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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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drives men into bars to watch. if you think about it. men don't really watch a lot of women athletes. but with mma, they go in droves and are often the main event, women. >> lisa, thank you. >> fascinating. this is life airs sunday night at 10:00. ac 360 starts now. good evening. thanks for joining us. for a week that began with the presidential debate and is ending with one of the keds going on a pre dawn twitter rant irnling north korea check out a alleged sex tape. you are welcome. we'll get to that in a moment. and brianna keilar joins us for the polls. >> reporter: we're seeing that hillary clinton has been building from her debate performance. this is the fox news poll. the first poll, national poll done entirely after the debate and she's leading donald trump by three points. of note here, the last time this
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poll was done september 11th. hillary clinton led by one point. donald trump remained steady at 40%. so clearly he's trying to get out of the low fourths. he's been struggling to and we've seeing this. and that scientific instant cnn orc poll done after the debate. you had 2-1 people saying hillary clinton bested donald trump and of course that included a lot of republicans who thought that. >> and beyond a national poll. obviously what matters really are battleground state polls and i think there are a document of those out now. >> and she's seen success interest as well. this is nevada and you see she has a six point lead over donald trump there. the reason this is significant is because weeks ago donald trump was leading hillary clinton. so now she has a pretty decent lead here. and she's looking forward to next week when elizabeth warren is going to be heading out there trying to build enthusiasm for her that she needs. let's check out michigan. she's up 7 points here.
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this is a place where donald trump is hoping that his anti-free trade agreement stantss are going to help. but she also has a lead there. and bernie sanders who gave her a surprise upset in the primary here is going to be campaigning for her in michigan in the coming weeks. check out the granite state. a seven point lead here as well. this is about on track where she has been through certainly this is good news for hillary clinton. and very important is florida, the sunshine state where she as a four point lead of note here. this is outside of the margin of error so we know that this is a real lead, anderson. and this is considered a must-win state for donald trump. so hillary clinton trying to deprive him of that and certainly is hoping that her firewall is running right through florida. >> fascinating. brianna keilar. thanks. joining me now -- dana, national
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poll, state polls. good news for hillary clinton. that said there is more than a month go. a lot can change. >> that's true. and i think it is important to note that the fundamentals of this race still seem about the same. certainly after the democratic convention, hillary clinton got a real bump. then that evaporated and we were kind of back to where the race was before. there was -- as brianna was talking about just national there was a slight up tick for hillary clinton. donald trump hasn't changed. the thing that should concern the trump campaign are those battleground states. nevada in particular. if that state continues to trend so favorably towards hillary clinton, than that could be kind of an -- show what it is going to happen with other battleground states. >> -- the numbers, especially
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when you take them together with his debate performance. he's of course looking at online polls and talking about online polls which are not scientific and pretty much meaningless. >> they should be very concerned anderson. because this race as fluid as it remains the fact is much is going to depend on momentum. and once a candidate has momentum, it tend to increase their numbers. they look better and donald trump had a lot of momentum going into the first debate. she has it now. because it is not just the debate that we're talking about these days but it is also the postdebate which has been a horrible week for him, as far as i can tell. and you can tell in that fox poll he's like 20 points behind among women h. e needs to stop digging this hole and get off this conversation about miss universe and get back to the real issues. >> and again we're going talk more about this in a second. but the fact he's tweeting before dawn about his universe still on four days since the
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debate, it is just incredible. kirsten. the forecast that simply, you know, more paths to 270 than trump does that is the reality of the so called coalition for the past two cycles so trump has his work cut out and it's not getting any easier. >> that is right. and he did definitely have is the momentum and things were shifts in his direction and he managed to turn a around with one debate. and so we have two more debates what's going happen? fe shows up and does the same thing i would expect to sew the polls continue to shift this her direction. and just a few points is meaningful in a race like this. we have such a polarized electorate. that a landslide would be seven or eight point win or a ten point win. if she just gets a couple more points she's in solid shape. >> and just quickly anderson, the other thing to remember is somebody else had not just a
