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tv   New Day  CNN  October 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to your "new day" it is thursday october 6th 8:00 in the east and we do begin with breaking news for you because the state of florida is bracing for a direct hit from the very powerful hurricane matthew. millions of residents are urged to evacuate as this storm heads to the east coast. more than 26 million people are under watches and warnings at this hour in florida, georgia and south carolina. >> florida's governor rick scott is expected to update us on the storm at any moment. when he's ready we'll bring it to you live. matthew could be the worst hurricane to ever hit this east coast region of florida. residents are stocking up on essentials. leaving shelves empty at many storrs. matthew is slamming the bahamas right now. it has already claimed 15 lives. in the caribbean. let's begin our team coverage with boris sanchez live in daytona beach. the expression is you got to get while the getting is good. are people heeding the calls and getting out?
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>> i would certainly say so, chris. yesterday there were crowds of people here on the beach, kids building sand castles. now the beach is mostly empty and we could really feel the wind picking up. it's gotten stronger as time has passed. we've seen bands of rain coming too, as well as water that gets picked up off of the ocean and it's been smacking us at our hotel. around town in daytona we've seen businesses that are boarded up and they have sandbags outside. our hotel is also boarded up. i talked to a guy here earlier, he told me he moved from ohio about three days ago to daytona, and he had no idea that any of this was coming. so he's scrambling to get out right now, as well. we have about 2 million people that are under evacuation orders. this could potentially be the largest mandatory evacuation since hurricane sandy in 2012. and fortunately, as you mentioned, when it comes to the resources that are in stores and the lines we've seen at gas stations it appears that people are preparing themselves. one of the things that governor rick scott mentioned yesterday was extremely important, was for people not to necessarily focus
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on the forecast in terms of where this hurricane could make landfall. he says it's extremely dangerous and anywhere it makes landtall could be very damaging, very catastrophic. we're going to continue watching the conditions here and keep you updated throughout the morning, alisyn. >> okay, boris we know you will stay safe thank you for that. so we're already seeing long line at gas stations and empty store chefs. the first effect of the storm will be felt tonight in parts of south florida and that's where cnn's nick valencia is this morning he's live in pest palm beach. what's the situation, nick? >> good morning, alisyn. we have been out here all morning long. and things have only gotten worse here. those conditions as hurricane matthew steadily approaches this part of florida. the community here has been bracing for this all week long. and here are some of the signs this building immediately facing palm beach. taking off an awning, half of the shutters -- half the windows have been shuttered up. to give you an idea how significant the wind is, our photographer can pan up to the
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palm trees. that wind has steadily been increasing in the three or so hours that we have been out here on this beach. there is a mandatory evacuation in effect in this area. started last night. residents expected to get out here by 11:00 a.m. but even still, there are some that aren't heeding that warning. i spoke earlier with one of them. >> don't really have anywhere else to go so dwee boarded up our windows, went to the store, got food, water, and just got prepared for it. going to stick it out. my friends that liv here his whole life so we're going to stick itut together. >> you nervous at all? >> a little bit. i've been kind of under12i789s it and now this morning i'm starting to see how bad it might get. >> those waves are starting to swell significantly as well. as that storm surge moves in to west palm beach local officials here, 12-hour shifts to prepare for what is expected to be potential devastation. even still, though, there are some people that are deciding to stick it out. chris? >> it is a time to be better safe than sorry, nick. we know what's happened.
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once you realize you're in the wrong spot, it's too late to get out. airlines have canceled nearly 1600 ahead of hurricane matthew. that number is definitely going to go up as the storm heads closer to florida. as for trains, amtrak is suspending service in the southeast urging customers to check their train status and also review refund information. >> what is going to happen exactly in the next 24 hours? let's go to cnn meteorologist chad myers, he's tracking the storm. he has the latest forecast track. what are you seeing in the next hour, chad? >> the storm is going to pick up intensity. and even right now, the new 8:00 advisory just in a few moments ago, still has the wind speed at 125. although i think the hurricane hunter aircraft finding slightly stronger gusts than that. here's how the storm vefs for the rest of the day as it makes its way toward florida. it's going to be a category 4. here's what's changed overnight. a category 4, 145-mile-per-hour storm. yesterday that's at 130. and there's a big difference between 145 and 130 when it
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comes to damage. doesn't seem like the number is that different. but the pressure of the wind is double. and it's going to be double the damage if this eye right here is onshore. and that is the forecast. that is the forecast. at 2:00 a.m. tonight, fort pierce all the way up towards stewart and then by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow through cape canaveral and farther from there. here is one of the hurricane models in detail now. a lot of times we can show you lines because the storm is too far away. but now the detail is here. there's the eye right now. coming onshore here with west palm beach seeing outer bands already by 2:00 this afternoon. bringing winds to 50 or 60. now we take you to 9:00 tonight. with the eye wall coming onshore. maybe fort pierce, maybe melbourne, in the atlantic beach. and if that eye wall is right there as this model suggests, there will be winds blowing onshore between 130 and 145. the damage will be phenomenal. it will be damage we have never shown on tv before with a landfalling u.s. hurricane.
