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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  September 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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day. i fought to use force and i lost, wolf. >> and that month old baby image. you can imagine what else is going on there. horrific situation. thanks very much. that is it for me. thanks fvr watching. esht "outfront" starts right now.rin burnett "outfront" star right now. >> a new national poll out moments ago. did the debate hurt donald trump and are his attacks on a former miss universe taking a toll? and bill clinton opens up about his marriage and as trump threatens to bring up his political past. is it a coincide? and more. let's go o "outfront." good evening everyone i'm kate baldwin this for erin burnett. "outfront" some breaking news. too close to call. a major new national poll out
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moments ago conducted completely after monday's historic debate. that poll sewing hillary clinton leading by two points. that same poll gives clinton an overwhelming win though after monday night's big debate. clinton beat trumply 38 points. 60 to 22. comes after a bad week for donald trump. a week that began with him complaining that his debate microphone wasn't working. a complaint that in part the commission confirmed today. donald trump tonight suggesting it was deliberate. >> they just announced. it just came out a little while ago. that the microphone in the auditorium, the big room was defe defective. and it was not -- it was difficult. and you know what, whoen you have a situation like that and you know it is bad. and you think you have a hundred
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million people watching, what do you do? stop the show? please fix it? it was bad. i wonder why it was bad! point of order. you could still hear him in the hall. you could definitely all still hear him at home but still the mick had problems. in the wee hours of this morning trump went on a tirade. did crooked hillary help zusing check out sex tape and past alicia m --. let's talk this poll. what else does the poll tell us? >> there is a lot to donahchew . and poll shows that hillary clinton increased her lead with women and that transfer is still struggling with that voting bloc. the poll shows clinton at 53%
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versus trump's 33%. in mid september it was closer. the numbers show clinton doing well not just with women but non whites and voters under 45 but as i said there is also encouraging news for trump in the poll as well. the poll shows he's doing well with white men and independents. among independents trump is at 41% versus clinton at just 29%. but the poll also shows trump's honesty rating is down. most of those polls still say he does not have the right templement and over half of those say they would not be comfortable with him as president.erament and over half those say they would not be comfortable with him as president. polls see clinton as more honest than trump and she does have the right temperament. >> thank you so much jason. great to see you. a lot to talk about. so even with this impact on the poll numbers. trump's battle with the former miss universe is a fight he's
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not giving up it appears. jim acosta is "outfront." >> when it comes to his battle with former miss universe, donald trump is no more co-geniality. in response trump called her miss piggy for gaining weight. the gop nominee lashed out in a series of bombastic tweets in the middle of the night. and this, using alicia m. just shows crooked hillary suffers from bad judgment. hillary was set up by a con. trump campaign offers no prove she every appeared in a sex tape said trump is just firing back. >> she's not a very credible witness you might say. >> hillary clinton jumped into the fray with a tweet of her
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own. >> the is unhinged, even for him it. proves yet again he is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. >> machado admits her past is not relevant. admitting to cnn. >> everybody have a past. and i'm not a saint girl. but that is not the point now. >> in a statement she says trump's latest attacks are cheap lies with bad intentions adding trump -- through his hateful campaign. this is one of his most frightful characteristics. >> trump is also ripping into the clintons with not so subtle references to their past marital problems. >> the clintons are the sordid past we will be the very bright and clean future. >> raising questions of hypocrisy for trump who's on his
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third marriage. >> you are not worried about your past history at all? >> no not at all. i have a very good history. >> trump is also attacking the media. blasting reports that he was furious at aids for spilling the beans on debate preparations. tweeting remember don't believe sources said by the very dishonest media. if they don't name the resources the resources don't exist. and back in 2012 annex streamly credible source told me barack obama's birth certificate is a fraud. >> as for that battle with alishia machado the trump campaign is pointing to a former wisconsin that said trump comforted her a decade ago. but clearly the campaign wants to move on. and perhaps donald trump is starting to listen to that advice. he did not mention the controversy at this rally here in michigan. >> but wait for 3:00 a.m. i know i will be.
