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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hat i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life. hello, again, thank you sofso much for joining me. we're two days into the month and we already have what could be the first october surprise of the presidential campaign. the "new york times" saying it received some of donald trump's decades old tax documents in the mail. cnn has not been able to independently corroborate the documents' authenticity. the report shows trump declared a nearly 1 billion the loss in 1995. tax experts who the "new york times" talked to say that kind of loss could allow him to legally avoid paying taxes for
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almost two decades. both campaigns are responding and we'll get to that in a moment. first let's break down what is in the report. we have correspondents covering all of the angles with cristina alesci. what's in this report. >> one really big, really headline grabbing number. and what this is doing is that we have this number and we have a whole lot of questions about this number, set off a frenzy with reporters trying to figure out what all this means. tax zpert experts are beginning to weigh in. in the meantime we are focus on this $916 million. take a listen. here's what the "new york times" is reporting. trump declared a loss of $916 million in 1995. and that loss could be used to cancel taxable income for
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potentially up to 18 years, according to tax experts the paper hired. key details are still missing because "the new york times" didn't have the complete tax returns. cnn can't confirm the authenticity of the documents the paper does have. but the report means even if trump made $916 million in the years after 1995, he could potentially have paid little or no taxes on that income. how is that possible? it all comes down to something called net operating loss. according to the times, when a business has more tax deductable expenses, than income, you end up with what the irs calls a net operating loss. now, people might be asking, if trump can write off such a large loss over so many years, why can't i do this? most people are familiar with the different type of deduction, capital losses. typically these are tied to stocks and bonds and other investments and there are different rules for those and
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limits on how to use them. with trump, we're most likely talking about a loss perfect operating a business. which according to the irs is the most common reason for a net operating loss. if trump had much of his wealth tied up in businesses, any losses in those businesses might flow directly to him so he can use them to reduce his own tax bill in future years. it's important to keep in mind that the tax code allows you to do this. the trump campaign responded saying the candidate paid hundreds and millions of dollars in other taxes, including property and real estate taxes. but it didn't do -- reporting on the federal income tax. trump himself responded with this tweet. i know our complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever run for president. i'm the only one who can fix them, #failing at new york times. he took issue with the story because trump's income in
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subsequent years isn't public. does this tell us that trump lost all of the money only in 1995? the answer is no. almost a billion dollars is a lot of money to lose. we don't know exactly what happened and when it happened. we do know that his businesses were hurting in the early 1990 he is, taj mahal, plaza hotel in new york, for example, operating losses from those businesses could have been listed on this tax returns earlier in the 1990s. and then, he could have carried them over to 1995. but we actually don't even know if he used these losses to offset income in later years. the tax law says he could have but without the returns from those later years, we can't know for sure. the big question is, do these documents help us understand how much donald trump is really worth? again, the answer is no. so on this question, on what donald trump is really worth the campaign puts out a figure of $10 billion, forbes analysts
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puts his network closer to $3.7 billion and bloomberg says $3 billion. it's unlikely that any additional tax information that's either released or leaked will give us a very clear picture of his net worth. what it will give us is an idea of how much he makes a year, his charitable donations and possibly shed some light on how he does business. fredericka? >> cristina, thanks so much. we'll talk again next hour. let's bring in chris in washington. we saw trump's tweet. has there been another formal response from the campaign? >> yeah, there has. as cristina pointed out, they are not disputing the accuracy but did put out a statement saying that the "new york times" and media in general, an extension of the clinton campaign and attacked clinton before finally arguing that
