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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 25, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone. thank you so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield, live from hofstra university, site of tomorrow night's first presidential debate. just 29 hours now until hillary clinton and donald trump take the debate stage in front of an electorate that is split. a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows clinton is and trump neck and neck. clinton with only a two-point lead among likely voters. both candidates are off the campaign trail today but have
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separate meetings with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. we have full team coverage here at hofstra and on the campaign trail. i'll start with jeff. how are preparations going for clinton? >> clinton has been preparing for this debate all weekend long. she just left a hotel near here not long ago, where she has been doing more practice sessions with her close team of advisers. now, she will be manhattan for the meeting with netanyahu, as donald trump had this morning. they're focusing on preparations. going through mock debate sessions really, trying to anticipate what donald trump is going to do. more importantly, she is trying to find areas where she can call him out. she knows that she will have to sort of play the role of fact checker, at least she believe
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she is will. they're looking for specific instances where he may not sort of have a consistent line of message here. she's looking for places to draw him out. she has been in the practice sessions. last night, it went until almost midnight. almost like a college exam, if you will here. really going into the final hours here, of course, before the all-important debate tomorrow. >> yeah, that all night cramming. jeff, stay with us. i want to go now to sarah murray, who is camped outside of donald trump in manhattan. sarah, what is trump doing in the final hours? we know he met with netanyahu there on home turf, so to speak. now what? how does he prepare? >> of course, he had the netanyahu meeting. soon after that, they began yet another debate prep session. we saw rudy giuliani earlier going into trump tower. reince priebus is said to be in
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donald trump. they aren't doing role play. trump learns by sparring back and forth with a number of aides in a rapid fire session. it's difficult than how candidates prepared in the past. we'll see how it pays off for him. >> i want to bring in jim acosta, brianna keeler and tim mattingly. you've all been covering this unprecedented campaign since day one. many would say that began right after the last election. some of you covered clinton back in 2008. brianna, you've gotten to know her and have been on the campaign trail with her a lot. what do you suppose her focus is? what does she want to presence to this audience of upwards of 100 million people? >> overall, she wants to prove she is the better choice. that she has the better temperament to be commander in chief. and she wants to prove that
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donald trump does not tell the truth and that he doesn't have the temperament to be president. he's actually unfit to do so. so you can't really overstate what a -- how big of a night this is. how much is riding on this. one of the big concerns for her is expectations. because she has so much debate experience that perhaps she and donald trump are held to different standards of what a good performance is going to be. i think she's a little worried about the doabuble standard. it is so important. you think of how many people are going to be watching. millions and millions. 1/3 of voters say this is going to be extremely consequential when it comes to how they vast their ballot in november. >> the issue of the double standard. robby said earlier donald trump should not be graded on a curve. >> right. well, he shouldn't be. but i think what donald trump faces in terms of a challenge for this debate is he has to pass the commander in chief test. we saw him go toe to toe with 16
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other candidates during the primary debates. it's interesting to hear some of the clinton strategy being, we want to see if we can get under donald trump's skin. almost all the other republican opponents tried to match insult for insult with donald trump, and he would just sort of swat them away, one by one, during the debates. i would be careful about that if i were hillary clinton. i agree with what brianna is saying. i'll also add for donald trump, if he can get through the debate without major errors, without major whoppers or moments he acts in a sexist way toward hillary clinton, he'll come out of the debate looking good. a lot of the pressure is on hillary clinton at this point. she's seen her lead erode over the last several weeks. that puts a lot of pressure on hillary clinton. if donald trump gets through the debate with a pretty good performance and moves up in the polls, if could be hard to stop for hillary clinton. >> phil, is more pressure on hillary clinton, the more experienced debater, back to her
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high school years? >> you mentioned grading on a curve. it infuriates the clinton team. yeah, she's more experienced but she shouldn't be held to a different standard than the person next to her on a debate stage. i think when you talk to people on both sides, one thing that concerns republicans familiar with the structure and one thing that democrats are pointing to as a possible kind of big point for hillary clinton in her favor, 90 minutes, two candidates. not 16 across the stage. you can't hide when there is 90 minutes and two candidates. the republican primary, donald trump would kind of recede and you'd forget he was there as other candidates fought it out. that can't happen. hillary clinton is undoubtedly the favorite when it comes to handling a debate on this stage, i think the clinton team looks at the reality that donald trump can't just kind of recede at any point and will have a difficult time swatting things away and moving on. hillary clinton's job will be to drive down into the policies, try and draw him out. that's where they think they can win. >> we talk about this debt head.
