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tv   New Day  CNN  September 28, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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governor johnson, but i believe it's important for our generation to vote for people that we believe in and i don't buy into the narrative that a vet for a third party is a vote against secretary clinton because, guess what, the donald trump campaign is saying the same exact thing for their supporters. >> you know, i have to respectfully disagree with steven on the point that gary johnson is representative of what millennials care about. if you look at the republican party platform and libertarian platform and compare it, it is crazy. extremely more progressive and that's the platform that lines up with millennials. >> we'll listen to what bernie sanders has to say on the trail. we're following a lot of news this morning. let's get right to it. >> almost every single poll had us winning the debate. >> he made it very clear. he didn't prepare for that debate. >> i did prepare. >> i'm prepared to be president of the united states. >> i was holding back, i didn't
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want to do anything to embarrass her. >> oh, yes! one down, two to go. > >> he was one of the founding fathers of the state of israel. >> long and remarkable years. it's an extraordinary loss. >> the great pleasure is to serve my people. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. hillary clinton riding high after the first debate with donald trump. trump is promising to hit his opponent harder next time. meantime, trump is taking shots, firing back at trump and his weight shaming attacks. cnn sara murray live in orlando with more. another instance of something coming out of donald trump's mouth and his refusing to own it, it seems, sara.
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>> i don't think the plan was to go on the debate stage and talk about alicia machato. he tried to make up for all of that as he was campaigning in florida overnight and calling hillary clinton virtually incompetent as he lobbed every criticism he could think of her way. >> get rid of that crooked woman. >> reporter: hillary clinton may have rattled donald trump, but last night the self-proclaimed was ready to throw some jabs. >> hillary clinton, i mean, she's virtually incompetent. >> reporter: as clinton is riding high off her solid debate performance. >> did anybody see that debate last night? oh, yes. one down, two to go. >> reporter: trump's claiming he didn't unleash his full arsenal against clinton in the first debate. >> i watched her very carefully. and i was also holding back. i didn't want to do anything to
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embarrass her. >> reporter: clinton continues to hit trump hard on failing to release his taxes. >> they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax. so -- >> that makes me smart. >> now if not paying taxes makes him smart. what does that make all the rest of us? >> reporter: and using trump's own words against him. >> i've been all over the place. you decided to stay home. . >> at one point he was digging me to spend time off the campaign trail to get prepared but just to keep track of what he said took a lot of time and effort. i did prepare and i will tell you whatul else i prepared for,o be president of the united states. >> reporter: trump blamed the debate moderator and, once again, blaming his microphone. >> my microphone was terrible. i think. i wonder if it was on purpose.
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>> reporter: and body shaming alicia machato. >> she gained a massive amount of weight and it was a problem. >> reporter: after clinton pounced on his derogatory comments on the debate stage. >> one of the worst things he said was about a woman in a beauty contest. he called this woman miss piggy and then he called her miss housekeeping because she was latina. >> reporter: the venezuelan actress now a u.s. citizen is speaking out. >> no more insults for the women. i know very well mr. trump and i can see the same person that i met 20 years ago. >> now, criticizing a woman's weight, threatening to use bill clinton's infidelities against hillary clinton may not be the most effective strategy for winning over female voters but i have to tell you a number of republicans i have spoken to this week said it has been such an unpredictable election year waiting for more polling later
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this week to determine how much of an impact this week's events will have on the race. >> sara murray, thank you for the reporting. let's bring in chris collins of new york and co-chair of the trump campaign house leadership committee and luis gutierrez of illinois, he supports hillary clinton. congressman gutierrez. this has been projected as an issue of sensitivity for latinas and latinos. why? is it the miss good housekeeping comment that was made back then. >> i see this as the intersection of latino and women for donald trump. yes, he refers to her as miss piggy. this is a 19-year-old vulnerable young woman, away from her parents, right, in new york city. a very vulnerable young woman. this is the way he treats her. and then he says, well, you're miss housekeeping. that kind of work is the only work that latinos do. this is a kind of intersection.
