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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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? t . top of the hour. we have our first look at keith lamont scott's final moments during a police encounter in charlotte, north carolina. let me be clear, this video you're about to see is not dash cam video or body cam video from police. this video does not show the shooting but you'll hear the shots that led up to all of that. i want to warn you before we play this for you what you're about to see is graphic and disturbing. here it is in its entirety. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. he has no weapon. don't shoot him. >> drop the gun. drop the [ bleep ]ing gun.
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>> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. >> drop the gun! >> he doesn't have the a gun. he has a teen yabtbi, he won't anything to you, he just took his medicine. keith, don't let them break the windows, come on out the car. keith, don't do it. keith, get out the car. keith, keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. keith. keith. keith, don't you do it. did you shoot him? did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not be [ bleep ]ing dead. i'm not going to come near you, i'm going to record, though.
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i'm not coming near you but i'm going to record though, he better be alive, how about that? yes, we're over here at 9453 lexington court, these are the police officers that shot my husband and he better live. he better live because he didn't do anything to them. ain't nobody touch nobody so they all good. i know he better live. i know he better live. how about that? i'm not coming to you guys but he better live. he better live. y'all hear this? you see this, right? he better live. i swear he better live. he better live. he better [ bleep ]ing live. he better live. he better [ bleep ]ing live. i can't even leave -- i ain't going nowhere. i'm in the same [ bleep ] spot. that's okay, did y'all call the police? i mean did y'all call an
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ambulance? >> in that, you hear police repeatedly saying "drop the gun, drop the gun." rakia telling her husband to get out of the car, she also repeated the words "don't do it, don't do it." but it's not clear who she's speaking to? is she speaking to the police or her husband? police say scott had a gun as he exited his vehicle. i just spoke with the family's attorney eduardo curry. here's what he told me about the video and why they released it? >> the team of lawyers got together with the family and rakia scott has not made other than a written statement any sort of public appearance. she wanted the world to see the video and see what is based on the facts. the video is not enhanced, it's not doctored, it's not cut. it's difficult to see but that's what she took with her own cell
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phone. that's what she took when she was present there and she wants the world to see this is what we have. this is what i know. and we're being as transparent as we can because we want accountability to be had. >> has the charlotte police department viewed this as well? they haven't released that but we're hopeful. >> the decision to release this video now today comes after the police department up to this point has not released their dash cam video, debating whether or not they're going do this. is this an effort to push their hand on that? to say, look, we want the public
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too see everything you have? >> well, we want the public to see everything we have and we don't object to the police department disseminating everything they have. so we want the facts to be clear and objective as we seek the truth. >> the wife -- you hear rakia scott? this video saying multiple times "don't do it, don't do it." do you know -- has she told you who she is speaking to? is she speaking to the officers or is she speaking to her husband? >> well, if you notice, if you listen to the conversation she's saying keith, don't let them break the windows, don't do it. there's so much going on that it's hard to tell who she's speaking with but, you know, it's clear she's telling them she doesn't have a gun so what we're waiting is for the truth to be ascertained.
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>> let reese bri's bring in lau tom verni, former nypd detective and cnn tonight anchor and my colleague don lemon is back with me. don, let me go back to you what we were talking about because now you've heard from the attorney, you've been in touch with the attorney, we've seen the video. there's an image from one of our affiliates. what stands out to you now that we have this one vantage point but it's very important to say this comes at a time when we don't have police video at all. >> and it's important say that according to the family and city officials who have watched the video, they say it's ambiguous. you can't tell if he was carrying a gun or book or whatever the object is. but if you play the video, i think what the attorney is saying to me is they don't want to accuse anyone of anything but they're saying they don't see -- this object doesn't look like it there's and then suddenly it appears. >> so maybe we can do that for our viewers on one side of the screen put the video and on the other side this object. that is what the attorney is
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saying. he said to cnn we're releasing this video because we want the public to look at this type and see what was in the video before he was shot and what was there afterwards. >> not accusing anybody offing by the but they want it out there. but we have -- tom and i have been looking at the video and it's really shaky to see what's there, looks like a shad dee but what it looks like they're throwing it on the ground, someone hands someone something, it looks like two black surgical gloves that fall to the ground, it doesn't look like a gun, it doesn't hit the ground like a gun. >> tom, you're a former nypd detective. when you're dealing with not a full set of information and that's what we don't have. we don't have video from the police officers so you have the family releasing the video. i asked the attorney live on the air are you saying it's a gun? that a gun wasn't there before and it was? he said i'm not saying that, i'm just saying assess for yourself. it's very difficult to do. should the police chief release
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this video now? >> yes. the short answer, yes. i was speaking with tom fuentes earlier with wolf blitzer and we're at a point where i understand the concept of not wanting to breach the integrity of an information. i've been there, i've been in shootings, that's all fine and well. in this day and age where we have dash cam and/or body cam cameras, they have the video, the video won't change. so once they take in that initial video for their investigation now the public is going to expect a level of transparency with that video. that's the whole point of having the body cam video. you see the police officers' view point and as to why he or she feels they are in danger of their safety. >> so their point is we are still investigating, we are still interviewing witnesses we are still interviewing our own officers and we don't want anything to get in the way of that. at the same time they have to balance it with the public's desire to know and frankly the public's right to know.
