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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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russians are trying to ramp up even more by possibly trying to restart nuclear arms race or by no longer keeping companies like north korea in check. >> very worrying develops. brian todd. thanks for that report. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. next the breaking news. donald trump speaking live this hour in the crucial state of nevada as new details emerge about trump's debate strategy. is he running out of time. and donald trump claimed nearly a billion dollars of losses in a year? did it stop him from living a lavish lifestyle? and bill clinton in damage control mode after calling obamacare the crazy system. is he doing his wife more harm than good? let's go "outfront." and good evening, i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight the breaking news. down to the wire.
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donald trump rallying supporters in the crucial swing state of nevada. less than five weeks till voting and a slew of polls showing trump trailing hillary clinton. can he turn it around? trump today celebrating running mate mike pence's performance at the vp debate and basking in some deflected glory. >> i'd argue that mike had the single most decisive victory in the history of vice presidential debates. and last night america also got to look firsthand at my judgment. >> now, the next all important presidential debate is just four days away. a town hall debate. half the questions coming from the citizens of the audience. will trump take a lesson from the last debate and study more? tomorrow trump induces a town hall meeting in new hampshire
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which is being build as the dry run for sunday. a format that the new jersey governor chris christie did again and again and again in the state of new hampshire. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail huddling with advisors prepping for the debate. jim acosta? s in reno. and now the pressure is on donald trump. he got the assist from pence. the pressure is all on donald trump sunday night. >> mike pence did so well last night at the vice presidential debate he was generating talk of mike pence in 2020. that is not the effect that the trump campaign intended. and mike pence spent part of the day trying to tamp that down. but certainly puts pressure on trump to outdo his number two. >> donald trump is taking a victory lap. declaring the bottom of his ticket came out on top in the vice presidential debate. >> mike pence did an incredible job. and i'm getting a lot of credit. because that is really my first so called choice.
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i'd argue that mike had the single most decisive victor in the history of vice presidential debates. >> the people at home cannot understand either one of you. >> but in the rumble mike pence was at times sprinting as fast as he could away from trump as tim kaine was in hot pursuit. >> i'm happy to defend him. most of what you said is completely false and the american people know that. >> democrats though are seizing on pence's defense of trump's past comment that some undocumented mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals. >> he whipped out that mexican thing again. he look -- >> can you defend criminal ali. and he also said many of them are good people. you keep leaving that out of your quote. >> in syria yarks despite
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reservations voiced by trump himself. >> if russia continues to be involved in this barbaric attack on civilians in aleppo, the united states of america should be prepared to use military force. >> still. post debate polls show the reganesque performance carried the night. and. >> he stood on the stage last week. and when hillary said you haven't been paying tax, he said that makes me smart. so it is smart not to pay for our military. smart not pay for veteran. >> have you taken all the duckss you are entitled? >> but when asked whether his father had in fact played federal income taxes his hans hardly put the matter to press. >> yes absolutely. my father plays a tremendous amount of tax. we as a company pay a tremendous amount of tax. >> unlike the last debate. donald trump's advisors are
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talking up his chances for i this upcoming face-off with hillary clinton. kellyanne conway is saying that the town hall format is tailor made for donald trump and she's pushing back on any notion that trump is taking on a lighter schedule. heading into the sunday erin as kellyanne conway told me earlier today that is what clinton is doing. >> tripling down on this must win state. and jason, now we're 24 hours from a town hall. trump's practice run for sunday night. >> reporter: right. in new hampshire. the same place where chris christie held his town hall during the primary season last year. as you say, this is going to be a dry run for donald trump. there was a lot of criticism that he did not prepare as well as he should have for the last debate. clearly the camp does not want to see this happen this go
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round. part of the reason they are holding this town hall, where he can sharpen his skill, get more familiar with the format. and also, will donald trump learn from some of the things that pence arguably did well during his debate? he did not take the bait when he was challenged on some of those controversial things that donald trump has said about mexican americans or women or muslims. he didn't interrupt as much as well as as we saw donald trump do in his debate with clinton. so going forward yes he's getting his practice run but will he learn from pence's debate? is a question that remains to be seen. >> thanks very much. "outfront" now. manu raju. --. dana, pence won. that is what our poll says. he prepared. he was substantive. he didn't take the debate.