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great week. and that is gary johnson. and in a lot of these poll, really all of these poll, the libertarian ticket is polling pretty well considering. so if the fact that he couldn't name a world leader that he liked, even though he was given 50 seconds to do so and other miss steps that we've seen from him over the week starts to seep in, even with those who are just not into either of the major party candidates, that could potentially help hillary clinton or at least test the theory that he's taking votes away interest her. >> thanks everybody for looking to to poll numbers analyzing them for us. back to panel later. trump airportly didn't much sleep last night. tweeting about the former miss universe who he said gained too much weight. he was back on the trail tonight after a pre down tweet storm where he continued to lash out at the former miss universe. walk us through this. >> when it comes to the tweets anderson, trump is saying that
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tweeting is an effective form of communication. one of his advisors coming out earlier today and saying what you see on twitter isn't necessarily the message of the campaign. but try telling that to donald trump. donald trump up early this morning and not letting up on his attacks of former miss universe alicia machado. the nominee tweeting before dawn, wow, crooked hillary was do you knowed and used by hi and trump adding did crooked hillary help her become a u.s. citizen so she could use her in the debate yet offering no --. hillary clinton responding with a tweet of her own. what kind of man stays up all night to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories? and during a campaign stop in florida later in the day. >> i mean as late as twitter
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melt down is unhinged, even for him. it proves yet again that he is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. >> monday night clinton raised the accusation that trump called her miss piggy in 1996. >> her name is alicia machado. >> where did you find this? >> and she has become a u.s. citizen and you can bet she's going to vote this november. >> oh really? okay good. >> trump has kept the story alive by criticizing miss machado on a daily basis even as he pushes back some of his advisors were not happy with iz debate performance and are considering over hauling his approach with the second meeting with clinton. this as trump continues to cite unscientific online polls that are not true measures of public
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opinion. >> every single online poll says he won. >> reporter: and trump tweeting remember, don't believe sources said by the very dishonest media. if they don't name the source, the sources don't exist. trump at odds with the usa today editorial board. and is urging voters to consider anyone by trump writing republican nominee donald trump is by unanimous con sensensus oe editorial board unfit for the presidency. trump slamming the media outlets on twitter, writing that the people are really smart to canceling subscriptions to the dallas and arizona papers and now usa today will lose reader. the people get it. >> i want to go back to this
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notion. i don't know that if if it is donald trump woke up early to start tweeting. did he even go to bed? some of these tweets as i understand i think it went from 3:00 a.m. to 5:0030. >> and trump has said in the past he doesn't need that much sleep at night. maybe four, maybe five hours to sleep, you know, at pest. but what seems to be very clear here is the result. and a number of gop leaders have made it very clear what they want to see going forward. less tweets. more focus in on the issues. >> yeah. it is just incredible that a candidate for president. would have been two candidates. one of two people is going to be probably president of the united states is up late at night tweeting about an alleged sex tape there is that evidence even exists but the person is talking about the sex tape is -- it was surprising to me. even though he was up in the middle of the tweeting trump
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favor days after clinton product up at the debate former
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miss universe trump is still talking b about it. firing off a series of tweets at 3:00 a.m. this morning to say the former beauty queen is, quote, disgusting. listen of this exchange he had with paul stein houzer. >> going into that debate a will the lot of people said hillary clinton was going to try the bait you. some people say you took the bait. will you be more disciplined in the second debate. >> i don't think i took the bait. every single online poll had he winning the debate. >> and again those online polls are not scientific to say the least. the new one tonight though is and said about 60% saw clinton as the winner of the debate. this middle of the night or early morning all night twitter storm from trump, it basically sucked up all the oxygen today. it was covered all day long. who is signing off on this strategy other than donald trump
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himself? >> i don't know the actual answer to that. but i will tell you my kind of informed sense is nobody. it is donald trump. there is nobody in his orbit who says, you know, what, get up at 3:00 and go after this miss universe who you have been fighting with for five days and not talk about trade or jobs or hillary clinton and the need for change in washington. you should do that. and i think it will be really really good for female voters. it is just not in the realm of any any possibility. the one thing that i find fascinating, i was talking to somebody about this, that we kind of forget if we are not in a bubble like donald trump is. is that twitter is his life blood. he uses it not just to get his message out but to get his information in. and he gets tweeted at a lot. as you can imagine. and so you can imagine him, you know, sitting up.