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but you know, chris, for me, it's even broader than that. because as i looked at it i said to myself, wow, that happened a long time ago. so, some people say, well, luis, that happened a long time ago. we should just put that away and let's look at donald trump today. i kind of thought about megan kelly and fiorina and the kind of attacks he made against them. it's a continuum. things haven't changed. the difference is, that alicia machado has found her voice and fiorina is a powerful woman and donald trump didn't fare very well as he didn't fare very well with another woman, which is hillary clinton. so, i think as you look at this election, you need to look at donald trump and his, his relationship with women. and the way he speaks to women
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and about women. >> congressman collins, love having you on the show. i do not envy your position to be in clean-up mode on a morning like this. trump forces this issue by how he responded to it. he could have said, look, that was a long time ago y shouldn't have said it. i wish her well. this would have been over. instead, he doubles down and goes on television and says, hey, she gained a lot of weight, man. that's how it is. he basically makes it worse, why? >> i think you have to step back and see the desperation in the clinton campaign that she's bringing issues like this up from 20 years ago which, by the way, there's no indication that mr. trump actually said the things that have been reported that he said. >> he didn't deny saying them. >> there's no, there's no indication that he did. the points are -- >> he denied it. he denies things, congressman. he doubled down. >> it's the way that hillary clinton brings things up. she can't talk about trade. she can't talk about the defense
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against isis. so, she brings up issues like this, which are not the important issues. we need jobs. we need to move this country forward. and it just showed the desperation and the debate as how she brought something like this up from left field. as we move forward today and other days, her comments on trade, she doubled down saying nafta was the best trade deal ever. that's going to cost her big time in michigan, pennsylvania, ohio, certainly in my areas. her weak response on trade is what mattered in that debate. not bringing up something like this as you said from 20 years ago. >> congressman, take that criticism on that you don't want to take on what matters in this election. so, the clinton campaign is just going to a smear campaign on trump, albeit with actual, true allegations, not allegations, true facts about what he's said in the past. but that's not what the election is about. why make it about what he said?
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>> because you saw him get rattled, chris, when hillary clinton brought it up. he said three times, where did you get that from? where did you get that from? almost like a ghost from the past had arrived on the scene at the campaign. he knew what he had said to her. he remembers fully well what he had said to her and he knows that women are watching. so, as we move forward, everybody understands that people have chosen a position. yet, there are women, women in the suburbs, republican women in the suburbs that are looking at this campaign and are undecided. and i have a huge feeling that they walked away being really decided about not having donald trump. because, i have to say as a father of two daughters, as a husband, as a son, i want to make sure that i have a president of the united states that respects women. >> congressman, do you believe that donald trump could fit that bill that he could be a president who respects women? that does matter. >> just look at the way donald
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trump has promoted women and treats women in his own organization. that's where the rubber hits the road. the women that work for donald trump hold some of the highest positions in his company. he pays them extraordinarily well. that's been confirmed again and again. it's actions that matter. not ms. clinton's words who ever created a job for anyone other than her daughter, chelsea. as the women who are watching this debate, what they heard was a very liberal, progressive hillary clinton. she's going to raise taxes, which will destroy jobs. and that's going to be the biggest concern of the women in america. the safety of their kid, but also the job opportunities moving forward. and donald trump hit that out of the park, especially when hillary clinton doubled down on nafta which destroyed jobs in ohio, pennsylvania, michigan and new york. >> no question that nafta is very controversial. also no question it was president bush's creation. he didn't get it past. clinton did get it past. so, there is, obviously, shared
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blame for that. take it as an unqualified bad. i'm giving you that point. what did you hear trump say in that debate as a remedy for it. the only idea that we distilled from that night for him to bring jobs to america which he says he will do. he says it all the time, is keep companies from leaving by passing a tax that a government, that a president does not have any ability to pass. that's your job in congress. there were no other ideas offered for how to make jobs in america. what is his plan? >> well, the plan is very simple. you stop the cheating by mexico and by china, by tariffs that will actually -- >> he comes to chris collins and says, hey, you're a lawmaker, can you get a tariff. you guys don't want the tariff and that's why it's not in place. >> i can assure you a republican house working with president trump will follow the lead that donald trump has set, which is to make sure that our
