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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 23, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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top of the hour. breaking news just into cnn. we now have video of keith lamont scott's final moments, a fatal encounter with police in charlotte, north carolina. to be clear, this is not the dash cam video or body camera video from the police officers. that has yet to be released by if police. this video we are about to show you is video that has been shot by keith scott's wife on her personal cell phone. while the video doesn't show us the shoogt, you will see and hear the leadup to the shooting and hear the shots fired. i want to warn you first as we show you this video in its entirety what you're about to
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see is graphic and disturbing. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. he has no weapon. don't shoot him. >> drop the [ bleep ]ing gun. >> don't shoot him, don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. >> drop the gun! drop the gun! >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he's not going to do anything to you guys. he just took his medicine. >> drop the gun! >> keith, don't let them break the windows. come on out the car. >> drop the gun. >> keith, don't do it. >> drop the gun. >> keith, get out the car. keith, keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. keith! keith! keith! don't you do it. did you shoot him? did you shoot him? did you shoot him?
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he better not be [ bleep ]ing dead. he better not be [ bleep ]ing dead. i know that [ bleep ]ing much. i know that much, he better not be dead. i'm not going to come near you, i'm going to record, though. i'm not going near you, i'm going to record though. he better be alive. you better -- >> there you have it, that's the full video that we have received and that video again shot by the wife of keith lamont scott, his wife's name a kia scott. you hear scott's wife telling her husband to get out of the car and repeating the words "don't you do it. don't you do it." it's not clear if she's speaking to police or her husband. police have said he had a gun when he exited the vehicle. we are waiting for a news conference with governor pat mccrory, as soon as we have that we will bring that live. joining me on the phone we have
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the attorney for the scott family eduardo curry just on with my colleague wolf blitzer. we'll continue that conversation now. thank you for being with me, sir. >> i think it's important for the viewers to know what tbi is. you hear what she says is a tbi, that is a traumatic brain injury. can your tell our viewers anything about that, why she was saying that to authorities? >> my understanding is that he had an incident last year that was pretty traumatic. she said he's been taking his medication, he's not going to hurt you, he's had a tbi, a traumatic brain injury. >> take us inside the decision the family made along with your
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guidance to release this video. why did they release it and why now? >> well, as you noticed, mrs. scott has not made any public appearance other than a written statement. and she wanted the world to be able to see the video and see based on the facts. video isn't enhanced, doctored or cut. in fact, it's kind of difficult to see some of the things but that's what she took with her own cell phone. that's what she took when she was present there and she wants the world to see this is what we have, this is what i know and we're being as transparent as we can because we want accountability to be had. >> has the charlotte police department, have they viewed this video? have you given it to them as well? >> we sent it to hem.
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i don't know if they viewed it or not. they have dash cams and they have body cams and they have their film and so they haven't released that but we're hopeful. >> the decision to release this video now today it comes where the police department have not released their body cam video. is this an effort to push their hand on that? to say, look, we want the public to see everything you have? >> well, we want the public to see everything that we have and we don't object to the police department disseminating everything that they have and so we want the facts to be clear and objective as we seek the truth. >> the wife, you hear rakia scott in this video saying multiple times "don't do it, don't do it." do you know or has she told you
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who she is speaking to? is she speaking to the officers or her husband? >> if you notice, if you listen to the conversation, she's saying "keith, don't let them break the windows, don't do it." there's so much going on that is hard to tell how she's speaking and who she's speaking with it's clear she's telling him she doesn't have a gun and she won't hurt you. so what we're waiting is for the truth to be ascertained. we're asking the world to look at what has been offered. a still photo has rome e roamed where allegedly they say there is a weapon or some object of which we don't definitively know what it is. look at the time frame by frame. see whether or not that appears where it's supposed to be. why is it there in the beginning? why isn't it there in the end?
