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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone. welcome to our continuing breaking news coverage of hurricane matthew. i'm michael hom s in melbourne, florida where the hurricane is heading at the moment. >> it is 10:00 p.m. here in los angeles. i'm john vause. we'd like to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this hurricane is expected to deliver a catastrophic damage in the state of florida, if it makes landfall. officials warn that if it hits this will be the strongest storm
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the area has seen in more than 100 years. the governor has been urging millions to evacuate for their own safety. >> we are starting to see impacts and it's a monster. again, our number one priority is protecting every life in the state. >> let's go to michael holmes in florida that is expected to hit hard. the forecast has matthew moving to the east, a chance it may not make landfall but still a big chance it will be bringing devastation in the coming hours. >> yeah, absolutely. a little relief i can tell you for people here and around the melbourne, florida area. it doesn't feel like relief but if it jogs to the east it will reduce the wind speed and that will save a lot of grief for a lot of people. as you point out, if it jogs to the west it could be more
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catastrophic. we are expecting a lot of damage here, john, in the -- in fact, we got a bulletin out from the national weather service in melbourne. they were using some frightening language saying that they are expecting devastation. they were saying some areas could be uninhabitable for weeks and months in the wake of the storm if it continues the way it has been going. we are getting gusts at the moment, 60 miles an hour, 100 or so kilometers per hour, i suppose and it has been ramping up and up and up. it's going to be at its worst in probably two, three hours from now. we're not even at the worst of it. a possibility the storm surge may coincide with high tide. >> yeah, high tide was an hour ago here in florida.
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midnight local time. now 1:00 a.m. high tide has come, but that storm surge -- there's been theories it could be two to three meters. imagine that at high tide. what you are in this part of the country is you have barrier islands that run along the coast an then an inlet inside of that and then the coast proper. the problem with those barrier islands is that storm surge could devastate the houses there. they have been evacuating people all day, getting them out of here. but there's going to be a lot of concern what is left tomorrow when this is over. that can cause a lot of problems throughout the coast. we are talking georgia, south carolina, as well. they are also under warnings. but it is right here, right now the next few hours where we will see how bad this storm is going to be. it is interesting when you mention storm surge you think of the wind and rain when you talk about a hurricane.
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more people died from water from storm surges than anything else in a hurricane. >> michael, we will check in with you throughout the coming hours. we appreciate you being with us. let's go to derek van dam for the latest on the storm, where it is heading. he is at the cnn weather center. describe the slight glimmer of good news, as matthew is hugging the coast but not making land. >> hugging the coast is the way to describe it. the latest has a trajectory of the storm really running parallel with the coastline of florida. this is when miles matter within this particular situation. we will get in to hyper local detail here. it's ever so important that we break it down for you. what i'm showing you is cat three, cat four forecasted winds from the previous model run. what you are looking at is the
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florida coast. this black line here. you can see daytona beach, melbourne, daytona is inland. deep dark shading of red is extremely strong cat three, cat four winds but the latest models available to us shifted that track ever so slightly to the east. that's a significant improvement for the potential of the devastation that we have along the east coast of florida. let me explain more. you can't see numbers here, but the earlier model runs were bringing in 120 miles an hour for the space coast. now it has put the strongest winds off shore, only talking about cat one to maximum cat two. so really mild mannered here. there are some considerations to keep in mind. considering what has happened in the freeport area of the bahamas, just off the coast of florida. what we saw was a wobble with
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the eye wall. it actually moved to the west. look at the trajectory. okay? you can see it moving in the northwesterly direction. at the last moment it shifts west ward by 15 to 20 miles. that is crucial because if the same west ward shift takes place when it reaches the florida coastline you can imagine the strongest winds will be on shore as well. if it shifts east it will bring the strongest winds off shore. we are talking about miles mattering here. i really mean it. when this path essentially running parallel with the coastline, this will count. already tropical to hurricane-force reaching the coastline of florida. we are starting to focus on north of the space coast, the daytona beach by early in to the afternoon on friday. strong hurricane-force winds. storm surge will be a threat with heavy rain moving along the coastline of georgia and south carolina.
