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tv   New Day  CNN  September 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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welcome to your new day. it is friday, september 30th, 8:00 in the east now. we woke up this early for you and so did donald trump. he's all over twitter attacking a former miss universe and insisting on making this election about what he calls hillary clinton's sordid past. >> also, there are new questions about trump's charitable foundation. and hillary clinton struggles to shore up support from a key voting block. a lot to talk about with just 39 days until election day. we only have nine days until the next presidential debate, we're covering every angle for you, beginning with cnn's chris frates live in washington. good morning. >> good morning. after a week of fallout from trump's lackluster debate performance, his advisers are talking about overhauling how the gop nominee prepares for his next big face-off with hillary clinton. and some are suggesting that chris christie take the lead and bring some brutal honesty to that preparation process. now, meanwhile, trump, he's preparing a couple of new lines of attack.
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donald trump's on a tirade this morning against hillary clinton and former miss universe miss alicia machado claiming she -- he was duped and calling her disgusting. >> the clintons are the sordid past we will be the very bright and clean future. >> reporter: this as trump hints he's considering bringing up bill clinton's infidelity the next time he faces off with hillary clinton on the debate stage. >> well, she was very nasty to me and i was going to do it and i saw chelsea sitting out in the audience and i just didn't want to go there. >> reporter: the thrice married candidate telling reporters he's not worried about the attack inviting scrutiny of his own marital history. >> i have a very good history. i guess, i mean, they can do, but a lot different than his
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that i can tell you. we have a situation where we have a president who was a disaster and ultimately impeached over it in a sense for lying. so we'll see whether or not we discuss it. >> reporter: the plan, an attempt to fight back against trump's own controversial comments about women, detailing talking points obtained by cnn this week, encouraging surrogates to drop names from bill clinton's past like monica lewinsky. >> do you as somebody who wants more women to run for high office feel any obligation if trump brings up your husband's past to speak out against a spouse's indiscretions or past being brought into a campaign like this? >> no. look, he can say whatever he wants to say as we well know, we have seen it in real time over the last many months. and i'm going to keep running my campaign. >> reporter: trump's also standing by his claim that he did a service to the country by leading the birther movement. >> i was the one that got him to
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produce the birth certificate. and i think i did a good job. >> reporter: going a step further saying he's proud of his effort, while reiterating a false claim that clinton questioned the president's citizenship when she ran against him in 2008. >> i'm the one that got him to put up his birth certificate, hillary clinton was unable to get there and i will tell you, she tried. she was unable to do it and i tried and i was able to do it so i'm very proud of that. >> reporter: all of this as trump's foundation faces renewed scrutiny saying the new york state attorney general's office, the washington post reporting that the charity never obtained the certification that new york requires before charities can solicit money from the public. the trump campaign has not responded to the paper's request for comment. now, cnn is also reached out to the trump campaign and has not yet gotten response either. but also this morning, usa today has an editorial out calling trump unfit for the presidency. and it is first time in the paper's 34-year history it has taken sides in any presidential race. but the paper noted it wasn't
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endorsing clinton, and yesterday it is important to note here, the paper ran an op-ed by mike pence where the veep candidate made the case for his running mate, donald trump. >> thank you for all of that. hillary clinton is hitting the key battleground state of florida today, trying to convince millennials she's the better choice than any third party candidate. cnn's suzanne malveaux is live in washington with the key dee ta details. good morning. >> clinton is on the road and she's mocking trump for his debate performance. using his own words about being smart for not paying income taxes, she's going after trump's tax plan, his character, and his business practices. today, she is in florida, she's making two campaign stops as she's pushing for courting the millennials who polls show are being drawn to the third party candidates, particularly gary johnson. the threat now is johnson could become a spoiler. and clinton was faced with that
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prospect aboard her plane. >> i think either donald trump or i will be the president of the united states. and so people have to look carefully in making their decision about who to vote for because it will be either him or me. and i am going to do everything i can to make sure it is me. >> every hour there is a new poll, this morning we have three new polls that are out, giving us first glimpse of clinton's post debate bounce. it shows clinton now with a four-point lead in florida, dominating among women, african-americans and hispanics. trump has a big lead with whites, independents and men. clinton has a wider seven point lead over trump in both the key battleground states of new hampshire as well as michigan. what is particularly revealing is the 21 point lead that she has among women in michigan. desperately trying to cut that -- should come as no surprise that is where trump is campaigning today, a big challenge for her, hillary is
