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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  September 26, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. what could be the most consequential election of a lifetime at hofstra university. hillary clinton and donald trump face-off on stage for 90 minutes. that is what they have to convince voters they are right and their opponent is dead wrong. 90 minutes to make a case about your future. america's future. these two candidates don't seem to like each other very much. this is not about who wins the food fight or who slings the most mud. it is who can lead the country when there are serious questions about race and prosperity and terror. we have new information this morning about how the candidates are preparing and who will be in the audience and what the moderator will and will not do. let's bring in the panel.
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we have mark preston at hofstra university and we have brian stelter host of "reliable sources." and we also have eugene scott, political reporter. you had rowdy students behind you moments ago. mark, how have they been prepare and what kind of candidates will we see on the stage at that lectern? >> reporter: i tell you what, christine. it is a tale of two strategies. hillary clinton going the traditional route holding two sessions over the weekend a day. it was late into last night hillary clinton went back to the hotel near her home in chappaqua. continued on to try to work out her debating. as you can see they are all behind us right now. as she is doing that, you have donald trump meeting with his
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advisers and we are told not exactly doing the traditional mock debate. going through issues and ideas and briefing books. not doing a face-off against somebody who is playing hillary clinton. we know hillary clinton's one of her confidantes has been playing donald trump. he is known for being bombastic. perhaps it is she will be prepared for a bare-knuckled brawl tonight. >> we know why you missed the last hit there with the college students up. eugene, who is up in the audience? we were hearing whacky stuff. >> the words gennifer flowers was trending last night. >> she was trending, but we learned she will not be at the debate. we know mark cuban, but he will
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be on team clinton. >> the mind games here. mark cuban in the front row. a billionaire businessman. in some ways like donald trump. a huge trump antagonist. >> dallas mavericks owner. made a ton of money in the dot-com boom. and supporting hillary clinton. >> you but a billionaire in the audience and worth more than trump. the debate commission is not thrilled with this idea of putting antagonists in the audience. along with friends and family and supporters. there will be hofstra students there as well. >> i wonder if bill will be there. >> i think he will be there somewhere. >> one of the things the clinton team is doing a lot, mark preston, is to try to frame the question in this debate. not about who is the best performer or who is the most entertaining, but who can best lead the country and they are concerned that the clinton team
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is that donald trump will be graded differently. listen to the campaign manager robby mook. >> i'm very concerned that donald trump will be graded on a curve. just because he doesn't fly off the handle in the middle of the debate does not mean he is not prepared to be president of the united states. >> it is an interesting question. do you think the clinton team knows how to deal with a subdued donald trump? the new kellyanne conway donald trump? if he comes out and talks about policy and doesn't say something insulting, is that something hillary clinton can deal with, mark? >> reporter: i think so. i think hillary clinton, she is very skilled at doing debates. she has been doing these for 12 years. she knows how to handle herself on the debate stage. if he comes out and he is s
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subdued and does not attack her. in some ways, if he comes out and he is quiet and not as bombastic, that may work for hillary clinton. i suspect no matter what happens, she will be prepared. as we watch tonight and listen for what they have to say, let's watch their body language. that will be telling who will be declared the winner and loser. >> eugene, there is an issue that donald trump could make a statement or apologize for birtherism and take something off the table. it could be donald trump x. instead of issues. there is a way he could generate a different headline and take the attention. >> absolutely. i'm sure his campaign is aware of the criticism lodged at him from the clinton campaign and voters. he may try to make an effort to reverse that. such as apology for birtherism
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or presenting his tax returns there. i think he is very aware of the holes he has and i think he will make progress in the areas. >> guys, stick around. more to discuss why one may not care about the moderator dealing with the facts. stick around for that. protests over a deadly police shooting in north carolina. protests were largely peaceful this weekend. the issue of racial justice and policing you can bet will be front and center on the debate stage tonight. we will talk about the campaign strategy. tributes pouring in for arnold palmer. the legendary golfer has passed away at the age of 87. more on that coming up. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign.