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the new poll showing they are in this virtual tie. jeff, i ha jeff, i have to ask you, is there a feeling from the clinton campaign that there is more to lose, more is at stake for her because of this presumed, you know, imbalance of measuring their performance? >> i think more could be at stake for her. without a doubt, the election here has high consequences for her. the debate has high consequences. she's going against history a bit. this is a change in environment in this election. the clinton campaign realizes they have the burden here, as well, to acknowledge that everything is not okay. the economy has certainly improved but not as much as somebody would like. we see protests in the streets. there is a changed dynamic. she has to show she is the
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change. it will be a history making moment, without question. there's never been a woman candidate on stage as a major presidential nominee. that dynamic will simply be different here. i think we're going to look for moments here. it is a 90-minute debate. it'll be won or lost on individual moment that is the candidates are having. i am told by clinton advisers, she is not going to try and fact check donald trump all night long. she's going to try and call him out on some particular things of resonance here. that's why they've been practicing so much here. she's the kind of candidate, the kind of student if you will, who loves to come prepared. she's a lawyer. she likes all her facts at hand here. i'm told tomorrow, she will not be practicing as much as simply really trying to, you know, internalize donald trump again. we can't overstate the importance of this tomorrow evening here. i guess the stakes are higher for her.
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donald trump, as jim was saying, has to show that he is presidential timber, he can be a commander in chief. she's passed the test. he hasn't necessarily. >> real quick, sarah, we've been talking a lot about performance. as it pertains to particular issues, what has been the focus or what is likely to be the focus for donald trump tomorrow night? sarah murray, you able to hear me? >> oh, sorry. yeah, i couldn't hear you for a second. >> go ahead. >> i think that donald trump is looking at the same polling that we all are looking at, which shows the issues with his temperament. they feel like he can be really strong on issues of national security. he can be really strong on issues of trade. those are issues he can prosecute against hillary clinton. i do think you're going to see more presidential trump. that doesn't mean he's not going to go on the attack. if he feels he is under attack by hillary clinton, he is certainly going to hit back. i think the challenge for donald trump and his advisers right now
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is figuring out how to do that in a way where he doesn't come across as a bully, but where he comes across projecting this kind of strength that has been so beneficial for him along the campaign trail. so beneficial forhis polling numbers. he hazen is an issue when it coo female voters. that'll be a factor when you look at the tone and temperament of donald trump on the stage. >> sarah, jeff, phil, brianna and jim, thank you to all of you. >> thank you. >> you can see the first presidential debate here on cnn at 9:00 eastern with coverage kicking off at 4:00 eastern time. he has accurately predicted every presidential outcome for the past 30 years. coming up, professor and historian allen lickman explains why he thinks donald trump is headed for a win. now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues,
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield at hofstra university. polls show a close race between hillary clinton and donald trump as they head into tomorrow night's debate here. the election is less than 44 days away. who will become our next leader? a man who has correctly predicted the outcome of every presidential election since 1984 says he is pretty sure it's donald trump who will win. the man making that bold prediction joins me now. allen lichtman. presidential historian and distinguished professor of history at american university. good to see you, professor. >> always. >> so you are not necessarily using polling to make this prediction, but instead, something you call historical keys to the white house to make this prediction. a series of true and false. explain. >> very simple.
