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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  September 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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for his plan to send people to the red planet, saying he will launch using current technology would cost around $10 billion. his goal is to reduce that to $200,000 a ticket. that will do it for me today. just one story to send you off. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. i didn't want to do anything to embarrass her. >> he fling whatever insults he wants. >> hillary clinton is virtually incompetent. >> if not paying taxes makes him smart, what does that make all the rest of us? >> donald trump refusing to let go of his scathing criticism of the weight gains of a former miss universe. >> he was really aggressive. he was really rude. >> she gained a massive amount of weight. it was a real problem. hello.
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i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. less than six weeks to the election, not a moment to lose. candidates are lighting up the campaign trail. they are in battleground states, shockingly. donald trump barnstorming the midwest. he heads to iowa and wisconsin later today but first, he is speaking in the great state of illinois before the polish american alliance. we will take you there live. you are looking at the podium at the moment. >> for hillary clinton and her team it's like a swing state sing-along with all sorts of guests. michelle obama is in philadelphia in just a few minutes campaigning for hillary clinton. chelsea clinton in north carolina. as for hillary clinton herself, she will be in new hampshire with bernie sanders. bernie sanders might be her new best friend as she tries to reach out to millenial voters. this as there is a new report of anxiety inside trump world about his debate performance. the "new york times" says advisers want to make sure he's more prepared for the next face-off with hillary clinton, less obsessed with tiaras and
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maybe the size of ex-beauty queens, more obsessed with facts, cogent answers and valid points aftof attack on hillary clinton. >> does donald trump himself think he needs improvement? last night he said he was unquestionably the winner of the first. cnn's jason carroll covering the trump campaign this morning in chicago. what are you hearing now? >> reporter: first of all, let's talk about the beauty queen. the issue that most of donald trump's advisers say they wish would just go away, do not want him focused on that. donald trump still seemed to double down on this whole sort of criticism of the former miss universe, alicia machado even a day after the debate. they really want him to move on from that. they feel as though there was some missed opportunities. the "new york times" reporting that there was much talk about whether or not donald trump was properly prepared to go into this last debate. roger ailes, former head of fox news, apparently in the beginning there was some sort of effort to do more of a
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traditional preparation by holding mock debates, perhaps, but that was abandoned when according to the "times" donald trump had problems focusing in that type of particular format. so moving forward, what are they going to do? more preparation, more focus. according to the "times" even perhaps holding mock debates. again, he didn't do that. hillary clinton did do that. so more focus and hopefully, more of an opportunity to really challenge hillary clinton on issues that trump supporters say he does well at. focusing on issues such as the economy, jobs, trade. more focus on that, less focus on the former miss universe and her weight issues. >> all right. jason carroll for us in chicago. again, we are waiting to hear from donald trump. he will take the stage there any minute from now. while we are waiting, as we mentioned, the first lady of the united states, michelle obama, she is on the trail for hillary clinton but not just on the trail. you are looking at live pictures from philadelphia so she's going
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to be there but she's also in the air. >> the clinton campaign has a new ad out featuring the first lady. the message, presidents are role models. listen. >> hillary will be a president our kids can look up to, a president who believes in our kids and will fight for them every day. that's why i believe in her. >> joining us to discuss all of this as we have these live events that are about to begin, edward espinoza, hillary clinton supporter, former dnc super delegate. kayleigh mceneny, donald trump supporter, mark preston, cnn politics executive editor and alex burns, cnn political analyst and national political reporter for the "new york times." great to see you and have you here. alex, to the trump saga right now, if nothing else, sources tell the "new york times," you probably heard of the "new york times," this debate did not go the way donald trump's team wanted it to go. does he see that, though? >> i think that's the biggest
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open question. what several of my colleagues have reported this morning and what i certainly heard from a number of republicans, in and around the trump universe, is that there was, you say the debate didn't go the way they wanted it to. in retrospect it's not clear that there was a crisp enough plan for how they wanted it to go going into it. it's pretty clear that hillary clinton knew how she wanted to prosecute the case against trump in that debate and trump was kind of appearing to make it up as he went along which worked just fine for him in the republican primary debates but a one-on-one face-to-face split screen clash over 90 minutes where you can't just drop back for long periods of time is a totally different beast. >> remarkable details in this article about how there's angst about the fact he didn't practice enough or didn't practice certain things enough. kayleigh, what would you like to see him do differently 11 days from now? >> i do think he had a very good debate but i don't think either candidate moved voters. in order to move voters i think one of the most important things donald trump should practice for the next debate is taking those
