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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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to figure out how to respond if what way shape or form and if. >> thank you very much dana bash, we appreciate it. and stories continuing this hour as we count down o that to that crucial debate. ac 360 continues with john berman. >> john berman in for anderson tonight. the trump campaign hunkered down inside trump tower grappling with what could be the biggest threat to their candidate's presidential chances so far. donald trump caught on tape in his own words, vulgar words, bolstered about being able to grab women by their genitals and get away with it because he's a star. and that is the definition of sexual assault. this is an open microphone picked up on a bus with a conversation between he and billy bush who was with access
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hollywood. they were talking first about a married women trump had tried to seduce but he didn't use that word. and then talking about the co-star they were going to make. much of is the graphic and obscene. the very fact the such a videotape of the presidential candidate needs such a warrant speaks for itself. >> i moved on her actually. she was down in palm beach. i moved on her. and i failed. i'll admit it. i did try and [ bleep ]. she was married. her name was nancy. i moved on her heavily. in fact i took her out furniture shopping. i told her i'll show you where you can get some nice furniture. i moved on her like a bitch. but i couldn't get there. and she was married. and all of a sudden i see her, she's now got the big phony tits and everything. she's totally changed her looks.
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>> your girl is hot at [ bleep ]. in the purple. >> whoa. >> yes. the donald has scored. whoa, my man. >> wait you got to look -- >> okay. you are a -- maybe it is a different one. >> no that's her. >> you got to get this -- >> -- [indiscernible]. >> you and i will walk out. >> oh my gosh. >> maybe it is a different one. >> no it's her. >> yeah that's her. with the gold. i got to use some tic tacs just in case i start kissing her. you know i'm automatically attracted to beautiful people. it is like a magnet. i start kissing her. when they are a star you can do anything. they let do you do it. grab them by the [ bleep ]. you can do anything. >> all i can see is the legs. >> oh looks good. >> come on shorty. >> ooh nice legs. >> get out of the way, honey. ooh, that's good legs. >> just got to make sure you don't fall out of the bus. like ford, gerald ford, remember?
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>> hello. how are you, hi. >> mr. trump, how are you. good good. >> terrific. good to see you. billy bush. >> hello. are you ready to be a soap star? >> we're ready. let's go. make me a soap star. >> have a little hug for the donald. he just got off the bus - >> have a little hug for the bushy, i just got off the bus. >> as soon as a beautiful woman shows up -- always has. >> come here. >> yeah. let the little guy in. >> hard to walk like this. >> yeah you get in the middle. >> that's better. that's better. >> now if you had to choose honestly between one of us. me or the donald. >> i don't know. that's tough competition. >> seriously. you had to take one of us as a date. >> i'd have to take the fifth on that one. >> really? >> i'll take both. >> which way?
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>> make a right. here we go. >> here we go. i'm going to leave you here. -- my microphone. >> you're finish sfd. >> i'm going to go to a show. >> so nearly immediately after this tape was released by the post the trump campaign put out a statement which used the word "apologize," though you can judge for yourself whether it was an apology or not. id reads there is locker room banter that took place many years ago. bill clinton has said worse to me on the golf course. not even close. i apologize if someone was offended. for hillary clinton's part she put out a tweet. this is horrific. we cannot allow this man to become president. let's get more reaction to all this which could impact sunday's debate which anderson is moderating. and mike pence was asked about it while on the trail in ohio.
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as you heard, no answer from governor mike pence there. however rnc chair reince priebus just weighed in. he said no woman should ever be described in these terms or talked about in this manner, ever. joining us cnn's mj lee and dana bash who just received some new information on how the trump campaign is reacting, literally at this moment. and gloria borger. dana, what's going on inside trump tower right now. >> as you can imagine deaf con five would probably ban understatement. we only at this point have the statement which is a couple of sentence, which was referring to bill clinton and things that he allegedly said to donald trump on the golf course which he said are worse and so forth. we haven't heard from donald trump himself beyond that. and they are huddling right now
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inside trump tower trying to figure out whether he comes out and makes a statement tonight. if he comes out and makes a statement tonight. and if so, what form? so that all is being debated and deliberates as we speak i'm told. if he doesn't, obviously the question is whether or not he's going to let this just hang out there until he's on the debate stage with tens of millions of people watching, going up against a -- never mind the opponent for president, but somebody who wants to be the first woman president, who has already used this issue of the way he speaks to and about women against him rather successfully. but everybody i'm talking to, john, who like donald trump, want him to win say this incident no question puts that whole alicia machado thing, it makes it look like kid stuff frankly, politically speaking.
