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tv   Wolf  CNN  September 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, i am wolf blitzer, it is 1:00 p.m. in new york. where ever you are watching around the world, thanks very much for joining us. we start with the fallout from last night's first presidential debate, donald trump and hillary clinton squaring off face to face trying out their campaign attacks in person. today, they are back in the campaign trail looking to carry out the momentum from the
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debate. north carolina, raleigh, hillary clinton is about to address the crowd there. she's expected to speak my moment. tonight, donald trump gets back on stage from melbourne, florida. we heard from both campaigns talking about how well they think they did and how they think their opponent missed the mark. >> well, i think his demeanor and temperament and behavior on the stage could be seen by everybody and people can draw their own conclusions. i thought on several occasions, he was making charges and claims that were untrue. >> i think ted cruz was tough. i think that marco was very tough, he had a break down, a little once with me but he was a good debater.
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marco was a really good debater. i thought those two were really tough. i think she will be tough. i thought she was very bad in the first half when they were asking normal questions and when they were asking unfair questions, she got better. >> she's ready to be president and donald trump shows he was running out of gas before the debate was through. >> she did a magnificent job. she showed what this next six weeks is going to be like. >> i think it was a good debate. i think the american people saw in donald trump of the kind of leadership and clarity and candor. >> she's well prepared and got the right temperament around the job. she does her homework and she got a vision to put people back to work and making sure the
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economy is working for everybody and not a few. i would say the other guy does not have the preparation or the temperament or the court values and inclusions in making everybody have opportunities that would take our country forward. >> president obama weighing in there, while the candidates covered a lot of grounds last night. there were some controversies left on the table. clinton foundation and trump university and benghazi and the wall that trump wants to build. another attack that's gaining some ground. today's donald trump comment about machada claims trump called her miss piggy. here is what clinton says about that. >> he loves beauty contests, he
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called this woman miss piggy and then he called her miss housekeeping because she was latino. she has a name, her name is alisa machado. she's become a u.s. citizen and you can bet she's going to vote this november. >> oh really? >> trump explained some of his comments earlier this morning on fox. listen to this. >> miss universe person, and she was the worst we ever had, the worst, the absolute worst. >> did not know that story. >> she was the winner and you know she gained a massive amount of weight and it was a little problem. >> machado is doing a conference call for the clinton campaign, she will be a guest on anderson cooper later tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. lets bring in sarah huckabee
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sanders right now, southeast a senior adviser for donald trump. >> it sounds pretty ugly of the name calling. >> i am far offended as a woman and a donald trump supporter by what hillary clinton said when she called me deplorable and irredeemable it it sho irredeemable. >> he seems to be on the defensive and not on the attack. >> some of that was due to the questions and he got asked by a lot of questions straight up from the clinton's play book and i would like the same types of questions from the moderator and on benghazi. >> should he apologize to this woman? >> if shows comments are
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accurate, i think an apology would be appropriate. >> you have any indication he would do that? he does not like to apologize. >> i have not had a conversation with him about this issue. >> this is a sensitive sisissue. >> i would like hillary clinton to apologize to me when she called us deplorable and it is disca disquali disqualifying to be president of the united states to be calling that about people. >> she walks back on everything. >> it is hillary clinton, he like to play different rules than the rest of us. >> on the whole issue of climate change, he denied that he believes the climate change is a hoax. back in 2012, he tweeted this.
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the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese in order to make u.s. manufacturing non competitive, then in 2014, he tweeted, nbc news just called it the great freeze, is our country still spending money on the global warming hoax. his word, he used "hoax." does he believe global warming is a hoax? >> he believes it is occurring naturally and something that we should address. the bigger point is he does not think it is the greatest threats that we face as americans. he thinks it is radical islam. he thinks that isis is a greater threat and global warming is a greater threat. >> so he changed his mind. >> i think he evolved on that issue. >> does he believe that a man and a woman for that matter has
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a role for climb changate chang. >> the jury is still out for that. >> most scientists believe that we play a role in climate change. >> again, the jury is still out on that and there is not definitive signs so there is something to be supported on both sides of the issue. >> so he no longer believe it is a hoax. >> i am certainly no scientists so i am not going to weigh in on that. >> lets talk another issue that she raised with donald trump and his refusal to release any of his tax returns, i will play the cut. >> maybe he does not want the american people, all of you watching tonight to know that he's paid nothing in federal taxes because the only years that anybody has ever seen were a couple of years where he had to turn it over to state authorities when he was trying to get a kcasino license and thy showed that he does not paid any federal tax.