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is trump now going to follow mike pence's lead and do serious debate prep? he has days left and he's got to turn it around. >> no. that is the simple, honest answer that i'm getting from sources who are familiar with trump's preparation. his style and how he likes to prepare. which is not a whole lot. the very fact that he is going to new hampshire tomorrow. he wants to stay on the campaign trail. but, here is the "but." they did convince donald trump that he does have to get familiar in o some way, shape or form with the classic town hall format. again it is not just about taking questions from voters, undecided voters. he hasn't actually done as much of that as a chris christie or johnny mccain back in the day, people who spend a lot of time in state likes new hampshire where that is expected of them. but he still needs to have some basic skills about what do when
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a voter asks a question, do you stand up? do you walk towards them? address them by name? how do you show that empathy factor that bill clinton first did so well during the town hall debate? that is the kind of thing that they have convinced donald trump to do. which the reason he's doing that tomorrow night. the preparation mike pence did? not even close. >> so we're talking about the town hall? that's it until. >> i think the point is well taken. that this is a format where donald trump zhould better. it is more casual. i think it is interesting to think of this like 2012. mitt romney beat barack obama soundly in the first debate. and the second was a town hall and obama was more casual and more comfortable. played to his strengths. donald trump is not a barack obama type politician for a lot of reasons. and i think that he'll be challenged in a way to follow-up on policy and so so forth but it is going to be harder for
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hillary clinton to goad him there as well. >> i had hosted some town halls on donald trump on the business side and he did like to interact. he let people in and touch his hair at times. and i don't think we're going to see anything like that. but i'm simply saying i know he hasn't done a lot on the campaign trail but i've been with him if that format and he did like to be with people. >> this lends itself to that. but it also lends itself to him answering very difficult questions. i wouldn't be surprised if he does not take some serious lessons from not just how mike pence did but just the fact ha he lost that first debate and he was criticized relentlessly about his tone and the way he interrupted hillary clinton. i look at the way donald trump handled the primary debates as struck outive in thiinstructive. donald trump was a loose cannon
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in that debate. attacking all his opponents. george w. bush was responsible for 9/11. then after that. the next debate. the florida debate. he was very reverved. mute. completely different. i wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't learn from mike pence's performance but also his own performance. >> e pence did seem to try to reinvent trump on some level. here is what pence said last night versus what trump has actually said. >> let's start with not praising vladimir putin as a great leader. donald trump and mike pence have said he's a great leader. and -- >> no we haven't. >> he's running this country. and at least he's a leader. unlike what we have in this country. >> i think it is honorable that relationship vladimir putin has been a stronger leader in his country than barack obama as been in this country. >> you are going to have to deportation force and you are going to do it humanely.
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>> no nation should get nuclear weapons. >> well he never said that senator. >> at some point we have to say you know what? we're better off if japan protects itself against this maniac in north korea. >> does that juxtaposition matter, mark? >> facts are certainly stubborn erin. the reason mike pence was able to get away with that in real time last night is because his opponent tim kaine was so aggressive that he really sucked up a lot of oxygen in the air. when i say a lot of oxygen. kind of the bad oxygen. mike pence came across in a very calm, collected manner. even though he wasn't necessarily answering that in the, you know, truthfulest way that he possibly could. heading into this town hall donald trump cannot come in red hot. an audience of 50 or so people in there. they will not be interacting with him other than asking these big questions. these are not the big rallies.
