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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  September 30, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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early morning meltdown. donald trump throws an overnight tantrum on twitter, lashing out at 3:00 a.m., then at 5:00 a.m., calling a former beauty queen disgusting, alleging she made a sex tape. no slight too small. trump tells critics at least they know he's awake and ready to answer that 3:00 a.m. call. they're saying he fell into a trap set by hillary clinton, and just keeps making things worse. police in el cajon, california are about to release video of the shooting of an unarmed brake man. students have been sent home from schools. how will the community react? delay over. air force one can't take off. president obama comes to the top of the stairs. who is he yelling at to hurry up? none other than bill clinton. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
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♪ this is cnn breaking news. >> we're following breaking news in the presidential campaign. donald trump just finished a speech in michigan. not only is he stepping up his attacks on hillary clinton, trump is defending his late-night twitter rant against a former miss universe that hillary clinton first mentioned in monday's debate. in a series of tweets, trump called elisia machado disgusting, and urged people to "check out sex tape." no such tape apparently exists. campaigning in florida this afternoon, clinton told a crowd she thinks trump's twitter meltdown is "unhinged, even for him." new polls show clinton on sturdier ground than before this week's debate. we're waiting a new national poll. also breaking, standing by for police in el cajon, california, to release video of an officer involved shooting of
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an unarmed black man, that has set that community on edge. businesses and schools have closed, as everyone awaits the release of the video. our responds, analysts, and guests will have full coverage of the day's top stories. let's begin with jason carroll who is following trump's latest twitter storm. trump isn't backing down at all, jason, is he? >> reporter: not at all. in an interview this afternoon, trump said it was a very effective way of communicating, referring to twitter. one adviser saying what goes on, on twitter is not the campaign message, but when the messenger is the candidate, there is no denying his words matter. donald trump up early this morning, and not letting up on his attacks on former miss universe elisia machado.
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the gop nominee tweeting before dawn, wow, crooked hillary was duped and used by my worst miss u. hillary floated her as an angel without checking her past, which is terrible. trump adding, did crooked hillary help disgusting -- check out sex tape in past -- become a u.s. citizen to use her in the debate, yet offering no proof that such a tape exists. hillary clinton responding with a tweet of her own. what kind of man stays up all night to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theorys? during a campaign stop in florida later in the day -- >> i mean, his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged, even for him. it proves yet again that he's temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. >> reporter: during monday night's debate, clinton raised machado's accusation that trump called her miss piggy and miss housekeeping after she gained
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weight in 1996. >> her name is elisia machado, and she's become a u.s. citizen, and you can bet she's going to vote this november. >> okay, good. >> reporter: trump has kept the story alive by criticizing machado daily, even as he pushes back on reports some of his advisers were not happy with his debate performance, and are considering overhauling his approach before the second meeting with clinton. this, as trump continues to cite unscientific, online polls that are not true measures of public opinion. >> every single online poll said we won, which is great. every single online poll. >> reporter: and as for those accounts of debate discord, trump tweeting, remember, don't believe sources said by the very dishonest media if they don't name the sources, the sources don't exist. it should be noted, citing unnamed sources are a common practice in the world of journalism.