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midnight curfew has been lifted in charlotte as protesters hold peaceful demonstrations in the wake of the deadly shooting of keith lamont scott and the release of police footage of his death. let's get the latest from cnn's nick valencia. >> reporter: john and christine, demonstrations continued over the weekend in charlotte. this crowd protesting outside the nfl game. panthers and vikings. did not disrupt the game so much and thin crowd as you can see behind me. also over the weekend, we saw the first police video released from the fatal shooting of keith scott. dash cam video and body cam video. that was the demand from protesters. as far as what is happening on monday, protest ares plan to march to city hall. they want the resignation of the
2:12 am
mayor and governor. they will continue the protests until the demands are met. >> nick valencia in charlotte. thank you. let's bring back our panel. mark preston and brian stelter and eugene scott. brian stelter, one thing that is controversial on the stage, the idea of facts and fact checking. why is it controversial that the moderator lester holt should jump in and ask something that is true or false. you were speaking with janet brown who is president of the debate commission. this is is whwhat she told you. >> i don't think this is the moderator serving as the even
2:13 am
encyclopedia brittanica. >> people like jim leher says the job is to keep the conversation going. not to interject and challenge the candidates. what is different this year, donald trump is uniquely fact challenged. politico and washington post evaluated statements and concluded he lies more often than hillary clinton. so that's why we're hearing a lot of calls, including from the clinton campaign from more fact checking. if trump is out on the stage saying he opposed the invasion of iraq, although there is no evidence, clinton will surely interject. it might end up needing to see lester holt step in and remind viewers about the truth.
2:14 am
>> the thing about fact checking this election year, you are right. there are so many times when you get through one long winded answer from donald trump and there are seven or eight things to fact check within that. maybe we don't see that donald trump tonight. maybe we see donald trump who appears presidential. it will not be hyperbolic and strong and presidential and tries to win the white house. >> i think there will be more time allotted for answers is more specifics and more policy descriptions. we have not seen that. he knows that is what people will see from him. even if lester holt doesn't fact check, what we heard is her team will be on social media fact checking as it goes. whether or not it gets called out immediately, it will be in the twittersphere. >> i'm not sure many voters care about the details of his answers. they care about the larger truth
2:15 am
that he is expresses about immigration and security and the economy. >> what he says the unemployment rate is 42% and depression in the streets. it is not true. >> i agree with you. it touches on a nerve or chord. in some voters' hearts. we need to do extensive fact checking after the debate on clinton and trump. >> mark preston, you have been part of every presidential debate dating back to nixon in the 1960s. what is it like in the debate hall? give us a sense of the atmosphere. >> reporter: one is let's do a comparison. when you look at the presidential primary debates. the raucous and loud applause and what have you and multiple people on stage. in brian's interview, it was very clear the audience was
2:16 am
going to be in the room and not able to make a sound. it will be very quiet. it will be three voices that are heard. it will be hillary clinton, trump and lester holt. it will be a little bit different than what we are used to and what our viewers are used to seeing where the sniping goes back and forth and they playo of the energy of the audience. we will see how negative it gets. it will be interesting to see how those two are able to interact with one another and how much more pronounced it will be because the focus is on those two. >> can i point out -- >> not really. we have to go to break. we have two more hits in the 5:30 hour. eugene scott, brian stelter and mark preston. arnold palmer died over the weekend. we will have much more on his life and legacy. coy wire with this morning's bleacher report. that's next. ♪
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we are mourning the loss of one of golf's greatest athletes. a guy who transcended golf. >> we have coy wire with more on the life of arnold palmer. >> he won more than 90 tournaments. including international play and tournaments. bringing it mainstream. he is known as the king. 87-year-old had a legion of loyal followers known as arnie's army. jack nicklaus said he took the game from one level to a higher
2:22 am
level. virtually by himself. tiger woods tweeted thanks for your friendship and council and laughs. finally, president obama posted here's to the king who was as extraordinary on the links as he was generous to others. thanks for the memories. one of baseball's brightest star, marlins jose fernandez killed in a boating accident yesterday morning. the game yesterday was canceled. the all-star and two other men found dead near miami beach where the boat was flipped upside down. jose fernandez was 24 years old. vin scully was calling the dodgers game since they were brooklyn dodgers.
2:23 am
67 years. his partners in the booth where the game ended in storybook fashion. extra innings walk-off home run. >> 0-1 to charlie. swo swung on to deep left field. and the dodgers have clinched the division and will celebrate on schedule. >> celebrate. vin's last regular season game is next sunday in san fran. protesters were peaceful outside the panthers and vikings game in charlotte. things did not go well for the nfc champions. cam newton picked off three times and racked up eight sacks. 22-10. vikings remain undefeated. monday night football. falcons at saints.
2:24 am
8:30 kickoff. new orleans favored by 2.5. >> i don't know if people are watching the game tonight. thanks, coy. it is debate day. that's why we won't watch that game. for hillary clinton and donald trump, tens of millions of people watching the showdown with the friends turn ed political foes. the latest night with our dream team of contributors here. we have that next. first there's shaving.