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this is really going to wreak havoc across the area from florida in to the carolinas going forward. that's all the latest from the cnn weather center. back to michael hole holmes in the field. >> we hope that continues. good news there. one other update, there's 100,000 people in florida without power. we have been seeing transformers blowing in the distance, and power going out around this part of florida. 100,000 people without power. in this county, called brevard county, we just got word that emergency services have said it is too dangerous for them. they have reached the point where they are cutting off going out and helping people. if people that didn't go to shelters, who didn't lock themselves down in a safe place, if they are in trouble now they are on your own. what is happening here right now, happening further north at
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the coast where sara sidner is, sara sidner, you are expecting this bad weather to hit you in the later hours of the day. update us on what's going on there. >> we are starting to get the weather now. we have had some heavy bands of rain and wind. we are 64 miles from brevard county in zero livolushia count. the hotels have told people they can't stay and must evacuate from the coastline. we have been talking to the police chief who's been clear with everyone that at some point, just like what is happening in brevard county where they are saying they are no longer going to respond to emergency calls because it's too dangerous. that same thing will happen here, even though every person on the force is activated and is working today. they are saying, look, there's
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going to come a point where we are not going to be able to be save you if you did not heed that warning, you are on your own. at this point it is too late to "evacuate" and get out of the storm. there are a few shelters still open, three or four but they have very few beds now. even that is starting to get full. so people need to realize at this point it is time for hunker down and try to get out of the area where the storm surge is going to be coming. we have seen the storm surge come up already. most of the beach is covered in water as it comes ashore. we are expecting it to come up and over the broadway walk here. so what i can tell you is that it is starting to lighten up a little. one of those bands has left and every few minutes, every half hour we will see another big one push through. so far, we haven't had any difficulty standing. it's just kind of blowing around. we are in a spot that is safe,
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michael. we are -- if we push back a bit, we are in a big concrete hotel. and the photographer there is showing where we are. those windows in this hotel can sustain 160 mile per hour winds we're told. the hotel is clearly prepared and we know the florida power and light folks will be staying at this hotel. some are here already. some coming to make sure if power goes out, which they are expecting, i think now have it is 140,000 the last time i checked floridians without lights and power but they expect as soon as the storm comes through they will get on it and start to restore power. michael? >> yeah. it was interesting around where we are, sara,er there were obviously the evacuations were being carried out. most people heeded the warnings but police were saying they were concerned, there were some who did not heed the warnings.
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even in particular in mobile home parks, there were people who live in mobile homes that did not want to leave. you couldn't be in a more flimsy structure really in this sort of weather. were the warnings there to evacuate where you are by and large heeded? there was a lot of worry that people wouldn't take it seriously? >>. >> a lot of people did go. we have been driving up and down the street and a lot of people left. it was very quiet in the streets but there were a few and we talked to some of them. one was a business owner about 150 or 200 yards from the ocean who said, i'm not leaving. not because she has bravado but because it's his life's work. he doesn't want to leave his business. he boarded up his home, sand bags and said i will stick it out no matter what is said. there was no convincing him to leave and he decided for him the
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right thing to do was to stay even though he is well aware of the warnings from the governor and his police chief here at daytona beach. they have not minced words at all. the police chief saying we're not going to save you. we're not going to be able to save you when the storm comes closer. so understand that when you call 911, if it even goes through, we're not sending someone to get you until it is safe for personnel and rescue teams to get to you. you really are on your own for a few hours there. think good news, as you mentioned, the storm moved a bit off of shore. so we may not be getting as heavy rain and wind as we thought. but flooding, flooding is always a big deal here. this area has a bowl shape. so as the water comes on, it will go down in to an area that generally floods. there's a lot of rain any way. we are watching and waiting to see. so far, we have been able to
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stand up through this and we are felt that sort of wind that knocks you back, yes. but we are expecting to get a bit of that as the night goes on the next few hours. michael? >> exactly. we will check in with you later. the county here are shut down emergency services. anyone here who's in trouble now they are on their own. john, back to you. >> yeah, that's the message we should make loud and clear. earlier in the day, that if you decide to stay there may not be help there if you need it. michael holmes there in palm bay. thank you. head north of there to port canaveral. where the storm chaser is right now. he's driving. tell us what are conditions like? what are you seeing. >> right now we are watching the water rising. it is up four feet. just below the ramp here.
