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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 27, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i am jake tapper. more than 80 million viewers watched last night's debate. everyone suggesting hillary clinton came out on top. all the time she spent in prep seemed to show. her team pleased that she seemed able to bait donald trump with a series of attacks on his record. trump seems to be acknowledging today clinton walked away the winner. next time he says i may hit clinton harder. we'll begin with jim acosta who is outside trump tower. jim, donald trump just announced a huge fund-raiser haul. >> reporter: that's right, jake. donald trump, the trump campaign, they're trying to offer up evidence that he won last night's debate, saying in a tweet a few moments ago that in the last 24 hours donald trump says they've raised $13 million, even though at times during his
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first faceoff with hillary clinton he looked unprepared. >> the day after his fiery debate with hillary clinton, donald trump is declaring victory with a triumphant tweet, the number one trend on twitter right now is #trumpwon. thank you. >> it was a fascinating period of time. i think we did very well. >> reporter: he is also making excuses. blaming a bad microphone and more for getting in the way of his message. >> it was much lower than hers. it was crackling. and she didn't have that problem. to me, it was a bad problem, either you have a bum mike, it's not exactly good. >> reporter: coming off a night of delivering her prepared one-liners, clinton had a zinger for that too. >> anybody who complains about the microphone is not having a good light. >> reporter: also complaining about moderator lester holt. >> i give him a c, c plus. i thought he was fine.
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nothing outstanding. he gave me very unfair questions at the end. >> reporter: problem is, his own campaign manager praised holt after the debate. >> i thought lester holt did a great job under tough circumstances. >> reporter: trump had his share of tough moments as clinton repeatedly baited her opponent. >> join the debate by saying more crazy things. >> reporter: on his refusal to release his tax returns. >> the only years that anybody has ever seen were a couple of years when he had to turn them over to state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license and they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax. >> that makes me smart. >> reporter: clinton returned to the issue today in north carolina. >> i got to that point where i said, well, maybe he's paid zero. he said that makes him smart. now, if not paying taxes makes him smart, what does that make all the rest of us? >> reporter: on iraq trump falsely insisted once again he
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opposed the war before it with began. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. >> wrong. >> that is absolutely been proved. >> wrong. >> reporter: the trump campaign offering different explanations for the gop contender's past claim that climate change is a hoax created by the chinese government to hurt u.s. factories with his campaign manager saying one thing. >> he believes climate change is naturally occurring. >> reporter: his running mate saying another. >> look, there is no question that -- that the activities that take place in this country and in countries around the world have some impact on the environment and some impact on climate. >> reporter: now, as for his tax returns trump told cnn after the debate he does pay something when it comes to paying federal income taxes. but he did not say what tax rate he is paying. ru rudy giuliani suggested that trump perhaps should skip the last two debates. no word if that is actually
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under consideration. >> jim, thank you so much. if you watched last night, then you know, like a starving school of trout, last night donald trump took the bait. over and over and over again. and at the end of the debate hillary clinton cast one last line into the lake and mr. trump bit. at the end of the hook. alicia machado, 1996 miss universe pageant winner whose weight gain trump at the time criticized. while clinton was preparing to roll out a new web video featuring her sad tale and her campaign was arranging a conference call for reporters to hear her story for themselves, trump was on that round-table called "fox & friends" where he called machado difficult and, quote, the absolute worst for gaining a massive amount of weight. jeff zeleny is in new york. jeff, i don't know why mr. trump is talking about this. clinton wants trump to continue to attack a latino woman for gaining weight, inexplicably mr.
