. the power allows us to be a lot more productive, but also be able to come up with solutions faster. >> agility in action is brought to you by at&t. mobilizing your world. go to for more stories and businesses using tech-based solutions to propel themselves forward. company's servers accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of at&t, and security that senses
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tom brady out. jimmy g is out. we have a third string company who won his first game. brissett. coy wire in the bleacher report.
2:55 am
>> translate please. >> good morning, christine and john. brissett. throw john berman in there. playing quarterback for the patriots is good. i have a good gig. i'm on michigan state's campus. the epicenter of the college football weekend. spartans are taking on 11th ranked wisconsin. these folks know football and they love their football. you know who else knows a things or two about football? that would be that darn patriots head coach bill belichick. he plugs in brissett for garopollo for brady. a coach knows how to bring hiss are his roster together.
2:56 am
brock osweiler under duress all night. they crush texans. 27-0. big game in atlanta. clemson winning at georgia tech for the first time in 13 years. watson throwing for two touchdowns. showing why he's a favorite for the heisman. clemson moves to 4-0. they have a huge match up with louisville next week who have their own heisman hopefu lamar jackson. good news with charlotte. panthers announce their game on sunday against the vikings will go on and planned. panthers were in talks with the nfl regarding the city's unrest. for now, the game will go on in charlotte at 1:00 p.m. eastern on sunday. >> nice to see sports bringing them together. thanks, coy. let's get an early start on your money. friday edition. stocks riding a three-day
2:57 am
winning streak thanks to the fed reserve. held interest rates low and steady. nasdaq with a record closing high yesterday. amazon shares. if you are a shareholder, record high. dow futures are dipping now. stocks in europe and asia are lower. oil is down as well. you can probably expect a fed reserve hike later this year. facebook dropping 2% in pre-market trading. a wall street journal claims facebook overestimated average viewing time for two years. the social network tells cnn money it has fixed the problem and has one of several metrics they use. watch facebook. good news for house hunters. people priced out of the housing market may get relief. here's why. for the first time since 2011, incomes are rising faster than home prices. both rising, but median home
2:58 am
prices up 5% in august. the average home price now about $188,000. according to zillow. we learned median household income up 5.2%. that is a problem, berman, home prices recovering faster than wages. house hunters get out there and cannot find something within their range. we have new protests in charlotte. peaceful overnight. keith scott's family is speaking out about the video of his shooting. they have seen the video. "new day" begins now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." it is 6:00 in the east. people taking to the streets in charlotte despite the midnight curfew. people chanting release the tape over the deadly police shooting
2:59 am
of keith scott. >> we have what could be a major development and it turned into more controversy. the scott family did see the video. they came out of it with a wildly different account from what the police say happened. this comes as a tulsa police officer is charged in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. both of these cases reigniting debate about policing and race. we start with coverage with nick valencia live in charlotte. the curfew ending there. what's the situation? >> reporter: good morning, chris. welcome sign on the streets of downtown charlotte. peace and quiet. protests were by and large peaceful. you mentioned the curfew that went into effect at midnight. lifted a few moments ago. it was never implemented because last night went to well according to police. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> reporter: a third night of protests remain peaceful thursday night despite charlotte officials enacting a midnight
3:00 am
curfew. a small group thanking national guard members for service. others laying down to protest the shooting death of keith lamont scott. >> release the video. >> reporter: and demanding the police video of the incident be released to the public. the police chief concedes the video doesn't show scott pointing a gun at officers. >> the video does not give me definitive visual evidence that would confirm that a person is pointing a gun. when taken this the totally of the evidence, it support what is we heard in the version of the truth of the circumstances that happened. >> reporter: despite that, police are standing by the account of what happened saying scott refused to drop his weapon. >> the gun and it was not easy to see with the way the motion was happening. so, it is


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