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but something where donald trump has to actually answer the question. and they can go right back and ask him to fulfill their answer if they don't think they got it. >> very interesting. all of you staying with me next, bill clinton is trying to damage control. came out in great detail, called obamacare the craziest thing and laid out why. is he a light or an asset? and this is hurricane matthew seen from space. deadly picture. headed right to florida. and what was donald trump's life like? when he lost a billion, what was he living like? well we're going to show you and it is pretty stupendous. >>
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breaking news. live pictures, as you can see. donald trump going to be taking the stage there at that rally in nevada. we know he's going to be talking specifically about bill clinton who called obamacare the craziest thing in the world yesterday. trump tweeted moments ago bill clinton is right. obamacare is crazy, it doesn't work and doesn't make sense. thanks bill for telling the truth. the former president tried earlier today to walk his comments back. but can you, when you were in such detail? brianna keilar is "outfront." >> hillary clinton off the trail fundraising and prepping for her second debate showdown with trump on sunday but her big name surrogates are out in force. one time rival bernie sanders employem imploring voters to look past clinton's unfavorable ratings on election day. >> politics is not about personality. if you watch tv and national
4:17 pm
media, they think politics is like dancing with te g ing with. the super bowl. the world series. it is not. it is not entertainment. what politics is about society, must be about. is which candidate will have a positive impact on your lives. sanders is trying to rally young voters to support clinton in iowa where early voting is already under way and clinton had been trailing trump in the polls. >> we don't want anyone to sit out and stay home. chelsea clinton also in the hawk eye state but her dad in s in hot water after saying this about obamacare. >> all of a sudden 25 million more people out there have healthcare and the people out there busting it sometimes 60 hours a week wind one their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it is the craziest thing in the world. >> today in ohio, bill clinton tried to walk it back. >> there are problems with it. and everybody knows it.
4:18 pm
the republicans want to repeal the law. their idea of solving the problem is to take 20 million people who got insurance and take it away from them. give it all back to insurance companies again. hillary's idea is recognize what the problem is. >> donald trump is seizing on the assessment of president obama's signature domestic achievement. >> bill clinton torched president obama's signature legislation. remember hillary clinton called obamacare one of the greatest accomplishments. but bill had a different view. he said it is just a crazy system. >> campaign manager kellyanne conway making it clear obamacare will come up at the next debate. >> i think it is a huge issue that's been left on the table in these debates. we've got new president bill clinton is our best surrogate. and thinking of having him on in the spin room with us in st.
4:19 pm
louis. >> in the final five weeks before election day the equilibrate campaign has all of her big name surrogates out on the trail. you have president obama who is supposed to be in miami today for secretary clinton but that is an event postponed due to hurricane matthew. he's now scheduled to hit the trail next week in north carolina and ohio. and al gore is also going to be on the campaign trail very soon erin. >> thank you. and now hillary clinton supporter -- and donald trump supporter --. this was not just a casual comment in as you could see from the count bite. he went into detail. premiums double. benefits cut in half. does he really think he can unsay what he said? he's calling this a clarification. but that was clearly what e he thought yesterday. >> i honestly don't think there
4:20 pm
was a damage here that was done. what bill clinton said is that there are some people out there who are paying high insurance premium and that is a problem. obama believes that. the president believes that. hillary clinton believes that. what this is turning into is the republicans are seizing this moment, this narrative to try to turn this into a discord between obama and the clintons which just doesn't exist. bill clinton has always been on the same message as hillary clinton. he has said. they have both said obamacare is good but it could be better and now his words are being parsed out to be much worse than it actually is. >> she has of course said this is a great achievement for democrats going back to the days of harry truman. staunch smotherer of obama cake. >> no. >> and and political point of thisthink is a serious one. i get stopped because of cnn in the grocery store. and some guy stopped me whom ie
4:21 pm