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trump also at odds with the "usa today" editorial board. the paper's board has never taken sides in a presidential race, but is urging voters to consider anyone but trump this year, writing, donald trump is, by unanimous consensus of the editorial board, unfit for the presidency. as some gop leaders encourage trump to stay focused, he's leaving open the possibility of bringing up bill clinton's past infidelities at the next debate. >> i was going to do it, and i saw chelsea sitting out in the audience, and i just didn't want to go there. i thought it would be too disrespectful. but she was very nasty. we'll see what happens. >> if it does come up in the next debate, do you think maybe your past marital history is also fair game? >> i guess. they can do it. but it's a lot different than his, that i can tell you. >> reporter: on another note, while there has been scrutiny on the clinton foundation, now trump's foundation is under scrutiny, after "the washington post" reports the organization
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never obtained the proper certification new york requires before a charity can solicit money from the public. "the post" says by not registering, the organization avoid an annual audit that protected trump from outside scrutiny. wolf? >> jason carroll, thank you very much. jason carroll reporting. we're getting our first look at donald trump on camera, admitting his business interests were aimed at name calling of mexican immigrants. what are you finding out? >> we went for this video deposition, and one thing that caught our ear is this first clip where trump talks about the root of his lawsuit, the chef who planned to open a restaurant in his new d.c. hotel, and he backed out of that, saying he was offended and unhappy about the comments that trump made about illegal mexican
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immigrants. trump says that the chef was just grandstanding and reacting the way he did. but interestingly enough, trump also admits that those comments did hurt his business. >> if they would have gotten out very quietly, it would have been a lot better for everybody. they caused me damages, because they made such a big deal out of it. and they didn't have to make a big deal out of it. so that was disappointing. but that's what i meant, they wanted to be -- they thought politically correct by doing what they did. i think they made a mistake. >> reporter: the more serious and somber tone coming from trump in that deposition. he later went on to say that those controversial statements in his announcement were planned ahead of time, that it was something he planned out. although he is admitting that there was some business backlash over that controversial comment, he says that politically, this was a good thing for him,
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because he now is the nominee. this is what he had to say. >> i obviously have credibility, because i now, as it turns out, became the republican nominee, running against a total of 17 people, mostly senators and governors, highly respected people. so it's not like, you know, like i've said anything that could be so bad, because if i said something that was so bad, they wouldn't have me go through all of these people and win all of these primary races. >> reporter: there has been a lengthy back and forth whether to release this video or not. the trump team saying it could damage him politically and come up in tv ads that his opponent might use. the judge rejected that argument, citing with the tv outlets to get the video released. >> thank you very much for that update. there's other news we're following. brand new polls taken off
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monday's presidential debate show hillary clinton getting a very definite boost. correspondent brianna keilar has the numbers for us. we're getting in the first national poll taken completely after the debate. what do these numbers show us? >> reporter: that's right. what it shows is that donald trump is about even where he was and hillary clinton has gotten a little bit of a boost following the debate. if you check out these numbers from this fox news poll of likely voters, they say 43% of them say they are now for hillary clinton. that is up two points from september 11, when we saw the last poll taken. donald trump at 40%, that's exactly where he was in september. garry johnson stays even, and jill stein bumps up a point. what you're seeing here is donald trump continuing to struggle to get above these low 40s, which is an area where he really needs to expand there, if he's going to have a shot, wolf and really speaks to this idea that many people, you'll
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remember our poll after the debate, 2-1 said hillary clinton won that debate. so you're seeing the positive effects for her on this. >> that's a national poll. we're also getting several key battle ground state polls, brianna, polls taken after the debate. what are they showing? >> that's right. these are the states that are really going to determine who ends up being in the white house. so we're looking at the florida poll, we see hillary clinton leading donald trump by four points. when we look at the michigan poll, she's got a very comfortable lead there, seven points. and when you go to new hampshire, another comfortable lead at seven points, as well. and then in nevada, she's up six points. that's a bit of a turn around where she was weeks ago. donald trump was actually leading her in some polls here. and it also speaks to i think how she's trying to build on this. she had bernie sanders in new hampshire with her this week. he's going to be in michigan sometime soon. elizabeth warren is going to be in nevada next week. so she's getting a bump out of
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the debate, of course. there are many other obstacles to go ahead still, the vice presidential debate, still two presidential debates and weeks to go before the election. >> brianna keilar reporting for us. thank you very much. in the last hour, we spoke with hillary clinton supporter lanny davis joining us now and congressman mike kelley, a donald trump supporter. thank you very much for coming in. so donald trump, he's got work to do in these key battleground state it is you look at these polls, the numbers we just showed. what does he need to do? >> i think he's done quite well. you look at cnn polls, in colorado and ohio, he's up. >> that was taken before the debate. these are new polls taken since the debate, 85 million people watched that debate. >> that's right, i understand that. i think the first debate, most people thought donald trump had a wonderful night. in pennsylvania, we're talking about blue color people who look at what's happened to them and their lives. their wages have been frozen. in some cases, we've shut down coal mines. that was an objective of the
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president. he succeeded that. and mrs. clinton said we're going to have to continue to shut down those coal mines. when you talk about polls, remember, a lot of likely voters have been polled, but not people who have changed over or engaged this year. colorado, ohio, he's ahead. in pennsylvania, he's even. >> remember, those are done before -- >> i understand that. >> in the four states we have since the debate in florida, clinton up four. in nevada, clinton up six. in michigan, clinton up seven. in new hampshire, clinton up seven. and in this fox news poll, a national poll, clinton up three in the fox poll that was just released. all of these polls taken since the debates. so forget about the earlier polls, because clearly the debate had an impact. >> i understand forget about stuff. people say what happened today? we're still almost 40 days away from the election. there's a lot of ground to be covered and things to be said yet. i've watched these before. the bumps go back and forth.
