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tv   Wolf  CNN  September 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> it's called "primetime justice with ashleigh banfield." hope you'll join us on hln, starting october 17th. sending it over to wolf blitzer. the last time i say, please stay tuned, because "wolf" starts right now and the last time i say thank you for watching "legal view." hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in new york. 8:00 p.m. in moscow, 1:30 p.m. saturday in pyongyang, north korea. from wherever you're watching from around the world, thank you very much for joining us. breaking news coming into cnn right to you. donald trump and supreme court nominee as the gop presidential candidate today expanded his list of individuals he would consider naming to the supreme court if elected president. the move brings his list of potential picks to 21 names from the 10 he previously announced.
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sunlen, tell us more about these additional names? >> reporter: a lot more diversity if the names released today. one interesting name that caught the eye of us here, senator mike lee. u.s. senator from utah, not a judge and notably, a senator that still has not endorsed donald trump. really refused to get behind his campaign. he is a close ally and close friend of senator ted cruz. so interesting to note that donald trump is putting him prominently on this new lift p senator lee's office says he's not interested, likes his just just fine. he likes to tout he's releasing these names of potential supreme court justices whoa pick and uses it as an argument on the campaign trail. look if you like me, great. if you don't like me, one thing to tell you, supreme court justices, supreme court justices.
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wolf, trying to use this as a unifying factor for conservatives anxious about his potential presidential. >> a bit criticized. initial lichst of whites. now in the new list extended to 21, one of south asian origin, one born in venezuela and an african-american. a bit of diversity. thank you very much. a countdown to an epic showdown. three days away from the first presidential debate between donald trump dntd aand hillary clinton. expected to be one of most watched in history. trump and clinton jere off in the first of three presidential dedebates, one on one, hor shg, achieving prosperity and secures the country. both candidates off the campaign trail for now preparing for this critically important debate.
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talk about what's at stake what we can expect from the monday night 90-minute uninterrupted debate. with us here in new york, cnn political director david chalian and senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny. joining us from washington, cnn chief political analyst gloria borger, chief political correspondent dana dash and senior political reporter manu raju. david, looking for very different approaches between the two candidates? >> certainly. we know how they're preparing and stylistically quite different. two things i'm looking for here. first and foremost, curious to see, talked a lot about this, do these two candidates show up on this debate stage to win over the small slice in the middle who is still not decided or are these two candidates making a play to energize they're bases? is that their political focus and really trying to motivate their bases, which is i think where this election is most likely to be decided, who can get more core voters out?
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that's one thing i'm watching and, of course, watching to see donald trump, if indeed hillary clinton does anything to get under his skin, and how he handles that, because we saw examples of that in the primary season debates, you recall, and that is where you could have a volatile moment in the debate. >> i suspect there will be several volatile moments in that debate. jeff zeleny what are you looking for? >> really how they're preparing. we've been drilling down into this somewhat and to talk to clinton advisers, she is really learning everything she can about donald trump. all of this positions. the challenge for her, though, is to, i'm told, as she does not want to be lecturing. wants to have more levity. remember the moment from the democratic convention when she says, no, donald, you are not, and kind of smiled at that moment? the context, he says he knows more than the generals. she is going to act more like that, i'm told. at least they hope to, sort of have more levity in this moment and, also, we're told today, jim
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acosta is reporting donald trump is also watching videotape of hillary clinton's primary debates. she has more debate tape than any other presidential candidate in modern history here. so interestingly, they're going into the weekends here watching one another. like a game film in college football. >> yeah. or nfl football for that matter. gloria, what about you? >> you know, to david's point about which audience these candidates are looking towards, one thing, if donald trump is going to try and appeal to the so-called persuadable voters, whoever they are, and if there are 6% to 8% of them left in the country what he will try and do is persuade these mostly white college educated largely female voters that he has control of the issues, and that he addresses hillary clinton with the appropriate tone and demeanor. because if he starts calling hillary clinton names during this debate, that may play to his base, but it is not going to
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play with those persuadable voters. and as for hillary clinton, schae to find a way to get under his skin and try to a degree to humiliate him with a smile on her face, because there is nothing that makes him respond more to people than when he feels insulted. and if she can do that, that may be a way for her to get under his skin, goad him into saying something intemperate which is exactly what they want. >> good point. because dana you know, trump always makes the point, i don't hit back unless i'll hit first. if i'm his first i'm going to hit back twice as hard. i anticipate something like that coming forward monday night. >> right. and my -- the thing i'm looking for is similar to what gloria said. whether or not donald trump will take hillary clinton's bait. the worst moment post getting the nomination or at least being