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>> that made me smart. >> it sounded like you admitted that you did not paid any taxes. >> i hate the way our government spe spending our taxes. >> well, he follows the letter of the law. i don't see anybody else out there volunteering to pay extra taxes that are outside of the realm of what they are required to pay. he paid every penny by law that he's required to pay and not more. >> the question is does he pay any federal income tax. in a few years that we have his income tax returns, it shows what he did not pay any federal income tax. >> i do know he follows the letter of the law and pays every
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penny that he's required to by that law. >> there is another exchange that he had with dana bash. let me play in the clip. >> anything you wished you thdi differently? >> no, ip hap am happy that i h back with the discretion with bill clinton because i had a lot of respect with chelsea clinton. and i was going to say what i was going to say but i didn't. >> which is? >> i hope that's not the direction that the debate goes. most americans want to talk about the issue. when donald trump was talking about issues last night, he had a commanding presence on the stage and the economy and on national security, those were the two biggest issues that americans cared about and he did far better on hillary clinton on both of those issues. that's one of the issues he's
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going to gain momentum. >> because he's vulnerable on those issues as well. if she brings that topic up, he will address that but i hope that's not where the debate is. >> if he brings it up, she could presumably respond. >> i don't think that's the place where most americans want or debate to be focused on. they care about what's happening in their own home and that's wlr whether or not they're going to have jobs or their kids is going to have a good education or whether or not they're going to be safe. >> and quickly, lester holt, did he do a good job? >> i thoulght, overall he did a good job. i felt that he could have done better on pushing hillary clinton on some of the big issues like the clinton foundation and e-mails and benghazi. we had a huge list of failures that were unaddressed. that should have happened and hopefully will, sarah huckabee
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sanders, thank you for coming in. >> any minute now, hillary is taking the stage in raleigh, north carolina. >> we'll get his thoughts on last night's debate and trump's comments earlier this morning. plus, the candidates presenting two views on race and relations. >> a lot is going on, we'll be right back.
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hillary clinton is on the campaign trail in north carolina looking to capitalize of what most says was a strong performance of the first debate. thanks very much for joining us. let me play a clip from hillary clinton, last night. >> my father gave me a small loan in 1975 and i built it in a company that's worth millions of dollars. >> you would not pay the man what he needed to be paid. >> maybe he did not do a good
10:17 am
job. >> donald supported of the invasion of iraq. >> wrong. >> you know if there were nuclear war or in east asia, that's fine, you know. >> wrong. >> have a good time, folks. >> so her strategy appears to be get under his skin and see if you will sort of get into take the debate, was that her strategy going into this debate? >> i think the donald trump that we have seen on the campaign trail over the last 18 months with somebody that's thin skin and under temperament and cannot be trusted as commander in chief. last night, people got to witness his true personality. it was discall fieing. it does not take much to provoke donald trump. >> he cannot take criticisms but i think overall he's compounded of the impact of last night's debate with his comments this morning going after the former
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miss universe. >> that was your strategy was trying to provoke him >> her strategy is making an affirmative case to the american people. >> that scene that you just she to create an economy for everybody and not just people fortunate to get a loan from their father. >> after the debate, our dana bash had this exchange, listen to this. >> anything you wish to do differently? >> i am happy to hold back with respect to bill clinton because i have a lot of respect for chelsea clinton and i did not want to say what i was going to say. > which is? >> i will tell you in the next debate, we'll see. >> are you ready for that exchange if it happens for the next debate.