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trump had fiduciary responsibility. he made a similar argument, saying that he was smart not to pay taxes and in a statement today, the campaign said this, mr. trump knows the tax code far better than anyone who has ever run for president. and he is the only one that knows how to fix it. the incredible skills mr. trump has shown in business are the skills we need to rebuild this country. now, it's a version of an answer we've heard before from trump, namely that he knows how to work the system so much better than everybody else, that he's the only one that can fix it. he used that same explanation during the primaries when reporters and opponents asked, why did you give money to a democratic politician and politicians if you're a republican. look, i was playing the game and i'm the only one who can fix this rigged system. so we've heard this kind of explanation before, fred. he kind of played it again today
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with the tax question. >> and then what's the response from hillary clinton's camp? >> not surprisingly here, the clinton campaign jumped all over this. they had been pressuring trump for months to release the tax returns so they jumped on this story. in a statement we heard from clinton campaign manager robby mook who said this bombshell report unveils the colossal nature of his past business failures and how long he may have avoided paying any federal income taxes whatsoever. in one year donald trump lost nearly a billion dollars and stiffed small businesses and walked away from hard working communities and got to avoid paying taxes for nearly two decades while tens of millions of working families paid theirs. he ends on that statement calling on trump once again to release his taxes. i don't expect this is a storyline that the campaign is going to let go any time soon. especially as we start to see these debates in another week. >> that's right. thank you so much, chris, the
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vice presidential debate just now two days away. this morning, the "new york times" reporter who broke this story spoke with cnn's brian stelter. here's part of the interview with susan greg. >> you received this envelope in the mail. what were the three pages inside? what do they tell us about trump's records with taxes? sfwl there was three pages and they tell us in short there was a very large number with a negative in front of it and it was his net operating loss and that number told us that he racked up enough losses over the years to essentially move that forward and into future years and be able to reduce his taxable income to zero so he wouldn't have to pay taxes potentially. we haven't seen the future returns to see what he did with it but it gave him almost a billion dollars of leeway in which he would have income he wouldn't have to pay taxes on. >> you have to make a lot of assumptions to get to this
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point? >> you could say he had this number that he could carry forward and unless he didn't use it, pretty safe to say for at least a few years, it's extraordinary. >> what did you do to verify them? >> we got a group of people together xgt i went over and talked to a colleague of mine who had been working on tax reporting. and we got a group of reporters together and first of all we sort of had two, let's try and verify them and let's just see what they are and try to dissect it. obviously there was large concern they weren't real. we have no sort of solid where did they come from. >> you thought someone mighten be trying to trick you? >> they could have been. we wanted to do good old fashioned reporting. >> eventually you reached out to his former accountant, basically. >> tax returns are hard to verify, there's only a few people who can verify them.
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marla maples and donald trump and jack mittnick, his former accountant and david barstow, one of the reporters i worked with went down to see jacques and had a long discussion about the taxes and he said they are legitimate. >> when you see a story like this on the front page of the "timsz", weeks of week had to go into checking this out. let me show you what fox news said early this morning and get your reaction. >> a bold move from "the new york times" trying to take down donald trump with a front page story claiming he has not paid taxes for years. but the evidence and how they got it raising a lot of questions this morning. >> fox had doubts about your sourcing but they also said you're trying to take down donald trump. is that what you're doing? >> i think his taxes whether or not he paid taxes or not, it's incredibly important. there's pressure to release the tax returns. it's called reporting, simple as
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that. >> do you think fox doesn't understand that? >> i think i guess they have an opinion. we think we're doing our jobs and part of that is to look for things like donald trump's taxes and find indications whether he paid taxes or not. it's an important issue and i think that's sort of what we do. >> there was a legal threat from the trump organization before you all published the story. i've been asking them this morning if they are going to follow through. they haven't replied are you expecting legal action? >> i don't know. i don't think it's a crime to check your mailbox. that's what we did and did some reporting. we definitely -- they told us they may sue and we're comfortable with the story and went ahead with it. >> are you sitting on more documents? >> we're doing a lot of reporting around this so we're going to keep going. >> that's a yes, you have more documents before the three. >> maybe a no comment. >> the return address is trump tower that doesn't mean they came from trump tower, does it?
