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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  September 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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creepy. >> i'm poppy harlow live from hofstra university, the site of tomorrow night's first presidential debate. next on cnn, a special edition of "erin burnett out front." it begins right now. next, a special edition of "up front." debate night in america. what are hillary clinton and donald trump doing in the final hours before the big event? psychological warfare. trump and clinton are playing mind games on and off the debate stage. will it work? plus, one of the hardest things on debating hillary clinton. almost all her opponents have fallen into this trap. let's go out front. good evening. i'm erin burnett. welcome to a special edition of "out front," debate line in america. the first head to head debate between donald trump and hillary clinton on cnn now a little more
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than 24 hours away. we'll show you the debate hall. hofstra university in hempstead, new york, where they'll be standing. trump's top aides are inspecting the stage a short time ago, there on your screen. the trump-clinton face-off is the most important in the race, no question about that. comes 43 days before election day. it will be an historic event, no matter what happens. analysts say it will be the biggest presidential debate audience ever, as many as 100 million people are expected to tune in. it's a number like the super bowl. hillary clinton is spending time in a hotel near her home right there, and it is where clinton has been hunkered down the last few days. a long-time aide portraying trump in his prep. rudy giuliani was helping. followed by chris christie. both candidates today heating with benjamin netnetanyahu.
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we want to begin with sarah murray outside of trump tower in new york. cl what is a disadvantage going into tomorrow's debate. >> they're saying -- not even on the stage yet, but already blaming the media if trump ends up at a disadvantage tomorrow night. see what kellyanne conway said earlier. >> if mr. trump has any disadvantage going into tomorrow night's debate, it is that he is not treated fairly. that's obvious, if you read many of the reports. if you turn on almost any station at any point in the day. the coverage varies from incomplete, meaning it's all about him and negative against him, to you know, over -- >> that's a clue to how the campaign is going to react if the moderator, lester holt, tries to fact check donald trump. if he has a tough moment in the debate, the campaign can fall back on what has been a useful
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strategy, which is to blame the media. also a very unpopular group in the u.s., even lower than some politicians. donald trump has been hunkered down today. he has been prepping for this. his campaign is taking it seriously. we saw rudy giuliani and chris christie, rnc krarmchairman rei priebus. were still not hearing that donald trump has done any mock debates. there is a risk in that. he's never been in a one-on-one debate. this is not a traditional aides are trying to prep them in a way that makes him comfortable. we'll see if it pays off tomorrow night. >> let's go to jeff zeleny. hilalary clinton preparing for someone above all else. >> she is, erin. she's been preparing in a resort not far from her home, with a small cluster of advicers for the last several days.
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last night, she worked until almost midnight preparing for this. one thing they expect and know are coming are questions about her e-mail. she has been answering those questions with varying degrees of success over the last year, year and a half or so. but her aides are trying to convince her to not be a lawyer. she is a lawyer, of course. sometimes, her answer on this has been somewhat lawyerly. she is going to -- at least her aides say she will try to sort of be contrite about this. acknowledge, again, what she did with that private e-mail server was wrong and try and pivot beyond that. but they want to avoid her getting into the weeds in a legal answer that she sometimes has given on that classified e-mail server that has dogged her since her campaign began. >> and the campaign also, jeff, has been, you know, out there, trying to get everybody to fact check. something they say, of course, will hurt trump significantly more. that may not happen, right? the moderator may not be doing that. so what will clinton do in
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response? >> erin, there's never been a presidential campaign, at least in modern times, where the facts have been so disposable, if you will. fact checkers said that donald trump simply, you know, does not stick to them nearly as much as any other candidate. it is not her burden, necessarily, to fact check him constantly. that might be her instinct. that might be her, you know, first thing she wants to do. her advisers want her to limit that to two or three big things and not have her, all night, be correcting him. that will not be the right image for her, for the voters out there. many of whom may be tuning in for the very first time. they want her to have more levity rather than lecturing donald trump. erin? >> jeff, thank you very much. out front now, our panel, as we are getting ready for the event tomorrow night. david, former presidential adviser for four presidents. mark preston, executive editor for "cnn politics."