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maybe he can't sleep. looking at his twitter feed getting energized by his supporters, maybe encouraging him to do things likes that. and to not one but a couple of advisored today. i said can't you just delete the app from his phone or change the password or something? you know, he's a big boy and they should be able to leave him with his phone by himself but it goes to show you about his impul impulses. >> as somebody who advised for president granted in an error before social media, is trump's behavior by any definition presidential? >> no. no. i'm not a psychiatrist. i don't know what to -- how to describe him. but i can tell you the behavior is nuts. to be up at 3:00 in the morning and then get up and tweeting in the 5:00 hour, i just think is so bizarre it is beyond words. i've know known presidents who have been restless at night. all presidents lose sleep.
5:18 pm
and someone like nixon wanted a long reading list of books because we would wake up and couldn't go back to sleep and would read biographies. but do engage in this behavior suggests there is something gnawing away inside of him. >> and to suggest he didn't take the bait. i'm not a fishermen but this is taking the bait. it is not only taking the bait. it is then going for like a deep dive with the bait in your mouth and running for days and days and days and days and swallowing the hook. >> -- you do swim with sharks anderson. >> it is. and is this not taking the bait. >> it is. and so important. when he's running for president of the united states. >> of the united states and she's talking about, you know, miss machado and it's incredible. when i saw it this morning i could not believe it.
5:19 pm
>> i i was to. somebody is sending out e-mail or twitter in his name. he wouldn't be doing this. nobody does that. and i'm glad you are focussing on the hour because i think that is really telling to be doing something like this in the middle of the night at 5:5:00 a then again at 5:00. >> i don't know if they are up, reading policy papers or thinking about strategies and what minute policy is going to be or talking to an advisor about a policy issue or policy speech coming up. but he's watching cable news and tweeting. >> absolutely. and anderson, i cannot emphasize enough that the presidents who do best are not necessarily the smartest people. they were people who are well-anchored. they come from a solid place. a secure place. they can laugh. they can have fun in life. you think of an fdor or a reagan or a jack kennedy. these people were well anchored
5:20 pm
and this is behavior that's misfied me. >> trump's been saying for days that there was something wrong with his microphone in monday night's debate. the commission on presidential debates which is responsible for the detectives released a statement today saying, regards the first debate there were issues regarding donald trump's audio that effected the sound level in the debate hall. not on television. but people in the debate hall. so that is not audio that the 80 million plus would have heard but in the hall. trump is saying late tonight, i sag, i want do the next debate but everybody is talking about the mic. so it's like he's threatening to skip it or i don't know. >> or maybe it could be an excuse for him to skip it because he didn't do as well as he would have liked. but i think that, you know, getting back to the baiting thing, i think what's so interesting about this is that hillary really is the first one
5:21 pm
who has successfully been able to bait him. he spent the whole primary debating everybody else and they would get pulled into his attacks when he was going after little marco and low energy jeb. and hillary has not taken the bait but she's been able to get him to take the bait and lose control and i think it is pretty incredible to watch. >> and to continue with phishing analogy. it wasn't even like she was chumming the water with massive amounts of blood. it was like fly fishing. she knew where to put and it put it where she wanted it and that was it. >> and like before with the khan family. this is basically the same thing where everyone around him is saying stop, stop. why are you doing this? and he can't stop because he feels he's been wronged and e he feels he's going somehow convince everybody that if i can show you how bad these people are who are attacking me you are going to see it my way. >> and a question a source who's
5:22 pm
known film him for a while said this to me today. is he now out to prove donald trump is right or is he out to be president of the united states? with 39 days left and him behaving this way this is the question. >> what do you make of the mic. it is inexcusable there be any mic problem at this debit. what do you make of it. >> if there was noise many his ear so it distracted him, that is a legitimate complaint. but if you talk to some of the audience you know if people can't hear in the back of a room it doesn't throw you have. you can still give your talk. >> there is nothing in his ear or no feedback to actually -- >> right. no buzzing or feedback. if he's hearing himself talk that's very jarring and under this tension you could totally understand why he'd be upset but that is not what's being described.
5:23 pm
i do wish the debate commission would tell us more and tell us exactly what the problem was and be specific about it. it is otherwise hard to judge but the country derserves a better campaign than this. there are issues that deserve to be fully vent sod the voters can make a full choice. and i think it is just irresponsible to walk away from your party and responsibilities as the nominee to not give the country serious conversation and stop this nonsense at 3:00 in the morning. >> were you in the hall during the debate? and could you hear him is this. >> i was in the hall for the beginning of the debate. about the first half. i could hear okay but in fairness i did have an ifb so i was also hearing through the audio. i will say, i check with somebody in the hall pretty close to the front who said it was harder to hear trump than her. but david makes an intent poisb.