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trump seems only too happy to cooperate. >> if debates are about memorable moments that certainly was one. it may become more memorable because the clinton campaign is now, i am told, considering making it into a television ad. trump trying to expand his appeal to college-educated women but comments like that complicate that considerably. one more sign the planning by clinton and her staff appeared to pay off. >> did anybody see that debate last night? >> reporter: there sa new spring in her step tonight. >> oh, yes! one down, two to go! >> reporter: flying to a rally in north carolina, hillary clinton reveling in the strong reviews from her first face-to-face meeting with donald trump. >> you should know by now, when i set my mind on something, i keep going. i don't quit. whatever the static, whatever the incoming is, and that's what i'll do for the american people. >> reporter: the most watched debate in history, more than 80
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million viewers on television alone, came just in time for clinton. she is locked in a tight race with trump. nationally and incritical battle grounds. she picks up today where she left off on stage. from preparing for the debate and presidency. >> he made it very clear that he didn't prepare for that debate. i did prepare. and i'll tell you something else i prepared for. i prepared to be president of the united states. and i think that's good! >> reporter: to her charge that he has built his businesses by stiffing the little guy. >> stiffing people. dish washers, painters, plumbers, architects. glass installers, marble installers, drapery installers. across america. >> reporter: it was this exchange about his treatment of women that is still reverberating. >> and one of the worst things he said was about a woman in a beauty contest. he called this woman "miss piggy."
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then he called her "miss housekeeping" because she was latina. her name is alicia machado and she has become a u.s. citizen. >> oh really? >> you can bet she is going to vote this november. >> okay. >> reporter: she won the miss universe pageant in 1996. the clinton campaign inviting her to join a conference call to talk about trump. >> for me these elections are like a bad dream. watching this guy again doing stupid things and stupid comments. >> reporter: two decades ago trump shamed her for gaining weight. today he made no apologies. >> she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was -- it was a real problem. >> reporter: advisors to clinton believe trump's effort to win over independent and moderate women was set back by frequent outbursts and interruptions. >> i do not say that. i do not say that. >> reporter: a post-debate
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cnn/orc poll shows 62% of viewers thought clinton won the debate while 27% said trump did. with 42 days to go and the second debate less than two weeks away clinton made clear the fight was just beginning. >> this election is going to be close. they all are these days. >> reporter: democrats across the country fanned out to amplify this message. bill clinton was in ohio. tim kaine was in florida. joe biden in pennsylvania. we're learning today that president obama is about to weigh in even more into the campaign. he says he'll appear in television ads for hillary clinton. jake. >> jeff zeleny, thank you so much. be sure to tune into anderson cooper "360" this evening on cnn. he'll interview former miss universe alicia machado. her first live interview since hillary clinton brought her name up during the presidential debate. you can see it only on cnn. 8:00 p.m. eastern. let's bring in our political panel for their reactions to the fireworks last night. former special advisor to
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president obama, van jones and donald trump supporter katie mcnany. >> one note on the poll. the poll skewed towards democrats because more democrats watched the debate last night. kaly. why is he talking about her weight? why. this is what the answer is. hillary clinton, i don't know why you're talking about a beauty contest 20 years ago. i want to talk about keeping this country safe from terrorism. >> that should have been the answer. you're right. that being said, let's make it very clear, this is a third-party hearsay situation. the campaign denied he said these words directly to hear. we can look at ronned kesler's book that talk about the secret service officers who said good morning, mrs. clinton and she said bleep off. >> those are off the record. those are different between on the record sources. >> these are unsubstantiated
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claims. we can descend into that but i agree with you donald trump needs to say let's talk about real issues that affect everyday voters. >> van, is there a risk of this being too cute? in other words, this is not organic the way the khan family dispute and donald trump's feud with the gold star family was a little more organic. though they spoke with the convention, the fight was more organic. let me tell you about this woman and the next day this whole rollout of this clinton, kaine, machado ticket. >> it would have been too cute had he not helped it. you have to know if you're going to go debate hillary clinton, look what she did to bernie sanders twice. comes out with something that's never been in an ad or a speech and hits you with it. you have to be able to respond well on your feet. the reality is last night he did not respond well. he started spinning around and talking about i was going to talk about your momma but i didn't. he looked crazy. and i think that hurt him last night. i think a lot of women feel that
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there is something about donald trump when it comes to these beauty paggants, when it comes to women's bodies and looks that's distasteful. she was able to reintroduce that concern last night. the big problem is he is helping her do it. >> yeah. that's inexplicable. listen to donald trump talking about his taxes last night. >> maybe he doesn't want the american people, all of you watching tonight, to know that he has paid nothing in federal taxes, because the only years that anybody has ever seen were a couple of years when he had to turn them over to state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license, and they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax. so -- >> that makes me smart. >> that makes me smart was his response. paying no federal income taxes at least. how does that play with undecided voters? >> he has paid federal income taxes. he's undergone several audits and survived them all. he confirmed this morning.
