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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  October 3, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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powerfully but i don't think all of us should be, unless it's a very confined room, we shouldn't be giving up our plans and it bothers me every time i see where we're planning to attack this one, that one, but the one i saw over the weekend was mosul. they are talking about attacking. the other problem is, you have a lot of the leaders in mosul. they're not going to be there. they are getting out. because they hear they are going to be attacked. they are getting out, going some place. congressman, do you agree with this? if i'm a leader and i'm seeing and i'm watching what everybody else is watching, and an attack on mosul is imminent, i'm saying bye, folks, have a good time, i'm moving to a different city. what are they doing? can there be -- are we allowed to have any more in the military, general, the element of surprise? i would think it would be a good thing. it's called an ancient strength and we don't use it anymore.
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>> principle of war. >> i think it's one of the great principles. the element of surprise. you can take a force that's not nearly as strong and with the element of surprise you can wipe out a much more powerful force. i don't pretend to be a general or admiral or anything else but i just every time i see, i see president obama get up, ladies and gentlemen, we are sending 50 people to iraq. 50. so that's bad in two ways. number one, it's such a low number that the enemy is saying is that all. and number two, when you think 50, those people now have a target on their back. they want to find those 50 people and they look for those 50 people. when hillary clinton says no boots on the ground, now, whether you want boots on the ground or not, you shouldn't say it because -- she said there will be no boots on the ground. she's very strong because politics, it sounds a little better to say no boots on the ground. but by doing that, she is empowered the enemy. empowered the enemy. and i think she possibly means
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it. i'm not sure if she means it or not. but she says no boots on the ground. she has taken a tremendous, i mean, that's really giving strength to the enemy. even if she felt that, she should never admit that. she should never admit that. you have to leave all your options open. if you don't leave your options open, you are a fool. and i hated to hear her say that. >> to summarize, you are not going to send a message about date and time but you are going to send a message their days are numbered. >> their days will be numbered very quickly. >> third question is asked by rear admiral frank gallo. the admiral is a retired naval aviator with 35 years of service, with hundreds of carrier landings, flew almost
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every fixed wing aircraft in the navy in his time. he's demanded a squadron wing and fleet wing level and was chief of naval personnel command for the department of the navy. admiral? >> mr. trump, i'm happy you haven't forgotten the admirals, of course. i hope you will -- >> i don't have the courage to do that. >> i hope you will pardon the remnants of a brooklyn accent. the department of veterans affairs has a horrible record of taking care of veterans. as you recall, there were lengthy lines at v.a. hospitals, substandard medical care and falsified medical records and accounting. leadership changes in new unrealistic laws have failed to correct the problems. the v.a. is the most -- probably the most ineffective bureaucracy in all of washington and it is time for drastic action. the question is, with the near
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daily revelations that the u.s. department of veterans affairs fails veterans in some form or another, what is your plan to reform and fix the system to ensure veterans can have timely access and quality care for health care services? >> okay. so first of all, i want to ask you one question. you had all those aircraft landings on the carriers, right? so can an otherwise excellent pilot, very, very good pilot because i have heard that some just can't do this, what percentage of very very good pilots cannot land on an aircraft carrier? with training? >> any very good pilot can land on a carrier if they get the training. >> after training. >> training is marvelous. >> i understand it's a very very special talent. >> it's a talent that you acquire. >> listening to donald trump in herndon, virginia, speaking to a military national security themed event there. he's taking questions from many retired military personnel in the audience right there.