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>> you're a politician -- >> i'm an automobile dealer. >> you're a member of the united states congress. >> yes. >> so you're a republican from pennsylvania, pennsylvania obviously a key state. could you see yourself getting up at 3:00 in the morning and tweeting about a former miss universe and alleged sex tape, could you see yourself doing that to your followers and say go watch this sex tape? >> i see a guy who has boundless energy. in the private sector, when somebody attacks, you push back. that's not unusual for people in the private sector to be up at 3:00 a.m., especially when you're the ceo. you rarely sleep. mr. trump is a high octane guy. if he was a coach, i would want to play for him. if he was a guy running a business, i would want to work for him. that's what the country needs is a strong leader. >> he's a presidential nominee. he's the republican nominee. doesn't he have aides that can do that kind of stuff for him?
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>> sure. >> is that respectful for a presidential nominee? >> i think what's respectful is for people to understand so many americans feel that america is headed in the wrong direction. i watched secretary clinton for 30 years. the president, since he came into office, has doubled our national debt. those are the things -- you know what people back home look at -- >> i just want to be precise, you don't have a problem with donald trump tweeting at 3:00 a.m. about a sex tape? >> wolf, i don't concern myself with what mr. trump says at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. what i do concern myself is with what mr. trump can do to make america great again. >> here's the problem. some of his aides acknowledge that hillary clinton laid the bait monday night and he followed up. he would not -- five days later they're still talking about it. >> polished politicians say the same thing all the time. stick to your talking points, don't let them get you off track. mr. trump is reacting to a way a
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person in the private sector -- back home where i'm from, somebody shoves you, you shove back. we all learn every day from our experiences. being in the public life requires different skills, people saying not what's on their mind -- >> we's now reading speeches from a teleprompter, he's been doing that for a month or two right now. even though he ridiculed politicians that did that. his aides want him scripted, but he's donald trump. >> he is unique. >> sometimes he can't control himself. stand by. we've got more to discuss. much more with congressman mike kelley of pennsylvania, a key battleground state, when we return. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
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we're back with congressman mike kelley. congressman, it's been 65 days since donald trump had what we call a full-scale news conference with reporters. he's doing interviews with fox news, a few others here and there. but a full-scale news conference, 65 days. hillary clinton went for an even longer time without a news conference. why is he reluctant to answer questions from reporters? >> i'm not sure he is. he's all over the country. he's always there when there's trouble. he went down to louisiana when there was problems, and he does meet with reporters at any time. i watched him after the debate monday night. >> he walked through the spin
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room. hillary clinton obviously did not walk through the spin room. but to stand in a news conference for say 45 minutes or an hour, call on reporters and answer their questions, that's what politicians do. i'm sure you do that once in a while yourself, i assume you do that once in a while. he used to criticize hillary clinton for not doing that. now he's not. >> you know what? i don't know whoever the campaign probably advises him what he should or shouldn't do. i have watched him. i've been with him. i've never seen anybody with his energy level. >> he's a different campaigner, a different politician now, very, very tightly controlled by his advisers. they want him to read a teleprompter, they're trying to control him. and from their standpoint, it seems to be working. >> well, listen, i think we all take advice in our life. i've been a car dealer since 1970 when i got out of school, i worked for my dad. but you've got to pay attention. things can change so quickly. you have to pivot and face those
3:22 pm
challenges. >> how is mike pence going to do against tim kaine? >> if anybody questioned donald trump's ability to pick people, his judgment, they don't know mike pence. i served with mike pence my first time in congress was on foreign affairs with mike. he's a guy that i would go to any time, because he's that type of a person. so donald trump's judgment, can we really trust this guy? he picked a guy who is one heart beat away from being in the white house. when you look at mike pence, he's a solid man. i would trust him with anything. my checkbook, my wife, and my business and know when i came back it would be solid. >> former congressman, governor of indiana. i'm looking forward to that debate. we'll see what happens. thank you very much for coming in. >> thanks for having me. just ahead, breaking news.
