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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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heavily. in fact, i took her out furniture shopping. she wanted to get some furniture. i said, "i'll show you where they have some nice furniture." >> i moved on her like a [ bleep ] but i couldn't get there. and she was married. then all of a sudden i see her. she's now got the big phony [ bleep ] and everything. she's totally changed her look. >> sheesh, your girl's hot -- in the purple. whoa, the donald is good. whoa, my man. >> maybe it's a different one. >> no, it's her. >> yeah, that's her, with the gold. >> i've gotta use some tic tacs just in case i start kissing her. you know, i'm automatically attracted to beautiful -- i just start kissing them. it's like a magnet. just kiss. i don't even wait. and when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. you can do anything. >> come on shorty. >> oh, nice legs, huh?
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>> get out of the way, honey. oh, that's good legs. go ahead. >> it's always good if you don't fall out of the bus. like ford, gerald ford, remember? >> down below. pull the handle. >> hello. how are you? hi. >> hi, mr. trump. how are you? >> terrific. >> pleasure to meet you. >> nice seeing you. terrific, terrific. you know billy bush? >> hello, nice to see you. are you ready to be a soap star? >> how about a hug. melania said this was okay. >> and donald trump did respond posting a defiant apology on facebook. >> anyone who knows me knows they don't reflect what i am. i said it and i apologize.
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>> we have it covered from all angles. phil mattingly is outside trump tower in new york and we have monu with us. the republican vice presidential nominee, mike pence, who was going to go in place of donald trump to a luncheon, said he will not attend. we are looking at now an avalanche, really within the gop in terms of gop leadership that is taking back support of donald trump and people who are distancing themselves and one is not sure how to interpret what this means when mike pence, the running mate is not going to go in place of donald trump. >> mike pence is very close to the wisconsin republicans. this shows how big of a distraction this video tape has become for the entire republican
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party for their ability to keep the house, the ability to keep the senate. these republicans down ticket want nothing to do with the top of the ticket. at the wisconsin event, there's a vulnerable senate republican going there. he wants nothing to do with the top of the ticket. >> he was a reluctant backer of donald trump. it took some doing for paul ryan to say i'm going to support this nominee. >> this just burst those divisions right through. it is clear, if mike pence, the republicans are more comfortable with him, they see him as a huge, huge distraction to get past this episode. there's a question whether they will. it will peril their bid for the white house and the congress. >> we heard from new hampshire
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senat senator, kelly ayotte. she is no longer supporting trump. mike pence is no longer going to go to the event of paul ryan. are you hearing anything about how to interpret this and what it means? >> nothing at the moment, fred. i think it's important to note, mike pence has been the most steadfast public supporter of donald trump, repeatedly going to the mat for him at trump's worst moments including the debate in the wake of the comments about miss universe. mike pence was always the guy who stood up for donald trump and the person donald trump was. this wasn't mike pence talking policy, this was mike pence vounlging for the man himself. mike pence, a deeply religious individual, has the respect of the republican party, the establish and conservative wings and repeatedly vounlged for trump. now this video comes out. it's problematic.