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going to be turnouts among the millennials. >> it will be interesting to see what happened with johnson lately, what that will do. he's still up close to ten. suzanne, thank you very much. let's bring in arkansas attorney general leslie rutledge, donald trump supporter. good to have you on the show this morning. >> well, thank you, good morning. >> as an attorney general, are you concerned about the accusations about the trump foundation? the self-dealing, not just that was captured by the irs, but the idea that he was paying for personal gain out of that foundation. you're familiar with the list, but i'll put it up for the audience in 2007, there was $100,000 that came out of it to settle a legal dispute. 158 to settle a golf course lawsuit, 5,000 for hotel advertising, 10 grand for a trump portrait. you're not supposed to use money out of a charitable foundation to self-deal. does this concern you as someone who enforces the law? >> what concerns me is my colleague in new york, eric snyderman, playing right into the democratic playbook of using
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the office of attorney general in a political realm. we have the clinton foundation accepting millions of dollars when hillary clinton was secretary of state. that's much more concerning on a national scale than the trump organization, trump foundation. >> the foundation, clinton foundation, raises real questions, gets investigated. the fbi and u.s. attorney pass it over. these are things that were flagged as a violation by the irs. and these allegations from the trump foundation could also trigger a prosecution. >> well, they could also be overlooked by the justice department and the fbi and that's what i think that we have here is eric snyderman again. my colleague, that is using the office of attorney general as a political, you know, machine and that's just, you know, unfortunate for the folks in new york to have their attorney general using the office dishonestly to, as hillary
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clinton's activist. >> what is dishonest about saying from 2007 to 2014 you had over 250 grand that came out of your foundation that wasn't supposed to be used for those kinds of things. that's not political, just a fact, isn't it? >> well, what is a fact is that the democratic ag who is supporting secretary clinton in this wanted to be part of the democratic machine, leading up into this november election. and i am disappointed in my colleague in new york, but unfortunately i'm not surprised because this is, again, just another play in that playbook of democratic politics. >> one of the big claims that donald trump uses in the election about foreign policy is he was right about the war in iraq. mike pence's running mate, in congress, he voted for the war. hillary clinton voted for the war or to give the president authority to take military action. and trump criticizes that. the basis of it has been
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disputed that we can't find any proof that he was against the war, howard stern just came out and said the following. >> trump was on our show years ago and said, yeah, you know, he was kind of for the iraq war, us going into iraq. he was saying he wasn't for it and so they were forced to mention my name. it's cool. good promotion. >> he's a friend of donald trump. don't you think the truth matters on something like this? why not just own a proposition like this? why does donald trump insist on saying something that can't be proved? >> well, donald trump was a private citizen during that time, and i think that when it comes to the voracity of someone's statements, we need to look to secretary clinton and the voracity of had her statements over the last several years and certainly while she was secretary of state and
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hiding, for example, and deleting those 33,000 plus e-mails, having the server in her basement, being dishonest with the federal bureau of investigation when asked, being dishonest with the american public, more importantly, so, yes, we must -- i think when it comes to trusting our candidates, we need to take former president reagan and that's trust but verify and we can verify that hillary clinton is certainly the most dishonest candidate that we have ever seen run for president. >> but, donald trump's claim is to be the change agent. he's supposed to be better than what you accuse hillary clinton of and then something as simple as whether or not he can tell the truth about being for or against the war, he lies about it. says he was against the war, can't find any proof of it. doesn't exist. >> donald trump is a change agent. that's why we're seeing this great movement across the country is because he's taking the fight to bring back jobs to america, to strengthen the military to the inner cities of our country that are hurting
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desperately for new jobs, he is the agent of change. while hillary clinton is the agent of the same old, aim osam failed policies. >> that would refer to dredging up what happened in the '90s with bill clinton. as you notice, this interview with you, i talked about other things. i don't see how it is productive to go back there. donald trump is tweeting up a storm this morning, upset about what was said about the miss universe contestant, he wants to talk about bill clinton's past, he wants to talk about hillary clinton's role, do you advise that going back into that sordid trash and raising all kinds of questions about trump's own life or should we talk about what you're talking about, these issues and voracity and legitimacy? >> well, we should be talking about jobs, the economy, and the military, and unfortunately secretary clinton is the one who raised the discussion about miss universe during the debate. she wanted to use her time to talk to the american people to drag up the past of the 1990s. and the things that she has said and done to women and hurting
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them have been vicious. and they pale in comparis tonight things that donald trump may or may not have said. so it is really the clinton campaign, planting stories about this woman from the 1990s, miss universe, that has brought all of this up. it is not been the trump campaign. >> but it is the trump campaign's decision to respond, right? if you're going to be a change agent, even if everything you said is true, how this is about hillary clinton baiting donald trump and not about his own volitional behavior, fez a change agent, about things that matter to the american people, why is he doubling down on talking about miss universe and dragging up the sex life of bill clinton? >> well, what has been brought up is the treatment that hillary clinton gave to those women, how viciously she attacked them, that she went to destroy their lives, and that's what pales, you know, his actions and statements over the years pale in comparison to what she did and how she treated those women and continues to do so.
