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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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baby on the way. >> in those seconds it took for them to tell us he was gone. -- my entire life changed. his kids' lives changed. i would never wish the kind of pain we're feeling on anyone else. >> cnn kansas city, kansas. >> what a remarkable man. ryan, thank you for that. that will do it for me. "the lead" with jake tapper is now. >> nearly a week later and he's still thoroughly hooked on debates. "the lead" starts right now. he can't help himself, donald trump threeing everything but the kitchen sink at hillary clinton former miss universe and a media rant plus hillary clinton responds uks but will it be enough for the status quo in
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a change election. also, he sees destruction on a daily basis so what brought this heroic rescue worker in syria to tears? ♪ good afternoon everyone welcome to "the lead" i'm jake tapper. like a moth flying straight into a bright yellow light bulb, the presidential republican nominee marks 39 days until the presidential election and this morning donald trump started attacking miss universe 1996 winner who secretary of state hillary clinton brought up in the debates. let's be clear that raising the accusations that trump called her house piggy 20 years ago that was the first step in a clinton campaigned plan line of attack designed to bait trump
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designed to overreact in days potentially demonstrating to the world that trump doesn't have the temperament to be president. the morning after the debate clinton campaign had a web campaign. all they needed was donald trump to bite. to go after that woman. and he bit. he went after her. minutes after the debate continuing until today and the fact donald trump was up in the middle of the night fuming over this woman telling voters to check out her sex tape, calling this now high-profile latina disgusting. this was more than hillary clinton could have ever dreamed. her campaign asked the question what kind of man stays up all night to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories. let's hear live from hillary clinton who will directly address mr. trump twitter rant.
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let's take a listen. >> and i've got to recognize joshua simmons who just introduced me. he is a civics teacher at pompono beach middle school and boy are his students lucky to have him and his enthusiasm. and i want to also commend him for talking about his mother and how hard she worked and his sister who he helped to raise. we really are stronger together. and that starts in families. and neighborhoods. and communities. what you heard from a lot of my friends who represent you starting with my great friend and former colleague your senator bill nelson. [ cheers and applause ] and i am looking forward to working with bill as we make
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sure to continue the progress that will move us all forward together. and i sure hope florida sends some reenforcements to the senate elect congressman patrick murphy. i think florida deserves a full-time senator, don't you? [ cheers and applause ] and i want to thank my friend, someone who has just worked her heart out, not just for her constituents but for democrats across america, congress woman debbie wasserman-shultz. and another great friend of mine going back more years than we care to remember, i'm so pleased he's here with us, congressman alsy hastings. [ cheers and applause ]
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and i know that congressman ted doit who represents this district is over in israel for the funeral of a great, great man, shimon peres and i want to thank ted for all his support and his hard work. you know, before i get started and really talk about everything that's at stake and what we have to do the next 39 days to make sure we win this election, i wanted to say a few words about the tragic passing of jose' fernandez. you know, when he left cuba he did not speak a word of english. he didn't let that stop him. he pursued his dreams. he wanted to and he became one of the best baseball players
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that miami has ever seen. [ applause ] and he never forgot where he came from. he worked hard to give back to the community that had given so much to him. jose''s life really embodied the american dream and at 24 years of age he was just getting started. i'm sure you join me in saying that our thoughts and our prayers are with his family, with his fans, and everyone whose life he touched during his extraordinary career. [ cheers and applause ] i also want to mention another resident of coral springs and that's a man named bob levenson. my heart goes out to bob's family. he disappeared in iran more than
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nine years ago and it's long past time for the iranian regime to provide us information about his whereabouts and let him return home to his family. now, do any of you see the debate the other night? [ cheers and applause ] well, i think it was pretty clear there are two very different choices. for our country. based on two very different visions of the kind of america that we want to have. you know, my view is we are already great and if we work together we will become even greater in the years ahead. i believe america is an
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exceptional nation. my opponent believes america is in decline. i've never heard such a dark and divisive, terrible image of our country coming from someone running to be president of the united states. when he talks i lots of times don't even recognize the country he's talking about. and why are we already great? well, it is not just because of the size of our economy or the size of our military, it is because of our generosity. it is because of our inaga agin i ingenuity and the smartness of our country our strongest asset. more people of all ages can
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serve america. serve their communities. because america is great when you really strip it all down. because america is good. and we can't ever forget that. i have laid out specific plans about how we're going to make our country even greater, i've actually got a book here with tim cain my running mate. i have an old-fashioned idea if i am asking you for your vote for president i should tell you what i'm going to do. i shouldn't talk generally and ugs rhetoric and never answer questions about what we could do but to lay out how we're going to make the economy to work for everyone not just those at the top.