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this is really his first event since so many people in this country woke up to the big splashy headline in the "new york times" on sunday that donald trump wrote off $916 million worth of losses back in 1995. the "new york times" suggested that perhaps he didn't pay taxes, federal income taxes for some 15 years after that. this story was the capstone of a week that was already complicated for donald trump. a rough debate, not to mention a tweet storm against a former miss universe. let's go live to washington, bring in cnn senior white house correspondent jim acosta. we have been watching this event closely because this really needs to be the first day in the rest of donald trump's life if he's going to get traction back in this campaign. >> that's right. but i think he's picking his audience to deliver this defense, no surprise donald trump did not respond to that revelation that you just mentioned from over the weekend that he may not have paid any federal income taxes for nearly 20 years. the "new york times" as we know obtained this copy of his 1995 tax return that shows a loss of
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more than $915 million and tax experts say trump could have used that loss to avoid paying federal taxes for 18 years. the trump campaign we should point out has not challenged the "new york times" report, only saying that the tax return was illegally obtained. his top surrogates that we should mention were spinning the issue over the weekend on the sunday talk shows, including on our "state of the union" saying this tax story shows what a j n genius donald trump is, nowhere near a denial and pretty close to how trump answered the question himself at the debate one week ago when he said he was smart for not paying taxes and using the tax code to his advantage. we should point out the trump campaign message of the day does offer a glimpse into how his advisers are handling this issue of his tax return. top aides say trump will be attacking clinton today as someone who never created a job in her life, that she and her husband made their millions giving speeches and writing books and those speeches were sometimes to banks and trade groups where they may have given
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those industries the impression that they were going to get something in return in the long run. all of this to frame trump's career as a businessman, as a positive, because so much attention is being paid to his income taxes. i think at this point, we have to wait and see where donald trump wants to deliver this defense. is it to a friendly interviewer, friendly news outlet. it may not be in a speech. but he has two more later this afternoon so plenty of time left. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton has two events later on today, too, where she can do some offense regardless of what donald trump does on defense. jim acosta in washington, thanks so much. want to bring in austin ghoulsbee, economic adviser to hillary clinton. also steve cortez, member of trump's national hispanic advisory council. all weekend we heard trump's surrogates say the fact he lost $916 million in 1995, the fact that as the "new york times" suggests that maybe he didn't pay federal income taxes for 15 years after that, they say it's
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a sign of his genius. explain to me why mensa should open up its rolls to donald trump based on this information. >> look, i think all americans realize that we pay as little in taxes as is legally possible and what donald trump did is use every legal tactic possible to reduce his tax exposure. he was in an incredibly bad position, by the way, most real estate people were in the early 1990s. it was a disastrous time for that business. i think the more important part of the story isn't just that he used all legal means to reduce his tax bill but more importantly, is that he came back. he got off the mat. he was deeply, deeply in debt. he was essentially insolvent and so this is really a comeback story more than anything else. the story didn't end there, didn't end a bad story. it ends instead with him as a multi-billionaire today. i'm proud of him that number one, he was smart, his team was smart and they did everything they could within the law to
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reduce tax exposure but secondly and more importantly they rallied from there. it's a story of a comeback which i think the american people will respect. >> austin, comeback kid, you buy that explanation? >> wow. they are coming up with multiple explanations each day. i think the release of these returns has lit a few things on fire and we will have to see whether it burns the entire thing down. i think there are a few important questions and at least one policy implication. questions include he declared bankruptcy. you only get to deduct losses if you actually had the losses. in bankruptcy, you are shedding your debt so you don't have the losses. >> he didn't declare personal bankruptcy, right? >> he didn't declare personal bankruptcy but he took $900 million of losses and the question is how does he have those losses and it's raised many questions of who is on the other side who is holdin the debt. so i think this is going to put
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even more intense pressure on him to release other tax returns or full tax returns to show people that he's not engaged in some kind of shenanigan. two, we moved down from the mountaintop when we're no longer asking is a person qualified to be president, have they behaved in a manner that should make them president and we are only saying have they done something that would lead them to go to jail or be a criminal offense. if not, then they are qualified to be president. the policy implication is -- >> austin -- >> -- if you made -- >> hang on. >> -- billions and paid no taxes, your proposal for tax reform which he says he's the only guy that can reform it, is to create more loopholes and cut taxes for people just like him. that really doesn't make any sense. >> on that point, trps nothing in donald trump's tax proposal that would prevent this from happening again. prevent donald trump from claiming another $915 million if