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moments where hillary clinton brings up tax returns or many of the lines of argument she brought up and taking those moments to not play defense but move into playing offense, bringing up e-mails, the smashing of blackberries with hammers, the clinton foundation. we didn't hear clinton foundation brought up to my recollection. those are missed opportunities. that's something he needs to work on. >> at least have an answer. at least have a prepared answer for questions you know are coming. right? >> right. and learn how to prosecute hillary clinton effectively. >> and make the pivot. maybe donald trump has had a hard time with that throughout the election. these are a couple lines that stick out as pretty astonishing. they need to convince him he can do better than he did in the first debate which indicates that they realize that they have got a problem, one, but also indicates that maybe donald trump himself, does he -- he doesn't think he needs to change. they need to convince him he needs to do better? that's pretty amazing. >> yeah, but let's look at who we are talking about. we are talking about somebody who for all his life has been larger than life. he probably is not surrounded by people who tell him no and we
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know in politics that the smartest politician is somebody who surrounds himself with people who are smarter than themselves. that's when you see successful presidential administrations. the defense secretary knows more than the president. the hud secretary knows more than the president. but donald trump is somebody when it comes to those issues. but donald trump is somebody who i think says things so many times over and over and over that he believes it so when he goes out and says the polls are showing that i have won, those polls are not scientific to the nth degree. my sixth grader could draw up one of those polls and put it online. i think he says it enough times he believes it and his supporters believe it which makes it difficult for his staff to get him to change his mind. >> which is why any journalist will tell you they leaked like circumstan sieves to the "new york times." >> we heard going back to the primaries trump himself doesn't understand the methodology of polling or what makes a scientific or non-scientific poll. when he's out there talking about the applause meter
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essentially on drudge, that's not just some act. he really thinks that's a moo g meaningful statement. >> howard dean, former chairman of the democratic party, watched the debate and commented on what seemed like sniffles donald trump was making during the debate and he tweeted during the debate, he said coke user, question mark. >> and he's a doctor. >> he's a doctor. dr. howard dean said that. coke user, you see right there. that was during the debate. yesterday, he went on tv with kate snow and didn't back off. let's listen. >> but i don't think this is a ridiculous idea. something funny was going on with trump last night. do i think it's cocaine, probably not. but again, the sniffling, the grandiosity, the delusions, the pressured speech. this guy's already proven himself to be unstable. the question is why is he unstable. >> you know, come on, howard dean. you can't say that.
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the question is, does he need to apologize and does the clinton campaign need to come out and say look, this is ridiculous, we disavow this completely? >> first of all, i don't know that he should have said it but in a year where lots of people have said lots of things they shouldn't have said, i don't know that it necessarily stands out any more than any of those other things. plus, i think that -- >> but the clinton campaign lights its hair on fire appropriately when donald trump or those close to him supporting him say outrageous things and say you need to come out and denounce this. >> sure. i don't think that howard dean should have said something like that, especially from a doctor's point of view. plus i think it's important that america knows that donald trump was completely sober when he said the things he said the other night. i think that that actually has merit to it as well. so think of these things in larger context and -- >> that was a good spin. >> but if you can't visualize his way during the debate, if he can't visualize his path there, clearly and coherently, how is he going to do it when we are in a time of crisis, when he has to
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make quick judgments in the situation room during an important international situation? >> the problem is right here is that howard dean just did what we are criticizing donald trump for doing every day. doubling down on -- >> but howard dean is not running for president. donald trump is. donald trump needs to be able to make -- >> he's a leader in the democratic party, former dnc chairman, almost became the democratic presidential nominee. >> a decade ago. >> let's talk about -- talk a little more about last night. donald trump is at this big rally. he said that he was holding back, he did not want to embarrass hillary clinton. then his deputy campaign manager came out this morning and went there, and said after -- well, let's also say david bossi has been going after the clintons for years but used the word enabler, called her an enabler. is this where this conversation is headed going into the second debate? is this where they are going to go? >> this is maybe one of the most divisive debates within the trump universe and among republicans in washington who
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don't want to see him go there. this notion that you turn the final six weeks of the campaign into the great est hits of bill clinton's personal scandals of the 1990. there are people very close to trump and certainly people, thousands at his rallies who would love to see him go there and bring up monica lewinsky and the host of scandals we lived through and remember well. what republicans who have run against hillary clinton in the past are really quick to remind trump and folks around him is that hillary clinton has typically been seen as sympathetic when those issues get raised and an election that's already expected to have just an enormous gender gap, the idea of staking your campaign on highlighting a female candidate's husband's infidelities and her response to that, by any conventional political logic that's a really dangerous place to go. >> it's one thing if donald trump does or doesn't choose to bring it up next time and i suppose that's a decision they have to make.
