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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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security council. the government has embassies in just five cities around the world. bangkok, brussels and dhaka and kuwait and new delhi. thanks for being part of my program this week. i'll see you next week. >> thank you so much for joining me. we're just two days into the month and we already have what could be the first october surprise of the presidential campaign. the "new york times" saying it received some of donald trump decades old tax documents in the mail. cnn has not been able to independently corroborate the document's authenticity but here are the takeaways from the "new york times" report. trump declared a nearly 1 billion loss in 1995. tax experts say that kind of loss could allow him to legally avoid taxes for almost two
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decades. both campaigns are responding. but first i want to break down what is in the report by way of our cnn money correspondent christina aleshi and chris. what do the documents say? >> what the document gave us was a really big number. a headline grabbing one. what it does is raise all sorts of questions about donald trump's business dealings and i just got off the phone with a tax expert who told me this raises the sheer size of the loss raises questions how aggressive donald trump may have gotten on his tax return. but for now here's insight on the $916 million. >> here's what "the new york times" is reporting, trump declared a loss of $916 million in 1995 and that loss could be used to cancel taxable income for potentially up to 18 years.
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according to tax experts the paper hired. key details are still missing because "the new york times" doesn't have trump's complete tax returns. and cnn can't confirm the authenticity of the documents the paper does have. the report means even if trump made $916 million in the years after 1995, he could potentially have paid little or no taxes on that income. how is that possible? it all comes down to something called net operating loss, according to the times. when a business has more tax deductible expenses than income, you end up with what the irs calls a net operating loss. now, people might be asking, if trump could write off such a large loss over so many years, why can't i do this? most people are familiar with a different type of deduction. capital losses. typically these are tied to stocks and bonds and other investments and there are different rules for those and limits on how to use them.
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with trump, we're most likely talking about a loss from operating a business, which according to the irs is the most common reason for a net operating loss. if trump had much of his wealth tied up in businesses, any losses in those businesses might flow directly to him so he can use them to reduce his own tax bill in future years. it's important to keep in mind that the tax code allows you to do this. the trump campaign responded saying candidate paid hundreds and millions of dollars in other taxes, including property and real estate taxes. but, it didn't directly deny the times reporting on the federal income tax. and trump himself responded to the report with this tweet. i know our complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever run for president. and i'm the only one who can fix them, #failing at new york times. i spoke to the account aept cited in the store rixt he took
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issue because trump's income in subsequent years. almost a billion dollars is a lot of money to lose. we don't know how it happened and when it happened. his businesses were hurting, taj mahal, the plaza hotel, operating losses from those businesses could have been listed on his tax returns earlier in the 1990s then carried them over to 1995. but we actually don't even know if he used these losses to offset income in later years. the tax law says he could have but without the returns from those later years, we can't know for sure. the big question is, do these documents help us understand how much donald trump is really worth? again, the answer is no. on that point about how much donald trump is really worth, the campaign puts out this $10 billion number, which has been
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countered by independent experts and analysts at forbes who put it closer to 3.7 billion and bloomberg puts it closer to 3 billion. even if we had by the way, his tax returns, it would be really tough to glean how much he was worth. all they really tell you is what he did, how much money he made in one year and we would need the specific schedules or the specific documentation that goes along with those documents to know what he deducted and why and whether those were in fact legitimate deductions. >> all right, cristina, thank you so much. underscoring this reporting is based in large part the reporters have said they received these documents in the mail. and they have since verified but cnn has not independently verified. thanks so much. chris, let's bring you into the equation.
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have we heard anything more from the trump campaign? we had the tweet but what more if anything? >> well, we have heard from the trump campaign. they haven't disputed any facts in the story, in fact they put out a statement where trump blamed the new york times and the media at large for being an extension of a clinton campaign. he then went on to attack clinton before finally arguing that he had aafy fiduciariry responsibility to pay no more tax than he's required to. he argued not paying taxes made him smart. today he said, i know our complex tax laws better than anyone who ran for president and i'm the only one to fix them and called them #failing ny times. this is another version of an answer we heard before, he knows how to work the system so well, only he can fix it.