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i develop the keys in 1981 based on an analysis of every election, retrospectively, from 1860 to 1980. the theory behind the keys is that presidential elections are essentially ref rememb lly refe party holding the white house. it probes the strength and performance of that party. and an answer of true always favors the reelection of a white house party, right now the democrats. if six or more of the keys, however, is false, you are going to predict the party in power is going to lose. right now, the incumbent democrats are down six keys. based on history, not the polls, pundits or anything like that, you would predict a donald trump victory. however, you have in donald trump a precedent-shattering candidate, who could change 150
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years of american history. we've never seen a candidate like donald trump, who said numerous things that would have driven any other candidate out of the race, who has no record of public service. only a record of enriching himself at the expense of others. he is a candidate who breaks decades of precedent in not releasing his tax returns. he's invited a foreign power, russia, to meddle in our elections. he's talked about starting a war by blowing iranian ships out of the water if they come too close to ours. so all of these things may well shatter the verdict of history, and donald trump could snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. but history favors his election. >> wow. so professor, give me an example of how the party holding the white house, the democratic party right now, president obama holding the white house now, how the performance is being measured when you say it's not based on polls. his more than 44% approval
1:18 pm
rating number has nothing to do with it? >> nothing. here are the six keys that are down, and a possible seventh actually. the party mandate based on midterm elections is kind of a referendum on the party in power. democrats were paced in 2014. it's an open seat. barack obama can't run again. second key down. gary johnson has been a thorn in the side of the democrats with his appeal. that's a third key down. the administration has not achieved a major policy change this term, like obamacare. it's not achieved a major success in foreign policy like it did last term with getting rid of osama bin laden. hillary clinton is not a historically charismatic candidate like franklin roosevelt. plus, you have lurking the aftereffects of this contest between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the facts at least at this point indeterminate.
1:19 pm
a generic republican candidate is favored to win. but that's why for the first time in 30 years, i put an asterisk on my prediction and said, you know, donald trump is so out of the ordinary, maybe historical patterns won't hold. it's the toughest test of the keys in over 30 years of predictions. >> all right. american university professor allen lichmtman. good to see you. we'll see if your 30-year prediction record holds or if this is the year where things change. >> i started when i was 9, by the way. >> thanks so much. still ahead, in just over 24 hours, the presidential candidates are tearing off the gloves. up next, the mind games both camps are playing ahead of this debate.
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield. live pictures inside the debate hall here at hofstra university. tomorrow night's debate could be the most watched ever.
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analysts say between 80 and 100 million people could be watching. i'll bring in host of "reliable sources," brian stelter. this is the pregame. you actually talked to one of the press secretaries for hillary clinton, correct, ask he is saying what about his concerns for her performance or how her performance would be ra rated? >> they are working the reps here, being the media. we are talking about pregame expectations. then after the so-called game, everyone is going to be judging clinton and trump and their performances. the message from the clinton campaign is very clear. they want the bar to be set at the same level for both these candidates. they're concerned that commentators and journalists will set the bar too low for trump and too high for clinton. this is what i was told. >> this is somebody who was anointed the liar of the year last year and said 70% of the claims they judge were lies from
1:25 pm
donald trump. so our point is, if you're going to have donald trump on the debate stage for 90 minutes, and if you have a moderator that takes a hands off approach and says they are not going to fact check the candidates, that they are going to sit there and close their ears to donald trump's lies, it will extent an unfair bias to donald trump. it will be the equivalent of giving him more time to speak. >> that's the view from camp clinton. they said to fact check clinton, as well, but do it equally. >> is there a feeling however that in her preparedness, she is prepared to fact check her opponent? >> it'll be interesting to watch. every minute or second that clinton spends rebutting donald trump, saying what he said is a lie, it takes away from her opportunity to make her own case about why she should be president. what struck me in the interview this morning and other interviews by clinton officials is how much time they talk about talking about trump. they're so focused on their
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hey! you guys are gonna scare away the deer! idiots... providing global access for small business. fedex. hello. i'm fredricka whitfield, live from hofstra university, where the first presidential debate will take place in just over 24 hours from now. with so much on the line tomorrow night, both campaigns have started playing sort of mind games with their opponent. first, the clinton camp revealed billionaire and outspoken donald trump critic mark cuban would be sitting in the front row for the debate. trump tweeted, quote, if dopey mark cuban of failed benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps i'll put gennifer flowers right alongside him. end quote. flowers had an affair with
1:30 pm
clinton decades ago. clinton campaign says she will not be there. i'll bring back in the panel. jim acosta, brianna keeler and phil mattingly. we have sarah murray and jeff. sarah, let's begin outside of trump tower. the camp felt they needed to now make it clear, despite the tweet, that flowers, in fact, will not be there. why? >> well, i think the trump campaign feels like they got their jab in, and now it's time to move go be beyond that and not take it too far. kellyanne conway said this earlier. >> basically, mr. trump was saying, if mark cuban is going to send out these twexts, humbling at hofstra, mr. trump was putting them on notice, we can invite guests that make it into the head of hillary