don't know. and what was he upset about. he was upset about obamacare. chapter and verse. he had a stroke and recovered from a stroke and had to deal with obamacare. he was really angry. and concluded by saying that is why i'm voting for donald trump. so when you hear bill clinton say this, i can only tell you that there are people out there, regular folks, saying yes, exactly and i've had to deal with it. and and here is the question. it is something that president obama has said. this is going to be his legacy. maybe his biggest legacy. sure it needs tweaks but he thinks it is his legacy. and how do you think it helps the opposition. >> -- not happy about. this yesterday at the white house briefing michelle kosinski asked josh earnest do you wish he used different words and he
4:22 pm
said of course. that was josh ernest on -- >> ordinarily they would not directly admit that. >> absolutely. >> and there is a the double edged sword of bill clinton. he's one of the the most naturally gifted politicians there is out there but he also can say things that put his wife in a difficult spot. raises a lot of questions what he would be like as a first spouse and it also shows why the equilibra clinton campaign has been careful how to utilize bill clinton in this campaign. he's been doing rallies and interviews and not getting into the situations he could get into political trouble. >> that have his own choice that he made that decision. but this is not just about obamacare. president obama and michelle obama certainly in hawaii her ca -- her case. barack obama has said this election is about cementing his legacy. hillary clinton has said he's going to continue that legacy. and yet bill clinton has said frankly some things republicans
4:23 pm
would love about barack obama. here he is. >> keep in mind unlike when i became president, a lot of things are coming apart around the world now. a lot of people say oh well. you you said. it is different now. it is rigged. yeah it is rigged. because you don't have a president who is a change maker who congress will work them. if we finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us and the seven years before that when we were practices trickle down economics and what caused the chaos in washington and the crash, then you should vote for her. >> you know, i think bill clinton was president of the united states. he spent eight years of people saying you are the president of the united states. and he clearly thinks the best president of the united states that ever was was bill clinton. that informs how he looks at things. yeah obamacare is not perfect and he just goes off and looks -- it is very easy to look
4:24 pm
at the flip side and yeah also those 25 million people who got health coverage. but bill clinton's focus here as it has been for some time is i'm talking about how bill clinton was this great president. i'm sure he wishes hillary clinton would talk more about his legacy. i'm sure he's very disappointed about all the topics about the crime bill and all the things now seen as failures in politics of change. but i think this is very easily explained through psychology -- >> -- intention tra that 2008 primary -- >> -- use of the word legacy. legacy obviously is such a crucial word for a an ex president. and donald trump claiming nearly a billion dollars in losses but at the time how was he living? here is what he was telling the world? >> trump is definitely back. much of the shah fwrin of some people. >> and trump today reaching out to voters in nevada. specifically latino voters. not all of them oppose the wall.
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donald trump under fire for his taxes tonight. his son eric speaking to dana bash. >> has he paid federal income taxes over the last 18 years. yes or no? >> yes. of course. absolutely. >> have you seen your father's income taxes. >> yeah i don't study the tax returns. >> have you seen them. >> of course you see tax returns. >> -- i'm answering the question. of course i've seen my father's tax returns. >> questions about tax returns have been swirling since he declared a $915 million loss in 1995. but that did not stop him from living big and lavishly, frankly. jess is a snider is out front. >> reporter: to hear trump tellis, his business was back and better than ever in 1994. >> best year i ever had. yeah. definitely trump is back. >> this mar-a-lago resort in
4:30 pm
december 1994 but only a year later he declared a $916 million loss for reasons unknown on his 195 state tax returns. the loss may have allowed trump to legally skip paying federal income taxes for years. but despite the nearly billion dollar loss that could have been accumulated over years, including 1994 the year trump claimed was better than ever, the real estate mogul was still in a buying mood. >> i could have billions of dollars in debt but i also had billions of dollars in asset. >> at florida's mar-a-lago he paid to buy an adjacent home to his empire. we searched records and found deeds from san miguel county show trump purchased three lots near telluride for 1.1 million dollars in march 1994. the attorney who led the, says
4:31 pm
trump has a pension for purchased. >> how would you describe his spending habits? >> lavish. >> hom rans says in the begin ofrg 1990 trump owed a combined 4 billion to banks and about 800 million was personally guaranteed from his own assets. a grim reality trump laughed off a year later. >> i was walking down 5th avenue and i said do you see that man over there. it was a man who was a beggar in front of tiffany. i said he's worth 9 hurnz million dollars more than me. >> reporter: didn't stop the trump organization from securing a $4 million mortgage for a bedford estate in west chester at the end of 1995. or from getting a $10 million loan to purchase 40 wall street in lower manhattan in 1996 according to new york city public records. real estate investment david
