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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> he has a practice session in new hampshire. >> he'll be practicing a lot of that thing, learning how to interact with style. >> practice, practice, practice. that's it for me, thanks for watching. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. for the "situation room." newsroom with brianna keilar starts right now. . hello there, i'm brianna keilar, the warnings could not be more urgent, get out now, this storm will kill you. that's what's being said. that's the word millions along the nation's southeast coast are hearing as a deadly hurricane tears its way toward florida for what officials say will be a direct hit. is. >> awesome! >> there's no gas whatsoever. >> every stop i've come to they were closed like this because they were completely out of gas.
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>> what will you going to do? it's mother nature, not a thing you can do. i'm going to risk -- i'll err on the side of caution as opposed to watching it blow away. >> they have no patience, parking lots are insane, people fighting for parking spots. traff traffi traffic. >> i'm praying for the best that matthew will turn east. >> okay, you can go. >> as florida braces, hurricane matthew has killed at least 113 people in the caribbean. now it's heading toward the u.s. and it's doing exactly what everyone fears -- it's getting stronger. right now it's a category 4 on a scale of 5 so no wonder florida's governor issusued not just one but two appeals
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specifically aimed at people who think they can ride matthew out. >> if you're living in an evacuation zone, leave now. so if you're in an evacuation zone, get out. time is running out, there's no exclueses, the roads are open, you should get out. evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. time is running out. we are preparing for the worst, we're hoping for the best and no one should take any chances. >> we are awaiting for a press conference from the florida governor as well as the governor of georgia. we have cnn's nick valencia in west palm beach where weather is getting worse. i want to go to meteorologist chad myers and, chad, you have to national hurricane center issuing an update just moments ago. what have we learned? >> still 140. we have not had a hurricane hunter in the eye for a couple of hours so there's no real update without a plane in it.
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it seems like the eye is getting tighter which mean winds are likely increasing. the eye may be getting so small -- >> chad, i'm going to interrupt you because we're hearing from governor nathan deal of georgia. we'll come back to chad myers but let's get the latest from georgia. >> the six county that are coastal counties for areas that are east of interstate 95. for the coastal areas west of interstate 95 it's still a voluntary evacuation order place. i would emphasize, however, that we need to take this situation serious seriously it's not something where we should jeopardize anyone's life simply because we don't want to heed the warnings. and i would urge people to do so. there are a total of 30 counties that are under our emergency declaration. i will not read all of those county names to you but they are
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the coastal counties and daunt counties that have joined them and counties that appear to be in the wake of the hurricane as it moves into our state. a state of emergency order includes a suspension of federal transportation rules and regulations to ensure the uninterrupted supply of emergency or disaster related material, supplies, goods and services to those areas that are affected. it was made clear in my executive order there should be no price gouging during this emergency because that is something that is already against the law in georgia. any instances of verifiable price gouging will be investigating and prosecuted appropriately. as you can see i have with me heads of agencies that are directly involved in our
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preparations and at this time i'm going to turn the microphone over to jim butterworth who is head of our georgia emergency management agency. and ask him to bring you up to date in more specific detail as to the situation that now exists and as we might predict it will exist in the near future. jim? >> thank you, governor. good afternoon. hurricane matthew continues to be at this point and forecasts to be for a period of time a category four hurricane. as you probably know, the hurricane is forecast to make landfall on some part of florida but continue to move north towards the georgia coast. at that point, it may deteriorate according to the forecast and impact the coastal georgia counties as the governor has indicated. we have prepared for a number of days and continue to prepare for the approach of hurricane matthew. we are expecting that category two hurricane to arrive
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sometime, the tropical storm force winds to arrive sometime late friday and overnight saturday. we will continue to move the resources of the entire state agency effort of the emergency management agency and the other agencies we are working with those personnel as close as we possibly can to assist with the response. to that end, the governor mentioned the mandatory and voluntary evacuations, we have sheltering available in multiple different locations. the georgia emergency management and homeland security agency web site lists those locations. there are about 3,500 sheltering opportunities for individuals who are looking to -- >> should the flooding occur that we expect. it's very important for our residents to understand that this flash flood warning is very important. we are expecting significant