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we haven't heard from the trump camp and the pence sources are not elaborating. you can read this a very specific way. you said avalanche, i say wave, you can use any number of descriptions here. this is adding to a very, very problematic afternoon for trump. >> fred, this really ups the ante for tomorrow night for donald trump here at this debate and in st. louis. he absolutely has a huge, huge victory tomorrow night or not a major stumble because if he does stumble, it's going to get worse for him politically. more people abandoned him. he can turn the tide around if he takes it to hillary clinton. >> how? how? >> that shows -- very good question. >> a good performance from donald trump after this. this is a gigantic distraction. >> it will put him on the spot about the question about the
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video tape and how he answers that. this is going to be a very challenging debate for him. he needs to clear the hurdle. it could be the end of his candidacy. >> how hillary clinton handles this, how donald trump handles this, tomorrow, indeed, it's a huge stage. we already know that because it's the second presidential debate. the ante was upped a long time ago. how does either candidate proceed or campaign? what are they trying to shape? what is the message tomorrow? >> this is a walk on egg shells moment. in each instance, you have hillary clinton wanting to balance out how to come out against it. we have seen balance in her campaign, ten, 12 hours since this broke, the question is, how forceful she will be, how direct she will engage with donald trump. this is a town hall format. it's a different feel, more casual. you are dealing with voters asking these questions and hillary clinton, you know,
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potentially looking at donald trump. that is a big question and calling him out. for trump, he was in damage control mode trying to come back from the first bad debate. now it's more, obviously, crisis mode. the debate is over 24 hours away. a lot can happen. there are, you know, this crisis mode is swirling and snowfalling where he will be tomorrow. it might be different than today. >> let me bring in rebecca berg and errol louis. we know hillary clinton was prepping today. donald trump has enjoyed prepping by being in the formats of rallies. we don't know whether he has any kind of mock town hall debate style. now, today, what is your expectation of how donald trump would be preparing today for tomorrow with a new message, a
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new obstacle now in his wake and especially that he's tweeting it's been an interesting 24 hours that he had that midnight apology. how is donald trump spending his day to prepare for, trying to reshape a message to save his candidacy tomorrow? >> all of his time, i imagine, is going to be spent on that last category of work, trying to rescue the candidacy at all. he did do a mock town hall debate with selected supporters. it wasn't quite what he's going to face on sunday. he was up in new hampshire doing that. he denied it was prep for the town hall style debate. of course that's exactly what it was. when you talk about the bottom falling out, multiple leaders walking away from him, that's got to be the main concern. if you have, even from the point of view of a simple decency, apologies of the sort that he made, which was a nonapology, he
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called it a distraction, nothing more than a distraction, which is not how you apologize. the apologies need to go to zucker, nancy o'dell, the people he was talking about in such a disparaging way. the apologies need to go to his campaign staff and followers and donors and finally, perhaps an apology to the general public. he's not doing any of that. i imagine he's fielding phone calls from lots of donors, lots of supporters asking for instructions, asking for guidance about what they are supposed to say between now and sunday night. the longer he leaves this, the worse it is going to get and the more support he is going to lose. >> rebecca, this has always been a different candidate. this is nonestablishment. this is going it alone. even if he's losing support, donlds trump's position, i mean his entire constitution is, i'm
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going to do it my way anyway. doesn't this speak to his supporters, his advocacy, those who are going to say this is the donald trump we like. he is going to go it alone. he was going to handle whatever comes his way and without any's support. >> well, as phil pointed out earlier, fred, this has worked for donald trump to this point. as i'm looking at the republican reaction to donald trump's remarks and the republicans rushing to flee the scene, so to speak, this appears to be a different situation. this seems to have crossed a line for many republicans and by extension, many republican voters. these lawmakers are responding to signals from the electorate. they have their own political careers to protect. this seems like a different situation now. maybe the straw that broke the camel's back. donald trump can be defiant. it's really the only style he knows to be defiant and to stand
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behind what he said, essentially and keep going ahead. this is a very different situation now. it crossed a line for a lot of republicans. when we look at the pressure on him from the debate tomorrow, this is, i mean, any debate in a presidential election is going to be a high stress situation with very high stakes. you only have three of these opportunities in the general election. now, donald trump, on top of all of that, has to deal with this controversy, has to deal with republicans fleeing his campaign, disowning his campaign and condemning it and condemning remarks and has to prepare for the debate amist all of this. it's going to be very, very difficult tomorrow for him to make an impression that is po positive and move past this. manu, donald trump will say the republican leadership isn't what got me to this point anyway.