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that means new jobs. in manufacturer, technology, yes clean renewable energy jobs. my opponent's only infrastructure plan is to build a wall. i loved that he went down to mexico and he choked. he didn't even raise it. he's been going around telling people for months we're going to build a wall, make mexico pay for it, so he's sitting with the president of mexico and he doesn't even bring it up. he finds it a lot easier to insult women than to talk to the president of mexico about building a wall. [ cheers and applause ] i mean, really?
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who gets up at 3:00 in the morning [ laughter ] to engage in a twitter attack. against a former miss universe. i mean, he hurdled as many insults as he could. really? why does he do things like that? i mean, his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged, even for him. it proves, yet again, that he is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. [ cheers and applause ] i have said it before and i'll say it again, a man who could be provoked by a tweet should not be anywhere near the nuclear codes. so i'm going to keep talking
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about what we can do together after this election. getting those new jobs. and i'll tell you another area i want to emphasize is small business. as i said the other night, my dad was a small business man. he made a lot of sacrifice and he worked really hard to give us a good, solid, middle-class life. i'm really proud of that. and i'm sure glad he never got a contract from donald trump who stints small businesses, doesn't pay his bills to people like my dad. but we need to do more to get small business started and growing, here in the county and throughout south florida, across the state and beyond. so as we grow the economy, we also have to make it fairer.
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i want prosperity to reach everyone. not just the privileged few. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. hillary clinton in florida making her case against donald trump using exhibit a, his tweets from this morning. joined now by our political panel. from u.s.a. today and at the federalist. first to jason in new york. we just heard clinton react to the trump tweet storm. what exactly for the viewers who are not informed what's she's talking about? >> she repeated using criticism she's used before saying a man provoked by a tweet should not be near the nyquiuclear codes. she's talking about a twitter storm going back and forth involving a former miss universe, alicia machado.
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accusing trump of being sexist and raciist when he referred to former miss universe as miss piggy and miss house keeper in reference to her ethnicitiy and to her weight. well donald trump up very early this morning tweeting the following about alicia and hillary clinton saying first, wow, crooked hillary was du p.e.d. and use hillary was duped -- followed that up with another tweet saying did crooked hill help disgufrting check out sex tape and past alicia m become a u.s. citizen so she could use her in the debate. despite the fact no such sex tape exists. trump for his part firing back at all those people who have been criticizing him for getting
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up early and tweeting, just this afternoon saying, for those few people knocking me for tweeting at 3:00 in the morning at least you know i will be there awake to answer the call. obviously there's a number of those in the gop who would prefer trump stop tweeting and start focussing more on the issues. an attacking hillary clinton on her weak spots, economy, jobs, the e-mails, and her truj worthiness but strdonald trump his own man and seems he's having a hard time to put down the phone. >> all right we're going to take a quick break and be right back. stay with us.
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for real apprenticeship programs. >> welcome back to "the lead." that's hillary clinton in coral spri springs, florida. she's knocking down donald trump twitter tirade just moments ago. you disagree with those who say there was no sex tape, a reference to alicia machado on a reality tv show and there's
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clearly her having sex on a blanket you think that counts. >> donald trump is talking about two people getting it on. i don't know it is it specific enough to know exactly to what level. she was engaged at the time but broke it off because of what he saw on film. we don't have to pretend it's otherwise. this is a great example how the media tend to help hillary clinton with her campaign talking points and not give donald trump anything of a fair shake when he's talking about something. >> thing is, first of all whether it's a sex tape or not, it doesn't excuse the way he's attacking this woman. the way he's talking about her it has nothing to do with it. let's also look at the fact when paris hilton fwhwas in a sex ta he told "vanity fair" it made
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her hotter i think we all know it's because he doesn't like her. >> this is hillary clinton's prime character witness to testify to donald trump's credibility. >> so she was in a sex tape. you are saying she has no credibility. it's not the way other people think of a sex tape. so she and her boyfriend have sex and gets out, that means she deserves to be degeneres rated. >> if you look at this person's character. when we are asked to believe without evidence we have to understand the person's character. >> he's been calling her over weight all week has he disputed that? >> no nobody disputs that because all networks commenting on how she gained nearly 60
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pounds during her reign and now holding donald trump to where he talks about how he's encouraging her to work on her weight and exercise and that somehow is unforgivable. i think this is a hillary clinton operation. she wants the media to take their talking points from her. i don't think we should be so gullible. we should think about this story whether it supports hillary clinton's talking points or whether it might support donald trump's talking points. talking about vetting new immigrants. this is a woman who was accused on live television by a venezuela judge threatening to kill him. i think maybe this is a good talking point for donald trump whether we should think about who is coming into the country stwl you think the tweet storm this morning was a good idea?
