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tv   New Day  CNN  September 30, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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she was a victim of infidelity. that is something different to most people emotionally and differently than being a perpetrator of. >> i applaud your marriage. on that note -- >> not going to cause my own problems. >> thank you for weighing in. we're following a lot of news this morning, including new questions about donald trump's foundation. let's get to it. the american people have had it with decades of clinton corruption and scandal. >> he spends all of his time dumping on america. everything about america is in bad shape. >> i'm the one that got him taput up his birth certificates. i'm very proud of that. >> i have no idea what he's going to say the next time. i will spend some time preparing for it. >> we have a president who is a disaster and he was ultimately impeached, in a sense, for lying. >> i will do everything i can to make sure it is me. i heard a bomb-like
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explosion. >> i heard this loud bang. >> the entire roof had collapsed. >> went through the bumper block and through the air and through the depot. >> her mission is not just to understand what happened, but why it happened. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> miss universe is supporting hillary clinton now. trump has decided tamake this election about clinton's sorted past. attacking hillary clinton's response taher husband's infi l infideli infidelity. what is clinton doing? she's out on the campaign trail trying to earn the votes of millennial voters. the stakes rising with just 39 days until election day. only nine until the next presidential debate. there's already early voting going on. every angle covered including chris live from washington.
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good morning. >> donald trump is on a tirade this morning against hillary clinton and former miss universe alicia machado. he said hillary clinton was duped by machado without checking her past. now, the republican candidate also calling machado disgusting and falsely alleging that she was in a sex tape and that clinton may have helped her become a citizen. and, chris, he's also preparing a few other lines of attack, as well. >> the clintons are the sorted past. we will be the very bright and clean future. >> reporter: the presidential race is getting personal. donald trump hinting that he's considering bringing up bill clinton's infidelity the next time he faces off with hillary clinton on the debate stage. >> she was very nasty to me and i was going to do it and i saw chelsea sitting out in the audience and i just didn't want to go there. >> reporter: the thrice married
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candidate telling reporters he's not worried about scrutiny of his own with his affair with marla maples while he was married to his first wife. >> i have a good history. i mean, we have a situation where we have a president who is a disaster and he was ultimately impeached over it in a sense for lying. we'll see if we discuss it. >> reporter: in a plan detail talking points by cnn this week encouraging trump surrogates to drop names from bill clinton's past like monica lewinsky. >> do you as someone who presumably wants more women to run for high office feel any obligation if trump brings up your husband's past to speak out against a spouse's indiscretions or past being brought into a campaign like this? >> no. look. he can say whatever he wants to say, as we well know. we have seen it in realtime over
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the last many months. and i'm going to keep running my campaign. >> reporter: trump's also standing by his claim that he did a service to the country by leading the birther movement. >> i was the one that got him to produce the birth certificate and i think i did a good job. >> reporter: going a step further saying he is proud of his effort while reiterating a false claim when she ran against him in 2008. >> i am the one that got him taput up his birth certificate and hillary clinton was unable to get there. she tried. she was unable to do it and i tried and i was able to do it. i'm very proud of that. >> reporter: all this as trump's foundation faces renewed scrutiny. the "washington post" reporting that the charity never obtained a certification that new york requires before charities can solicit money from the public. the trump campaign has not responded to the paper's request for comment. now, cnn has also reached out to the trump campaign and has not yet gotten a response and also this morning "usa today" has an
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editorial out calling trump unfit for the presidency. the first time in the history. but the paper noted it was not endorsing clinton. yesterday the paper ran an op-ed by mike pence where he made the case for his running mate. lots of news out there on the campaign trail, chris. hillary clinton is swinging through another key battleground while opening a new line of attack and the campaign also busy courting millennials. trying to keep them away from third-party candidates. suzanne malveaux live in washington with the details. suzanne? >> good morning, chris. donald trump tries to bait hillary clinton with bringing up her husband's past fpast. clinton is going after trump's tax plan, his character, his business practices and she's in florida today for two campaign stops as she pushes to court the
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millennials. now, polls are now showing they're being drawn to the third-party candidates, particularly gary johnson. the threat now is that johnson could become a spoiler and clinton was faced with that question in her press gaggle aboard the plane. fake a listen. >> i think either donald trump or i will be the president of the united states. and, so, people have to look carefully in making their decision about who to vote for because it will be either him or me and i am going to do everything i can to make sure it's me. >> this morning two new polls are out giving us the first glimpse of clinton's post-debate bounce. it shows that clinton now with a seven-point lead over trump in both the key battleground states of new hampshire and michigan. what is particularly revealing is the 21-point lead that she has among women in michigan. desperately trying to cut into that it should come as no surprise that is where trump is campaigning today.