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what difference does it make if there's no republican advocacy, if he doesn't have gop leadership in his corner. >> that's a point he could make. the problem is donald trump needs to agree his base, not lose support, particularly from influential people that can campaign for him on the ground and get their own supporters. donald trump is trying to consolidate republican support. that's why he was doing well in the polls before the first debate. republicans were coming home, getting behind his candidacy. some of those more mainstream republicans who are now sold on his canvas and seeing leaders of congress walk away, maybe the voters will walk away. it will be hard to establish the republican supporters. if he doesn't have that, he may not win the white house. >> for mike pence, i mean phil described, he is a religious man. you heard him in the vice president debate talk about that
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was his internal struggle taking public office at the same time his commitment to faith. now you have his running mate, this situation, which undermines everything that mike pence was demonstrating he represents. so, he wouldn't be going to the luncheon to the paul ryan event. is he likely having his own internal consternation and stru struggle about whether he stays on the ticket. >> without a doubt, he is having a lot of internal discussions and certainly with top aides, many from which he brought over from his time in the governor's office. many he can trust and confide in as he deals with the public battle of what to do and what to say. the number one job is to defend the top of the ticket. he's in this awkward spot of having to potentially defend the indefensible.
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that's why we saw the supporters at mike pence's event yell repeatedly and loudly, governor pence, what do you think -- he totally ignored. he is not in a position to respo respond. he is going to have to respond. >> with he received the ak lates. he is the one on the ticket that behaves more presidential with a calm demeanor. now this. >> his own potential presidential ambitions, too. talk about the 2020 candidate and how he handles this. it will go a long way to determine whether or not he can salvage his own candidacy going forwards. a huge test for him going forward. >> phil, outside trump tower, every time we see you, we see a lot of people. it's saturday, a beautiful day, manhattan is always a busy spot. are people there because they are awaiting a sighting of anyone within donald trump's camp? are you seeing activity that, in any way can kind of give you
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insight as to what is happening inside trump tower and who is accompanying donald trump there? >> reporter: one of the most interesting things, i was out here late last night and this morning. we haven't seen the usual run back and forth of donald trump advisers. we usually see them walk in and out. we have not seen anybody. what that means is, everybody is barricaded in trying to figure out exactly what the way forward is. i have talked to people close to the campaign that acknowledge there are differences on how people think donald trump should react going forward. there were differences on how donald trump should have phrased or put out his apology last night. everybody is trying to marry together a coherent response and one doesn't exist right now. when you talk to people in battleground states and people trying to figure out a way forward, there's a lot of
9:16 am
frustration. inside trump tower, it's donald trump and close advisers trying to find the future of the campaign that is in dire straits. >> a little over 30 days away. we'll check back with all of you. there's so much to talk about. we are not done, we have a long way to go. presidential candidate, mitt romney is about to speak at an event in las vegas. we'll be monitoring to see how he weighs in on this latest trump controversy. stay with us. when i have a headache, i don't want to put my life on hold. i've got a big night planned with my friends. and i want to enjoy every moment of it. that's why i use fast-acting excedrin for my headaches. excedrin has two pain fighters plus a booster. and for some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes. excedrin specializes in treating headaches. which is why moments lost to headaches
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you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model. welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield at washington university in st. louis, missouri, a day before the presidential debate. the fallout from donald trump's 2005 tape where he makes graphic and lewd remarks about women. trump telling the wall street
9:20 am
journal now, there is zero chance he will quit and that he will never give up, despite calls for him by many within the gop to step aside. two republicans, idaho senator, mike and new hampshire snorkely ayotte became the first sitting republican senators to back away from trump following these comments. let's discuss this with my guests, loni chen, the former public policy director for mitt romney and trump supporter, ed martin. good to see both of you, appreciate it. ed, you first. you are a donald trump supporter. are you still a supporter? >> oh, yeah. >> how do you maintain your support and advocacy for donald trump after the release of these comments? >> the first thing, i'm glad he apologized. i have two young daughters and two young sons. you have to be better than you heard. it was problematic, disturbing,
