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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump and hillary clinton return to the campaign trail today even as the smoke clears from last night's first presidential debate. no sooner had the handshake ended, the claws came out, blistering, insults, accusations on the fly. clinton goes on the attack and puts trump on the defensive. today both campaigns claiming victory. trump goes on the attack. the moderator did not ask tough questions. >> he didn't ask her about the
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e-mails at all. he didn't ask her about her scandals. he didn't ask her about the benghazi deal that she destroyed. he didn't ask her about a lot of things that she should have been asked about. i mean, you know, there's no question about it. >> why do you think that is? >> didn't ask her about her foundation. >> you know, the lawsuits he paid for against his enemies. there's two more debates, lots of time for this to come up. he didn't prepare. he didn't show up. >> analysts and experts are here to break it all down for you. cnn's phil mattingly has the highlights and the low lights. >> carol, i don't think he went into this with the messages that
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they want to convey to the tens of millions of people. for donald trump, he was breaking the status quo. he was wrecking what has set washington back over the last couple of decades. she is prepared but also for the debate. there were going to be punches thrown. >> i have a feeling by the end of this evening i'm going to be blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not. >> why not? yeah, why not? >> reporter: the highly anticipated duel began with an exchange of pleasantries. >> clinton, yes, is that okay? i want you to be happy. >> reporter: it didn't take long for the gloves to come off. >> the kind of plan that donald had was trickle down economics. i call it trumped up trickle down. >> that is the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere but
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certainly signed here but now you want to approve trans-pacific partnership. >> reporter: trump said clinton is the typical politician trying to portray himself as a change agent. >> you've been doing this for 30 years. why are you just thinking of these solutions right now. >> reporter: clinton putting trump on the defensive for much of the debate baiting gop nominee on his business record. >> donald was one of the people who rooted for the housing crisis. he said back in 2006, gee, i hope it does collapse because then i can go in and buy some and make some money. well, it did collapse. >> that's called business, by the way. >> 9 million people, 9 million people lost their jobs. >> reporter: challenging him on his refusal to lease his tax returns. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. >> maybe he doesn't want the american people, all of you watching tonight, to know that
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he's paid nothing in federal taxes. >> that makes me smart. >> if he's paid zero, that means zero for troops, zero for vets, zero for schools or health. >> reporter: trump pouncing on clinton about her use of private e-mail but not dwelling on it. >> i made a mistake using a private e-mail. >> that's for sure. >> and if i had to do it over again, i would obviously do it differently. >> that was more than a mistake. that was done purposely. >> reporter: and insisting she can't be trusted. >> i have much better judgment than she does. there's no question about that. i also have a much better temperament than she has. >> whew. okay. >> reporter: trump on the defensive over years of false claims that president obama wasn't born in the u.s. >> i think i did a great job and a great service not only for the country but even for the president in getting him to produce his birth certificate. >> secretary clinton. >> reporter: clinton hitting trump hard dubbing his crusade
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racist. >> he tried to put the whole racist birther lie to bed, but it can't be dismissed that easily. so he has a long record of engaging in racist behavior. and the birther lie was a very hurtful one. >> reporter: debate moderator lester holt fact checking in real time. trump insisting he did not support the iraq war. despite proof that he did. >> i did not support the war in iraq. >> 2002. >> that is a mainstream media nonsense put out by her. >> the record shows otherwise. >> the record does not show that. >> why is your judgment -- >> the record shows i'm right. >> reporter: the fiery debate ending on a personal attack of clinton. >> she doesn't have the look. she doesn't have the stamina. i said she doesn't have the stamina, and i don't believe she does have the stamina. to be president of this country you need tremendous stamina.