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the water is splashing up on the road now. the more concerning situation i'm here is watching the winds, the winds coming ashore, about 500 feet above the ground here. the winds are hurricane force, 70, 74 miles an hour, 500 feet and heavier showers and storms coming in the rain will transport those winds and hurricane-force winds on shore shortly and just about ten miles off the coast, 80 an 20 miles off the coast 90. and 45 miles, i have winds 128 to 135 miles an hour, just 40 miles off the coast, coming to the northwest. the question of the day will be high high do the high winds come toward the coast, just off the coast? too soon to call. it will be a close call but i think it is going to be close. it will be a very close call. if the high winds come on shore,
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then the damage will escalate quite rapidly. i'm watching 130 mile an hour winds whipping east of melbourne and moving northwestward. they may or may not reach the coastline here. >> why is this storm so difficult to predict? the forecast, least at the moment, has it hugs the coastline, not making landfall, at least that's the call right now. >> right. computer science, the grid of the atmosphere and how we sample the data, one of the things is that is interesting and i think i told you this earlier in your program is that one of the things that will probably revolutionize, it will revolutionize the whole weather community is what we call a
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satellite that was at the nasa kennedy space center across the bay from me. it is set to launch in november coming up in three, four weeks. it's going to be able to see -- study hurricanes and gave us realtime data. on a global scale. they literally took that satellite sometime today or this morning and my understanding is they moved it and took it inland because they are so fearful the kennedy space center may be compromised and damage the satellite. they took it away. they took it inland somewhere for safety. they are going to get ready to launch that in four to five weeks. that will revolutionize the weather industry going forward
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for the private and government sector globally. >> okay. well, maybe they should have launched it generalier things may have been easier to predict. we should note you did mention the kennedy space center, not far from where you are never experienced a major hurricane like this before. you are watching cnn's breaking news coverage of hurricane matthew. how the red cross is helping those hit hardest by the storm next. real milk vs. almond milk ingredient spelling bee lecithin lecithin. l-e-s (buzzer sound) your word is milk. m-i-l-k milk wins. ingredients you can spell. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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what could that mean? woman: tom? tom! they're just commercials. or are they? you're waking the neighbors. well, mom, maybe the neighbors need to be woke. i think it's actually "awoken." no, that doesn't even seem right. no, it's "awoken." revealing the truth to help you save. i'm michael holmes in palm bay, florida where hurricane matthew is starting to make his presence very much felt. >> i'm john vause in los angeles. this is cnn's continuing breaking news coverage of hurricane matthew, which has already caused hundreds of deaths and massive destruction across the caribbean and is now impacting the southeastern u.s. with heavy rain and strong
10:22 pm
winds. the worst is yet to come. residents in florida, georgia and south carolina have been ordered to evacuate. many refused but millions left the storm zone for safer ground. let's head to michael hom ho hole -- holmes in palm bay, florida. >> over 100,000 people now and we have been seeing transformers pop off with regularity, bright blue flashes, sometimes an orange flash and then a whole area go dark. that's going to be a repeating pattern in the hours ahead. the storm surge you mentioned very much of a worry. could be two, three meters, ten, 11, 12 feet. talking about low-lying barrier islands, like you have here in the florida coast, could be
10:23 pm
talking about potential devastation of the homes on those island and others on the mane mainland, in jacksonville, florida, a lot of the preparation, you have been out and about and checking out shelters. update us. >> as you know officials here tell us the next 24 hours are critical. they are asking people to hunker down at this point. not to evacuate but hunker down. i want to show you some of the dangers here. you can look behind me and you will see some cones. they are there for a reason. you see a ramp behind me. that's a bridge. i want to take you over that bridge. we have the capability here today, a vehicle that had cameras. we can give you a 360-view of what is going on. i will hop in here and we will be able to drive off and show you exactly what i'm talking about. here's what officials are
10:24 pm
worried about. if we -- jacksonville is pretty much divided in half with the st. johns river going through the middle. one of the worries is storm surge. they are expecting anywhere from three to 12 feet, depending on where they are. the other big worry are bridges. we're about to get on one of the main street bridge here. with these cameras, we are able to show you around. these bridges have sensors. once the sustained winds go to 40, to 45 miles an hour, these bridges, the bridge we are on right now will be closed. that's what the cones will be used for to make sure people don't go on this bridge because it is very, very dangerous. the water that you see under this bridge and on bridges here
10:25 pm