1:31 pm
clinton. we have not invited her formally and don't expect her to be there as a guest of the trump campaign. >> kellyanne went on to say she doesn't expect that bill clinton's infidelities are going to come up during the debate. i talked to a number of people close to the campaign who think it was sort of a hilarious head fake, to try to get under hillary clinton's skin in the final day before the two meet on stage. it forces a risk in taking it too far. there is certainly a risk if he appeals to women voters, as he tries to appeal to suburban voters, if he's trying to pin her husband's infidelity and past on hillary clinton. might be the kind of thing that doesn't play well with volketer. i think they're walking a fine line in trying to get under clinton's skin but not push the issue too far. >> so, jeff, there is this abou on the gennifer flowers
1:32 pm
invitation? >> i'm not sure if it is pressure from the clinton camp or not, but certainly, the clinton camp started this but advertising the fact that mark cuban, who has been trawling trump for weeks, if not months, would be sitting in the front row. it was intended to provoke some type of a response from donald trump. but when the gennifer flowers name came up last night, the clinton campaign certainly is ready for that line of argument. they weren't necessarily ready to have her in the front row. this is what her campaign manager told jake tapper on "state of the union" this morning. >> and i think the fact that donald trump is spending the hours before this debate on this sort of thing is indicative of the kind of leader he would be and the kind of president he would be. i think it's a warning sign before the debate has even started. >> that was before the trump campaign said, look, she's not coming. the clinton campaign was trying to lay a trap for donald trump.
1:33 pm
they believe any talk of gennifer flowers would actually be good for hillary clinton. women, of course, are the most pivotal vo aal voters in the el. non-college educated and college educated women, some of the moderates who don't like trump but don't necessarily like millry clmill -- hillary clinton who are up for grabs. they believe discussion of gennifer flowers would help her. they're trying to say donald trump is not focused on the issues. this is the games that are going on. the reality is voters here are going to seize upon moments in the debate that come from the candidates themselves, not from who is sitting in the front row. >> let's broaden out the conversation a little bit. jim, donald trump and his camp has been saying they want their candidate to look presidential. sending out a tweet like that, not so much. >> not so much. >> however, what is the expectation as to how to look presidential for donald trump on a debate stage? >> i think that tweet that he put out about gennifer flowers,
1:34 pm
i can understand why kellyanne conway was trying to diffuse this on "state of the union." as jeff said, this goes to the heart of donald trump's problem, putting together an electoral map that would deliver him the presidency. women voters are turned off by him substantially. to bring up the mistress of bill clinton is not exactly something that's going to appeal to women voters. i remember being on the campaign trail when donald trump called hillary clinton an enabler. you could see the jaws dropping in the crowd of donald trump supporters. so i think this underlines the risk for donald trump tomorrow night. does he have one of the over the top, omg moments that just sort of starts to create this, you know, destabilizing effect within his campaign? that is what he cannot risk. that's why i think he has to get through tomorrow night, try to look presidential, sound presidential and resist those omg moments. we're talking about donald
1:35 pm
trump. i would put a 50/50 chance on that. >> brianna, hillary clinton has prided herself on being able to stay the course, whether the road was bum tpy or not. look at her 40-year public life. she's had to manage a lot. why is this any different? >> why is this debate any different? from what she's done her whole life? >> right. >> i think it boils down to this. this is almost like -- we just had the olympics, right? it is like training your whole life for something. i think the a moment that is going to be incredibly consequential for her in the election. it's going to be incredibly consequential for her in her lifetime. certainly what she's achieved and what she would say that she would want to achieve to -- for the country. but i have to revisit the mark cuban thing because i find this fascinating. oi i think part of the reason they
1:36 pm
invited him, she used him as a counterpoint to donald trump. you know, he's a billionaire, on television, got the whole entertainer thing going on, but then she'll highlight the good thing s he's done. like profit sharing. look, he believes in workers, and donald trump doesn't. but i think it spiralled into this other thing, right, where you're actually seeing -- i think they also want to debate donald trump maybe at the debate, unnerve him a bit. but mark cuban has already served his role here. you see from the tweet. i don't think republicans when they saw the tweet, i think they were freaking out. i sort of agree with that, republican -- >> might have been taking the bait. just to ruffle his feathers. is that part of the mind games, phil? >> no question about it. if you are the clinton campaign, this couldn't have worked out any better, in the sense that this is the response they wanted to draw out. what has been their kind of dominant message over the course of the last six to eight weeks, if you put donald trump in the
1:37 pm
oval office with the nuclear codes and foreign relations, he can be basically brought to rage by a single tweet. he can be baited by anything. that's exactly what happened over the course of the last 24 hours. while the clinton folks may not admit it now publicly, this on some level is exactly what they were trying to do when they invited mark cube skpn kucuban to put him in the front row. as jim says, he probably doesn't have to come anymore. >> he's served his role. >> thank you. so much. brianna, jim, phil and jeff and sarah. the whole gang. we'll see a lot more of you. thank you so much. first, of course, see this first presidential debate right here on cnn tomorrow night. 9:00 eastern time with our coverage kicking off at 4:00 eastern. we will be right back.