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in our breaking news, donald
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trump is defending his predawn twitter storm, in a series of tweets, trump continued to feud with a former miss universe, calling her disgusting and urging people to check out sex tape. let's discuss this with our political experts. mark preston, he was being pretty disciplined, reading speeches from teleprompter, not doing full-scale news conferences, but he seemed to lose that control overnight. >> yeah. we thought that perhaps we saw a new donald trump, we certainly heard that from republicans, certainly on capitol hill because they were happy because they didn't have to keep making excuses for donald trump. however, he seems to have no discipline whatsoever, which is playing right into the clinton narrative, that he is incapable of having like the competence and the level of ability to not go out and stop himself.
3:29 pm
he just can't stop himself. republicans are very concerned. in fact, one of them said to me, what they're telling congressional candidates right now, shelter in place, shelter in place, and just talk about your own race. >> he hasn't listened to them as far as reading rally speeches from teleprompters. he used to ridicule politicians and ridiculed hillary clinton and some of the republican challengers from reading speeches from teleprompters. but he can't -- sometimes he can't control himself to go off message and do these things. >> hes have a very difficult time letting go those perceived slights. any time someone goes after him, he feels like he needs to go back after them. but the fact that he was reading from a teleprompter and giving those scripted speeches, that was a good moment in his campaign, polls were looking
3:30 pm
better for him, he was delivering a consistent message against hillary clinton. but when he goes off script, he starts making mistakes. we saw that during and after the debate, which is one reason he's not given a press conference for a very long time because he's worried about making a mistake. but he sometimes does it on twitter, too. >> as you know, hillary clinton started this latest battle over miss universe at the debate monday night and five days later we're still talking about it, because he feels he was slighted and some of the aides say you can bait him with a tweet, and he's going to react. how much of a problem is this? >> right. it seemed to validate that narrative. donald trump's worst moments as a general election candidate has come when he's forgotten or ignored that you should never get in a fight with anyone that isn't on the ballot. the spectacle of someone that is six weeks away engaging in a
3:31 pm
twitter war is extraordinary. he managed in one single set of tweets to give ammunition to all of the core democratic arguments against him, that he's volatile, vindictive, racist, and sexist. and it does just kind of reconfirm that the principled obstacle he faces, the biggest head wind that is keeping his polls into the low 40s, are the personal doubts about him, the doubts about his temperament, qualifications, experience and self-control. >> "the washington post" has been digging into trump's business deals and charitable foundation, as well. they have a new report saying in new york state, he didn't get the proper certification to solicit funds for his charitable foundation, and as a result, because he didn't have that proper certification, he didn't have to provide annual audits, if you will.