over the st. johns river, you know, this is one of the areas that's expected to flood because the storm surge comes in, the river swells, and the other thing that officials are worried about are the tributaries that reach out from this river in to the residential areas. those are the areas, michael, we were at earlier today. you know, a lot of people are not heeding the warning. they are deciding to hunker down and not evacuate. officials, of course, are saying this time it is too late. it's too late for them to evacuate. it's not safe. these bridges might be closed. other bridges may not be. it is precarious situation. but again, at this point what officials are saying is it's too late for that. you have to hunker down because they don't know exactly what to expect as this hurricane
10:26 pm
approaches jacksonville. michael? >> thank you so much. that road to florida there in jacksonville. the weather we are feeling here just melbourne, florida, is going to be heading that way in the hours ahead. it's been getting worse and worse here pretty much every minute. the rain has become torrential. the winds have become extremely strong. probably gusting upwards of 60, 70 miles an hour, over 100 kilometers an hour and we are two to three hours away from the worst of it. john, back to you in los angeles in a very dry studio, no doubt. >> absolutely. michael, back to you in a moment. let's bring in accuweather extreme meteorologist reed. what are the conditions like where you are? >> the storm is off shore. i was looking at radar a little
10:27 pm
bit ago and there was lightning near the eye wall. had transformer explode outside of the hotel. i was in the hotel room and it rattled the entire thing. we went outside and sparks were flying. we have seen transformer explosions out here. the wind is increasing. report of 60 mile an hour gust. and i'm on cocoa -- >> looks like we may have lost reed's audio there. he is on cocoa beach. he was talking able is a storm surge. they are vulnerable because there is the ocean on one side and a river on the other. if the storm surge reaches the proportions they are expecting, areas like cocoa beach will be extremely vulnerable. we will take a short break. when we come back, more on our continuing coverage of hurricane
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or convenience stores. and prop 64 generates a billion in new tax revenue for california to fund after-school programs and job training and placement initiatives. learn more at vote yes on 64. hello, everyone. welcome back to our continuing breaking news coverage of the path of hurricane matthew, still making its way toward the florida coastline. i'm michael holmes in palm bay. >> i'm john vause here in los angeles. matthew has taken hundreds of lives in the caribbean and now the killer storm is working on the florida coast. officials warn those who ignore the evacuation orders in
10:32 pm
florida, georgia and south carolina it is too late to get out. the only option is to hunker down and stay put. this storm could be deadly. >> our number one priority is protecting every life in this state. i think of my grandchildren, daughters, son-in-law, wife, i want everyone to survive this. we can rebuild homes, we can rebuild businesses. i think of my own family. we can't rebuild a life. >> reporter: let's go to michael holmes in palm bay, florida. anyone who has been there know the beaches are wide and flat. you can drive a truck down them. if there is storm surge there's no block between the water and the city. >> exactly, john. that's the worry. the houses on the barrier islands, too. one can imagine what's going to be done to those in this storm with the storm surge, as well as the winds that are piling on it. you know, when i covered hurricane sandy in 2012, and saw
10:33 pm
the damage to the coast, the beaches, the erosion. i saw houses that were on the beach front that had been lifted up and carried 100 yards away and plunked in the middle of the road. you can only hope that's not going to happen in this case but sandy, at at this point when it hit new jersey was a tropical storm. this is a hurricane. derek van dam is joining us now. derek, where we are right now we are seeing this was the bull's eye for hurricane matthew, but maybe some good news? >> yeah. it's all about the miles right now, michael. they really matter. trust me, i anticipate conditions to deteriorate quickly for you over night whether you get a direct landfall time will tell. these are the impacts, heavy rains, damaging winds, you have already seen that in our live shot. storm surge, major concern. and flash flash flooding is
10:34 pm
becoming a concern as we look at georgia and south and north carolina. here's the latest on the hurricane center. a cat four. winds of 130 kilometers per hour. what i want you to notice is the eye replacement that is taking place. we no longer have that coensen trick eye wall. that is indication that the storm is having a fluctuation in intensity. it is possible maybe we see it drop a few miles per hour in terms of the sustained winds an category, as well. these are the effects, storm surge seven to 111 feet above values. lesser impacts from the storm surge as you travel further south in toe west palm beach and in to miami. don't forget about the coastline of south carolina, as well. what's driving matthew forward from day two, three, four and five? we have an area of high pressure that's located across new england. that's going to block matthew
10:35 pm
and not allow it to go northward. this will not turn to another sandy. that will allow the system to change to a northeasterly direction and shift trajectories but it will enfluns a subtropical jet stream. that will allow for it to squeeze out a lot of available moisture that will bring in our next threat which would be flooding. by the way, we have a cat two hurricane dancing around the atlantic ocean, as well, that is influencing matthew as we speak. here's the forecast rainfall for florida. easily six to ten inches. as we focus in to southeast georgia and southern sections of south carolina, look at that. we could top 10 to 20 inches. i see this being a major flooding problem for those locations. john, back to you in the studio. >> derek, thank you for the update. don hughes is the chief in florida. thank you for being with us.