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that's how serious this is, guys, and it runs all the way up the east coast, jacksonville, charleston and finally out to sea. >> all right, chad, stay with us. want to bring on dr. rick knabb director of the national hurricane center. we're waiting for governor rick scott to take the podium there. you see the national guard members at the podium in florida. we're going to get an update from the governor wh he's ready we'll bring it to you. let's bring in rick knabb right now. we're trying to do our best to get out the information to explain the urgency. has anything changed, doctor, that would make this situation less serious? >> no, chris. thank you for helping us get the word out. because this is a very serious situation. a major hurricane currently affecting the bahamas. it's approaching florida. conditions are going to go downhill especially this afternoon in southeast florida, and the core of a major hurricane, perhaps category 4, could come onshore in the hurricane warning area in southeast florida. and even if the center stays
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just offshore, easily could get hurricane conditions on land even major hurricane conditions. and it's not just about the wind. and it's not just a coastal event. we could have strong winds penetrating well inland. i've got my family staying inside in a shuttered place, homes in my community have their shutters up. people should not be outside and that's inland. where we get hurricane force winds. and then the water. inland flooding could happen near the coast, and farther inland. and then the storm surge, people near the coast, if you've been told to evacuate by your local officials, especially like in palm beach county that's going to get this sooner rather than later, you got to get out this morning. >> all right, doc, let's get to the governor and let's see what he has to say about the latest preparations. >> -- get to a safe zone. if you're watching, and you're in an evacuation area get out. don't take a chance. time is running out. this is clearly going to either have a direct hit or come right along our coast and we'reoing to have hurricane force winds. there are no excuses if. you need to leave.
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evacuate. evacuate. evacuate. are you willing to take a chance to risk your life? are you willing to take a gamble? that's what you're doing. if you're reluctant to evacuate think of all the people this storm has already killed. you and your family could be among these numbers if you don't take this seriously. tell the story about the lady during hurricane hermine. she -- i met her the day or two afterwards. she didn't evacuate. she was in an evacuation zone. she stayed because of her pets. i think she had four pets. the storm got -- the water got to 1 1/2 feet. she finally decided to leave, i think got to 3 1/2 or 4 feet in her house. i mean when we talk about storm surge it is going to come up above where you're standing. that's how much. when she finally decided to leave, if there hadn't been a high water vehicle close she was just lucky, she would have perished. the water comes in.
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very rapidly. and goes out very rapidly. matthew is strengthening. near the northwestern bahamas. it's forecast to be a category 4 as it approaches florida. it's located about 250 miles southeast of west palm beach with winds of 125 miles per hour. 125 miles per hour. on the forecast track the eye of matthew should move very close to the east coast of florida peninsula tonight. through friday night. there are hurricane warnings and watches along the entire east coast of our state. tropical storm watches are in effect for florida's gulf coast. this is serious. only a small deviation in the forecast track to the left or to the west, could bring the core of a major hurricane onshore within the hurricane warning area. while a small deviation to the right or east could keep all the hurricane force winds offshore. don't take a chance.
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a small movement could mean a lot. that's why we have to prepare for a direct hit. so again, if you need to evacuate and you haven't, evacuate. this storm will kill you. time is running out. we don't have that much time left. the impacts of hurricane matthew could include heavy rain. matthew is expected to produce total rainfall amounts of 4 to 8 inches and even up to 12 inches along florida's east coast. in the keys one to three inches is expected. r strong rip currents. beach erosion. tornadoes. hurricane force winds. storm surge. forecast projects 5 to 9 feet. this is 5 to 9 feet above where you're standing. stop and think about that. 5 to 9 feet. that doesn't include the waves on top of that. this is 5 to 9 feet of water. it will be over your head. from sebastian inlet to the florida/georgia line. three to five feet.