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it all begins tonight. hillary clinton and donald trump ready to square off in primetime. the first 2016 presidential debate. hours away. you can taste the anticipation. >> you can smell it. >> you can cut the tension with the knife. how will it play out? how will we possibly wile away the hours? we have full debate coverage starting now. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. 30 minutes past the hour. if you want big moments and high stakes and tension, it doesn't get bigger, higher and more e excruciating than this. hillary clinton and donald trump face off at hofstra university. 90 minutes to make the sale to
2:30 am
the audience that could top 100 million people. that is nearly 1.1 million people per minute. security, race, economic well being expected to be front and center. it is no secret these candidates do not like each other. it is fitting because voters don't like them either. they are the highest unfavorables than any candidates in history. we have new information this morning about how the candidates are preparing and who will be in the audience and what the moderator will or will not do. let's bring back mark preston at hofstra university with his adoring fans here. we have brian stelter in studio host of "reliable sources." as well as eugene scott. mark. >> reporter: hillary clinton did a second debate session near her
2:31 am
home in chappaqua. this briefing took place after her meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. she was with her trusted aides preparing for mock debates which could be the record-breaking showdown. you have donald trump working through briefing books. we are told by his common he did not do any mock debates necessarily. doing a little something unconventional where you have the candidates prepare and trying to square off with somebody off to their side who would be their rival. hillary clinton going the traditional route, john and christine. it seems that donald trump is going the donald trump route. >> brian stelter, they will be next to each other at the lecterns. encyclopedia berman says it is not a podium.
2:32 am
you will see them react. they will have two minutes to respond. that is a decent time for a real response not a bumper sticker. >> it is. lester holt will start each segment with a question. they have two minutes to respond. six sessions in total. no commercial breaks. no chances to run to the restroom or take a break. no time for any of that. no halftime show. this is 90 minutes without any interruption. >> and there will be a pause at the beginning and the end. donald trump feeds off the energy of the crowd. there won't be crowd feedback. >> the commission is clear. science from the audience. anyone who tries to speak up will be removed. we know clinton will have supporters in the front row like mark cuban. we know trump will have his family in the room. >> the biggest awkward silence since first dates in college. eugene scott, both sides working
2:33 am
the ref here. the clinton team wants to make sure trump is not graded on a curve and the trump team is going strong. they don't want too much on stage fact checking. they believe it is unfair to trump. listen to kellyanne conway. >> if mr. trump has a disadvantage going into the debate is he is not treated fairly. that is obvious if you read many of the reports and turn on almost any station at any point of the day. the coverage is incomplete. it is all about him and negatively against him to overtly bias. >> so there was a lot of pressure on lester holt tonight of nbc. the moderator tonight to keep things moving and to keep it to time. depending on who you ask, to keep the facts straight or not. >> one of the best ways the trump campaign can prevent lester holt having to fact check is by sharing facts. that prevents that clearly.
2:34 am
the reality is whether or not they respond the way they want him to or not. it will depend on what trump says and what clinton says and how voters are likely to interpret what is being said. there will be need for clarification. there will be need for specifics. it will be the candidates doing that or at least that's what the trump campaign says. >> i think lester holt should ask for more details. he will not be a potted plant. he will interject when necessary. to ask for details and ask for facts. >> mark, let's talk about something that robby mook said this weekend. the team trump is being held to a different standard. if he looks to presidential and doesn't say anything outlandish, we will give him the same respect and footing as hillary clinton, who has command of the issues and 30 years of policies behind the issues. listen to what robby mook. >> i'm very concerned that
2:35 am
donald trump will be graded on a curve. just because he doesn't fly off the handle in the middle of the debate does not mean he is prepared to be president of the united states. >> how much of the strategy, mark, if this is a presidential reserved trump with two minutes of policy prescriptions when he is answering questions. how much do they want to rattle him and make the old trump of the primary season come out? >> i'm sure they would love to see trump lose his cool and revert back to the old trump during the republican primaries where he literally went on the attack and got personal with his opponents. what is interesting about the fact checking tonight is we will have to see what happens on stage. look, as eugene said, they will try to put out paper almost immediately to rebut or refute what is being said. however, there will be real-time
2:36 am
exact checking by everybody on social media. what happens tonight is really going to be longer lasting ramifications. robby mook saying we are talking about gaming the refs and talk about the audience and try to turn the expectations game around so we go into it with a different view than what we have now. >> oh, yes, mark preston. brian stelter, it is not just what happens on the stage, but what happens on social media during the debate. reporters are tweeting each other. analysts tweeting each other. saying who is winning and losing in real-time. and it matters over the course of the debate. >> and even the first 15 minutes of the debate matter more than the rest. in 2012, in the first obama and romney debate. reporters wrote stories within the first few minutes. romney already won and obama lost. the narrative was set early on