4:32 pm
eisenberg said trump's reported loss on his tax returns didn't stymie his spending power. >> tax losses sometimes have dmog with cash flow and he was living the lifestyle he was accustomed to. >> and doing it through more debt. >> exactly. with donald trump has repeatedly declared that he is the king of debt. this summer he tweeted about it. say tag he made a fortune off of his debt. and debt made him a great businessman but in the same tweets saying he would actually fix the debt of this nation. so we'll see. >> saernl man who's built his fortune on debt and leverage and getting -- all right. thank you so much. pretty incredible to see that. trump's loss seems huge. talk ak the billion. but where does it really rank? what are the facts? is it? the crucial perspective we need, how unusual is it? $916 million. >> it is pretty unusual. hard to imagine anyone surviving
4:33 pm
that kind of loss and moving forward. in fact an expert with the tax foundation told the wall street journal this represented almost 2% of all the net operating losses for businesses that year in 1995 in the united states. another way to look at it. you would have to gather together more than 9,000 other average businesses and put all of their losses together to equal how much trump lost that year. so how did he survive this? well one of the things maybe that there are unique laws that play to real estate people that don't apply to everybody else and that may have played a role here. deductions are written into the tax code. they provide the ability for people to function a little as a an individual and as a company simultaneously in terms of their tax liability. and it allows them to use their real estate losses to offset their income. and we don't know if that's what trump did here but all of that was available to him. and these laws were put into place in the 1980s to keep real
4:34 pm
estate people from being unfairly tax. but what's happened to trump and others like him is why some tax reform people think it needs to be reformed again. >> to invest in reel state you need to --. obviously it needs reform. but beyond the real estate situation, how wide spread is it, tom? the practice of avoiding taxes, perfectly legally by big corporations? do people -- do companies do what trump did? >> well it certainly looks like a lot of them do. a new report out this week from a couple of progressive groups said that if you look at the fortune 500 companies, 70% of them use off shore tax havens and in those they have put $2.2 trillion in profits beyond the reach of uncle sam. how much does that amount to? if you could bring it all back
4:35 pm
here, they say it would automatically at a 6% rate put 718 billion extra dollars into the federal bank account. >> it is pretty stunning when you think about it. and something donald trump and hillary clinton have said needs serious reform. thank you tom forearm. and dana bash and mark preston are back with me. dana, this whole issue donald trump living so lavishly. horrible to comprehend. but he was able to do it. and when you get rich enough people assume up get back on your feet. you asked eric trump directly whether his father paid federal taxes he said yes but there is still no proof. is there any chance those returns come out is this. >> very slim. they have gotten this far and it is hard to imagine anything beyond what we've seen even over the weekend with the reporting from the "new york times" on that huge almost billion loss.
4:36 pm
the fact that he still hasn't done it, i don't see it change. the one thing i do find fascinating is the politics of this all. how the clinton campaign is trying to use this not so much as the see, he doesn't really get business because people do sort of see donald trump as a lavish guy and they know he had ups and downs. he wrote a book called the art of the comeback. but more of a patriotic issue. that how can somebody who wants to be president not pay taxes to support the military, infrastructure, things he's now saying are important and lacking. >> and trump has touted his use of the tax laws. saying this is what someone who's really smart and knows how the system works would do. here is what he id said. >> i have legally used the tax laws to my benefit. and to the benefit of my company. my investors and my employers. i have brilliantly used those
4:37 pm
laws. >> the lawyer who signed off on that particular tax return saids no hefts the one that did the work and figured out how do it. does this undermine trump or just simply prove that he indeed can find smart, clever people to put in the right position. >> it should undermine. it should be devastating. it would kill any other politician at this point. look i think his supporters erin are looking at him and see hope. if he can to it. i can do it. they like the idea of him being the comeback kid so to speak and donald trump can simply say oh i have used the tax system to my benefit but now i work for you. that is the new line. we'll see if it continues but right now the lack of release of his tax records hasn't hurt him. >> thank you both very much. and next the breaking news, a massive hurricane right now heading to florida. massive flooding across the caribbean. our report coming up.