3:32 pm
how much of a problem is this? >> well, it's also a very big problem, and it would be maybe even bigger if we weren't talking about these other controversies that donald trump has created for himself. but this is extremely relevant to this campaign, not least because donald trump has tried to make an issue of the clinton foundation, and this weakened his argument against hillary clinton and the clinton foundation. he's trying to make the case she used it for her own self-purposes, and now donald trump is having to answer questions about why he was using his foundation for his own purposes and other people's money, not even his own money, for his foundation. this could become a bigger story soon, because the new york attorney general is now probing his foundation. they could take action against it, fines perhaps, maybe even shutting the foundation down perhaps, because it did not have this certification to solicit
3:33 pm
donations. but it's definitely relevant to this campaign. >> and i want to play something for you and all of our panelists, sound from the 2004 interview that donald trump did with don imus on his radio show discussing a teacher, female teacher, who was caught sleeping with a 14-year-old student. listen to this. >> how would you like to be the husband of the wife that was, you know, playing around with a 14-year-old kid? unbelievable. by the way, did you see what she looked like? >> not bad. >> not bad? yeah, i would say so. i know a lot of guys trying to date her right now, don. >> i don't know what your teachers looked like when you were in school. >> none of them looked like that, believe me. do you think this 14-year-old kid is scarred forever? he might have put the move on her. it might have given him confidence actually. >> that clip is going to generate some controversy, as you can imagine. >> that's right. it just plays into a much larger narrative about how donald trump talks about women, how he talks
3:34 pm
about sex. there is also a report that i was reading today about how he and his wife watched a sex tape together and his comments that he made about paris hilton's attractiveness when he met her when she was 12 years old. so none of this is helpful for him. it is not the message you want out less than 40 days from election day, or really at any point in a presidential election. >> mark, when you're running for president of the united states, a lot of things about your life is going to come out. >> we talk about the woman vote and how women will be angry about his misogynistic statements and actions. but something like that plays to fathers, it plays to anyone who has a daughter. anyone who is married. you hear that and you say, he could have been talking about my daughter. and i think that's been lost in this whole discussion about where it could hurt donald trump. i think that could hurt donald trump. >> yeah, he's made so many crude
3:35 pm
comments over the years, on radio shows, howard stern and the like. it hasn't hurt him yet in a significant way, but now it's continuing to feed into this narrative, as you said, rebecca, about how he talks about women in particular, especially in light of this l.a. times report that came out saying that he -- alleging that he fired employees that were not pretty enough and the elisia machado comment, talking about her weight. >> is it going to have an impact, ron? >> we have to remember only a week ago we were talking about whether there was a risk to hillary clinton at the debate, because the clinton campaign and priorities usa had put almost all of their chips on personally qualifying trump on raising questions about his temperament, experience and values, rather than the agenda. he had the same opportunity that reagan did in 1980 after president carter raised concerns. and reagan was reassuring in the
3:36 pm
debate, the doubts resolved and he rolled toward a landslide. what we have seen from donald trump at and after the debate is this cascade of remarks, activity, behavior, performance, that have deepened these debates -- these doubts. it is those personal assessments, although i disfree a little with the panel, the personal assessments hamper donald trump, 60% saying he's not qualified. that is without question the principal head wind that's keeping his numbers stuck in the low 40s. >> everyone, stick around. we have a lot more to assess. we're also standing by for some breaking news. police in california, they have just released video of that deadly shooting of an unarmed black man. the shooting has the community
3:37 pm
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this is cnn breaking news. we have breaking news coming into "the situation room." police in el cajon, california, have just released video of an officer involved shooting of an unarmed black man, a shooting that has set that community on edge right now. our pamela brown is with us. these videos are very disturbing. what are we learning? >> reporter: that's right, they are disturbing. but they are not conclusive.
3:42 pm
they show this confrontation that ended with police killing an unarmed black man. that caused protests there in el cajon. this is business surveillance video. it shows the victim walking around after someone called 911 and said he was acting different. you can see the officer walking up to him here in this parking lot and there was some sort of interaction there. then another officer that walks into the frame. you can see the police car right there. that officer gets out of his car, walks up to join this confrontation. it's tough to see, as we zoom in here. you see the surveillance video. there was the cell phone video. tough to see what's happening, because the faces are blurred. but if you listen, you can hear some screaming, wolf. and you can hear the shots, the screaming, the police chief says -- there are the shots right there, the screaming. very jarring here, wolf. the police chief says one of the officers used a taser, and