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one to three feet from upper keys to deerfield beach. this surge by itself could be deadly but on top of that, we're going to have waves on top of that. these are heights above ground. waves will be crashing on your roof if you're right close to where the storm surge is happening and you're close to where the waves are. do not surf. do not go on the beach. this will kill you. these are all projections. it could be much worse. time is running out. we are preparing for the worst. we're hoping for the best. and no one should take any chances. based on the continuing track to florida i'm activating an additional 1,000 members of the national guard. that means we've now activated 2,500 members of the national guard. we wouldn't be doing that if we didn't think this was serious.
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we have over 4,000 national guard members ready to be deployed if needed. i've already directed national guard to help with evacuations and sheltering. last night i suspended all tolls in the affected areas of the state. this includes the entire florida turnpike, alligator alley, central florida expressway authority and the miami-dade expressway authority. again, there is no reason not to leave. and think about it, the traffic is going to pick up. it already picked up some yesterday. i was looking at the traffic counts this morning. from yesterday, it picked up. it's going to pick up again today. if you wait, all you're going to do is get stuck in traffic. there's a greater chance you'll have problems with fuel. around 1.5 million people are under evacuation orders. 1.5 million floridians. right now we're really concerned about palm beach. this is the first big area that will be hit. and conditions will arrive within hours.
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we don't have much time left. if you aren't going to evacuate, these numbers should scare you. if you're on the east coast from palm beach northward, you'll likely see winds between 100, and 150 miles per hour. think about that. 100, to 150 miles per hour. these catastrophic levels can completely wipe out well-built homes and destroy neighborhoods. if you're on the east coast you will lose power. you are going to lose power. do not believe you are not going to lose power. you are going to lose power. millions will lose power. possibly for a long period of time. utility companies are going to do all they can to turn it on but you are going to lose your poweryou're on the east coast. go inland to a friend's house. go to a shelter. and find accommodation. partners like air bnb are making rooms available for free. visit florida and expedia ao have listings of open hoe fells.
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if you live on the west coast call your friends in the impacted area and offer them a place to stay. again, no excuses, get out. as of last night there were 58 shelters open across the state. today, 84 shelters will open. we have doubled the number of available shelters. i know no one wants to sit in a shelter, but you need to go there now and get through this storm. save your life. it might not be the best accommodations, but you don't want to go through 100 to 150-mile-per-hour winds, storm surge, rip currents, and all these things. this is about saving your life. individual gas stations are seeing temporary outages. they are being quickly refuelled and fuel is readily available at this point in the state. the current fuel supply in the state will last for six days even if all ports close. remember to take the fuel you need, but don't take more.
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many people in your community need fuel to get to safety. we'll start seeing lines at our gas stations. we've already seen some. hospitals, they're being evacuated along the coast. i had to do this back in andrew. i had to evacuate two hospitals. and to put things into perspective, i evacuated two hospitals, and then the hurricane -- andrew moved south, and tore out the hospital that i moved patients to. so, we don't know exactly where this storm ising. don't trust this track. don't take a chance. there are no reported issues at this point of these -- of the hospitals being evacuated. last night i requested president obama to declare an emergency declaration in 26 counties. i've also requested direct federal assistance to meet preland fall critical emergency needs of our communities. this includes resources from the federal government including food, water and tarp. we'll need more. there will be more things we need.