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kierston powers. co corey lewandowski, former trump campaign manager. a hillary clinton supporter and her former campaign manager, and a donald trump supporter. now i get to take a breath. okay. corey, you helped prepare donald trump for debates during the primary season, of which there were so many. what's happening right now? is he done? watching football tonight? >> my recommendation, if i was still part of the campaign, would be take some time, enjoy a football game, relax. unwind, you know. think about what you'd want to be doing before the night of a big day tomorrow. i'm sure he's going to come down from the apartment and go to work. it's what he does. he'll probably spend some more time doing some more debate prep. but the debate prep that donald trump does is more conversational. it's with experts in their respective fields. whether it is rudy giuliani or the generals. he learns by talking to other
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people. i think it's what he'll do. then spend time with his family, drive out to new york and have a big night tomorrow night. >> what about hillary clinton? is she now done? she had an off site location and is taking this very seriously, in terms of briefings. is she going to take off from now on is and be done? >> no. hillary likes to prepare. she likes to study and be prepared when she goes on the debate stage. she's spent weeks preparing, going over briefing books, watching videos of donald trump debating. what she's done traditionally the night before is get a good night's sleep. she visited her grandchildren tonight so she can be in a happy place. and tomorrow, she'll review, again, possibly do q&a and maybe try to squeeze in another mock debate. >> wow. another one on the same day. talk about two different strategies. you have prepared someone to debate against donald trump, marco rubio. what do you do? what do you advise someone do to
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get under donald trump's skin torks g, to get him to do something that will come off badly? >> there is so much unpredictability. you can't say, this is his tendency. when we prepared governor romney, for example, against the president, it was clear what the president was going to try to do and what he had to accomplish. that was an easier debate to prepare for. with donald trump, you have to expect the unexpected. it's difficult to say, prepare for donald trump in all sorts of ways. you have to be on your toes and recognize that anything could come at you. you have to stick to your strategy. know what you have to accomplish and don't let him throw you off your game. >> he is unpredictable. he could have a one liner or quip, and it isn't practiced in advance. it came to his mind at that moment. >> right off the top of his head. i'm in the mindset that he is probably going to be restrained tomorrow. i think he'll come out there and people are going to walk away and say, wow, where is the
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donald trump that we're used to and that we know? i think the campaign adviser and kellyanne conway and others have really locked him down in many ways. he still occasionally has a pop-off moment but i think he'll be restrained tomorrow. >> one of the issues will be the fact checking. the executive director of the debates says, moderator, not his job. lester holt tomorrow. here's what they said. >> i think personally, if you start getting into fact checking, i'm not sure what is a big fact, what is a little fact? i don't think it is a good idea to get the moderator into essentially serving as the encycloped encyclopedia. >> does that take pressure off donald trump, or is he going to feel the pressure that people are going to be checking every single thing he does, and that he needs to get it right? >> mr. trump has been debating -- he's had a one-on-one debate since he first got into the race with the media, with all his naysayers,
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and he did very well against all the people that ran against him in the primary. what mr. trump is going to do is not focus on lester holt or secretary clinton. he's going to focus on the american people. that's what the debate is about. everyone thinking this debate is about secretary clinton, they're wrong. mr. trump is going to message directly to the american people like he always has. he is a master at really understanding and tapping into what we need to hear. >> we're all staying here. next, the first shot in the psych war. clinton putting mark cuban in a front row seat at the debate. can trump be rattled? the trap that other clinton opponents have fallen into. >> you're likable enough, hillary. >> thank you. >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> can trump avoid those pitfalls? jeanne moos on how a weak and a sigh can make a difference. it's a laptop, i take the keyboard off, it's a tablet.