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>> how do you know? >> he said it. he survived a dozen audits. if he didn't survive he would be in jail right now. >> you can legally pay no taxes. >> to his point. it makes you smart. if you take advantage of the tax code within the bounds of the law, that makes you smart. i agree with him on that point. >> i don't know about you, van, i never try to pay no taxes. i try to take deductions. >> he paid taxes. >> you don't know that. he's never released his returns. >> he has paid taxes within the bounds of the law. >> i am not saying that he's ever violated the law. i am saying maybe he hasn't paid his taxes completely in accordance with the law. >> here is the difference. it's obvious with hillary clinton that she didn't maximize all of her options in her tax filings because she probably didn't want to be in this situation. the reality is, our tax code is a mess. the reality is, if you got enough money, enough lawyers and accountants, you can figure out a way to pay nothing.
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i don't think it's -- maybe it's smart to do it but it's certainly not smart to brag about it. i think there is a reason we're talking about this right now. i think most people don't have enough money to pay the lawyers and accountants to get out of this mess and they really resent people who do. he played right into that. >> this isn't to his favor. we understand there are loop hoels and deductions that encourage investors to take risks because they create jobs and they reward the economy and the reward for the person taking the risk is that it results in a deduction. explaining that is a hard thing to do. >> what about the idea of him saying, i don't -- i keep giving you advice. what about the idea of saying, i am the master of this insane, complicated tax code. i haven't paid -- i have no idea in he's paid federal taxes, in accordance with the law i've paid this little for the last ten years. this is who you want in the
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white house cleaning up the tax code to billionaires don't get away with it, et cetera, et cetera. >> that would be a very good answer. thanks for giving him tips for the next debate. >> you better write this down. >> i think kellyanne conway is doing a great job. listen to trump going after hillary clinton on her past support of the tpp trade deal. >> you called it the gold standard. you called it the gold standard of trade deals. you said it's the finest deal you've ever seen. then you heard what i said about it. and then all of a sudden you were against it. >> donald, i know you live in your own reality but that is not the facts. >> now, the truth of the matter is it probably had more to do with bernie sanders opposing the trade deal than trump opposing it. his facts are right. she did call it the gold standard. van, are you concerned we're so close to the election and she hasn't found a compelling way to talk about how she cares about the jobs of the workers in pennsylvania, ohio and michigan? >> this is why we are down in
1:15 pm
yow a ohio and struggling in pennsylvania. because the left wing of our party -- before you even get to trump -- has a lot of heartburn and indigestion about nafta. still. there is real pain there. and she represents a part of the party that has a different view of trade. she is still struggling with this. what i will say, though, is that she is someone who i think last night demonstrated that her concern and commitment to ordinary people is beyond measure because she actually cared enough last night to come prepared. she talked about stuff that actually matters to real people from criminal justice, the family leave stuff, all the stuff she talked about is real stuff. that is a sore spot for her. i won't pretend it's not. the reality is last night he was strong on that stuff, and then he faded. he was strong on that for 15 minutes and then he faded for almost an hour and a half. >> kaly, do you acknowledge that hillary clinton had a better debate than donald trump last night? >> not at all. i think he should have talked
1:16 pm
about e-mails more. that being said, i think i saw someone w.h.ho is fighting for everyday americans and on the other side a scripted politician who calculated her every word and looked like a mannequin. i think that's why the online polls which are not scientific, of course, he won with "time," cnn. >> the internet polls are nonsense. you know that. tune in tomorrow night for a special town hall at the fort li army post in virginia. president of the united states will answer questions posed by active servicemen and women and veterans and their families and myself. a cnn poll, an actual poll, calling people asking them what they think, shows hillary clinton won the debate but did her performance do anything to sway voters her way? that story next.