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alisyn. >> suzanne, thank you for that reporting. we want to bring in hillary clinton supporter and vice chair of the new york state democratic committee christine quinn and cnn political commentator. thank you for being here. donald trump got up early. i don't know if he slept. throughout the night he has been tweeting just sending out a flurry of tweets about the former miss universe alicia machado stuff. this was sent 5:14 in the morning. wow, hillary was duped. used by my worse miss universe hillary floated her as an angel without checking her past, which is terrible. you, as well as other advisors and surrogates we had on the show have advised mr. trump to move away from this. let's get back to the issues. why is he sticking with this? >> i do think that is important. when you're on the defense to move to the offense. it's important for the debate and important he do that next time in the debate. that being said, i understand
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his inclination to want tabring this up. he's accused of saying these horrible things about her. important to look into this lady's past. a witness accused her of having a child and threatened the life of -- >> so again you're comfortable and going up and dredging up things. this is important for the campaign? >> i think when hillary clinton brings this up and presents her words as fact. that is to say that miss universe's words as fact, it's important for donald trump to explain his side of the argument. that being said, i think surrogates can do that. i don't think donald trump needs to be doing that. >> we are four days after the debate. and he's still putting energy into this. some suggest that he can't help himself. >> well, i know how frustrating it is. we play the clip of the workout video. i went and looked at the full context. i eat a lot, too. he offered to work out with her.
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there is more to the story than i think has been reported and he wants to get that out there. >> i'm almost speechless, right, which is a lot for me. right, right, right. these are the facts here. this woman was miss universe. apparently she gained some weight. donald trump made that an enormous issue. he said she was an eating machine and that she gained a tremendous amount of weight. that it was an enormous problem. that's not made up. and i think the trump campaign is trying to make us all believe that secretary clinton has made this up. that's not made up. it's on video. and then there's this workout tape where he brought reporters to watch her work out and try to lose weight. it was unkind, inappropriate and sexist. but then we have this position where he's now can't let it go. which, in my opinion, only underscores what secretary clinton has said which is he is a man who can be baited by a tweet or less.
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>> but, kelly, this is the point. it does seem to have gotten under his skin. i hear what you're saying, he wants to defend himself. but he's a presidential candidate and four days later we're still talking about it because he tweeted about it multiple times last night. so, what does that tell you about his impulses and what he would be like as a president? >> i don't think it's impulses because this dialogue is a perfect example. have you watched the entire video? no, answer, please. you haven't watched it. let me explain what you have not seen. no, please, i sat there and listened to you talk. >> i want to hear your point. >> let me explain what you haven't seen. he calls her beautiful in the video. i fought for her to keep her title. he goes on and on. i have eating issues. i've eaten too much, as well. >> why are we still talking about it? >> wait, whether or not he did a thing, it doesn't erase that he said these bad things about her. two, it doesn't erase that yet
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again what you were doing in trump surrogates are doing are attacking the messenger, demeaning the person who is in question here and denying the truth, which is a pattern. and, three, even if he is the mother teresa of miss universe, as you would like us to believe, he has no impulse control. >> that's the point. >> look, this is the point. people have said that. it suggests that he doesn't have impulse control and as a president you want somebody who has impulse control. >> i think when you have someone impugning your character and spinning scenarios to make them seem bad and not showing the entirety of this workout video and making these allegations. it's important to defend your reputation. if any of us were said these certain things. >> as he appears to have them on tape, i would apologize. and he, the fact he is constitutionally incapable of knowing when to let go and step back and take a deep breath really means i don't want him at the table.