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>> no it doesn't obviously. they could have come from any number of sources. >> do you know who? >> no comment. >> that was susan craig talking with brian stelter, we'll have much more on the report of the taxes straight ahead. "saturday night live" is back. could the political satire have an impact on the presidential race. >> listen, america, i get it, you hate me. you hate my voice and you hate my face. well, here's a tip, if you never want to see my face again, elect me president and i swear to god i will lock myself in the oval office and not come out for four years. but if you don't elect me, i will continue to run for president until the day i die. and will never die. [ music stops ]rear alert s] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪
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i mean, this man is clearly unfit to be commander in chief zpl wrong. >> he is a bully. >> shut up. >> he started the birther movement. >> you did. >> he says climate change is a hoax invented by china. >> it's pronounced gina. >> that was the match so much have been waiting for, kate mckinnon as hillary clinton and alec baldwin as donald trump. here's jessica schneider with a look at last night's season premiere of "saturday night live." >> my microphone is broke. rpt alec baldwin planting on a toupee to channel trump. >> somebody is sniffing here. i think it's her sniffs. she's been sniffing all night. testing. testing. >> the 16-time record holding snl host taking over trump for the new season. baldwin bringing up trump's twitter tirades. >> i'm going to set me alarm for
12:17 pm
3:20 and sit on my golden toilet bowl and tweet about it until completion. >> reporter: hisoff color remarks from the debate. >> we should be talking about the important issues like rosie o'donnell and how she's a fat loser. >> the election cycle long providing snl with plenty of fodder, from fetina fey's sarah palin. >> i can see rush frommy my house. >> and will ferrell as george w. bush. >> bartender, keep them coming. this season she'll reprize her role as hillary clinton to battle baldwin's trump. >> he hasn't released his tax returns which means he's either not that rich. >> wrong. >> not that charitable. >> wrong. >> or never paid taxes in his life. >> warmer. >> secretary clinton, what do you think about that? >> i think i'm going to be president.
12:18 pm
>> but it wasn't just baldwin bearing the brunt of the ridicule. mick kinnon mocked the ruthless presidential ambition. >> listen, america, i get it. you hate me. you hate my voice and hate my face. here's a tip, if you want never want to see my face again, ee lengt me president and i swear to god i'll lock myself in the oval office and not come out for four years. if you don't elect me, i'll continue to run for president until the day i die. and i will never die. >> and mckinnon show cased the signature shimmy. >> not a response, more of a request, can america vote right now? >> it wasn't just the candidates lampoons. >> we're just getting acquainted. >> just about everyone in the political realm this season took a hit, including trump's three older children. >> what an interesting and
12:19 pm
wonderful question, steve. may i ask my brothers for help? >> they are not here. >> yes, we are. who's this? >> i'm donald jr., the brains. >> i'm ivanka, the beauty. >> and i'm eric. >> an unprecedented election cycle. >> it is over, good night hofstra. >> sure to continue providing plenty of comedy on saturday nights, jessica schneider, cnn new york. >> let's talk more about this with chris witherspoon. good to see you. did they nail it? >> i think they definitely nailed it. the numbers don't lie. nbs put out a press release, highest rated perferemiere whena fey was on as sarah palin.