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what i can't figure out is why there's this public vetting of the notion that trump himself and trump advisers are doing. how is it helpful for david bosse to go out and openly muse about hillary clinton being an enabler? >> it is an important topic. i would rather see the women come out and speak like juanita brodrick who said she was bullied by hillary clinton, monica lewinsky who made a horrible mistake but was on the verge of suicide after the comments made about her. i don't think the candidates should go there. i do agree she does tend to look sympathetic in that scenario. outside of the women making it themselves, i don't think the candidates should go there. >> the signals from the clinton campaign, they are happy for him to go there or anyone to go there, because they think they can prosecute that counter attack very effectively. >> something they have prosecuted for decades. this is not a new issue for them. for donald to bring something like this up, by the way, his surrogates bringing it up in the media right now is their way of getting it out without him
8:13 am
having to get it out. we are talking about it right now. >> or changing the subject from him not having a good debate? we have seen this tactic in the past. >> this is the version of changing the subject that worked for trump so well, he ended up down 12 points in august. when you careen from one fight that's charged with issues of race and gender from the next all summer, that's not what he's been doing the last few weeks when he has drawn closer in the polls. to return to that because it changes the subject and feels good in the short term, the people who see him as having made progress in the race, badly do not want him to go there. >> guys, stick around. a lot more to discuss. coming up next, donald trump is getting ready to speak in chicago. we will take you there live when it happens. but once again, he continues to attack the weight of a former miss universe. we will talk to a different contestant from that pageant about what this means coming up. also, moments from now, president obama could be faced
8:14 am
with the first veto override of his presidency. we will take you live to capitol hill. what's at stake. and michelle obama is getting ready to stump for hillary clinton on the trail. it has to be a coincidence or absolutely not that she also appears in a new ad for hillary clinton. michelle obama live in pennsylvania very soon.
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happening right now, you are looking at live pictures of fbi director james comey testifying before the house judiciary committee. what he is talking about is russia and the idea that russia may be meddling in u.s. elections. listen. >> obviously, as you know, we are doing an awful lot of work through our counter intelligence investigators to understand just what mischief is russia up to in connection with our election. that is work that goes on all day, every day, about which i'm limited in terms of answering questions, but i wanted you to know that's a part of our work we don't talk about an awful lot but it's at the core of the fbi. >> this all comes as the fbi's announced it's investigating a possible hack of cell phones belonging to some democratic party staffers. cnn's chief national security correspondent jim sciutto is following all of this story for us. a lot coming out.
8:19 am
we have been talking about the hack into the dnc and the fbi investigation but james comey is giving more information about what they think is going on. >> reporter: i cannot underestimate the level of alarm and concern not just in law enforcement, the fbi, u.s. intelligence agencies as well as law makers that have been briefed on the intelligence, the level of concern about russian activity tied to this election. they have been saying it in private for some time, the fact that you are hearing it now, comey on capitol hill, adam schiff and dianne feinstein last week releasing a statement pressuring the white house to really out russia on this, you are hearing that now as we get close to the election because that activity is not abating. in fact, it's getting more serious. we heard jeh johnson yesterday on the hill saying that some 18 states have now reached out to the department of homeland security for protection from attacks by foreign hackers, and really, the number one culprit, although they have not publicly
8:20 am
identified russia, and despite donald trump saying it could be china, could be a 400 pound man in his basement, the number one culprit, this is a unanimous nonpartisan judgment from the folks i have talked to, is that it is russia and they are extremely concerned, guys. >> jim sciutto, unless that 400 pound guy is in russia working perhaps for their intelligence services, may not be exactly how donald trump portrayed it. thanks so much. we have brand new reporting that suggests that advisers to donald trump could not get him to focus on debate prep as much as they want. they were particularly concerned when he brought up rosie o'donnell at the end of the debate. we will speak to a trump adviser next. are you new to medicare?
