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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  October 8, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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a huge impact in my life. top of the hour, 5:00 p.m. easternful welcome to this special edition of cnn "newsroom" coming to you live from the washington campus. this is the special site of the presidential debate airing tomorrow night on cnn. what a debate it will be. these people behind me certainly excited for the debate. some of them will be in the debate hall, your very own anderson cooper is moderating. right now, it is the breaking news, donald trump refusing to step down, tweeting, quote the media and establishment want me
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out. i will never let my supporters down. #maga, make america great again. trump vowing to stay in the race, in spite of a video in which he uses vulgar, sexually offensive language about grabbing women's genitals. he described trying to kiss, grope and have sex with married women saying when you are a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. you will hear him in his own words, first, house speaker paul ryan addressing voters in person for the first time since this video dropped. he spoke just moments ago in a live event in elk horn, wisconsin, just listen. >> look, let me just start off by saying, there is a bit of an elephant in the room. and it is a troubling situation. i'm serious, it is, i put out a statement about this last night. i meant what i said and it's still huh i feel. but that is not what we are here
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to talk about today. >> i got i. >> here's a part of the statement paul ryan released last night -- >> all right, donald trump is walking out. are you looking at donald trump walking out of trump tower live right now. , amid some cheers and quite a bit of noise there, surrounding by police officers. this is the first time we seen donald trump emerge in public since he released that taped statement last night. let's listen in for a moment.
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[ cheers [ cheers ] >> you are looking at live pictures of donald trump, obviously our cameras trying to get a good shot, but there are a lot of people around. >> crowd:usa! usa! >> what are you looking at are live manls of donald trump just emerging for the first time the public has seen him since this videotape dropped and the scandal erupted. i believe guys, we have mj there? we are trying to get, mj lee,
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our reporter outside trump tower, what are you hearing? what are the people saying? i hear them chanting usa! what else? >> reporter: well, poppy, that was certainly unexpected. we were not expecting to see donald trump come out of trump tower. i don't know if you can see, but he came out and stood on the sidewalk outside of trump tower and waved to his supporters, gave them a big smile. clearly a candidate that wanted to sort of level in the fact that there are dozens and dozens of supporters that are outside, showing their support. right now, we are hearing the reporters chanting, mr. trump, mr. trump, over and over again. the supporters have been out here for several hours now, really trying to show their support for donald trump and they're requesting the media as well. a lot of the reporters have been yelling out here for many hours today, saying that we should really not be focusing on the
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video that came out yesterday and that we were really doing a disservice and we should be covering some of the resoluti s resolutions. j. stay with me. i have a statement in, donald trump crit sided, said john mccain was not a war hero. he was withdrawing his support of donald trump. i will read you this statement in full. pare with me. 96 to my well-known ditches with donald trump on public policy issues, i have raised questions about his character after the khan gold star family and earlier inappropriate comments about women. just this week, he made statements about innocent men. as i say, there are no excuses for donald trump's demeaning comments, no woman should ever
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be victimize by this kind of inappropriate behavior. this again is a statement from john mccain. he goes on to say he, trump alone, bears the burden of his conduct and alone should suffer the consequences. that's a part of the statement from john mccain as you are also looking at these images of donald trump coming outside of trump tower for the first time. let me bring in my panel with me again, david gergen, and mark preston, guys, i was in the middle of reading that john mccain statement. your reaction to donald trump walking out publicly for the first time after huddling hours on end with his team, will he address the public tonight? still an unknown. >> this is fascinating saga, drama. >> he didn't have to walk outdoors? >> he clearly wanted to. they set that up.