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we leave that up to public opinion when you look with your own eyes when you make your own judgment based on an undoctored, uncut, unenhanced video taken by an amateur which happens to be the deceased's wife. >> part of what you said to cnn moments ago is "we want the public to take a look at this tape and see what was in the video before he was shot and what was there afterwards and ask how it got there." the question would be are you referring to a gun? is that the point you are making? >> the point i'm making is i'm referring to the facts and whatever the fact are between the videos, witnesses and evidence, once we get the facts out someone can make a determination so that's what i'm asking you. look at the facts. it's not clear, if it's not clear to you, it won't be clear, if it is clear to you, you'll look at the facts with your own two eyes based on the video, the evidence, the testimony, and you'll make an opinion about what you see so we're releasing
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what we have because we want the public to see and know what we know. >> you hear the police in that video saying multiple times "drop the gun, drop the gun." the dash cam video the family has viewed, were you there with them when they viewed it? if so, what was your reaction to it? >> i was there, i saw the video and there was nothing definitive that would show me there was a weapon in the hands of mr. scott. in fact, it shows a confused man who's befuddled, surely scared, who's stepping back away from who he perceives to be a threat and then he was shot and killed. can w his hands down in a non-aggressive manner. >> what is next, mr. curry, what's next for the family? what steps are they going to take. one scenario is that the public gets to see the video the officers have and the other
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the scenario is they don't. what paths will you and the family take? >> to be frank what's next is this family needs a point to grieve. at some point they'll receive the remains of the deceased and they'll need to have privacy. a young mother, the 39, seven children that lost a father, she lost her soul mate, extended family members that are tremendously hurt. a mother who's now left without a son the next spoft going to be a chance of intro spect and healing and morning and then the family will make decisions. >> just to wrap it up here, yesterday they were going to hold a press conference and one of the attorneys said the family is grieving, they're not ready to do so are you saying we won't
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hear from rakia scott or the larger family in a press conference any time soon? >> i'm not saying that. this is extremely traumatic. the day is only the 23rd. this happened a mere three days ago. most of us would haven't our sanity at all. i'm asking the family to mourn and grieve and we'll revisit it again at some point. >> eduardo curry, the attorney for the scott family, thank you very much for joining me. >> you're ever so welcome. >> we'll take a quick break. there's obviously a lot to get to. we'll be right back. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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just one softgel delivers mega support. back to our breaking news, the wife of keith lamont scott who was killed by a police officer on tuesday in charlotte, north carolina, just released video to the media. it's her own cell phone video she took of the moments before her husband was shot and killed by police, you hear shots fired in this video.
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now we'll play for you again the full video that we've just received in the last hour. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. he has no weapon. don't shoot him. >> [ bleep ], drop the gun. >> don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. >>drop the gun. drop the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi, he's not going to do anything to you guys, he just took his medicine. >> drop the gun. keith, don't let them break the window, come on out the car. keith, don't do it. keith, get out the car. keith, keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. keith, keith, keith, don't you do it! [ gunshots ]
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>> did you shoot him? did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not be [ bleep ]ing dead. he better not be [ bleep ]ing dead. i know that [ bleep ]ing much. i know that much he better not be dead. i'm not going to come near you. i'm going to record, though. i'm not coming near you, i'm going to record though, he better be alive because i'm -- you better -- >> the attorney for the scott family just telling us the video not enhanced or edited or doctored, that according to eduardo curry. a lot to discuss. david clinger is a former lapd police officer and author of "into the kill zone." professor of criminalology and criminal justice at the university of missouri. also, mark geragos, defense attorney and cnn legal analyst. here in new york, paul butler a law professor at georgetown law school and former prosecutor and laura coates, cnn legal analyst and former ausa for the civil rights division. thank you for being here. there are some so many questions about the video. let me begin with you, david, as
11:17 am
a former police officer. you hear the officers saying multiple times "drop the gun, drop the gun." at the same time you have rakia scott, keep scott's wife, saying he doesn't have a gun, he doesn't have a gun, he has a tbi, a traumatic brain injury. take us into the mind as an officer of a moment like this and what you take away from the video. >> sure, first of all, it's a difficult video to watch because you know a woman is watching an instant play out that her husband ends up dead from. so i think we have to keep that in mind. as a police officer it's difficult to know because i can't pin down who the officers are and who is giving the commands. i think i've got more than one officer who's saying drop the gun. i don't know if they have an arrest plan for this case. i don't know why officers are in the positions they are. so there's a lot of information i want to get but one thing that is really important that i learned from this is this is not an extended standoff but certainly a standoff.