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having a war room that she was running in charge of, six figures, spent on investigators on what she called and was termed the bimbo eruptions. >> attorney general of arkansas leslie rutledge, i appreciate you making the case for the trump campaign on "new day" this morning. appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. >> alisyn? >> let's get the clinton camp response to what we just heard as well as the week's news. joining us now is nua tanden. good morning. >> great to be with you. >> i was watching your face during that last interview that chris just conducted with the attorney general. and i saw some pained expressions. what is it that you want to counter first? >> well, i hope everyone just paid attention to what the attorney general of arkansas just said on every charge, whether it was a foundation, around donald trump the gop nominee's tweets this morning,
5:14 am
between 3:30 and 5:30 in the morning, there is no response to -- there is no defense of his actions, no defense of what he's done, it is just one continual attack and often lie about hillary clinton. she didn't run any war room to destroy any women, but if they want to get in the gutter of the '90s, they think that's what it looks like to be president of the united states, to have the temperament to be president of the united states, keep at it. i think people will make the judgment that america wants to move forward, they don't want to look into the past, they want to have a person who actually is not obsessively tweeting at 3:30 in the morning in response to some slight, but someone who is going to solve their problems. >> let's talk about a couple of things that have come up and get you to address them head on. alicia machado, former miss universe, now in this fight with donald trump. basically what he has done is raised issues and questions about her past, she may have been connected to a crime in the past, do you think that the
5:15 am
clinton campaign adequately vetted her before talking about her at the debate? >> okay. let's just take this in turn. i realize that donald trump and his campaign want to destroy another person, an american, who has criticized him. i realize it is their goal to do that. let's look at what really happened here. alicia machado made a point about how she was treated by donald trump. she was treated terribly by donald trump. she was taattacked for her weig, called miss housekeeper because she was a latina. nothing that has come forward disputes what his actual words are. they just want to destroy her as a person. they'll use the media to do that. i suggest the media do not take the bait by the trump campaign to destroy another woman. sure, i hear the point. i hear the point you're making, which is that these are issues raised. but the issue that hillary was talking about was his treatment of women and it is not just
5:16 am
alicia machado. there are dozens of women that he's called pigs and a number of names and there is no dispute of it. and there is absolutely no zbut dispute of it. >> you're comfortable with that and that the campaign vetted that adequately? >> i'm saying the facts stand. there is nothing that donald trump disputed to describe what he said. we have them on tape. there is video running of what he said live on tape. he can't dispute that. though he tends to try to dispute words he's actually said multiple times. >> let me read to you something that the clinton campaign spokesman put out a statement about going back to the '90s and dredging up bill clinton's sexual past. let me just read this. while trump and his lieutenants like roger stone and david bossy may want to dredge up failed attacks from the 1990s as many republicans have warned this is a mistake that is going to back
5:17 am
fire. neera, had how can you be sure it is going to be back fire this time as it did in the 1990s since attitudes and morets about sex have changed since then. >> i think most people look at these facts and say that this is a guy being advised by roger ailes who has predatorial behavior. the idea that they're going to pass judgment on other people's marriages is ridiculous. i mean, they can go through with this strategy, but it is not democrats who are saying don't do it, it is republicans, republican surrogates, republican congressional leaders, asa hutchinson, a whole range of republicans are pleading with donald trump not to go down this road because they recognize the problem that it will create for them because if you want to appeal to suburban women, perhaps, and the public in general, perhaps you should actually talk about your future and not try to viciously
5:18 am
attack your opponent because of what her husband has done in the past. that is not change. if you want to be a change agent, that is the gutter politics that most americans will reject. i have faith in the american people that they will reject that gutter politics and the important thing is for hillary to stay on her message, she's talking about national service today. she's not talking about these issues. >> she has seemed to be reveling in her debate performance from monday night. we have seen her on the campaign trail looking quite happy about it. is there some concern in her campaign that she is overconfident, particularly since the format changes of the next one, it is a town hall, where donald trump is said to perhaps do better in that setting? >> i'm a democrat, and i'm never overconfident, i don't think democrats are generally -- it is not in our nature to be overconfident. hillary is definitely not overconfident, she will prepare for the next format. she looks forward to every
5:19 am
opportunity to talk about her vision and her agenda for actually addressing the country's problems. i think that the issue here is never being overconfident, and go have a tight race going over the next, you know, several weeks, and there is going to be an all-out effort to get people to the polls to register and get people to the polls in the last few weeks. but definitely not a -- never a problem being overconfident on our end. >> neera, thank you so much for coming on. we appreciate you being on "new day". >> thank you. >> to chris. >> imagine what it was like to be on board that train that crashed in new jersey. we're going to talk with two people who thank god lived through the crash, relatively unscathed next. (vo) maybe it was here, when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust.