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>> that's fine. let's move on. let's move on to the past. which is 1990s because, once again, the sex scandals of 1990 and, let's face it, donnell trump have ratheir ugly heads. the clinton campaign put out a statement about this yesterday. may want to dredge up failed attacks from the 1990s as many republicans have warned. this is a mistake that is going to back fire. how can they be so sure? we're not in the '90s any more. how can they be so sure this is going to backfire bringing up bill clinton's past? >> we know it is going to backfire because elections are about the future. we are spending five, six weeks away from the election and we're talk about donald trump attacking women's weight and a presidential nominee being up at 5:00 in the morning tweeting about things. we're talking about the past. we're not talking about the
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future. and, really, if you're going to throw, which i just don't think is appropriate in a presidential election, if you're going to throw issues about people's marital past, be sure you're standing on firm ground, which donald trump is not. we heard over and over that americans are not uplifted by this election. this school of thought is going to further drag us down, not up. we've seen republican leaders. one of the people who led the impeachment effort say, don't do this. we know high-level republican senators are saying, don't do this. it is going to demean the election and it's not going to work. >> you heard the argument. what is the point of going back? >> there are few times i agree with christine. but i think you should not bring it up on a debate stage. it brings him up to criticism. two people sparring over martle past is not going to gain any new voters for either of them.
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if hillary clinton wants to claim herself as a victim, but not on a debate stage. >> donald trump has suggested that he may bring it up at the second debate. so, you think that that would be a bad idea. but do you think that he will? >> i hope not. i think that the e-mail scandal, the clinton foundation smashing blackberries with hammers. these are the important issues. voters don't trust her. bringing in something new, i just don't think, is the right way to go. i don't think he'll end up bringing it up. we'll see. >> he wouldn't have been tweeting about alicia machado at 4:00 in the morning. who knows. >> christine, does it give you any cause for concern that the way they're spinning it is it's a character issue for hillary clinton. how she handled it back in the '90s. even if you don't want to look at how she handled it and use some material. >> no, hillary clinton is probably one of the most, if not
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the most significant champion for women and girls and survivors of sexual harassment, rape, sexual assault, female, this country, this world has ever had. certainly that i've seen in my lifetime. she's a woman who stood on the international stage and for the first time in china said, human rights are women's rights. said gay rights are human rights. she has helped change the world and make it a better and more equal place for women and girls and that's what she'll do as president. so, i'll put her record up. again, if anybody's, particularly donald trump any day of the week and twice on sunday. >> except when she put private investigators on women who are accusing her husband of sexual assault. >> when it came taher oo her ow. >> hillary clinton made a decision, as a lot of women had. a personal decision about her marriage. that's her marriage. the trumps marriages were his marriages. look at her record. as a children's advocate and as a first lady and secretary of
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state, it is unparalleled and championed by both parties. >> maybe this is the last we'll hear of it. thank you, ladies, for being here. funeral services held today for former israeli prime minister shimon peres. dozens of world leaders who attended the services. peres spent more than 70 years in public service. he earned the nobel peace prize for his role in negotiating israel's first peace deal with the palestinians. peres died wednesday after suffering a major stroke. he was 93 years old. four republican state attorneys general filed a lawsuit from transferring the oversight of the internet to an international governing body. the lawmakers say the move violates the constitution even threatens online security. the action throws a serious wrench into the internet
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transfer, which was scheduled to roll out tomorrow. all right. coming up, we have more on donald trump. what is he trying to accomplish with his early morning tweets this morning. michael smerconish has some ideas. we all know what happened with this train. we know it was about speed and we know how many were injured and what we don't understand fully is why, why the technology that exists to make this happen still isn't in place. we have the very latest on the investigation from the ntsb, next. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
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there's breaking news in the investigation into the train crash in hoboken, new jersey. cnn has learned the event recorder has been found. officials will download the information before waiting to go back to d.c. to do so. a maimer piece as investigators try to find out what led to the crash that killed one person, injured more than 100 others. here to discuss the latest on these two fronts is ntsb vice chairman bella dinzar. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> is it also true that the
4:22 am
engineer, because he was heavily sedated after hospitalization for his injuries has not bipartisan interviewed yet? >> that's right. we have not interviewed the engineer and we'll be requesting that interview today. >> is there anything to lead investigators to believe that this was something other than an accident? >> we are looking into every aspect of it. so, we like to say we look at the man, the machine and the environment. so, we're going to be looking at everything from the track to the mechanics to the human performance operations, as well as the occupant protection survival factors of this train. so, we do a very, very rigorous investigation. this is a terribly sad time for this community. and we're here to try to find out exactly what happened so we can prevent it from happening, again. >> the governors of new jersey and new york both mention that it seemed to be about excessive speed. are they getting ahead of the
4:23 am
facts or is that what it looks like to you all, as well? >> well, i think they understand that the ntsb is the lead in this investigation. so, we pride ourselves on our accuracy. we think that the people who are involved who have been affected deserve that. so, as we get the most factual information, that's when we release it. we're more about accuracy than speed. >> okay. so, for 40 years, the ntsb has been calling for ptt. positive track control. take human error out of it. it has not happened we are told because of money. at the end of the day, if ptt were in place, would this have happened? >> you're right. we have recommended ptc for more than 40 years. ptc is a system that does prevent train-to-train collisions, as well as other types of collisions by stopping
4:24 am
a train. but as far as this particular accident, we don't know yet. and we're going to look at that. when we have access to the three passenger cars, which right now is a very unsafe situation. there's a canopy that is resting on top of the train. once that's removed, we'll be able to look more closely at this train and we hope we'll be able to get more information. >> is it true that what you're looking at right now because of that canopy and water that has been coming in that even once you get the train out of there, the situation may be unstable. that that depot may need to be completely redone before you can have another train in there. >> we are very hopeful that we'll be able to remove the parts of the canopy that are resting on the train. or the contractors will be. and then we'll be able to access it safely. we have already accessed the locomotive and that's how we're able to remove the event recorder from the locomotive.