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manufacturers have a level playing field, which they don't today and that if we have to erect the tariffs to make that happen, we will do that to get our jobs back. >> paul ryan is for ttp and he is against a va tt, a value add tax. he is the speaker of the house. where does this confidence come from? >> when donald trump wins this election in a resounding fashion and his key issue is trade, bringing the jobs back, leveling the playing field, i can assure you congress is going to support the president of the united states and his ideas supported by the united states voters who elect him to make sure that we do get these jobs back. i have no doubt in my mind that we will do what's necessary to get the jobs back, including tariffs against mexico and against china. >> congressman collins, congressman gutierrez, thank you for making the competing case this morning on "new day." >> always good to be with you. the world is waking up to the news that shimon peres has
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died. spent more than half a century in public service serving as prime minister and president. he suffered a stroke two weeks ago and never recovered. live at the hospital outside of tel aviv. good morning. >> good morning, alisyn. his work as a president and building peace and trust and confidence between israelis and palestinians and building the state of israel that is being remembered today, not only by israeli leaders but leaders from around the world. many leaders expected to attend according to israel's foreign minister and it is impressive list of those who will come here to pay their respects to the ninth president of israel shimon peres. includes president barack obama, secretary of state kerry and bill clinton, hillary clinton, u.n. secretary-general ban ki moon and the french president
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and the list goes on. coming to pay their respects because of what shimon peres stood for. he unapologetically for peace. over a career that spanned more than half a century, he became a dove, pro-peace and pro-building trust between palestinians and israelis. president obama sked a light has gone out but the hope he gave us will burn forever. peres was a soldier for israel, for the jewish people, for justice, for peace. for the gift of his friendship and the example of his leadership, todah rabah, shimon. that funeral now confirmed is happening on friday. expecting many world leaders to attend to pay their respects. chris? >> all right, thank you very much. a great loss to the world. no question about that. breaking news for you. an international team of prosecutors determined a missile that caused the crash of mh-17
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was launched by pro-russian rebels in eastern ukraine. investigators say a russian-made missile hit the plane in 2014 killing all 298 people onboard. russia has denied any involvement. a victim's uncle said investigators have identified 100 suspects. family members were told about the investigation's findings before it was released to the media. it will come as no surprise to the families involved there. we spent time in ukraine right after that incident. everybody knew what happened. what they're waiting for is what will be the response. good to get the official confirmation so that the response can happen, hopefully. meanwhile, a stunning accusation in the new jersey bridgegate trial from the prosecution's star witness. what did governor chris christie know. that's next. driving record.
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a former ally of new jersey governor chris christie now saying that christie knew about the so-called bridgegate plan and even laughed about it. christie himself still denies having any hand in that scandal.
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give us the latest, jessica. >> alisyn, it derailed christie's presidential bid. he knew his operatives were shutting down lanes to the george washington bridge and prosecutors now say the pictures prove it. >> i knew nothing about the lane realignments before they happened. i knew nothing about the lane realignments as they were happening. >> reporter: but prosecutors say otherwise arguing that governor chris christie did know about the intentional lane closures that led to massive traffic jams on the george washington bridge. these pictures are proof. the shots taken at a september 11th memorial event in 2013 show christie in a jovial mood standing with a port authority executive. the lane closings were political payback against the democratic mayor of ft. lee who refused to
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endorse christie's republican bid. he orchestrated the shut down while another port authority official, david wildsteen, has pleaded guilty. wildsteen testifying tuesday that moments before the photos were snapped, barone allegedly told christie, governor, i have to tell you, a tremendous amount of traffic in ft. lee. major traffic jams. and you'll be pleased to know that mayor sokolich is having trouble getting his telephone calls returned. governor christie has not been charged in this allege retaliation plot. >> i had nothing to do with the planning with it. i had nothing to do with authorizing it. and we sit here now nearly three years later and there has not been one sen tila of evidence.