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dana bash -- never gets old. like my term of endearment for david. phillip a political reporter for the washington post and maggie -- great toe see all of you. phillip, we have this fox poll out and a lot has made of polls this week. a lot of them bogus polls but now a national poll of likely voters all taking place after the debate. what we see is 60% think clinton won. but she's up slightly. three points. what does that tell you? >> a lot of things. one thick is obviously one poll we try and remind people look at the trend, look at what's happening -- first poll so we all get excited about it. understand wli. in that poll yes she's up two
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points over the last fox news poll but when it is just her versus donald trump she gains six points. the reason that is important is because if people soften for the support on the other candidates she'll gain support. i think there is a lot in this poll which suggests the trend is moving clinton's direction. all are indicators that she's getting the debate bump we'd expect given her performance. >> when you look at this, does this tell you debates don't matter? the campaigns take a look at the national poll, yes. one poll does not a trend make but what do they take from it? >> a pretty stable race frankly. for all the talk going up and down. you have to look at the trend. the fundamentals of this race haven't changed much. and they slightly favor clinton. if you didn't have the two minor party candidates in the race it probably would feavor her more.
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debates do matter. by we've had a series of debates where donald trump -- [indiscernible] . and then the dust sets and the race goes back to where it was. so i think the question is what is going to sustain and endure over the next five weeks? i'm not clear this is it. however there is another debate in the next nine days. >> but don't worry we're not just counting for that. >> one thing did happen in the debate. you were in the debate hall, this mick issue is maybe becoming an issue. you have donald trump out there suggesting that it is deliberate. patrick healey, someone we know well of the "new york times" in a phone call he tweeted he had a brief phone call with donald trump and in the phone call donald trump says i want to do the next debate but everyone is talking about the mick. i don't believe for a second he's not showing up. we'll wait and see. but is it really the mick that was donald trump's problem on
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monday? >> no. of course not. but there are lots of things or avenues for donald trump to go to lay blame. and the mic, given the fact that the debate commission has now said that there was some issue. it is a perfect fall guy for donald trump. i was in the debate hall. to be fair i had one of these in and an ifb so i was listening to it in two places. but i didn't -- i was turned around look at the audience. i didn't get a sense that people were straining to hear him at all. and to your point earlier. it is the audience that the debate commission says might have had some trouble hearing in the room which is a few hundred people. not 80 million people watching at home. >> and dana, trump has complained that the election is rigged when he's not winning.
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he actually complained it might be rigged tonight. and now he's said the debate is rigs because the mic didn't work and he didn't do well. this is not helping the make the conspiracy theories go away. this is just going to fuel this for donald trump. >> oh ux yes. this race remains competitive. donald trump can still win this electi election. but i do suggest this poll suggests the momentum has been reversed. he was on the upswing. he's charging against her. very close behind her and clearly on the offensive. now she's been on the offensive all week. she seized control basically of the momentum of the campaign. and so that is working in her favor as phillip points out there are a noumnumber of state today which seem so confirm that. and this poll also says once and for all that by a decisive margin. voters what were able to hear.
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whatever the defects in the microphone. the people who answered the poll said decisively that she won the debate. and i think my history is right on this. we've had a couple incumbents who have lost the first debate and come back. ronald reagan lost the first debate to walter mondale and famously came back in the second. >> barack obama. >> and he came back on the second one. i can't remember a challenger who has lost the first debate and come back to victory and won the presidency. that -- i've gone through it in my mind. yarnell anybody what's ever done 245. >> maybe he won't show up because maybe he won't believe the mic is going work the next time. a lot more to discuss tonight. i'm saying in jest. it is friday night. coming up. hillary clinton is campaigning in florida as her husband opens up about their sometimes rocky 40 year marriage. why? plus trump's boys clun. the nominee is surrounded by men
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with their own troubled history when it comes to women. and president obama on air force one this morning. who? who is he yelling at? you have to wait and see. i work 'round the clock.
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tonight hillary clinton hammering trump for his attacks on alishcia machado. >> who gets up at 3:00 in the morning to engage in a twitter attack against former miss universe? i mean, he hurled as many insults as he could. really. why does he do things like that? >> reporter: the attack just hours after clinton spoke by phone with miss machado and praised her for her courage to stand up to trump. tonight the clinton campaign is more than happy to add fuel to the fire. >> reporter: trild, ecstatic. certainly happy to keep adding
4:18 pm
fuel to this. hillary clinton not talking about her vulnerabilities and donald trump is talking about trying to defend himself how he treated a miss universe back in the '90s. one senior campaign aide saying to me donald trump cant help but going down the rabbit hole. so they are capitalizing on that. elizabeth warren, obviously very big with the left side of the democratic party adding more fuel to the fire. tweeted back i think about four tweets really trolling him on twitter. she said is this what keeps you up at night, thinking of new and interesting ways to call women, fat or or ugly or shuts. and also said a thin skinned bully who thinks humiliating women at 3:00 a.m. does not qualify one to be a leader. and this is something elizabeth warren tweeting to donald trump
4:19 pm
about this that guarantee this is story is going to keep on going. and keep in mind she'll be in nevada next week campaigning for hibber hillary clinton. and this is just a story the campaign welcomes because they really think it resonates with women and hispanic voters who are key in states like nevada. >> i think they probably know that. there is something behind that. "outfront" now. hillary clinton supporter basil schmeichel. and more awesome people. kaley. you walk up this morning. turnen your phone and look at your twitter account and see donald trump tweet this and you think what. >> this is the argument that -- should be make. donald trump should not be makings. he was attacked and i think it is the job of surrogates to play defense and his job to prosecute against hillary clinton. these are facts. never called her fat. never called her ugly.