4:25 am
>> now, tell us what you're looking for on the video in terms of clues and, is it true that there is no more second man or woman with the engineer any more for cost savings, there's only one person now in control of the train. >> so, there were three crew members onboard. the engineer, the rear brake man and then the a conductor. those are the crew members. we will be asking to interview them. and that is the entirety of the crew as far as we know it. >> you don't have a second set of eyes up with the engineer any more, right? >> no. we do have forward facing cameras on both the locomotive and on the controlling cab, which is the front passenger car. so, we'll be looking at that. and trying to get information from that. if it's available. that's always an if with us. as far as the event recorder and
4:26 am
the cameras. we hope the quality of the data is usable. we'll also be looking at any data that is available from other security cameras that are around. >> bella, we know that the ntsb takes its job very serious and we look forward to hearing what you find so we can try to find our way to a better solution on trying to avoid this the next time. thank you for joining us on "new day." appreciate it. >> thank you. >> alisyn? chris, the focus for the race for president turning to twitter. why would donald trump turn everyone's attention back to the miss universe controversy? michael smerconish has some answers about that. and winners and losers of the week. that's next. ♪ (jet engine) ♪ (heart beat) ♪ (water splashing) (rain drops)
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it has been a busy week in the presidential campaign.
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can you believe the debate was only monday of this week? >> not true. >> feels like two months ago. a lot has happened. here's a reminder. >> i think donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. and, yes, i did. and, you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president and i think that's a good thing. >> i think my strongest asset maybe by far is my temperament. i have a winning temperament. i know how to win. >> and he called this woman miss piggy. then he called her miss housekeeping because she was latina. >> she was the winner and, you know, she gained a massive amount of weight and it was, it was a real problem. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment in the former -- >> we threw gary johnson in for good measure. >> johnson tweeted that it has been 24 hours and still cannot
4:32 am
think of a world leader. >> he did not. michael smerconish is joining us. you have a wonderful column coming out this sunday where you talk about the debate and sort of the repercussions in the days after the debate. so, who do you think won this week? >> well, in 1980, it was papa bush. george herbert walker bush who after he won the iowa caucus that he had the big momentum. he quickly lost it when he got to new hampshire of that year. but, in this case, i think trump had all the momentum going into the debate, but there was a complete shift in terms of what transpired monday night at hofstra and ultimately if it may be a major tipping point towards the end of the campaign remains to be seen. but i thought he completely lost focus. i think that he allowed her to push his buttons methodically. you go back and you read that transcript and you see deliberate things that she said to get under his skin. and it worked.