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i hope the president approves it this morning, before this storm begins. i hope the president does it this morning before the storm begins. text flprepares, one word, text flprepares, f-l-p-r-e-p-a-r-e-s to 888777 for updates from the state emergency response team. flprepares to 888777 for updates from the state emergency response team. remember flprepares is one word. this will -- this information can save your life. if you think of someone's making a bad decision, call them. don't let them make a bad decision. don't let people try to survive where there's an evacuation area. everybody needs to take care of everybody else in our state. and do it now. don't wait. don't wait until we're -- we're
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going to see traffic line with this evacuation. we're going to have fuel issues as the day goes on. we're going to do everything we can. we have enough fuel but there's going to be fuel issues at times. do it now. don't wait. this could save your life. and it could save your friend's life and your family member's life. to the press, you've done a great job alerting people and keeping people nfd. i want to thank you for doing that. anything move you can do to get people to know the severity of this, please do so. unfortunately, this is going to kill people. i will get my next briefing from the national hurricane center at 11:15. i'll be heading to stuart now to meet with emergency management officials there. i met around the state with emergency management officials. my goal is to make sure everyone's prepared, we know what we have to do. the water, the food, the battery powered radio, get your medicine. evacuate. evacuate. evacuate. be prepared. don't take a chance. i'll be in stuart and decide as i go through the day where else i'll be. i'll be here tonight to go
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through the storm. here at the state emergency management center, operation center. i can answer any questions anybody has. >> all right there's the governor rick scott. he couldn't be more clear. in his warning. this is real. it is dangerous. you need to take preparations. in many cases, millions of cases, that means getting out now. let's take a live look at pictures from west palm beach. >> oh, boy. >> look the wind is coming. it's obvious. those palm trees are built to sustain winds that structures cannot. let's bring in meteorologist chad myers. the governor deadly clear in terms of saying you need to get out, or else. >> as scary as those pictures look right now it's going to get four times worse than what you're seeing right there. hard to imagine what four times worse than that wind looks like but that's what nassau, the bahamas, feeling right now. the storm is 125 miles an hour.
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we'll get a new update at 11:00 with a new track. i don't think it's going to change very much. the governor was very clear that this storm is going to make a run right at the florida coast. the east coast of florida, the atlantic beaches, will be scoured with storm surge, with waves, and with wind. wind of 140 miles per hour at 2:00 a.m. tonight. that's equal to an f-2 tornado. think about this tornado. it's along the shore for 300 miles. people often ask me what's worse a hurricane or a tornado? well a hurricane because it's so much bigger. and this, if it does that scouring damage for 300 miles along the same coastline, the damage will be in the billions of dollars. this is that big. you can't have anybody on the outer beaches. those outer sand bar beaches out there, everybody has to be on. if you're within ten feet elevation of the inland bays, inner coastal waterways you need to be out of there.
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even farther inland where this now is 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, there will be winds from melbourne to cocoa to all the way up towards titusville. and those winds will be inland at 130 miles per hour, tearing things apart. the governor was very clear, there will be no electricity. it will be out. what's the point of staying if you're going to sit there for seven days in a hot house with no a/c, no cooking, get out and go some place safe. because this is as dangerous of a storm as we have seen, and more dangerous than anything else we've seen on the east coast. this is as dangerous of a storm as we've seen since probably katrina. honestly, this storm is that big with the same type of storm surge along the beaches of five to nine feet. that's pushing all of that water inland. you're going to see rainfall between four and ten inches. that could even create some sinkholes. and you know, you don't want your house to be in that sinkhole but it's certainly possible when you get that much rain that quickly. guys it's that serious.
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>> chad, thank you. for using such strong language as the governor did as well. here are the live pictures right now. this is west palm beach as you just heard chad myers say it's going to get much worse there before it ever gets better. so joining us now two men in the bull's-eye of this storm. the mayor of daytona beach derrick henry and chief of daytona beach police department michael chitwood. mayor tell me what the situation is in your town of daytona right now? >> well, the situation is quite dire. we've got city of 65,000 people, and we're encouraging everyone who lives on the beach side to evacuate and as many people in the city as possible to evacuate. we are taking this seriously. it is the most serious threat in the history of our community. >> chief do you have any sense of whether or not the community has heeded those warnings and everyone has evacuated? >> we do not. this morning on a1a we do have a
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lot of thrill seekers out, people with their surf boards and we cannot stress enough what the governor just said. get out. this is not something to play with. this isn't going to be katrina-like storm. we have never seen anything like this. and if you think you're going to sit home or you think you're going to come out and take pictures and surf you're sadly mistaken. you're deadly wrong. >> chief, if people do need help in the next 24 hours, and they're in the middle of this, what can your guys do for them? >> there's going to be a certain point in time, around 6:00 tonight the bridges are going to close. we're going to have no way we can get up here eastbound. when the winds get up around 50 miles an hour it's going to be hard, if not impossible for us to respond. so the word we're trying to get out going door-to-door is get out now. because come nightfall, there's no guarantee we're going to be able to get to you. and, you know, we're looking at here with the storm surge, you're putting your life at risk. why do that? get out, we have the ability to get you out now. we have places to put you in
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shelters are open. get out and save your life. >> and chief when you're going door-to-door, are you finding people who think that, you know, you guys are crying wolf? >> we have found people who have said they have ridden out storms before, they've been here 30 or 40 years. they don't want to leave their home. they don't want to leave their pets. they'll be fine. and you know, i hope that the good lord looks out for them because we're not going to be able to. >> mayor we just heard the governor use the strongest language possible. he said no excuses get out. this will kill people. so mayor, what are you doing to sort of rally the community? >> the very same thing. i'm on social media throughout the community encouraging people to take this seriously. it's the greatest threat that we've ever had. one of the problems is that when you have had the security that we've had over the last 40 years, of not having a direct hit, you begin to believe that you're immune. we're not immune. we're on the coast. so we have to encourage everyone to take the governor's warning.