4:20 pm
never called her the s word. these are lies. when you watch the full two minutes he sulactually says youe beautiful. the full context of the video takes a much different story than what's been told. >> but he hasn't denied the original allegation which he could her miss piggy and miss housekeeping and i think the words alleged are way more important than any weight gain. not only did hillary clinton bring up alicia machado. at some point does the campaign threat on the take this too far? >> not so far because the fact of the matter is that donald trump had dug his heels in deeper because as kaylee said, it is him on the phone tweeting this as 5:00 in the mornings. this isn't staff. this is him. and every time he does that. every time he does things like
4:21 pm
that he walks into exactly the kind of narrative that hillary is painting of him. having said that i do think, you know, there are policies that hillary clinton's been talking about throughout the campaign. talked about national service. i want those things amplified and magnified clearly because i care about the policy and i think most americans do. but even if they are not because we're in this sort of conversation about donald trump tweeting, what she is doing is sort of amassing ammunition on policy issues she can talk and delineate during the course of a debate, for example. where is with donald trump all we're going to be talkingic about is these tweets and this language. >> it is interesting how this has kind of played out. if you compare it to over the summer. the clinton campaign as we saw they were happy to sit back when he was having a problem in watch him implode. he didn't implode. that didn't happen. he came back look at the polls today. when you see how hillary clinton herself has been reacting, does
4:22 pm
that show you they have learned this is how they they have to react. they have to punch, keep punching, keep punching even if it is on an issue. is it on policy. >> i think still they realize they have to make her case more effectively. and that is's not always through. part of the reason why you have seen some of the drift towards stein or johnson, there are still a lot of bernie sanders supporters not warming to hillary clinton. she's having trouble energizing the base. but the key thing about this debate is she went into -- for all the talk about prep she went in with a strategy. a goal in mindich which was that she's going to get under his skin and get him to chase everything thing -- and he literally chased every thing. to the point about going down the rabbit hole and he continued
4:23 pm
chasing it a after the debate stage. one of the the great successes in this campaign is he has gotten literally everybody to go along with his view of essentially the way we treat everything on twitter where everything is exactly the same. so we're now talking about a former miss universe as if she should be vetted the same way as a presidential candidate and they are not the same. >> let me ask you this. we haven't talked about where the focus might be in the next. they want to make the focus on bill clinton. bill clinton today opened up about their marriage in a pod cast for the clinton campaign. here is a little of what he said. >> i think that she has literally spent a lifetime dealing with not only her joys and her blessings, be also heartbreaks and disappointment. sometimes unfair treatment. look at our blessings. we've been together for 40 years plus through thick and thin. >> talks about disappointments and sometimes unfair treatment.