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she weighed 118 pounds or 117 pounds and she went up to 160 or 70 so this is somebody that likes to eat. >> he was really aggressive. he was really rude. he was a bad person with me. i know very well mr. trump and i can see the same person that i met 20 years ago. >> the feud between donald trump and former pageant queen escalating as you see right there this morning. venezuelan-born alicia machado says trump led her to develop an eating disorder after she was crowned miss universe back in '96, saying he called her miss piggy, miss eating machine and as hillary clinton mentioned in the debate, miss housekeeping because she's latina. yesterday donald trump did not back down. listen. >> she was the winner and she
8:26 am
gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem. we had a real problem. >> joining us now is someone who worked with donald trump when she was a contestant in the miss universe pageant, miss sweden. camilla, thanks for being with us. donald trump hasn't denied he said these things, miss piggy and miss housekeeping. do you think that kind of language is appropriate? >> well, thank you for having me, first of all. no, absolutely. every woman needs to be respected regardless how she looks, if she gained weight, you know, no one wants to have a nickname like that. having said that, being in miss universe, we know what the rol n entails. we know we need to be healthy. we have personal trainers, we have nutritionists, et cetera, so yeah, so miss universe is a
8:27 am
brand and they quite like you to follow what's within their brand. >> but it's not about the weight, this conversation, of course. it's about the words he used. as you said, every woman needs to be respected. what would your reaction have been if those -- if you had been called those words while working with the miss universe organization? >> i would have been upset, of course. like you said, no one wants to be called anything like that. and you know, we know trump is trump and he has no filter for what he thinks and that's i guess partly why some people like him, but at the same time, i guess he says things in the heat of the moment which i think he might not even mean, like this particular comment. but of course, i understand she's upset. i would have been certainly if someone called me that. but like i said, yeah, we need to stay healthy and that's kind of part of the contract.
8:28 am
>> it's hard to know what he means because he's still saying it all these years later, not maybe using the words miss piggy and miss housekeeping but still very critical of her weight. you did work around donald trump. did you ever hear him use this kind of language? >> well, i mean, i met him during the miss universe competition in 2015 in miami and you know, he was there for a good week or so and he was very nice to everyone. he was never disrespectful at any point, certainly not to me or any of the girls so i can't say anything from first-hand experience. they treated us very nicely. we were very well looked after and so i can't say that he said anything inappropriate at that time. >> we know of course you can't vote in this election but from your personal experiences you have had with donald trump, and what you have seen in this election, do you think he would make a good president?
8:29 am
>> well, it's tough to say. he's obviously a good businessman. he's done well in his life. you have to admire him for his achievements. i watched the debate a little bit. it was 3:00 a.m. swedish time. i think they both have some good points. i think i have huge admiration for hillary standing her ground and being so composed and prepared. i think they both have some good points. you know, no matter who wins, it's going to be a huge historical moment for america and ultimately, of course, it will affect all of us. but i will have to leave that to america to decide who's going to win. >> do you have any message you want to send to alicia machado, who is obviously, who went through this all those years ago and is now going through it again, sort of having to relive what she considers to be painful moments right now? any message you want to send to her?
8:30 am
>> well, like i said, i'm sorry of course that she had to hear some negative comments about her, but ultimately, i think this title of miss universe 1996 is a massive thing and it's obviously a platform she's been able to use very well for her career and i also understand she's a successful activist, et cetera and of course, a platform like miss universe which i guess ultimately donald gave her is a massive thing and you can do a huge amount of good with it. i guess in a way she is who she is because of that platform and so am i. >> interesting perspective. thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> pleasure. practice and more practice. that's what donald trump's advisers want him to do this time before the next debate. the question is, will he actually listen? ahead, we will talk to a senior adviser to the trump campaign. and in just minutes, the
8:31 am
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that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. donald trump not apologizing for an old feud that is now new with a former miss universe, alicia machado. he is also not denying even though he's had opportunities to, what she says he called her miss piggy, criticizing her size and eating habits. is that a good idea? does that help? how does that help donald trump? >> joining us, senior trump adviser and former congressman from georgia, jack kingston. thanks so much for being with us. good to see you.