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welcome back to a special edition of "out front." you're looking at live pictures of hofstra university, the site of the first presidential debate tomorrow night. the psychological warfare raging between the two candidates in anticipation. clinton promising to bring trump's nemesis, well, he used to be a friend but now is a nem tis, the businessman and reality tv star billionaire mark cuban. bring him to the debate and sit him in the front row. trump threatened to bring gennifer flowers, the reporter who revealed her and bill clinton had a long-time affair. both campaign managers addressed this today. >> i can't believe how easily baited the clinton campaign was. we have not invited her formally and we don't expect her to be there as a guest of the trump
4:15 pm
campaign. >> it is a warning sign before the debate has started about donald trump's lack of fitness, his bullying tactics, that make him unfit to be president. >> phil mattingly is out front from the debate hall tonight. hours away and a lot of drama about people and who is going to be sitting in the front row, trying to psych out the debaters. >> erin, obviously, a lot of attention now being paid on what the candidates are doing to prepare themselves for monday night. also, no shortage of interest in who is actually going to be in the audience. if you look behind me, you have the candidates themselves who will be at the two podiums. two people in the audience they care about. the clinton family will be here. the trump family will be here. donald trump's running mate, mike pence, will be in the audience, something not very usual. all eyes have been focused on twitter over the course of the last 48 hours. because the clinton team invited mark cuban, the billionaire who has been sparring back and forth with donald trump over the
4:16 pm
course of the last several months. one that hillary clinton used as a top surrogate. the clinton team has given him a front row ticket, something cuben has becub cuban has been happy to point out to trump. donald trump responding on twitter to the news that mark cuban would be here, saying he might bring gennifer flowers. flowers, obviously, the woman bill clinton had an affair with decades ago. it's something that republican officials backed off in horror. it's the last thing they want donald trump to be talking about. when you talk to the trump campaign, they're saying, look, this is donald trump the counter punchers. the clintons were trying to draw this out of donald trump. gennifer flowers, according to the trump campaign, will not be attending on monday night with a trump team ticket. whether or not she comes, well, she said she was going to show up. it won't be because of the trump on ratio operation. not only what's happening on the stage, but it's a big deal on what's happening in the audience, as well. >> yes, for sure.
4:17 pm
when you put it that way. thank you, phil. my panel back with me. all right, trump campaign, the issue of mark cuban, gennifer flowers, sort of made for reality tv. how appropriate. created a psychological profile of hillary clinton to try to exploit her. what could this be, the profile? >> i'm not sure i believe they did that. may just be saying that to freak her out. a lot of what he does in terms of his psychological warfare is all the way up to the moment of going on to the debate stage. if you watch what he did in the primary with the little marco and low energy jab, and the lying ted, all this stuff, he didn't tend to do it on the debate stage unless somebody came after him. it's not something he necessarily uses. with hillary, we've seen him do it with her health. she coughs on the stage, it'll be like, is she sick or weak? he called her weak. >> he doesn't need to say or do anything in that moment. >> reince priebus complained that she didn't smile enough last time. is she going to smile enough?
4:18 pm
i think he sets it up all the way up to the debate stage. unless she strikes him, he probably won't strike her back. >> david? >> i think that there are certain times where candidates are defensive about issues. with donald trump, we know that if you go after his success as a business person, he gets defensive. he cares more about that than almost anything else, as far as we can tell. there are certain aspects of hillary clinton that are that way, too. it amazes me if they spend a lot of time preparing on her psychological profile and not on preparing him to stand out at a podium, as he should do. i'd go back to the reagan debate. helping to prepare reagan in 1980. what we found the first time we got him up at a podium and you have two minutes to answer, he had a 40-second answer. he didn't live with a two minute answer. he needed to practice that. he doesn't that he needed to learn a lot of things. he needed to learn how to put together a compact answer that
4:19 pm
filled out the space that dominated the debate. after two or three times up, he was doing it. by the third time around, it was terrific and won the debate and the presidency. that's what i'm amazed about with the trump responses, dismissive of traditions that served others so well. >> so hillary clinton's loyalty attack dog, with a journalist once, he said, why do you bother to ask questions you already decided you know the answers to? have a good day. by good day, i mean, f off. he didn't say f off. he spelled it out. the guy has no shame. this is who he is. this is who they picked. could be smart. is that the right person to pick him? is he going to be able to go after her? >> i don't think anybody will portray donald trump the way he'll come off on the stage. i think he'll be sedated. but you have to have someone who can be very sharp with hilalary clinton and go places many others in her circle cannot go.
4:20 pm
he can do that without any rensn or reservations because that's who he is. the fact is, to piggy back on what david said over there, you know, this is a very large moment. donald trump has never in his life stood on a stage of this magnitude and had to debate someone one-on-one and have to debate someone with a greater sense of policy depth and be the underdog going into it. so this is something extremely new for him. he has to hope he doesn't get consumed by the moment. one thing for sure, hillary clinton has been there and done that. the debate prep shows she's taking it seriously. >> has he been practicining this like the 90 seconds? sure, he knows television, but "you're fired" is one second. has he been practicing? i know he stood at the podium for five hours. >> what you have to remember is the expectation when donald trump first debated, walked on to the stage in cleveland, was expert debaters. the future of the republican
4:21 pm
party. you have a princeton debate champion standing up there and donald trump, who never debated. he responded back to the moderator with the response that was both funny and comical and, look, that's what everyone talked about. >> that's what you expect? >> i think what you will find is donald trump does things differently. what has worked so very well is making everyone else think about what donald trump is going to do and watching him do something completely different than what everyone thought he was going to do. >> go ahead. >> on the philfill -- phillipe thing, he is clever. i think it was a brilliant choice. he is very good at designing and producing media moments. everybody knows hillary knows the issues backwards and forwards. she needs to take advantage of the opportunities where she can have a media moment. he can do that for her. >> what about the mark cuban issue, and gennifer flowers.