5:24 pm
he didn't necessarily know that during the debate. he was just talking and didn't effect him personally. >> and alicia machado, this is the latest in his long history of public feuds. we'll take a look at some of them next. squlp oh. well, i'm heading back to my r (announcer) want to wake up at super bowl 51? super bowl! (announcer) enter courtyard's super bowl sleepover contest at for your chance to win. sick of getting gouged for limited data? introducing t-mobile one. one price, all unlimited for everyone. get 4 lines for $35 per month each with unlimited 4g lte data. switch today. ♪
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secretary clinton leading trump by three points in a new fox news poll. the poll also found 60% of likely voters who watched the debate thought clinton one. as we mentioned trump's been insists he won the debate and
5:28 pm
did not take clinton's pate during the 95 minute face-off but four days later still tweeting about former miss universe alicia machado. sunland surfati reports. >> reporter: trump's pension have been part of his persona sloongs he's bhn in the public eye. one of his earliest squabbles was over 30 years ago with author grading carter. which trump carries on to this day. she referred to as a short fingered bulgarian. trump's never let it go. >> he'll send mer picture, sheets or magazines with a gold sharpie he's circle his fingers and in his handwriting say see, not so short and i know it just gives him absolute fits. >> marco rubio baited him with it during the debate.
5:29 pm
prompting this response scl look at those hands. are they small hands? if they are small, something else must be small. i guarantee there is no problem. i guarantee. >> and who could forget rosie o'donnell? that feud still going strong after a decade. starting in 2006 when o'donnell lambasted trump ads a hypocrite for almost taking say the crown away from then miss panlt winner tara conner after tabloids revealed her drinking and then using drugs. something trump publicly forgave her for but evoked his -- as the playb playboy. >> trump needily doubled down. >> she's disgusting in inside and out. she's a slob. she talks like a truck driver. >> zpz a feud that lingers today with trump actually mentioning o only the during the first debate. >> you have called women you
5:30 pm
don't like fat pig, dog, slobs and disgusting animals. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> for a campaign desperate to mod yumt their presidential contender trump's consistent feuds and inability to let go of them has proven even more problematic. the thin-skinned business titan going after fox business anchor megyn kelly after she brought up derogatory remarks he had made against women. >> blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. >> and in july he continually clashed with the khan family. belittling the parents of a muslim army captain killed in iraq after they spoke out against him during the national convention. >> his wife standing there, she had nothing say. >> and when it comes to the twitter outbursts, his preferred way of needling enemies he had this to say to david lettermen.
5:31 pm
>> the tweeting things gets you in trouble. you say things you think are so smart and it comes back to haunt you. >> advice from the past many are hoping he'll take now. >> joining me now -- awesome people. jeffrey, so from 3:00 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. donald trump, your candidate, is on this twitter rant, number of tweets, talking about alicia machado. references a sex tape that there is no definitive evidence exists. is that presidential? is that behavior of someone who should be a president fifty days or so from now? however long it is? >> let me answer this way? >> is it presidential. >> what does presidential mean? >> worthy of the office of president. that is what it means. worthy of somebody who would
5:32 pm
occupy the white house. >> i want the same test applied to him that was applied to every other president and lots of those presidents were thought of in the day as not being quote unquote presidential. andrew jackson. ronald reagan was an actor. that was a dumb thing to be doing nominating ab actor. on and on the list goes. you don't put a peanut farmer in the oval office. >> i'm a student of history too. i love history and it is important to see things in context but you didn't answer the question. is this presidential behavior? would you want the president of the united states to be up at 4:00 a.m. encouraging people to go look for a sex tape? >> ha ha ha ha. yeah, if it's worth looking for anderson. anderson, seriously. soaresly -- >> i don't know what that means. >> i want to make this a serious point. >> it is a serious point. wouldout want the president of the united states telling
5:33 pm
americans to go -- >> what i'm trying to communicate to you is that there are a lot of americans out there who think all of this presidential stuff and all of these kind of conventions that we have horse hockey. that they are held by arrogant people, conventional people who have disdain for the average guy. and he is reaching out to them through twitter. and yes, what we consider and i what i certainly consider to be unconventional methods. i'm suggesting to you that it is a different view out there for people on the receiving end. and i think that, you know, all yearlong and before that we've written donald trump off for ab and c reason. >> the only person on the receiving end of this is miss machado. and i don't know -- i get there are plenty of people who are fine with somebody doing that. i get that. i'm not talking to them. i'm talking to you. and you are very smart, well-read historian and you
5:34 pm