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more than 80 million viewers tuned in last night to watch the presidential debate. how many of those watching had not already made up their minds about the election? did any of those undecideds decide? joining us now to talk about it more. cnn senior political analyst david gergen and political
1:21 pm
commentator david axelrod. putting aside who won or lost for a second. does a debate really matter when it comes to who wins the election? >> i think this debate mattered because for donald trump to grow his vote to the point where he can overcome hillary clinton, he needs to get some of these college-educated white voters who have been resistant to him because they are worried about his temperament, they're worried about his mastery of the substance. last night was an opportunity to make inroads with those voters and i think he took a big step backwards. >> typically incumbent frontrunners go on to win the first debate and the election so we say it doesn't matter. there have been two instances in history when a challenger who was running behind was able to use television in the first debate to catapult ahead. the first was john kennedy in 1960 in the debate with richard nixon. i would argue it happened with reagan against carter. in both cases they were challengers. very skillful and very prepared
1:22 pm
when they walked in. and they did very well. >> the reagan analogy is really apt because reagan, the fear about reagan was that he was too extreme, maybe not knowledgeable, worldly enough in some ways to be president. and he completely disarmed those critics in that debate. donald trump didn't do that last night. >> exactly. >> when you are on stage with an incumbent president, it's an opportunity to show that you are equal to that person. >> absolutely. >> do you think -- >> no, i don't think he -- he didn't get to that level. he continued to be himself instead of being more presidential. it looked as -- when it started as if he may get there. then he veered off into the bushes never to return again. >> david used an important word which is preparation. going into this debate i thought, if he can pull it off without actually preparing he'll be the most astonishing politician in history. he's already proven he may be so i was willing to give it a shot. it is so hard, jake, to go up on that stage. it's the most pressureful stage in american politics.
1:23 pm
the reason you prep is, it's very hard for the first time to face some of these questions that you're going to face. you want to go through scenarios, as she obviously did, and it really paid off for her and hurt him a lot. >> i totally agree. i think his massive ego gets in the way of doing the kinds of things that are traditionally required of a candidate. >> or add. his staff said -- his staff said, well, you know, he doesn't like diving into briefing books. guess what? presidents sort of have to dive into briefing books. that's not a very -- a very reassuring message. >> i was there for -- part of the reagan debate team in 1980 when we prepared him. i can tell you he bore down. we had him -- we put up someone to stand up against, david stockman. stockman creamed him first time out. we did it again and reagan caught him. and reagan said, i want to do it one more time. >> he has to prepare for the zingers or for the attacks so that, when it comes, you can
1:24 pm
make your statement and pivot to what you want to talk about. >> the first time you prep -- david can speak to this -- the candidate does their instinctive thing. then you show them the tape and say, this doesn't work. >> did that happen with obama? >> certainly. every candidate. there is no candidate who can't stand some prep. and particularly when you are the president, you know, and you are -- we were able to show him tape from the first debate to the second debate last time. that was really important in terms of turning his performance around. >> did you see anything last night, axe -- dave, that hillary clinton may use in a commercial against him? >> oh, my god. i think he was right. the temperament, the outbursts that went to his temperament. you could also string a great commercial together on him saying -- rooting for the housing market to collapse was -- >> he said that was great business, yeah. >> not paying taxes is smart. and you know, he painted the portrait of the kind of out-of-touch plutocrat that
1:25 pm
really doesn't play well and that he somewhat avoided to this point. yeah, i think there is a spot in there. >> there is a spot too in the miss universe stuff. what's interesting, jake, is today you can make big judgments about this. who is on defense today and who is on offense? the clinton team is on offense. they have him backed up on issue after issue that came out of that debate last night. the key is keeping them on defense. that's a good day when they can keep doing that. >> they also obviously studied what got under his skin in the primary debates. raising the fact that he got this inheritance. >> that was the first shot she took at him. saying he got $14 million from his dad. for him it's, no, it was $1 million. >> right. >> he was smart enough not to say that. they really had studied all the things that bothered him. >> without question. their goal was to force trump to be trump and to really get him roused and riled and intemperate. again, it goes back to prep.