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he used the same explanation in the primaries, why did you give money to democratic politicians, i'm just playing the game and i'm the only one who can fix what he liked to call a rigged system. similar answer here on the taxes, fred. >> what about the freed feedback or response from the clinton campaign? >> not surprisingly here the clinton campaign which has been pressuring trump for months to release his tax returns, jumped all over the story. in a statement the campaign manager mook said there it is, this bombshell report reveals the colossal nature of the past business failures and how long he may have avoided paying any federal income taxes whatsoever. in one year donald trump lost a billion dollar. he stiffed small businesses and laid off workers and walked away from hard working communities he apparently got to avoid paying taxes for nearly two decades while tens and millions of working families paid theirs. he calls that smart.
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why doesn't he go ahead and release returns to show us how smart he really is. long statement there from the clinton campaign, fred. i don't expect they will let this story line go, namely calling on donald trump to release his tax returns any time soon. >> and seven days away from the next presidential debate and two days from the vice presidential debate. one would expect all of this will come up in both arenas. thank you so much. i want to bring in cnn political commentator john phillips and bill press, a hillary clinton supporter and libertarian commentator ron hart. good to see all of you. john, let me begin with you. the clintons along with many media publications have pounced on this report, after trump himself said during the debate in response to hillary clinton, i call it smart. does this report help at all
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seem this is smart business on his part or does it also underscore questioning about whether he is indeed a good businessman? >> well, the headline in my mind is how plitized and partisan the irs has become. these confidential documents were leaked to "new york times." it's easy to see why there are class action lawsuits against -- >> except we still don't -- we don't know how these documents were mailed to "the new york times," if it was someone close to donald trump and the organization and had their hands on these documents. >> we do know that hillary was tipped off before the debate because she referenced information that was similar to what we saw in "the new york times." >> all of that was reported on before. i don't know if that's true either really. what does this mean to your candidate when some material like this is published in the
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"new york times" and getting a lot of traction and comes on the heels of donald trump himself saying i call it smart. when indeed the issue at hand was about whether he had paid little or no taxes. >> yeah, this isn't a wesley snipes situation, even the analyst quoted in the "new york times," said he paid taxes he was legally entitled to pay. i don't sit down with my tax preparer, i can use my house as a write off but if i don't, maybe they can spring for an open bar at the christmas party. what's more disturbing to me, you have a career politician like hillary clinton who worked for the government her entire life and millionaire. how are you a millionaire if you worked for the government without trading favors for cash. >> i'm not a spokesman for the clinton campaign but there were incredible speaking engagement fees and couple of book deals which speak to money. let's stick with what is being reported today with $1 billion
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loss, 1995 and according to tax experts, "new york times" turned to, it would mean the equivalency of no taxes paid in 18 years possibly. so bill, you know, what -- what does this mean in terms of whether this would inspire, urge, the trump campaign to now release more information that would either substantiate or tear down this claim? >> we know why donald trump has not released his tax returns thanks to "new york times" and whoever sent the three pages. i think this is very, very serious problem for donald trump. what do most americans do? we may differ politically but we pay our bills and we pay our taxes, donald trump clearly did neither. and i think it's serious because it undermines his entire campaign message that he's a
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successful businessman. oh, yeah? three failed casinos, failed hotel and failed university, failed airline, losing a billion dollars in one year. and the second point telling people the system is rigged against you. now we know, it's rigged against us by people like him who live like a king and then while stiffing his contractors and stiffing his employees and stiffing us, stiffing uncle sam. >> on the issues taxes, this is a loophole, a legitimate net operating loss provision that makes it allowable if someone loses in the name of business, loses a lot of money and then there is this. so -- >> i didn't -- >> no allegation it was illegal zbll i never said it was illegal. this is legal. what i thought cristina showed this net operating loss is a scam that huge businesses and very wealthy people are able to
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take advantage of with average americans are not. and donald trump took full advantage of it to up to $45 million a year for 18 years. what kind of message does that send as a president? don't pay your taxes, i never paid mine. you're a full for paying your taxes. i think it's bad. >> ron, i know you're chomping at the bit. i want to play this sound, following the monday night debate in the spin room with dana bash when dana bash seized on the moment about makes me smart. she asked hix about paying federal taxes after the debate. this is what he had to say. >> it sounds like you admitted you hadn't paid federal taxes and that was smart. is that what you meant to say? >> i didn't say that at all. i will say this, i hate the way our government spends our taxes. >> all right, so ron, how do you put all of this into context, in terms of reporting, what he has been on record as saying and even there, it's not necessarily