won't say whether or not this is presidential behavior. nan is this presidential behavior? >> hell no. this is not rocket science. and let my respond to jeffrey. he has grown on me. like poisonous mushrooms but he eh has grown on me. you are a good, decent human being. it is time that surrogates for trump stop the inasante and let this man know it is unjustifiable. insplekable. irrational. immature. unpresidential. unseamly. it is disgusting and gross for someone who is five weeks away for an election day. for president of the united states, lead effort to free world or the tweet aggregate 4:00 a.m. morning in the about a sex tape. for the love of god jeffrey you know better than this. stop justifying the
5:35 pm
unjustifiable. donald, stop acting like a teenage boy who can't restrain himself. >> do i get to respond to my friend anna. >> sure. >> sure go ahead. >> there is dead silence. go ahead. >> we can not continue cheapening -- >> all i'm trying to convey to you is that there is another view of this out there. another view. and we have to be thinking of this. and i'll tell you one that speaker gingrich mengsded the other day. the collusion between the clinton campaign and various media outlets in getting the story ahead of this. they were prepped ahead of time. they were cued she was going to mention alicia machado eats name and they set the whole thing up. that media manipulation is a big deal to a lot of people out there. >> if your candidate, the day of the debate if your candidate had
5:36 pm
said you know what, back then i was the owner of the that pageant. back then i was an entertainer. i really shouldn't have said those things. i shouldn't have called a 19-year-old girl mispiggy, miss house keeping. the story could be dead today. instead he's kept it alive five days. >> you do admit this is your candidate who's kept this alive. this isn't about collusion and media talk about this trying to tensd the story. he's kept this alive. >> yes. anderson, i do agree with that. i'm just suggesting we may be playing under different rules here that none offous understand that with the possible exception of donald trump. all along the line he's done thing. remember the wall street journal in the very beginning, i think the mccain quote that he had proceeded to his inevitable implosion. he's now the republican nominee. -- >> -- maybe he's tapping into
5:37 pm
the porn electorate. i get it. maybe that is his brilliance. but i still -- the basic question to me is, is it the behavior of somebody who should occupy the white house? and it is a question you won't answer -- >> -- >> it is either yes or no. it is either presidential behavior or not. >> it isn't yes or no. was bill clinton and monica lewinsky presidential behavior? >> no it wasn't and that's why he got impeached and all of america agrees it wasn't presidential. there is nothing wrong with admitting when your candidate is doing somethings that not presidential, jeffrey. please rescue yourself, really. >> all aim sighing is i think there is a different standard out there that we are not yet fully cognizant of in this. and the definition of what presidential and is is not. and i would agree with you. if that is what you want. yes. no. it is not presidential by the old standards but i am not sure
5:38 pm
that he has standards apply anymore. >> maybe i'm like totally behind the times. but i guess when i say what is presidential -- >> -- >> i guess when i say is something presidential is there is a kid in fifth grade and in his classroom and looks up and see it is name of the president on the blackboard or see it is president's picture on there that that is somebody he or she aspires to be, aspires to be like and aspires to emulate and the teach can say that is the president of the united states and they have vams and somebody we look up to as americans and i'm wondering it seems -- and there are plenty of presidents who have not lived up to that and we've covered it extense live i. and it just seems doctor -- >> or not in the day. >> andrew jackson. i don't know how much coverage andrew jackson but bill clinton got plenty of coverage as i seem
5:39 pm
to recall. >> jfk did not though. and i think this began to break with richard nixon. with we don't need to do the history thing here. but anderson i just think we need to be cautious. yes if you are asking me do i think it is presidential by the old standards i would say no but i'm not sure that the american -- >> let me say jeffrey, decency. gravitas, seriousness are not old standards. they are the presidency of the united states. when you sit in that oval office it is not about old standards or new standards. it is about dnc. humanity. the knowledge that taking very seriously you are representing every american. donald trump is the only person i know who drunk tweets sober and the e he does at 4:00 in the morning. it is time you tell him that support him, put the phone down. do not do this because you are reminding us that you are insane, erratic and not fit to have the nuclear codes of this
5:40 pm
country. >> is there anybody in trump's circle who can say to him, do you know what? delete your twitter account or get an intern to be your twitter person or get a responsible person. you know, get an employee to be your twitter person. or, you know, between the hours of, you know, midnight and 6:30 a.m., don't tweet. i mean is there anybody in the circle who can talk to him like that? >> anderson, i think by his own admission, i think i'm right on this. he says his wife has told him not do this and he does this. so i don't know what else to tell you. >> i think melania for the good of the country should try to smother him with a pillow when she shes him grab that fwirt at 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. it is insane. forget him running for president. he's an adult male, 70 years old who is behaving like an irrepressible child can w.h.o. cannot restrain his basic needs.