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>> as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a cease-fire, a release of dissidents, an opening of new opportunities in nations around the world, or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina. >> hillary has experience but it's bad experience. >> reporter: but the veteran debater fought back at trump's critiques. >> i think donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. and, yes, i did. and you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president. and i think that's a good thing. >> reporter: to give you a sense of how the campaigns are framing this, one word, from the clinton campaign, trump was unhinged. from the trump advisors, clinton was scripted. a tacit acknowledgment that she
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had a good night. all of the answers were prepared for her. there's a probable sense of frustration about what you talked about in the intro, carol. they felt they weren't asked the questions that they could attack on. here's the issue when you talk to republican operatives. it's up to the candidate to decide what he's going to attack on so there's not a lot there to work with. still, expect to hear that a lot in the days ahead. some complaints there. two debates left. those issues will certainly be addressed then. today both candidates obviously back on the campaign trail. it's swing state time. donald trump in floor darks hillary clinton in north carolina. >> all right. phil mattingly, many thanks to you. with me now, may preston. earl li-- errol lewis and welco to all of you. all right. so mr. trump has been tweeting all morning long about how he won this debate. lester holt didn't ask hillary clinton tough questions but posed tough questions to him but
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i must point out that's not what mr. trump said last night to cnn's dylan buyers. >> i thought lester did a great job. i thought -- honestly you thought he did a great job. >> you thought the questions were fair? >> yeah, i thought he was good. >> so, mave, which is it? >> i mean, you know, there's a lot of things that moderators are supposed to do, but they don't have to cue up your attacks for you. that's the whole point of debate preparation is that you figure out which answers you can pivot to the subjects that you want be to pivot to, which donald trump should have figured out on benghazi, on the clinton foundation. and he really missed an opportunity there in that sense. whereas, you saw hillary clinton, because she was more prepared, kind of weaving in a clever way the issues that she wanted to bait trump on and he took the bait on those. >> so all of a sudden now it's the moderator's fault that he didn't weave in benghazi? >> yeah. i mean, you can't complain about not having your attacks cued up. it just doesn't make any sense. that's not their job. >> so, errol, today he's come
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out and he's attacking the mainstream media, he's attacking lester holt, these are attacks we've heard from before from democrats and republicans. >> sure. sure, why not. >> last night he said lester holt did a great job. >> of course. i mean, he has to say something, right? if the polls come back, i think even his advisors would acknowledge that he didn't do some of the things that he had hoped to do. he clearly had people sprinkled in the audience. he never referenced those people. he had points he wanted to make. he never got to those points. the reality is lester holt gave them all the room that they needed to sort of pivot. neither candidate had to wait for a question. he let them do something that he was wise to do, lester holt. he let them go at it for a while. so if there was a question that donald trump thought that hillary clinton should have been asked, he could have asked it. he could have asked it out of the blue. he could have pivoted from another answer. he could have brought up the topics that he thought were important because if you look back to what the broad areas of
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concern were that were announced in advance, you know, america's place in the world. you know, it's a very general kind of a debate that was set up and i thought he had, you know, multiple opportunities. i think she really got to him. she had him back on his heels. she pushed on -- she pushed buttons that he did not want pushed and he didn't really react so well. >> so, jillian, we know donald trump blamed lester holt for perhaps what were his shortcomings but he also blamed the microphone. he said he had microphone problems and the reason he was talking about these microphone problems is because he kept sniffling through the night and he kept taking sips of water. let's talk about the sniffling first. >> hundreds and hundreds of companies are doing this. is that okay? good. we used certain laws that are there. >> so many viewers, julien, were wondering if mr. trump was under the weather. mr. trump appeared on fox and friends and he addressed that.