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trying to offer some clarification. what does this do in terms of the campaign and attention and demands that the voting public would make on getting a better understanding of this. >> been audited for 15 years, paid all he owes, that's the tax system, convoluted system. lobbiests get loophole for business people and smart people take advantage of it. it's a big nothing sandwich. if you have net operating losses, every business in america cares and some companies buy other companies for their losses to shield their income. it speaks to are the reason we need a flat tax. it's ironic a man like trump wants us to go to a flatter tax without the deductions. it becomes like twister after a while. you're so con torted doing taxes that the smart people to align themselves with accountants and lawyers -- >> does he make him a hip kritd, he would take advantage of the loophole while campaigning, say
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i know this tax law better than anyone else and he vows to fix it because he used the words crooked, rigged, that people are not able to enjoy certain benefits that he and other wealthy people are. >> you can't conflate not paying taxes with what he owes. he owes what he owes. it speaks to the broader system, he gives the democrats and republicans -- like owning a restaurant in a mafia controlled area. you have to pay protection money. who better to design the system to keep banks from being rob d than bonnie and clyde. knows it better than anyone else. if you want to change the system, he's the man to do it. >> john, earlier today, rudy juligiuliani on our network sai donald trump would be a fool, any businessman would be a fool not to take advantage of that provision.
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john, are you with me? >> i thought you were going to play a clip. >> no, no, i was para phrasing for you. >> is what he did, has he paid everything he's legally entitled to pay? >> business men have good years and bad years. in that year he had a bad year but bounced back. his critics can call him a bad businessman but he's a billionaire. he can fill up his guitar shaped swimming pool with tears. i think that people understand that donald trump is a guy when you look at the good and bad, made a lot of money over a long period of time and they are not surprised. >> so bill, he is a businessman and made millions of dollars. he's lost millions of dollars. and is it so bad that you have great losses like this? does it mean that overall donald trump is not a good businessman or he has losses and the loophole allows him to build back from it, gives him an
11:17 am
opportunity? >> first off -- >> whoa. >> >> this is like mitt romney. the american people who pay taxes dutifully don't appreciate somebody who skates or scams and there's only one way to clear up all of the these questions we have, for him to release his tax returns. is he going to do it? hell no, he's not going to do it. now we know why. >> it may not matter to him anymore. 194 there was a real estate recession and a lot of losses. may have been going through a divorce or tamp down his income. the hillary clinton foundation, they are worth $200 million doing charity work. imagine if they weren't share the weather democrats. >> there's no evidence that any of the money from the clinton foundation went into the pocket of the clintons, to bring that out is unrageous and untrue. >> what's the net worth? >> i don't know what it is but
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it did not come from charitable money -- >> we already know the financial disclosures -- >> from book deals we know that by way of the speaking engagements and post presidency, many presidents enjoy huge speaking fees as well as several books. >> it's public knowledge. it's public knowledge. where is donald trump's tax returns? we don't know. john, you are advocating for this camp for donald trump. is it your feeling that this kind of report now revealing of a billion dollars in losses and possibly not paying taxes over an 18-year period will mean it will inspire provoke him to release more information to either set the record straight or reveal that he -- has paid taxes? >> no, look. look at the feeding frenzy that's gone on out of three pages that were leaked. three pages that are supposed to be confidential documents and
11:19 am
you may think that the irs didn't do it. >> we don't know. we don't know. >> but to answer the question -- >> will he have to be more transparent to reveal whether he indeed paid taxes in other years? >> he's being audited. he says he's not going to release until the audit is done -- >> of the years not being audited. >> i don't blame him. >> fred, that's one of the things -- one other fact, donald trump on the campaign trail bemoans 50%, criticizes 50% he says of americans who don't pay their taxes and therefore, he says, there's not enough money for roads and schools and not enough for troops and all of these things we need. he criticizes people and now we find out he is the number one person on that list, a total free loader. again, i think politically this is very damaging. >> he's been on 15 years, about the time he declared a
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does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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less than 37 days from election day and with me now is a man on ballot in all 50 states, gary johnson. mr. johnson, thanks for being with us. >> 37 days. oh, my gosh. >> i know, check the calendar. where's the time going? >> tick of the clock. tick of the clock. >> are you excited or nervous about that? >> well, excited, nervous, look, we are on ballot in all 50 states. i think if people in this country knew who we were, myself and bill weld, fiscally conservative, socially
11:24 am
inclusive, skeptical about military wars and supporting free trade, if 70% of americans that don't know who we are, knew who we were, maybe we would be taking office or win the election 37 days from now. i realize there are probably -- you might be one of them, those that don't think that's going to happen. >> well, maybe this opportunity helps offer clarity or helps you be reintroduced to a lot of audiences. >> yeah, that's true, thank you. >> so then. >> great. >> you probably picked up quts the new york times and read that article about donald trump and nearly $1 billion in losses and possibly according to tax experts "new york times" talked to claiming he may have been able to avoid paying taxes for nearly two decades. what's your response to that? >> well, you know, i do talk about tax reform and the fact that we should be looking to simplify taxes.