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not in terms of what he said kbu just in terms of the level of crisis that it causes and will cause for donald trump. >> to be clear. one of the thing dana is hearing is the possibility donald trump could come out tonight with some kind of statement. they want to take some of the air out of the balloon and quickly. mj lee you have talked to inside insiders. >> people inside the trump world are really just trying to figure out how they are supposed to react to something that is so indispensable. and i want to give a sampling of some of what i've been hearing and my colleagues in reaction to the story. i spoke to a close advisor shortly after the video went out and the advisor said the video is flat out appalling. they can't even begin to guess whether trump could make a comeback from this and this should have never happened.
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what i thought was so damming was they thought this trump's apology was not enough that he should have owned up to the facts that the comments were so offensive and not even used the word "if" within the apology. one trump field staffer telling our field that when the news came out there were collective gasps and there were people saying there is no way to spin this. this just isn't. and this is a role that many advisors have had to play over and over again trying to sort of explain away controversial things that donald trump has said. i think this time the advisors are wondering in this in a whole separate category of its own? can he actually get past this? >> he's are people who work for donald trump right now who are saying this which makes it all the more remarkable. and let me read you a statement
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from reince priebus the rnc chair who says no woman shoupd ever be talked about in this manner, ever. and -- as a grandfather --. republican senator mark kirk tweeted he's a malignant clown, unprepared and unfit to be president of the united states. kirk hasn't endorsed donald trump but you are talking about a sitting republican senator here. and now tomorrow house speaker paul ryan is supposed to appear at an event with donald trump. can that go on in 24 hours? >> well john, they are trying to figure that out right now. there is no doubt about that. but if that reince priebus statement is any indication. that is the chairman of the republican party condemning what his presidential candidate has done here on this audio tape from years ago. and what he's said. what he hasn't answered here is,
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is this a presidential candidate you could still continue to support? reince priebus is going to need to answer that. paul ryan is. jeb bush, they are already not on board. but the people in the party who have linked arms with donald trump, they now have a major consideration here. it is not just what you were talking about with mj and dana. the trump campaign needs to settle this for themselves and figure out a path forward. but the party needs to figure out how to deal with this candidate at the top of the ticket and what kind of impact it has on senate races and house races below. that is mission one now for paul ryan and reince rooepriebus. >> i've been in touch with a senior clinton campaign advisor and to david's point this advisor said we're going make
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republicans say if they still think he should be president. not just allow them to condemn what he said but actually that he should be president. so it is clear that up and down the line the reince priebus statement is condemning what donald trump said. but they want a part two of that. and the second part is, do you still think he should be president? >> can i ask? because we're, whatever, 16 months into this campaign now and many candidates have said a lot of crazy stuff. donald trump in particular has said a lot of crazy stuff. why is this different? >> well i think it is different for a couple of reasons. one is we're actually hearing these words and this conversation which i don't know about you but it was just kind of stunning to me. and so you are watching it and you are hearing it. we're also at a different point in this campaign and that is donald trump was teflon during
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the primaries. but he's got to grow. he's got to add people. he's got to add suburban women. married women. women -- just women. independents. into his voting block. and he's not going to do that with this kind of language. so i think just in terms of the political conversation and the -- it is just kind of stunning to watch this unfold. >> dana? >> john, i just want to add sort of one way to answer that question "why is this different now?" with the statement that the highest ranking republican member of congress kathleen rogers just put out which is the most telling so far because it is not just about donald trump the words. it is what he suggested do to