9:21 am
but he apologized. you heard, we had a primary and somebody selected. we have a guy that's talked about issues. in m missouri, where i'm from, people are hurting. the words were terrible. he apologized. we have to fight for the fieture of the country. i hi hillary clinton's direct, her actions are worse. >> does the display of donald trump's character whether it was ten years ago or ten days ago up stage whatever potential promise voters may have been seeing as to why they elected him the nominee? >> of course. when you say something terrible, you need to apologize z. at this point, the conversation, he's not going to be taken off the ballot. we need to go forward. he needs to talk about the issues. we have a problem with jobs and immigration. >> he has to address it in a different way. yes, we saw the apology. many within the republican leadership say it wasn't an apology enough. how does he need to address that
9:22 am
during a town hall setting tomorrow on this campus? >> he's going to have a chance to speak, be in front of a lot of people and say something about it. what i want to see is put the distraction part of it, say the apology and get back to the issues part of it. >> it's more than an apology. doesn't there have to be language, explanation -- he has to divulge more about what was the spirit behind saying that? how does one recover from that. you are talking your children, what is the message. when you explain things to your kids, it has to be more than i apologize. you lay out why, when, where. how do you expect to do that? >> somebody in public life on a hollywood show that says something terrible. billy bush apologized, most people accepted that. >> but running for president, the highest office of the land. >> that's the problem. people don't see it as an apology. then he goes on to attack bill
9:23 am
clinton and hillary clinton. >> it was in the wake of the statement. >> if he was auditioning for another reality tv show, this is a time of choosing for republicans, i believe that. most republicans have to sit back and say what does the republican party want to be in the future. we have to look beyond the election. i get the point about judges, i'm sympathetic. you have to think about ha is best for the party and the country. this man should not be president of the united states. there's nothing about what he said that is redeeming. there is nut thag is redeeming or redeemable. >> if you were working in his campai campaign, you wouldn't say step aside, step away it's over. >> i might be. they are going to know the numbers better than anybody else. what he needed was support from independent women across this country. that video tape, that audio tape is going to make it very dif
9:24 am
kul cult to get the support in states like ohio, florida and pennsylvania. the question will be a political one, politically, is there a pathway there? is he doing more harm than good? >> is there a political pathway? >> i don't think -- i think if there is, it's incredibly narrow. >> this is a month away. the election is a month aweigh. >> no time. >> it's a huge amount of time. tomorrow, you may be talking about x or y issues in the world. >> do you believe he can recover and people will forget this? >> they will accept the apology and recognize in a president like with hillary or romney or anyone else, an imperfect person with policies. >> part is how he performs in tomorrow's debate. for americans that haven't seen, i'm sure many americans have seen the tape and the so-called apology. the question will be how he behaves in the debate. that's why it is critical. >> what do you believe he needs to put on display?
9:25 am
>> contrition. there was no contrition in the statement. there was anger. a sense of why do i have to do this. that's what i got. in the town hall format, he can do that because of how it's set up. >> you are not waiting for a question in the audience to do it. set the stage at the top? >> pivot and say, let me address this issue first. i have said some things that have been very hurtful, i apologize. i recognize, as a father, as a husband, as a son, whatever, he needs to express contrition in a sincere way. that thing was a joke last night. that was a joke. >> is that in donald trump? >> is that what? >> is it in donald trump to show contrition? >> quick stories are a tough sell. >> if he showed that is that a turn off for you standing by his side no matter what? >> i'm not no matter what. the response of what was said ten years ago needs to be an apology. i think his apology is sincere.
9:26 am
i think it would be good for the first time he is in public to be clear. this is a guy, a human being who made mistakes and will make more. i would like to see him say i am sorry and then go into the issues. we are in missouri where we have hollowed out jobs. we have a question in missouri how to go forward with jobs. immigration is a factor instead of a debate. it's disappointing to me we are having this conversation. we should, i agree. >> who are you disappointed in? >> everybody. why does this come out no? >> i think he apologized, that's right. the politics we know, this drops for a reason. it's dropped for a reason. that's okay. don't excuse it. >> if it didn't drop, it would have been okay? >> no, if it didn't now, it would be three or four weeks. >> thank you so much, appreciate it, gentlemen. of course tomorrow night this topic is going to be addressed.