11:18 am
it lasts at least a minute for the time that the video starts till the time the gunfire happened if i have my wristwatch timing correct. so there was an opportunity to try to get the suspect todrop the gun do they know for sure he has a gun? do they think he has a gun? do they see a gun in the hand? the video doesn't tell us answer to those questions. one thing for viewers to keep in mind is that often times it will be the case. even body cam and dash cam video won't give us the relevant information so this was a somewhat protracted encounter as opposed to officers walked up, there's a gun, there's shoot, there's something in the hand, they shoot. there was time for at least one-way dialogue, if that makes any sense. >> i understand and laura i want you to weigh in on what you think this video helps the public glean because there's a
11:19 am
lot you can't see. we hear what the wife is saying and some of what the officers are saying, who knows if we hear all. because we don't have the dash cam video or body cam video from the police department, does this further confuse the situation? . what it does is suggest the police chief's suggest that it was inconclusive. it's far more accurate than we thought it was. we have the wife saying "don't you do it." what was she referring to? you also hear her saying a tbi. did that mean to the officers they knew it was a traumatic brain injury or was the acronym eluding to them? so you have questions about that and what you gather from this information as a prosecutor you'd say, look, i have to see eyewitness testimony that tells me what does this all mean? interview people to see where are the gaps and how can i go forward with a case in any. it's very difficult to see in
11:20 am
the video but it's illuminating to know that there are gaps the police chief says there were. >> mark geragos, what is the biggest question to you in your mind after you've seen the video and known the facts of the case up until now because the police said in their press conference this week they said that he, indeed, did have a gun. what they also said is they spoke about fingerprints, his fingerprints being on the gun. >> well, the biggest question to me and what i don't understand in any of these cases -- and this is not the only one -- is why haven't they released the dash cam or body cam? by the way, that's paid for by the public with public tax dollar dollars. that's not a personnel record of the police. it's not something you would necessarily say oh there's a privilege about. it's there and designed and paid for by the public so there's supposed to be transparency. now the logical answer to that is they don't want to release it
11:21 am
because they know it won't show when the what the story is is they're telling and that i think is patronizing on behalf of the police. i suppose they -- maybe internally my guess is that the police and whatever community leaders are there are saying don't release it but that's going to antagonize the community because when they see the police didn't see a gun or that you can see on the camera that there wasn't a gun or that there didn't need to be this escalation to deadly force, there's not a provocation for deadly force that they will go crazy and maybe rightfully so. and that i think like i say is patronizing. the public is entitled to it, they paid for it. >> paul, just purely legal, leave opinion out, the law that was passed in the state that would allow legally the police department to withhold this video doesn't take effect for another week.
11:22 am
it doesn't take effect until october 1 so do they have any legal ground to stand on to not be releasing the dash cam and the body cam video? >> not at all. they don't have any legal justification for it. they also don't have any justification in terms of their responsibilities to the citizens who they're supposed to serve and protect. if the police chief isn't willing to do it, he serves at the pleasure of the mayor. she needs to insist on the police being accountable. >> i ask because she said to my colleague carol costello this morning that she does want that -- does think it would be good for the public to see the video. does she have the power to force his hand on that? >> at the end of the day, he works for her. when i see that video, i have two questions. one is where is the gun? when you see a photograph taken later a gun suddenly appears in the frame. when we see that video of the encounter, including where mr. scott lay dying there was no gun. as often the case, this video does not show what happened at
11:23 am
the actual moment. it is ambiguous. here's one thing it does show, poppy, it shows police negligence and the way they responded to the scene. every cop learns in the academy as a rookie if you get a call for someone who has a gun, you don't roll up on that person, voluntarily expose yourself to fire and then use that as an excuse to shoot. mr. scott didn't have to die, at minimum it was the result of poor police training. >> and we don't know that that scenario is the case, that anyone called and said that he has a gun, that is not the situation. but let me ask, david, to you, you're the police officer. even if mr. scott did have a gun, are you trained to shoot to kill or are you trained to shoot to disable? what i mean is by shooting him
11:24 am
in the leg or something like that. that's the question that comes up so often in scenarios like this. >> first of all, you are not allowed to shoot somebody merely because they possess a gun. you're only allowed to shoot somebody if you have a reasonable belief they're going to use that gun to harm you or someone else, to cut it very simple. but what police officers are trained to do is they are trained to shoot to stop whatever the threat is that they perceive that leaves them to initiate gunfire so it's not to dill it's to stop. now i want to circle back on a couple of points, the gentleman immediately before me said he's already drawn a conclusion that this was negligent police behavior. maybe, maybe not. that was one of the points i was trying to make in terms of i don't understand where the officers were in terms of their position but that's a whole separate issue. the second issue, the bigger -- >> go ahead, finish. >> the second issue is when to rele release the video.