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it's a smart move. what we are shaping up is a battle of the people versus the elite the establishment. >> frankly, the story this election? in there the story this election, he brought it to a head now. he has shown not only here, the paul ryan rally, unexpectedly, he had a lot of people there, saying, where's trump? so you know, we're watching, you know, one of the political dramas of our time. i don't think any of us have ever seen this, frankly, i hope we never see it again, nonetheless. >> i was struck in this moment the willie niliness, the gop nominee, presidential candidate, up against the wall, revolt with many in his party, feeling the need to come out of trump tower where he has holed up all day to give a thumbs up. i was struck with his fist in the air. we can do this. he wants that image in the middle of this awful news day
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for him. this awful 24 hours. he wants that image, showing he has supporters, out there chanting his name saying, go, go, go! usa. this is a part of the damage, it's a symbolic move, right, just the body language that he conveyed there, obviously, he could go out the back, out the garage, he went out the front doors on fifth avenue in the middle of manhattan on a saturday afternoon, mark preston, this is not only david gergen, sort of the establishment politics versus trump or the people versus the establishment. this is also trump versus his own team in a sense. because not sure they would have advised him to walk out the door. by the way, his advisers told him, don't bring, according to maggie haveerman of the "new york times," he did it anyway. >> we know from our reporter with hillary clinton that bill clinton will be here tomorrow night. whether or not he's in the hall or decides to watch it in a hold
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room, we'll wait and see. >> that image was frightening. it seemed like it was the end, right? it's a time when a dictator down in central america comes out and raises his hand, like i'm in it, i'm not getting out, right, guess what, it's over. it is over for him. you know we talk about how this is a bad news day, a terrible news day, it's a bad time for america. this is an awful chapter in the history of america. this is an awful chapter in the history of the republican party. this is by far the worst chapter in donald trump's life. i just think that when we take a step back and look where we are and where are we going, it really is symbolic of this divided america and the anger towards washington and it's all -- >> it's such an important point, because you got the two candidates, the most famous candidates arguably ever with the highest unfavorables ever, like 70% of people who want to see a third party candidate be able to vote for them and show some sort of support.
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david gergen, to you, at the same time, i just wonder, if that's where trump is headed on? mark preston says this is the en. trump says i will never get out. i am in this to the end. >> i think in his head, he can rally. he can turn this around. he reminds me very much of nixon in the closing months. he loved these kind of hard hat responses. he could get that still, even as things were closing in on him. the difference here is that the republican national committee doesn't have the power to remove trump at the top of the ticket. so he can take it all the way through the election. >> i say it's the end of his candidacy in the sense there is no possible way he can win the presidency. i think david is right. he, he's got so much ego at stake in himself he doesn't want to step aside. >> what is interesting, a hillary clinton supporter said to me earlier today, if, indeed, he does not win and she does win, she says, is this how you want to win?
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>> no one guessed we would have been here right now. i think for hillary clinton, a win is a win. if she does go on to win, but nothing that donald trump has shown in his character, leading up to now, nor nothing he has said in the last 24 hours, indicate he is going to try to give an inch. i do think he does potentially operate well when he feels a little like the underdog, a delegate, up against the wall, i think that's the position for him to be in. >> i think this could be a winfall for hillary. she can go and win big now. >> that would really help her with the governor. >> mj lee with us back outside trump tower. mj, i can hear from this. you can hear a lot better being there, a lot of supporters there. >> reporter: a ton of supporters. actually mind mindbehind me, a
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of supporters on fifth avenue. they are chanting to show their support. i felt that was characteristic of donald trump to in the middle of a day like this, when the entire campaign is in full crisis mode, donald trump decided to make an appearance and show his supporters that he knows that they are here and that they have been camped out all day. we saw him come out, a big smile on his face and wave. my colleague jeremy diamond yelled out a question, rather, to him, asking is he going to stay in the race? donald trump essentially said, yes, he is not getting out. >> okay. mj lee, great reporting from trump tower. we're going to get a quick break in. i want to thank my panel, also sunland, david, j and mark. before we go to break, to button this up, i was reading john mccain's statement earlier. this is a statement from the 2008 republican presidential candidate. let me read the end of it for you. cindy and i will not vote for