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let's listen. >> the aflcio the other day behind the blue screen, i don't know who you were talking to, secretary clinton, but you were -- >> what's the deal with the sniffles? you know, i heard you in i think the first answer, it sounded like you had seasonal allergies or a little cold. what's up with that? >> no, no sniffles. no. you know, the mike was very bad, but maybe it was good enough to hear breathing, but there was no sniffles. i don't know. >> so you don't have a cold? >> no, no cold. >> okay. >> every once in a while, but no cold. >> so, julian, i bring this up. he said he didn't have a cold. at the end of the debate he didn't have stam ma any. clinton supporters said come on he had a cold or there was something else up with him. >> so now we have snifflegate. i think sometimes these debates can turn to the mannerisms of a
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candidate and the sniffle might be the equivalent of al gore's sighs in 2000. cameron catches this. the stamina is something that is great. i think overall it's pretty clear he was not prepared and didn't perform as well as hillary clinton. at the same time, i'm not convinced that anything happened, the sniffles, in his performance, that are sufficient to the fundamentally change what's happening in the pole to tighten the races. debates usually come through that. i think his performance is actually sufficient to probably keep the dynamics as they are at this point. >> so, ed, you're the guy who teaches debate. you're the expert on this. let's boil down the night before we go on with substance. like in your mind was there a winner or loser or was it a wash when you look at it like julian
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just did? >> one of the things that's important is to think about this debate from the perspective of the campaigns and what they were trying to execute, that it was very clear to me that hillary clinton's debate coaches told her that she had a couple of things on her agenda. one is that she needed to look personable. she needed to figure out a way to relate in the stories about her father and her grandfather were part of that. that she also needed to indicate that she had poise and the ability to wade through the attacks that donald trump would leverage and effectively discuss the issues without getting knocked off track. i think she had a fairly decent job of doing that. i think donald trump's coaches told him two things. one, you should not talk about crooked hillary. he was successful at that. the second thing was the temperament question. you have to answer that. ultimately i thought this debate was one in which he lost on that particular question and that he died by deaths of 1,000 interruptions, that he couldn't get beyond his need to control
6:14 am
the debate and to control the scene. >> and that could -- you could certainly -- that was certainly illustrated when hillary clinton talked about donald trump not releasing his taxes. in fact, she looked to get mr. trump to admit that he paid no income tax. let's listen. >> the only years that anybody's ever seen were a couple of years when he had to turn them over to state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license, and they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax. so -- >> that makes me smart. >> so, mave, why not say nothing, because when he said that my mind went to, oh, my god, you didn't pay any income tax. >> yeah, you know, that's so interesting throughout the campaign that donald trump is talking to the people that he doesn't need to be talking to in a way, you know? the people who love it that he gains the system are already with him, you know, and to bring up that issue, which will now be what we're talking about for the next three days, and gave the clinton camp a huge opportunity there, and they're going to
6:15 am
continue to pound him on that over the next couple of days. that was what was so interesting about his performance over and over again is that, you know, he didn't pivot to the issues that would -- that would help him. he just, you know, kept coming back to taxes and it just didn't make a lot of sense. >> errol, he not only did that during like the tax portion of the debate, right, but when he was asked about this racial discrimination case that took place years ago with his father and mr. trump was also involved, and he seemed to -- he said, yeah, we settled without admitting any guilt, but he never said we didn't racially discriminate against anyone. so, again, that issue sort of tripped him up. >> of course, in businessman terms, in business terms it amounts to the same thing, saying that we never admitted guilt in court so, therefore, that's off the table. please, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please disregard what you heard. that's not how it works in politics. saying you settled a lawsuit for
6:16 am
racial discrimination does sound to the average person like you were entirely free of any wrongdoing. in fact, it cries out for more explanation if you're serious about refuting that charge. he tried to dismiss it the way a business person would, and that's what got him in trouble. same thing with his taxes. you ask about why haven't -- why have you alone among all of the major party candidates from the last 40, 50 years refused to release your taxes? and he says, well, my tax attorney told me not to. and for him that's the end of it. for the rest of it it's just the beginning. >> the other businessman kind of answer came when hillary clinton said he stiffed contractors in atlantic city, and she mentions specifically, julian, this architect, and donald trump's answer was, well, maybe he didn't do a good job. so what would voters take away from that? >> i think collectively at the heart of hillary clinton's attack was to take the argument that donald trump is the populist in this race and tried to undercut it. whether it was connecting him to trickle down economics that favors wealthier americans to
6:17 am
highlighting the fact that he might not have paid any taxes and having him perhaps confirm that to his relationship with contractors. there's been many stories about this where he doesn't always pay his bills. and i think the portrait she has painted and will continue to paint is that his basic populus argument is not based on much. and so she's going to try to reiterate that and move forward with that in the coming months thinking of swing states like pennsylvania and preventing him from winning there. >> mave, errol, julien, stay with me. you're going to join me in the next block. still to come in the "newsroom," donald trump says stop and frisk cuts down on crime. is that true? we'll tell you next. (vo) one dat we got a new family member and she got a nutritious meal of purina cat chow complete with the four cornerstones of nutrition including high quality protein. now our family is complete. purina cat chow complete.