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welcome back. two very famous people are going to end up on the stage tomorrow. donald trump and hillary clinton. but it's hillary clinton what has been in public service for now 40 years, but she and her campaign acknowledge that so many voters, particularly millenials, don't know enough about her and her dedication to
1:42 pm
women and children well before she became first lady. clinton's new ad, well, it takes you way back. >> one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. >> we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. i want to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. >> here we are eight weeks away before the general election. both candidates are still com l compelled to help define who they are. are they being held to the same standard, or are there differences based on sex? now with me, ellen fitzpatrick, also an editor of several books on women's struggle for equal rights. her latest book is "the highest glass ceiling," women's quest
1:43 pm
for the american presidency. thank you, ms. fitzpatrick, how are you? >> i'm well. how are you? >> great. so this is already a historic race, with you know, the first woman nominee of a major party, but is it your view that clinton is having to work harder, show more evidence that she is pursuing this highest office of the land to promote policy and direction for the american people? >> well, whether she's had to do it or not, she certainly has done so. she's had a remarkable career and brings really a set of experiences to her candidacy that are unlike any that any man or woman before her ever brought to a race for the presidency. in part because she was first lady and had those eight years in the white house when her husband was president. wh went on to her career in the senate, and then ran -- came very close to winning in 2008,
1:44 pm
the democratic nomination. then served as secretary of state and now a candidate again. so it's unique, yes. >> so in your view, how much of an impact might an ad like that have, one that takes you back to her college years? >> i think that will resonate with women of her generation, and that is a generation that already, i think, is quite sympathetic, if the polls can be believed, to her as a candidate. so i'm not sure, you know -- it may remind younger women that she has a long record on these issues that may be of importance to them, as well, but it will mostly remind, i think, viewers, as if they need to be reminded, that she has been a long-time person on the political scene, and has a great deal of
1:45 pm
experience. >> so shirley was the first american modern woman to seek the office for a major office. carly fiorina and now hillary clinton. what are the parallels you see in women seeking the office to women seeking promotion, perhaps, in their workplaces in terms of whether the obstacles are similar for men seeking the same kind of positions? >> well, it's a hard slog, obviously, the race for the presidency. and it is unhilike trying to advance in other realms of life. it's extremely difficult and, obviously, there are few people who are successful and many who have tried. there have been over 200 women over the course of american history that have actually set their sites on the presidency and appeared on a ballot or nominated even by a third party. so in that sense, however, i
1:46 pm
think the sense that no woman has ever succeeded in reaching this milestone resonates for those who are aware of the longer history of inequality for women in the workplace. and in that sense, there is parallelism. however, you know, greatly different the jobs at stake may be. >> tomorrow night's debate, do you see these two candidates, their performance will be gauged equally? >> well, i think they'll be gauged. we know that. equally, i'm not sure. the expectations, i think, are probably fairly low for mr. trump. and in some sense, presidential debates are a television show. he's extremely adept as a television performer. secretary clinton, perhaps, a little less so in that respect.