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we got some new information into the investigation into what happened with the train. the event recorder that crashed in hoboken, they found it. and officials are going to download the information from it this morning. that's faster than it usually happens. it is a major step in the investigation as they try to figure out why that train slammed into a terminal wall killing one person and injuring more than 100 others. we have cnn's brynn gingras live from hoboken. we'll get more information fast. >> reporter: that is a big part of the investigation. another big part, hopefully coming today, the ntsb says they're going to interview the engineer of the train, thomas
5:24 am
gallagher. he was actually out of the hospital, overmedicated, couldn't talk to ntsb officials yesterday. that's the hope today. there were two other crew members on the train, so investigators hope to talk to them as well. and as far as evidence, of course, you mentioned that event recorder, that does measure about the speed and the braking system on the train. as you said, chris, very important information. other evidence that they hoped to collect but probably not until later this afternoon are cameras that were on the train. those are located in the front where the engineer sat. because of the debris that fell on top of the train, it has been difficult for investigators to safely get in there. so the hope is to get all that cleared up later today. and to get in there, get the four cameras, two on the outside and two on the panel, where the engineer sits. so a lot of evidence to still be collected. this is the first full day that the ntsb is on the scene. of course, a lot of questions about this as 114 people were injured and one death, a 34-year-old woman killed standing on that platform. >> brynn, thank you so much for
5:25 am
all of that. we're joined by two passengers on the train, we have omar mamun headed to school and jamie weatherhead shawl, headed to work. thank you for being here. we're happy you look fine and neither of you were injured. jamie, i'll start with you. what happened? >> i mean, it was a typical commute. we started out just fine once we left secaucus, as we entered the tunnel, a few of us noticed the train isn't slowing down. >> were you talking about it? >> we kind of, like, looked at eache eother, like, this is strange, but we thought maybe it is going to slow down further into the station and as we looked out of the door, because i was standing in the vestibule at that first car, ready to exit, i noticed that the train had continued into the station and we were still going at that same speed. >> how fast do you think you were going? >> if i had to estimate i would
5:26 am
say had to be 70 miles per hour or -- >> regular -- the speed at which you had been going the whole time? >> yes. it just didn't slow down. it didn't brake. we didn't feel any, like, gradual deceleration. it was just, like keep going. >> so you were standing, you were about to get off. what happened to you when you felt the impact? >> so before we even noticed there was going to be impact, the light started flickering, because we didn't know what was happening on the other side, standing up, the folks from the second vestibule, like, right at that -- the beginning of the second car, were thrown into where we were standing, so folks were just piling up in front of us. a woman right in front of me had her legs caught in between the two -- the door and her body on my side. we were able to get her up. another woman had a bad knee injury, couple of folks immediately in front of me had their, you know, some gashes, gentleman was trying to help people. am i bleeding, am i bleeding? we were, like, yes, he was
5:27 am
really helpful in keeping folks calm. >> my gosh. omar, tell me where you were in the train and what your experience was? >> i was sitting toward the middle of the train. when you're entering the station, you hear the squeaking brakes. i didn't hear that. i looked out the window and i noticed that we're moving very quickly, but by the time that you register moving very quickly and in the station that something is going to happen, we had already hit the platform and were on the course. >> what was that impact like? >> like an explosion. everybody was standing up, so the whole train -- the whole train car just moving left and right and up and down so people were being thrown everywhere, people were hitting their heads on either the doors or people's shoulders, elbows, shoulders, opening to the door frame. >> omar, some of the video we're looking at, some of the still pictures are yours.