4:33 am
he lost his focus. and i think he has most importantly lost track of the audience to which he has now got to speak. it's not the primary and caucus voters. it's a whole new ball game. >> so, we have three polls that came out in battleground states. michigan, new hampshire and now florida we have for mason dixon. clinton is up 7-7 and four points. we're seeing a bump for her and we'll see what happens. the race is tightened and go back and forth. the idea of saying clinton got under his skin, she said things that bothered him. is this really about her or is this about him? politics is negative and nasty. if you're president of the united states, people like you and me will go after him on a regular basis. isn't this about how he chooses to respond to that? >> i think that the game plan from her vantage point going in. chris, they have been getting ready in brooklyn for this for a year is that they decided that
4:34 am
putting him on a split screen with her. and i'm convinced that when she practiced, she used video so that she could take a look at what that image would convey and very deliberately she used the trump up line, which i think fell flat and then followed it up with her father gave them a $14 million loan. this is a guy who cheered for the houshiing crisis. he referred to her as secretary clinton and he said, it's important to me that you feel good. then he lost that. he became the undisciplined trump. not the disciplined version under kellyanne conway's which we'd seen going am to the debate. you look at the tweets that you had been talking about this morning. somebody needs to take away the man's iphone. how does that grow his tent when he says, go look at a sex tape for a former miss universe. i don't get it.
4:35 am
>> imagine if hillary clinton managed to smash his iphone with a hammer. >> i like that synergy from both campaigns. it's interesting to hear you say that she felt like she was strong in the first 12 minutes because so many people said donald trump owned that first half an hour and then he seemed to lose focus and get more erratic during the debate. >> well, alisyn. i do agree with the assessment that the best 30 minutes for him were the first 30. but after she methodically dropped those lines, then he unraveled and he became the unfocused, undisciplined donald trump. and one other thing, you know, i thought he was probably playing possum when he said he wasn't rehearsing for the debates and he was eating bacon cheeseburgers in westchester, new jersey. he really didn't practice, that became obvious. and it caught up with him. >> the first 30 minutes. i thought it was interesting that people said it was his best. i thought that was a reflection of a low bar for him because what he didn't do, he wasn't
4:36 am
insulting. he wasn't running all over the place in terms of nonessential issues. >> he talked about trade in a way that was negative about her. not about what he would do better or different on trade other than this assumption that he could negotiate. on jobs. his big point is how he can make more jobs because he understands business. his only idea to keep jobs from leaving that a president doesn't control. i thought it was a missed opportunity for him. >> there were several missed opportunities for him when he finally was able to put the e mail issue one of his strong suits in play and lester holt gave him the opportunity to respond to that issue, having raised it. he said something about e-mails. he talked about the individuals who pled the fifth. and then he very quickly spun to more of a defense of his own tax return. and i would argue that any second that donald trump is talking about his failure to release his tax returns is a losing moment.
4:37 am
so, he couldn't even capitalize on that. and there were several of those during the course of the 90 minutes. >> so, michael, you talked about how it's hard to predict these things. momentum can shift on a dime and how about president george h.w. bush thought thee hhe had won. so, can donald trump next week shift the momentum back to him? >> i think that he has the opportunity to do so. i would remind you, alisyn. that ronald reagan had a poor first debate in 1994. and, so, the first debate was arguably the most important. and most important because so many americans are already voting. a third of americans voted before election day in the last cycle. we might exceed that this time. so, let's just remember that people are casting ballots as we speak. but there's still time on the clock. the question is, is he going to
4:38 am
practice? is he going to maintain some discipline and, most importantly, is he going to remember the intended audience? because tweeting about miss universe is not a way that you grow the tent with suburban women with whom right now you're doing horribly. >> michael smerconish, thank you. always great to get your take on the winners and losers of the week. so, could that deadly new jersey train crash have been prevented? we're talking to a member of the subcommittee and transportation and public assets to get some answers. on this sunday's "parts unknown" anthony bourdain heads to nashville. here's a preview. ♪ >> nashville, tennessee.
4:39 am
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investigation is under way into that deadly new jersey transit train crash. could it have been prevented if it had mandated safety features. we're joined by congressman john
4:44 am
mika member on transportation. thank you for joining us. investigators may learn something here that is an anomaly. something about the engineer and something about the track and something about the train and maybe a combination. however, it is just as likely that this will wind up being a factor of excessive speed and improper control that could have been corrected if new jersey had done what they were told to do by you in 2015 now moved to 2018 and it's not happening because of money. is that the bottom line? >> that's true. we made available $35 billion in what's called riff loans. railroad infrastructure financing loans. so, money was available. their neighbor metropolitan new york applied for and got almost $1 billion to start their system. but, unfortunately, sometimes
4:45 am
these systems are plagued with bad management. the congress oversees very closely the district of columbia metro and that's been a disaster. they've gotten huge amounts of money, but poor management and not good decisions as far as rail safety. >> so, you say that the time has come for amtrak to no longer have a monopoly. that the reason you say we have a soviet style railway system is fixable. explain. >> well, amtrak has had a lock since we created it. a monopoly. particularly on the northeast quarter, but for all the operations. we've seen around the world incredible systems. many of them put together by private public partnerships. and i actually opened the door the first time for competition. now we're getting some bids. both for the northeast quarter, which could have much better, more frequent service.