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the presumptive nominee for donald trump was when he took the debate, a debate, i should say, that democrats put out for him during their convention with the gold car family, the khans, trashing donald trump. saying that he is not somebody who gets what it takes to be commander in chief. he took the bait, went after them, and they got really pummelled for it. that is -- that version it is hard to see that version of -- of trying to get him to bring out his worst. not being a part of hillary clinton's strategy. >> manu, what about you? >> i think how well donald trump does off script. we've seen in the last weeks, a very good moment. very disciplined for the most part. he's given very limited interviews, or friendly interviews for the most part and when he's done his campaign appearances, he's read from a
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teleprompter. what does he do in this 90-minute session when he's going to be asked a lot of tough questions. going to be attacked by hillary clinton. how does he perform? how does he respond? and on hillary clinton's side, she has still that honest and trustworthy factor that she needs to overcome. can she sell herself to the middle of the electorate and someone who can be trusted? and on two policy issues, i would look, interesting to see how donald trump does he try to moderate at all on the issue of immigration, his key issue in his campaign that rallied his base? and what does hillary clinton do on health care, she's run to the left of obama and obama care and pushed on that issue as well. interesting to see the extent to which both candidates try to court the middle or rally their base. >> gloria, in an interview with abc news with robin roberts, president obama had this debate advice for hillary clinton.
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listen to this, gloria. >> be yourself and explain what motivates you. because i will tell you, i've gotten to know hillary, and seen her work, and seen her in tough times and in good times. she's in this for the right reasons. i think there's a reason why we haven't had a woman president before, and so she's having to break down some barriers. there's a level of mistrust and a caricature of her that just doesn't jive with who i know. >> so gloria what do you think of that advice? >> i think it's good advice, but it's very hard to say to a candidate, you know, be more like yourself. because that is something that hillary clinton has a hard time with a lot of the time, and i think that if she can be the person she was, say, in her
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debate with a -- a couple of debates with bernie sanders, where she knew how to attack, but kind of kept it low key, i they will help her, and getting under his skin will help her, and he just -- you know, he just has to watch it. i look back to history, honestly, and i look at ronald reagan's challenge when he was debating jimmy carter. people -- they were -- jimmy carter was unpopular, but ronald reagan, like donald trump had to show he had the temperament and knowledge to become president of the united states. even though he was running against somebody who wasn't popular. so i think that's the challenge for trump here, and the challenge for hillary clinton as the president has said is just be the person the people who know you the best see you as when you're off camera. it's hard. >> dana, the trump campaign clearly trying to downplay
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expectations, the republican national committee communications director sean spicer release add memo, put it on the screen. trump hasn't been running for president for 24 years. spent his career as a successful businessman. few are expecting the same level of polish from a verbal gunslinger who's rhetorical strength is speaking to the heart and the gut of the american people. what do you think of that analys analysis? >> that sean spice sir doing his job, doing what he's supposed to do as the spinner in chief for the republican party, which is try to lower expectations for his guy, and raise expectations for their opponent. if he didn't do that, i would go over and put a thermometer in his mouth and make sure he was feeling okay. our challenge as reporters and analysts and veterans of this process is to, to see it differently, and to see it about how each performs on the stage at that time based on the reality that no matter where
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each has come from, each wants to be the most important and the most powerful person, not only in this country but in the world. so, you know, the spinners are going to do the spinning, as taylor swift would say, but we have to focus on what matters. >> and david chalian, the fact that mark cuban now got a front row seat. he's a billionaire businessman, owner of the dallas mavericks, just got a front row seat to watch hillary clinton overwhelm, reel donald trump, at the humbling hofstra on monday. it is on. sort of playing mind games. >> sort of. i think that's the equivalent we said before, studying game film. the equivalent of trash talk before kickoff. so by saying you're going to put mark cuban, trolling donald trump on twitter, one of his chief tormentors plays to one of the things donald trump gets most worked up about, is he as wealthy and successful, line of attack? front and center as a guest, a
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clear sign of the clinton campaign, elbow before the debate. >> yes. it is. donald trump's family will be there with him. interestingly about this, remembering back to the first obama/romney debate. the president's folks at the time knew he was losing, in their view, in the first seven minutes of that debate and started watching on social media and other things. four years after, things are much faster. both sides spinning this instantaneo instantaneously. dana said we watch and analyze it. watch the whole debate and see the entire outcome of both sides. both are coming to play here but it is without question the most fascinating, most important moment of this campaign yet so far. >> potentially going to have a huge, huge impact on all of the polls, and, of course, the eventual outcome of his president's election as well. everyone, stay with us. more news coming into cnn right now. the family of the man shot and killed by police in charlotte is now speaking out as the police
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that's the first he ever said it like that. >> that's the mother of keith lamont scott, the man fatally shot by police in charlotte, north carolina. verna scott walker says her son left her a message on the day he died but it was quick and cut off. >> you can leave a message -- by pressing pound. >> here, done get shot and he called, and he called me. yes, he did. >> walker adds he believes her son was reading the koran in his car. there's new information coming in. i need to take a quick break. we'll be right back.