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today donald trump is facing heat over claims that stop and frisk police tactics help reduce crime. last night mr. trump pointed to cities like new york where those tactics have been used.
6:22 am
hillary clinton quickly pushed back and slammed the strategy as ineffective. so who's right and who's wrong? here's cnn's tom for meman with reality check. >> donald trump says if you're going to keep crime under control police might want to bring back stop and frisk tactics which worked like a charm. hillary clinton says not so much. >> we have to bring back law and order. now whether or not in a place like chicago you do stop and frisk which world very well. mayor giuliani is here. worked very well in new york. it brought the crime rate way down. you take the gun away from criminals that shouldn't be having it. >> stop and frisk was found to be unconstitutional and in part because it was ineffective. it did not do what it needed to do. >> so who's right about this? well, we do know from 2002 to 2011 new york really, really stepped up the number of stop and frisk stops by police officers there and crime did go
6:23 am
down, but it did not seem to go down proportional to this kind of an increase. just as importantly, out of about 5 million or more stops during roughly that period of time, guns were found when people were stopped less than 1% of the time, far less, and when stop and frisk was stopped the crime rate continued to generally go down. all of which generally suggests that donald trump's claims about this one are false and hillary clinton's claims are true. you can find out a whole lot more about all of our fact checks on many different subjects. go to our website >> all right. our thanks to tom foreman for that report. let's bring back in our political panel. ed, donald trump insists stop and frisk works. it does not. he insists that, what, hillary clinton started the birther. montpelie -- movement. he did not.
6:24 am
what is his strategy here? >> i think donald trump believes that the truth is malleable. that ultimately in this age of rampant transitions in the media, that the constant twitterization of the way we communicate, that news quickly transitions and that the notion of truth is something that can be created instantly. and the reality is is that he also is trafficking on his notion of being an entertainer and that as long as he says things and presents them in a particular way, that the public would find entertaining and interesting, then the notion of what the ultimate truth is is less important than the facts that people are -- than the notion that people are attracted to what's being said. >> so does that work, mave, in a general election? >> i just think it's a really puzzling strategy. donald trump in what was it, four publications over the week end was called out, you know, for a series of factual errors and we haven't really seen anything like this in any of the
6:25 am
recent presidential campaigns. the extent to which he is willing to bend the facts to what he wants them to being, and i think it's right that his people don't care, but we have to remember that at this point in the race there are more undecided voters than there were at this point in 2012 who are still not sure, making up their mind about his credentials. i think that this kind of factual inaccuracy gets right to the root of what his problem is with those voters. >> let's talk about the birther issue, errol. mr. trump said he did the country a great service by forcing the president of the united states to produce his birth certificate. he said it was hillary clinton that started the birther movement. it's just not true but he keeps saying it. why? >> yeah. it was a mistake, i think among others, that he made last night in the debate. when he started throwing out the names and trying to sort of recreate his version of reality about what the clinton campain of 2008 did, he's calling off the names of staffers that most of the 80 plus million people
6:26 am
watching had no idea who he was talking about, paty solis doyle said this, another one said that. bloomenthal. other than insiders, nobody knew what the case was he was getting at. more importantly, only in politics or only in reality tv does being asked straightforwardly why did you lie about this for five years would it be acceptable to say, well, she lied first. i mean, that just -- it doesn't make sense. so this is where it gets to be a problem. and it gets to be a problem not just about confidence. you're supposed to have your facts together if you're the most powerful person in the world but of character. why would you answer, you know, the question why did you lie by saying, she did it first? we don't accept that from our children. >> so do you think, julien, that donald trump will pivot from that strategy in the next debate? >> no, i don't think he's going to pivot. i think he's going to continue on basically what's a dual track strategy. on the one hand donald trump you
6:27 am
saw in the first half hour, 45 minutes of the debate, somewhat more restrained, who's trying to take hillary clinton on on the issues, but he will continue to engage in trump politics, and that often means appealing to his base through these kinds of issues trying to frame the whole debate, trying to characterize hillary clinton through certain attacks, whether factual or fictional. i don't think he's going to give it up because it brought him this far. i don't think he believes that abandoning that style is going to work for him. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. still to come on the "newsroom," donald trump slams a former miss universe for her weight. how did that resonate with women voters? real milk vs. almond milk ingredient spelling bee lecithin lecithin. l-e-s (buzzer sound) your word is milk.