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that was another window into donald trump's erratic personality. his own advisers would realize that anything like that would be a huge mistake for him >> donald can do whatever he wants or fling whatever insults he wants. i may have worked on them but not on clinton. she was steady and disciplined and unflappable and donald trump was set off by any little questions he got from the moderator. >> he did bring up the partnership trade deal. here is the exchange. >> the gold standard. >> you called it the gold standard. >> and you know what -- you said it was the finest deals. >> donald, i know you live in your own reality. that's not the feedbacks. >> we did a reality check and we found this statement she made
10:20 am
back in 2012 when she was secretary of state in austria, she made this statement. >> this ttp sets the gold standard in trade agreements and open and free transparent and fair trade, the kind of environment that has the rule of law and a levelled plainfield. >> she's flipped on that issue, right? >> no, i think what was was at the time she made those comments, that deal was still worked on. she was expressing her hope. >> she says this sets the gold standard and agreement to open free tans prarransparent free t. she was pretty clear of what her metrics would be for judging it. it came out and the details were scrutinized over and it came up
10:21 am
sho short, including making sure that we got good jobs. >> i don't think dit is a surprise at all where she stands on the issues of trade to voters and in this general election. >> i think she said that we need to re-negotiate nafta. >> that was a deal that her husband put together. >> absolutely, even her husband acknowledged that it had some untended consequences. she talked broadly more than individual trade deals of what we need to do for our economy. she won the economic argument last night in the course of 15 or 20 minutes or so where they traded their views on the economy. donald trump said, that it was smart move by him to try to pay as little taxes as possible and sure paying his fair share. he defended his comments suggesting that he wanted to take the houses crisis and he seems to relish the fact that he as a standard practice of
10:22 am
businessman stiffed his contractors including small businesses. he came across out of touch with the middle class americans last night. >> brian fallon, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we are ready to hear from hillary clinton. she's at a rally in raleigh, north carolina, a lot more coming up. we'll be right back. sm with chantix. smoking's a monkey on my back. it was, it was always controlling your time, your actions, your money. it had me. it had me. i would not be a non-smoker today if it wasn't for chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic
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looking at live pictures right now in raleigh, north
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carolina, we'll have live coverage of that standby. lets turn to the foreign policies part of the debate. along with the candidates' stance on nato. here is what donald trump had to say. >> about four months ago, i read that nato is opening up a major terror division, i think that's great. we should get because we pay approximately 73% to nato, it is a lot of money to protect other people. i am all for nato. they have to focus on terror also. they're going to do that and that was, believe me, i am not going to get credit for that. that was chargelargely of what saying and my criticism of nato. >> joining us live from damascus. donald trump calling nato an
10:28 am
obsolete. >> last night he said he was fine with nato. that prompted the change and the stance of how much does the u.s. contribute to nato? >> it is hard to say what prompted the change or if he will stick with that change as we know sometimes his position can change on those issues. it is on the issue of who pays for nato, trump has ground here of the 28 members, by requirement, they're supposed to spend 2% of their gdp on defense and only five or six nations including the u.s. do that at this point. that's a fair argument. that jus not match with the facts. secretary clinton noted this last night after the 9/11
10:29 am
attack, nato invoked the defense in response of the attack to fight al-qaida and the taliban there. it is true that there is a financing problem with anywnato terms of spreading the burden around but as far as the counter terrorism focus, that goes back to more than a decade >> fred, you are in damascus, i want you to listen to both candidates what they had to say about isis last night. >> there are a number of issues we should be addressing. i have put forth a plan to defeat isis. it does involved going after them online and i think we need to do much more with our tech companies to prevent isis and their operatives from being able to use the internet to radicalize and direct people in our country and europe and elsewhere, we have to intensify
10:30 am
our air strikes against isis and eventually support our arab and kurdish to be able to take out isis and their claim of being-- making progress and we are hoping within a year, we'll be able to push isis out of iraq and squeeze them in syria. >> secretary clinton is talking about taking out isis. we'll take out isis. well, president obama and secretary clinton created a vacuum of the way they got out of iraq. >> once they got in, the way they got out was a disaster. >> isis was formed. >> here is a question for you, fred, hillary clinton says she
10:31 am
would oppose any introduction to try to defeat isis in iraq and syria. >> can isis be defeated without a major deployment of u.s. ground forces? >> you know wolf, i think it can. at least on the battlefield that isis can and will be defeated over the next couple of months or years. you will see them most probably very soon and losing one of their main goals and you have kurdish forces and the syrian army closing in on its other main stronghold which is in syria. one of the things that's key and neither two of the kacandidates spoke about is what comes after when there is no counterfeit with the territory. that's the hard part trying to stabilize the situation here in
10:32 am
syria so you don't have isis from the remanence trying to rise again and what many people call of the potential of rise of 2.0 or isis 3.0. the u.s. have been in the situation before. it is not wrong when he says that isis was not a role fact and it was called al-qaeda and iraq. but the u.s., left it in power and iraq and this organization came backup. we branded itself as isis and became more dangerous than it was ever before. >> after isis defeated on the battlefield, it will be a time where the u.s. will make big decisions and policy decisions to try to shore up this neighborhood especially iraq and finding some way forward here in syria as well. >> jim, of the issue of hacking, hacking political operatives in the united states, hillary clinton suggested that many u.s.