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no those words. -- or violence against women. if that is the context in which donald trump is caught on tape saying that that is being interpreted, it is a thousand miles further away than him calling somebody a pig or too fat or anything he said about rosie o'donnell. this is in a whole different league. >> he can touch people how he wants, he can grab people ow he wants because he's a star. we got to take a break but before i want to read a tweet from mitt romney who was the last republican nominee. >> hitting on married women, condoning assault. such vile things degrade our wives and daughters and the world. just ahead. the reporter who broke this story. and also the latest on hurricane matthew. that's ahead on 360. when i was a little kid, i made a deal with myself
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get 20 gigs and 4 lines for only $160. with no surprise overages on america's best network. two big breaking stories tonight. we're following hurricane matthew now spinning off northeast florida and still very much a throthreat to millions o shore. and then donald trump caught
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bragging to billy bush that as a star he could grab women by their genitals and get away with it because he's a star. he also bragged about trying to sex with a married women. the tape surfaced just 48 hours ahead of the presidential debate in st. louis. a the described reaction when it broke, gasps. we're trying to get our heads around it and there is no way to spin this. this isn't. we spoke to the man who broke the story a while ago. david i know you are not going to disclose your source on this but whoever gave it to you or alerted you to it obviously had something bug on their hands. >> i really can't say anything about how we got ahold of this. >> when you heard it what was your reaction? >> it was shocking. this is the voice of donald trump you have heard now for a
5:19 pm
couple of years solid and a voice you have gotten used to hearing in a political context and here he is discussing this in a pretty lewd and outrageous manner. i was pretty surprised. >> he calls this locker room bantder. the thing is he's 56 years old. and it is not just crass language. it is predatory. when you are a star you can do it. you can do anything. you can grab them by the -- and then he goes on. >> and right. it is not just hey look at that woman, isn't she hot? it goes beyond that. what he does. not describing what he'd like to do but what he has done apparently to women. how he's a star he can kiss them if he wants to. he can grope them. that just makes this more interesting and shocking. it is not just like look at that women. she's a ten. he's saying this is what i have done to women in the past and will do again. >> and you can judge the magnitude of this by the fact that the trump campaign
5:20 pm
responded very quickly with a statement that included the word "apologi "apologize." which he's apologizing if anyone was offended. which is a non apology, apology. >> obviously leaves room for the view that people will listen to this or see this and not be offended by. ive. but certainly is a full step from just apologizing for something you wish you hadn't done. >> apologizing is different from i'm sorry i ever said it. i shouldn't have said it at all. that said he uses the word apology which i'm not sure he has used at all this campaign season. so that is a big deal in and of itself from the trump campaign. >> it is unusual. right though that he's apologizing sort of in a way as i apologize if you take offense. not that i looked at myself and took account of my own moral conduct and decided it was wrong of me to have done this. >> and in that statement he of
5:21 pm
course takes on bill clinton. he says bill clinton has said worse things to me on the golf course. i guess it is not surprising he goes after bill clinton on this because that is what he tends do whenever the subject of woman comes up. but again he's not running against bill clinton is he. >> and bill clinton wasn't on the bus with him that day. this was donald trump and billy bush. donald trump leading the conversation. so whatever he may have heard from bill clinton, unless he's claiming he didn't know these words until bill clinton taught him, i think it is a little irrelevant to what trump said that day in the video. >> there was not a clinton on the bush. there was a bush on the bus. billy bush who now works for nbc news, i'm sure we'll get a response from him also at some point. what kind of legs do you think this has going forward? it is friday night before the second debate. what questions remain unanswered here? >> i think this will continue to
5:22 pm
be something people talk about. the difference here is this is audio and video. you are hearing trump in his own words saying these things. it is different hearing it secondhand. i've been wrong about everything else about the election but it may come up in the debate and something trump is asked about later on. and maybe something mike pence, a strong independent christian will be asked about. and trump's evangelical supporters will be asked about. and a kind of thing that goes to trump's moral character and that could last the next week, maybe longer. >> people who appear with trump, who have endorsed trump. people like paul ryan certainly could and will be asked about this going forward. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> late tonight billy bush did in fact put out a statement. it reads obviously i'm embarrassed and ashamed. it's no excuse but this happened eleven years ago. i was youngerish less mature and acted foolishly in playing