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he lost it again. he's saying because he's been through this, he knows how to reform the system but he's got no proposals to reform this part of the system, does he? >> but he does want to reform the tax system considerably. we want a much much simpler tax system of only three rates for individuals, all of which are substantially lower than they are today. >> none of it would presevent a real estate mogul from writing off $915 million in losses and perhaps not paying federal income taxes for many years. none of his proposals would prevent that. 7. >> when people -- >> and when businesses take losses of course they are entitled to -- [ speaking simultaneously ] >> he wants a 15% corporate tax that will make america finally competitive again in the world. american companies have trillions of dollars literally in cash and profits sitting overseas they won't repatriate because we have a confiscatory tax structure right now. >> but the question is, steve,
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is it fair for someone, a really rich real estate developer to not pay federal income taxes when a lot of people do pay federal income tax? >> look, it's fair for anyone who takes a substantial loss, whether you are a mom and pop who invests in a rental property that doesn't work or a mogul. if you take a loss, of course it's appropriate to be able to offset that loss against future earnings. that's just reasonable. by the way, he's paid hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes in total. his property tax bill alone is huge because of the amazing properties -- >> i want to get both your takes. >> it's not like he's not a contributor. >> i want to get both your takes on something that's in the "new york times" this morning. maggie haberman had a conversation with newt gingrich and this really follows the tax story, what was a really perplexing week for donald trump. he had the debate, his tweet storms against miss universe, you had him saturday night questioning hillary clinton's fidelity to her husband, bill. you had him openly mocking hillary clinton's pneumonia. newt gingrich told maggie i
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really want him to understand that he can win this. he added that mr. trump is his own worst enemy. he's the one person who can beat him, not hillary. he thinks that trump is at grave risk of wounding his own candidacy. if i can get your take quickly. steve, you first. >> yeah, look, as somebody who comes on air every day to defend donald trump, sometimes i have my work cut out for me, no doubt. but i think look, he's an outsider, a maverick, a non-politician. for the most part that's a great attribute but at times it brings along problems. if we focus into the presidential debate particularly next weekend, if we focus on growth and security, on those macro issues, this is donald trump's race to lose. >> austin, the flipside of that is that this has been a tough week for donald trump, right? and it's unclear how much of a bounce hillary clinton got. she got some but if you can't pull away in this week, there's a real problem. >> if it stopped here, it might be a problem. she clearly gained some.
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i think what's happening to donald trump's campaign in each of these financial things is emphasizing it, is there's a growing suspicion or question is the man just a big scammer and is this thing a scam, that he's paying his own campaign, that he's finding ways not to pay any taxes, that he's proposed a tax plan that would benefit his own family by literally billions of dollars, and i think he's going to have a tough time getting out from under that rock. >> six days until the next presidential debate. just one day until the vp debate. we will see how it plays. gentlemen, thank you very much. forget about bringing up bill clinton's infidelities. donald trump is now suggesting that hillary clinton hasn't been faithful to him without a lick of evidence. we will discuss that. plus, ruey giuliani didn't take the weekend off. he said donald trump would make a better president than a woman, period.
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sick of getting gouged for limited data? introducing t-mobile one. one price, all unlimited for everyone. get 4 lines for $35 per month each with unlimited 4g lte data. switch today. donald trump openly questioned whether hillary clinton was faithful to her
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husband. on sunday, former new york city mayor urudy giuliani defended that attack, saying everything's on the table. >> that was a sarcastic remark pointing out that bill clinton has quite a past and hillary clinton has done quite a job on attacking the people who were victims of bill clinton and not only that, she poses as a feminist and has taken money from countries that stone women, kill women -- >> bill clinton is not the nominee, sir. bill clinton is not the nominee. my last question for you, is the trump campaign, is donald trump and the people around donald trump really the ones to be casting aspersions on the marriages of anyone else? >> it isn't the marriage. it's the way she goes on the attack and tries to hurt victims of sexual predations. >> notice mayor giuliani would not or could not respond to jake's question which is what is donald trump doing suggesting that hillary clinton is not faithful or was not faithful to
8:20 am