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amounts of water not only from the flooding but rain fall. we are working to make sure we have adequate resources in place to do water rescues if that becomes necessary and at the same time we want all of our residents to understand that it's very important that if they do decide to stay -- and we're not advocating that. as mark said, we're advocating they leave the area and heed the evacuation warn iing so they ca be safe and we don't have to put first responders in harm's way trying to rescue or help people who find themselves in a dire situation. >> for transportation assistance and we will assist those individuals in getting to emergency shelter. the seminole county government has suspended operations today and form, friday october 7. normal operations will resume on october 10. all employees are expected to report to work as there are a
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number of different emergency activities that must take place throughout the county. sandbag operations have been extremely busy over the last few days. over 26,000 sandbags have been given out here in the seminole county area. they will continue until 3:00 p.m. and then close down due to the incoming storm. we have opened up shelters throughout the county. four general population centers at wyman, chiles, midway and lake mary. lyman high school is a pet-friendly shelter. there are a couple special-needs shelters we also have opened and i'm going to leave that to donna wall wsh with the health departt to talk about. >> we have been looking at the various states there. georgia, you had florida as well as south carolina updating us on what they're expecting state officials. i want to bring back chad myers. chad, this goes to show youer looking at press conferences almost simultaneously in all of
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these states. this is an expected huge event. >> sure. and this is the last minutes that florida residents will have to take those precautions. there will still be more minutes for georgia and south carolina but at this point in time, that's it. if you're from ft. pierce to stewart and about cocoa beach, you don't have time left you can't put in sheets of plywood when you have bands of weather bringing in 60 mile per hour wind gusts and that's what we'll have for the rest of the day. the gusts inside the inner eye wall about 140 miles per hour right now. it's forecast to stay that strong or get stronger when it gets into the gulf stream. that water is very warm, just off the florida east coast where all the fish swim up and down. 140 miles per hour going to 145. our hope -- if we could hope for this storm is that it stays
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slightly offshore. even if it's 20 miles we reduce the damage by billions of dollar s if it's on the left side of the eye we reduce it by billions if it was in the middle because this storm will be tearing up the beaches all the way from titusville, cocoa, all the way up to new smyrna a and on up even into jacksonville, possibly as far west as gainesville with big wind, 45 miles per hour to about 70 miles per hour orlando, you could see the same, villages, you could see the same, ocala, same story. there's the eye. this is the forecast model. we talk about them, i'll show you one. there's the forecast model for 7:00 tonight. here's what the model thinks at 1:00 a.m. there's ft. pierce and the eye wall is on shore very close to palm beach. moving ahead into the 4:00 hour, in the 7:00 a.m. hour and
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finally by tomorrow afternoon we're finally seeing the storm up to jacksonville and st. augustine but look at this. we're talking about 140 mile per hour storm that has been on land for 200 or so miles. that's like an ef-2 tornado that doesn't pick itself up off the ground for 200 miles through the plains but that's not the plains. there are houses every 60 feet. there are condos every thousand feet. there are so many people in the way of this storm that's why they all have to get out of the way. now we'll take you up to georgia, why georgia is evacuating the counties east of i-95 because we could see a significant storm surge as the arm bends here. because the u.s. bends through here, this water could get shoved into savannah, st. simon, farther up to hilton head, island. that's the rub. that's the risk of a fine-foot storm surge with this storm as it gets up into georgia and south carolina. that's why they're getting
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people away from that salt water. brianna? >> they're expecting the strongest storm on the east coast they have seen in decades. this is something we cannot overstate. chad, you'll keep an eye on this. let's go to nick valencia in west palm beach. nick, we just heard chad talking about the forecast here. this is what west palm beach is staring down. they are in the path are people listening? are they getting out? >> the short answer is no. i spoke to the mayor, she told me the majority in west palm beach are choosing to stay in their home, ride out the storm rather than evacuate which has been the warning from local officials and state officials. the problem with that, brianna, is that it puts first responders in a precarious situation. the mayor tells me she will not deploy anyone from the emergency operations center when these winds start to really get bad. the weather has epied and flowed over the course of the last
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couple hours. the rain was heavier about 45 minutes ago. the wind has sustained pretty strong and we expect tropical storm winds to happen this afternoon. the heavier stuff will come in later this evening but the big concern is those residents who have chosen not to evacuate. we had to change our position. we were on palm beach. we had to move to the safety of our crew where local residents are finding shelter. those that have evacuated have shown up here. the hotel is saying they have enough power in case power goes out. they have a generator and backup plans. the hope is that others who have decided to ride the storm out have their own backup plans but we sue eerie and ominous things yesterday. walking through the grocery stores there was no more bread, no more water, generators had been scooped up. nervous faces and families going through those aisles. those that decided to stick out the storm might be in for a bad day. brianna? >> this is not your run-of-the-mill storm that people hunker down for. nick, thank you for that report.