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laura coates, from a purely legal standpoint, does the city of charlotte have any legal ground to stand on -- >> this is the part in question. >> the department funded by taxpayer dollars. >> well, in rabbit eight days they will under the new law that says you can block any access to police videos. and the chief -- >> but not now. >> not right now. but the chief is being disingenuous here. the same language they're using to justify why they don't want to release footage is what's being told the the public. it might compromise the investigation, it would add to public distrust of a police department. fundamentally the issue that if an officer is allowed to watch these videotapes ad nauseam and the public cannot, the officers get an advantage to have a 2020 hindsight interpretation and justification of all of their actions and they take what's otherwise a fixed in time and static set of facts and make it such that it will now justify whatever force was used and that double standard cannot promote
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transparency or trust in a system, that's why it must be released. as a prosecutor, frankly, when you're telling an officer not to release information, it's not so you can avoid transparency, it's so you can avoid releasing to a suspect facts in the case that will suggest the officer trying to compel a confession. it's not to the public not understanding what happened in a case. >> one thing that is important to know is that justin bamberg, an attorney with the family, came out yesterday when the family was going to have a press conference and said, look, the scott family is not emotionally at a place where they can have this so he spoke on their behalf, but he talked about the video, the police video, the dash camera video and he spoke about the body cam video and he said it's impossible to discern from the video what is, if anything, mr. scott was holding in his hand so he's also talking about the fact the video doesn't give us any clarity. because of the lack of answers, don, you're talking about going into the weekend, talking about a friday night, the protests
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last night were peaceful. they are not peaceful the night before. >> and the night before that. >> and a 26-year-old died in them. what is the scene tonight? >> can we look at this. this is what's in question. if you look at the video between -- see the guy in the red shirt and then you see mr. scott on the ground. right between those two there's nothing there. that's what the family is saying and if you watch when it goes back around if we can look at this, i wish we could slow it down and so right in this area here someone is going to throw something to the ground in the area where they believe the gun was, right? so watch closely. so see there's nothing there now? there's one thing there now and suddenly they throw something else, watch, and you're a police officer, tom, you can tell me, but to me -- see that? >> delight to the side. >> and that's what i think they believe something is there and then suddenly it's not.
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>> that looks like gloves, right? >> if it would have been a gun i think a gun would have hopped. it's so hard to tell and the video is moving justifiably so. she was very upset. >> but if you see the picture of the -- from our afill dwlat is highlighted then you see the gun clearly. so they're saying there's nothing there. >> we don't know what that is. we don't know if that's a gun. >> so that could be a glove. it could be a glove. >> i think the bigger picture here, and, don to you, you're on the air when these protests -- your show was on the air when the protests heat up. it's friday night. now there are frankly more questions and fewer answers than before because we have this family's video so we have this one vantage point but not the other's. what does that mean? >> it means, as tom said and as most people with level heads said, that they should release the video. >> before tonight? >> absolutely, you're going into a weekend, it's warm, people will be out. we saw what happened last night. the governor is right, the
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national guard did a great job, the police did a great job blast night but you don't want something recurring or occurring which happened two nights before that, but i think if they -- the whole idea of this is transparency. >> hillary clinton just tweeted they should release the video. she said charlotte should release video of the keith lamont scott video without delay. we must ensure justice and work to bridge divides. >> here's why the officers are averse to do this. they treat this in north carolina until this law is enacted as a personnel file. it's a reflection of what the officer is doing. it's foernl the officer and you cannot have it out in the the public to happen just willy-nilly have a court of public opinion but if that's the rationale for making it a personal file, that's
12:14 pm
counterintuitive to have it being part of transparency. it's not protect the investigation but the investigator. that's not lawful. >> you're former nypd, this would be the protocol? >> every police department will have their own protocol regarding the police in the release of any video. in tulsa they released the video right away and what happened? we know went what went down there. we had the police officer's point of view. >> you saw a very peaceful reaction in tulsa the community coming together, black, white, all ages. >> perceptions but is nine-tenths of the law now days. >> it removes the perceptions but that they're hiding something. listen, even if they're wrong they should release it and just get it out there and deal with the ramifications of, you know, sometimes mistakes happen. >> and tulsa -- >> and i hate to say it results
12:15 pm