her husband. joining me, cnn political commentator alice stewart, republican strategist, former communications director for senator ted cruz, and cnn political commentator angela rye, former executive director of the congressional black caucus. just in case you guys missed it which i know you didn't, let me play for you what donald trump said saturday night. >> hillary clinton's only loyalty is to her financial contributors and to herself. i don't even think she's loyal to bill, you want to know the truth. and ally, folks, really, why should she be, right? >> alice stewart, is there any defense at all for that statement? >> look, he clearly did that as a throw-away line. it doesn't appear to be scripted. but look, the problem with throwing a nuclear bomb like that, you have to be careful that it doesn't blow up on you after the fact. i think that these kind of
8:21 am
comments about personal lives of former presidents and his opponent should be off the table. and certainly when there are concerns all around on this topic, there are plenty of topics that we need to be talking about that people are concerned with that have nothing to do with marital infidelity. trump had a good debate where the first 30 minutes of the debate where he talked about his vision for the economic future. he did a great course correction today speaking to vets talking about cybersecurity and also speaking with them one-on-one about the need to fix the v.a. this is what he needs to be doing. he needs to stop focusing on issues that are bombastic and focus on the clear issues that people are concerned with. >> angela, is the fact that it was unscripted, there's no evidence that it was scripted but he still said it out loud, is the fact it was unscripted a defense for making that kind of claim with 37 days left in the campaign? >> john, you and i both know better. of course it's no defense, particularly because donald trump is at his best if you ask
8:22 am
his supporters when he's unscripted, when he's not on prompter. we of course know the campaign folks, the staff, the team around him, the surrogates want him to stay on that prompter but the dude can't because there's no prompter for those tweets. so even when he's not speaking out loud, he tweets out loud, john, at 4:00 in the morning, 3:30 in the morning, and says all these crazy things. one of the things just in defense of hillary clinton and her marriage, hillary clinton is the definition of what we called in the early 2000s a ride or die chick for bill clinton. there's no questions asked or answered there, period, point blank. ride or die chick. sorry. >> but the "new york times" has a story out today and "the washington post" had one out last week that did not say what donald trump said saturday night, that hillary clinton is not loyal to her husband, but it did look into hillary clinton's role in the 1990s in dealing with women who made accusations against bill clinton, whether it be gennifer flowers and others. it includes quotes in this article from the chair of the campaign saying that hillary clinton let's say a woman has
8:23 am
not helpful things she's done in the past, wouldn't you want to know that and evaluate it. george stephanopoulos in his book flat out said hillary clinton of gennif i -- gennifer flowers said we want to destroy her. >> this is what i would say and frankly, we need to take off our political strategy hats and put on our human hats. i don't know a single woman or man in this country who, if their partner were cheating with someone who wouldn't say they wanted to destroy the person? i'm not talking about physically taking their lives although in some instances we have seen that as well. but i'm talking about someone who says this person has hurt me, they were with my partner, i don't like them, i'm not here for them, i'm not about women's empowerment for someone who cheated with my spouse. i think that is very very reasonable. so we can ask the questions but i hope that if she were asked on the debate stage, hopefully not because we should be talking about policy prescriptions and issues, if she were asked i hope she would say listen, i was mad and i would do what any other spouse would do in that
8:24 am
situation. i was defending my own honor, defending my own dignity and yeah, i have a little bit of ego here. this isn't right, i want to get rid of this person, i don't want them in my space. >> alice, quick on this. go ahead. >> i think clearly, having lived in arkansas for the past 20 years, i heard all kinds of stories on both sides. she clearly expressed her frustration with bill repeatedly but also, as a woman, if you were in that situation you could certainly understand why she would have comments unfavorable to the women. in her private conversations she had with her friend dianne blare, she referred to monica lewinsky as a narcissistic loony-tune. it's understandable as someone who was the victim of a cheating husband. but from the big picture, the women who were victims of bill clinton are victims. they should not be the ones being called names. that's the issue that the trump campaign has is that the victims are pebeing victimized yet agai by hillary clinton. that's where theocus is. >> let me get one more quote
8:25 am
from rudy giuliani who did not take the weekend off at all. he was on the sunday shows and talking about donald trump and his tax plan and he had sort of a curious quote defending the tax plan. perhaps not paying taxes for 15 years. he had a curious defense of it. >> don't you think a man who has this kind of economic genius is a lot better for the united states than a woman? and the only thing she's ever produced is a lot of work for the fbi checking out her e-mails. >> so angela, the question is what did one hear when they heard that, because a lot of people i have heard say wait a second, he's saying -- really saying a woman could be better than donald trump, or did you hear the whole statement which is that he went on to say a woman who has created all these e-mail questions? >> i think that rudy giuliani expressed the same sentiment that we saw on the stage last week with donald trump when he was up against someone who is competing to be his equal. he's fine being everyone's supervisor. we know of course in the a.p.