1:26 pm
if you did a prep session, your preppers would do that. and you would force the candidate to confront why this isn't helpful. but this was -- he went out there cold, and that's -- he reacted. >> i think, jake, you're also seeing for the first time in a real way how she has built a team. in contrast to 2008 when she had a team that was all -- sixes, sevens, a lot of internal tensions. she has a professional team now, a bunch of pros. they prepared her in a very professional way. it was a highly orchestrated -- the day after was pre-planned. a lot of what we're seeing roll out now, they were planning to do this. they knew where they were going. >> she has the best debate prep team. i worked with them for two cycles. ron klain and others, the best in american politics. >> i totally agree. i think we'll see more of it as the campaign goes on. >> i want to play sound from rudy giuliani. he said, if he were the nominee, he might not attend the next two
1:27 pm
debates. >> if i were donald trump i wouldn't participate in another debate unless i was promised that the journalist would act like a journalist and not an incorrect, ignorant fact checker. the moderator would have to promise that there would be a moderator and not a fact-checker, and in two particular cases an enormously ignorant, completely misinformed fact-checker. >> that's not what a winning team sounds like. >> exactly. i mean, that's the loser's lament. the mike was rigged and made it sound like i was sniffling. >> the umpire was blind. >> i always advise my candidates that, if you are complaining about the media, you're losing. you have to play on the playing field. but the thing that makes that such an absurd suggestion from rudy giuliani is, after getting your butt kicked in a debate, you don't show up for the next one, the assumption will be you're afraid to be there which
1:28 pm
would only exacerbate the problem. >> i totally agree with what axe just said. he has to show up for the next two. he does have an opening to say, what about gary johnson, shouldn't we have him in one of the two remaining debates? i think he wants to amplify johnson's message. if hillary clinton says no, he can say fine. he can then ask to go against him won one one. that's what reagan did to help him beate carter. >> clever idea. her great fear has to be a lot of the young people flake to johnson and jill stein. >> i'm happy to do it if he decides to do it. $1 million is what donald trump described last night as a small loan his father gave him to start his business. to most americans $1 million is not small. did either candidate connect with voters and their wallets? that next. plus, can our election be stolen? can it be hacked?
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welcome back to "the lead." the mentions last night of miss universe. sidney blumenthal. wolf blitzer, sean hannity and miss piggy, pollsters say the number one issue for them is the economy. last night hillary clinton and donald trump spent some time talking about jobs and trade. but what they said may have some americans wondering whether either candidate really personally understands the economic hardships currently being felt coast to coast. cnn money correspondent christinecristina
1:34 pm
alesci digging in on this. let's start with donald trump. >> reporter: trump responding to hillary, saying that his father, trump's father, lent him about $14 million in the 1970s and '80s. take a listen. >> well, for one thing, and before we start on that, my father gave me a very small loan in 1975 and i built it into a company that's worth many, many billions of dollars with some of the greatest assets in the world, and i say that only because that's the kind of thinking that our country needs. >> so, jake, take a look at this screen. it shows you that the median household income in the u.s. is $56,516. $14 million is a lot of money. and, if you adjust for inflation, that $14 million back in 1970, '80 is worth actually $60 million today. and most people would kill for even a million dollars when they retire. one in four americans has zero saved for retirement.
1:35 pm
also, another point where trump seemed a bit disconnected is when he was -- when hillary brought up the housing crisis and how he said that he was sort of like wishing for the housing market to collapse because he said that's business, by the way. >> well, 8 million people who lost their jobs because of the housing crisis probably didn't appreciate hearing that. not to mention the fact that we're still dealing with ramifications of the housing collapse. because income inequality, part of the reason that it's gotten to the point where it is now, is because lower to middle income people have not seen their incomes recover fully. the wealthy, for the most part, they have. >> what about hillary clinton? the beginning of the debate talked a lot about trade. >> yes. you hit this last night, and you've been hitting it today too. her biggest fumble was on trade. basically she doesn't acknowledge that there are people who are losing out on trade. we can look at the macroeconomic
1:36 pm
studies to say one, two hundred thousand jobs lost on nafta but there are people who feel really like they've lost out because of nafta, which is the free trade agreement between the u.s., canada and mexico, and the u.s. listen to what she said. >> i think my husband did a pretty good jobs in the 1990s. i think about what worked and how we can make it work again. >> he approved. >> manufacturing jobs went up also in the 1990s if we're actually going to look at the facts. >> let's take a look at the facts. the trade deals, according to a recent analysis, cost nafta specifically cost the u.s. about 800,000 jobs. but, jake, that's between 1997 and 2013. so that's really a drop in the bucket. and some analysts are saying, some economists are saying that nafta actually helped economic growth. but, as you know, perception is
1:37 pm
reality. and in a recent cnn poll people across the board believe these trade deals are causing americans to lose their jobs. they're not thinking about improvements in technology. they're not thinking about globalization, which is a train that's left the station and no matter how the trade deals go, that's going to happen. so the reality is, she is not playing into the average person's view of trade deals. >> interesting. christine alesi. thank you so much. growing fear of a cyber attack. asking the department of homeland security for help to protect their voting systems. that story next. or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year. we're working hard, what about you?