4:46 am
unfortunately, amtrak just bought the wrong kind of equipment. they're spending $2.5 billion in making a mistake on the type of equipment they purchase. so, they're a soviet-style train operation, monopoly, we're breaking that up. >> we're moving to privatize things all the time. public, partnerships and why has the rail system lagged? >> again, for passenger service, long distance amtrak has controlled this as a monopoly. but i did put provisions in the last legislation to open it to competition. we're getting those bids in now. there's 22,000 miles of service for amtrak that's run on freight. and that's private rail. private rail has actually stepped up to the plate on installing positive train control. they're ahead of the game. what's happened, though, we had some problems.
4:47 am
we had some problems relating to the transmission of information. you need an fcc, federal communications license for these transmission systems and we formally had about maybe 200, 300 applications in the fcc. now we have thousands because so many are required to get these systems in place. that's the only reason that they got a delay. we also provided money for systems like new jersey transit and other commuter rail lines to install their equipment, get it done as soon as possible. >> i mean, trains don't even have seat belts. it just seems like these incidents keep happening and the answer is always the same. when it's excessive speed, which is, yeah, you know, it's an antiquated system and it's complicated and we put the money out and the states don't manage it right or they don't ask for the loans and it's hard to handle. will anything change here? even with this tragedy where
4:48 am
everybody's concerned. will anything happen? >> we'll look at it. it's either the engineer or something he was distracted. we don't know. it was probably excessive speed from what we're hearing. but the train system there also had crashed avoidance system or slowing the train down. maybe it was something wrong with that system. that wasn't properly maintained. we'll find out. you know, i'm sad that we still don't have cameras in the cabs. the unions have fought to putting cameras in the cabs. i should note this morning what took place on that train, but they fought having, again, some systems to surveill what's going on on the cabs. i think that's reasonable. >> you think having the cameras is reasonable. so, please, bring it up and let us cover why it doesn't get done. it would certainly be a service to the public. >> well, i just told you, again, union opposition actually going to court to stop some of that.
4:49 am
>> hold a hearing. make it exposed. let people know what's going on. >> that's what i do as chairman of transportation oversight for the house and we try to keep them all on a path to safety and, also, advance the system because america is behind in its passenger rail service and we need to be leading the world, not behind the rest of the world. >> congressman, thank you for being on the show and pointing out. thank you. we talked to young voters, next. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
4:50 am
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hillary clinton has been lagging with younger voters, so how will she try to reel in the millennial vote? cnn's chief political correspondent dana bash hit the road to find out. she joins us live from washington. good morning, dana. >> good morning, alisyn. i was in north carolina, which is just about the swingiest of swing states. president obama won there in 2008, but lost in 2012. this year the clinton campaign hopes to win north carolina back, but the challenge there and in battleground states across the country is convincing reluctant young voters that hillary clinton is their candidate. at field offices and 280 college campuses, millennials work the phones for hillary clinton. >> i was wondering if you would like to come out and do some voter registration or a photo bank with us this weekend. >> reporter: obama got 50% of 18 to 29-year-olds in to 2012, 20%
4:54 am
of the vote, now it could be growing. >> young people could represent 25% of the vote. >> reporter: team clinton is putting such a premium on millennials, they hired youth directors in key battleground states. lilly catline runs north carolina and says social media is key. >> can't knock on every door. student moves every year. and so it is, you know, having those kinds of conversations, but through our text list or through twitter. >> reporter: still, polls show clinton is underperforming with millennials, so the campaign is deploying high profile surrogates. bernie sanders is lobbying his army of young supporters. >> it is imperative that we elect hillary clinton as our next president. >> reporter: chelsea clinton is hopscotching college towns. why has it been so hard for your mom to do that, to get people your age to get behind her? >> well, dana, thank you for including me in the millennial demographic. i'm just at the older end.