5:28 am
you were able to use your cell phone and take some video of the aftermath as well as pictures. what kind of injuries were you seeing? >> all kinds. people had their brows cut open, cuts on their heads, on their necks, especially out of the first car. the emergency windows were pushed out and almost everybody coming out of that car had blood on them. >> it is just incredible that no one on the train died. it is just inconceivable. if you were going as fast as you had been the whole trip, and then just slammed into the platform, how is it possible that no one on the train died? >> i honestly don't know. especially the first car, the first -- the first half of that first car was completely crumpled. i can't imagine that nobody was, like, squashed by that, so that's really kind of miraculous. >> it is miraculous. jamie, what do you think happened? >> i want to believe that it was
5:29 am
a mechanical error, because we have never experienced that. there is always that five to ten miles per hour as you approach the station and we never felt a brake or slowdown, and, you know, obviously there is maybe human error, but i honestly think this is someone who has done this route several times and they would know -- >> for years. the engineer, the conductor had done this for decades. >> so i'm more concerned that there was something, something went wrong and i'm sure you try to do the best he could to get us to safety and it is amazing that we all lived to tell the story. for sure you thought we're all going to die. >> and you both -- the fact that you both are -- look unscathed. obviously we can't see your mental state, but you seem physically okay and for which we're really grateful. omar, jamie, thanks so much for sharing your story and your pictures, omar, we really appreciate that. >> thank you. >> over to chris.
5:30 am
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so we'll go back to the beginning. hillary clinton brings up a former miss universe during monday night's debate. alicia machado is still topping the headlines following a twitter storm by donald trump. that's not all that's going on in politics. let's discuss the bottom line with cnn's senior political commentator, former obama senior adviser david, "the ax," axelrod. the premise, hillary clinton brought this up. why? if the clinton wants the high ground of saying we're not going to get into this tawdriness, talk about this stuff so long, why bring it up? >> i don't think it was tawdry to bring her up because it goes to the way he treats people, which is a big concern. we have seen it in the past, the
5:35 am
way he treated the reporter with disabilities, the way he's treated women generally. for her, from a political standpoint, you see the strategy, here is a young latina, who he mistreated, and mistreated not just because she was fat, but miss housekeeper line was quite offensive and she's -- she's a well known person, particularly in the venezuelan american community. so i think it was a shrewd thing for her to bring it up. what isn't shrewd is that donald trump took the bait. it is in the -- the story is in its fourth day because of him. after that debate, my question was how will he react to this general verdict that he had lost the debate, because, you know, donald trump pictures himself as a winner. that's his whole image. i'm a winner. everybody else are losers. and whenever he's depicted as a loser, it just drives him off the deep end. this happened after the conventions. he was deemed a loser in the
5:36 am
conventions and he went on, like, a three-week self-destructive rampage that really hurt his candidacy. this, you know, on the friday after the debate, to get up before dawn, and tweet about alicia machado is unfathomable. >> well, we had his surrogates, many on the show this morning, and they say that what the clinton camp did wasn't talk about the issues, they talked about his character. fair enough, you're allowed to talk about your opponent's character on the campaign, but he has to defend his character. so if you're saying he said these horrible things, he's trying to defend himself and show that he either didn't say them or that in addition to that he was trying to be helpful to her. so if you were in a parallel universe, a senior strategist to donald trump, i mean, when somebody attacks your character, do you go after him? >> i would not be the senior strategist at donald trump because it doesn't seem to me that donald trump accepts advice. and i think that's one of his
5:37 am