10:33 am
intelligent officials, russia is responsible. >> trump last night said might be rush sia or china or some 40 pounds guy that's doing it by himself >> the intelligence macronutrients and law enforcement agencies. >> i am going to interrupt you a moment. hillary clinton is speaking about the debate last night. >> i am so excited to be back here. i was here eight years ago. i was so impressed then with the kinds of programs and opportunities that are offered here to people like kristine, i want to come back of course, to raleigh, but i wanted to come back to wake tech.
10:34 am
when kristine was talking, i was backstage watching her on a screen i have up there. she kept on saying how she was going to try, i was about to cry. >> her story, says so much and not just about her but about our country. >> we are a country of second chances and third and fourth chances for people willing to work for them and get up everyday and do their best. that's the basic bargain of america. and i was really proud of kristine. [ we are proud of you ] >> thank you, thank you. i think her patients are in for a treat. not only the skills she have learned here at wake tech but the personality that gets up and go personality is going to mean a lot to the people she's taking
10:35 am
care of. >> kristine, thank you, and god speed. >> and now, i have to thank doctor steven scott, president of wake tech community college. [ applause ] all the administrators and the faculties and the students of wake tech. and now, doctor scott told me of the enrollment of 73,000. >> and what a tribute to what this institution represents. >> i am a huge, huge supporters. [ applause ] >> you know i can see america differently. i think there is nothing we cannot do if we make our minds up and roll up our sleeves and
10:36 am
get working together and supporting institutions like wake tech and support people like kristine. imd to thank yo i want to thank your mayor, mayor mcfarland, thank you so much for being here. i want to recognize linda coleman, candidate for lieutenant governor of north carolina. >> linda came so close last anytime and this time, are you going to bring it over to the finish line? >> yeah! [ applause [ applause ] >> i will tell you somebody else that i am excited about. former state representative, debra ross. [ applause
10:37 am
[ applause ] i have watched the campaign she's run and the intensity and incredible passion that she brings to it. we sure could use her in washington representing north carolina. [ applause ] i want to tank thahank all the officials who are here. i want to do a special shout out to long time of my husband's and'. somebody who we admired so much transformed this state during his governor ship, that's former governor jim hunt. [ applause ] >> there is a lot that i want to talk about today but let me start with this. you may or may not not that
10:38 am
today is national voter's registration day. >> you see some signs people are voting. i will vote. [ cheers [ cheers ] that's not only a great sign and it shows you are committed to vote. it is a website and you can go to to make sure that you are registered. we want to make sure our people are registered and there are still time to get registered here in north carolina. think about everything that's at stake in this election. right here in north carolina, the very mean spirited and wrong headed decision by your legislature and governor to pass
10:39 am
and sign house bill 2. more than that, it is hurting people. >> it has sent a message to so many people, well, you know you are not really wanted. you are not really part of us. i think the american dreams is big enough for everybody point [ applause [ applause ] the other thing that your governor and legislature did was everything they could to make voting harder for people. >> now, they were pretty bla tat about it. making harder for people of color. make it harder for the elderly and the young. >> noi, some w, some of that ha
10:40 am
rolled back thankfully because it is so wrong. i would argue unconstitutional. [ applause ] b but, the best way to show, hey, in a democracy like ours, we could have the most figure rous and violent debate. we want everybody to exercise his or her right to vote. >> that's the way we are supposed to be making disserious condition. if spokeswoman groups of people trying to prevent from other people from being able to do that. i have won elections and i have lost elections. i know what the difference is. but, i will tell you this, i believe in what our founders established for us to govern
10:41 am
ourselves and widen the circle of activities and that includes the opportunity to be heard. >> the best way to reaffirm our commitment to that fundamental bedrock american value is to show up and vote and demonstrate the importance of our vote. [ applause ] i believe that we may have a record setting turn out in this election. [ applause ] >> some folks who are following this are saying that we could have the biggest turn out that we ever have. you cannot have two more di different decisions are. >> who we are fighting for?