8:36 am
>> thanks. great to be with y'all. >> so it struck us that not only did this come up at the debate, where donald trump didn't really address what hillary clinton said there but what was so interesting about this is that the next morning unprovoked on "fox and friends" donald trump wasn't asked about this former miss universe. he brought it up himself. he voluntarily willingly unprovoked brought up this former miss universe and started talking about her weight gain. what would your advice be to him on this issue? is it smart to do that? >> well, i think one of the things that happens when you transition from being a private sector citizen into a major public figure and a candidate, there are some things that do you have to let go. i think, though, if you are coming from the private sector, particularly in new york, particularly in show business, when people push you, when they hit you, you tend to hit back. i think that he would much rather be talking about the economy, the murder rates in chicago, the foreign policy,
8:37 am
isis and so forth, but it does seem to be that the media and often the public gets obsessed with these side shows. >> he was the one who brought it up in the "fox and friends" interview. the only question they had for him is hillary clinton got under your skin and he went directly to talking about alicia machado. you say he would much prefer to be talking about it, then why isn't he talking about it? >> well, i think one of the things that you got to get used to in politics if somebody asks you about the weather you talk about baseball. normal people don't do that but politicians have to do that. you have to just talk about, you know, whatever your message is. probably right now, i should be talking about the economy or the murder rate in chicago myself and the fact that hillary clinton is not doing anything about it. in this case, these are -- this is a charge, this is something that allegedly happened 20 years ago. >> which is why everyone was so surprised that he decided to keep talking about it. >> yesterday morning was yesterday morning on "fox and friends" and they were not
8:38 am
probing questions. he brought it up voluntarily. so he's talking about it by choice now. >> well, i think though when he moves on to talk, like for example, his rally in florida this week, 15,000 people showed up to it. hillary clinton had a rally in north carolina, 1400 people showed up. we raised $18 million within 24 hours after the debate. i don't know what her fund-raising numbers were but that's a pretty good measurement of approval. not only that but the polls have all showed we are absolutely in the hunt, winning in some key swing states and nationally up one or two points. we are very excited about where we are. >> this is talking about baseball. this is the conversation he told us. you ask about weather and you talk about baseball. >> let me just say this. we are certainly willing to drop that subject and talk about other subjects, so i think that's the key thing here. >> let's talk about this subject. how about this. speaking, you are an adviser.
8:39 am
we would like your advice for mr. trump on this one. the "new york times" is quoting sources within the campaign saying that they, the campaign needs to, is trying to find a delicate way to convince donald trump to prepare more for the next debate. do you agree? >> well, let me say this. you don't have to be delicate around donald trump. you can come straight out for him. in fact, he likes somebody who says directly hey, boss, i want you to do so and so differently. he might push back but he wants direct. so there's no delicate approach. the "new york times" keep in mind might as well be a brochure for the democratic committee and the clinton campaign. particularly the next 40 days. >> the people behind that case are strong reporters. you know that. >> i think any time you do something when you are going to do it a second time, you want to do a better job on it. in this case, for example, if the moderator is going to interrupt you, the moderator is not going to bring up benghazi or the clinton foundation pay to pay scandals, you have to assert that yourself.