4:22 pm
mark cuban and donald trump used to be friendly. it is now down right nasty. here is mark cuban on this show and recently. >> how smart do you think donald trump is? >> probably not as smart as he thinks he is. as a business person, i thought there was an opportunity there. then he went off the reservation and went [ bleep ] crazy. your companies failed so often, you must have gone to university school at trump university. >> first of all, i don't want to get on the wrong side of mark cuban. >> he's not going to like it. >> i'm certain that mark cuban could take me down, as well. he is bombastic. two things. one is, the clintons thought they got over donald trump by saying we're going to put mark cuban in there. donald trump dropped the atomic bomb all of a sudden. it spun back again. talk about psychological warfare, listen, i think, you
4:23 pm
know, give this one to trump. i do want to say this about fact checking because this is the most important part of the discussion, the debate. there's been a lot put on this. donald trump -- a lot of people think lester holt can't fact check him or won't do it aggressively. the debate executive director saying you should let the facts check themselves. donald trump is going to be fact checked in real time on social media. whatever happens on the stage is extremely important. there are going to be moments. however, he will not get away with any lies, neither of them will. it will be real time on twitter, facebook, snapchat. that will live on and on and on. i do think the fact check controversy has spiralled a little out of control. i think the court of public opinion will be powerful. >> very important. all of you staying with me. next, one of the biggest challenges of debating hillary clinton. we haven't talked about it yet. it is probably the most important thing. it has nothing to do with policy. plus, a new poll tonight out of pennsylvania. is clinton losing her grip on
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welcome back to "out front." live pictures of the stage at hofstra university. for the first time, donald trump and hillary clinton will be squaring off right there tomorrow night. jim acosta is outside the debate hall right now. when you look at the numbers, the estimates are this could be the most watched presidential debate in history by a huge margin. >> that's right. if we hit 100 million viewers and some people are talking about that number, we would definitely see a record set tomorrow night. obviously, donald trump has a -- has been a big ratings draw throughout the presidential sierk cycle. we saw it during the primary process and probably will see it over the next few debates. what we're hearing inside the donald trump campaign, they're trying to play the expectations game. kellyanne conway, the campaign manager, came out of trump tower this afternoon and said the only disadvantage donald trump has at this point is they feel he'll be
4:29 pm
judged unfairly coming out of the debate. saying no matter what happens at the debate, they feel the media will pronounce hillary clinton the winner. i think the other interesting thing about the debate prep going into tomorrow night, rudy giuliani came out of debate prep earlier today at trump tower and said they're not doing role playing. donald trump take aing a non-traditional approach. he had bobby knight again at trump tower. perhaps giving him motivational advice. all of this is shaping up, at least on the trump campaign side, as being a non-conventional, untraditional approach when it comes to preparing for this debate. as we know, donald trump, he does not always play by the rules. we saw this throughout the primary process. we watched the debates, erin. 16 some odd candidates. they tried to go toe to toe with him, match insult for insult during the debates, and he knocked them off one by one. i think that is a big warning
4:30 pm
sign for hillary clinton going into tomorrow night. they're saying she wants to get under his skin. that might be the last thing she wants to do, going by what we saw in the primary debates. >> thank you very much. interesting on coach knight. someone who is used to dealing with pressure, albeit a different sort, but pressure and timing. all eyes are on the first debate. as we've seen time and time again, a candidate can stumble in the first debate and sometimes not recover. dana bash is out front. >> i think it can be. >> reporter: kennedy versus nixon. exactly 56 years ago. >> the things that senator kennedy said -- >> reporter: the first televised presidential debate in u.s. history and a lesson in which to do. >> which party do we want to lead the utnited states? >> reporter: and what not to do. >> i have no comment. >> reporter: richard mnixon was shifty eyed and sweaty, coming across as nervous next to kennedy.