11:25 am
so hey, flat tax simplified, do away with deductions, real estate, you get to -- historically you get to buy appreciating assets you then get to deappreciate and sell the asset and you don't have to necessarily pay any gains on it at all because you can do a real estate trade at the end of all of that. that's the tax system with regard -- >> did you read the article? do you have an understanding of it fully? like the rest of us. >> i did not read the article in "the new york times," no, i did not. >> okay. i'll try to paraphrase it. if we're talking about in this article, a reporter for "new york times," she received a piece of mail and in that piece of mail were three documents of donald trump's 1995 taxes. and after them verifying with tax experts, tax experts believe
11:26 am
that it was authentic and had marla maples social security and donald trump's security on it. through their assessment it would appear as though he was able to make up for the nearly $1 billion in losses by enjoying some some tax breaks because of a loophole and possibly over two decades could have possibly avoided paying federal taxes. knowing that -- >> fredericka -- >> what's your thought to that? >> well, i've understood that much about the article. but what i don't understand is the loophole. he would have paid taxes on that billion dollar loss before he declared that billion dollar loss. i'm not aware of what loophole would be spoken of. >> this provision is called the net operating loss and donald trump and his camp -- >> sure.
11:27 am
>> have implied during this statement it was legally allowable because he is a business person and you know, while on the campaign trail and even during the debate, he has said that he knows this tax code better than anybody else. and would feel like he would be better at anybody else to change it or modifying it. if this report is right, he's benefitting from incredible tax breaks. as a candidate yourself, how do you fushlg either distinguish yourself from a donald trump or do you have any real criticism how he was able to benefit from that? >> i do advocate eliminating income tax and corporate tax and replacing all of it with one federal consumption tax. and because you would do that, you could do away with the irs. one federal consumption tax. i put out the fair tax as a template how to dot the is and cross the ts so accomplish one
11:28 am
federal consumption tax. i'm very aware of taxes and real estate investment and accounting and all of this surrounding this situation. but this is a situation where he did lose this amount of money. it does speak to the fact that he's declaring himself as very -- >> oh, my goodness, so sorry, we have lost that signal. we're going to try to re-establish that because i certainly want to continue this with gary johnson. stay with us, we'll take a short break and hope that we can get him back on the air with me again. you're watching cnn. rt. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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to choose the rate plan that works best for your family, visit together, we're building a better california. welcome back, back with us is lib taer yan presidential candidate, gary johnson. something happened to our signal and we're glad we could bring you back. >> thank you. >> let's talk about your candidacy. you will not be in the presidential debate because according to polling you didn't meet the 15% requirement. and while at first when you threw your hat into the ring perhaps you felt a real viability, that you could potentially win the white house. do you still feel that way? or do you also feel that potentially your continued candidacy will better assure either a clinton or a trump in
11:33 am
the white house? >> well, i'm really proud of the fact that i am giving people their first alternative to vote for. i thnk a wasted vote is voting for somebody you don't believe in. and speaking fill sofically, i do think that myself and bill weld as the libertarian nominees for president and vice president are representing 60% of americans, fiscally conservative, socially inclusive and skeptical about the military inventions supporting regime change and free markets. believing that ultimately that's all about more u.s. jobs not less u.s. jobs. so being able to provide a voice given that the polarity of both clinton and trump, i'm proud of this. and i think it's interesting that i'm polling higher than ross perot was polling when he was allowed into the presidential debates. and presidential debate commission made up of democrats and republicans that absolutely
11:34 am
have no interest whatsoever in seeing anyone other than a democrat or a republican on stage, and right now, 50% of americans when they are going to register to vote are registering as independent. it's great to give independents a voice. right now i'm leading among independents. i'm tied with hillary clinton among young people but i'm coming up on that. it looks like i'll actually at some point lead among young people, millennials, the largest demographic group in the country right now. i'm also leading among active military personnel, which i think speaks volumes to the fact that what i'm saying is resonating with those mostly -- mostly that they are involved in every single day. our military. >> and even in spite of those great accolades, your vice presidential running mate, bill
11:35 am