1:23 pm
>> i would not say that necessarily but i think we owe it to people to just talk about the issues and give him a fair shake on his points. >> i think it's gullible for people to say you shouldn't be facility-shaping women and you don't have a right to degenerate a woman. if she was hooking up with someone who wasn't her boyfriend sorry about that but someone running for the united states that doesn't excuse his behavior. >> he's a very, very powerful man, the republican nominee could very well be the next president of the united states which is not an inconsiderable job is this something he should be doing. >> think about this. he's running against someone who made up conspiracies about women who threatened him. hillary clinton said this. her husband was in sexual affairs with any number of
1:24 pm
people who ran campaign who's slept with her husband or had affairs or other engagements with her husband and she hired a pi to dig moo their past and threaten them. she had her law partners threaten them to make sure they knew to keep quiet. this is the woman we're supposed to choose instead of the guy tweeting at 3:00 a.m. i don't see the difference. >> that's why she's trying to make a referendum on donald trump. >> i don't think it's an either or. we're just talking about with whether this is right or wrong. there's another conversation about how bill clinton has interacted with woman. that's a different conversation. whether hillary is responsible for that is also a different situation conversation. this in situation you don't want someone who is going to be the president of the united states out behaving the way he is. >> yes. >> a president who would also run campaigns of destruction against women who slept with her husband. >> you are saying when she hired aid private investigator in the
1:25 pm
80s in arkansas. >> in 1992, he hired private investigator. he ran a memo about how to handle the jennifer flower situation, bill clinton's long time mistress they destroyed her reputation and ran that play book with other women who threatened. >> it makes more sense for donald trump to talk about that than instead of attacking alicia, it seems to me but what the hell do i know. thank you both very much. how long will donald trump keep the miss universe story alive. cooped someone in his campaign compensate his android. that's next.
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joining me now sarah sander, good to see you as always. >> great to see you, jake. >> so your candidate, i'm sure you know, was up all night tweeting about former miss universe, insulting her, saying people should check out her sex tape which as far as i can tell does not actually exist. a lot of people when seeing his tweets were fairly aghast was your reaction. >> same as it has been that hillary clinton to date has said the most offensive thing in this campaign and i want to know why the media hasn't talked about her comments deflowerable,ir redeemable. probably in the history of modern politics, to call millions of americans deplorable
1:31 pm
andir redeemable. why not spend more time talking about what hillary clinton has said. >> i think she clarified she was referring to the people who followed donald trump who are members of tku klux klan and those who are proud to be racist. erik wrote an article that says why is trump's campaign letting him hate-tweet at 3:00 a.m. that it is bizarre that no one has taken away mr. trump's phone. it seems he would do better in the polls if he were able to convince the american people he has the temperament to be president and these 3:20 a.m. hate tweets against miss universe are not helping his cause. why hasn't anyone taken away his
1:32 pm
phone. >> i don't think anybody's taking anybody's phone away but i do think as far as the polling goes is we're doing quite well. a new poll out today shows donald trump is expanding his lead, when talking about national security and economy, which our campaign has day by day tried to do, we're winning but unfortunately hillary clinton brought this topic up. this is what she wants to talk about because it's a distraction from her 30 years of government service that she has nothing to show for. it's a total failure. she doesn't want the to talk about those things. >> you're right secretary clinton brought up alicia machado and donald trump ate that bait like a starving trout and will not stop talking about this former miss universe. why can't he stop? why is he unable to have the disciplined to say i hear you campaign staff, you're right, talking about the time i insulted this woman's weight is
1:33 pm