5:23 pm
along. i'm very sorry. it is sounds like the kind of thing a lot of college students might be hearing about or warned about on orientations on sexual assault on campuses. lot to discuss here. joining me now. also with us. cnn chief political analyst gloria borjer and cnn political commentators and the political supporters. kayleigh, said no woman should be talked about in this manner ever. >> exactly right. it was hard to hear those words today's. it is inexcusable. i think the statement was not enough. i think donald trump needs to humble himself and come out to the american people and say i'm not the person i was 11 years ago. i'm a different person. i'm not that person. and i think that he needs to
5:24 pm
apologize to the american people. because if we know anything about the american people they are forgiving people. they forgave bill clinton for his transgressions in the oval office. and i think they forgive when you humble yourself. and i think that is what he needs to do. apologize. bottom line. inexcusable. >> not just if people were offended but apologize period. >> yes. apologize to the american people directly, all of them. >> amanda carpenter, when you heard this, you had a somewhat visceral reaction. >> yeah. this is bigger than trump. this is about the republican party. and if there is any elected republican official who doesn't know what to say, they should call up a rape survivor tonight and ask them what they heard when they heard donald trump say these words? this isn't as reince priebus said talking about something that trump describes women this way. trump is saying this is something that he did. this isn't harassment.
5:25 pm
it is not locker room talk. he is talking about sexual assault. there is no other way to frame this. and listen, i have a 4 and a half-year-old daughter. last night we had the news on and she pointed at the tv and she said is that man a trump. in a couple of years she's going to watch shows like this and know what's going on. and right now this election is going to be about how the republican party treats women. and right now seeing the statements come out from other republicans trying to dismiss this or go past it? i don't know what that answer is. i want to be in this party. but if they will not respect women and recognize that donald trump is boasting about sexual assault, we women cannot stand by this. >> scotty. >> well these were comments that were made 11 years ago. and let me agree with kayleigh and amanda. these were horrible comment. no place whether you are a republican or democrat, there is no place for them in america
5:26 pm
today. and i think we need to hold people that are in pop culture and hollywood who are in our rap music and in our reading we need to hold them accountable just as much for donald trump. but this reconfirms he was not running for office back then. he was a part of a different world than he is now. and he always said i would only run for president if there were no one else to solve the problems we have today. and officially he feels like he's the one who can do it and 14 million people in the primary agree with him. and now i think it is wonderful the timing of this video mahas come out. the same day wikileaks comes out. and --. because for political reasons. she says she and her husband she can't really relate to middle class people right. now due to the fact she's not one of them anymore because of all the money her and her husband made. so the timing of this video --
5:27 pm
>> hang on. it is eleven years ago. yes. but it is not like donald trump was in junior high. he was 59 years old when he said it. so he was a fully formed individual. and gloria borger, again, let's talk about amanda's point right there. the pressure this puts on the republican party now to deal with this. paul ryan is supposed to be on a stage with him tomorrow in wisconsin. what's gonna happen? >> right. this goes beyond crude talk, to predatory behavior. and i think it is a tipping point right now for the republican party. and i think, you know, my e-mail has kind of been blowing up from republicans who are saying to me. i mean, bush's former campaign manager said to me he's a pig, i'm voting for hillary clinton. this is a republican. i think that democrats are going to force republicans to say whether they still support donald trump for president. i think you are going to start hearing calls from republicans
5:28 pm
privately and then maybe publicly to say what is our plan b here? i think this has gone beyond, again, a matter of crude talk and crude behavior to insults to women to something that's quite frankly predatory. and i think the party has to grapple with this. you have the chairman saying this is inexcusable and then there is a second thing, okay. then what? now what, reince priebus? and i think people are asking themselves that question tonight and i think these are very sad conversations. i feel for the young people who are working in the donald trump campaign who spoke to mj lee about how they feel about pouring their heart and soul into a campaign, and now this tape comes out. >> so anna navarro. we're going to take a quick break. but when we come back i'm going to ask you this question. is there anything donald trump can say tonight to make this go away?