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daytona beach is one coastal area under a hurricane warning. that is where some massive rainfall and really just a dangerous storm surge could be headed. that's where boris sanchez is. nick says people are not evacuating there. are they heeding the warnings where you are? >> i would say, brianna, for the most part they are. but just a few moments ago, he just walked off, there were two families out here walking their dogs and i heard nick talking about the ebb and flow of the weather. we're feeling the same thing up here. just about two hours ago there was a strong surge of wind and rain that pushed us around as we were walking through our hotel. we have been evacuated from our hotel. it's boarded up and there are sandbags outside. we are the last people left here there are some people, however, that are sticking around. there's a family in the hotel
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next door that has decided they are going to brave through the storm. going against the advice of governor rick scott who put out a warning saying this storm will definitely cause fatalities and that he wants everyone out. especially if you're in a coastal community like this one on a barrier island. there's the guy again with his dog. this is exactly what the governor was warning people about. partly because as the weather gets worse it's going to be much harder to get out so your options become limited and you end up having to stay inside during very difficult conditions. i spoke with the police chief of daytona beach and he said if people decide to stay home there's nothing rescue crews can do to help them because their amphibious vehicles and rescue teams can not sustain hurricane-force winds and the kind of storm surge we're expected to see here. it's expected to be upwards of seven feet in this area. we're expecting flooding and debris in the streets and heavy,
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heavy wind. we're also expecting as the governor of florida said the light to go out for at least several days. there were about 2500 personnel from florida power and light, the electrical company, staged at daytona motor speed way. the hope is people will listen to the warnings and get out before it's too late, brianna. >> boris sanchez keep an eye for us. the national hurricane center is predicting catastrophic damage. you heard our reporters talk about this. if this storm is a category 4, that means well built frame homes will see severe damage. trees will be snapped or uprooted and power outages will last for not days, for weeks and most of the area could be uninhabitable for weeks or months. what if your home is a boat? rosalinda roman and her family live on a 45-foot catamaran docked in west palm beach, florida.
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they moved from albuquerque three months ago so the thought of a monster storm has this family a little uneasy. >> i was just updating about the current situation. we are now officially under hurricane watch i'm waiting for a call from a marina that we used to be at in ft. lauderdale because the problem is our boat is really, really wide. we are 25 feet wide -- sorry, i'm getting emotional. there goes "la dolce vita." she was the friend of mine who said she was never leaving and was going to ride the storm out and she's leaving. so that scares the hell out of me. >> with no luck finding a place to safely store their boat. roman and her husband, three young children and dog, have driven clear cross the state and they are staying in a hotel in ft. myers and rosa linda roman is joining us now. first, rosa linda, tell us how you're doing. how is your family doing?
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>> well as well as anyone can be expected to be doing when you're watching and waiting and wondering if you have a home to get back to. living on the boat was our major dream and something we've been preparing for for a long time and now we don't know what will happen as obviously so many people on the east coast are facing right now. >> the important thing that you were able to take with you, we see sitting next to you, tell us who you are seeing sitting next to you. >> that's exactly right. thank you for mentioning that. so the this right here is ajava. you can introduce yourself? >> hi. i'm ajava and i'm 11 years old. >> and over here is? >> i'm viva and i'm nine years old. >> and over on the other bed -- we're sitting on the bed in the hotel, samuel, can you say hi? there's my husband nathan. samuel? >> hi.