in the death of an individual which is awful, but we have to admit that as well, someone died as a result of their interaction with the police. >> stand by, we have a lot of breaking news this hour, both this and on the political front as well. thank you all very much, laura, tom and don. don will have much more tonight on his show. up next, i'll speak live to the former police chief in ferguson, missouri, the place where the black lives matter movement was born after the shooting death of michael brown. this is the man in charge of the police at that time. we'll get his take live on all of this. also the breaking political news this hour, multiple sources telling cnn ted cruz has decided who he is endorsing for president. a stunning reversal. i'll get reaction from his former spokeswoman next. when you're close to the people you love,
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>> i think the cheech of police has stated his concerns extremely well and i would
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concur that you have to be careful on how and when to release information because -- i hope you don't take this in the wrong vein but i watched a football game last week on tv and saw four different replays and each showed something different. camera angles and everything mean a lot and there are a lot of circumstances involved and it's not just the camera involved in an incident, there are many other factors involved and it would be inappropriate to discuss those other factors but we have to respect the law and the process of the law. >> there you have it. north carolina's governor pat mccrory speaking moments ago talking about the police video of the shooting death of keith lamont scott and when and if it should be released saying you have to be careful as to when and how this is done saying many camera angles mean a lot of
12:21 pm
different things. he also said the national guard will remain deployed in charlotte throughout the weekend. they were there last night amid the protests. they are preparing for the possibility of more protests tonight. this follows the fatal police shooting death of an african-american man keith lamont scott. joining me now is brynn gingras. last night it was very differ t different. in terms of the last few hours as we received this video from the scott family of the wife's vantage point to her husband being shot and killed does that change things tonight? what are the activists saying? >> we're not sure if it will change things. i was listening to you talk with don and the rest of your panel and analyzing that video and questioning is it a surgical glove, is it nothing at all and
12:22 pm
saying different cameras show different angles. and that's what's lighting up on social media is looking at that video and this was a big concern of police when they talk about not releasing any video because they want to show all the facts at once. this is what the scott family wanted. they thought transparency was important. so we're hearing what each person thinks and it's unclear what that will mean for tonight, peaceful protests last night but tonight could be a different story as people react to this video the first video made public between mr. scott and the police department. we know the national guard will be here. go go ahead, poppy. >> brynn, so we're just hearing these increased calls from law enforcement officials, from hillary clinton who called for video to be released.
12:23 pm
do you get the sense the police whether release the video now that we have the vantage point of the wife? >> well, at the last news conference the police chief said this is the last time i'll talk about it because this whole subject is not in my hands, it's at the state investigative level so it's up to the police to decide. but the pressure is on. >> that's interesting so it's not up to the police chief, is that right? >> say that again? >> it's not up to the police chief you're saying? >> correct. the police chief said he is the no longer going to even begiving news conferences regarding the investigation because it's in the hands of the state investigators. >> brynn, thank you. we're continuing to follow
12:24 pm
breaking news as we've just gotten the video from the wife of keith scott. coming up next i will speak live with the former police chief of ferguson, missouri. he knows what it's like to deal with these protests and also you remember all of the calls on that department to release the information they had. we'll get his perspective on this next. when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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listening before the deadly police shooting in charlotte, north carolina, and the unrest that has followed, ferguson, missouri was ground zero for the
12:29 pm
national protests and the debate over the relationship between law enforcement and african-americans. it's also where the kblaeblack matter began. it began in august, 2014, in ferguson, missouri, that was the scene of large, large protests that got worldwide attention following the shooting death of michael brown by police officers the there. 21-year-old african-american man was shot and killed during an encounter with officer darren wilson. a complaint of racial discrimination and the department's militarized response paved the way for the resignation of ferguson police chief tom jackson. he joins me to talk about his take on what is happening in charlotte thank you for being with me. >> thank you for having me. nice to see you. >> i want to get your reaction to the family released but the city of charlotte and the state of north carolina to this point is refusing to release dash cam
12:30 pm
video and body cam video of the shooting of mr. keith lamont scott so all we have is his wife's cell phone video. should the department release what they have right now? >> they're in a tough spot where i am in st. louis county the prosecuting attorney owns that stuff because he's going to be investigating the shooting. it's a homicide but he has to determine whether or not it's justified or a crime and there has to be a determination what the debt cement is to releasing it. does it damage a possible injury pool? does it hurt the investigation and cause witnesses to say things they might not otherwise say? so you have to be careful releasing stuff like that. >> i understand that. and governor pat mccrory said there are many different camera