weld, actually had complimentary words for one of your competitors, hillary clinton. let's listen. >> i'm not sure anybody is more qualified than hillary clinton to be president of the united states. >> okay, so he's talking about qualifications, no one is more qualified than hillary clinton. you just said you're very proud of how far you and your candidate city has gone probably the closest to the white house than any other third party candidate historically, we're still looking for direct fact checking on that one. but do you feel you are qualified to be in the white house even though your running mate says hillary clinton is the most qualified? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. i mean, we're the most qualified, two former republican governors, served two terms each in states that were heavily democrats, getting re-elected. really it speaks volumes to the fact that people really do
11:36 am
appreciate good stew ardship of tax dollars. bill weld went on to say, that taxes are going to go up under hillary. there's nothing that government can't do in our lives when it comes to hillary clinton. and bill weld is the first one that raises questions i think of the whole country is raising questions about pay to play, these e-mails and look, i think her stint as secretary of state was directly related to the clinton foundation and those speaking fees originally i thought it was speaking fees paid to bill clinton for him having been president. more power to him but boy, you can really connect the dots between those speaking fees and an agreement signed the next day with the state department with hillary's signature on it. >> i hate to put salt in the wound. many people started questioning your qualifications after that
11:37 am
aleppo moment and then you being unable to mention a foreign leader. so you've had time to sleep on it, think it over. >> a foreign leader that i admired. what is it -- >> you had time to think about. >> yeah, i still can't come up with one. >> you cannot. >> still can't come up with one. that i admire? that i'll have to defend a foreign leader? one of the surprises i had having been governor is, i held a lot of people up in this country on pedestals that were elected politicians. i came to meet them up front and personal and you know what, they didn't have the best interest of of the country in mind. what they were, they were concerned more with getting re-elected. i came to find that out. i'm really a skeptical when it comes to elected leaders and that isn't to say there aren't a lot of them that i really do like and certainly as governor i could tell you governors that i admire but foreign leaders --
11:38 am
>> but you're saying -- this does not necessarily say this exemplifies that foreign policies and international affairs is not important to you? >> it's very important. but what really angers me is that because you can dot the is and cross the ts on geographic locations an names of foreign leaders we put our men in harm's way. they are getting maimed and psych logically ruined for the rest of their days and hundreds of thousands of civilians that we get involved in in civil wars, intervening from regime change, standpoint, getting caught in the crossfire. we're putting our military in harm's way. look, that's what angers me beyond belief that angers me is that that qualifies a person like hillary clinton to put our
11:39 am
military in that crossfire. have it at it. >> libertarian presidential candidate, gary johnson. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> we'll have much more right after this. on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. the volkswagen passat starting at $22,440. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it?
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live from new york "snl" is back. in case you missed last night's premiere, here's jessica snyder. >> my microphone is broke. >> alec baldwin posing with a pout and planting on a toupee to channel trump. >> somebody is sniffing here. i think it's her sniffs, she's been sniffing all night. testing, testing. >> the 16-time record holding snl host taking on trump, baldwin bringing up the twitter tie raids. >> i'll set my alerm for 3:20
11:43 am
and sit on my golden toilet bowl and tweet about it. >> we should be talking about the important issues like rosie o'donnell and how she's a fat loser -- >> the election cycle long providing snl with plenty of fodder from tina fey's sarah palin. >> i can see russia from my house. >> reporter: to will ferrell as george w. bush. >> bartender, keep them coming. >> reporter: this season kate mckinnon rewill reprize her role as hillary clinton. >> he hasn't released his tax returns which means he's either not that rich. >> wrong. >> not that charitable. >> wrong. >> never paid taxes in his life. >> warmer. >> what do you think about that? >> i think i'm going to be president. >> but it wasn't just baldwin
11:44 am
bearing the brunt of the ridicule, mckinnon mocked the debate prep and ruthless ambition. >> listen america, i get it, you hate me. you hate my voice and you hate my face. well, here's a tip, if you never want to see my face again, elect me president and i swear to god i will lock myself in the oval office and not come out for four years. but if you don't elect me, i will continue to run for president until the day i die. and i will never die. >> and mckinno show cased clinton's shimmy. >> not a response, more of a request, can america vote right now. >> it wasn't just the candidates lampoons. >> just getting acquainted. >> just about everyone in the political realm this season took a hit, including trump's three oldest children. >> what an interesting and wonderful question, steve.