8:26 am
piece today talking about the apprentice he's fine when he can objectify women in the board room. he's not okay competing with someone of the opposite sex. rudy giuliani clearly expressed that same sentiment yesterday. he doesn't think women can do the job. >> alice, i get the sense while you agree with the types of things a lot of trump supporters have been saying, including trump himself the last few days, you think they need some language lessons going forward for 36 days. >> i think we certainly need to keep adultery off the table all the way around. that shouldn't be a focus of conversation. that's not what voters out there are concerned are. i think we need to focus on what we are going to do to improve the economy, how we are going to fix the tax system. i think with regard to the "new york times" story, i think he can turn this around in a net positive for him if he were to include some language in his tax reform that addresses this specific issue. look, he didn't break the laws. he didn't do anything wrong with
8:27 am
what he did. it doesn't sound good that he didn't pay taxes for so many years but he didn't break any laws. so if there's a problem with this type of loophole in the tax system, that allows businesses to not pay taxes for such a tremendous loss, include that in his tax plan and let people see look, if you have a problem, here's what i'm going to do to fix the tax system moving forward and show he is actually out there to turn things around and fix what he refers to as the crooked system. >> it's not there. there is no fixing this tax plan currently to stop something like that. appreciate the effort. thank you both so much. donald trump has suggested that the iran nuclear deal is the worst deal in history. it turns out a new report suggests that donald trump's company had a deal of its own with a bank in iran. the same bank that some in the u.s. have linked to terror groups. plus after trump brought up a 400 pod man hacking from a bedroom in this election, now going to the basement, what hillary clinton says in a leaked
8:28 am
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your home and here's the best part... you still own your home. take control of your retirement today! new questions this morning surrounding donald trump's business ties. a brand new report suggests that the trump organization rented office space in new york city to an iranian bank that u.s. authorities have linked to terrorism in iran's nuclear program. joining us now, a reporter for the international consortium of investigative journalists who broke this story. sasha, thanks for being with us. we are talking about an iranian bank, a tenant in a trump building. when and why might this be a
8:33 am
problem? >> well, the trump organization inherited the bank as a tenant when they bought the general motors building in manhattan in 1998. in 1999, the treasury department listed bank melli as an iran government controlled entity and they remained as a trump tenant until 2003, when the trump organization sold the building. obviously, also donald trump has made the idea of putting america first a central theme of his campaign and our report shows the trump organization itself doing business with a government that's hostile to the united states. >> so bank melli, what is the connection, the government thinks, to either terror or the iran nuclear program? >> so in 2007, the u.s. treasury department alleged that bank melli helped to procure sensitive materials for iran's
8:34 am
nuclear program and also it helped funnel at least $100 million to an iranian military unit called the qods force which sponsored international terrorist attacks. the treasury department alleged that that money to the qods force was funneled from 2002 to 2006 which overlaps with the period when they were a tenant in trump's general motors building. >> so what strikes me if you are renting a floor or part of a floor in the general motors building in new york, the government knows, right, so it's not like this was happening without government knowledge, was it? >> right. there's every reason to believe that the government knew that bank melli was there. the legal implications of the story are unclear. there was an embargo on iran that prevented americans from doing business with iran at the time but many companies were granted individual licenses
8:35 am
allowing them to do specific transactions that would otherwise be banned. we have asked the trump organization and bank melli whether they had such a license and haven't gotten a response from them yet but we have every reason to believe that they may have and we are open to any further information that would shed rilight on that question. >> interesting business ties. sasha, appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. right now, bernie sanders back out on the trail campaigning for hillary clinton but what about that hacked audio that was released, the one where hillary clinton talked about bernie sanders' supporters living in their parents' basements? that was part of what she said. what does bernie sanders think about that? interesting response coming up. moments ago, brand new forecast for hurricane matthew. this is an extremely dangerous storm. this was a category 4 earlier this morning. what is it now and where is it headed? we'll be right back. i'm only in my 60's.