10:36 pm
i imagine you are at a huge risk from a storm surge especially if it is as high as 12 feet. >> yes. our particular storm surge would be 11 to 13 feet. right now it appears eight to nine foot. however, we're about two to two and a half hours before hurricane-force winds actually reach the island. so we will probably see the 13-foot storm surge. >> how do you prepare for something like that at this point? >> well, the good news is we have been messaging and so the community and really prepping them. to let them prepare. 50% of our population did evacuate. those who have stayed are really outside of the main storm surge area we have crews and we are
10:37 pm
keeping an eye on it. right now, strong winds, a lot of rain. we just finished up one structure fire. we will probably see a couple more tonight, but all in all we are doing quite well. >> so when do you get to that point where it is too dangerous for emergency crews to head out in to the storm? that's a particular interest for those who remained behind. >> great question. for us, we turn around and make a risk-benefit assessment. most likely we will not be exiting once the winds are greater than 100 miles an hour, unless there is an extreme life threat involved. i'm not quite sure we will hit those numbers today. with the jog the eye did we will probably keep our winds probably below 100 miles an hour. >> so, provided the track holds true and it hugs the coast and doesn't make landfall, you are
10:38 pm
maybe, i guess, dodging a bullet you think? >> oh, we believe we are dodging a bullet. we also know that it could take just a little wobble back to the west to put us right back in to the 120 mile an hour winds. right now it is a dancing game. likely location of the eye gives us a different outcome. nonetheless, we will have hurricane-force winds but may not be as bad as originally predicted. >> it may not be a catastrophe but there will be devastation, i think is the best way to put it at this point. thank you for being with us. >> finish your thought. >> thank you. >> chief, thank you. we'll leave it there. thank you, sir. the chief executive officer of the red cross american region is joining us. the red cross has a huge
10:39 pm
response moving in to florida, georgia and south carolina. focus is clearly on florida for the next 24 to 48 hours. what's the biggest need. >> for folks that still have time to evacuate, georgia and south carolina, we want them to know just because you can't afford a hotel or don't have family low locally, you can go to a red cross shelter. we have 700,000 people and that's probably everything going to double tonight. >> a lot of people are staying put because they want to protect my property but also the expense, too. >> the red cross shelters are always free. we have a meal for you. obviously people need toe bring medication and stuff they need to have with them but we can keep them safe through the night. for people that decided to stay, it's too late to evacuate we want them to be safe. fill your bathtub with water, batteries for your radio because you won't be able to charge your phone and rely on that.
10:40 pm
the things that allow you to get realtime information and go out and seek a red cross shelter or other resources. >> in terms of your response, anything unique about this storm compared to other disasters? >> one thing that the advance notice has given us, we have done a surge. we have thousands of volunteers and are ready to go. right now we set up for people riding out the storm with us. after the storm there will be many who lost their homes and need a place to go. we want them to know they can come too. we need blood. many blood drives were cancelled. we are the source of the nation's blood supply and giving blood is a great way. >> if you want to help give blood. >> for anyone who is dry right now. >> i want to talk about haiti, too. important mission for the red cross. a short break. hurricane matthew continues to
10:41 pm
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on activities and restaurants. - the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life. hello, everyone. i'm michael holmes in palm bay near melbourne, florida, as hurricane matthew pounds its way toward this spot. in the last few minutes, in fact one minute ago probably, we just rushed to the side as a massive gust came roaring down here. you can feel minute by minute this storm getting stronger and stronger. don, back to you in los angeles for now. >> okay, michael. stay safe out there.