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the death of keith lamont scott sparked protests three nights in a row in charlotte, north carolina. what we saw last night was in stark contrast to tuesday and wednesday. instead of violence and chaos, handshakes hugs and respect. protestors insisting the police video of the shooting be released. charlotte's mayor and police chief agreed but considerations, they say. >> i do believe the video should be released. the question is on the timing. and i am willing to work with our law enforcement officials to discuss when that will occur. >> if i were to put it out indiscriminately and it doesn't give you good context it can enflame the situation, and make it even worse. it will exacerbate the backlash.
10:24 am
it will increase the distrust. >> joining us now, the late ministers of the universalist church, reverend robin tanner and reverend kareen mack, president of the naacp, and thanks to you both for joining us. there was peaceful marches last night. i assume -- let me start with you, reverend tanner. presitely what you wanted. right? >> absolutely, and that is what we have been envisioning and know to be true of the community leaders and protestors that are here on the ground in charlotte. that it is a non-violent movement. and that is why we encourage that there not be a curfew and our city not militarized. we believe that would escalate violence. >> there was a curfew last night at midnight, reverend mack and about 350-plus national guard troops were sent in to charlotte. was that a problem?
10:25 am
>> that's true. but as reverend tanner said, we believe that it's important that we have a justice march, that's a peaceful march, and most of our leaders feel the same way. we did not expect anything but that. we do understand that there were a couple of days there were problems but most of the leaders here were very peaceful. very orderly. it was just a select few that did something different, and we in no way condone violence. >> and minister mack and i have been on the ground since tuesday evening when all of this, when protestors began to gather in the streets. we were first in the neighborhood where keith lamont scott was shot and killed. we can see as soon as police arrived armed and armored and riot gear is when we saw things turn rapidly that evening. and the same pattern wednesday which began peacefully, a
10:26 am
peaceful movement and yesterday evening we saw, you know, this positive engagement with law enforcement who were on bicycles throughout the city, in some, some in uniform walking the side and alongside, and we saw what we would anticipate what we know of our community, which is a non-violent movement. we're trying to underscore when you militarize the city, begin to march towards folks in riot gear who are not armed and not armored, their vulnerability is palpable, and it sets a state of fear that is completely unnecessary at this time in our city. >> minister -- >> to be honest, if you look at -- i'm sorry. >> i was go to ask you, minister mack, do you want all the videos out there, that the police have, for example, private citizens have, do you want all of those videos released? >> absolutely. we believe in transparency, and we also believe that the citizens are charlotte need to see every video.
10:27 am
at the end of the day, we can handle it. we need to know what they know, and then maybe question begin to move past whatever problem we're having and begin to rebuild that trust, but we need to see every single video that the police department has, and has access to. >> reverend tanner, do you have confidence in the mayor and the police chief of charlotte, north carolina? >> we are a people of faith who move forward with hope nap is the grounding. it's the ground that we walk upon. it's the ground we have walked upon on the streets of our city. so we remain hopeful. we have been in communication with city leaders expressing our concerns. pleading with them to leareleas the video footage, to begin to demonstrate that transparency that rebuilds trust, and we believe releasing the videos is derebuilding trust in our community. >> is that a yes? you have confidence in the mayor and police chief that they're doing the right thing? >> we question the decisions that have been made.