12:20 pm
it has an all-star cast, very fresh and very poignant and topical. the debate was highly watched but a lot of folks were waiting for this debate to happen on snl. i called alec baldwin the most talented nonsnl cast member ever. he hosted 16 times but so comfortable doing this. you can see him as donald trump but he's done his homework. he told lorne michaels he didn't think he had a trump in him but he clearly does. >> isn't the genesis is came from conversation that alec baldwin and tina fey had. >> yes. >> any scoop? >> tina fey and alec baldwin are friends but tina fey did she says thought he could do. he was talking to lorne michaels this summer and told him, i think alec baldwin should play donald trump and clearly he had it in him. he told lorne michaels he
12:21 pm
couldn't do it but he was brilliant. we've seen tina fey as the genius embodying sarah palin, who can forget that clip of her i can see russia from my house. some people say it changed the election. sarah palin never said that. it is one of those moments where she was able to catch this moment in political culture and make it something everybody talked about. >> we know it has a powerful punch as it pertains to entertainment, but the real question, very important question in the world of politics is, is this powerful enough of a sh tick to influence who ends up in the white house? >> we still have four more episodes of "snl" left, 5.8 million watched last night. this demographic might not the ones who tune into 24 hour cable news. it does have an audience that does watch the clips and watching the viral footage they
12:22 pm
create and who knows what we'll see in the next four weeks. i think that over the past history of snl, they made impacts on the election cycle and it will happen again this year for sure. >> the weekend update also got into the act this way. >> the first presidential debate is over and it's official, we still have to choose between hillary clinton and donald trump. it's like choosing a phone right now, there's really only two options, we don't want the iphone 7 because it feels like it's being forced on us. also, it's not necessarily an improvement. but we also don't want the samsung galaxy that could explode at any minute. >> so if you're hillary clinton or donald trump, you'll want to take guesses as to what they are feeling like today after seeing these clips? >> i mean -- i've been staying glued to my twitter feed waiting for donald trump to say anything. they said nothing. they have to be in awe. it was a great show.
12:23 pm
i don't think that alec baldwin went as hard or deep as he could. "washington post" said he didn't dive too deep into trump. i think they'll watch in weeks to come as we all will. >> maybe they are gauging the audience. >> totally. >> in order to see what to do next. four more weekends of new material potentially. >> i'll be watching. >> i know you will. >> thank you so much. we'll all be watching. appreciate it. trump's surrogates are defending his business practices after that "new york times" reports that trump may not have paid federal taxes for decades. we'll hear from rudy giuliani next. >> the reality is he's a genius. what he did was he took advantage of something that could save his enterprise and he did something we admire in america. he came back. >> remember when you said men are supeyeah...ivers? yeah, then how'd i get this... safe driving bonus check?
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. donald trump's surrogates are defending the candidate. the article says he lost nearly a billion dollars in 1995 and could have avoided paying federal income taxes for nearly two decades. here's what rudy giuliani, a senior adviser, told jake tapper on "state of the union". >> the reality is that most americans take advantage of
12:28 pm
every deduction available to them. >> most americans pay federal income taxes, sir. >> just a little bit over, most americans pay -- >> majority of the american people pay federal income taxes. >> and very large businesses very often take advantage of these kinds of losses. >> do you -- you're a successful businessman, do you pay federal income taxes? >> that's between me and the accountant and irs and the reality is, i pay my lawful tax. he paid his lawful tax. >> let me ask you another question, donald trump -- >> jake, no, jake, wait a second. this is really very unfair. if he didn't take advantage of those tax deductions or tax advantages that he had, he could be sued because he is -- his obligation as a businessman is to make money for his enterprise. and to save money for his enterprise. it would have been -- it would have been insane -- >> sued by whom?
12:29 pm
who would sue him for his own personal income taxes? >> investors in his business, people who loan money to his business -- >> let me ask you, sir, he's selling himself as a brilliant businessman and lost almost a billion dollars in 1995. >> correct. >> that doesn't soul r sound brilliant to me? xbl yes, it does, since he came back and all the way back. isn't that the history of america? people like steve jobs were fired by apple and came all the way -- came all the way back. churchill was thrown out of office back and came all the way back. it shows what a genius he is, able to preserve his enterprise and then able to build it. the idea he can could carry it forward for 18 years, in no time in 18 years did he make $916 million. last year he made $685 million. >> he hasn't released tax returns. the only reason is because somebody released this to the -- leaked this information. >> we know he made $680 million
12:30 pm
last year from his 104 page financial disclosure form which describes considerably more about his finances than the tax return -- >> he's first major party nominee since 1976 to not release tax returns. if you're proud of that, that's great. i don't think you should be. >> coming up, hillary clinton describing young voters as people living in their parents' basements, sanders weighing in and agrees, his full response next.