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. all right, i'm poppy harlow back live washington university, the site of the presidential debates tomorrow night. you are looking at an extraordinary moment, a moment, donald trump emerging from trump tower. putting his fist up and greeting supporters there, clearly
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defiant and still in this race, amidst the controversy surrounding that lewd tape released just leaked from 2005 yesterday. you are looking at supporters. look at that, this is in the middle of fifth avenue outside trump towers. supporters chanting donald trump, donald trump, usa! usa! as donald trump decides twa his next move is. let's go to dana bash. she is working her sources. she is on the phone with me. this comes amid a number of leading republicans calling for mike pence, the leading running mate, to take the top of this ticket. dana, what are you hearing? >> reporter: hey, poppy, one of the post-interesting things i have been told in the last few hours is about a phone call mike pence had with donald trump. when he explained that he did not feel that he could go to wisconsin to represent donald trump at the big republican
2:18 pm
unity event that trump was initially supposed to go to before he was disinvited by the house speaker. i am told pence told this trump earlier in this call was the only effective person to speak on this is trump, himself. and that pence said, he told trump, if he went to wisconsin, it would interfere with that. so that's kind of a diplomatic way of saying, you're on your own, dude. this is your problem. this is about you. this is about your character. this is about your action. never mind words and it's pretty clear from that conversation, from the fact that he issued a tough statement and from the fact that he has not wanted to be out there on behalf of trump, while this kind of shakes out, it's quite telling. this is a guy who was put on the
2:19 pm
ticket by donald trump. >> dana, this is also the guy that donald trump bragged apt, look at him. look at him, this is my first hire, did i make a good decision? thousand he is not going to stand next to him in the place of paul ryan, he issued a statement saying he can't stand by or defend any of those words. dana, the question becomes, what does mike pence do? >> yeah. i don't think mike pence knows the answer to what mike pence does, is he going to watch and see what happens with donald trump? whether he goes further and trying to redeem himself? presumably at the next opportunity for that is going to be in front of tens of millions of people on the debate stage tomorrow night. but just to get a little bit of context, mike pence is the ultimate running mate and has been. he has been a beautiful soldier, has been out campaigning, you know, relentlessly for donald trump. more importantly, i each said
2:20 pm
this to him, poppy, in an interview recently, he's been among conservatives. many in the establishment, many skeptics of donald trump, trying to go out and reap out to governor kasich, for example, others on capitol hill, trying to say, well, this is not -- i know it's a different side of donald trump. he is said to me privately and publicly, this is a guy i have gotten to know. he's really wonderful. he's out from on a limb. and the fact that he is breaking so public he is really telling. he is also very inherently and has been for years and he talked about him on the debate stage very religious. he is a christian and conscious and a political thing. he's a true christian conservative. >> dana, you also spoke with john kasich, governor john kasich of ohio, who was one of the last ones standing in this
2:21 pm
republican primary and he has never come out and endorsed donald trump. he got a lot of grief from some of his own party saying why aren't you getting behind our candidate? what did kasich say? >> reporter: i just spoke with him on the phone, poppy, i called him to speak to you, look, he reenforced what he said earlier today in a formal statement that it's not just about this particular incident, which is what he calls, you know, obviously, horrible. it's an accumulation of one thing after another and, you know, i don't want to say that he didn't explicitly say he feels vindicated, it's certainly the bye-bye god from him he does. in fact, i said to him, do you believe that donald trump should get out of the race, that he should be off the ticket, like so many of your fellow republicans have been saying all day today? and his answer was, you know, that's not my job.
2:22 pm
i'm not on the republican national committee. he actually said some people are saying that are late to the party. he said they've come late to the party. he said i appreciate that. but this is why he said he has been adamant that donald trump is not the right person for the republican party or the country. so he said explicitly, he is not going to vote for hillary clinton, that's something he made earlier in the statement, probably just leave the top of the ballot blank. he's out campaigning in washington state right now and will continue to do so. poppy, you spent time talking to voters in his state of ohio, governor kasich's state of ohio. >> right. >> reporter: which donald trump is doing pretty well. i asked kasich, do you think he could win there? i said, do you think this will change the trajectory for trump in your state of ohio? he says he doesn't think anybody who is as much of a divider could win ohio. he said, you know what, maybe people will justify this.