12:31 pm
angles that can show different things and he said it was analogous to different angles he saw in a football game showing different things. obviously this is different but the point he's making is, you know, you have to see the angles. the issue here is you've had these protests that have become violent in charlotte. one man, a 26-year-old, died from a shot from another civilian in the middle of one of those protests on wednesday nig night. they're calling for transparency and they don't have it. what would you do if it were up to you? >> what we did in ferguson, and i'm sure they're doing the best they can there, too, to keep the public informed is everything that i had that i could release that wasn't the property of the investigating body or the prosecuting attorney's office we just released it. that stuff was not going to be part of the greater case and wouldn't necessarily skew witnesses this is an
12:32 pm
investigation and it poured on demand to satisfy a thirst for more knowledge is not necessarily the appropriate or productive thing to do. >> now that we have this video, have you been able to view the full two minutes of this video on our broadcast? >> i did. i saw in the the green room a few moments ago. >> we hear the police saying "drop the gun, drop the gun" but we hear keith scott's wife saying "he doesn't have a gun, he doesn't have a gun, he has a traumatic brain injury. what is your assessment from her vantage point? 12k3w4 well, there you go what we were talking about. there's two completely different narratives going on there and you're watching it go down. what the police say, drop the gun, there's a presumption that they see a gun. her saying he doesn't have a
12:33 pm
gun, she doesn't see him. but it's a orble thing to watch, to just watch that go down and the poor woman witnessing that. it's an awful thing. i just hope they get resolution to it. >> let's talk about the protests. they were largely peaceful last night. you had weeks and weeks on end of protests in ferguson. what are the first lessons learned? >> i think the effect of social media. the way social media can create its own narrative and depending on how much of a following each tweeter or instagram person has that's the story people will believe and they'll come out believing that something horrible happened without the facts being out.
12:34 pm
they've been very stern in suppressing the violence, which is what you have to do. a lot of people are doing civil disobedience, we call it peaceful protected protests but when you here in the street keeping people from going to their homes and businesses you're breaking the law, but it's always been an effect i have strategy. the police can let that go on for as long as they think it's okay but the violence has to be controlled? >> this department chose not to use armored personnel carriers. the militarized items of police forces that they do sometimes have and have used. look what we saw in baltimore. is that the best way to handle it? >> the tactics change with the way the crowd is doing. the vehicles that we had most of
12:35 pm
the times in ferguson were the swat vehicles. they're made in massachusetts and they're personnel carriers and rescue devices. they were sort of created for things like columbine and mass shootings, not towards riots but that's how they can rescue people who may have been injured or find themselves in a dangerous situation so if they need those pieces of equipment they have them accessible to them. but i'm proud of their governor. he's come out right in the middle of this thing, he's given the police whatever they need. he's deployed the national guard which is a force multiplooier. they here that to protect buildings and truck schour the police can restore order and enforce the law. >> but there are folks upset with him and with the state and city for not releasing it yet. i have to leave it there, we have more breaking news. tom jackson, former police chief of ferguson, missouri, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up next, politics
12:36 pm
three days before the first presidential debate, breaking news, ted cruz has done a major about-face, announcing he will endorse donald trump for president. i'll get reaction from his former spokeswoman next. stay with us. target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear, and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
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if your uc or crohn's medication isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. he was donald trump's closest and arguably fiercest competitor during primary, now texas senator ted cruz is endorsing donald trump. he just posted moments ago why on facebook, a lech thi a lengt explanation. here are two reasons. "last year i promised to support the republican nominee, i intend to keep my word. even though i have had areas of significant disagreement with our nominee by any measure hillary clinton is wholly unacceptable, that's why i've
12:41 pm
always been #neverhillary." the move is a huge reversal after the bitter rift between the two developed as they vied for the republican nomination. let's not forget what ted cruz had to say about trump after he gave the controversial speech at the convention. >> i will tell you if you don't win will you support the nominee. i raised my hand and i raised my hand enthusiastically. with full intention of doing exactly that. and i'll tell you the day that pledge was abrogated. the day that was abrogated was the day this became personal and as i said at the time, and i'm not going to get into criticizing or attacking donald trump by i'll just give you this response, i am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. [ cheers and applause ] >> obviously attacking his father, he's talking about how donald trump pushed the
12:42 pm