4:38 pm
and outrage among some latinos after this remark last night. >> senator, you have whipped out that mexican thing again.
4:39 pm
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donald trump on the stump this hour in nevada trying to win over latinos. a group that makes about 20% of the voters in that state. this after this exchange between tim kaine and mike pence. >> when donald trump says women should be punish order mexicans are rapest or criminals and johnny mccabe is not a hero he's showing you who he is. >> senator you have whip t out that mexican thing again. >> the battleground state of nevada. emphasis on battle. the guy in the red trump shirt is john elezando. >> don't forget to vote. >> proud latino for trump. >> do you think that latinos in nevada are even considering trump? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> but the great majority are
4:43 pm
going democrat. >> we'll find out. i don't think so. i don't feel that way. >> he thinks it is a mistake to think that latino whose make up approximately all voters in flef a uniform voting black. >> you know what toilet paper does it. wipes the crap from your hoo ha. so i tell people there is a lot of crap in washington. >> trump's tough talk, he backs trump's immigration policy like the wall. >> i would electrify it on the top. put sensors in the ground ceci if anybody. >> the top of it. so people wouldn't go over it. i think more of the latinos are asking questions. especially now. >> refrigeration technician jovani has plenty of questions. an evangelical christian t married father of three is looking for a higher power for
4:44 pm
an answer. >> who are you going to vote for? >> i'm not sure yet. >> why would you vote for donald trump? >> i don't see myself voting for him. >> his biggest problem with trump, like many hispanic voters is his stance on immigration. >> they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crime. they are rapists. >> then wouldn't you vote for hillary clinton? >> you would think. >> but me evangelicals are against clinton's stance on abortion and same-sex marriage. >> most people that i've talked to are undecided. just like i am. >> that undecided voter is the target for culinary union 226. the union out thes 57,000 members. more than half latino. the unib says it will deliver the latino vote for democrats. >> i love this lady. >> christina aguilar takes this election personally.
4:45 pm
>> you took a leave of absence from work? >> yes. >> she emigrated from mexico. she's a military mom. her son fought in iraq. i'm walking because even though it is hot and i'm thirsty, latinos are a team fight for our rights. and true to its nature as the swing state poll the state of nevada has swung back and forth through both candidates through the year. all eyes will be on the state october 19th. and millions across the southeast in the path of a deadly hurricane. could be the biggest to hit since the year of katrina. where will it strike? and breaking news. a contractor arrested for allegedly stealing top secret classified information. our live report and jeanne moos
4:46 pm
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4:50 pm
perhaps making land fall as a category four storm. florida could get a direct hit. keep in mind that katrina hit this country as a category three. this would be the strongest storm to hit the united states since at least 2005 t year katrina hit. tom saider is out front. when do we expect this massive storm to strike? >> reporter: typically it is easier to forecast the track than it is the intensity. however with this storm it's been the opposite. i can give you an idea of several miles and several hours but what we do know is it did make land fall as a four in cuba as well. and interacted with line and it is a three. and will become a four again. there are so many islands here. 400 thousand residents. the greatest population is in
4:51 pm
nass nassau. 225 thousand live there and they are going to go through hell tonight in the darkness of the night. misi likely many losing power. we think it is going to be closer to shore. we do agree with the moment movement and the curve. the national hurricane center has this strengthened at a category four but places it a little closer to land making land fall. and then curving back around. 14 computer models, all in agreement. some making land fall and they all agree with the turn. but 9 of the 14 want to turn back around. is it possible not only one but two land falls? it is unusual. it's happened before with ivan and gene and others. but let me show the models. european model right now places land fall near cape canaveral friday at 7:00 a.m. it is getting in agreement with the american model and that is what you want. agreements. although you don't want to see this. this is earlier in the american