not a winning issue. i should focus on trade, on jobs, but instead is up in the middle of the night tweeting, he's the one keeping the story alive. >> look you guys kept it alive all day yesterday. it's all we talked about. he was attacked all day long. he's counter attacking. he made it clear any time he's attacked he will respond and hillary clinton unfortunately is using everything she can and frankly the media plays right into it. if you want the to talk about somebody that acts like starving trout it's the media. any time hillary clinton comes up with these outrageous attacks to distract from her own record the media jumps in hook, line and sinker and spend days talking about. if you are going to spend days problems talk about pay to play scandal, the e-mail scandal, talk about 30 years of hillary clinton failure. why don't we spend time talking about those things as we do the
1:34 pm
things right out of the clinton pla i book. >> because your candidate is not as disciplined as you are sarah. i don't think other than latino or progressive media would talk about alicia machado on friday expect for the fact mr. trump keeps bringing it up. let me ask you one more question about in the 90s violating the u.s. law, showing trump play paying a consult an the to go to cuba. does it bother you that potential potentially violated the law regarding cuba. >> i think we're talking about a false allegation when again we could be talking about real allegations like e-mail and pay
1:35 pm
to play scandal, like 30 years of failure. if we're going to talk scandal let's talk about it. but let's talk about hillary clinton's not made up scandal to donald trump. >> my suggestion to you would be a memo to your boss saying if you get up in the middle of the night maybe 3:20 hillary clinton scandals instead of your own maybe be better for setting the table for the next day. we thank you as always for your time. >> you bet, thanks jake. >> be sure to tune in to cnn on tuesday for vice president debate. coverage will start at 4 p.m. eastern. we want to warn you. the video you're about to see might be hard to watch. in the middle of death and destruction a baby found alive. after an air strike. this baby is one of the lucky ones at the situation in a l.a.
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welcome back to "the lead" i'm jake tapper. our world lead now. growing fears that the rebel held side of aleppo could completely fall into the hands of brutal force of of al assad. some are describing deaf straighting firepower. the syrian-russian army shows no signs of letting up. at least 96 children have been killed there since last friday, nearly 15 kids slaughtered each day. a midst the horror there are rare miracles, this baby girl pulled from the reckage from a bombed out building. moving her rescuer to tears.
1:41 pm
>> cnn correspondent has travelled freakily to seer you. how close is aleppo to complete collapse. >> i think they are struggling to find food and water. the fighting appears to be fo s focused around the water station itself. there's thought to be 10,000 syria-led rag tag group frankly on the outskirts. it will be a lengthy and ugly aftering to move in and kick out the rebel forces that have frankly been dug in there for years. their deeply struggling, there's potential war crime here. this is the bleakest moment we will see in the syrian civil war with 300,000 trapped in that
1:42 pm
eastern area of aleppo. today one of the key parts being fought over right now killed seven. you mentioned 96 children killed in the last week. these numbers frankly are hard to digest at times. what's perhaps easier to understand is an aid worker we spoke to who said his nerves are fraut, can't talk about what he's seeing only that we have no hope in anybody now apart from god. >> sill civils have been calling for help for years is there anything the u.s. or other powers could do and are refusing to do. >> the potential that the u.s. might suddenly reverse years of policy here and launch substanti substantial military inkurgs but will not happen. the problem is the u.s. policy has begun to have the rug pulled under it. john kerry having frankly no other option has insisted on p
1:43 pm
diplomacy with russian counter part despite u.s. cynics. that didn't go anywhere and now they are threatening the russians with no further cooperation. a weak threat when you look at what moscow has been doing for past few weeks talking peace they must simultaneously a massing hardware and fighters for incushions likurgss like th. that's the broad proclamatiblemn inflicting a military campaign here. >> thanks so much. two sisters in paradise both found dead with no marks on their bodies. what do the auto topsy say. psy .
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coming up.