9:27 am
it will be at the very top? will it be by way of questions or will the candidates take it on straight away on their own? the town hall style debate will be moderated by anderson cooper, 9:00 p.m. it starts here on cnn. we'll be right back from st. louis. ful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪ i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, again, verizon is the number one network. hi, i'm jamie foxx for sprint. and i'm jamie foxx for t-mobile. (both) and we're just as good. really? only verizon was ranked number one nationally in data, reliability, text and call and speed. yeah! and you're gonna fist bump to that? get out of my sight. don't get fooled by a cut rate network. verizon gives you tons of data without all the restrictions. get 20 gigs and 4 lines for only $160. with no surprise overages on america's best network.
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welcome back, i'm fredricka
9:31 am
whitfield in st. louis. a day ahead of the second presidential debate. now, the support for donald trump is dropping. there are many in republican leadership who are campaigning dump trump now. we heard moments ago, a nevada congressman who is running for senator harry reid's senate seat. he is not supporting donald trump. this is what he said. >> i believe that any candidate for president should follow and campaign an ethical, moral and decent campaign as they go about the trail. i accept that none of us are perfect. i am not infallible. however, i can no longer look past the pattern of behavior and comments that have been made by donald trump. therefore, i cannot in good conscience continue to support donald trump nor can i vote for
9:32 am
hillary clinton. my wife, my daughters, my mom, my sister and all women deserve better. all americans deserve better. our campaign will move forward and i continue to be based on the principle of the republican party, the need for conservative leadership and all people treated with respect and dignity. my hope this will not divide us and we can unite behind principles, republican principles. we deserve a candidate that can ask himself at the end of the day, can i live my life with honor and do i deserve to be elected president of the united states? i believe our only option is to formally ask mr. trump to step down and allow republicans the opportunity to elect someone who will provide us with the strong leadership we desperately need
9:33 am
and americans deserve. today, i stand her disappointed in our choices for president. but more committed than ever to bringing the same code of honor, decency and respect to the u.s. senate. thank you for being here this afternoon and this morning. i turn over to my good friend hardy. >> thank you. >> wow, that's the latest example of an avalanche of disappointment being expressed against donald trump, the republican nominee. that was out of nevada. you heard from congressman joe heck who said donald trump should be asked to step down. you heard the heckles and the boos there. presumably many donald trump supporters were in the audience and didn't like what was said. you are seeing mitt romney now talking. i think we have an update. listen to him now.
9:34 am
>> the last day with the tape where mr. trump was revealed not just offensive language, but offensive conduct. i have already said something, i don't have something to add other than i want to express on the behalf of myself and my party how much we love all the people in this country, regardless of gender, ethnicity and religion. i was offended and dismayed by what was said and done by mr. trump. i think it's degrading to our women, our daughters, our granddaughters and future generations. i dearly hope that we will come together as a nation and stand as firmly as we can for the principles that have made us a shining city on a hill, not just here, a city on the hill and for people around the world. i love this great country. i love what it represents. i love the people of america.
9:35 am
i have to tell you, the greatest thrill of my life was being able to go with my family to see this country, meet you here in nevada and people across the country. we are a great and noble people. we stand for powerful things. these men running for office are men of integrity and character. we need men like that in washington, perhaps more than any time in history. so, i have a special request for you. one of the reasons i didn't win -- well, i was the reason i didn't win. i remember when they said -- it was, gosh, who the heck was it? anyway, i'll pretend, he was asked why he lost and said, you know, he said i always wanted to run for president in the worst way. that's what i did.