8:40 am
i think that's something that we will see in the second debate. you know what, if the moderator is going to interrupt you and direct questions at you where your perceived weaknesses are on particular issues, you have to drive it in a different direction. i think you will see if the moderator doesn't bring up pay to play or more about the e-mails, then donald trump will be doing that. i think that's something that she's been trained to do. this is a woman who as you know has run for president since 2007, before that the u.s. senate and before that, coaching her husband on presidential and gubernatorial politics so she knows how to pivot. a private citizen, an element of change like donald trump, doesn't necessarily know that. >> well, congressman, i just want to bring up one point. he has been running for president for 14 months right now. he's the republican nominee for president of the united states. i think that definitionally makes him a politician at this point. if he's not, i think you have to explain something to the people at that convention who just picked him to be the candidate. on the subject of interruptions,
8:41 am
are you anti-interruption or just anti-interruption for the moderator? >> i think when the moderator is doing the interrupting and saying false things, for example, he said stop and frisk was unconstitutional, that was not the case. >> it was found unconstitutional as applied. >> no, it wasn't -- >> i don't know why you guys -- i don't know why this is the bone to pick about how the debate went. that is not why donald trump was seen across the board as not winning that debate. lester holt was not the reason. >> but let me say this. number one, i want to get back to that. it was actually called unconstitutional in the application but not in the law itself. the judge who made that decision was later dismissed. but moving on, in terms of as a contestant in a debate often you have to drive your own message if the moderator isn't going to do it so i think that's what you are going to see. that's just part of experience
8:42 am
because while i agree with you, john, donald trump is at this point a politician, he's still not a 30-year politician. on that subject, he made the key statement which was you know, hillary, you have had 30 years to do all these great things and you haven't done it. we need change. we need to move the direction of the country. we need somebody who is going to be strong on the economy, creating jobs, lessening the regulatory burden, lowering the tax rates. we need somebody who is strong on national defense. you have been there for 30 years, you are part of the establishment, are you part of the status quo. if you want a third term of barack obama, vote for hillary clinton. if you want change, donald trump. >> we will see if donald trump can stick to your message going forward. congressman, great to see you. thank you. >> great to be with y'all. >> love talking baseball and weather. >> which one were we talking there? >> we got both. >> that's how good we are. i think we are looking at live pictures, michelle obama getting ready to take to the
8:43 am
stage to stump for hillary clinton on the trail. what's she going to take on? where will she begin? we will dip in live. right now, governor chris christie, his name keeps on coming up at the bridgegate trial. a former ally is testifying as we speak saying the governor knew about the lane closures as they were happening. we have new details from inside the courtroom.
8:44 am
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8:47 am
in just a few moments president obama faces the first override of a veto of his presidency. you are looking at live pictures from the senate floor. this involves a bill allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia. >> this is a fight that has been brewing for some time and it's happening today. manu rogers has been following all of this from washington. what are you hearing? >> reporter: actually, president obama has been calling congressional leaders, including harry reid and mitch mcconnell, hoping to sustain the veto but it's likely to be a fruitless attempt by the president. the families who saw loved ones
8:48 am
perish on 9/11 hope to change a bill that for -- front and center is saudi arabia which is already warning that it would pull billions of dollars of assets here in the united states if this measure passes. the administration contends they are much more concerned about americans overseas being subject to lawsuits by countries who take similar actions against diplomats in retaliation for american military action abroad. so some republicans actually have been receptive to the administration argument including bob corker, who you are showing on the floor right now, and utah senator orrin hatch. they don't have the votes to stop an override but may want to revisit this issue in a lame duck session of congress. one other bit of news on capitol hill. lawmakers are racing to leave town this week to go campaign all next month. they appear close to passing a bill as soon as today to keep the government open until december 9th. that would also provide millions of dollars to louisiana flood victims and deal with long-awaited issues such as the zika outbreak and possibly pass
8:49 am
flint lead water crisis, dealing with that issue in flint, michigan later this year as well. kate, john? >> nothing more motivating than getting out of town to get it done, as we always say. thank you so much. also happening right now, the former chris christie ally and port authority executive who pleaded guilty to his role in the bridgegate scandal back on the stand today after testifying that chris christie not only knew about the plot to tie up traffic on the george washington bridge but that the two had joked about it. once again, governor christie has denied all involvement. listen. >> i had nothing to do with the planning of it. i had no -- nothing to do with authorizing it. and we sit here now nearly three years later and there has not been one scintilla of evidence to contradict what i just said. >> first, jessica, lay out what
8:50 am
we're hearing in the courtroom right now. >> the key prosecution witness is david wildstein. he was a top port authority executive who pleaded guilty in all this saying that governor christie knew about all of this. just a few minutes ago concluded his direct testimony saying he actually helped another top executive life in a legislative committee hearing about all this three years ago. wildstein's most damning testimony centered around photos that actually so governor christie along with bill baroni, another top port authority executive, here are the photos, baroni is at the center of the scandal now on trial. you see christie in a jovial mood at the september 11 ceremony in 2013. day two of that massive traffic mess. wildstein says in this exchange it was key in establishing that governor christie knew what was going on. that baroni allegedly told
8:51 am
governor christie, governor, i have to tell you there's a tremendous amount of traffic in fort lee. major traffic jams. pleased to know the mayor is having trouble getting hess telepho his telephone calls returning. christie responded, saying, i imagine he would have trouble getting his phone calls. it's not a smoking gun and christie, of course, continues to deny he knew about this. the mayor is the democratic fort lee mayor who refused to endorse his re-election bid and along with deputy chief of staff bridget kelly on trial for this bridgegate and smoking gun. wildstein is adamant saying governor christie knew about this as it was happening. >> legally speaking what does this mean for chris christie?