5:41 pm
like a bull who sees a red cape and charges, thrashes for hit without think ofrg the consequences. it is not presidential and not republican. and the reason i'm speaking so hard about this is because i want the american electorate to know he does not represent republican values. he does not represent american values and this republican is unwilling to justify for say it is irrational behavior by a 70-year-old nominee for president. >> trump is saying he did not take the bait. is it your belief he didn't take the bait. again as i said at the top of the program, i don't know a lot about fishing but the seems to be the text bookie definition of taking the bait. if on friday after the debate at the beginning of the week you are tweeting in the middle of the night about something your opponent said that was a one or two or three line thing you could have just ignored, isn't this just taking the bait? >> he could have. yeah. i mean by a lot of circumstances
5:42 pm
he would have -- >> stop talking in my ear. >> and one last thought. he's going to be here? central pennsylvania tomorrow or in lancaster county and they are expecting thousands and thousands and thousands of people here. so there is some connection anderson. >> he's a major candidate for president. he's the republican candidate for president. i would hope there could be thousand os -- >> it happens for him all the time. >> all right. we got to leave it there. they are yell manager my ear. we got to go. >> he stuck to the prompter. the script. we almost forgot he was insane. hillary clinton with machado unhinged him and helped remind us what an insane human being that guy is. >> a big push in florida among african american vote who are so far have not shown the level of enthusiasm president obama ignited in the sate. how concerned is hillary clinton?
5:43 pm
we'll look at that approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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tonight's breaking news. hillary clinton is leading donald trump in several polls. all conducted aftermonday's
5:47 pm
debate. that is the is significance of them. in florida she's ahead by four points overall. among african american voters she's leading 92%. and president obama had greater support among african american voters when he won the pivotal state. as the gap that could cause hillary clinton on election day. take a closer clook. >> madam president. >> reporter: if hint is ever going to be madam president she needs to support of african americans. especially here in florida where the race is incredibly tight. that has her campaign concerned. >> they absolutely should be pan panicking. in the african american community says home she will not beat donald trump. she has cause to panic. >> leslie says she'll vote for hillary clinton even though clinton doesn't inspire her r her the way barack obama once did. that lack of passion may keep
5:48 pm
some home on voting day. >> barak obama got -- >> she'll net enever get that number. not every. >> others at this rally in coral springs florida do believe african americans will turn out in large numbers for clinton. >> we have become the silent majority. we don't pout. we don't shout. we show up at the polls and. >> and this womans like clinton's commitment to criminal justice reform. >> he's been with us a while now. she's not a newcomer on the block and we like that. she's been fighting for us. >> with nearly 1.7 million black votes up for grabs in florida the clinton campaign is making a big push. the president and michelle obama are expected to stump for clinton here in an ad voiced by the first lady is airing in black communities. the campaign hopes obama's backing of clinton will vote rate is black voters. >> as long as she's pushing the
5:49 pm
support. i think we as americans need to back her as well. >> some say the president's endorsement is not enough. >> she's felt that as long as president obama, michelle obama is telling the african american community to vote her for her that is what we're doing do. >> and that is not the case. >> noz r that is not the case. she's not president obama. and she doesn't invoke that same enthusiasm from the community. >> lax of lose yasm is why this woman is still undecided. >> i felt more transparency with barack. maybe that is cultural. i don't know. but i definitely felt transparency a little more. >> authenticity and likability. >> yeah. i think she's trying, but natural's natural, and we're listening. >> reporter: some here suggests that clinton should skip these big rallies and instead personally visit african-american neighborhoods to talk to voters the way that obama did, anything to ignite
5:50 pm
some passion. >> this election has no time for anybody to be sitting on the sidelines. >> randi kaye, cnn, coral springs, florida. >> up next, they won't be able to vote for about ten years, but that does not mean they don't have opinions about the elections. gary tuchman sat down with a group of third years, the candidates, the debate, and if they had any advice for hillary clinton and donald trump. >> take a chill pill. >> just take a chill pill. clamog for our next hit album, we return to our extravagant private studio, where we turn gold into platinum. yes, i am rich. is a is is