11:45 am
may i ask my brothers for help? >> they are not here. >> yes we are. >> who's this? >> i'm donald junior the brains. >> i'm ivanka, the beauty. >> and i'm eric. >> an unprecedented election cycle. >> it is over. good night, hofstra. >> sure to continue providing plenty of comedy on saturday nights. jessica schneider, cnn, new york. >> and we will be right back.
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welcome back, today hillary clinton meeting with community leaders in charlotte 12 days after the fatal police shooting of a black man, keith lamont scott. senior washington correspondent joe johns is live in charlotte. joe, originally, hillary clinton wanted to go last weekend but at the discouragement of city leaders there postponed it. what is this trip been like? >> reporter: well, you're absolutely right. they had planned to come here about a week ago. the mayor said timing is bad. they rescheduled it and it's important to say that hillary clinton needed to connect with charlotte, north carolina for a variety of reasons, it's the largest city in a battleground
11:50 am
state and she's trying to get to the polls and talked all over the country about police use of lethal force and related issues. but it needed to have the right tone to it so as not to attract criticism. how did they accomplish that? they kept it very low key. they did not announce the church that she was coming to. parishioners were surprised when she walked in the room. what was the message? it was emotional in large part and very personal. she did not even mention the name of donald trump. but what she did talk about among other things was the need to view controversies like the one affecting charlotte, north carolina right now through the eyes of children who are watching that and she brought up to the pulpit a young girl, 9 years old named ziana olifant who spoke about the need to protect the parents of african-american children so they come home at night.
11:51 am
an emotional moment here and now hillary clinton is on a plane on her way back to new york. fred, back to you. >> joe johns in charlotte, thank you so much. >> we'll be right back after this. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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hurricane matthews winds have increased and it is barreling towards jamaica and cuba. the storm is clocking maximum
11:55 am
sustained winds at 144 miles per hour. michael holmes is awaiting matthew aegs arrival live from kingston, jamaica. is this the calm before the storm? >> reporter: yeah, i think you could say that for sure. pretty much on cue. the rain started here five minutes ago. we have to expect to feel the effects of matthew in the hours ahead. the main impact likely here monday night going into tuesday. that's when things are really going to start to spark up. the last we're hearing is it could run right between jamaica and haiti. the way it circulates around, that could mean haiti is going to get the worst of it in terms of high winds and rain. one of our weather guys was telling me, haiti could get 40 inches of rain out of this storm. that's almost a year's worth of rain in the course of a day or two. let's remember, haiti has been deforested. there's not a lot of trees
11:56 am
holding the earth together. remember, the earthquake in 2010, there's people living in tents in haiti, it seems extraordinary. a lot of preparations going on in jamaica. we were down at the fishing village, port royal, not far from here. the locals there are under evacuation order being urged to get out and saying no, 90% of the people we spoke to said they are staying put. we'll see how this unfolds in the hours ahead, fred. >> michael holmes, thank you so much. next, a bombshell from the "new york times" over donald trump's taxes. complete coverage of the next hour of quts newsroom which returns after this.
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on activities and restaurants. - the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life. hello, again, thank you sofso much for joining me. we're two days into the month and we already have what could be the first october surprise of the presidential campaign. the "new york times" saying it received some of donald trump's decades old tax documents in the mail. cnn has not been able to independently corroborate the documents' authenticity. the report shows trump declared a nearly 1 billion the loss in 1995. tax experts who the "new york times" talked to say that kind of loss could


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