11:19 am
>> nathan and samuel. >> samuel is five and he's more into the electronics than the storm right now which is probably a good thing. >> we see that, he's certainly distracted there. what were you able to take with you and tell us about your boat. you said you're worried about it being there when you get back. >> well, the reality is we are directly in the path of the storm there's nothing between us and the ocean. because of the nature of our boat it's wide and the smast so tall we couldn't go under certain bridges and we couldn't in the marinas so we had to leave writ it was and that meant tying across -- we have a floating dock and this floating dock, if the storm surges high enough, the whole marina will be lost just as far as what we are
11:20 am
expecting for the boat we don't expect much that meant having to have the hard conversation with the kids about what can we do and what are we going to come back to and we decided and one of the things ziva said is -- can you tell us what we took with us from the boat? >> my stuffies. >> everything i had. >> everything you had. now, seriously, ziva, what did you say was the most important thing? >> the people. >> yeah. and they're right here, right? >> us. and that black thing, the kn nutella. >> you need that at a time like this to keep yourself happy. rosa linda, ajava, ziva, samuel and nathan, we are praying for you, praying for you and we are glad new a safe place. thank you so much for joining us. >> we are and appreciate the time and we are watching like the rest of us just waiting and
11:21 am
wondering and hoping. our puppy nala is still back with our babysitter in west palm beach so hopefully she'll make it out okay, too. >> yes, we certainly hope so as well. we're seeing a lot of animal there is in the path of the storm as well. thank you so much rosa linda for talking with us today. next, i'm going to speak live with one couple in jacksonville. they are hunkering down. they are not leaving like the family we just spoke to. plus as the storm hits, donald trump tonight is holding a town hall to serve as rehearsal for sunday's rematch with hillary clinton. hear what reportedly happened when he watched the video of the first debate. this is cnn's special live coverage. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available virtual cockpit.
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welcome back. we have our eye on hurricane matthew. what is expected to be the largest and the strongest storm to it this east coast of florida in decades. this is a frightening category 4 storm, it has claimed the lives of more than 100 people in the caribbean. it's now closing in on the florida coast headed northward we have meteorologist jennifer gray in palm bay, florida.
11:26 am
set the scene. we've been hearing from different communities up and down florida. some people are evacuating and some people are disregarding that and staying. >> it's scary, brianna. we're in melbourne and just behind me across indian river, there's melbourne beach. there were mandatory evacuations for that stretch of coast. that's a barrier island. we just hung up with emergency officials and asked do you think that people got off those barrier islands or are they still there and she said "there's no way to know, we won't know how many people took advantage of leaving until the storm gets really bad and they get phone calls and hearing there are people still out there. the bridge behind me, you couldn't see it, the winds were extremely gusty, the rain was so heavy you couldn't see your hand in front of your face and you won't want to drive across that bridge a few hours from now when this storm gets closer so if you are still on one of these
11:27 am
barrier islands please get off. we are expecting anywhere from five to nine feet of storm surge in this area. all of these rivers, the lagoons, the intercoastal waterway, there will be a surge of water coming inland so areas that don't flood will be inundated. we will stay here as long as we can but we will have to move because water will be above my head within the next 12 hours or so. hopefully people took advantage, they got out and -- but now is the time if you are inland and staying in your home, now is the time to finish up those preparations because we are expecting conditions to deteriorate rapidly around dusk and the storm brushing on shore by the time we get into the wee morning hours. brianna, it will be interesting because depending on where this storm makes landfall is going to make all the difference in the world where you're talking about impacts because those hurricane force winds extend 40 miles from the center.