4:31 pm
in 1976, president gerald ford made his own epic mistake that helped cost him the election to jimmy carter. >> there is no soviet domination of eastern europe. >> reporter: that was flat wrong and immediately diminished his stature. over the years, kand it da dan r understood the play of tv debates. al gore in 2000 repeatedly let out sighs as george w. bush was speaking. for many watching, gore came across as rude and dismissive. in 1988, mike made it through his first debate. the second go at it was a disaster. >> governor, if he were raped and murdered, would you favor a
4:32 pm
death penalty? >> i opposed the death penalty all my life. i don't see it is a deterrent. >> reporter: his policy response instead of a human one was a campaign and political career ender. who can forget president george h.w. bush, caught on camera looking at his watch in 1992, coming across as disengaged and out of touch. precisely how bill clinton had been trying to paint him. not all debate debacles kill the campaign. just last cycle, barack obama choked big time in his first face-off with mitt romney. >> i had a -- >> reporter: obama redeemed himself in later debates. >> there you go again. >> reporter: ronald reagan's first debate performance in his re-election bid was a flop. >> imbalance. >> reporter: reagan rebounded with debate two with a prepared line delivered perfectly. >> i am not going to exploit for
4:33 pm
political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> obviously, that, of course, famous line. dana, the first debate for reagan, as you point out, didn't go well. there is now a relationship between that debate and where we are tonight. >> that's right. one of the people who prepared ronald reagan for the debate in 1984 was roger ailes, who before he went to fox, was a debate coach. he has been working with donald trump in preparation for this debate. i'm told that he hasn't been in the room for about a month, but the two of them have long had a telephone relationship and i'm told that continues. >> so, you know, what are the candidates doing now to try to avoid the moments? the one thing in moment, mike was prepare and had gave his response. he missed the human moment. you're nervous and you step into
4:34 pm
the trap. >> that's right. it's easy to prepare for the policy stuff and figure out, what is the right answer on russia or policy or health care. the tougher thing is to get the unscripted moments right. some has to come with the back and forth that comes with a mock debate. i think mock debates can be important because you get the dynamic and figure out what it looks like, how a human being responds. you can't always predict that. having someone to spar with is important. i want to make a point on the primary debates trump has been in. neither of the candidates has been in a general election debate. the formats are different. having 15 candidates and six minutes of talk time is different than two candidates with 45 minutes each. >> no commercial break. they're not even getting a break. no bathroom break, nothing. >> she's had a lot of experience in one-on-ones herself. she goes into this as a much more experienced public speaker. >> certainly. senate races and everything. >> the other thing you have to do here is not just watch for the gas.
4:35 pm
if you're too tight, that's when the gasps come. the other part is to bring in the zingers. to have the one or two lines. that's where reagan excelled. those didn't come out of debate prep but he went to his private place and came up with funny lines that were putdowns and are really hard to deal with. >> so there's a lot of -- one thing here that's different we haven't talked about. it's the first time a woman has been on the stage. so far, the male candidates opposing hillary clinton have really messed up this issue. it has caused big problems in her past for senate and, of course, in this race, as well, with bernie sanders. i'll play the moments. >> well, i would be happy to when you give me the signed letters -- >> right here. sign it now. >> we'll shake on this. >> i want your signature because i think everybody wants to see you signing something that you said you were for. >> i admire what senator clinton has done for america and what her husband did for america. not sure about that coat.
4:36 pm
>> you're likable enough, hillary. >> thank you. >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> how does donald trump avoid that? >> donald trump just needs to remember that he is a husband to melania. he is the father to ivanka. treat secretary clinton like he treats the women that are executives with his company and the way he treats his wife and daughter, with respect. i believe that's what he's going to do. >> all right. >> i will say this, what secretary clinton should not do is be herself, be robotic, be a lawyer. >> i don't want to turn this on her yet. i want to finish here. donald trump has debated against a woman, and it did not fair well for him. this was a moment that really did not play well for him. here he is. >> donald trump said the following about you. quote, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that, the face of our next president? mr. trump said he was talking about your persona, not your
4:37 pm
appearance. feel free to respond on what you think about his persona. >> it is interesting to me, mr. trump said that he heard mr. bush very clearly and what mr. bush said. i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> i think she's got a beautiful face, and i think she's a beautiful woman. why does she keep interrupting everybody? >> okay. that was an off the cuff moment. it did not play well. you know that. afterwards, people didn't like it. how does he avoid that with hillary clintonsome. >> i think it's the agenda for america and what your agenda is versus her agenda. that's what it should be about. it's not a gender issue and no one should make it a gender issue. >> what about what bernie sanders said -- as i interrupt you -- he said, excuse me, excuse me. donald trump has done that in interviews with me and on the stage. that is his signature thing. excuse me. >> i understand.