10:42 am
>> earlier information is encouraging and we are seeing spikes in early voting. >> we are seeing voting rates against young people and african-american people, young people growing up. ! [ applause ] >> for the first time the, that young people could represent 25% of the vote >>. [ applause ] i would love to see that of coursely, i hope theme vote for me but i would loof to see that because every egg election is about the future and honestly, it is more about the future of young people and children than it is ever been. >> because of the p difference and the approaches and experiences of me and my opponent. >> last night, i got a chan
10:43 am
chance -- [ cheers [ cheers ] >> i got a chance to say a few things about what i want to do if i am so fortunate enough to be elected as your president. >> i do have this own fashion idea that if i am asking for your vote, i should tell you what i want to do. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> and i also got to convey my excitement about what we can do together. >> you see the central question of this election is what kind of k country we want do be and what kind of future do we want to build for our children and grandchildren. i think about that a lot. >> part because i startrd out
10:44 am
working for the children of defense fund, it is always been my passion about what we can do. [ applause ] >> so help more kids live up to their god giving potentials? >> during this campaign, people have asked me, well, how did you get interested in that? >> the simple answer is my mother had such a neglected childhood hood, she was living with grandparents and living with participants she did not know her. >> she was working in a home, babysitting and basically a a maid. when i think of my mother's own life and how she told me when i was old enough to understand of how different her life was.
10:45 am
she would say it is so often safe by the kindness of other people. you know , we over look the importance of just how we street each other. >> the respect we show. [ applause ] >> the kindness and the love that we show. >>. [ applause ] and, i am well aware that's not something that you can put on a campaign website. but, i have been talking about it because we got to reassert our fundamental connections to each other. >> you know when my mother was in first gray, she never had nil food. and her first grade teacher noticed that in those days they brought food, a little bag of fruit and they sit in the cleem and eat it.
10:46 am
any mother never had any food. without embarrassing her, she would say, contador think, i brought too much food. would you like this sandwich, would you like this? >> it was not until she herself is much older that my mother realized that teacher, he will her in that school year. her love and recognition of a child that was not well taken care of. >> meant that she stepped in. when my mother worked as a maid, he really wanted to go to high school and started working. >> she had to get out of her grandparent's home. >> the woman she worked for realized that how much my mauer wanted to go to high school so
10:47 am
he said to her. if you get up earlier, it likes like kristine. if you get up earlier and you get your choice done, you can go to highlight. >> that's what my moer did for your years. she got up early and literally had to run to get to high school. it sounds harsh but not for my mom. she thought a-- when i talk abot us being stronger together. i am not just talking about what our government needs to do. i am talking about each of us can do to contribute. >> we do need to make sur sursure -- [ applause
10:48 am
[ applause ] we need to make sure that our aoki k economy is working for everyone and we need to make new jobs and intrastructure jobs and advance manufacturing jobs and technology and clean renewable and energy jogobs >> we got to do more to support more businesses. >> after world war ii, he started this small baptist and fingerprinting lap fingerprinti fingerprinti fingerprinti fingerprinting fabric. it was no natural light, he only had two lonk tables and then he would take self screen if you have seen one. he will start it at one end and put it down and pull the paint in and goes all the way down to the end of untable and start to
10:49 am
the other table, he would doll that until he got the job done. i would help him out from time to time. >> i knew how hard he worked. he was so proud that he could give him a business cal class fife. >> he was able to do what we sonja gantt to see in america, keep going and eep reach zg move as high and am mishs will take you. >> i want us to have an economy that'll work for everyone and grow the economy and creating more jobs, i want a fairer economy. >>. [ applause ] . >> all right, we'll continue to monitor hillary clinton. she's speak ing to raleigh, norh carolina. >> lets assess what we are hearing now and what's happening thon day after the historic debate.