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thank you so much for joining us. newly leak audio of hillary clinton speaking to supporters at the fundraiser during the primaries and describing the economic state of affairs, some young bernie sanders supporters and in the audio clip, clinton addresses a type of cynicism that some millennials feel
12:34 pm
towards government. let's listen to what was said. >> some are new to politics completely, children of the great recession. they are living in their parents' basement, they feel that they got their education and the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves. and they don't see much of a future. i think we all should be really understanding of that and we should try to do the best we can. not to be a wet blanket on idealism, you want them to be idealistic and take big goals to take what we can achieve now and try to present them as bigger goals. >> earlier today on "state of the union" with jake tapper, former democratic presidential candidate, bernie sanders, now an advocate for hillary clinton responded to these remarks. >> well, i agree with her, what she is saying is what i suggested a moment ago. there are young people who went
12:35 pm
deeply into debt worked very hard to get a good education and getting out of school and can't find decent paying jobs. that is a major problem. they are live being in their parents' basements, that's the point there. i personally do believe we do need a political revolution. >> to the audio recordings were released by the washington free beacon, a conservative website and say they obtained it from hackers who breached the e-mail account of a campaign staffer. let's talk more about this with brian morgan stern, republican strategist and a political analyst. good to see both you of. >> hey, fred. >> brian, you first, the conservative website releasing these hacked audio recordings and bernie sanders doesn't necessarily take offense to? >> yeah, in fact, this is weird to say but she kind of sounds like a republican. because we heard a lot of comments like this during the republican primary debates about how the education system is so
12:36 pm
darned expensive and has this debt bubble that's affecting so many millennials but the job opportunities that once were there are just not. so -- but the solution seems to be very different because in the republican primary debates it was all about making the education system more reflective of the market and better aimed towards job training and things like that. whereas now you have hillary clinton and bernie sanders joining forces to say the government should bail out all of that debt and make college free. well, which most people on the right, the response is if you think it's expensive now, wait until it's quote/unquote free. probably not the best solution. s about it's odd to see hillary and bernie agreeing in such a cynical way that the core supporters of bernie which drove his campaign are basement dwellers sad about the state of the affairs and now pushing for the status quo to continue with
12:37 pm
a hillary presidency. >> there was hope it would become a real political issue and that it wouldn't bode well for hillary clinton bit when you have bernie sanders who says, well, it's kind of a little bit of what i've been saying and we're in step to a certain degree. is this a nonissue? >> you might have noticed there's another big leaked story out there today taking some of the media energy -- >> we're about to get to that one. >> it's inconsequential. you know who also agrees, those justins and jasons and jennifers living in momma's basement. they want some kind of relief. make sure that those 1 percenters are paying taxes. we all have a fair share getting a piece of this american dream, not just folks over the top. >> bernie sanders did weigh in on that "new york times" report that you're referencing. ell ellis, about donald trump perhaps being able to avoid paying federal taxes for the last two decades because of that
12:38 pm
loophole. listen. >> this is exactly why so many millions of americans are frustrated and angry and they are disgusted at what they see is a corrupt political system in this country. so what you have at a time of massive income and wealth inequality in the last 16 years we have seen a 10-fold increase in the number of billionaires. and at the same time, many of these billionaires have loopholes that their lobbyists and friends on capitol hill provide to them, which enable them to avoid taxes in some cases not paying a nickel in taxes. you have middle income paying their taxes and support their schools and support their infrastructure. they support the military. but the billionaires, no, they don't have to do because they have their friends on capitol hill. trump goes around and says, i'm worth billions. i'm a successful businessman but i don't pay any taxes but you make $15 an hour, you pay the taxes, not me.