4:22 am
>> we want to bring in mark preston. jessica, are those photos the best they have? he's laughing with his colleagues there? that's not necessarily a smoking gun. how bad is this for the governor? >> exactly, alisyn. these details have been trickling out now for three years, yet, no smoking gun. nothing that pins governor christie to know about this and governor christie denied any involvement. his reputation and career have taken a hit. the latest poll just before this bridgegate trial started showed just 26% approval rating. two-thirds of new jersey voters saying this disapprove of governor christie. >> what would be next for governor christie? speculation that he has been angling for some sort of cabinet post in the trump administration. >> no doubt about it. look, he wanted to be vice president and, in fact, he told
4:23 am
jamie that he was disappointed he wasn't picked. if our viewers remember you go back to the past summer and all these stories that came out he was angry he didn't get picked and mike pence had gotten picked. let's fast forward to where we are right now. you go back two years right now, chris christie, many of us thought he would be the nominee or a good shot at being the nominee. one of the top fund-raisers for the republican party and national network and right now, if he does join the cabinet, his spot would be the attorney general. problem is, this is coming up and rudy giuliani is taking a very prominent role in this campaign. so, donald trump wins, do you pick rudy or christie? very difficult choice. >> look, donald trump doesn't shy away from choosing people with checkered pasts. i mean, paging roger ailes. allows them to be part of the campaign or at least advise them. would this be a deal breaker in terms of donald trump. >> i mean, absolutely.
4:24 am
he's already fired two campaign managers. he has fired two campaign managers. he is not afraid to take somebody out and throw them under the bus. if chris christie, if there is truth to what he's saying. which, by the way, we're talking about pay to play in this campaign. this would be the absolute pay of pay to play. you're not going to endorse me, i'm going to shut down traffic around your town. >> jessica, it's interesting when we go back and listen to his denials on the radio where he is parsing his words. i knew nothing prior to the traffic -- i mean, now, hearing them now, it sounds a little different. >> of course, he's a former u.s. attorney. he knows exactly how to phrase his statements and he gave that two-hour press conference back in january 2014 where he did take a lot of questions. but he did and he did and he always does seem to be very careful with his words. it will be interesting as this trial continues to see if any more details trickle out. >> yes cu, majessica, mark, thay
4:25 am
much for the details. a dozen states are asking homeland security to help secure their systems from cyberattacks. are russian hackers trying to influence our election? we'll talk to a member of the senate committee on intelligence, next.
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18 states are asking the department of homeland security to help them improve cybersecurity for their election systems. this after a suspected security breach in illinois and an attempted breach in arizona. u.s. officials telling cnn they blame hackers working for russian spy agencies. joining us now is a member of the select intelligence and armed services committees. independent senator from maine angus king p. i will talk to you about the debate. this came up. donald trump very dismissive of the idea that it would be russia. i'm not sure what his motivation
4:30 am
is to isolate russia from criticism. could be china, could be somebody else. what do we know about these dnc hacks and the recent hacking activity vis-a-vis the campaign. >> i thought that was a very odd moment in the debate because a lot of evidence that it was russia. it's likely that it was russia and this is their way of operating. i was in ukraine and poland and berlin last spring with the intelligence committee and one of the things, a theme we picked up is the russians mess around with elections and this is a common theme in europe. they're trying to so distrust of the election process and putting out information and this is a conscious russian strategic -- they even have a russian word for it of russian and now they're doing it here. it's highly likely according to all the sources that i've seen that russia is behind this and
4:31 am
it's unclear now whether they're trying to, number one, just undermine confidence in the election process or to go a step further and influence the outcome. we really don't know. now 18 states have asked for help. the good news is our election system is very decentralized and it is going to be hard, other than the registration roles. that could be the problem. >> hillary clinton said when they were discussing this and trump said we don't know that it's russia. clinton suggested that we have all these other tools that could be used to fight back and we don't want to invite a new wave of war fare but you also don't seem to be able to stop any of this hacking. i mean, what is the reality? >> that has been a really hot discussion around here for the last year or so. the point now is that we're on the defensive. we're trying to stop hackers, trying to put patches in, put in security and all those kinds of things. at the same time, the question is, should there be consequences