4:55 am
if we think about the younger millennials, we think only about 55% of 18 to 24-year-olds were even registered to vote at the beginning of 2016. so that says to me we need to be doing a better job collectively on making the case of what is at stake in this election. >> reporter: at east carolina university in north carolina, we heard why it has been so hard. what is your experience in getting your friends on the hillary clinton train? >> well, it's been pretty difficult. especially because a lot of young people, especially at ecu, were for bernie sanders. >> reporter: one sanders supporter challenged chelsea directly saying the primary was rigged for clinton. >> what moral ground does hillary clinton have to stand on to continue running as the democratic nominee? >> i would hope as someone who clearly is a passionate supporter of senator sanders that you'll listen to him directly, and not rely on me, to make the case. >> reporter: he really came to protest. and walked out holding a sign
4:56 am
for green party candidate jill stein. you don't really think jill stein can win, do you? >> i think we'll establish party power and relevance for the party by doing what we're doing. >> reporter: third party candidates is a dire concern for clinton. >> if you vote for someone other than hillary or don't vote at all, you are helping to elect hillary's opponent. >> reporter: for some, that's working. eric jenkins was a sanders delegate who said her college affordability plan convinced him. >> leaving out the cuts in colleges and states and also making the federal government match it four fold. >> reporter: but stroll through campus, it is clear clinton has work to do. >> who are you going to vote for? >> jill stein. >> hillary clinton. >> i'm undecided. >> fascinating reporting there, dana. great to hear from them directly. but let's just talk about the numbers. you heard hillary clinton say that the young vote can be 25% of the vote. that sounds extremely
4:57 am
significant. how much of an impact will they have this year? >> a big impact. and the clinton campaign has a good reason to be worried about it. just earlier this month there was a quinnipiac poll that showed 44% of young voters say they're going to vote for a third party candidate. when you think about it, when you think about the fact that as i said in the piece, barack obama got 60% of that group, that's a huge gulf and really could mean the difference between winning and losing. not just in north carolina, but in battleground states across the country, colorado is another one, pennsylvania, especially states with big college campuses and young votes. >> so let's talk about the impact that the third party might have. you heard one of your interview subjects there talk about how he doesn't think jill stein will necessarily win, but it will show third party power. and then jeb bush, did he actually say to you that he was considering voting for gary
4:58 am
johnson? >> not to me, but he did do an interview where he talked about the fact that he is considering that. and i have to tell you, alisyn, that kind of blows my mind because covering george -- excuse me, i covered george bush, but covering jeb bush in this election, his main push to voters was you need a candidate who is serious, who can do the job. especially on the world stage. for him to even think about somebody who doesn't know what aleppo is or was confused by it, can't answer a question about who his favorite world leader is, it is just mind boggling. and it does show, i mean, obviously jeb bush has personal reasons why he doesn't like donald trump or hillary clinton, but if somebody like him can consider that, it is really telling. >> it really is. this is a topsy-turvy crazy election season. dana, as you have shown us so many times. thanks so much for all of that reporting.
4:59 am
>> thank you. >> following a lot of news including donald trump's twitter tirade. let's get right to it. the future of our country will be on the ballot. >> the clintons are the sort of past we will be the very bright clean future. >> he puts his personal and business interests ahead of the laws. >> it is fair game to think about how hillary clinton treated those women. >> i have a very good history, a lot different than his that i can tell you. >> i'm not going to comment on how he runs his campaign. you'll be able to see. >> i heard a bomb-like explosion. >> the train came in at a high rate of speed. >> it just didn't stop. got thrown around, lights went out. >> i hear this really loud bang. deafening silence. and the screams and terror. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your new day.
5:00 am
it is friday, september 30th, 8:00 in the east now. we woke up this early for you and so did donald trump. he's all over twitter attacking a former miss universe and insisting on making this election about what he calls hillary clinton's sordid past. >> also, there are new questions about trump's charitable foundation. and hillary clinton struggles to shore up support from a key voting block. a lot to talk about with just 39 days until election day. we only have nine days until the next presidential debate, we're covering every angle for you, beginning with cnn's chris frates live in washington. good morning. >> good morning. after a week of fallout from trump's lackluster debate performance, his advisers are talking about overhauling how the gop nominee prepares for his next big face-off with hillary clinton. and some are suggesting that chris christie take the lead and bring some brutal honesty to that preparation process. now, meanwhile, trump, he's preparing a couple of new lines


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