4:38 pm
>> will he do it? >> if he feels he needs to make a point. that's not her being a female. he does it all the time. again, what the goal tomorrow should be for donald trump and hilary clin to lary clinton is their vision for america. who the people of america will ele elect. it should come down to agenda. next, a poll showing clinton winning the debate. could the high expectations hurt her? what happens if this guy shows up tomorrow? >> he referred to he hands as small, something else must be small. i guarantee there is no problem. i guarantee. [ music stops ]ds ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ]
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4:43 pm
clinton with a two-point edge. it's among likely voters, the margin of error. see how it compares to the poll from a couple week ago, september 8th. hillary clinton is the same. doesn't drop. 46% and 46 people's exhibit n%. all the growth is with donald trump. she went from a five-point lead to two-point, well within the margin of error. >> people who are saying that trump had this ceiling, this is showing that not to be true. at least he has crept up. >> he has crept up. you know, i mean, people thought maybe the ceiling -- well, they thought the ceiling was much lower but now maybe 45%. we haven't seen too many polls with him north of 45%. >> the poll of polls, this is an average of all the polls out there that we've compiled at cnn. she's still winning. >> 43% to 40%. look at dates. september 9th through september 22nd among likely voters. including the nbc news/wall street that had her six points out. it averages to a three-point
4:44 pm
lead. this is really close. >> then one of the states that when people look at the map, they say if she gets pennsylvania, she's golden, right? that's the way a lot of people see it. now, you see pennsylvania now in play. >> look at this. it's a two-point race in pennsylvania. you were absolutely right. 40% to 38%. this is part of her democratic fire wall. washington is the key that donald trump needs to unlock in order to have a real, viable path to 270. and this shows he is in the hunt for it. this is an alarm bell for clinton headquarters. >> a state that has not voted republican in six cycles. i mean, that would be an absolutely incredible thing, those polls tightening. dana, the expectations when you see which way are the polls going to go, the expectations are key. 44% say hillary clinton will win the debate. 34% were trump. what does the differential mean? >> it means that the clinton campaign is worried about the fact that the debate is going to
4:45 pm
happen and that, as they say, donald trump will be graded on a curve. i think what this shows is it is not necessarily the media that would be looking at that. it is the public. now, they argue the media influences the public and it's all connected, which might be true. but this is proof of why the clinton campaign has been so actively and overtly, explicitly saying they hope that donald trump and hillary clinton are viewed in an equitable and equal way going into it. >> on this point -- >> sure there is a relationship between the media and the public. yet, the public sees donald trump as a change agent. 40 times she debated since running for senate and he, all just this cycle. the american public may have a double standard here. >> i think it's right. because this is a change election. she is running as the status quo
4:46 pm
candidate. i think that gives him a built-in advantage. she's still ahead. she's still the front runner. she's modestly ahead, to be sure. but i think it actually is an advantage for him to go into this debate as an underdog. and as a challenger. what history shows is there are more opportunities for challengers than there are for front runners in one of these debates. and that there's a lower bar that's often set for a challenger. what he has to do is show he is presidential. if he does that, if he ties her in this debate, you know, the tie goes to trump. he's the underdog. but she has to show she's more than presidential. she has to show she is presidential and likable, that people will like having her in the oval office. >> on this point, the abc poll, 58% of americans say donald trump lacks the temperament. in that, it is against him. >> this is the ball game for donald trump tomorrow. 58% lacks the temperament. a majority doesn't see he has the knowledge to be president. can't envision him in the oval office yet. if he leaves the debate changing those numbers a little bit to
4:47 pm
his favor, that is going to be a big problem for hillary clinton. she has spent her entire campaign trying to disqualify him as the person who can fit the job. if he leaves the debate and people see him like, maybe he could be president, that could be a game changer. >> you see pennsylvania tiegtdening tiegt tightening when you had birther come up again and donald trump coming out with things that weren't true, you still saw the polls narrowing. >> right. you know, the thing about pennsylvania for donald trump is, you know, we wouldn't expect our viewers to know this or a lot of people, he has someone running that state that knows the state very, very well. it is a former chief of staff. somebody who is well-known in the state and does a lot of business in the state. somebody who knows how to organize. he's the one who helped trump win pennsylvania and really organized it within three weeks during the primary. when we talk about ground game, we talk about numbers and what
4:48 pm
have you, but it's about personalities, trust and knowledge. trump has a really good team on the ground there. >> thanks to all. next, jeanne moos on the little moments that can make such a big difference. >> i am paying for this microphone. engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go...