problems. i don't think his senior strategists are saying to him, you know what, why don't you get up at 4:00 and shoot out some tweets. >> president obama, if somebody tacked his character, are you supposed to address it? >> well, obviously he had a chance to address it on the stage there. the issue is a serious one which is -- and i would answer it and move on. i think it is a vulnerability for them. i would answer it and move on. what he's done is prolonged it for four days. the clinton campaign could not have asked for more. they wanted to make this an issue and he is cooperating in that project. and i'm telling you, none of his advisers are telling him to do this. this is the way donald trump is, he's very reactive, the clinton folks figured that out, they were pushing his buttens all throughout that debate and he's reeling from that. >> he's got brannon from breitbart and bossy from
5:38 am
citizens united who have made a lot of hay in the area of hillary clinton is as much to blame as bill clinton because of how she treated the women. what is their play to advantage in this? >> i think that if they raise this, if he actually raises this on a debate stage, he does it at great risk. >> raises bill clinton's past. >> bill clinton's past. it would be the angle would be that she mistreated the women who are involved. this is their way of saying you're really the misogynist, you know. >> you're not a champion of women. you're not a champion of women, look at how -- >> so easy for her to turn and say, listen, we had big problems in our marriage, everybody knows it. and, you know, i reacted as one would, angry, but the fact is i'm proud that we fought to save our marriage and hold it together. a lot of people haven't, donald. >> she hasn't said that actually. hillary clinton's messaging hasn't been quite as succinct as
5:39 am
what you just said. she said i'm not going to dignify it, i'm not going to talk about this, we all lived through it. she hasn't said, let's be honest -- >> i know but on a debate stage if it came up, she would have to do more than i'm not going to dignify it. hillary clinton was the high point of her public esteem, held in -- >> 65%. >> when she was at -- when she was going through that period, because people identified with her. as i think people would identify with someone who fought through problems in their marriage. i think it would be a terrible mistake. by the way, it absolutely would be a mistake at the next debate, which is a town hall meeting. they say they brought in chris christie to sharpen had him up for the next debate. these people who are sitting around waiting to ask questions about concerns that they have in their lives are not coming to hear him shoot off barbs about bill clinton's marital infidelities. >> what if she brings it up
5:40 am
again, though. what if she brings up the machado thing? what would be your advice on how to deal with it? >> i don't think she will. i don't think she should. i think the same rule pertains to her. the rule of town hall meetings is basically address the people who are there, address their problems, if there is a difference on substance, and she may generally say that presidents need to be respectful of all our people, but that opens her up on the deplorable comment. i think stick to the answer -- address the people, let them know how you're go to try and do stuff that will be helpful to them and their lives and stay away from a lot of that. >> very quickly, we have the first battleground state poll since the debate. so let's look at those. they have shifted. first up, michigan, she is now seven points up in michigan. moving on to new hampshire, she is now seven points up. in new hampshire, then you look at florida, which keeps fluctuating, and she's four points up there. but you cannot count, i mean, i
5:41 am
don't have to tell you this, on the snapshots of polls because this race in particular, they have seesawed so much. >> i do think she gained from the debate probably a few points. but they do -- they do move around. and i would be very cautious about putting too much emphasis on any poll because methodology is different. the times did an interesting exercise, they gave the same data to four pollsters and came up with four different results based on the same data because they had different methods of weighing the data, which tells you something about polling. it is a science, but it is also an art. and these campaigns are fortified with polling that is much more precise. they invest a lot more money. >> you also have to keep your eye on johnson after what he did this week, he still -- he's usually 5% to 8%. >> i think that if his vote among millennials shrinks, that's probably to her benefit.