4:24 pm
is bill clinton trying to hint at the elephant in the room they know is going to come at them? and is this a strategy to lay the groundwork to lessen the blow when it comes at them in the debate? >> i'm fully confident the clinton campaign has put a lot of thought what bill clinton is going to say in the pod cast. this entire week, everything from the moment she started talking about machado during the debate and setting the trap donald trump happily walked into, all of it has been college-educated women and trying to make sure she continues to have college educated particularly white women be concerned about donald trump and his leadership. i think they understand a this donald trump is trying to focus on the clinton's past infidelities. but it is very possible plint is getting out in front of that simply reminding people this is a woman who's been fighting her entire life which is the narrative that resonates. >> who is the one person that
4:25 pm
can make a president --? it seems we have an answer. watch. bill clinton. come on bill. let's go. >> only another president can make a president wait. of course there are constant story os about a bill clinton lingering for whatever and turning whatever show barack obama is doing into his own. why do we have to leave. aren't we in -- >> just too good. up front next, the man in trump's inner circle. do they help or hurt him. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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tonight the trump campaign tries to use bill clinton's sex scandals to turn voters against hillary clinton. let's go "outfront." >> i do cherish women. i love women. >> reporter: despite parwhat tr says, his tweets early in the morning suggesting the opposite. at a time when usually campaigns want to appeal to women. it is not only trump. the men who surround trump, his personal advisors have had their own personal problems with women. >> we need a fight in the republican party for the soul of the -- >> i agree with you. >> reporter: in 1996 he faced misdemeanor charges his ex-wife alleging he grabbed her. an incident the officer says left red marks on the wrist and
4:31 pm
side of the neck. those charges were dropped. in a 2011 radio interview uses a derogatory gay slur to describe gay women. >> --. >> reporter: this is a fox -- >> reporter: the man behind fox news roger ailes is now an unofficial trump campaign whisperer. fox news ousted ailes after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment. most prominently anchor gretchen carl
4:32 pm
karl carlston. >> he and trump have both been married three times. both accused of infidelity. and in 2012 she recalled this about her former husband. >> he was asking to have an open marriage and i refused. >> then rudy giuliani. new york city mayor and trump backer. giuliani spoke to reporters bringing up bill clinton's affa affair criticizing not just him but bill clinton. >> she attacked monica lewandowslewinsky. >> giuliani, married three times, he announced a separation to his second wife at a press conference before telling her his divorce and affair playing out publicly on new york tabloid front pages. >> now not all of trump's closest advisors are men. his campaign manager is a woman, kellyanne conway and a person
4:33 pm
who has this year arguably perhaps the most is also a woman. his own daughter. >> great to see you. thank you so much. "outfront" now republican representative from tennessee. congresswoman. thank you for joining me. really appreciate it. steve bannon. roger ailes. and more. are these the right guys to help trump prosecute this case when they have similar histories against the guy they want to attack? >> i have to tell you. i think the thing to do right now is to talk about the issues. and you have all of this, the he said, she said on the clinton side. the he said/she said on the trump side. and i think what the american people want to hear and what i've heard from many so many of my constituents today is they want to hear why are we giving up control of the internet? what is happening with the deal with iran with the new revelations?
4:34 pm
what is going on today in a aleppo? what happened with the clinton foundation and the reports that are coming out about that? are we going to get those 33,000 e-mails? the house had do an additional hearing yesterday on the issue or day before yesterday with james coming. can -- >> congresswoman -- [ inaudible ] -- in the campaign but it is interesting. what i'm hearing from you is exactly the talking point memo the campaign has put out to surrogates but it is also interesting that donald trump is not following the campaign's talking points. he's the one that woke up this morning and decided to attack this miss universe, this former miss universe again. why isn't donald trump following your lead? >> well i -- first of all have not received a talking points memo from the campaign. just so that you know that. secondly, one he is not, i do not know. i would be focussing on the issues. i think that is what people want to hear. they do not want the back and
4:35 pm
forth. quite frankly. they don't care and i think the more he talks about bill and hillary's relationship, the more you make hillary a victim. and i would say move away from it and let's talk about the have issues. we are getting ready to lose control of the internet. i can is going to the multi stakeholders process and it is going to happen at the stroke of midnight tonight. that is what my constituents in tennessee are talking about most today. >> in the latest poll that just came out, you have hillary clinton beating donald trump 230i7b9s with female vetoers and that's been a lot of the conversation the last week. >> what you have do is focus on the two issues women are talking about most. first is national security. very concerned about terrorism. very concerned about ending illegal entry of drugs. heroin, opioids across the
4:36 pm
southern border. that is an enormous issue and looks at states like new hampshire has one -- >> but -- >> [ inaudible ]. inaudible. >> and two weeks ago it was a one point race. so go back to focusing on those issue. talk about jobs in the economy. wage stagnation has been very hurtful to women over the past five or six years. and when i'm doing town halls and listening sessions or maybe meeting with a group of business women, i hear about this all the time. when i am visiting a factory, or an employer or a large employer and meeting with women, they talk about wage stagnation and their frustration there. they talk about obamacare and the impact of cost of insurance and also the cost of care. and how that effects their disposable income. i like the fact that child care, there should be more emphasis on that donald trump rolled out a great plan. looking at having a tax credit