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welcome back. special edition of "out front." we're just over 24 hours away from the first presidential debate. with the race virtually tied, tomorrow's event could be the major turning point in the final outcome. so winner or loser -- and i know this is hard to do -- but when you look at all the factors here. >> i have to go first? >> can i say something really corny? i actually think it is the voters that are going to be the winners. this is something that everybody is so anticipating. and we've never seen anything like this in modern history, and at any point in history. and so i just think that the fact that we're able to watch them for 90 minutes uninterrupted really go at it on policy, we hope mostly policy and probably some other things. >> and probably some other things. >> i know. >> it's really corny.
4:53 pm
>> i know. >> let me just say it this way. we don't know who is going to win or lose. it depends on what your definition is of winning or losing. the most fascinating thing to watch is body language. it is how he engages her. how she engages him. it is the smirks. they have to stand up there for 90 minutes. >> you can't be for 90 minutes. >> that'll be the most fascinating thing. >> i reckons she wins on debative points. she'll be more substantial. but he'll do better with the public. i think it'll be unknowable. if this comes out close, we're still in a fluid campaign and it'll be down to the wire. if they're close to each other and it is hard to judge who won, you know, if it is 55-45 in the public, i think this race is going to the wire. >> david? >> i don't know we'll know who won until we see how "saturday night live" treats the debate and the lasting impression that
4:54 pm
gets left. i know this, we are going to learn something very, very important tomorrow night when we watch them. are they speaking to the middle slice of this electorate that is undecided, small and shrinking, or are they motivating their bases? which of those voters are they trying to speak to more during the course of the debate, i think will be a critical thing to watch. >> thanks to all. a sigh, a wink, a glance, here's jeanne moo jeanne moos. >> reporter: prepare for the good, the bad and the ugly debate moments. they're the only things the candidates point our fingers. the debate dual is fought with zingers. >> senator, you're no jack kennedy. >> reporter: even if one of the more debate zingers -- >> i am paying for this microphone. >> reporter: was a line borrowed from spencer tracy, running for president in a movie. we have seen debates remembered for weeks. >> how long have i been at this,
4:55 pm
like five weeks? >> reporter: debates remembered for sweat. debates remembered for sighs. >> that's what a governor gets to do. there are differences. >> reporter: a running mate became famous for being unknown. >> who am i? why am i here? >> reporter: candidates should probably avoid invading their opponent's space. >> i believe i can. >> reporter: made hillary's rival look like a stalker. >> i want your signature. >> a signature line is what lives on after a debate. >> here you go again. >> i hear there are rumors on the internets. >> i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likable enough, hillary. >> thank you. >> reporter: you want to advance beyond the primary debates -- >> what's the third one there? let's see. >> reporter: thing to avoid -- >> oops. >> reporter: -- is the oops moment. when the donald debates hillary, he should stick to bragging
4:56 pm
about the size of his buildings. >> he referred to my hands being small, something else being small. i guarantee you there is no problem. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. >> are we not doing the talent portion? >> you're watching "out front." right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the audi a4. with one notable difference... ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available traffic jam assist. ♪
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thank you so much for joining us on this sunday night. we'll see you tomorrow at 7:00 for a special edition of "out front." we'll be live from the debate site. "ac 360" starts right now. good evening and thanks for joining us for this live sunday edition of "360." we are 25 hours away from what will be a debate like no other. the first female nominee for a major party will go head to head with a man who, with no political experience, took down every republican in his path. this roller coaster of an election season, the debate is tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. oat hofsta university. we'll hear from both the clinton and trump campaigns. and from our expert panel about what to be watching for tomorrow night. we begin though with how the candidates are getting ready to go head to head on the debate stage. our political reporter, sarah murray, joins me from outside trump tower in new york. how is donald t


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