9:36 am
i made some mistakes. one thing we didn't do as well as we could have. we didn't have as large a force going out and knocking on doors as we needed. in some states we didn't turn out voters as well as the democrats did. that's up to you. these campaigns, these guys are going to win, but it's going to depend on us going out and making sure republican voters vote. a lot of people have thing that is come up, work that occurs that calls them into the office or factory. they have kids and an event and they forgot to vote. we can't let that happen. i'm calling on each of you to make a personal commitment to spend time knocking on some doors or making some calls on behalf of crescent and joe. so, there are dispursed among you, people that are part of the staff of groups, of campaigns. they have white badges on. come up to them, tell them you are going to give them time,
9:37 am
come into the headquarters and make calls or knock on doors in your home because this matters. this is a very unusual campaign this year. it really matters if good people come out and vote and express their views and conscience. i love this country. i love you for your support. i love the chance to be here in this beautiful sunny state. i respect these guys. i want to see them in washington. i want to have them help lead our country and i want you to make sure that happens. thanks so much. great to be with you. thank you. >> you are listening to former republican presidential nominee, mitt romney there trying to shift the focus on getting people, still encouraging republicans to vote. he's not necessarily saying for donald trump. he said i was offended and dismayed by what was said. it is degrading to our daughters and granddaughters. he is saying they need to knock on the doors and secure those down ballot seats for the
9:38 am
republicans running for the congressional seats. we bring in people to talk about this. you have the former presidential candidate who feels he was almost there and started to allude to the fact one of the reasons he doesn't believe he was able to win is because we didn't have enough republicans knocking on doors. he's encouraging them to do that, but not for donald trump. he didn't say don't do it for donald trump. he said this needs to happen for hardy and heck. >> it's interesting who he was with. joe heck, running for the seat harry reid is vacating. heck is in a close race. they determine the next senate majority. so far, he's been unequivocal for support in donald trump. i asked him, do you support donald trump? do you support him? until today, he put out a lengthy statement revoking support, showing up with mitt
9:39 am
romney, a never trump leader of the never trump movement, if you will. >> he said the gop should formally ask trump to step down. that's coming from joe heck. >> it shows the republicans are in very difficult senate races. they should stick to donald trump. this is the dam that is breaking donald trump supporters from the republicans running. they can't stand by him anymore. >> we keep talking about how tomorrow is critical for hillary clinton and donald trump. what is said, particularly because that apology from donald trump is not being interpreted as being contrite enough. so, how much that opening statement or the dialogue be shaped today? >> i think certainly that is a big discussion in trump tower today. what tone he brings tomorrow night is so important. does he offer new words? this has been two semi
9:40 am
apologies. you had the first somewhat apology where he went right after bill clinton, then he was sorry if anyone was offended by this. of course people were offended by it. the second video apology, kind of a bizarre, odd, video. he was hunched over, looked like he didn't want to be there. certainly, he felt forced to do that. he came out with a more exindianapolexplicit apology. he brings up bill clinton. so, his tone is so important. that's something within trump tower they are trying to work out. it has to come from donald trump himself. >> he said he talked to "the washington post" and said he may address this tonight. there's no confirmation there's a trump event speech. maybe he feels pressure and debate going on and will talk about it again given how problematic it is.
9:41 am
>> almost like a dress rehearsal before tomorrow night. stick around. we'll take a short break and more from st. louis. people always say
9:42 am
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield at washington university in st. louis, missouri. donald trump now telling the wall street journal there is zero chance he will quit and he will never give up, despite calls for him by many in the gop to step aside. sources saying there is growing pressure to dump trump. trumps comments are sexually explicit, lewd and aggressive toward women. we are going to play a part of it. >> i'll admit it, i did try and [ bleep ]. she was married. nancy. this was -- i moved on her very heavily.