10:28 am
we disagree with some of the decisions that have been made. again, we move forward with a hope that they will listen to the urgings we've offered before them and release those videos. >> minister mack what do you think? >> i concur. i concur. >> could you just repeat it? i didn't hear it? >> i just think that, it's important for us as people of faith to be hopeful, and to continue to converse with the mayor and the police department as well as the chief of police around the very issues that have us out here today. and through those conversations, deeper conversations, we can come to some agreement it is important that transparency is the word of the day, and that, in fact, once everyone has the opportunity to see the videos we can then possibly move forward. until then i don't believe we
10:29 am
can ever get to a place we need to be. and we are hopeful, we really, truly want this community to come back together again. having serious, deep conversations around race and other things so that we can be citizens that can be viable, interacting in a way we haven't in a long time. i think that if today the video was released, by tomorrow there would be a conversation that we're not having today. >> right. >> please, release those videos. >> all right. let's see if they accept your recommendation, reverend mack, reverendtarian, thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you, wolf. >> thank you, and let's hope it stays peaceful once again tonight as it did last night. take yore quick break. we'll continue our coverage of this right after this. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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today president obama is set to veto legislation allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue the government of saudi arabia, but could be setting himself up for a showdown with congress. many lawmakers said they would try to override his veto. jim sciutto from washington, jim, the justice against sponsors of terrorism act as it's called passed overwhelmingly in the house and senate without any opposition, really. why does the president oppose it? >> reporter: the president's view, the administration's view is if u.s. citizens are allowed to sue the saudi arabian government, then the u.s. government would likely be subject to lawsuits by the citizens of other countries, particularly acknowledging that you have the u.s. military active in many countries, you have drone strikes where civilians and in fact we know as a matter of fact that civilians often end up getting killed in those strikes. the central administration
10:35 am
suspicion this will put the u.s. government and potentially u.s. soldiers at risk and why the president is set to veto it and told that veto is likely to come before 5:00 today. >> and then up to the house and senate to try could override that veto. they need 34 senators, for example, to side with the president, and not vote to override the veto. but it looks like that's going to be very, very hard for the president supporters in the senate to come up with that number. what are you hearing? >> reporter: right. in fact, cnn is reporting that they do have the votes to override the president's veto both in the senate and house and likely to come, of course, the senate and house are back in session next week and that vote could come as soon as next week and things move quickly. i've spoken to lawyers for the 9/11 families saying initially this will render moot a current court case challenging this exception, in effect, fighting for the right to sue the saudi arabian government. if this passes, of course, they have that right and that legal
10:36 am
proceeding is moot and then they will quickly move on to the case itself, which is holding the saudi arabian government to count, to account, for 9/11. >> and the bottom line is that not just military personnel, american military personnel, the white house, the president fears, could be endangered but american diplomats serving around the world as well, right? >> that's the administration's argument. talk to lawyers of the victims' family have a different point of view and here a different point of view in congress which does look to have the votes to override the president's objection here. >> see what the president does. that veto expected to be delivered before 5:00 p.m. eastern. jim sciutto, thank you very much. also getting new details about the new york and new jersey bombings. look at this surveillance video. police believe that ahmad rahami plant add suitcase or bag containing a pressure cooker saturday night, and then two men
10:37 am
are later seen removing the explosive kwis from that luggage and placing it on the sidewalk. police are still looking for those two men hoping to gain more information. they have not shown up yet. joining us now to go through the details, our justice correspondent pamela brown and tom verney. pamela, investigators put together a detailed timeline on rahami's movements. l lay that out. >> looking at the time before he placed the bomb and then entered the manhattan tunnels two hours before placing the bomb on 27th street and left several hours later. we learned what family members have done, rahami apparently went home sunday morning, hours after allegedly placing those bombs in manhattan, and his family told investigators he was acting normal. wasn't acting suspicious.