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and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. republicans might say hillary clinton dealt the woman card by bringing up donald trump's past trans guesses. one of them the former miss universe who gained weight after winning the crown. >> he loves beauty contests, supporting them and hanging around them. and he called this woman miss piggy, then he called her miss housekeeping because she was latina. donald, she has a name. >> where did you find this? >> her name is -- >> where did you find this? >> she has become a u.s. citizen and you can bet. >> oh, really? >> she's going to vote this november. >> okay. >> all right. so alesha machado did gain weight after winning mr. trump's miss universe pageant. trump tried to clarify his
6:33 am
remarks this morning on fox and friends. >> she was the worst we ever had. she was the absolute worst. she was impossible. and she was a miss universe contestant that ultimately was a winner who had a difficult time as miss universe. she gained a massive amount of weight. it was a real problem. not only that, her attitude. we had a real problem with it. >> okay. so reality check. she went from 118 pounds to 160. she's 5'7". according to the cdc the average american woman weighs 166 pounds so let's talk about this. with us is mave restin, scotty hughes, cnn political commentator and simone sanders, democratic strategist and former national press secretary for bernie 2016. so, scotty, why did mr. trump go there this morning? why not just let it go? >> never talk about a woman's
6:34 am
weight. you're not going to win no matter what you say. i think it's interesting. that just shows how he cherry picks. secretary clinton can bring out this issue but she doesn't talk about tara conor and how much trump stood by her side. she doesn't talk about miss wisconsin '05 who because of mr. trump was able to establish a -- >> he himself brought up rosie o'donnell last night. >> it's never good to bring it up. that's the reason why i think yesterday was very bad for hillary clinton. i don't think there's a single woman that woke up this morning going, hooray, i'm now going to go vote for hillary clinton. that's what she needed to do. she needed to bring over the married women who overwhelmingly are supporting mr. trump. she did not get that message across last night. >> simone, how do you think that went? >> i don't think married women will be supporting donald trump. i don't think she had to submit herself as the candidate for
6:35 am
women. i think donald trump tripled down on his former comments and it's damaging. calling them overweight when, again, the average size of a woman is the size of the former miss universe. he was a little bit unhinged last night, he was grossly unprepared. secretary clinton came out looking like a winner because donald trump just wasn't ready for last night's debate. >> here's the thing, hillary clinton has already released this web cam video on this very topic. watch. >> for me, i'm neutral. look at me. >> she weighed 118 pounds or 117 pounds, she went up to 160 or 70
6:36 am
so this is somebody that likes to eat. >> so, mave, it's probably no accident that she's probably speaking in spanish, right? >> absolutely. i think that i don't understand why donald trump went back to this issue this morning on fox and friends. the tape is out there, as the clinton campaign is showing, and, you know, to just move on and talk about the issues that he really wants to be talking about would have been a much better strategy. >> like the child care issue. why not say, you know what, my -- >> you know, to that point. kellyanne conway was saying this morning that she really believes the polls are tightening up in states like colorado and some of the western states because they have been attracted to his message over the past couple of weeks. the policy has rolled out. just to those issues, i think states like colorado would be a lot easier for him to win. >> i will say that mr. trump
6:37 am
said he was nice to mrs. clinton last night because he did not bring up her husband bill clinton's infidelities because of chelsea clinton. let's listen. >> when she hit me at the end with the women i was going to hit her with her husband's women and i decided i shouldn't do it because of her daughter. >> that's what you were talking about. >> so he did it because chelsea clinton was in the room. you know what, chelsea clinton's been through it. remember this picture taken of chelsea clinton, holding hands with her parents. you know, just right after the monica lewinsky thing. it's coming up. you will remember this famous iconic photo. there it is. chelsea clinton has been there and chelsea clinton has heard everything, could they. really, it was out of deference to chelsea clinton? >> absolutely. we could have brought up a whole plethora of stories. we have 17 women that involve bill clinton. we have reporters tiptoeing around seeing chelsea clinton and yet hitting ivanka trump hitting her about her father's
6:38 am
issues from the past. you've seen that. that showed a little bit of grace and class. there's a reason why he's winning by 17 points with married women, because he showed that. why bring it up? >> he's not winning by 17 points. >> with married women, cnn/orc polls. i have the latest numbers here coming out september 6th. >> going back to bill clinton. if mr. trump had brought that up during the debate, might hillary clinton have come back at him with his own infidelity? >> well, absolutely, but he's still -- the thing is he's still good friend with his past womens. >> you can say that about bill clinton and the women that have allegations against him. >> i mean, he did -- he did bring up the issue by saying that he wasn't going to bring it up and now we're going to be talking about it. and it doesn't seem like the campaign is going to be backing away from this issue at all.