conspiracy theory that his father was involved in the jfk assassination. he said he want ed a list of strong conservative judges, trump agreed and said he would agree to that. he called on senate leadership to support internet freedom, it's evidence according to jake tapper's source that donald trump is taking seriously issues that conservatives want them to act on. jim acosta, he didn't wake up thinking this would happen. >> there was a lot of bad blood between donald trump and ted cruz. don't forget that donald trump once questioned whether ted cruz could be eligible to be president of the united states
12:43 pm
because he was born in canada. in this fab post from ted cruz he lays out why he's endorsing donald trump. he says he is honoring his pledge he made to the republican national convention to endorse the republican nominee. he wants a supreme court that is going to reflect his values and he says donald trump will deliver that. the trump campaign put out an expanded list of donald trump's picks for the supreme court. on that list was mike lee. ted cruz mentions mike lee i talked to mike lee's office. he is not endorsing or supporting donald trump but it apparently did help ted cruz and i'm told from people inside the
12:44 pm
trump campaign that they are enthusiastic about this. there are people inside the trump campaign who worked for ted cruz. creak worked for a pro-cruise super pac. they're happy cruz is coming on board hoo board. he does rally the base behind him and that's crucial. >> i want to bring in cnn political commentator alice stewart. key in the conversation because she's the lead communications for senator ted cruz. also bill press who supports hillary clinton. hi to you both. major news, major development. alice, the question is why now but i think the broader question is how much is this a vote for trump and how much is this an
12:45 pm
endorsement to help senator cruz in 2018 locally. how about is this about him not being blamed. >> this is about winning the presidency for the republican party. he made it clear in the statement he put out. 45 days from the election and it's a critical time. he made two key points, he made a promise to support the republican nominee. >> but he believed those things when he went on stage at the rnc and didn't endorse trump so so why now? >> it's in a tough fight. the polls are close and presidential politics it is a rough-and-tumble business, it's a blood sport. ted got more of attacks from donald trump than any other candidate. it takes a long time for those wounds to heal. >> is it about
12:46 pm
self-preservation? part if donald trump does not win when ted cruz is running in 2018 people can look at him and same, including his opponent, you not getting behind donald trump is the reason he didn't win the white house? is it about self-preservation? >> clearly it's about the reasons he pointed out. throughout the campaign there were several teneted he had in his campaign, supreme court nominee, obamacare, national security, immigration. but the supreme court nominees -- the supreme court has the -- the next president has the opportunity to appoint justices, up to four possibly and that could change the trajectory of the skosht. we're talking about freedom of speech, second amendment right, health care, he wants to make sure that donald trump is the president because he trusts his nominees meaning mike lee, as he said. >> i want to get to that in one moment. i want to hear what the trump campaign said but i want to get bill press in the conversation. you heard what jim acosta said. this doesn't help with independents or people that aren't hard core conservatives
12:47 pm
but it is going to help undeniably donald trump with some of those hard core conservatives who believed before that donald trump didn't speak to their core values but that ted cruz did. >> let me say alice, nice try but no cigar. i don't buy it at all. this is all about ted cruz. it's not about donald trump. ted cruz has had meetings talking about his plans for 2020. he doesn't want to be the guy who could be blamed as you point out, poppy, if donald trump does lose. but i have to say, we're not going back far enough here. i find this amusing. i remember when ted cruz was the only guy for donald trump. he was the guy saying nice things about trump, remember that? so ted cruz was for donald trump when he could have beat him but didn't. then he went against him when he couldn't beat him then he goes to the convention when he's expected to endorse and he doesn't endorse and by the way doesn't do any damage to donald trump and now he waits until now
12:48 pm
and he endorses. i think it will make zero difference with anybody. >> alice what about trump saying he didn't want ted cruz's endorsemen endorsement. >> >> the trump campaign is glad to have this endorsement. >> you just got off the phone. what did they say? >> i spoke with jason miller. he said this is great news and shows the republican ticket is unified. he says there's no more never trump and he put the nail in the coffin by say iing that the clinton campaign should be worried. >> one of the things that was helping hillary clinton is the fact that you do have a fracturing within the republican party. this does mend a little bit of the it, does it not? >> that's the very point i was going to make. let's remember, there's still two former republican presidents, neither of whom have endorsed donald trump and will
12:49 pm
not. a former secretary of state colin powell. former gop nominee mitt romney. at least five u.s. senators, this week there are 75 senior diplomats, republican and democrat, there are 50 senior national security advisors, including two cabinet members of george w. bush who have said they could never support donald trump. so compared to this huge mountain of republicans who are not for trump i'd say ted cruz is a tiny pebble on that mountain. >> alice stewart, bill press, wish we had more time, thank you very much. next, we want to get back to breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina. that new cell phone video of the police shooting of keith lamont scott just released this afternoon by scott's wife, video she took of those moments, the final moments of his life on her cell phone. we'll get reaction from a pastor and community leader in charlotte straight ahead.