10:38 am
that had no kwlad no idea what earlier. overseas, a strip he took to pakistan for a year, 2013 to 2014 and in that time also went to afghanistan and turkey, we've learned. officials want to know if perhaps while in turkey he tried to get into syria. his father told the in t the "n times" and other, that he took a trip, was bad, contacted the fbi, was interviewed by the fbi. there are different accounts of that interview. the law enforcement officials we've spoke with say the father downplay downplayed, but the father has a different view. >> days before the bombing
10:39 am
efforts, hearing explosives going off in the backyard of his home. listen to this. >> but they would set up these cylinder blocks into, like, a square formation, don't know what they would use it for, because it had separate area where is they were burning garbage, but -- when they actually used it, don't know if they were using it to muffle the noise, but it would be late at night, and we would think that it's the neighbor, whenever he slammed his car door, but this time it was so loud, it just woke up everybody from upstairs. they actually were the ones that took a look and they were testing some kind of explosive. >> tom what could come from this kind of information? >> what fascinates me, many times you have people that have bits of information, which at the time may not make sense yet they don't reach out to law enforcement, which is troubling. someone setting off explosives
10:40 am
in your backyard or subsequently your neighbor's, that might make me call authorities and say someone's setting up explosives in the house next door to tip them off, if for nothing else, if they went initially to check out that report of an explosive, you know, being set off, then that could have tipped them off to maybe this all being prevented from the get-go. why it's imperative people report things that they, that don't make sense to them that just don't fit. they know what's right and wrong for their neighborhoods and respective surroundings. see something that's looks wrong, contact authorities immediately to hopefully prevent something like this from happening again. >> tom, hold on a moment. there's breaking news coming in to cnn. we're getting our first look right now at video of that fatal police shooting of keith lamont scott in charlotte. charlotte, north carolina.
10:41 am
i want to play the video for our viewers right now. the video shot by scott's wife. i want to warn viewers as well it is graphic, and disturbing. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. he has no weapon. don't shoot him. >> drop the [ muted ] gun. >> don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. >> drop the gun. drop the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he's not going to do anything to you guys. he just took his medicine. >> drop the gun! i'm getting [ bleep ] over here. >> keith, don't let them break the windows. come on out the car. >> drop the gun. >> all right. pretty disturbing video. on the phone we have the scott family attorney eduardo curry joining us. tell us about this video, eduardo, shot by mr. scott's wife? >> that is correct, wolf.
10:42 am
his wife shot it, because she was present at the time this encounter occurred. mr. scott and the police. >> so what's your analysis of the video eduardo? clearly the police keep saying, drop the gun, drop the gun. go ahead? >> and i hear the wife saying, he doesn't have a gun. in fact, when she's saying don't do it, because she's saying, keith, don't let them break out the windows. don't do it. just don't -- don't do anything. they want you out, come on out. that's what mr. scott did. came out very timidly. non-aggressively. not pointing any weapons. we don't believe he had -- we don't believe that there was any reason for mr. scott to lose his life. >> why did you -- why do you think we kept hearing the police say, repeatedly, and the video is a lot longer than we showed, drop the gun, drop the gun, drop the gun? >> we still don't know, wolf. we still don't know what object that was there.
10:43 am
if you'll look closely with it, it appears that when he's down on the video, that mrs. scott actually took, you know, there is no evidence of anything, and mysterious there object appears. at this point we don't know what object that is. to date, i've not seen thaefd the evidence there is a physical gun. no pictures that we can discernibly see. where we are at this is that we want the world and cnn to see, this is what she shot. it's not edited. it's not enhanced. it's not doctored. we just want the world to see what we believe are some facts. >> eduardo, have you given this video to the local law enforcement? >> it's my understanding they have a copy of it. >> and you have seen the other video, cash damn and bocam vide.
10:44 am
you that you? correct. correct. >> what did you see? >> i saw a terrified man inside his vehicle while the police were around the vehicle beating on it with batons, telling him, giving him all kinds of commands and when he exited, he exited timidly, he existed non-aggressively. he exited with his hands down, and started backing away from what he perceived to be a police, show authority, and then at some point someone fired, shot him and killed him. >> and is it clear, because we've heard the police chief kerr putney of charlotte, suggest that there's no real definitive evidence that the, that mr. scott actually pointed the gun in that video. it sort of is hazy, if you will? >> wolf, i can tell you with certainty that i did not see mr. scott brandish, point, or present a firearm or a gun or weapon at any point during the
10:45 am
video. in fact, the video is even clear enough to see that his right-hand, which he's right-hand dominant is actually clear and we're not sure what the left-hand shows, but at this point, we don't believe that there was what they say it was. >> because as you know, all of these reports are out there, eduardo that they did find a gun. they believe it was his gun, that he was holding that gun and they also say, reports suggesting, his fingerprints were found on the gun. you've heard those reports. i'd love to get your reaction. >> i've not seen one independent verification that says his fingerprints were on any weapon. i've not seen a weapon presented. attorney bamberg has not seen a weapon presented. attorney monet have not seen a weapon presented. what we are doing is just showing facts and allowing you ands media and the world to look into this shooting and to see whether or not it was justified.