2:37 am
whether that is true or not. there will be attempts to set that precedent tonight. i will watch without facebook and twitter. i will not be able to resist probably. don't go anywhere. we will get back to you and talk about the debate. one of the weakest parts of the economy you will not hear about the candidates talk about at the debate tonight. corporate profits could shrink for the sixth straight quarter as earnings season start. profits expected to fall 2.3% in the third quarter compared to last year. that would mark the longest so-called earnings recession since factset started keeping track. protests calmer this weekend over the deadly police shooting in north carolina. the racial injustice will be part of the debate in long island. we will talk about the debate strategy. and the legendary golf
2:38 am
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a midnight curfew lifted in charlotte as protesters hold peaceful demonstrations in the wake of the police shooting of keith lamont scott. city officials urging people to come together and stay calm. we get more from cnn's nick valencia. >> reporter: john and christine, the demonstrations continued over the weekend in charlotte. this crowd chose to protest outside of the nfl game. panthers playing the vikings. did not disrupt the game so much. a thin crowd behind me as you can see. we saw the firsts police video released from the footage of
2:43 am
keith scott. as far as what's happening on monday, protesters tell me they plan to march to city hall. what they want is the resignation of the governor and they would like the mayor to step down and the police chief. they will plan the protests they say until the demands are met. john and christine. >> thank you, nick. let's bring back our political panel. mark preston and brian stelter and eugene scott. mark, can you hear us? i heard there was a marching band behind you. give us the framework of what you think will happen tonight. >> reporter: look, unpredictability with donald trump. if i am a betting man, i suspect donald trump will come in and focus on specific issues.
2:44 am
i think hillary clinton will spend her time talking about her whole career and history of about where she's been and where she's going to go. i don't know if we will get the amazing fireworks we are looking for, but we have been surprised in the past. >> brian stelter, in addition to the debate, "the new york times" endorsed hillary clinton over the weekend and overnight they did something remarkable. they strenuously unendorsed trump. attracted by the force of the trump personality should take note of the qualities he exudes as a different politician. degrading comments about women and savage mockery. is this the example we want for them? it is unusual. i don't think i have ever seen "the new york times" do something like this.
2:45 am
the question is to be blunt. is this something the voters care about? >> that is the reason that donald trump supporters like donald trump and some voters are willing to look past the i am p perfections about the candidate. what they were trying to do is drag undecided people who are hesitant about clinton into her camp. they may have succeeded with that. given what mark preston was saying about unpredictability, i guess they would bet in july that he would threaten not to show up. i'm a bit surprised this was relatively drama free. it shows that trump knows how important this night is and it is the most important night of the clear for clinton and trump. >> eugene, what donald trump do we see? do we see a president trump apologize for a birther issue
2:46 am
and take the sails out of the hillary clinton campaign? do we see hillary clinton poke and spark his temperament? >> i think we mainly see presidential measured trump. very much influenced by kellyanne conway. if we see that, clinton will poke and provoke and bring out the trump that is problematic for the country. if that happens, he skips the next debate. >> what is the second syllabyl in debate? bate. >> what's the first syllabyl? duh. i am trying to remember the past debates where the candidates were looking forward to it. i think they both want this bad. i think they both see big opportunities here tonight. >> i think you are right. it goes beyond just winning
2:47 am
necessarily. this has become very personal where both candidates is have gone after each other in very sharp terms. in some respect, trump more so than hillary clinton. you know, beyond winning and realizing this is a very important moment in the presidential race and a lot of important moments, but tonight, this is the most important moment. you add that mixture of the personal animosity toward one another and that could make it explosive. >> handshake. >> will they even shake hands? >> i bet they will shake hands. i bet they will be on the best behavior for at least 40 seconds. mark preston and eugene scott and brian stelter, thank you. what will "new day" cover for us today? alisyn? >> we will counter. chris and i are already here at
2:48 am
hofstra. we have a big show coming up. we will talk about what to look for tonight as well as the most pivotal moments in past debates. we have presidential historians here with us and we have new information on how the candidates have been preparing over the weekend. also, there are about 100 kids, students behind me that are already awake. maybe there's hundreds. they are fired up and they are ready to watch "new day" and all of our programming today and tonight. they will play a role as well when we see you at the top of the hour. >> college. college. alisyn camerota, thanks. business news this morning. twitter could be up for sale. huge names in tech are interested. we will explain in a little more than 140 characters. we will get an early start on your money next.