6:39 am
i would only expect in further debates to see him, you know, weighed deeper into that issue because they do think it's a good issue for him. i think it's very dangerous territory for, you know, both of those campaigns to deal about. >> and, simone, people say this is a dangerous issue for mr. trump because hillary clinton wasn't the cheater, her husband was. >> exactly. and so this is, again, donald trump trying to hold secretary clinton responsible for something that she did not do. this is definitely dangerous territory, but donald trump knew exactly what he was doing last night when he said i was going to say something but, you know, i didn't say it. then he went down in the spin room and then on fox and friends this morning where he opened up the line of questioning so he can put in there exactly what he didn't get out on that debate stage. again, i don't think it's a great strategy. i think women and voters in general are turned off by this strategy. and donald trump's going to be dinged for it. we have to wait and see what the numbers say when the polls come out. >> we're all eagerly waiting those numbers. thanks so much for joining me this morning.
6:40 am
still to come in the "newsroom," it's one of the top issues for voters, the economy. so who convinced voters that they're the best candidate to handle it? we'll break it down next. l here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is. trains with innovative siemens technology help keep cities moving, so neighborhoods and businesses can prosper. i can book 3 or 4 gigs on a good weekend. i'm booked solid for weeks. it takes ingenuity to make it in the big city.
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mexico and jobs. signature issues for donald trump. and he wasted no time diving right in. six seconds into his very first answer he said this. >> more jobs are fleeing the country. they're going to mexico. ford is leaving. you see that, their small car division leaving. thousands of jobs leaving michigan, leaving ohio. they're all leaving. and we can't allow it to happen anymore. >> okay. so that didn't make ford very happy. christine romans is here with reality check. christine, true or false? >> ford tweeted about this. ford now says it has more cars
6:45 am
produced in the u.s. than any other automaker. ford has created 28,000 u.s. jobs and invested 12 billion in u.s. plants. yes, it is moving its small car facilities to mexico. it is using those facilities to build other things and those workers in the u.s. will still have jobs. that's the ford issue much if he talked about carrier, some other companies, yes, many of those have been moving jobs to the detriment of u.s. workers. not ford. this chart really tells the story. some 5 million lost. by one estimate maybe as many as 800,000 of those gone to mexico for a variety of reasons. technology, globalization, trade liberalization after nafta. we're going o say the cnn reality check fact finding team says this is mostly true his claims that jobs are going to mexico. >> but not specifically ford per se. >> yes. yes. >> okay. >> so clinton talked about job creation too. let's listen. >> people have looked at both of
6:46 am
our plans, have concluded that mine would create 10 million jobs and yours would lose us 3.5 million jobs and -- >> you are going to approve one of the biggest tax cuts in history. you are going to approve one of the biggest tax increases in history. you are going to drive business out. >> okay. true or false? >> so she's talking about a forecast from the economist from moody's analytics. he's advised john mccain but he supports hillary clinton and he found that if there are no changes at all, no new economic plans at all, there would be more than 7 million jobs created over the next eight years. add in clinton's plans, she would add another 2.8. altogether it would be 10 million. he's saying if you do nothing there would be 7 million jobs created. on this one the cnn fact check team is saying it is true. there could be 10 million jobs under hillary clinton but misleading because current policies would already have jobs growth in this country. >> okay. go onto the next thing.