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i was very proud of his strong language. he did not mince words. get out. that is our message, and that is our hope. worry about your possessions later. take care of your life now. you only have one life. >> yeah, yeah, so excellent message. we're watching a split screen as you both are talking. on the right side, i mean it's almost becoming obscured by the rain and the wind, but that is west palm beach and you can see just how dramatic the wind is, that's the just the outer bands of this storm. obviously it is going to intensify. the winds are not yet up to 145 miles per hour, which is what all of our meteorologists are saying, and chief you know, we, we think of the winds as being the most dramatic part of the hurricane. but of course, remind people of what the storm surge does why that is the most dangerous? the storm surge that comes in and goes out is going to be very quick. you know, in 2009 we were hit with devastating floods here. nobody took our warning seriously and we had water in
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neighborhoods that were six and seven feet deep and people were calling at the last minute for us to try to get in and save them. and it was impossible. and that's flooding causes drowning, there's debris in there. downed power line. we could go on and on and on. this is not a joke. this isn't like up north where you have a blizzard and go out and buy food and you hunker down and a couple days later you emerge. this is an active threat that is going to kill people if they don't get out now. >> you know, mayor, when you hear our meteorologists liken it to the names that have become such, you know, touch it stones of disaster, katrina, superstorm sandy, that's what they say this is going to be like. >> it elicits fear, but it is an opportunity for us to respond. as we've been saying all along we have time to respond. and we have to put life over property. life over situation. we can't allow our pride to get
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in the way of what we need to do. and so it is fearful, but the thing that i'm proud of so far is that our first responders, our community is responding and everyone is prepared to do all that we can, but at the same time, we have to encourage the residents to do what they should do, which is evacuate. >> chief, i want to correct something. that, those pictures on the right side of everyone's screen, that's nassau in the bahamas i've just been told. that's not west palm beach. that makes a lot more sense because you guys would be feeling those same effects if you saw those winds at 125 miles per hour. so that is nassau in the bahamas. the point is that's what's headed in your direction. gentlemen, what will you be doing for the next hour? >> well, i will be out riding, actually, into the neighborhoods and encouraging people to leave town. i'm going to actually go door-to-door on a few neighborhoods here on the beachside myself. and make sure that people are not there as the mayor around encourage people to leave. and then i will get on social
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media and continue to encourage, and prepare my own family. that's another thing. we all have to prepare our families because i want them to be safe. and hunker down with the city, and stand in here and stand beside my chief and make sure that our city is safe. >> and chief? >> we begin ramping up this morning earlier we have volunteers, and police officers that will be targeting areas that were hit by the floodg in 2009 that we know are going to flood again. we're going to be going door-to-door and getting the message out. at 6:00 tonight it's all hands on deck the entire daytona beach police department will be here and we will be here until we can restore safety to our community. >> chief, mayor, we are thinking of you. we hope that you ride this out in as safe a way as possible. thanks for taking time to be on "new day" this morning. >> thank you. >> sure. >> look it's good for them to be out there, because they need to let people know that they can safely evacuate. there are places to go and things to do. that's a big reason people decide to stay.
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they don't know what to do. >> you know what's so interesting is everybody we've talked to from our meteorologists to those emergency responders, everyone is very calm. they're not using hysterical tone but they're using the strongest language possible to say, people will be killed. >> yeah. once the storm gets here that tone's going to change and there will be very little that can be done to help anybody still here. we're going to stay on hurricane matthew. we'll be following its track, talking about the different developments. florida's governor says time is running out for people to get to safety. but first we want to talk to you a little bit of politics. cnn polls showed that governor mike pence won the vice presidential debate. governor mike pence, what does he think about what's going to happen on sunday? and why he was able to come out on top? next.
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keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines.