11:25 am
that investigation and the integrity of that investigation is critical and you should not release video unless and until you have all of the interviews done from every witness who was there because what's going to happen is you could have tainted testimony. it is not what the individual perceived at the moment. it's something been informed by that video just as you would not let witnesses talk to one another to get quote/unquote a story straight or figure out something in terms of a tail to tell. if you want to be successful with the prosecution in the end, if, in fact, it turns out you want to move forward as a prosecutor, you want to make sure you don't have a situation where the defense lawyer can step in and mark geragos know this is quite well, i'm sure, because i've seen him at work, and poke holes in the case. >> guys, breaking news -- >> can i have a response to that? >> 30 seconds. go ahead. >> all i'm saying is wait for a
11:26 am
few days and release it. wait until the interviews are done. >> all i'm going say is it's great except -- you know what the problem is, they're showing the same body cam to the officers before the officers give a statement. so that's a great thing -- >> and i agree that should not be done. >> i have to live it there. you will be back with me. we have a lot of news we have to get to, thank you very much. stay with us because we are expecting a news conference at any moment from the governor of north carolina. he will talk obviously about this shooting and we'll get his reaction to whether or not he has seen this family video from the scott family yet and what he has to say about it and we are monitoring another big breaking news story in the world of politics, late word upon who ted cruz is now expected to come out and endorse for president. we'll be right back.
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we are following two big breaking news stories this hour, more breaking news just into us here at cnn this afternoon. sources telling us -- multiple sources telling cnn that ted cruz is set to make a key endorsement in the race for the white house. our senior political reporter manu raju joins me from washington. what a dramatic turn of events. >> you would haven't expected this a couple months ago. ted cruz at the republican national convention pointedly declined to endorse donald trump so much so he got booed. walked off the stage. his wife was escorted out by security as the crowd got really angry all because of the bitter
11:32 am
primary battle between him and donald trump but what we're feel ing is that ted cruz will endorse donald trump as soon as today there was discussion between the trump camp and the cruz camp including a positive meeting between vice presidential nominee mike pence and ted cruz in which cruz has gotten him to talk about conservative justices. one name is mike lee, the utah senator is very close to ted cruz. trump is making some steps to repair those relations and ted cruz has his own political considerations. he's getting a lot of pressure from his own base to support
11:33 am
donald trump and ted cruz himself a difficult primary challenge in his 2018 reelection race so perhaps he's doing this to shore up support he's losing but he's angering his core supporters who want him to hold firm and not endorse donald trump so this is difficult for ted cruz, too, poppy. >> no question, so was this all on mike pence that he was able to seal this deal? this comes after an enormous amount of political baggage between the two. this comes after months and months of donald trump calling ted cruz lying ted. this coming after donald trump pushed the conspiracy theory that ted cruz's father was in some way associated with the jfk assassination. this comes after donald trump retweeted an incredibly insulting thing about ted cruz's wi
11:34 am
wife. how is that water under the bridge? it's something ted cruz will answer in the coming days. i asked ted cruz "will you endorse donald trump?" and what he said on tuesday of this week was that he wants stoo-to-do everything he can to beat hillary clinton so this seems to be for him more of an anti-clinton argument and much less of a pro donald trump argument because of those things that you laid out poppy. but i don't want to undersell the point for ted cruz's own self-political self-politically. he's facing a challenge against congressman mike mccaul who's running against him in 2018. so cruz has his own political considerations here as well. >> so the thinking could be in 2018 if donald trump doesn't win mccaul could point to cruz and say "look, it's because of people like you that didn't support our candidate and we have another democrat in the
11:35 am
white house." stay with me, manu, before i bring my panel in to suggest this. i want to take our viewers back to moments after the rnc, ted cruz blasting donald trump. >> they asked every candidate there, if you don't win, will you support the nominee. i raised my hand and i raised my hand enthusiastically, with full intention of doing exactly that. and i'll tell you the day that pledge was abrogated. the day that was abrogated was the day this became personal and as i said at the time -- and i'm not going to get into criticizing or attacking donald trump but i'll give you this response. i am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's talk about this, manu is still with me in washington. also wanda summers and ryan williams former spokesman for mitt romney. ryan, let me go to you first. what's your reaction to this?