6:47 am
clinton and trump also butted heads on trade deals. let's listen. >> now you want to approve trans-pacific partnership. you were totally in favor of it, then you heard what i was saying how bad it is and you said, i can't win that debate, but you know that if you did win, you would approve that and that will be almost as bad as nafta. nothing will ever top nafta. >> well, that is just not accurate. i was against it once it was finally negotiated and the terms were laid out. i wrote about that in -- >> you called it the gold standard. >> well, i -- >> you called it the gold standard of trade deals. >> you know what -- >> you said it's the finest deal you've ever seen. >> okay. burn it, christine. >> she's against the t.p.p. today, but you can listen to the secretary of state in her own words in australia in 2012. >> this t.p.p. sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open free, transparent, fair trade. the kind of environment that has
6:48 am
the rule of law and a level playing field. >> so we are rating his claim true. she's against it today, as you can see the populist anger against these trade deals, it is not a good thing on the campaign trail to be supporting. she is against it now but she has supported it in the past and she did call it the gold standard in 2012. >> christine romans, many thanks. still to go in the "newsroom," trump goes from praising lester holt's questions to hostile.
6:49 am
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donald trump praising lester
6:53 am
holt after the debate. >> i thought lester did a great job, okay, i thought, honestly, thought he did a great job. >> you thought the questions were fair. >> i thought he wallas great. >> this morning, a different response expressing disapproval. >> i thought it went really well. i mean, i had some hostile question also but that was okay. i thought it went really well. >> what grade do you give lester holt? >> i give him a "c," "c"-plus, i thought he was okay. >> let's talk about the whole thing with cnn's brian stelter with me now. everybody's -- before we dive into the lester holt issue, got to know about ratings because everybody wants to know, did we hit 100 million? >> i'll have more for you in about an hour. it looks like it was higher rated than the 2008 debates and 2012 debates. we'll have better numbers a little bit later in the day. >> let's delve into lester holt. he wallace a man who could not win. he just couldn't win no matter
6:54 am
what he did, right? >> i think he's feeling good this morning. certainly his bosses at nbc are already publicly praising him. he started out with a very hands-off approach, letting these two candidates actually debate, actually argue, which i found very revealing. the number of times that trump interrupted clinton was very interesting. >> i think there was a breakdown in "the new york times" this morn, he interrupted her some 26 time also. >> he interrupted her more often. you could see thanks to that split screen, the iconic image of this debate. you could see them sometimes choosing when to interrupt and when not to. >> did donald trump know he was going to be on the camera the entire time? >> i think he had to know because these sorts of issues are hashed out in advance. there's negotations that happen. so the campaigns knew. both campaigns knew cnn and other news outlets would have access to all the camera shots
6:55 am
at all types. in the primary debate, these split screens were used. if he wasn't expecting this, he should have been. he is complaining about lester holt, saying some of the questions were unfair. he's also suggesting his microphone wasn't working. there's no indication that's the case. i do wonder if he's setting up sort of an argument against the media and the moderator looking head to debates number two and three. >> i think that's a sure bet, don't you? >> rudy giuliani, this morning is out saying -- i think we can put it on screen. he says if i were donald trump, i wouldn't participate in another debate unless i was promised the journalist would act like a journalist and not an ignorance fact checker. >> lester holt corrected donald trump on things that were not true. his support of the iraq war. he did support the iraq war before he was against it, right? the birther thing, right, donald trump said hillary clinton started it, that's just a lie. >> that's right. >> so what is lester holt supposed to do exactly?
6:56 am
>> i think holt was choosing his spots. confirmed there were more falsehoods uttered by trump than clinton. we have to wonder if trump will make more hay out of this controversy. >> brian stelter, thanks for stopping by. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you for joining me. donald trump and hillary clinton both on the campaign trail this morning. both claiming victory in the debate. those smiles in the opening seconds didn't last. both accusing the other of hiding secrets from the american public. >> i will release my


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