1:47 pm
but 90 minutes is a very long time. it will be interesting -- there has to be some substance, as well. so i suspect they will be judged differently, but they'll each be held to whatever standards the pundits and analysts will choose to apply to them. >> all right. a 90-minute debate and no commercial breaks. ellen fitzpatrick, thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thank you. coming up at the top of the hour, green party candidate jill stein joins poppy harlow in the newsroom. 5:00 eastern only on cnn. the new season of "parts unknown" is here tonight at 9:00. anthony bourdain takes us to vietnam, where he sits down with a commander in chief. >> you're going to have to -- i will walk you through it.
1:48 pm
>> you'll have to walk me through it. >> this is the blue chop. >> about as typical and equally a hanoi dish as there is. pork belly. it is served in a broth of vinegar, sugar and the fermented fish sauce. >> chilies to taste. >> i mean, if you have an important state function after, you may not want to go with that. >> i'm going with this thing. we're going to do what is appropriate. >> vinegar. >> all right. >> hack off noodles, drop them in your bowl. >> not too elegant, but i'm managing. >> and dip and stir and get ready for the awesomeness. >> i'm ready. now, is it appropriate to just pop one of these whole suckers in your mouth, or do you think you should be a little more -- >> well, slurping is acceptable in this part of the world. >> it takes some skills to
1:49 pm
handle these sticky, cold noodles. whatever your opinion of the man, the president has those skills. i've got to say -- >> this is killer. this is outstanding. >> so good to hear. >> it's really good. >> catch anthony bourdain's conversation with president obama tonight only on cnn. we're back in a moment. - we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for
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tooth decay is the single most common childhood disease, and it's on the rise. cnn hero this week has a mobile clinic that brings dental services to children in need ep epidemic. >> people get out of the chair, look in the mirror and cry. people who before wouldn't let you see their teeth, they have big, wide smiles. it's one of the most rewarding things. >> for the full story, go to cnn history could be made tomorrow night at the first presidential debate ahead of the
1:54 pm
general election. all of it being held here at hofstra university. not just on the stage that history would be made. experts believe the first clinton versus trump matchup could reach 100 million viewers, crushing the current presidential debate record and putting it in super bowl territory. each candidate knows it's not just what you say but how you look saying it. an important lesson learned at the first televised debate, which is the subject of this week's cartoonian by jake tapper. >> reporter: good-bye mayberry, hello camelot. in 1960, the andy griffith show was bumped to make room for tv's first broadcast of a presidential debate. >> senator john f. kennedy. >> freedom in the next generation, who will be success? >> richard m. nixon.
1:55 pm
>> i subscribe to what he's said. >> reporter: they argued over the cold war and civil rights, and it wasn't just what was said but how the candidates looked. >> i said, do you wear makeup? kennedy, who had been campaigning at an open convertible, looking tan and fit, he is a matinee idol and said, i don't wear any. i said to nixon, do you wear makeup? he said, no. he came out and i looked at him and he looked like death wore him over. >> reporter: here's how bob doll remembered it. >> i thought nixon was doing a great job. then i saw the tv clips and the guy was sick. he didn't look well. kennedy was young, articulate and wiped him out. >> reporter: most historians said the debate forever changed politics, and not everyone thought that was a good thing.
1:56 pm
>> all right. again, we're just one day away from the first presidential debate, and you can watch it right here on cnn tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern time. i'm fredricka whitfield. thank you for joining me this weekend here at hofstra university. our coverage, live from hofstra, continues next here with poppy harl harlow. tokyo-style ramen noodles. freshly made in the japanese tradition, each batch is small. special. unique...
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hi, everybody. top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow live from the campus of hofstra university. the site of the first presidential election. 100 million people expected to tune in by some estimates. watch it monday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. look inside the debate hall, the stage at hofstra, a stage shared by donald trump and hillary clinton as they square off for the first time tomorrow night. the talk right now is not just about what happens on the stage, but frankly, about who will be sitting in the front row. the trump campaign saying trump nor his campaign formally invited gennifer flowers to the debate. they don't expect her to be there as a guest of the camp. flowers is the former arkansas state employee whose revelations of a long-standing affair with then governoril


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