11:36 am
this is. >> this is more about ted cruz than donald trump. it was foolish for ted cruz to give the speech at the convention. it angered his base and he realize he is has a primary coming up in 2018 and if trump loses he clearly wants to run again for president in 2020 and he'll need donald trump voters if he runs in four years and he's angered them with that speech and i think he had to do this and it's more about ted cruz's own political considerations than wanting to see donald trump become the next president. >> so the other side of it and the more important side in terms of immediacy in this race for the white house, does it help? what's your take? >> for donald trump, he's struggled to unite members of his own party. he's seen a number of public deflections that have gone into the never trump camp. some saying they would support hillary clinton. so in terms of optics it helps.
11:37 am
so this is kind of bringing him into the fold. but i have to agree with ryan, this does seem like -- dependingen what tone we hear from ted cruz, whether this is a full throated endorsement or not, a move that's less about donald trump and more about ted cruz and his future. >> a surprising announcement and we'll see what it means ahead, how much it helps donald trump and frankly if ted cruz comes on camera and gives a ringing endorsement and how enthusiastic he is behind the republican candidate. thank you very much. i need to get a break in here because we are following breaking news. the video from the scott family being released of the moments before and the moment that keith scott was killed. also waiting on a press conference from governor pat mccrory of north carolina. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. we are awaiting a news conference from governor pat mccrory of charlotte, north carolina. obviously he is addressing the latest in the shooting death of keith lamont scott and we expect he will likely address the video that was just released in the last hour of the scott family of the moments before keith lamont scott was shot and killed and you hear gunfire in the video.
11:43 am
we are following that breaking news, new video from rakia scott, the wife of that man shot on tuesday and killed by charlotte police. it shows the final moments of his life. here it is in its entirety. >> don't shoot him. he has no weapon. he has no weapon. don't shoot him. >> gun! drop the [ bleep ]ing gun. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. >> drop the gun! drop the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi, he's not going to do anything to you guys, he just took his medicine. >> drop the gun. [ bleep ]. >> keith, don't let them break the windows. come on out the car. >> drop the gun. >> keith, don't do it. >> drop the gun! >> keith, get out the car. keith, keith, don't you do it. don't you do it.