4:32 am
for people that hack us. for example, the sony hack by the north koreans or if we determined for sure it is the russians messing around with our elections. shouldn't there be some response? my belief is that there should be and doesn't necessarily have to be cyber. it could be something else. the idea that you're going into a fight and all you're going to do is duck and dodge and never punch back, i think, invites aggression on the other side. we need, i call it a deterrence 2.0. we need some deterrence to other countries, if you mess around in our systems and our power system electric systems and natural gas, there are going to be consequences and there are going to be results. and i think secretary clinton was right about that. it's got to be calibrated. you know, we can't start world war three and cyberover some minor minor intrusion. right now we are under cyber attack and my concern is that the next pearl harbor could be
4:33 am
cyber. the entire financial system, for example. we're very vulnerable, chris. >> let me play you some sound from the director of the fbi about the evolving terror threat, what he called an expectation of terrorist states. let me play it for you. >> the so-called caliphate will be crushed. the challenge will be through the fingers of that crush are going to come hundreds of very dangerous people. they will not all die on the battlefield in syria and iraq. there will be some time in the next two to five years that we've never seen before. we must prepare ourselves and our allies, especially in western europe to confront that threat because when isol is reduced to an insrnlan ainsurge will try to come here to kill innocent people. >> there is this expectation and this talk in the campaign, mostly on trump's side, but a little bit echoed by clinton, as
4:34 am
well. we will beat them, crush them, stamp them out, pick your language. it is a false premise, senator. you know this. you know it's not a ground war that it will spread like any other infection until the underlying reasons of desperation, disenfranchisement and the idea and the war within islam for its own soul are addressed. >> i agree. and, you know, you use words like crushed. i do think the director comey is right. the sort of organized caliphate is definitely on their heels. now, you know, things can change. they lost a lot of territory in the last year. an invasion of mosul is in preparation, it looks like that is likely. but you can't, it's very hard to kill an idea and, really, that's ultimately where this is going to have to be decided. the other piece is, though, he is right. if and when the caliphate, this artificial state shrinks down.
4:35 am
by the way, that's very important because a fundamental part of the isis eighth century ideology is holding land p. having a physical place and to the extent that is destroyed, that takes away a lot of their appeal. but, you're right. they're going to and comey says they're going to slip out between the fingers and i liken it to squeezing jell-o. it's going to come back out and we have to really be thinking about how we're going to protect our selves and be sure that we have very thorough vetting processes about who's coming in here and who's coming into western europe and fundamentally, yes. we have to deal with this issue in the realm of ideas and that, ironically, is where we're losing. i mean, we're the country that am vented fainvented facebook a media. we have to do a much better job. here, chris, in 1998, i think it was '98 or '99 we wiped out the
4:36 am
part of the state department dealing with information. everybody said the cold war is over, we don't need it any more. we need it and we need that capability and we don't have it and that's got to be one of our highest priorities of the new president. >> senator, appreciate you talking about what matters with us here on "new day." you're always welcome. thank you. >> thanks, chris. president obama shifts to focus on his own legacy. and our own jake tapper will sit down with the president and members of the u.s. military in a town ohall tonight. jake tapper previews it with us, next. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck,
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>> last night was very exciting and almost every single poll had us winning the debate. almost every poll so that was an exciting evening for me, folks. that was an exciting evening. and it set the all-time record for debates and maybe television, who knows. well, that was donald trump declaring himself the winner oof the debate after criticism for his lackluster performance. our cnn scientific poll does not show him winning the debate. >> the only real poll. an online survey is not a poll. you can flood the zone, you can organize different people to come in and click. a lot you can vote more than once. just not the same measure. hillary clinton has a new spring in her step.