12:50 pm
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all right, back to our breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina, new cellphone video of the death of keith lamont scott who was shot and killed by that charlotte police officer. the encounter captured on cellphone video by scott's wife. while this video does not show the shooting, you will hear the lead up to the shooliting and wl you hear those shots fired. i want to warn you what you're about to see is graphic and very disturbing. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. he has no weapon. don't shoot him. [ bleep ]. don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. >> drop the gun!
12:55 pm
drop the gun! >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he's not going to do anything to you guys. he just took his medicine. >> drop the gun! [ bleep ]. >> keith, don't let them break the windows. come on out the car. >> drop the gun. >> keith, don't do it. >> drop the gun. >> keith, get out the car. keith, keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. keith! keith! don't you do it. [ shooting ]. did you shoot him? did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not be [ bleep ] dead. he better not be [ bleep ] dead. i know that much he better not be dead. i'm not coming near you. i'm going to record you. he better be alive. he better be alive. yes we're over here at 9453
12:56 pm
lexington court these are the police officers that shot my husband and he better live. he better live. because he didn't do nothing to them. ain't nobody touch nobody. all good. i know he better live. i know he better live. how about that. i'm not coming to you guys. but he better live. he better live. y'all hear this and you see this, right. he better live. he better live. i swear he better live. yep. he better live. he better [ bleep ] live. he better live. where is -- he better [ bleep ] live. i ain't going nowhere i'm in the same [ bleep ] spot. [ bleep ]. that's okay. did y'all call the police. i mean did y'all call the ambulance. >> on the phone with me now is
12:57 pm
senior minister at chief in charlotte. thank you for being with me. i understand you just saw this individuvideo from keith lamont wife for the first time. what was your reaction. >> i think you need to understand that while we understand this is a national and now international story those in this community are deeply vested in it. just the viewing of this video impacts us in a very different way. it's -- to think that we put a family in a position to reveal this moment to us in this way after all of the calls to reveal the official video and the refusal to do that and to think that this now created a situation that a family has to bare this moment before the
12:58 pm
community and now before the world is inspeakingly heart breaking. >> unspeakingly heart breaking. take us to the mood of the city last night. they were peaceful. they were violent the night before. a 26-year-old was killed, shot by a civilian. what do you expect tonight heading into the weekend? >> you know, i think all of us have given up trying to predict. i was one of the people that was very critical of chief of police saying we're preparing for the worst because that in a way becomes self-fulfilling prophecy so i don't want to engage in that, at the same time i have to tell you i'm in the safe confines of my office and utterly incredulous that you can have that many officers and the inability to deal with the situation other than a fatalities no matter what he had in his hand.
12:59 pm
i have to say, i was at this site much of wednesday morning and much of what's on this video was corroborated from what i heard from people at the site. they talked about the life coming down. they were watching this unfold. and they were very, very skeptical about the story the police are telling. there's going to be immense anger because we see this story not in isolation but we see it in conjunction with what we saw just this week in tulsa and what over 160 times this year, where police have killed african-american men and so i think any of us who care about the health of this community have to be deeply worried about what it's going to do to the mood and the tone of our community to introduce this video into what we have already endured in the course of this week.
1:00 pm
>> reverend jay leach of the church in charlotte we wish for peace in your community tonight and this weekend. thank you for joining us very much. thank you all for being with me today. "the lead with jake tapper" begins right now. thanks poppy. a video emerges. the lead starts right now. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. he has no weapon. don't shoot him. >> the first video we've seen showing the event surrounding a deadly police shooting in charlotte. police repeatedly screaming drop the gun, a wife yelling in terror. when will we see the police body camera video. also breaking news, donald trump attacked his wife, called him lying ted. and accusing


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