11:44 am
keith, keith, keith, don't you do it! [ gunshots ] >> did you shoot him? he better not be [ bleep ]ing dead. i know [ bleep ]ing much. i know that much he better not be dead. i'm not going to come near you, i'm going to record, though. i'm not coming near you, i'm going to record, though. you better be alive, how about that? yes, we're over here at 50 -- 9453 lexington court. these are the police officers that shot my husband and he better live. he better live because he didn't do nothing to them. ain't nobody touching nobody so they all good. i know he better live. i know he better live. i'm not coming to you buys but he better live, y'all hear this
11:45 am
and see this, right? he better live. he better live. i swear he better live. yup, he better live. he better [ bleep ]ing live he better live. where is -- he better [ bleep ]ing live and i can't even leave -- i ain't going nowhere, i'm in the same [ bleep ] spot. [ bleep ]. that's okay, did y'all call the police? did y'all call the ambulance? >> i want to take you now straight before i get to don to the governor of north carolina pat mccrory speaking. let's go there live. >> good afternoon, i'm pat mccrory, governor of north carolina. on the stage with me today i would like to recognize the greensboro swift water rescue team. i also want to recognize major
11:46 am
general lusk with the. in. c. national guard, colonel gray with our state highway patrol, environmental quality department secretary john evans and emergency management director joe white -- right -- sorry, white. this has been quite a week for the state of north carolina in several areas of our state. first of all we've had major flooding in the eastern part of the state, it's received absolutely no national attention partly because of the issues in charlotte. we have also had a gas shortage due to the pipeline break which has basically been returned to normal service and we also, of course, have the ongoing protest situation in the great city of charlotte. is very briefly, do want to briefly talk about to the national audience and to the rest of north carolina because it's not been in the news but we've had extremely serious flooding conditions in eastern north carolina. some of the worst flooding conditions we've seen since
11:47 am
hurricane irene. we've had over 17 inches of rain in some parts of our state. we've had flooding in seven other counties, including dare, gates, halifax, northampton and several others. up to seven inches of raining. i declared a state of emergency two days ago to deal with this flooding and we also have a transportation waiver to deal with some very, very serious issues that are going on. the city of -- the town of windsor is the city that had been most impacted. it's a town of 3,000 individuals. it's underwater in many areas. we literally have water up to people's waists and above the town is flooded, the water is
11:48 am
receding. >> we are going to continue monitoring this press conference and bring it to you live when he does address the shooting death in charlotte of mr. scott and also the ensuing investigation and the protests and, frankly, the video that the scott family has released. we'll get back to him in a moment, as we wait for that, i want to get more analysis with my colleague and anchor of "cnn tonight" don lemon. you saw the two plus minutes, don. a lot of questions here. you got off the phone with the attorney for the family who told you more about the tbi, the dramatic kbran injury mr. scott has the. >> the attorney sent the video to me about the same time we got on the air. i've watched it several times. i asked him how he got the tbi, which is a dramatic brain injury and he said from a motorcycle accident back in october and november of last year.
11:49 am
so that's where the tbi came from. the reason they're releasing this video is that as he said they're putting it out there for the public to observe for themselves. they say if you look at where they say they found the area and he said look at the area -- >> let's get back to the governor of north carolina, pat mccrory. >> they did an outstanding job during the last two nights and last night you couldn't ask for better professionalism from these men and women in blue who did their job. they're around lot of fatigue and stress right now and i'm proud of the way they did their job and proud of the chief of police also yesterday i gave total authority i have the chief
11:50 am
of police. many people traveled overnight, humvees and transports, these men and women who primarily have part-time jobs, many were coming to charlotte for the first time because they come from all over the state and i got to greet them when they arrived at the guard headquarters yesterday in charlotte before they were deployed out on the streets of charlotte and i just was so impressed with their professionalism, with their willingness to do their job and, of course, with their follow through and i think for the rest of the nation, the rest of the state saw the valuable tool that the national guard is for our country and for the state of north carolina. what they did upon extremely short notice last night under very, very trying conditions in
11:51 am
supporting the police department of charlotte was i think a role model for guards in all 50 states. and i'd just like to personally thank the general for his outstanding professionalism of his team and your commanders for the work that we've done. thank you to the national guard. you saw people hugging them, them hugging back. it was the best of america that we saw. i'm proud of you. i'm very proud of you. i'd like to thank our highway patrol, our troopers. we're not giving the number of troopers that we sent but we sent a lot and they're still there and they're sleeping right
11:52 am
now, getting ready for another night. i hope some of them are sleeping. they're all on cots in charlotte at this point in time and i again would like to thank colonel gray and his team for the incredible work they did last night in protecting the highways, in protecting overpasses, also protecting infrastructure in and around downtown charlotte and throughout the city and our men and women in black and gray, i thought, did an outstanding job and to you, colonel gray and frank perry, my secretary, thank you very much for your leadership. i want to as the mayor stated earlier today, i want to thank the members of the charlotte community and the neighborhood leaders.