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we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. governor mike pence found himself in a very interesting position during the vice presidential debate. how does he make strong points about himself while also having to defend what donald trump has said. now in our poll, people said that he won that debate. so let's discuss with him now. indiana governor mike pence.
5:33 am
governor, thank you for joining us. i want to deal with the immediacy of what's happening in florida right off the bat. i know you want to send a message to people out who are down there, and preparing. what is that message, sir? >> thank you. well, thank you, just our hearts, and our prayers are all with the people of florida as hurricane matthew approaches, and we grieve for the loss of life in haiti, and in the impacts of this category 4 storm and just encourage people not only to keep the people in florida, and up the eastern seaboard in their prayers, but also to be supportive of organizations like the red cross that are going to be tested in the days ahead as they come alongside families. but thank you, chris. i appreciate that. we all are thinking of our neighbors to the south. >> it's a good message to keep out there. i'm leaving right after this interview to get down there and do our coverage so we can keep people informed of the situation. let me cut to the chase in terms of our political discussion. i've been reading the transcripts of your interviews
5:34 am
and i understand why you're getting frustrated with these questions about defending donald trump. but what i don't understand, governor, is why don't you say, i don't agree with what donald trump has said about muslims? and about the mexican judge? because before you were his nominee, governor, you said that. you said trump is wrong about categorically saying muslims can't get in the country. why not just own your own truth on those situations? >> well, first let me say that i'm very humbled by the fact that your poll, and some people think i won the debate. i'll leave that to others. but i really do think that whatever i was able to do the other night that donald trump won the debate. donald trump's vision to make america great again won the debate. and i couldn't be more honored to have been at that table, to be articulating his vision and to be drawing the contrast with the campaign of hillary clinton and tim kaine simply want to continue the policies that have
5:35 am
weakened america's place in the world, set areas of the wider middle east literally spinning apart and has stifled the american economy in places like here in pennsylvania. and so, for me, i -- i'm honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with him, and also honored to address those very same questions. i'm not -- i'm not frustrated at all about it, chris. donald trump and i have been very, very clear about the issue of -- of suspending immigration from countries that have been compromised by terrorism, or some of these other issues -- >> but that's not -- but that's not where he -- >> but many in the media. not you -- you -- >> but governor that's not what he said. what he said was -- >> talked about putting the security of the american people first. >> right but he has also said -- >> our position is we're going to suspend immigration from countries compromised by terrorists. >> but governor that is a finessed position. we both know that where he started was saying there is a problem with islam. that muslims should be kept out of the country.
5:36 am
you condemned those comments, and you did so strongly as the governor of indiana when you were backing ted cruz. you said we can't say that when he said what he said about the judge not making it about the case but about his ethnicity you condemned those comments. why do you not condemn them now. >> well because it's not donald trump's position now. look you've known him for a long time, chris. i haven't known him that long at all. but what you see in donald trump is a man who has built an extraordinary business, you found out in the last week he faced some really hard times 20 years ago, and led an incredible comeback to build a business that's created tense of thousands of jobs and -- and now is worth billions of dollars. but in donald trump you have someone that is -- is -- has been willing to speak his mind, he's spoken about the frustrations and the aspirations of the american people, and -- and i'm proud to stand with him as he talks about ending illegal
5:37 am
immigration once and for all, and doing it when he becomes president. i'm proud to stand with him when he says that we need -- we need to suspend immigration from countries and territories that have been compromised by terrorism. i understand why you want to play the oldies, you want to talk about the where the campaign began or what statements were made but the american people are focused on -- are focused on the policies that donald trump is articulating every day across this country -- >> but it's also about the person -- >> there's so much momentum in this movement and people are being drawn to that vision and for me to be able to share that vision, to share the choice at that table tuesday night was one of the greatest -- >> except that governor there is the policy but there's also the person. and again, you know, you don't like handling directly these questions of what he said. you can't argue that he's changed his position. that's fine. he's different now than where he started in immigration. and that's for the voters to
5:38 am