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so relax you wear many hats, at our 1000 americas and canadas best value inns. enjoy free internet and instant rewards at most locations. $916 million seems like big money but is it a big campaign issue? the "new york times" says donald trump lost that much money in 1995 or took that much as a write-off which suggests it was enough for him to not pay federal income tax for the next 15 years. joining me to talk about this is michael dantonio author of "the truth about trump" and nia malika henderson and washington bureau chief of the daily beast, jackie kucinich. michael, you have written about donald trump extensively. i imagine many of the details and the color of this piece not new to you in the $916 million but when you saw that money and the suggestion of 15 years, no
8:41 am
federal income tax, how did it strike you? >> well, it struck me as the quintessential example of what donald trump really is. he's a promoter and he's an exploiter of the tax system. this is something that he started in the 1970s when he demanded and got really big tax abatements to build his first project, the grand hyatt at the grand central terminal. this is common in real estate that people manipulate the tax system and make big demands on local officials to get special breaks, but it's probably the first real insight we have had into how someone at this level takes advantage of the federal income tax system and it's a pretty stunning example. >> we haven't seen any of his other tax returns, with this being the only peek it is a pretty stunning peek as you say. nia, we have seen how donald trump intends to respond to this today which is go to a veterans
8:42 am
event, speak to military leaders and not talk about it which is fine. there are serious issues to discuss in national security. but it didn't come up so far. don't know if it will come up later in colorado. what do you think hillary clinton will do with this when she goes to ohio later today? >> well, i think she's going to hammer this. you saw her bring it up initially at the debate last week. they are using this as an example of donald trump playing by different rules. bernie sanders of course said that listen, middle class folks have to pay taxes and donald trump who brags about being a billionaire didn't pay any federal income taxes. i thought her strongest line in the debate and it will be something she continues in ohio, is this idea that essentially if he didn't pay any federal income taxes, that means he's not supporting veterans, he's not supporting local schools, that means he's benefiting from infrastructure but not really paying for it and also complaining about infrastructure all the time. i think they think this is a real line of argument they can
8:43 am
press against donald trump, he plays by a different set of rules and doesn't have to play by the same set of rules that the average guy or girl has to play by. so they will get some mileage out of this. also, they will be able to say what more don't we know. this is just a glimpse of his business record and it shines a poor light on his business record, i think, they will argue as well. >> jackie, let's go to the basement, shall we? because this leaked audio from a hillary clinton fund-raiser in february was put out by the washington free beacon over the weekend. the headline that grabbed people's attention early was hillary clinton says bernie sanders supporters live in their parents' basement. but listen to a more complete version of her quote right here. >> some are new to politics completely. they are children of the great recession and they are living in their parents' basement, they feel that they got their education and the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves, and they don't see much of a future, and so if you
8:44 am
are feeling that you're consigned to being a barista or some other job that doesn't pay a lot and doesn't have much of a ladder of opportunity attached to it, then the idea that maybe, just maybe you can be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing. >> so republicans and donald trump seized on this saying living in your parents' basement, barista but when bernie sanders was asked about it this weekend, he said yeah, i agree with what hillary clinton just said there. so is this a controversy or a non-controversy? >> it's a little bit of both, because again, it's how it's said. it's true, 32% of millenials moved back home and do live with their parents. maybe not in the basement. that's kind of a cliched thing to say and does leave her open to attack. that said, i do think even some of bernie sanders' supporters are still skeptical of her no matter what bernie sanders says. so to those people that maybe
8:45 am
even listened to the smaller part of the audio that could create a problem for her. it also doesn't help on both a deplorable comment and this one that she was talking at a fund-raiser behind closed doors looking like she's talking to rich people saying one thing to them and one thing to the public. again, whether or not -- so whether or not, you know, it was nefarious or whether or not she meant it like that, that sort of picture isn't good for hillary clinton. >> michael, i want to go back to donald trump if i can. this has been quite a week for him. quite a seven days between the debate, taking on miss universe, saturday night where he started questioning hillary clinton's fidelity to her husband, now the tax thing. you covered him for a long time. people can suggest his back's up against the wall. how does he normally act when the chips are down? >> well, he normally acts the way he's acting now. this is a guy who has appeared in psychology textbooks as an
8:46 am
example of narcissistic personality disorder long before he ran for president. so we have got this kind of strange nature/nurture combination of forces where i think he was born with a certain set of temperament problems and it's been made worse by his isolation in this world of incredible wealth and privilege and power. so when his back is up against the wall, he tends to decompensate. this is not a surprise to me that he was up at 3:30 in the morning texting or i mean entering tweets because he can't let anything go and he doesn't have an ability to prioritize. so hillary clinton did exactly what she should have done if she wanted to get under his skin and he proved that it worked. >> if you listen to newt gingrich or kellyanne conway or chris christie, lot of the reporting about them is they are trying to get him to stop that. six more days to the next
8:47 am
debate. it will be fascinating to see if they succeed. thank you so much, guys. appreciate it. just in to us, brand new forecast for hurricane matthew. this is an extremely dangerous storm. the question is, is it headed for the united states. we have a new look at the forecast coming up. plus, kim kardashian robbed at gun point. millions of dollars in jewelry stolen. how did these people get into the private residence where she was staying? was this an inside job? details ahead. what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance,
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you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model.