5:29 pm
is there anything that paul ryan or other republicans that are supporting donald trump can say over the next 24 hours that will satisfy you and make this go away at least for the next 32 days until election day. that is to you anna after the break. also a close watch on hurricane matthew now blamed for four deaths in florida and a new update from the hurricane center coming up. 6 only a few... truly move us. with over one million on the road, lexus hybrids are always charged and always ready.
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back on a bomb shell night in american politics. a candidate for president caught on microphone in a stomach-turning conversation in a classic non apology apology donald trump calls it locker room banter. but in fact he was a 59-year-old man when this happened. >> i got to use some tic tacs just in case i start kissing her. you know i'm automatically attracted to beautiful people. it is like a magnet. i start kissing her. when they are a star you can do anything. they let do you do it. grab them by the pussy. anything. you can do anything. >> all i can see is the legs. >> get out of the way, honey. ooh, that's good legs.
5:34 pm
just a small snippet of the tape. -- what donald trump needs to do is humble himself before the american people and apologize for the words he said. admit that they were beyond the line. would that satisfy you? >> no. look, i think what donald trump needs do is quit. i think he needs to stop being the republican nominee. he's dragging this entire process down the gutter. he's dragging the entire republican party down the gutter. you have to understand he cannot win. he is irredeemable. this is not something you are going to recover from. and the reason is because this is consistent behavior from donald trump. this is not a one-time occurrence. we've heard him throughout the campaign call rosie o'donnell a fat big, about miss universe. megyn kelly's menstrual cycle. and giving numbers for scores
5:35 pm
for scoring their bodies. how many times does he get away with saying something image i misogynistic or sexist before we call him it. it is time to condemn the man. it is time to ask him to step down. it is time to tell america he does not represent republican values. he is a pig. he is vile. this is consistent behavior by him. the only difference is that now we have it on tape and now we have it on video. but this man is not fit to be president of the united states. he is not fit to be the republican nominee. he is not fit to be called a man. >> kailg mcenany, to that point is this an aberration, as scotty was saying, 11 years ago? or is this part of who donald trump is?
5:36 pm
because he's said things on the campaign trail this year about women that have raised a lot of eyebrows. he was tweeting about miss universe a week ago. >> where i disagree, is i don't think any human being is irredeemable. i think the comments is inexcusable. as a christian they don't lay right with me or sit right with me. but also a christian i know when you apologize for something, you are forgiven. and you can wipe away anything you have done in the past because you can be forgiven by the blood of jesus christ. that is what i believe as the christian. i don't think he's irredeemable. i think he's a different person now than he was then and i think if he humbles himself and explains to the american people that i've learned from people around me and i'm a man of honor and i've learned from that. a father, a grandfather. and everything about this is redeemable. >> what about mike pence? the trump campaign kicked the pool out. he didn't answer questions on a rope line. how does he respond to this
5:37 pm
going forward? >> he really has to examine his heart. i mean, to be sure god does forgive but there are just some things that are just disqualifying for someone who wants to be president of the united states. in that tape he's saying that he believes, and he did, he could do anything to women because he was a star. that means he felt he was entitled to assault women because he had power. he's running if are the most powerful office in america. what does that mean he thinks he would be entitled to do? there is really no bounds. once you say you can grab a woman like that, he can't stop himself from kissing someone? assaulting someone? i don't think there is any limit. so i hope mike pence examines his heart, his soul. and, you know, christians may be able to forgive donald trump for his actions and his words. but that does not mean he gets a pass to become president of the united states is this. >> scotty, how do you respond to
5:38 pm
this? because you have heard kayleigh who was a trump support say this crossed the line. you have heard folks who are not supporters say this makes them question the very party you are a member of. you are a shrewd political observer and you have followed politics a lock time. trump is having a real problem with women voters. a real problem with independents. does this hurt him irreparably. >> tlurm a number of women supporting donald trump for one reason only. because he's not hillary clinton. her actions have been even worse and going forward the reason we're supporting mr. trump, why i personally is for my family. i want to be able to protect for my family and i want to be able to provide for my family. nothing do with these words from 11 years or any other things he's said in the past. i care he's going secure our border and preserve my constitution and second amendment rights. and other than that let's stay
5:39 pm