decide how they feel about that change. but what he has said about women, about mexicans, about muslims, matters and i know that you have said you don't share those positions. and now, tacitly, you are accepting those positions because you won't speak out against them. you understand that? >> well, there's so much, i mean, it was remarkable the other night to sit next to senator kaine, as he went through what was obviously kind of a memorized litany of personal insults against donald trump and then he said we were running an insult-driven campaign. i mean, hillary clinton is standing in front of wealthy donors there in new york just a couple weeks ago said that half of donald trump and my supporters were a basket of deplorables, irredeemable, not america, and then she -- >> and the next day she said she went to far. and the next day she said she went too far and you know that very unsavory negative -- >> she said --
5:39 am
>> hateful components have attached themselves to the campaign. >> no, no, she said she was just wrong about half. she regretted saying half. so it wasn't -- you know just an amazing thing. she insulted tense of millions of americans and senator kaine had nothing to say about that the other night other than to feign that she had apologized for it which, of course, she never did. look, this is all of this i would submit to you is not what the people here in pennsylvania are focused about or in virginia where i was yesterday morning. traveling around as i imon this bus tour, people are focused on national security on public safety on law and order and i'm getting this economy moving again. the truth is hillary clinton and tim kaine are running to essentially continue the failed policies of this administration that have weakened america's place in the world, stifled america's economy, and -- and with all due respect, chris, as much as the media likes to focus on taking these little lines out
5:40 am
of context -- >> they're not little lines, though, governor that's the issue. >> the american people are focused on their future. >> you're going to be setting the tones avice president and president of the united states about how we respect each other about who matters and whether all of us matter the same way. and when somebody says things that exclude people and make them less than, it is the job of leadership to stand up against that and i know you've done it in the past. that's why i'm asking you why you're not doing it now. >> well, it's because donald trump has made his positions very clear on illegal immigration. on suspending immigration from countries compromised by terrorism, and -- and -- and frankly i understand why the other side wants to keep bringing up prior statements, earlier in a campaign. donald trump said in this campaign that he has regretted the times that he didn't choose his words well, particularly where it's created, you know, personal pain for people. he's spoken openly about that. but with hillary clinton i go back to it, chris, honestly, she
5:41 am
said half of donald trump and my supporters were irredeemable. were a basket of deplorables. you know, chris, you can't lead people you loathe. and for hillary clinton to express that kind of contempt for millions of americans, and i throw in recently bernie sanders supporters, we found out in february she -- she accused bernie sanders supporters of being children of the great recession, who have moved back into their parent's basement. look when donald trump becomes president of the united states, whether people agree with him or not, he's going to respect all of the people of this country. you know him well, chris. you know him to be that kind of a man. and that's why every single day i couldn't be more honored to be standing shoulder to shoulder with a man i believe will be the next president of the united states. >> governor mike pence. i appreciate you taking the opportunity on "new day" as always. >> thank you, chris. >> alisyn? >> okay, chris. so we've just heard from governor mike pence. also senator tim kaine was on this morning. so we'll break down what they
5:42 am
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vice presidential nominees tim kaine and mike pence both appearing on "new day" this morning to discuss their debate performances, and much more. so let's get the bottom line now from cnn political director david chalian. good morning, david. >> good morning, alisyn. >> let's start with senator kaine. so i was asking him about his debate performance. and basically one of our pundits, might even have been you, said it looked like he prepared to come in to debate donald trump, not the more subdued mike pence, and, in fact, that he had missed some opportunities to go after pence on his record. so, listen to kaine's response on that. >> yeah, that was an opportunity i would have loved to had a 93-minute debate instead of a 90-minute debate. but i think that the -- the -- that -- that pundit who said that was probably accurate. i view this as fundamentally a debate that was about hillary clinton and donald trump. not about tim kaine and mike pence. >> okay. so, david, what's your response? >> well i think tim kaine is
5:47 am
fundamentally right about that. i think voters viewed the vp debate also as a proxy for the larger candidates. and i think you clearly identified what tim kaine's strategy was there, which is to make it all about donald trump. which is why our poll showed mike pence won. i think most observers of the debate thought mike pence had a much smoother performance. but it's why you see tim kaine on "new day" this morning tinge to try to press this post-debate notion that he brought up all these things about donald trump and that mike pence chose not to defend them. the clinton campaign says because they're indefensible. hillary clinton was out saying that last night. they're trying to take their debate strategy and make it into their post-debate spin. >> now look tim kaine does not think that he lost. i mean he had a big smile this morning. he this he did exactly what he was sent to do and said that hillary clinton had congratulated him on it. >> that's right. listen. they got some of their strongest arguments against donald trump out in front of 37 million viewers. that's no small thing for a