4:37 pm
that women can select and elect to use. >> one thing -- >> -- >> donald trump talked about that child care tax credit tonight. one other thing tonight he again started returning to this conversation of being concerned that the election was going to be rigged. not only talking about -- not talking about the mic here. we're talking about the election. he says it would be a bad way to go down and really do the wink wink, no nod nod to the crowd. duke the election is going to be rigged? >> my hope would be that there would not and i know there are there were some counties last time around, florida, ohio. where you had more than the registered number of voters actually voting. and that is a state issue. and our state and local commissions are tasked with cleaning up those roles. there were reports today that there was one county -- and i'm not remembering where it was, kate. but they had a lot of people that were being registered. forms that were coming this on
4:38 pm
voter registration and people were deceased. and that is the type of thing that ought not to be happening. >> i'll have to look at this one. but i do find it interesting that donald trump only brings up the question of a rigged system when he's done in the polls and lost a debate. >> i think the thing to do is focus on the issues. people want specifics, especially women. they are wanting to hear specifics. how are you going to deal with terrorism. how are you going to deal with jobs growth? how are you going to deal with making certain that our military families like my con stitches at fort campbell have everything they need do the job athand? >> we'll see. >> yeah. >> kwooel see if donald trump takes your advice. that is not where he's allowed his focus to be the last few days. >> i'll tell you, i am -- i am more worried about what hillary clinton will do or has done than i am about what donald trump says. >> lurt. >> i think you should also be worried about what donald trump
4:39 pm
says because that also leads to what he would co-if he is president. thank you for coming on. "outfront" next. the video of donald trump the campaign didn't want you o see. what's so damage? and a stern warning from america's enemies plotting to take advantage of the election. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes,
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donald trump on tape under oath. a deposition the campaign does not want you to see. between trump and a restaurant owner who backed out of a deal after he called some mexicans rapists. trump is struggling to attract mexican voters. the latest polls. clinton 65%. trump 17%. >> reporter: tonight new video released of donald trump testifying under oath.
4:44 pm
the normally gop nominee taking a more serious and somber team. >> i believe my lawyer -- >> reporter: this part of a deposition trump made in june in his lawsuit against celebrity chef jeffrey zacharian. the restauranteur who backed out of opening a restaurant in trump's new d.c. hotel after trump said this about illegal mexican immigrants at his presidential announcement. >> they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crime. they are rapists and some i assume are good people. >> trump said the controversial comments this his speech were planned. >> did you write the statement in advance. was it written? >> no. >> reporter: did you plan in advance what you were going to say? >> no. >> did you talk to other people about it? >> no. >> reporter: but that is that statement that the decision to back out of the deal.
4:45 pm
>> i get a lot of bad publicity because of the way they handled it. they grandstanded it. >> and how has that harmed you. >> just a bad day of press. a bad few days of press. i don't know howky quantify it. but i think we were hurt by the way they did it. >> trump said sailed his campaign success justified what he said. >> what's not like -- you know, like i've said anything that could be so bad. because if i said something that was so bad they wouldn't have had me go through all of these people and win all of these primary races. >> donald trump's lawyers did not want this video released. arguing it could potentially be used politically like popping up in campaign ads saying, quote, videotapes are subject o abuse. after cnn and other media outlets filed a motion to the if judge to release the tapes. the judge released the footage
4:46 pm
despite opposition from the trump campaign to keep the tapes under lock and key. >> and the transcript has been previously released. so the contents were somewhat known. but it is the video element that really makes this much more striking and certainly why the trump lawyers fought so hard against the release. they didn't want to splice up potentially used in political ads and certainly with 39 days to go having it out there will serve a reminder of one of the most controversial moments of his campaign. >> thank you so much. let me bring back maggie. why do you think they they fought so hard to keep this under wraps. >> i think trump is very cautious when it comes to issues about his business and i think the default tends to be to resort to legal matters. we've seen that over many many years. this is not a surprise in context. i don't to be candid think the video was absolutely right to fight for its release and try to see it. i don't think it is particularly
4:47 pm
surprising. i don't think it is even really at odds with what've seen. i do think it could be carved into an ad and look somewhat difference in the presentation and i think there was probably some concern on the campaign's part. possibly on trump's part. i don't think he ever wants a deposition being public. i this they what's he's used to from decades of business. >> thank you so much. "outfront" next is north korea already planning to catch the president off edward? our special report coming up. and lisa ling and martial arts. approaching medicare eligibility? don't put off checking out your options until sixty-five. now is a good time to get the ball rolling. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam.