11:28 am
that's 74 miles per hour plus and those winds extend 10 miles from the center the fact that it's brushing north, we could see a line of devastation which could be horrible for the east coast of florida, brianna. >> you said it there, jennifer, you are standing on land now that is going to be underwater in a matter of hours and we're talking to you in between the outer bands of hurricane matthew. thank you for that report. we know you'll keep an eye on things. there are millions of people along florida's east coast and they have been urged to get moving inland right now. they should have done it already but they're being urged to get out. one jacksonville resident is not listening, joining me now from his condo turned shelter bunker is brian wilhelm. seems happy about his situation but you are eight miles from the coast. that's important. you're riding this hurricane out but you're in an area that's vulnerable. why aren't you and your loved
11:29 am
ones getting out? >> we are in a situation, brianna, where my fiance is a nurse at a local hospital so she is at the hospital until at least 8:00 tonight so we're monitoring the roads now. when we decided to ride it out there was a category 2, maybe 3, coming in 50 miles off the coast. now we're seeing it will be almost on top of us so minute by minute we may cut out of here 10:00 tonight depending on traffic. the last thing we want to do is be stuck on the road, though. >> so you were ready for a cat 2 or 3. this is looking like it could be a strong cat 4. if you do not -- are you leaning towards cutting snout if you stay, what are you doing for precautions? >> if we stay, we're loaded up, we've got over 100 bottles of water that should last us four or five days. we have food, canned goods
11:30 am
flashlights, batteries. we could probably handle five, seven days without electricity it's more -- i'm looking at the winds and it's getting more scary. >> we're hearing 140 to 145 miles per hour possible there. how many people are in your position where they were planning to stay or is it just you. >> there's a full parking lot here. >> okay. a full parking lot. so i'm assuming they're prepared as well is there a possibility you miss your window with your fiance working at the snopt. >> absolutely. you figure if we're going to get out of here and 12 hours on the road just to get out and we're not far enough away from the coast i'd rather be here in the apartment than be vulnerable in a vehicle, especially with other drivers out there. >> you have a lot to think
11:31 am
about. brian wilhelm, we'll think of you as you are hunkered down for a storm that is much bigger than you expected. coming up, we have the latest track on hurricane matthew, we will take you live to the coast of georgia and south carolina. evacuations are under way there just three days from the next presidential debate, donald trump watching video of his last debate performance. what he's admitting to advisors behind closed doors. the influential republican about to join trump on the campaign trail.
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back to our breaking news, a monster hurricane bearing down on florida and the east coast and it could make landfall as a category 4. we'll take you back to the coast in a moment. first, when the storm hits, donald trump will be holding a rehearsal for sunday's rematch debate. hillary clinton is taking a step back from campaigning to practice with advisors while trump is set to do a town hall event tonight in new hampshire. joining me to talk about it, we have david gregory, cnn political analyst and author of "how's your faith?" and kirsten powers, "usa today" analyst. we now know donald trump has watched the tape, he has seen it and we're hearing reports he said privately to some of his advisors, yeah, okay, i get it. that he's had some struggles with this. what do you think they do from there now that he's sort of admitted that and seems to realize he needs to take a
11:37 am
different approach? >> that's the first step is admitting there's a problem, in all seriousness. getting him to the point of recognizing that something needs to be done different i think is a big step in the right direction. he has to make a decision whether or not he's going to try to be the more subdued trump or if he's going to get -- hit back hard when he is attacked and whether or not he's going to prepare they say he's preparing, kellyanne conway says he's preparing constantly which is a very different tune than they were singing before the last debate when they were mocking the idea of preparation but lessons were learned from what happened in the last debate. >> david, you had people say, many observers say okay, it's great he's preparing but preparing isn't a strategy, it's just what you should be doing and a strategy should follow from there. >> and also there's only one strategy that donald trump has followed which is his own gut and it's gotten him pretty far.