4:41 am
she seems to be taking a victory lap. >> did anybody see that debate last night? oh, yes. one down, two to go. >> here to discuss that, as well as tonight's town hall with president obama focusing on the challenges facing u.s. veterans and president oo babama's legacd commander in chief. jake tapper. jake, so good to see you this morning. let's talk about what happened since the debate. before the debate, donald trump gaining momentum in the polls and where is the race post-debate? >> i don't know. as chris and you have pointed out, those online surveys are garbage. they're not really worth anything. i would be very interested in seeing not just a post-debate poll like the one that cnn did immediately after, but more to the point in battleground
4:42 am
states. how many people in colorado saw the debate and were affected by it? how many people in north carolina or virginia. because that's really the test. as you point out, hillary clinton had a slight edge, but donald trump had all the momentum. the poll numbers were going his way, not just nationally, but also in the battleground states. i wonder if this debate did anything to change that. in 2012, mitt romney had a great first debate. president obama had a bad one. and romney got a four-point bump in the polls. obviously, he did not ultimately win. >> let me ask you something else about this, jake. you got such good eyes on the election. before donald trump start estar there was a good exchange about what the state of play is here. he is bringing the complaint of the american people. he is bringing the unrest and the desire for change. how do you think clinton did in addressing that need and putting
4:43 am
herself out there as a potential change agent, which is hard for her given her connection to the administration. >> well, look, frankly put, she is status quo in the change election and the only reason that this race is still competitive is because of so many concerns that swing voters have about him and his temperament. i don't think she did as much as she needs to do in that first section of debate to convey that she gets it when it comes to why people are mad at washington and why people are mad, for instance, about the trade deals in places like ohio and pennsylvania. i don't think she has really shown a great ability to connect with the people who are so mad at washington. lucky for her, that was just the first 20 minutes or so of the debate. and then it went completely off the rails for him for the rest of it. but that is a real area of weakness, i think, for her in
4:44 am
terms of her communication skills. >> president obama gave his take on a radio show yesterday. let's listen to that. >> anybody who was watching the debate, i think, got a sense that you've got really sharply contrasting visions about where we should take the country. and, you know, i'm admittedly bias, i have worked with hillary. i know her and she is well prepared. i would say the other guy doesn't have the preparation, temperament or, you know, the core values of inclusion. >> so, jake, i mean, how much does president obama and him weighing in on the campaign trail help hillary clinton's momentum? >> well, his support is going to be key. in fact, the white house says that he's going to be hitting the road and doing campaign events for hillary clinton, at least once or twice a week from now through the election.
4:45 am
obviously, he's going to be pivotal to bringing out the african-american vote in places like philadelphia. you can lose almost every county in pennsylvania, but when philadelphia and the surrounding counties and win the state. another thing to really look for is millennial voters where hillary clinton is really underperforming. in fact, gary johnson has picked up some in some polls. i've seen a recent cue poll left her and went to gary johnson. they're not going to donald trump. what's important about that is if you look at the percentage of the vote in 2012, actually there were more millennial voters, people under 25, than there were latino voters. actually more millennial voters and hillary clinton really needs them to join her. >> jake, let's talk about tonight. your personal and professional connection to the military is well known. the president is coming out there tonight. what do you want people to get
4:46 am
from the event? >> i want people to really hear the service members and the veterans and their families and the questions that they have about their role in society. about the future of this country. we have some really good people to ask questions and a really great group with questions all over the map in terms of issues of importance. and some of them are kind of tough questions. and i know and i expect president obama will take their questions and give candid answers to them and i'm really looking forward to this. a very rare opportunity to bring these important people. the 1% that sacrifice everything for this country together with the commander in chief. i'll be there as a facilitator. >> jake, we're really looking forward to it. thank you for previewing it with us. >> join us tonight, jake, great thing you're doing. sits down with jake tapper and discuss the challenges facing
4:47 am
u.s. veterans and his legacy as commander in chief, as well. it's a special cnn town hall tonight at 9:00 eastern and pacific. both coasts get it at the same time. donald trump lashing out at a former miss universe after hillary clinton brings her up at the debate. will the woman's stories of weight shaming come back to haunt trump? we'll debate that, next. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets.