3:43 pm
another officer fired his weapon. but what police said was that the victim was holding what -- a vape, and they're suggesting it looks like a gun. police are saying he was holding it as he was firing a weapon. so here is the vape right here. this is what police say the victim was holding in his hand. if we show the still picture, it shows what police say is the victim holding this vape in shooting position. so police releasing this video, trying to calm concerns in the community. we know that businesses have been shut down early. there have been concerns about protests there in el cajon. so today, police release thing video after really put under a lot of pressure, because they released this still image right here, and people in the community are wondering why they didn't release the video so that you could see everything that happened in the confrontation. so police releasing these videos today in el cajon, but a lot of
3:44 pm
questions to be asked. wolf? >> thank you very much, pamela brown reporting. there's breaking political news we're following. a just released national poll shows hillary clinton increasing her lead over donald trump. this is significant, because this new national poll was taken completely after monday's presidential debate. we're back with our political experts. let's go through some of the numbers. in this national poll, it's a fox news poll and by three points, 43-40, hillary clinton over trump. but take a look at these key battleground state polls. if you look at florida, for example, hillary clinton in florida right now, new poll since the debate, up four. take a look at michigan, new poll. hillary clinton up seven. in new hampshire, new poll. up seven. in nevada, up six. so she clearly got a significant bounce in these battleground states, which is where this election is going to be won or lost. >> right. and you kind of separate those out. you would put michigan and new
3:45 pm
hampshire in the inner core of states that are part of the easiest path to 270 for hillary clinton. you would also put colorado, wisconsin, pennsylvania as probably the other three that are remotely competitive that you would have to defend, as well as virginia, which is somewhat safer. if she holds all of those, she's there, regardless of what happens anywhere else. florida and nevada are icing on the cake. as we talked about it before, more important than the margin is the absolute number for donald trump. just in those polls that you flashed by, except for florida, he's at 40% or below in all of them, as well as some of the other polls that have been taken. the real challenge for donald trump is growing his support beyond the low 40s, while he's facing rejection from minority voters. the race gets closer when hillary clinton's problems are in the forefront and her number comes down. but it's been very rare for donald trump to get much above 42%. if he can't resolve the doubts that are keeping him there, in
3:46 pm
the end, it is very tough for him. >> that next presidential debate, the second presidential debate will clearly be significant, as well. by the way, we got some live pictures, hold on for a moment, air force one has just arrived back here in the united states. you see the president walking down with bill clinton and john kerry. they just came from jerusalem where they attended the funeral of the late israeli president and prime minister. they're walking down the stairs right now, back here in washington, d.c. you know, i want to point out, rebecca, that president obama and bill clinton, when they traveled to israel for the funeral of shimon peres, they had a light hearted moment as they were leaving tel aviv. they were leaving the tarmac, president obama was trying to hurry bill clinton along. watch this.
3:47 pm
>> clearly, the president wanted to leave. bill clinton has a hard time saying goodbye to folks on the tarmac. i was a white house correspondent for cnn during the clinton administration. he was always late for almost everything, because he just loved people that much, wanted to talk. >> clinton time is a little bit different than obama time, i suppose. i think that video went on for a little bit longer even than we were able to show, due to time constraints, because bill clinton was taking his time. >> and the president has to talk out of airs to and say, hey, bill, we're leaving, flying back to washington. >> maybe the only person who could hold up the leader of the free world, a former leader of
3:48 pm
the free world. >> flying back to washington. they've landed now back here at andrews. very quickly on this legislation that the president vetoed this 9/11 legislation, allows victim's families of 9/11 to sue saudi arabia. the president was badly humiliated, because both the senate and house rejected his veto, if you will. now there's some movement to reconsider. what are you hearing? >> there's definitely buyer's remorse from leaders, particularly mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, they expressed reservations, saying they're siding with the administration's concerns that this could have ramifications, particularly for americans overseas, opening them up to possible retaliatory lawsuits, say if the united states did a military action in the middle east, maybe one of those countries could sue. that's what is worrying the white house and worrying leadership and congress. one thing that right now we're
3:49 pm