8:52 am
as far as we know he's not under investigation. >> a strange case. paul fishman, the u.s. attorney prosecuting the case, his office prosecuting in new jersey, surprised everybody when he announced essentially that christie knew about it, in the opening statements in the case. that really had never been said before. if christie was directly involved why wasn't he indicted or named as a co-conspirator? everybody wondered about this and will christie be indicted in the future. as the evidence is now playing out, it looks like you might be able to make an argument that christie knew about it at some point in time, but did he orchestrate it, is the real question. >> listening to that interview, as i was listening, i noticed how careful his wording was. he said he didn't order or approve a plan, which isn't, i didn't know. >> listen, he's the former chief prosecutor in new jersey himself, chris christie. and he knows that just knowing about it is probably not
8:53 am
criminal, unless he lied about that, not to the ppublic but to fbi or law enforcement agency. that's how a lot of people trip themselves up. telling a lie is a crime. as of right now, just one person is saying, well, it sounds like christie knew about it. that's not a crime to know about it. you have to have participated in orchestrating it and then you've got some very serious crimes, felonies you go to prison for, and christie would have to worry about that if evidence was linking him, which this is not. >> a very big story in the new york-new jersey area and interesting against the backdrop of the election. talking chris christie one of donald trump's closest allies on the very short list to be his vp and a big part of the transition. any confirmation about what chris christie's future is? >> this bridgegate scandal effectively derailed chris christie's presidential bid. it's unlikely or uncertain what might happen continuing forward
8:54 am
in the trump campaign but it's interesting, as this bridgegate trial was starting, a poll was taken of new jersey residents. christie only had a 26% approval rating. so it's bad for him in new jersey. going to be bad as he continues on with what he hopes will be a political career in the future. >> thank you both. appreciate it. does not have the preparation, temperament or values for the job. that's what president obama has said about donald trump. there is no telling what he might say about this year's election at cnn's town hall that comes tonight. a preview, ahead.
8:55 am
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- in 2013, i was working three jobs bartending, sharing a ten by ten room, struggling. i rent this place and then i started home sharing. my roommates help out all the time. they are glad to meet the guests and that opportunity that airbnb has given me is such a priceless gift. i was able to take three months off to take car of my family during a family tragedy. the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge
8:58 am
impact in my life. president obama sure has a lot of opinions about donald trump. what will he say tonight joining jake topper? >> cnn white house correspondent michelle kaczynski is in fort
8:59 am
lee, virginia, at the site of tonight's presidential town hall. michelle what are you hearing? >> reporter: he's got to say something. say something looking forward to the next administration and the administration he wants to have in office. you know it's going to factor in. he's going to take questions from these military members and other people connected to the military. so it is bound to come up. the thing is here, though, it is going to be a much tougher and different crowd than he's used to speaking in front of. there was a poll done at the beginning of this year by military times of active duty service members, and they supported donald trump over hillary clinton 2-1. but even beyond that, one-fifth of those who responded said if it ended up a matchup between trump and clinton, they didn't want to vote at all. so i think that's where president obama -- a message we've heard from him a lot lately. at least get out and vote. he's going to say how he wants you to vote. i think that's going to be one of his main points out here.
9:00 am
>> a lot to discuss in the town hall tonight. be sure to watch cnn's presidential town hall event, america's military and the commander in chief, tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. thank you all so much for joining us at this hour. >> "inside politics" with john king, starts now. kate and john, thank you. welcome to "inside politics." three quick questions framing the campaign and shifting terrain after the first presidential debate. one, is donald trump dumping the scripted teleprompter approach in favor of a more raw attack mode? >> for 90 minutes i watched her very carefully, and i was also holding back. i didn't want to do anything to embarrass her, but i watched her, and she was stuck in the past.


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