10:45 pm
forecasters say they have not seen a storm so powerful on a track like this in living memory. hurricane matthew is battering the coast of florida right now. if it makes landfall it could be the worst storm to hit the area in a century. matthew roared through the bahamas and ripped apart homes in haiti. so far the death toll, 269 people mostly in haiti. heavy rain caused widespread flooding and damage to many homes as well as vacation resorts. we are joined on the phone from nassau, bahamas. what's the extent of the damage there? >> it's extensive. this storm put a beating on the bahamas, particularly the capital of the province. we have not seen this level of a storm for decades. i'm talking up to 80 something years. what you saw was widespread flooding, particularly on the
10:46 pm
south portion of the island where the storm came from. it is also the flattest portion of the province. where you saw a storm surge up to 25 feet coming in from the east. it literally washing away homes, the inside of homes on the southeast coast and it is leaving widespread devastation and flooding. you also had because of the strong winds, a lot of roof damage and a lot of structural damage to homes here in the capital. a lot of trees down. major trees that have been around for decades, just throwing themselves across the street, blocking the street. some roofs are flying as far as 100 feet, landing on other properties. even some of the hotels on paradise island are seeing structural damage to. you can tell by the fierce winds the destruction left behind. the island is in a blackout at
10:47 pm
this point. power was disconnected before the storm. of course it is still out at this point. so, the national emergency management agency is going to assess and give an all clear. everyone is hunkered down until the all clear is given. >> as a precaution, officials shut down power to the entire island as the storm was approaching. now the power is out, is there a time line, any idea how long it will be before services return to some kind of normality? >> assessments are expected to take place in the morning. as you can imagine with no power on the island and at night time it is difficult to conduct an assessment. at first light the officials will go out and assess the streets of the capital,er which is covered with debris and first focus will be to clear the roads so people can assess their properties. right now it is impassable. then to move the wires, which
10:48 pm
are down. we have a lot of poles which electric 'tis is connected to that are down. there has to be an assessment to take place so that happens. electricity will take a while to be restored to the island. in some cases weeks before electricity can be restored. a lot of poles have to be replanted. they have to be removed an replanted. it is going to take a valiant effort from outside sources to come to the capital. in the past when other islands in the bahamas were hit the capital is the first to respond because we have never had a hurricane in decades. so there is no source here to assist with the repairs. it will have to come from outside to assist in the recovery. >> we should note, no fatalities, at least reported at this stage. thank you for the update. in haiti, the death toll from
10:49 pm
hurricane matthew is over 250. matthew made land landfall as a category four. it took out a major bridge to the peninsula where villages were left flattened. 3580,000 people affected. unicef said the country is facing the worst humanitarian crisis since the 2010 earthquake that killed 20,000 people. a short break. when we come back, hurricane matthew could be one of the most damaging storms in u.s. history. up next, how some people chose to ride it out. people always say let's just get a sandwich or something. you don't just learn how to drive... or solve the world's problems... be a dad... "or something" and we don't just make sandwiches "or something" we hand-slice avocado, pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and craft every sandwich clean from top to bottom... there's nothing "or something" about it.
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the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. welcome back to our continuing coverage of hurricane matthew. we are here near melbourne in florida which at one point was the bull's eye for the hurricane before it shifted a little bit. it jumped a little bit further to the east. is that good news? time will tell. i can tell you though in the last few minutes the sustained winds here have gotten a lot stronger and the gusts even more so. some rather severe gust whipping through here in the last five or
10:54 pm
ten minutes or so. more than 100,000 people are without power. it has not gowen to the point where emergency services say they will no longer go out if people call 911. those people are on their own if they have nottic at thatten shelter in a safe place. they are going to have to ride this storm out. and we are still at least two to three hours away from the worst of it. john vause in los angeles? michael holmes there, we appreciate the update. with that in mine about those who decided to ride out this storm. let's go to anthony holmes. he lives in deland, florida. he is my father-in-law. we were talking to him earlier today. he decided not to. ed, i hope you are okay. what are the conditions right now. are you worried about next few hours. >> certainly worried. it's very much the calm before the storm. we're 23 miles inland from daytona beach. simply at the moment we have
10:55 pm
persistent rain. people locally most of whom i know have decided to stay are worried because this is the biggest forecast since records began in 1851. we are around four years ago when four storms hit this county. bee moment it is simply persistent rain. it's very much a feeling the calm before the storm. i think we are likely to see the peak of this around 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. this morning. that's of course eastern time. >> just explain your decision why you decided to stay, despite all of the warnings from your socia son-in-law, our daughter, and of course the officials there in florida. >> we took the decision earlier than today to stay ask. by the time we were talking about it, probably seven or eight hours ago, we were thinking that the last time that
10:56 pm
we had a large storm here, we did leave. i had prebooked a hotel up in the panhandle and then another one in alabama and another one in georgia just to keep away from that particular hurricane. but i do recall that the hotels were absolutely full. and had i not prebooked i think we would have had quite a job chasing a place to say. so i thought, the house that we live in was built a year after hurricane andrew hit miami. that was in '92. and the way that it's actually built is supposedly hurricane proof or at least to a degree, hurricane proof. we are going to find that out i guess in the next 12 hours. >> well, you know, good luck. and you know, stay safe. anthony hose there on the line from deland. you are watching cnn's coverage
10:57 pm
you are watching cnn's coverage of hurricane matthew
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