12:39 pm
that is why people are angry and want real change in this country. >> so brian, will this compel donald trump, this "new york times" report and even the words of bernie sanders there, will that compel him to release more of an explanation and perhaps potentially release more -- release tax returns period, not even more, but just release some. >> i'm in as in the dark as anybody about this as to why he's not doing what most candidates do, which is just let it all hang out there and take whatever hits are going to come in that sort of whatever the normal length of a press cycle is for that kind of release. he's made the calculation that the ongoing sort of simmer of why isn't he doing it, why isn't he doing it, is not as bad or equal to whatever blowback he get from releasing it. in terms of net operating losses he's been carrying forward
12:40 pm
apparently, i don't understand why that offends people. if you spend a million people getting a business off the ground, one year, and then the next year make 100 grand, you're 900 grand in the hole. it's not like you should be taxed on that -- i mean, net operating losses don't offend me but whatever else is in those tax returns has me as curious as everybody else. >> is it was he has called the system crooked and rigged and then now lo and behold if the reporting is correct and assessment from those tax experts that the "new york times" turned to, that in fact he benefited from the very thing he claims is part of af rigged system. >> exactly. let me shed light on this if you need help, brian. this is outrageous. all of these hard working people paying taxes and we spin something about why some super technical things allows him to go probably years without paying a nickel. people are offended by that. frankly, brian, even if it's
12:41 pm
little, even if it's legal, it's outrageous that the hard working folks have to do it and trumps in the world flying around on gold jets aren't paying anything. that ought to outrage people, especially those kids in the basement with no job opportunities. >> okay -- >> go ahead, real quick. >> if you lose money and then you don't make as much money, you don't pay taxes. >> poor baby. >> ellis, it's not ideology, it's math. >> terrible. >> we'll have a part two. brian and ellis, thank you so much. see you again next hour. be sure to watch cnn's coverage of the vice presidential debate at longwood university virginia, two days away. mike pence and clinton's running mate, tim kaine facing off tuesday. our coverage starts 4:00 p.m. eastern. we'll be right back.
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minutes ago, hillary clinton boarding her campaign plane and departing north carolina, after sending the day with community leaders in charlotte, a city still reeling from the fatal shooting of keith lamont scott. she spoke at the church service where she made this appeal to the african-american community there. >> i'm a grandmother. and like every grandmother, i worry about the safety and security of my grandchildren. but my worries are not the same
12:46 pm
as black grandmothers who have different and deeper fears about the world that their grandchildren face. >> cnn's senior washington correspondent joe johns is live for us in charlotte. joe, what are you hearing in terms of how people received her message there? >> reporter: i think pretty good, fred. this was an unusual situation for a presidential candidate. you know, no matter what party you're in, if you're running for president, and you're coming to a community which has been affected by one discreet news eve event, you run the risk of kr critici criticism. we saw that a week ago when hillary clinton and donald trump were both talking about coming here to charlotte in the midst of the uproar and the mayor said, not a good time. so hillary clinton sort of walking a line as she arrived here in charlotte today. and look, this is very important
12:47 pm
for her, charlotte is, dealing with an issue that affected the african-american community that she's trying to reach out to and the largest city in a key battleground state. she's talked again and again on the campaign trail about police use of force and related issues. she really had to walk a line here in this situation so as not to be criticized. how did they do that? for one thing, they made sure this was a very down low key event. they didn't announce where it was going to be held. she surprised parrisheners when she walked in the room. pastor knew hillary clinton was expected to come here. also, it was about the message, she didn't talk a lot about the national politics issues in her stump speech. she focused very narrowly and squarely on the issues that this community might most be interested in. and in a variety of different ways, talking about
12:48 pm