4:52 pm
model. around vero beach around 2:00 a.m. look at the larger pattern. as the storm winds approach and in red you will see hurricane winds. we're going to see downed trees and power lines. 8-12 inches of rainfall. in it moves more inland it is going to create more destruction. a power outage forecast came out today and possibly by tuesday we could be looking at 7 million americans in the dark. >> that is absolutely stunning. all right thank you very much tom as we follow that, more breaking news right now. a contractor working for the national security agency, another one. arrested for allegedly stealing classified information. fbi believes herald martin stole classified information about the hacking tool that the nsa was using to break into other country's computer systems. and of course the other shock here is that he works for the same company edward snowden did. pamela sbroun "outfront"
4:53 pm
tonight. this is pretty stunning. >> reporter: and it is a big blow to the nsa. the fbi accusing herald martin of stealing some of the nation's most sensitive secrets. some at the highest levels and as you pointed out martin worked as booze allen hamilton as contractor to the national security agency t same contractor that employed edward snowden. the fbi believes martin stole documents detailing a the sophisticated hacking tool. and authorities are still trying to determine what his motivation was. sources say the fbi and nsa have been suspicion of martin for some time and then after a computer code for a u.s. hacking tool showed up on the internet recently the investigation into him intensified. and in that case someone calling themselves the shadow broker was offering the tool for sale on line. the identity has not been revealed. martin was arrested back in august but the arrest made
4:54 pm
public today. after the "new york times" report his arrest. here is what his wife said outside their home in the suburbs. >> he's a good man. and that is you will all i can really tell you. i would greatly appreciate it if you guys would respect my privacy and respect my family's privacy. i love him very much and he'sed a a good man. >> and his attorneys read a statement in part there is no evidence that martin betrayed his country. he served his nation honorable as a lieutenant in the navy and has devoted his entire career to make america safe. >> thank you very much pam lasmt and "outfront" next. jeanne moos. somehow tim kaine's left eyebrow took the world by storm.
4:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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and now the eyebrow. here is jeanne moos. >> reporter: you could say tim kaine browbeat his opponent with his eyebrows. >> she could say that makes me smart. >> the debate was best summed up by the grinch. >> hmm. it is a wonderful night for eyebrows. >> from the first word tim kaine uttered. his eyebrows rose to the occasion. >> that passion throughout life. >> reporter: his left brow in particular. in the political universe keane is famous for his levitating brow. the brows first came to national attention back in 2006 as keane
4:59 pm
gave the democratic response to the state of the union. the state of his brows was up. though the left brow seemed to work separately. tim kaine's eyebrow must have its own twitter account. by the time he was nominated for v.p. >> you do really believe him? >> reporter: keane seemed to have tamed his brows a bit. they were no longer the furry caterpillares of a decade cardiogram. but even the more buttoned down of tuesday's debate launched tweet tweets. can we all be honest and admit this debate is really about eyebrows versus no eyebrows? fun fact, mike pence doesn't have eyebrows ready another tweet. >> the democrats definitely don't think keane's eyebrows are
5:00 pm
low brow. they flount them on tee shirts. >> have an uncontrollable left eyebrow. >> reporter: he once gave john stewart a button. an eyebrow raising debate may be a distraction but how bad can it be being compared to spok and the and the rock. jeanne moos. cnn new york. >> and andersen starts now. good evening to you. potential direct hit from a category four hurricane is what florida's governor rick scott is telling people to prepare for. hurricane matthew. parts of florida, georgia the carolina, mandatory evacuations. six medical facilities across the state have begun moving patients out. there is new information on the storm's track throughout the wo


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