11:38 am
he has demonstrated that he only listens to his own gut. i maintain the first 45 minutes plus of that debate was donald trump unlike himself. he was at his best, he was disciplined, he had a strong change message, he was making the case against hillary clinton as a kind of self-dealing insider part of the establishment. even had a critique of the world. that the obama years and the administration have been responsible for. so he's got the ability to do all of that. it's the counterpunch side when he feels diminished in some way. about his wealth or business success that he feels attacked. whether he has the personal discipline to do it i don't know, i haven't seen it on display but he recognizes, certainly his team realizes that the first debate had a very real impact that has been measurable
11:39 am
and therefore all the more pressure this go around. >> kirsten, i wonder if you think the counterpunch plays differently because the format is different. do you think we'll get a different approach, whether he sits or stands, how he approaches the audience? >> well, if he was counterpunching he would be counterpunching against a person who is a voter in the audience which is very different than counterpunching against an opponent. we have seen he is willing to attack regular people, he attacked the khan family though he doesn't usually do it in person. my guess is that he will be more disciplined and, look, he did pretty well in the town hall forbhat the commander-in-chief forum. so this may be a better format for him. >> i also think she is not the matter of this particular
11:40 am
format, either. in our modern presidential era we look to bill clinton as the master of the town hall format. the ability to walk up to someone and have a moment with them and communicate empathy and be a good listener as well as a good talker. so there's pressure for her to advocate for herself to find her own voice, to animate her own voters and she can't overlearn the lesson of the first debate, either and do what tim kaine did which is constantly be on the attack with trump because that could backfire against her. >> and there's a difference where you have to connect more as a candidate. it's very different format and we've seen over the years, "snl" pokes incredible fun at some of the awkward moments you see in these town halls. >> well, it's showing empathy because inevitably someone is going to tell you a story that's heartbreaking and to be able to empathize with them. and david is right to raise hillary clinton as well in this
11:41 am
situation. she's not somebody who most people rightly or wrongly consider to be the most relatable person so she has to be able to relate to the person and not just go into a policy prescription. >> before we go, david gregory, paul ryan and donald trump. tell us about this. >> well, as dana bash was reporting last hour. this is a big political event in wisconsin. this is more on paul ryan's turf where putting the republican party behind him. let's not forget reince priebus' rnc chair is tight with paul ryan. this will be a reluctant kind of campaigning with him. under other circumstances you could see paul ryan hitting the hustings with donald trump throughout the swing states. wisconsin could be slipping away from trump, he is not a paul ryan republican.
11:42 am
by the way, i don't think trump wants him as much either in terms of his core supporters. he has to reach out to more independent voters and get republicans leaning away at this point. >> it will be so interesting to watch this event. kirsten power, david gregory, thank you so much to both of you. next, we have more special live coverage. we're live in south carolina where mandatory evacuations are under way. we also are expecting to hear from florida's governor rick scott. he'll have a live update. just hours ago he issued a dire warning for people who will not leave. you're watching cnn. we'll be back after a quick break.
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back now to breaking news. a category 4 hurricane is approaching the u.s. i want to turn to south carolina where mandatory evacuations are under way along the coast. by day's end, nearly half a million people are expected to have left their homes. charleston has handed out a record 15,000 sandbags but the mayor says now is the time to get out. brian todd is on the nearby barrier island of folly beach. tell us what you're seeing there, brian. >> brianna, seeing some storm surge but it's not going to be here in earnest for at least 24
11:48 am
to 36 hours. early saturday morning is when it's expected to hit. this is normal wave surge, normal circumstances here. but they're expecting storm surge of four to eight feet. here is where it will get problematic, brianna. the surge will come up here past these low-lying dunes, past the fences, past the board walk, if it gets up to eight feet it will carry past that area and on to the roads over here. one hurricane veteran who has lived here for years told us a short time ago that in '89 basically that hurricane carried the ocean all over the island that way. this will not be as strong. they also expect eight to 12 inches of rain. last year at this time they had a large rainstorm, not a hurricane, and much of this area is flooded. this is low country. much of this area around charleston, around beaufort is at sea level or lower. so it will flood at the drop of the hat. when this hurricane comes up
11:49 am
here they could have problems. that's why they ordered people to evacuate. they say as of this morning only about 175,000 people evacuated from the charleston area. governor nikki haley said that's not nearly enough. her point is this, gas stations are going to close, pharmacies are going to close, if you need something after noon today you may not be able to get it. also when we came into the island, we noticed the roads are very low leading into the island. there's water all around them. this is one of the islands that could get ket off. if you're here with no way to get off, no power and you need something you could find it very rough going. officials want at least 200,000 more people to evacuate. we'll spee ee if that happens. >> brian todd in folly beach, south carolina. thank you. next, we have more of our special live coverage, cnn is on the coast of georgia where the governor has ordered
11:50 am
evacuations. plus any minute we're expecting rick scott to give an update on his state. earlier he gave a dire warning for people attempting to ride out the storm.