9:45 am
i took her furniture shopping. i said i'll show you where they have nice furniture. i moved on her like a [ bleep ]. i couldn't get there. she was married. all of a sudden, i see her, she's got the big, phony, [ bleep ]. >> hotty [ bleep ]. >> whoa! whoa! >> yes, the donald scored. my man. wait, wait, you have to look. >> you are a [ bleep ]. maybe it's a different one. >> better not be. it's her. >> yeah, it's her with the go gold -- i need tic tacs in case i start kissing her. when you are a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ], any of that. >> those legs, all you can see are the legs. >> looks good. >> come on, shorty. >> nice legs, huh? >> get out of the way. good legs.
9:46 am
go ahead. >> it's always good if you don't fall out of the bus. like ford, gerald ford, remember. >> down below. pull the handle. >> hello. how are you? hi. >> mr. trump, how are you? >> terrific. you know billy bush. >> how are you. >> doing well. are you ready to be a soap star. >> how about a hug from the donald. he just got off the bus. >> absolutely. melania said this was okay. >> donald trump did responds by posting a defiant apology on facebook. >> i've never said i'm a perfect person nor pretended to be someone i'm not. i've said and done things i regret and the words released today on this decade old video are one of them. anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am.
9:47 am
i said it, i was wrong and i apologize. i travel the country talking about change for america but my travels have also changed me. i've spent time with grieving mothers who've lost their children, laid-off workers whose jobs have gone to other countries and people from all walks of life who just want a better future. i have gotten to know the great people of our country and i've been humbled by the faith they placed in me. i pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever let you down. let's be honest. we're living in the real world. this is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we're facing today. we're losing our jobs. we're less safe than we were eight years ago and washington is totally broken. hillary clinton and her kind have run our country into the ground. i've said some foolish things but there's a big difference between the words and actions of other people.
9:48 am
bill clinton has actually abused women and hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims. we will discuss this more in the coming days. see you at the debate on sunday. >> we have this covered from all angles. let's go to cnn political reporter, manu raju and sunlen. the wall street journal had a conversation with donald trump who said i'm not going anywhere. i'm not a quitter, period. >> he's not. he's defiant and digging in. that apology is a sign of that. look how he first sounded contrite, then he dug in. he dismissed it as a distraction and turned it to bill clinton, a sign -- we are going to talk about this in a matter of days. this is donald trump telling the wall street journal he's not going anywhere. he's firing up the base and
9:49 am
supporters and going to bring it up in tomorrow night's debate. the question is, what is the rest of the party doing? we have seen member after member of congress abandoning donald trump, withdrawaling their endorsement and the republican national committee to force him out. >> the list is growing, kelly ayotte of new hampshire is no longer supporting him. joe heck running for harry reid's seat. the gop should remove its support. don't know if that's going to happen. mitt romney, who called the video tape disgusting and apa apauling and it's a terrible example to his daughters and granddaughters. we are 30 days away from the general election. if the gop says we are not behind donald trump, there are really no options. i mean his running mate, mike pence is no longer going to be a
9:50 am
part of the paul ryan luncheon in wisconsin. what are the options for the gop without donald trump? without this ticket? >> the drip, drip, drip is important. these chips falling. it's putting pressure on donald trump and most importantly on the republican party. what do they do? what do they pull out resources? what public statement does he make where you had a real, you know, short one line condemnation of donald trump. he's in trump tower today, you know, trying to get through this, plot a strategy. the question is, does that strategy involve donald trump? that is an outstanding question. there are mechanisms in place that could support getting donald off the ticket. they are vague and the question surrounding all this, is that possible 30 days out? i think that's a lot of the conversation going on today within the republicans. as you see people start to withdrawal their support from donald trump.
9:51 am
what is the other option? are we writing mike pence in? get donald trump off the ticket? those questions are unanswered today. >> we are going to talk again. we are not done. we are going to take a short break now. the latest crisis for donald trump is hitting before tomorrow's debate. still ahead, how both campaigns will prepare for all of that when that question does come up. we'll be right back. guess what guys, i switched to sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50% on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. whoooo! for people with hearing loss, visit hashtag stuffy nose.