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1:42 pm
different answers to one big question. who exactly hacked into the democratic national committee this past summer. like several intelligence officials clinton seems certain that russia was behind it. trump says it could have been anyone from russia, from china or even, in his words, quote, somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, possibly infiltrating the dnc from that room. cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto looked into this and has more. >> reporter: tonight state election authorities across the country asking washington for urgent protection from cyber attacks from abroad. >> we have been working with state election officials, local election officials. >> reporter: homeland security secretary jeh johnson telling members that no fewer than 18 states have come forward for help. the call comes after hammers successfully penetrated voting systems in illinois and arizona. >> what we are seeing are efforts to get into voter
1:43 pm
registration rolls, the identity of registered voters. >> reporter: asked where the attacks are coming from secretary johnson demured. >> is it coming from one particular country? >> i don't believe we have reached a determination. >> reporter: the same question, along with questions about other election-related hacks, sparked sharp difference of opinion on the debate stage monday night. hillary clinton pointing at russia. >> there is no doubt now that russia has used cyber attacks against all types of organizations in our country. i am deeply concerned about this. i know donald was praise-worthy of vladimir putin. but putin is playing a tough, long game here. >> reporter: donald trump offering entirely different theory. >> she is saying, russia, russia, russia. maybe it was. i mean, it could be russia. it could also be china. could also be lots of other people. it could be somebody sit on
1:44 pm
their bed that weighs 400 pounds, okay. >> reporter: multiple intelligence officials and lawmakers briefed on intelligence tell cnn that russia or hackers working for russia are the most likely culprits. a point first acknowledged in public to cnn weeks ago. >> is it your view that russia has the intention of, if not influencing this election, undermining confidence in the u.s. political process? >> they see a u.s. conspiracy behind every bush. they believe that we are trying to influence political developments in russia. and so their natural response is to retaliate. >> reporter: the fbi is still investigating the scope of this alleged hack of the dnc, alleged by by russia. the fact is they don't know yet how far it went and, as you know, jake, the democratic party still concerned as to what might
1:45 pm
be released from the attack. e-mails, documents, et cetera, whether authentic or even this possibility, jake, faked documents as well. >> jim sciutto. thank you so much. world lead now. syria under siege. government forces are accused of dropping more barrel bombs today on the rebel-held part of aleppo, the country's largest city. more than 20 people believed dead including six children in the latest round of violence according to a syrian human rights group. this comes after more than 200 air strikes hit aleppo over the weekend killing more than 100 mostly civilians. at least a quarter of a million innocent and desperate civilians remain trapped there. what's the latest in the fighting between rebel forces and those loyal to assad on the ground in aleppo? >> reporter: well, jake, the offensive that the government acknowledged is certainly still going on. some of the things we've heard
1:46 pm
today, that the government was trying to enter rebel-held districts in the eastern parted of aleppo from various locations one in the north of the district, which was the scene of heavy fighting over the weekend. it was government forces that managed to take part of that area. they were then pushed back by a rebel counter-offensive. since then there have been these massive air strikes that you've been talking about that have killed many people and wounded many more. the rescue workers say they don't even want to put a real death toll on this because they can't reach places where they believe people may be buried under the rubble. at the same time, the big problem is and remains, because of the heavy fighting going on and also because of the siege itself, it's very difficult if not impossible to get aid into the rebel-held districts. the u.n. telling us it's not possible. food in short supply.