for the tabloids and talk about the things that matter most for most mother, most women in this world is please, protect my family, provide for my family. something he's put a plan out and we know he will co-and hillary clinton doesn't put emphasis on that. >> here is the problem. before we even get to discuss agenda. before we even get to discuss policy there is a minimum requirement of morality, of moral compass, of decency, of human empathy, of behaving like an adult. of behaving not like a sexual predator. and if you are incapable of meeting that minimum requirement you can't even talk to me about policy because you are unfit to be on the ballot. and it is time not only donald trump think about what he's doing but republicans who have endorsed him, this is the time to disavow this man. paul ryan, our lonely highs look to you. you are my friend. i though you. you are a decent human being. you are a good husband, a good
5:40 pm
father. you cannot stand by this man tomorrow. reince priebus, same goes for you. he will ruin the republicans that are on the ballot with him. we cannot afford this. if we're going to have a party that survives we must disown donald trump tonight. >> we're going take up that thought. we're also going to take up what's going on inside trump tower right now because i have to believe there are big decisions being made as we speak about when he will address this, how he will address it. seems to me he's got to get to this sometime before he takes that debate stage sunday night. a debate by the way that anderson will be moderating. just 48 hours away now from the second presidential debate. in st. louis. our coverage here all day long on sunday. anderson will be one of the moderators along with abc news martha raddatz. and more on hurricane matthew as it makes up the southeastern coast.
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four people have now died in florida as a result of hurricane matthew, which is lingering right now off northeastern florida. more than a million people are without power.
5:45 pm
joining me now from st. augustine florida, michael holmes. a big concern where you are there, the storm surge. all this flooding. what are you seeing? >> reporter: yeah absolutely. i'm standing in storm surge. it is not very deep here. but st. augustine, the city itself, what's known as the oldest city in america, dating back 400 years when a spanish admiral founded it. it is back that way. and this water goes all the way back into the city. and in fact the city is officially closed. emergency services and an officer coming through now. they are the only ones going in and out of the city. it is officially closed. there is in fact a cur fay from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. what happens is when the storm surge came in it was meant to be eight feet of storm surge. the mayor said everyone get out. population of about 13 and a half thousand. half of them said no, we're
5:46 pm
going to stay. they are stuck there now. roads and bridges closed until emergency services say it is safe to reopen them. so that is just one example of what's happening up and down the southeast coast when it comes to storm surge. you know, thousands of people being affected by this. and a lot of damage been done. very historic city st. augustine. probably dmoen to a lot of people. >> that is the concern up and down the coast. st. augustine, michael thank you o much. a new advisor from the hurricane center just out. what's the latest. >> well as the category two storm but that means absolutely nothing. it's built up strength for so many days now that category, 3, 4 hurricane is going to see all the water under the eye slam northward and they could see even great storm surge than in st. augustine and jacksonville. we're going to see heavier amounts of rain than we've
5:47 pm
already on the coastline. tornado watch is expected from yesterday because of the angle of approach. we dodged a major bullet today with that eye stay 20-25 miles off shore. yesterday talking with anderson we talked about every mile counts. the difference between catastrophic damage and then moderate to severe damage which, occurred. don't get me wrong. it's very bad but it could have been much worse. but now it is going to get worse. the large precipitation shield is all from the eye northward. the greatest effects in the colors of yellow on the northern prieriphery of the i eye will sm with full momentum. >> georgia south carolina and north carolina. head.e concerned about hilton a big concentration of pine trees. they blow over easily in 45, 50 miles per hour gusts. weak root systems. this model which has been spot on, continues to take it very
5:48 pm
close. this is a saturday/sunday event. so far good news, it was low tide at jacksonville at 7:30. it is going to be low tide tomorrow morning in charleston, where it approaches at its closest event. again now category 2 but the angle of approach, john, mooens everything. let's hope it moves out and away. yesterday we were talking about the big curve it is going to take. i wouldn't worry about that so much. it is undergoing shear right now and we're hoping it breaks down further. so not much event coming back around. we're already seeing the surge five, six peat above average in some areas. >> big areas of concern in georgia, particularly south carolina. thank you so much. just ahead, back to other breaking news. donald trump caught on tape talking crudely about women. a highlight reel in a moment plus the latest on hurricane
5:49 pm
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we have yet to hear from donald trump. his campaign deep in damage control mode as we speak.