10:46 am
>> let me play another clip from the video. this is the video that mr. scott's wife shot. i'm going to play it eduarda and then we'll continue this conversation. >> i'm not coming to you guys, but he better live. he better live. y'all hear that? you see this, right? he better live. he better live. i swear, he better live. yep. he better live. he better [ bleep ] live. he better live -- where is -- he better [ bleep ] live and i can't even believe -- i ain't going nowhere. i'm in the same spot. [ bleep ]. that's okay, did y'all call the police? i mean did y'all call the [ bleep ] i'm not coming to you guys but he better live. >> eduardo is the family attorney. reaction, powerful, dramatic video. >> it is very dramatic. rarely do you get an opportunity
10:47 am
where a family member it illuminate on a situation. what i would ask y'all to do, there is a still photo floating around which apparently shows some object that was there, that was supposed to be an object that the police says it is. if you take the opportunity to look at the position of mr. scott and in the area where the police say that object would have been, use your common sense. your judgment, and your observation. ask yourself when did that object appear? ask yourself, how did the object get there? you look at that tape. you might be able to see some things that would help illuminate the situation. >> why -- eduardo, has it taken so long, several days, to are you to release this tape? >> the one that that's occurred. think about this, wolf. a couple engaged in a 20-year marriage and a 25 y-year
10:48 am
relationship, and seven children and all of a sudden the patriarch is jerked away from the family in such a hoar risk w horrific way. it's tough to talk to them about what happened without talking to our lawyers and the team about strategies. we've not been in this case but since september 20th. merely two, three days ago. so between just -- just showing the family what they need to be doing, focusing on the protection of the family and just, a catastrophic situation that has occurred. it takes time to actually build a case, but it also takes time to nurture to people hurting physically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. so that's what's going on. >> how is she doing, mrs. scott? the wife who actually shot this video? >> she's not doing well, as you can imagine. she's in deep mourning. in fact, wolf, you've not heard her make one statement except
10:49 am
the written statements we've issued out, because she has not been ready to face the media. that's why she has a team of lawyers to deal with the things that are going on, but she and her seven children are distraught. >> eduardo curry, the family attorney. eduardo, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. all right. get more analysis. tom fuentes is with us as well as tom verney. tom fuentes, first to you. what's your reaction? a dramatic, powerful video we've just shown our viewers. >> i think the problem, wolf, with watching these is that in many cases, to me, they add a little bit more confusion instead of clarity, and i watched that trying to see exactly what was happening. it was difficult. and that's why, you know, in one way the police do hesitate to release piece by piece these videos because they can be interpreted however you wish to
10:50 am
interpret them and i think at this point i would -- i would wait for more of the forensics of this case. the crime scene examination and diagrams, all of the work that went into and is going to go into the investigation yet to come. and i think that the problem here for me is that it doesn't clarify the situation enough in my mind. >> what about you, tom? >> yeah, it doesn't -- from the vantage point watching the video you clearly cannot even see him, you can't see his hands, you can't see where the police are in relation to him. i would like the police to release their videos, quite frankly, some law enforcement are saying no, they shouldn't do that, that's their policy. me personally, one of the reasons for having body cams and dash cams is to have the transparency so police can take the video, make it part of their investigation to get where they need to be but also to provide transparency for the community so they can see the vantage point of the police officer and
10:51 am
make their own determination which they'll do anyway. perceptions but is nine tenths of the law now anyways. so people will make their own determinations based on what they think they know. if you provide that video for them and they can see what the police is seeing we can base our judgments much more clearly on the facts and not hearsay and conjecture. >> you want, tom fuentes, do you think they should release the video of local law enforcement? >> wolf, i would agree with tom at this point. i think initially you wouldn't want one video or a couple videos when there's a whole package of them that need to go out but now that these videos are going out, you might as well. i don't know what's to beganed now with a further delay in releasing the body cam or dash cam videos. >> one thing you could hear, tom ver verni, on the footage we showed our viewers, the police
10:52 am
screaming "drop the gun" other and over again. in your experience, police say to someone "drop the gun" they may be confused, maybe he's holding something that doesn't look like a gun. >> in my experience when i have told someone to drop the gun, they had a gun so there was no confusion in my mind razz to what nay had in their hands so by then screaming multiple times and commanding him multiple times to drop the gun, i would hope that they pretty much at that point come to the conclusion he did have a gun which they felt in fear of their safety. >> the wife, tom fuentes, is saying as the police were saying drop the gun drop the gun drop the gun and it went on for a while she september saying "he doesn't have a gun." you heard her on that video say that powerfully. >> if they're looking straight at him and see a gun i don't know what her screaming is going to help. and when she says he has a tvi, i don't know what that is, unfortunately.