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9:55 am
welcome back, i'm fredricka whitfield at washington university here in st. louis. the fallout continues after the release of the 2005 words from donald trump on that video. we now have a statement from his running mate, vice presidential nominee, mike pence saying, as a husband and father, i was offended by the words and actions described by donald trump in the 11-year-old tape released yesterday. i do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them. i am grateful that he has expressed remorse and apologize to the american people. we pray for his family and look forward to the opportunity he has to show what is in his heart when he goes before the nation tomorrow night. this on the eve of the second presidential debate being moderated by anderson cooper tomorrow here in st. louis on
9:56 am
the washington university campus. manu raju is with us along with sunlen. the republican leadership is rescinding their support. they are no longer endorsing donald trump. now, you have information from a senate republican leadership. >> that's right. this is very significant. the number three senate republican, south dakota republican, member of mitch mcconnell's inner circle, sent out a tweet that donald trump should step aside and mike pence should be the republican nominee for the president. that is the highest ranking elected republican in congress to call on donald trump to quit. a sign of just how much pressure, how much con ser nation and how problematic republicans see this video tape and trump's handling of this.
9:57 am
it's the beginning of more. rank and file members, people in tough senate races like heck. this is a very influential voice within the republican establishment calling on donald trump to quit. very significant. trump saying he's not going anywhere. >> this after new hampshire senator, kelly ayotte said she would write in mike pence and withdrawal her support. >> have to go back to that statement, this is the first time we have heard from mike pence since the story broke. he ignored reporters and how unprecedented this statement is. you know, really, we are entering unchartered territory. you have the vice president candidate, basically chastising the top of the ticket saying, you know, talking about how his words and actions offended people. i thought the most poignant part of the pence statement was i'm praying for donald trump and hoping he can basically, prove
9:58 am
to the american people tomorrow night. to me, that says the jury is out for mike pence here. he is not sold on what direction this is going here. so, i didn't think -- i thought that was certainly an interesting thing and und underscores what position he is in. >> that was remarkable. >> raising the stakes for tomorrow night for trump going into the debates, you lower expectations. mike pence significantly raised expectations. >> your number one cheerleader saying you better get it right. >> hit a grand slam if you have a chance of getting republican support and his own running mate to be a cheerleader. that was a very cold -- >> i do want to reread that, again, for those tuning in. he says, quote, we pray for his family and look forward to the opportunity he has to show what is in his heart when he goes before the nation tomorrow night. >> it's interesting. donald trump, himself, in an interview today, one of the few
9:59 am
calls he made to newspapers, he indicated he might be thinking about having an event tonight potentially in new york where he talks to supporters trying to reshape the narrative going into tomorrow. it will be interesting to see if that ends up happening. certainly the fire around him, he needs more than reshaping the narrative. he has a lot more explaining to do. >> i want to bring in a former cnn washington bureau chief. so, frank, this is remarkable. sunlen put it right, we are in unchartered territory. you have a republican nominee having to talk about his words from 11 years ago, now you have his own running mate who is saying he is praying for him. his own running mate who no longer is appearing with the house speaker, paul ryan in wisconsin today at an event donald trump was originally invited to attend. how do you see this one day as the clock ticks to the
10:00 am
presidential debate? >> it's breathtaking, positively breathtaking. what we have heard is the ground opening up under the republican party. a parade of people, they mentioned hugely influential, joe heck's comments were interesting. he was trying to be as he could be, but he was heckled by others in the crowd. donald trump continues to have a strong following, people inclined to not shrug it off, but put it in context with other things. the republican party has to wrestle with it. one thing heck said that was very correct and is going to come back is not just the tape that surfaced, but a pattern of behavio behavior. i looked this up. you know, over the 1990s and the early 2000s, we know donald trump has more than a dozen conversations on the air with howard stern and talked about women and whoas


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