5:42 am
>> david axelrod, thanks so much. police in kansas city, kansas, are reeling from the loss of two of their own in the line of duty this year. how they made sure any fallen brother would be properly honored. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
5:43 am
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the kansas city police department had not lost an officer in the line of duty for 18 years. then just weeks apart it lost two of its own. cnn's ryan young has more in this week's beyond the call of duty. >> had somebody to my right yelled, no, i said i got to say this, i got to say it quick, and i said, brad lancaster's dead. >> in may, kansas city police detective brad lancaster was fatally shot. captain roderick dave melton not o only served in the honor guard, he helped make sure his fellow
5:47 am
officer was properly honored. >> the way the casket entered the stadium, they did a flyover with the helicopter, that was melton's idea. >> his research went into a manual. >> when he turned it in, he said, it is all done, put it on the shelf, hopefully never use it again. and then less than two weeks later we're pulling that book off the shelf to try and navigate another funeral and this time it was his. >> more than a thousand people including officers from other departments from across the country filled the stadium to pay their respects to another fallen officer. >> chief ziegler was presenting the flag. i never in a million years would have pictured that being me having to get that flag. >> captain melton had responded to a call about a drive by shooting, something he wasn't required to do in his current administrative position. >> i was doing captain promotions and so he went out in the field. >> at the scene, melton was fired upon as he got out of his police car. >> and then they said, melton's been shot. probably going to be all right,
5:48 am
he was wearing his vest, he always wear his vest, and mike said, yeah, that doesn't matter. he got shot in the head. and, you know at that point -- >> in a household where both mom and dad were police officers, sacrifice is a word that is never used lightly. melton was a veteran of the army who served in iraq and afghanistan, where he earned a bronze star, a father and stepfather of five with another baby on the way. >> in those seconds that it took for them to tell us he was gone, my entire life changed. his kids' lives changed. i would never wish the kind of pain that we're feeling on anyone else. >> ryan young, cnn, kansas city,
5:49 am
kansas. >> another reminder of just how difficult that job can be and how much unity is needed within the force. let's go from heroes in blue to this week's cnn hero. more than 25 million senior citizens live in poverty. did you know that? and for most vulnerable, homelessness could be a sad reality. that takes us to isha desell, shining a light on this forgotten group through her organization, the turning point center. >> when you're older, living on the street, it is a very scary place. you're much more vulnerable. the people who are in between the ages of 50 and 62, society views them as too old for working, and too young for social security. they need help. it is like you don't exist. and that's wrong. >> to see how isha is lifting the elderly out of homelessness, go to cnn and watch
5:50 am
the full story. >> such a good message and reminder for everyone. do you need a laugh? late night tv is keeping it light. but no one is safe. the best of late night laughs next. mom, i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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5:54 am
to help out that laugh/cry balance that this election can make us all go through, donald trump and hillary clinton getting roasted by late night comics. even gary johnson was thrown into the mix. >> think he gave them some material. >> i don't know why. take a look. >> donald trump is reportedly angry his advisers are saying he struggled during first debate. his advisers are, like, oh, so you can hear us? as if there were a wall between us. >> hillary clinton vowed to break down on hackers who launch psychoatta cyberattacks. she said if anybody is going to abuse government computers, it is going to be me. >> steve case endorsed hillary clinton for president today. though the last thing hillary wants to hear is -- >> you've got mail. >> oh, no. oh, no.
5:55 am
get rid of it! >> gary johnson was giving a television interview and he was unable to name a single foreign leader. couldn't name one. yeah. sounds like someone wants to be donald trump's secretary of state. >> no surprise johnson is polling at 30% among military service members because if the president doesn't know about syria, there is no way he's sending you there. things might be looking up for gary johnson because it was just announced that former nickelodeon star melissa joan hart has been named chair of his connecticut campaign. that's right. clarissa, it's perfect, he could really use something to explain it all to him. >> conan o'brien is so funny. >> he won the camerota laugh index. >> "snl" starts tomorrow, they postponed their start so that they could be after the first
5:56 am
presidential debate and they will not take a hiatus throughout the election now. >> mckinnon is a minted star. will alec baldwin raise the trump game? >> i don't know. let us know what you think. i say no. >> that's good enough for me. "newsroom" with carol costello picks up after this break. t stuy by rootmetrics, again, verizon is the number one network. hi, i'm jamie foxx for sprint. and i'm jamie foxx for t-mobile. (both) and we're just as good. really? only verizon was ranked number one nationally in data, reliability, text and call and speed. yeah. and you're gonna fist pump to that? get out of my sight. (announcer vo) unlimited isn't a good deal if it's on a cutrate network. switch now and get our best deal. 20 gigs and four lines for only 160. all on america's best network. before it became a medicine,
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"newsroom," sex, money and presidential politics. >> clintons are the sordid past. >> no topic off limits. >> he can say whatever he wants to say as we well know. >> but what about his past? >> i have a very good history. >> also, an ugly fight with beauty queens. >> the most beautiful women in the world and we're made to feel like fat. just quite worthless. >> and she's not alone. trump targets a former miss universe in an early morning twitter tirade. plus, rush hour horror. >> it just didn't slow down. it didn't brake. >> two questions this morning. what went wrong and could it have been avoided? let's talk, live in the "cnn newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me this morning. presidential politics and the all important swing states this morning. hillary clinton hits florida and donald trump visits michigan this afternoon. but overnight, trump fires off


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