5:53 pm
the crisis, a tape surfacing of hill doing what he has a history of doing. here's randi kaye. >> reporter: donald trump says he loves beautiful women. he also loves to talk about women. and it often lands him in hot water. like during his long-running feud with rosie o'donnell. >> she came to my wedding. she ate like a pig. >> after his dustup with megyn kelly during the fox news debate, trump said this about her on cnn. >> she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. and you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her, wherever. >> critics charged he was referring to menstruation. trump insisted it was a big misunderstanding. >> i was going to say nose and/or ears. because that's a very common statement. blood pouring out of somebody's nose. it's a statement showing anger. >> kelly wasn't the first female journalist trump sparred with. decades ago after "new york times" columnist gail collins wrote about rumors of trump's bankruptcy, he sent her a copy
5:54 pm
of the article he'd written and circled her photo, writing across it, quote, the face of a dog. much of what trump has said about women was during his many appearances on howard stern's radio show. in 2005, he made this remark, talking about a woman in a beauty pageant. >> first of all, she's unbelievably short. and i'm a little bit surprised. i think that the boob job is terrible. you know, they look like two life posts coming out of a body. >> after he bought a pageant, stern asked trump how he might change it. >> they said, how are you going to change the pageant? and i said, i'm going to get the bathing suits to be smaller and the heels to be higher. >> a woman's breasts were always a hot topic for him. >> i view a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. it has to be extraordinary. you have to have the face of vivienne leigh to be a 10. but she went from an 8 to solid 4. >> reporter: in another appearance on the show. >> some incredible, beautiful women, they'll walk up and flip their top.
5:55 pm
wow, and they'll flip their panties. i've been with women with extraordinarily bad breast jobs. isn't it unbelievable? one women, beautiful, had big, beautiful, real boobs, really beautiful. and she wants them reduced. years later on t"the howard sten sho show", trump boldly mocked kim kardashian's any seek. >> does she have a good body, no. does she have a fat [ bleep ], absolutely. >> and just last week, trump has to defend comments he'd made about former miss universe, alicia machado, calling her miss piggy and an eating machine. he doubled down on those comments on fox news. >> she was the winner and she gained a massive amount of weight. and it was a real problem. we had a real problem. >> a candidate struggling to win the support of women come election day, in his own words. randi kaye, cnn, new york.
5:56 pm
>> much more on this in the next hour of "360" on this leaked donald trump tape. reaction from the republican party and we expect, at some point, from the trump campaign itself. we'll also have the latest on hurricane matthew heading for georgia and the carolinas after causing so much damage in florida. stay with us. now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted.
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good evening again tonight. donald trump and what he says he can get away, with women, up to and including actions that to many add up to sexual assault. grabbing a woman by her genitals and getting away with it, he says, because he's a star. right now, the trump campaign in full damage control mode, huddling at trump tower as we speak, dealing with the leaking of a video that has him saying exactly that, an open microphone picked it up on a bus during a conversation between trump and billy bush, who was then with "access hollywood." they were pulling up to a soap opera se