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all right. with a brand new update on hurricane matthew. a powerful storm threatens jamaica and haiti and now maybe the u.s. coast later. the u.s. navy already evacuating families stationed as guantanamo bay, cuba. chad, what's the latest? >> what we talked about at 8:00 a.m. on "new day," hurricane hunter just flew into the storm and found 140. not a 130 storm any more, it's
8:52 am
big are and that's what the hurricane center did right at 11:00 a.m. 140 mile-per-hour, wind gusts unbelievable. 165 miles per hour moving slowly to the north as 6 and still to the south-southwest of port-au-prince, haiti. the storm is forecast to stay a category 4 approaching that southern peninsula of haiti. think about what happened to haiti in the earthquake. there are still tens of thousands living in tents still in the street. a wind of 100 miles hour hour, what's that going to do to a tent city? completely tear it apart. that's what we're dealing with. turning left over the caicos and into the bahamas. that left turn i'm most concerned with. most concerned with, john, because if this thing continues to turn left it's going to hit, make a major impact on the u.s. we'll see thattential away yet, seeing it move up into cube
8:53 am
barr and possibly into the eastern sections of the u.s. we'll have that for you tomorrow. >> watch out for that possible westward turning later in the day. meantime, our thoughts with the people in haiti. thanks. locked in a bathroom. robbed at gunpoint. new details of what happened to kim kardashian and how the gunmen were able to get inside. is this, was this, an inside job? you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. ♪ for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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all right. a genuinely frightening moment for kim cash dakardashian. series questions about howwent down. robbed in gunpoint in paris. the robbers took more than $10 lln worth of jewelry from the reality star. cnn's melissa bell is outside the apartment where this all happened and melissa, the question is how did this happen, inside this apartment, and how did they know she had $10
8:58 am
million worth of jewelry? >> reporter: it seems actually extraordinary, john, this could have happened in the middle of paris. this is really one of the fancier districts of central paris, but right next to the elysees palace an just behind that red door there they managed to get in, the night security man was forced at gunpoint to show them to the room where kim kardashian had been staying. two of them apparently went up to the bedroom. she was tied up, put in the bathroom while robbed. you can only imagine what a terrifying episode too find yourself suddenly alone in your room with robbers holding you at gunpoint and going through your things. of course, it's no secret the jewelry of kim kardashian is regularly posted on social media. what she happened to have had with her, the ring she was wearing on her finger, which represents almost half of what was taken, john, 4 million euros estimated as a gift from her husband. she'd been wearing on her finger
8:59 am
only a couple days before, one of the shows she'd come to see here for paris fashion week. it's quite well known, and publicized. the real question, how in this very deluxe and private hotel people pay tens of thousands of euro as night for, security should have been so relaxed. >> right. how did they know she was there, how did they nothing get from the lobby to her room, subduing one guard there. 40 seconds left. word of how that might have hooped? >> reporter: apparently one night guard on duty and raising questions about these kinds of residential luxury amounts in the future. of course, the big hotels in paris have dozens and dozens of security often taken care of by private firms and in touch with the police. this is something that hadn't been taken terribly seriously. they're sufficiently skit, but
9:00 am
no o secret, not terribly well guarded. >> someone knew she was there. thanks so much. kim kardashian has left paris, gone and said to be doing well. thank you all for joining us at this hour. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. thank you, john. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing time with us today. only monday and noon ear in the east. donald trump appears to be changing his tone as he opens the weenchk. >> hillary clinton's only experience in cyber security involves her scream to violate national law, engineering a massive cover-up and putting the entire nation in harmal w aharm >> tough words, yes, but a far cry from this. >> she's got bad temperament. she's got -- she could be crazy. she could actually be crazy. >> it's a big week ahead as trump


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