10:53 am
but i've been in this situation several times and fortunately for me and the other person, when i yelled at them drop the gun, they drop the gun. >> let's play the video, tom. listen to this. let's play the video one more time. >> drop the gun! drop the gun! >> he doesn't have a gun. he has tha tbi, he's not going do anything to you guys, he just took his medicine. i'm not coming to you guys, but he better live. he better live. y'all hear this? you see this, right? he better live. he better live. i swear he better live. yup. he better live. he better [ bleep ]ing live. he better live. where is -- he better [ bleep ]ing live and i can't even believe this -- i ain't going nowhere. i'm in the same [ bleep ]ing spot. [ bleep ].
10:54 am
that's okay, did y'all call the police? >> all right, so you can see that was going on for about 40, 45 seconds there, tom verni, your analysis? >> she's clearly upset and she has every right to be upset. look, i feel awful for her. i feel awful for the family that this had to end -- any time a police interaction ends with the death of someone you have to be'm pa thetic to the family. having set that. i also -- if there was a gun presented where the officers felt that they were in fear of their safety then by the law, by their regulations they have every right to use deadly physical force. but whether -- you know we need to see additional video to corroborate whether or not that was the case. >> we still have with us reverend robin tanner and reverend corrine mack who were both watching this video even as we're watching the video. reverend tanner, let me get your reaction when you heard mr. scott screaming out, you heard the police screaming "drop the gun, drop the gun." what's your reaction? >> my first reaction was the
10:55 am
shock and the pain of watching a human life being lost. watching a human life be taken. that is still my reaction at this moment as well as gratitude for the family for what i would imagine the courage and difficulty and pain it took to release this video. >> minister mack? >> i can tell you watching it myself i'm still in shock. i can imagine the trauma mrs. scott must have been in watching her husband die before her face and i'd like to extend condolences to the scott family. it's horrifying. >> with the release of the this video -- >> go ahead, reverend tanner. >> with the release of this video, given that the family has
10:56 am
released it, the cmpd ought to release if rest of the videos. >> absolutely. >> it's time to have all of the perspectives, all of the pieces brought to the public. >> absolutely. and that video is only giving us one angle. i'm sure that cmpd has additional video that would give us a different angle. we need to be very transparent at this point and i want to thank the family as well for releasing that video, giving an opportunity to see at least part of what she saw and what she experienced. god bless that family. >> very powerful video. i wonder what the impact in the community is going to be when everyone starts watching the video, listening to mrs. scott and she appeals to the police saying "he doesn't have a gun." the police keep saying "drop the gun, drop the gun." we're going to stay on top of this story. i want to thank corine mack, tom verni, tom fuentes, reverend
10:57 am
tanner. cnn will stay on top of this story. that's it for me, thanks very much for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. east american the situation room. the news will continue right here on cnn after a quick break. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses,
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top of the hour. breaking news just into cnn. we now have video of keith lamont scott's final moments, a fatal encounter with police in charlotte, north carolina. to be clear, this is not the dash cam video or body camera video from the police officers. that has yet to be released by if police. this video we are about to show you is video that has been shot by keith scott's wife on her personal cell phone. while the video doesn't show us the shoogt, you will see and hear the leadup to the shooting and hear the shots fired. i want to warn you first as we


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