5:48 am
campaign. he may not have improved tim kaine's standing with the american public but that really wasn't his mission. >> let's talk, we just had mike pence, governor mike pence on with chris, and you know, chris is saying to him basically, that -- how can you support some of the positions that donald trump has taken when in the past you certainly don't ever criticize say muslims or mexicans and you've spoken out against not doing things like that. here's the bite. >> understand why the other side wants to keep bringing up prior statements earlier in the campaign, donald trump said in this campaign that he has regretted the times that he didn't choose his words well, particularly where it's created, you know, personal pain for people. he's spoken openly about that. >> okay, david, what do you think of that? >> i thought it was pretty astonishing, actually, to hear mike pence say something that donald trump has not yet said which is that he's changed his policy, specifically on the muslim ban. we've never heard donald trump
5:49 am
say that. we've heard him use different language and talk about the immigration ban from terrorist nations that harbor terrorists, differently than he did when he rolled out specifically a muslim ban last fall but he's never acknowledged an actual policy change. the campaign has never rolled out a policy change, and mike pence just asserted that they had one. i thought that was really interesting. and obviously, we also know that he points to that comment that donald trump made about regret. donald trump has also never actually put specifics to what he said that he regrets saying. >> david, as you and i speak, hurricane matthew is bearing down on florida. how do you think that will affect the election? >> well, obviously this is going to be a very important issue for how the candidates respond to this. because, in a time of crisis like this you look to political leadership to guide the way. you've seen governors around the country when their states are impacted no doubt donald trump and hillary clinton will need to be cautious. also just from a micropolitical
5:50 am
point of view, florida and north carolina are right there in the zone alisyn. they are two battleground states so not you know not having the ability for get out the vote for a few days when you're four weeks out from the election or being able to campaign there obviously will impact the campaign as well. >> in fact registration in florida ends on october 11th. it could be impacted by this. david chalian thanks so much for summing it all up for us. >> thank you. >> millions are urged to evacuate ahead of hurricane matthew the storm is gaining strength. it is heading toward's florida's coast. we have the latest track next. upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at
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5:54 am
hurricane matthew is gaining strength. it is slamming the bahamas right now. on your screen are live pictures of the capital of nassau. the category 3 hurricane is expected to slam into florida's east coast, possibly as a category 4 storm. so what do we need to know about the storm's track? let's bring in cnn meteorologist chad myers, he joins us with the latest. what are you seeing at this hour? >> still gaining strength. still getting a lower pressure. now down to 937. go look up on wikipedia some numbers to see what the old
5:55 am
hurricane records have been and some of these numbers aren't even to 937. this is about as strong as this storm was when it hit haiti a few days ago and it's making its way to the east coast. so by about midnight tonight, that's when i believe landfall will be closest. but don't think about landfall. it's going to start to get to be hurricane conditions within probably the next six hours. now, until noon is your time to get things done, after that there's no way to handle a piece of plywood with the wind blowing 60. and then by tomorrow morning, right through melbourne we'll have the live shot for you there for "new day" tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. it's going to be a very tough shot. the winds could be blowing to 130 miles per hour. and the same story as it moves up toward daytona beach, new smirma beach and the like. here is a hurricane model to show you what we believe the eye will look like in the future. here's 2:00 p.m. rain showers, wind storms, maybe even a possible tornado coming onshore as a water spout coming onshore. it will be a tornado. west palm you get slammed at about 9:00 tonight.
5:56 am
a sleepless night up the east coast. winds still here from melbourne to fort pierce, 130 to 145 miles per hour. moving north up there to cape canaveral, and then finally, exiting the florida coast somewhere around jacksonville but making a pretty big impact on georgia, as well. >> absolutely. chad thanks so much for keeping an eye on it and warning everyone who is listening to us today to be careful and evacuate if you are in the zone. this is what's headed in your direction. these are live pictures from nassau in the bahamas. and again chad said it could be 145-mile-per-hour winds when it hits florida. everyone be careful out there. we'll see you tomorrow. chris will be down there covering hurricane matthew for us. and "newsroom" with carol costello picks up at our breaking hurricane coverage all day after this very quick break. whatcha' doin?
5:57 am
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and good morning i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. no excuses. get out. florida's governor just minutes ago saying if you're in the evacuation zone time it running out. >> there are no excuses. you need to leave. evacuate. evacuate. evacuate. are you willing to take a chance to risk your life? are you willing to take a gamble? that's what you're doing. if you're reluctant to evacuate, just think of


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