11:51 am
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11:54 am
hurricane matthew is now a very dangerous category 4 storm. it's packing winds as strong as 140 miles per hour aiming straight for the u.s. you have two million people being told to leave danger zones in florida, georgia, and south carolina but some are still planning to ride it out. >> we've got water, we've got adult beverages, we're going to hunker down and ride this thing out. we're boarding up the coffee shop with osb boards to protect the windows. most of the employees have left for the week. >> kind of more preparations, prepared for the worst. >> we're going to take the boards, put them up, put them in front of the windows on the out board and screw them in to protect from debris flying around.
11:55 am
better to be safe than stoorry. >> sara ganim is in georgia. this place is beautiful, it has so much historic significance and that's the utmost concern to officials there. >> that's right, brianna. i'm in the landmark district where of course officials here, their first priority is getting people out. getting people to safety under that emergency mandatory evacuation order but also officials here are concerned about protecting those historic buildings. more than 1200 of them just in this square mile and that's where daniel kerry comes in. he's the ceo of the historic savannah foundation. you guys have been working on putting tarps like this up over those historic 18th century buildings. tell me about this. >> this is the kennedy pharmacy and this high-impact tarp will help keep most of the wind and degree out because there's plate glass behind that and we don't want the interior of the building to be harmed in anyway. this is sort of the 21st century version of what you see over
11:56 am
here in this house, which is the 18th century version of, those terrific shutters which were great. that's a 1791 build iing and the shutters will do just fine. we're still learning. >> so those are the original hurricane shutters. daniel was telling me earlier that's the house george washington visited himself. obviously that's the kind of building here in savannah they want to make sure to protect. one of the biggest problems here is all this beautiful foliage, all these trees that make savannah and savannah's squares so beautiful also will be a problem in a storm with winds of this magnitude. this is not high ground. they're not worried about flooding here. >> we're 40 feet above sea level but once you get wind into the trees and debris that flies out of them and perhaps into windows of historic buildings, that's the problem. you want to keep the envelope intact. >> the other thing we were talking about was the aftermath.
11:57 am
you've been to places with -- >> sara, i'm so sorry to interrupt you. we have to go live to florida's governor rick scott. he is holding an update, a press conference on preparations there. >> it's safer than many homes. if you live on the west coast call friends on the impacted areas and offer them a place to stay. more than 3,000 people are already in sherlts across florida. as of last night there were 58 shelters open. today more than 80 have been opened and the number will continue to increase and will continue to increase as they're needed. i know you don't want to sit in a shelter, nobody does, but it might be the safest place. i-10 westbound out of jacksonville is experiencing some congestion that continues to move. [ garbled audio ]
11:58 am
>> all right, we're trying to establish a better feed there. you're seeing we're taking some hit there is but that is florida governor rick scott. he's imploring people, if you live on the west coast of florida, call your friends on the east coast, tell them to come over, give them a place to stay. he's imploring people to stay in shelters. he says no one wants to stay there. we're hearing that from a lot of people. they are hunkering down. many may be prepared for a category 2, a category 3. this is now a category 4. he's saying life or death, get to a shelter. 80 open in the state. we'll continue to follow this. next we have new video coming in. it shows a two-hour backup of people driving north to atlanta. they are evacuating from florida and south georgia, plus these winds are starting to pick up in florida as we speak right now and the governor just told people leave now. we'll take you there live.
11:59 am
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