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and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. . americans are definitely paying attention to this presidential election, with a record 84 million people watching the first debate. but it's not just adults who are watching, kids are as well. and when you put some of them with our gary tuchman, well, this happens. >> reporter: at the woodward academy in college park, georgia, we talked to some 8 and
5:54 pm
9-year-old third graders. thank you for inviting to us your school. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: it's nice to meet all of you. >> you too. >> reporter: do you know that we have a presidential election coming up? >> yes. >> it's very complicated. >> it is complicated. who's running for president? tell me. >> trump and hillary clinton. >> trump and hillary clinton. which one's the man and which one is the woman. >> trump is the man and hillary's is the girl. >> hillary's the girl and trump's the boy. >> i know a little bit about both of their stories, a little. because trump has a wife and she's like a model, kind of, and then hillary's husband or father was the president. >> well, her husband, bill clinton. so she would be the second president clinton. >> yeah. >> what's the first thing you think the new president should do item. >> make an announcement that everything, like houses and stuff, was half the price for a whole month. >> half the price for a whole month. >> who agrees with that? >> no, half price cars, half
5:55 pm
price everything. >> what do you think of the candidates yelling at each other? >> i don't really like it. >> why don't you like that? >> because i don't like violence. >> they haven't touched each other, which would be really inappropriate -- >> it's screaming violence. >> it's screaming violence. >> that's what i mean. >> did you hear they just had a debate? >> yeah! >> what did you think of the debate? did you watch any of it? >> i thought it was torture. >> why was it torture? >> i don't know. >> all the screaming. >> i'm going to show you this video and i want you to watch and tell me what you think when we're done. >> he was totally out of control. i said, there's a person with a temperament that's got a problem. >> secretary clinton? >> whoo! okay! >> see the little shimmy of her shoulders. what'd you think to have that? >> cool! >> i think she's like -- wait, so that -- >> like what? >> like, kind of, boogie. >> boogie. >> like boogie. >> kind of boogie at the debate. what advice would you give donald trump and hillary clinton if they were at this table?
5:56 pm
>> if they were sitting here, i would say, stop interrupting people, follow the golden rule, if you interrupt the other person, then you probably will get interrupted. when it's your turn to say something. >> it's just that they should just like calm down, like take a minute and talk in a room that's quiet. >> so your feeling is, if hillary clinton and donald trump were here, you would say, take a time-out? >> yeah. >> chill? >> yeah, relax. >> take a chill pill. just take a chill pill. >> thank you for inviting us to your school. >> well, you're welcome. >> you're welcome. >> you're very nice. >> those kids were very nice. you've done a couple of pieces like this from different parts of the country. is there one thing you're seeing kids pick up on as they watch the campaign? >> they're picking up on the same thing that adults are picking up on, that this is a crazy, unusual campaign. but what's good about it, and we've talked to kids in different presidential elections over the years, what's good about it, they're so aware this year that there can't be anything bad for america's
5:57 pm
future about today's present kids getting involved in the political process. and a lot of these kids, anderson, told us they wish that they were 18 so they could vote now and start working on cars, housing, and candy prices being cut by 50%. >> candy prices is a key point. i'll see if that gets brought up in the next debate. gary, thank you very much. in the next hour, the breaking news, the first post-debate polling results. see what voters think of the race now. plus, trump's pre-dawn twitter barrage, i guess, against miss universe and urging america to check out an alleged sex tape which doesn't seem to exist. you both have a perfect driving record.
5:58 pm
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and welcome back to the second hour of "360" on this very busy friday night. donald trump campaigned in michigan this happening, after he spent the wee hours on twitter, calling a former beauty queen disgusting, that was his word, and telling everyone to check out a sex tape. we'll get to all of that in a moment. fist, s