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a. one of the worst things, he said, was about a woman in a beauty contest. he called this woman miss piggy. then he called her miss housekeeping, because she was latina. >> she gained a massive amount of weight and it was -- it was a real problem. >> well, that's the presidential candidate versus a former beauty queen. donald trump doubling down on his attacks on 1996 miss universe, alicia machado. how will voters, especially female voters respond to this? joining me now, our cnn political commentator, kayleigh mcenany, and vice chair of the new york state democratic party, christine quinn. kayleigh, this can't help win over female voters that he would once again, you heard him just this week say that she was basically too fat for his liking after she became miss universe. >> this is when you wish you had a fact checker at the debates. because what miss clinton
4:52 am
presented as fact was an allegation denied by the campaign. >> meaning he didn't call her fat? >> those terms that were just played on the screen -- >> miss piggy and miss housekeeping? >> yes, those were unsubstantiated. when we look at miss machado, she called a judge, according to an ap report, threatened to kill a judge, and last night on anderson cooper, she was asked about that, and she said, well, the past is the past. so when i'm looking at who to believe on this issue, i'm going to go with donald trump over someone who has quite a checkered past. >> let's talk about this, christine. miss machado was never charged with anything, she was never indicted for anything, she was never convicted of anything. however, there were accusations. does that mean there wasn't proper vetting of her from the clinton campaign before they used her as a symbol of humiliation at the hands of donald trump. >> look, the issue here is -- and again, you said it right. there's been no charges, there's just been allegations. and that can be said about many people out there. but what is a fact that miss
4:53 am
machado was miss universe. and what is a fact, again, we saw on television, donald trump criticize her for gaining weight. say "it was an enormous problem." we know he brought reporters to watch her work out that's. that's a fact. >> and we have video of that. she says she felt wildly humiliated when suddenly there was this impromptu press conference. look, we have the video right here. and reporters came to watch her have to work out, because mr. trump called her fat and he didn't like that she was fat. here's the press conference. this is from, you know, these days back when she says he called her miss piggy. so that is really sort of unpleasant. >> what is also a fact is that he fought for her to keep her crown. the miss universe board wanted to remove her and he fought to keep her crown. part of that was this agreement that they highlight physical fitness. and like it or not, for miss universe, physical fitness is a third of the scoring. this was an opportunity to display working out and
4:54 am
exercising and how important it is. and miss machado wasn't look very happy in those tapes. >> she said she couldn't speak english, so she was blindsided by the reporters showing up, because she couldn't speak english well. fast forward 20 years, this week, he said, well, it was a problem, she was fat. he said it again yesterday. >> the weight gaining comment, i don't think he should have made. because, first of all, it continued the story. that aside, we don't know what her contract said. this physical fitness event is not unusual for miss usa, miss america. day do events like this all the time. it was about promoting physical fitness and she was very happy to be a part of it clearly in those days. >> we don't know she was very happy. >> why is she saying this now 20 years ago? >> she has said it not before now, a. b, physical fitness is a great thing. physical fitness and being thin are not necessarily the same thing. she could be very physically fit and not being super thin.