10:50 am
our chief political animal cyst is with us, eugene scott and dae david gregory is joining us and ceo of the naacp in baltimore, cornell william brooks. your take on the day that have historic debate. she went in the back of the plane, spoke to reporters, clearly thinks she won the debate. >> i think the campaign feels good about it. i think you can tell from the speech that hillary clinton feels like she's found her voice and i think the campaign beli e believes that they left nothing unanswered and that donald trump was unprepared and that hillary clinton took them to task on everything from taxes to birther to iraq war to even the issue of stamina. >> but is that all -- assuming she did win, quote, win, the
10:51 am
debate, it's going to be translated into votes, into the political polls, the real polls that will be coming out, the national poll as well as the polls in key battleground states. >> we were talking to clinton advisors who are trying to lower expectations big time saying we don't expect to see the polls change very much because it's not going to get baked in right away. trying to phrase everybody for that but i was talking to somebody who knows donald trump very well before coming on and i thought this was genius that it's not necessarily donald trump was unprepared it's just that he couldn't help himself getting trapped in her bait and taking her bait. the way the source described it, it was he's the kind of guy who you can't say "don't touch the stove" and he won't touch the stove. he has to touch the stove, get burned and say "that's hot, i won't do that again." the analogy being that was last
10:52 am
night's debate and the hope by the source is that he will learn for the next two debates to not take the debate and stay more on offense. >> you were watching the debate with young people, millennials, this is an area where hillary clinton has had trouble. >> very much so and we see her outreach being at a community college in north carolina hoping to capitalize on the points she made last night that donald trump did not do us well on such as climate change but also pivoting to an area we didn't hear about last night in terms of college affordability so hopefully she will get the turnout her campaign is hoping that obama got in '08 and '12 but that's not looking likely as of now. >> we just heard her say there could be record turnout in this election. you see evidence of that ch. >> i think there's such a fear and loathing factor on both sides i expect a strong turnout. it may not be for what clinton hope, it's a vote for her, it
10:53 am
may be the fear factor about donald trump and she made illusions to that last night in the debate that she's standing between him and the abyss for voters but, look, i think these debates are about looking at these candidates and imagining them as president of the united states. that's where she came ahead last night. she was within herself, she was a steel magnolia, she was unflappable. i think you put all of those things together, it's presidential. i think dana is right that trump couldn't help himself. he appeared to be more prepared than he ended up being. i thought he had a good 30 to 45 minutes then he unravelled himself. now so much of what we're talking about the day after is his comments on race and gender and not releasing his taxes. all of his deficits and not seizing opportunities that he had and it seems like his answer is "i'll be tougher, i'll be more vulgar, i'll hit her harder. "she knows that could come at any time, she won't go for it.
10:54 am
he did go for it. >> cornell, as the president of the naacp, what was your reaction to the debate last night? >> well, it was clear that the difference in the racial vocabulary between mr. trump and secretary clinton was stark so the words she used were words like "implicit bias, institutional racism, community policing." institutional racism, which i think might be a first on a presidential debate. the words he used were "stop and frisk, law and order." she was forward leaning in terms of policy, he was backward leaning in terms of policy. he talked about a constitutionally discredited racially discriminatory policy, stop and frisk. she talked about bridging the gap between the community and police officers. making the point that what the most conscious driven protesters want or what the -- is what the most con schenn shushs police officers want. he was kind of glum and
10:55 am
despairing in terms of policy prescriptions. >> corps knelt, hold on, we're getting breaking news. just want to interrupt. we're getting the audience numbers from last night's debate. i want to get brian stelter, brian, what are the numbers? >> looking at the numbers, wolf, this is the most-watched television debate in american history. the numbers just in from nielsen showing over 80 million viewers tuning in. hillary clinton is talking about potentially record turnout in november but already record ratings for the first debate and this is before we count pbs, c-span, or live streaming. that means practically every american adult who was home last night was tuned into this debate. more than 9 million viewers just for cnn. 08 million viewers overall. it goes to show the tremendous interest in those two candidates. and this is good news for hillary clinton given that she's been widely viewed as the
10:56 am
winner. it mean she is had a higher-than-average audience for this debate. >> we'll continue to watch all of the reaction, all of the fallout from this debate. that's it for me. i'll be back 595:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room. the news continues here on cnn right after a quick break. you're not a cook, if you don't cook. you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires. or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year. we're working hard, what about you? hey candidates, do your jobs. keep social security strong.
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good afternoon, i'm anderson cooper. thanks for joining me. donald trump and hillary clinton back on the campaign trail reacting to their historic faceoff in an event that drew a record faceoff of nearly 81 million viewers. today the candidates wasted no time putting their own spin on their performances. here was secretary clinton just moments ago. >> did anybody see that debate last night? [ cheers and applause ]


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