grandmothers, talking about how children view the issues affecting charlotte, north carolina right now. and even bringing one 9-year-old child, little girl, up to the podium with her at the end of her remarks. so hillary clinton, the campaign trying to be careful with this issue nonetheless, wanting to connect with charlotte because it's so important in the scheme of things as we approach the november election, fred. >> joe, this was a follow through because it was last weekend that hillary clinton wanted to be there but the community said it was just too soon. same goes for donald trump, i know you're covering hillary clinton but any word as to whether donald trump will follow through and also reschedule what was to be an engagement last week? >> reporter: i think that's what everybody is wondering as well. donald trump's campaign had indicated that he was interested in coming here to charlotte also. he's talked a lot about law and order being the solution to some of the problems you see in
12:49 pm
places like charlotte. hillary clinton also talked about that today but never mentioned donald trump by name. >> all right, joe johns in charlotte, north carolina, thank you so much. >> hurricane matthew barreling through the caribbean. we'll take you live to jamaica, one of the island nations that could be hit hard. the heirloom tomato. intensely-flavored. colorfully-diverse. beautifully-misshapen. cultivated for generations, it's the unexpected hero of any dish. when you cook with incredible ingredients... you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients. step-by-step-recipes. delivered to your door, for less than $9 a meal. get $30 off your first delivery
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welcome back. hurricane matthew has gained strength with its first effects to be felt tonight in haiti and jamaic jamaica. several u.s. airlines are already warning passengers to expect delays and possible cancellations for flights heading to the region. cnn's michael holmes is on the ground there, live in kingston, jamaica. what are conditions like? >> yes, since we've spoken the last hour, fred, we had a big storm come through here. a lot of lightning and thunder. it's rolled through now, but it shows how this is going to be building up in the hours ahead. the impacts of what is a formidable storm. we are expecting the main impact to be monday night into tuesday. that's when things are going to get hairy around here. we're told that the track at the moment is quite possible. it is going to actually suit the nu
12:54 pm
needle. it'll thread through jamaica and haiti. because of the circulation, haiti could get more winds and more rain. even up to 40 inches of rain. that's nearly the entire year's rainfall in the passage of this storm. let's remember, haiti had the earthquake in 2010. people are still living in tents, believe it or not. and it's affecting deforestation. there could be landslides. in haiti, they're battening down the hatches. >> what about evacuations, michael? >> yeah, a lot of preparations going on, including evacuations. it's interesting, there are shelters set up around town. any number of them. people being urged to go there tomorrow. we were in a port town called port royal, which is a fishing village. a humble fishing village. we spoke to a lot of people there, and all but one or two said they are staying put. have a listen. >> well, i just feel i can stay here. i think i'm safe here.
12:55 pm
i'm from here, so i will die here. >> i'm not afraid. i'm not going. i trust in god. >> are you staying here, as well? you're not going to evacuate? >> no. i'm staying here. i'm not afraid. >> stoic but the storm hasn't hit yet. they say they're going to hunker down in the local church, which is made out of concrete. they are humble homes. i think there is a little overconfidence going on there. it is an evacuation order. they're choosing to ignore it, fred. >> keep us posted from kingston, jamaica. pree appreciate it. a "new york times" report saying donald trump may not have paid taxes for decades. more from "cnn newsroom" after this. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to
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hello, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. barely two days into the month and we have what could be the first october surprise of the presidential campaign. the "new york times" saying it received some of donald trump's decades old tax documents in the mail. cnn has not been able to independently corroborate the documents authenticity. but here are some of the highlights. the report shows trump declared a nearly $1 billion loss at one point in the 1990s. tax experts who spoke to the "new york times" say that kind of loss could allow him to legally avoid paying taxes for
1:00 pm
almost two decades. we're also hearing from both campaigns today. we'll get to their responses in a moment. first, let's break down what is in the report. we have two correspondents covering all of the angles with cnn money correspondent christi christina. what's in the report? >> what's in the report is this $960 million number. a big number. headline grabbing number. >> just to make -- >> let's not forget, this is also raising lots of questions, right? is there anything in trump's business track record that we already don't know that would have led to these losses? tax experts are beginning to question, what are these deductions about? are they customary? are they unusual? the sheer size of this is becoming a story in and of itself. for right now, we're taking a look at that $916 million number. take


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