4:55 am
he's not saying she could run a four-minute mile or do the long jump. he's say specifically, she got fat. >> he never used the term "fat." >> he did, too. >> he did use the term, kayleigh. >> let's not change the story, donald trump did something demeaning, inappropriate, trotted that woman out like she was a piece of cattle to be sold at auction and he doubled down yesterday. he is owning it. i don't know why his supporters aren't. and it's another example of how he only sees women of objects of beauty and sex objects and he said if they're not a ten -- >> he never called her fat, number one. >> he did! >> he said she gained a massive amount of weight. >> and it was a big problem. >> and it was a problem. >> he fought for her to keep her title, much like he did tara connor who tested positive for drugs. he has done a lot of good for women, empowering women in his organization. >> let's not focus on her looks and her weight. is this a winning strategy, to once again talk about it on "fox
4:56 am
& friends," this week, he said she gained a massive amount of weight, he sounded disgusted. how does that help? >> it doesn't help and it's not a winning strategy. every time he's asked about this, he should say, let's talk about the issues the american people care about. secretary clinton brought this up, but i want to talk about how to help the american people. >> but can i say something? you know, this is how he treated a human being. i mean, he called this woman horrible things -- >> there's no proof. >> please, kayleigh, i didn't interrupt you. this is not so much about strategy or anything. it's about how you treat other human beings. and if you can't treat someone who works with you well, if you can't not embarrass them in public, how are you going to be -- do you have the moral compass to be president? i don't think so. this is so sad to me. that we're talking about this in the context of a president. and then talking about it in strategy, not about human relations and how we treat each other. children are going to see this and they're going to think it's okay to criticize each other. >> he has made hay of that in terms of a sort of fixation, it
4:57 am
seems, on physical appearance. let's just -- for the record, let's just go to january 1997 and listen to some of what he said at that press conference where he called reporters in to see her weight. let's watch this. >> she weighed 118 pounds or 117 pounds and she went up to 160 or 170, so this is somebody that likes to eat. >> so, she said she was humiliated by that. she said she didn't gain that much weight, that he's saying. but why was he -- why -- he appears to be fixated on looks over other things. >> no, the miss universe board was fixated on looks and he said, you shouldn't be, we should retain her as miss universe. and i know secretary clinton wants to treat third party hearsay as fact. but if she wants to do that, she said she told to bleep off every time secret service agents said good morning to her. >> what does that have to do with this? >> this is a woman.
4:58 am
>> right, that's hearsay. and all these secret service agents said -- >> no, that's the source. >> all these secret service agents said miss clinton said that to them. >> so we brought on miss machado last night, so we should bring on these secret service agents. >> but it's her statement. >> and these secret service agents have statements about clinton and said they have said to them personally. >> miss machado has put herself in the public light. it's not hearsay. i didn't hear it on the corner. she said it. two, you just ran a video of a press conference donald trump called where he raised how much weight she gained and another video that said it's a big problem. and then said, she's a woman who likes to eat. so we didn't make this up. >> but should we talk about -- >> hold on one second. >> talk about what he's done and the woman he did it to be affected. >> yes. >> i think that's part of the problem, she said she was humiliated and she said she was traumatized by this. let me lay fplay for you what s said last night on anderson cooper's show.
4:59 am
>> he was really aggressive, he was really rude. he was a bad person with me. and that is the story that i need to share, for my community. we can't accept -- we can't accept more insults for my latin community. i know very well, mr. trump, and i can see the same person that i met 20 years ago. >> okay, so she says she felt insulted. should he apologize to her? >> no, because the last question asked in that interview, and i though viewers go look, discredits her entire testimony. she admits to threatening the life of a judge. >> she did not. >> she said, well, the past is the past. >> the judge came out and said it. >> that is not an admission. >> she's bringing up these allegations now 20 years later. >> we see this all the time. when the trump campaign has a
5:00 am
factual accusation put against them, what do they do -- >> not factual. >> -- they attack the messenger. they try to bring people down, discredit the messenger. we saw it all the time. i saw corey do it in that chair with a "newsweek" reporter several weeks ago. it's attack the messenger, demean the messenger. it's what they do when they're backed into a corner, and they're backed into a corner because yet again mr. trump treated women terribly, like they're chattel. >> very quick? >> what does the clinton campaign do when the secret service agent said that we went to -- >> five seconds. >> and she said, bleep off? >> kayleigh, talk about unsubstantiated allegations. >> that is another story. >> a woman said that on anderson cooper. >> you're changing the subject. >> and kayleigh, you're changing the subject. this is in defense of what he did. >> kayleigh, christine, thank you. this debate will continue. i will look forward to hearing what you have to say on twitter @


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