seeing is a lot of finger pointing. mitch mcconnell saying it's the white house's fault for not communicating their concerns earlier, the white house pointing fingers back. but right now, there's overwhelming support for the law. >> if this was support for the president, why didn't he go public, make a statement, warn of the dangers of this? he was silent publicly, even though behind the scenes he is the top national security adviser. just the final point on. stay with cnn, for the debate between governor mike pence and senator tim kaine. our coverage of the debate begins 4:00 p.m. eastern tuesday right here on cnn. just ahead, new images from the besieged city of aleppo in syria, where civilians are trapped. syrian forces are poised to move in. what can the u.s. do about this humanitarian nightmare? investigators search for
3:50 pm
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tonight federal investigators are waiting for it to be safe enough to recovery important data recorders from a wrecked commuter train. the new jersey transit train failed to stop, rammed into the terminal injuring 114 people and killing a woman on the platform. cnn is keeping track. renee, authorities have just held a news conference. what did we learn. >> reporter: well, the ntsb has contacted all of the crew
3:55 pm
members including the new jersey transiten train engineer. but investigators have not yet done a thorough interview with the engineer. also a slight wrinkle. the issue is aun of the train's recorders. investigators have retrieved one of new jersey transit train's event recorders but so far have not been able to download its critical data. >> the ntsb is working with the manufacturer to perform a download at the facility. there were two recorders on on board. the locomotive one has been recovered the second remains in the train. the damage to the terminal had prevented investigators from getting their hands on it. >> it may be a day or more. >> monitors the speed of the train, position of the throttle and in and when the brakes were applied. thomas gallagher was the
3:56 pm
engineer at controls. he's now out of the hospital but heavily medicated. so the ntsb has not interviewed him. the passenger train witnesses say never slowed before intering the terminal. the train slammed into a bumper block, went air borne and hit the con dorsi. >> it didn't break. we didn't feel any gradual deceleration. >> a wife and mother from hoboken was killed as she stood on the station platform. more than 100 others were injured. the deadly crash has brought familiar train safety issues back into the spotlight. new jersey transit does not have positive train control or ptc. that is the technology that uses gps and sensors to monitor the speed and location of a train and automatic slows it if the engineer does not act. it is still unclear though if the technology would have prevented this crash.
3:57 pm
>> reporter: toxicology tests are being run on the train engineers blood to test for drugs and alcohol, investigators are also examining his health records, his work schedule, as well as activities during the last 72 hours leading up to the crash. as for the train's event recorder, we are told it will arrive in kentucky at the manufacture's offices tomorrow for closer analysis. wolf? >> thank you. rene marsh reporting. dramatic new video of the humanitarian disaster unfolding in syria. this month old baby just pulled from the rourvubble of a four s building that just had been air struck. estimated 3100 civilians have been killed since russian started air strikes a year ago. and now some 10,000 syrian-led ground troops are expected to
3:58 pm
begin a push into the city of aleppo. this horrific situation unfolding in aleppo. new information. this syrianen conflict is escalating. >> it is unimaginable that it is actually happening and we have some very powerfully video of an explosion. you can see the white smoke, and people running for cover. we don't know what this chemical actually is. but u.s. officials do believe it is some kind of chemical. a phosphorous, maybe a napalm. and this just shows the kind of incendiary weapons being used in aleppo right now. bunker buster bombs. people are trying to go underground but they can't because of the bunker buster bombs by russia and syrian regimes. they are out of food. the civilians in eastern aleppo are out of water we understand where the rebel-held areas are.
3:59 pm
and the syrians are attacking hospital frs. balances. it is such dire situation and only gets worse. >> and pressure on the bald field, putting an enormous amount of pressure on secretary kerry who's been trying to put some kind of cease fire with the russians. >> john kerry has been called the eternal optimist but even he is running out of hope. that the u.s. is going to walk away from talks. the cease fire they quotiented about two weeks ago is pretty much dead if they don't see action. and they don't have a plan b. and this is why secretary kerry really reluctant to pull the plug. a lot of discussion of some type of options they could do sanctions arming the allies. and just evidenced by conversation secretary kerry had
4:00 pm
with syrian rebels the other day. i fought to use force and i lost, wolf. >> and that month old baby image. you can imagine what else is going on there. horrific situation. thanks very much. that is it for me. thanks fvr watching. esht "outfront" starts right now.rin burnett "outfront" star right now. >> a new national poll out moments ago. did the debate hurt donald trump and are his attacks on a former miss universe taking a toll? and bill clinton opens up about his marriage and as trump threatens to bring up his political past. is it a coincide? and more. let's go o "outfront." good evening everyone i'm kate baldwin this for erin burnett. "outfront" some breaking news. too close to call. a major new nationalol


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