1:47 pm
water a big problem. the main pumping station taken out by an air strike and there is no electricity in the eastern part of aleppo as well. dire circumstances and people there certainly suffering a great deal, jake. >> is there any hope at this point of restoring the ceasefire that crumbled last week? >> reporter: you know what, it seems as though at this point in time it's all but impossible. what we have seen over the weekend is you have meetings in the u.n. security council with the u.s. and russia going at it. the u.s. accusing the russians of barbarism for their support of the assad regime. the assad regime saying we want to take back every inch of syria, including all of aleppo. since then it seems like diplomatically things have gone quiet. that's bad news for people on the ground in syria and especially in eastern aleppo who at this point in time, seems like their only choice right now is to hunker down and hope
1:48 pm
diplomacy makes a comeback, jake. >> frederik pleitgen in syria. stay safe. a wife pleading with police not to shoot her husband saying he is not dangerous. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. he has no weapon. >> months earlier we're now learning keith lamont scott's wife was telling police a very different story. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he didn't do anything.
1:49 pm
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as i refle .
1:52 pm
welcome back to "the lead." the national lead now. as the candidates broadly addressed community policing in america last night, the issue continues to strike a nerve in charlotte, north carolina. i want you to listen to a tearful little girl who spoke at last night's city council meaning there, summing up the pain felt in communities across the country right now. >> we are black people and we shouldn't have to feel like this. we shouldn't have to protest because you all are treating us
1:53 pm
wrong. we do this because we need to and have rights. >> that little girl's comments come after the shooting death of keith lamont scott last tuesday. a week later we're learning of reported violence in his past. are there any hints as to what his now widow was referring to when she kept yelling "don't do it" during the confrontation? >> i spoke to justin bamberg, one of scott family attorneys. she tells me he was pleading with her husband to be still leading up to the moments of the fateful shooting. that answers the lingering question of what she was referring to. bamberg responding to new information surfacing this afternoon and scott's history with guns and domestic violence. the attorney arguing it shouldn't be pertinent to this investigation. >> he has no weapon. he has no weapon. >> less than a year before rakeyia scott pleaded with police officers not to shoot her husband, she was asking the
1:54 pm
state to keep him away from her and her children, citing incidents of domestic violence. documents filed by mrs. scott last october showed she asked the state to impose a protect order saying she hurt one of her children saying he hit my 8-year-old son in the head a total of three times with his fist and kicked me on october 2nd, 2015. the same court record suggests scott did have a gun last year. mrs. scott makes reference to a weapon in her complaint, writing, he kicked me and threatened to kill us last night with his gun. he said he is a killer and we should know that. she adds, he does not have a permit. he is a felon. justin bamberg, the scott family attorney, argues this new information does not change their case, not only did mrs. scott lift the order a month after filing it, they have no record of her husband owning a gun after a traffic accident last november that left him with
1:55 pm
a traumatic brain injury. bamberg tells cnn, quote, at the end of the day, regardless of what salacious facts come out about his past, none of that affects whether or not he deserved to be shot. this new information may not calm the concerns of the community still reeling with the shooting. even the youngest of charlotte's residents called for change at a city council meaning. >> it's a shame that our fathers and mothers are killed and we can't even see them anymore. >> emotions still raw and high there in north carolina. mrs. scott also filed for a protective order after an earlier domestic violence incident she described in 2004. they maintain even the police chief's account contains no indication that they knew about his criminal past or that he had access to a weapon. what they argue is what should matter is what took place in the parking lot when a black officer
1:56 pm
shot and killed keith scott an african-american man. he is one of donald trump's top campaign advisors, so what does senator jeff sessions think of trump's debate performance last night and his post-debate response? >> that's next.
1:57 pm
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does senator jeff sessions think
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happening now, under his skin, hillary clinton rattles donald trump in their first presidential debate, goading him to going off message. trump took the bait. now clinton is taking a victory lap. will they have to change their strategies for round two? tradi trading barbs, trump's best moments came when he jabbed clinton on trade deals. after she stung him on taxes, iraq and his birther movement, trump warned he may hit harder next time by raising bill clinton's indiscretions. while trump is


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