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for years we've heard that women are under represented in the sciences in both the public and private sectors, educator have tried to dlekt balance but something demeaning is happening in grad school labs across the country that has women abandoning their scientific dream. we have the investigation. >> over the course of time those kind of conversations became increasingly sexual. >> it became clear he actually wanted a sexual relationship. >> reporter: across the country cases of sexual harassment in the field of astronomy my. prominent scientists accused of going after vulnerable students
1:49 pm
they're supposed to be advicing. >> touching me on my neck. >> got very drunk. physically separated me from the group. >> he would comum to where i was staying at 11:00 p.m. at night and knock on the door and wait on my porch as i would hide under the bed with the lights off. >> these women all accomplished astronomers talk about what they've experienced over their careers multiple times from different men. >> when i finally did report it i was told nothing could be done about sexual harassment because it just turns into he said, she said. >> i also had the comment of how do you feel about ruining a man's life. >> universities are hesitant to fire researchers who bring in federal funding. when there is action they're often allowed to leave to another institution with an
1:50 pm
unblemished record a process known as passing the trash. >> younger women are most vulnerable. instead take the word of their older male tenure colleague. >> and cording to one study, more than 90% of those being harassed or assault the were students or departmental employees. >> a lot of people in science don't hold their fellow scientists responsible for their behavior. >> these women sat with us to talk about the culture they've been battling. sarah studies planets and has already discovered two new worlds. a rocket scientist studies asteroids and comments. and jessica an astro physicist. >> a lot of women can't just leave because sometimes leaving their harasser means leaving their research, right. >> yeah it would be pretty much impossible to report your advisor for harassing you and be
1:51 pm
able to continue working with them as them being your thesis advisor. >> they both studied at berkeley where one of the most prominent scientists in the country was accused of sexually harassing female grad students, barld was just one of his victims. hes once considered for a noble prize. he retired last year following the allegations. marcy released a statement at the time saying, quote, i never intended to cause distress and apologize deeply for having done so. i take full responsibility and hold myself accountable for the harm done. marcy's attorney told cnn throughout his career he's been activityist for the advancement of women in science and vigorous in unwavering support of the long over due efforts in
1:52 pm
eliminating sexual assault in ack demmia. it is taking a comprehensive look at our processes regarding sexual harassment and assault cases involving faculty and staff. >> i think what the situation at berkeley has really high lighted is the fact institutions are incentived to protect their fact utili ultimate faculty. it has to come from the federal level. >> if you will use mice in your research there's compliance. >> she says universities need to be held accountable how students are treatd. >> when it comes to your teaching assistant no such requirement that you treat them in a humane way. >> thank you mr. speaker. >> she made news when she took
1:53 pm
to the house floor earlier this year highlighting a case of a professor who was investigated for sexual harassment and later hired by another university. now she's proposing legislation that would force federal agency to take any harassment charges into consideration before handing out research funds. >> and if someone is engaged in sexual harassment, if someone is discriminating, if someone's a sexual predator they should not have access to federal dollars. >> cnn san francisco. >> and thanks sarah for that report. two sisters found dead in their luxury hotel bed. new includclues about what happ. next. it may be time for a different perspective. if other treatments haven't worked well enough, ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works by focusing
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your moments with our diverse collection of hotels and resorts around the world. so no matter where you go, you are here. welcome back to the lead.
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the obama administration made be preparing to pay $2.5 billion to health insurance companies going a run around to give republicans are branding a bail out. that's this week's installment of america's debt and economy. providing care gets expensive, the marketplaces are not making enough money. the losses are massive. bled $2.5 billion in 2014 alone. now more than 10 million can get insurance but many are sicker than expected with costs rising. so insurers sued the obama administration wanting the government to make them whole again. others reporting obama administration is talking to insurance companies and signaling they might find the monies from a rainy day fund.
1:59 pm
administration attempts to keep obamacare alive. two american sisters found dead in a luxurious resort. her and her sister were found motionless in their $1800 a night villa last week. the police say the sisters had been drinking and had to be helped to their room the night before. they were found dead. the older sister found dead with excess water in her lungs and the younger sister with water in her brain and lungs. according to police there were no visible signs of violence. they had been touring africa and recentenly visiting kenya. that's it for the lead, i'm jake tapper. i now turn you over to wolf
2:00 pm
blitzer in the situation room. see you sunday. have a great weekend. happening now 140 character assassination, donald trump unleashing a predawn twitter tirade stepping up his attack on former miss universe linking her to a sex tape. hillary clinton calling it unhinged even for trump. trump concedes mexicans calling him racist. new polls showing clinton on sturdy grounds after her victory in the first presidential debate. shooting video, police in elcajon, california about to rele


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