11:53 am
we had member of the community and clergy leaders step in between people not wanting to engage in a peaceful process and wanting to cause trouble. and their defusing, community leaders defusing the situation also was the best of charlotte and the best of north carolina we need community leaders as much and more as we need public safety officials so i want to thank my hometown of charlotte for helping in that effort. as the chief of police stated, there are groups coming into our state that that are here to cause anarchy and to not respect our law, our property or our citizens i'll say again as i said the other day, this state, this governor and the city of
11:54 am
charlotte won't tolerate the destruction of property, the harming of individuals and especially attacks towards the men and women of law enforcement and the men and women of our national guard the firefighters and the medics, they are putting themselves on the line to deal with a difficult issue and i say that very strongly to those individuals who are coming in to our state and some who live in our state who want to cause harm to our basic society norms and democratic process. we won't accept it. and we won't tolerate it. appreciate those citizens who were also stepping in and saying this is not the best of america and those types of behaviors of destruction and hurting other people. i'm also very pleased that the police department has made an arrest of a suspect in the shooting death of an individual
11:55 am
during the protest two nights ago. i'm very pleased to see someone in custody. there were a lot of false rumors out there regarding an individual in law enforcement being involved in that shooting. sadly some of those individuals were interviewed on national broadcasts last night that i saw and that's irresponsible that you allow such false information to be on the air which again stirs up tension in the state and the community and the nation because i'm convinced and very much trust no one from law enforcement was involved and all and i'm glad they've arrested a suspect based upon video evidence and other witnesses and i commend the police department for doing their job in that area. i just want to let you know based upon the most recent conversations literally in the last hour with the chief of police, the chief of police again has requested we continue to have the national guard presence and the presence of
11:56 am
isbi and the presence also of the north carolina highway patrol through sunday. and if it comes earlier and things calm down, maybe many of these men and women can come back home and also help us and the rest of the state. we'll do anything we can in the state of north carolina to support the great city of charlotte and keep it safe and we'll fulfill those obligations. i want to let everyone know in the state that the this does not come without a cost. we've had a cost due to flooding of $81,000 at this point in time that we're pulling out of emergency funds. we have cost because of the colonial pipeline rupture of about $185,000. >> there you have it, the governor of north carolina, pat mccrory, giving a press conference just talking there about the protests in his city after the shooting death on tuesday of keith lamont scott by one of the charlotte police
11:57 am
officers, he's moved on to a flooding update. we'll monitor it back with me is my colleague and anchor of "cnn tonight" and david clinger, a former lapd police officer and professor of criminology and criminal justice at the university of missouri. don lemon, to you first, we were speaking before he had his press conference. he talked a lot about the protests and the national guard who helped and the officers who helped and commended them and the officers last night did a great job. i don't think i heard this and correct me if i'm wrong, he didn't mention keith lamont scott who was killed and whose family released the video about an hour ago. what do you make of that. >> the family is hard broken, regardless of the circumstances, that is going to be investigated and we'll find out and this video helps but he didn't mention and that's the disconnect between the community and how -- you know, the guy didn't want to -- the governor is in a tough position.
11:58 am
i'm not here just to be critical of the governor but he could have mentioned the man's name and the name of the man who -- there was keith lamont scott but justin carr was a 26-year-old shot during a protest by another civilian. i just find it odd that he opened up a press conference about his state which he could have done after this because national attention is not on the flooding, national attention is on the shooting and lives rather than flooding. it's sad that there's flooding going on but we have people who have died in this particular situation. >> now two individuals, one shot by police and one in those protests. >> sew you can with talked about traumatic brain injury, that was from a motorcycle accident in the fall of 2015, october and november, i'm told, by the attorney. >> stay with us for one minute, don, we have so much to get to. we have to get a very quick break in here. we're coming up on the top of the hour. we'll be right back. zuccolis. through ancestry, ad through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian.
11:59 am
he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at i know more about isis then the apprgenerals do. age. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
12:00 pm
? t . top of the hour. we have our first look at keith lamont scott's final moments during a police encounter in charlotte, north carolina. let me be clear, this video you're about to see is not dash cam video or body cam video from police. this video does not show the shooting but you'll hear the shots that led up to all of that. i want to warn you before we play this for you what you're about to see is graphic and disturbing. here it is in its entirety. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. he has no weapon. don't shoot him. >> drop the gu


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