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just another day at norfolk southern. - we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids and for their college funds. we thought, "well this airbnb is actually a great way to pay those extra bills." - every bit of extra money helps these days. we have a retirement fund of our own and i take a draw on it. i don't want to take too much either because i don't know what life is going to bring to me. i get to keep 97% of my rental price. the extra income i get from airbnb has been a huge help. - airbnb has helped me so much financially especially starting my own business. san francisco is such an expensive place to live. the way people work and travel is changing. the guests are now able to stay longer, stay five days,
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enjoy another day in san francisco and spend more money in the neighborhood. my guests are able to extend their stay and spend more money on activities and restaurants. - the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life. that toolgd war that's ravaged syria. a baby girl pulled from the rubble. her hair caked with kirt. the man who rescued her, inconsolable. tonight a warning that america's enemies are now plotting to take advantage of the upcoming election. barbara starr is out front. >> reporter: north korea's march towards a nuclear weapon that could attack the u.s. is now one
4:52 pm
of the cia's top intelligence concerns for the next president of the united states. >> these are things that the new national security team. the new president and his or her advisors are going to have to deal with from day one. >> his extraordinary interview with erin burnett, cia director john brennan revealed the spy agency already is identifying a number of immediate threats the next president is likely to confront. >> from the very beginning, the north korean young leader is going to try and do things that will cause turmoil in a new administration. >> north korea tops the list. the u.s. doesn't know what kim jong un will do. a new president must be prepared for a sunday move from kim, even within hours of taking office. >> that is something that the new team and the current team is looking at very very closely and will need to be addressed. >> hillary clinton and donald trump already have received
4:53 pm
initial intelligence briefs and have teams preparing for transition. the morning after the election the new president elect will start to be told about what is called the crown jewels. the most sensitive intelligence about america's enemies. on the list? isis. in a few weeks the battle to retake isis strongholds in raqqah syria and mosul iraq are expected to be under way. backer al-baghdadi is still at large. and away from the battle field worries about the pearl harbor level cyber attack that could take down the nation's financial networks and then there is russian leader vladimir putin. will putin try to take advantage of a new president? >> i don't think he putin will. i know he will. >> president obama's senior intelligence advisor with a warning about the next few months. >> this upcoming transition will
4:54 pm
happen t particularly i think difficult time. as we're facing the most complex and diverse array of global threats that i've seen in my 53 years or so in the intel business. >> north korea remains part of the most critical issues for a new president. the u.s. has little intelligence about the secretive regime and its very unpredictable leader kim jong-un. >> "outfront" next, it's been called the world's fastest growing sport. women battling women in mixed martial arts. ♪
4:55 pm
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what compels women to get into the brutalal world of mix martial arts. lisa ling on her fight inside. >> your upcoming episode. female mma fighters. pretty awesome. >> how has mma changed you as a women. >> people get the image that you are aggressive and want to hurt somebody. but in my every day life i don't think of hurting another being. i don't like seeing people in pain. it is not about that. it is about pushing yourself as far as you can go. >> what made you want to explore this world?
4:59 pm
>> interestingly enough i'm someone who kind of a abhors violence and i've had difficulty watching ufc and males doing mma so i was really curious about why women wouldn't want to pursue this kind of sport. and we spent time with two amateur, people who believe they could have careers in this. the clip was actually a woman this her 40s. she's a preschool teacher. she went into it for different reasons. she had dealt with some abuse in her life and had always been a shy and timid woman and this has given her the confidence to not only fight but deal with her personal situation much must have better. >> so now at the end of it, do you understand it to the extent that you would watch it? that your view has changed? >> yes because i'm looking for different things. but what's interesting about female mma is that is the only sport that i can think of that
5:00 pm
drives men into bars to watch. if you think about it. men don't really watch a lot of women athletes. but with mma, they go in droves and are often the main event, women. >> lisa, thank you. >> fascinating. this is life airs sunday night at 10:00. ac 360 starts now. good evening. thanks for joining us. for a week that began with the presidential debate and is ending with one of the keds going on a pre dawn twitter rant irnling north korea check out a alleged sex tape. you are welcome. we'll get to that in a moment. and brianna keilar joins us for the polls. >> reporter: we're seeing that hillary clinton has been building from her debate performance. this is the fox news poll. the first poll, national poll done entirely after the debate and she's leading donald trump by three


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