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the king is gone. golf legend arnold palmer died sunday at the university of pittsburgh medical center. he was 87 years old. palmer had millions of adoring fans. arnie's army. he revolutionized the golfing sport. he had battles with jack nickla nicklaus. he said arnold transcended the game of golf. he was an icon. we were great friends along the way and always there for each other. he was the king of our sport and always will be. tiger woods said thanks for your friendship and counsel and laughs. your laughter is part of your humility. and president obama said here's
2:54 am
to the king who was extraordinary on the links and generous to others. things for the memories. he invented the modern game of golf. he brought in millions of fans and he invented what it meant to be an athlete in america in terms of going beyond the game itself. pennzoil and designed 300 courses. he will be missed. another terrible tragedy in the sporting world. high rate of speed is believed to be the factor in the crash that killed jose fernandez and two other men in a boating crash. fernandez survived a defection from cuba to become basketball's most feared pitchers. his death brought manager don mattingly to tears. >> there's just joy with him when he played. as bad as he would make you with
2:55 am
some of the stuff he would do, you just seen that little kid you see when -- when you watch kids play little league or something like that. that's the joy that jose played with. >> our thoughts go out to his family. just horrible. a moment of silence observed at ballparks across the country. the marlins game was cancelled. the team will resume play today. >> a lot of players had a hard time getting on the field yesterday. a man suspected of killing five people in the washington state mall faces arraignment today. the 20-year-old shooter could be charged with five counts of first-degree murder. he gunned down four women and a man at the macy's store at the cascade mall north of seattle. police say there is no evidence of terror. they are looking at possible connections with the suspect and
2:56 am
victims. let's get an early start on your money. futures pointing lower. stocks in europe and asia are down. analyd liftinalysts watching th meeting later this week. the market could react if donald trump has a very good showing. one stock worth watching today. twitter. shares jumping 4% on friday. takeover rumors swirling here. it is down a little bit in pre-market trade. two names reportedly interested in buying twitter sales force and google. watch this space. two former wells fargo bang bankers filed a class action lawsuit against wells fargo. the lawsuit filed in california. the bank put unrelenting pressure on the branch employees to open as many customer accounts as possible. it claims managers had a do whatever it takes attitude in
2:57 am
telling employees to reach quotas. john stumpf still in charge despite growing calls for him to step down after the testimony to the senate committee last week. if he steps down, he could receive a $200 million payout. the former bank employees say they lost their jobs for doing what they were told to do. sell, sell, sell. are you sending a kid to college next year? changes could save you money. the fafsa. the application for student aid sounds complicated, but it is simple. it can save you money. it is making two changes for the 2017 school year. first, students can now submit the form as early as october 1st. aid is awarded on a first come, first serve basis. second, students can now base financial information on the tax return from the previous year. makes it easier to fill it out. gives you time to figure out how
2:58 am
much money you have to work with before you start college. >> it doesn't make college any less expensive. >> you have to pay the money back in the end and consider you pay $2 back. it is such a big day. debate day. trump and hillary clinton just a few hours from now will walk-on that stage and face-off in the first presidential debate between the two candidates ever. what are they doing to prepare? "new day" as the last second preps starting right now. donald trump is unqualified and unfit to be commander in chief. >> hillary clinton, who is weak and her judgment is horrible. >> when the lights are bright, she brings the "a" plus game to the table. >> donald trump has been preparing for a lifetime. >> his message seems to be make america hate again. >> hillary clinton, she is a world class liar. >> the clinton camp is nervous.
2:59 am
he is a brilliant debater. >> i'm concerned donald trump will be graded on a curve. >> we will make this country greater than ever before. >> when there are no ceilings, the sky's the limit. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> all right. the sound says it all. good morning. that's a heck of an alarm clock. welcome to "new day." it is monday, september 26th. 6:00 in the east. guess where we are? live at hofstra university. this is where the big debate will happen. history in the making. we will have a clock up there for you throughout the day. about 15 hours away. this is one of the rare instances in politics where the hype is justified. we will see something we have not seen before. clinton and trump one-on-one. the race is different after tonight. in fact, people are saying this
3:00 am
could be the most consequential debate in modern political history. the proposition, will trump rise to the challenge or will clinton come away as the only presidential person on the stage. >> we will >> more red bull. the high stake show down comes at a pivotal time in the race. new national and battleground states polling to show you and this race is locked in a virtual tie. election day is 43 days away. the stakes, of course, could not be higher. let's begin our comprehensive debate coverage with jason carroll live outside the debate hall. good morning, jason. >> sounds like the crowd is ready and the country is ready for the debate tonight. a matchup unconventional versus the traditional, if you will. the unconventional being donald trump not


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