2:23 pm
we'll see. >> yeah. hay, dana, before i let you go, i was just thinking you this will play out tomorrow night on the debate stage, because you have been on the debate stage. you have been one of the questioners in a number of debates in the primary. what does hillary clinton do when she walks out, is it a scene we saw in the first debate, does she walk across the stage, they smile at one another or shake hands or does she not do that in the wake of this tape? >> reporter: my understanding is they're working on trying to answer that question right now as they're huchgerred down doing debate prep inside team clinton, trying to physical out how to address it. you know, last ten days ago whenever the first debate was, as you said, they did smile, even though they were probably griting their teeth. and. >> right. >> reporter: and as the issue was out there, but not as much as you know, it was mostly the
2:24 pm
whole question of trump and women was a result of ad-libing, relikeing it at the end of that debate. if you think about this, what this case said on this tape compared to what he said about alicia machado, which is inexcusable. those are words. these are actions. and that's completely different. >> dana bash, great reporting as always, thank you for bringing us that. we will get a quick break on the other side. you will hear from the man that ran against president obama in 2008, john mccain no longer standing by donald trump. john mccain in his own words next. guess what guys, i switched to sprint.
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123w4r. >> we are back with breaking news, i'm poppy harlow, we are following these developments. we are outside trump tower, a large crowd of supporters have gathered as trump emempblged from trump towers moments ago, you see him huchgering down with his team strategizing what to do in the wake of this fallout from that lewd, vulgar and sexually aggressive remark he made in that 2005 video. donald trump coming out, vowing to stay in this race. his supporters cheering him on.
2:29 pm
this comes on a day that many prominent republicans have withdrawn their support for the republican president 31 days before the election, among them, arizona senator john mccain, a 2008 presidential candidate, saying cindy and i will not vote for donald trump. i have never voted for a democratic presidential candidate and we will not vote for hillary clinton. we will write in the name of some good conservative republican who is qualified to be president. my panel is back with me. our question to you, john mccain pulls out, john kasich who never got behind trump. the list goes on and on. i think we have an image to show our viewers the magnitude the fallout of republican support 31 days before the election, where does donald trump go from here? >> well, you know, take it one step further. it's not just those two are withdrawing support. it's those who are calling him
2:30 pm
to leave the race entirely, which is essentially saying, we are ceding the presidential race to hillary clinton, the impossibility to put someone else to run against hillary clinton in 30 days or so is insane. it just doesn't happen. at this point donald trump, he does have support. we saw certainly that out there. he is bleeding support almost every ten minutes, it seems like somebody else has to put a statement out. i'm surprised we haven't seen more. we will over the next 24 hours. there will be pressure on republicans to do so. > david gergen, you made an interesting point last hour, you are saying we are seeing something we haven't seen in a modern race, a division between the people and the party. >> absolutely. think about it this way. i think there are five people that arrived today the nominees of the republican party in the past for president. four of them now have come out
2:31 pm
basically against trump. >> stood behind him, bob deal? >> bob deal, i think mark is right, we may be waiting for dole. i'm sure he's involved. and i'm sure elizabeth deal is very involved. so, it is, i don't think we've ever seen anything quite this clear cut in which the people are so angry at the establishment, they're going to rally around trump. i think there are a lot of guys out there, but a lot of women, what we don't know, our working sense is, this is going to cost trump votes, especially with women. >> he already has a ton of female support. >> what may happen is if trump comes out as a fighter and takes on the establishm, takes on us and the media and all the rest, he may find that people like the underdog. >> that's someone they love through the primary about donald trump, his tweets exactly like what he said out here, it's the media's fault. i will never leave you, the people.
2:32 pm
there is no doubt this helps him with his supporters. but that's the point here for donald trump. he needs to expand his base. it's not will his supporters show up or not. it's about reaching out to the people that can defend him right now, women. and so him coming out, him doing these three print interviews this morning, he was really defiant in saying that, you know, my supporters, they get it. >> that really struck me. my supporters get it. >> that to me makes believe that donald trump doesn't get it. this election is about more than attracting your tried and true supporters who have been there in the beginning in the general election. it is about expanding your base, reaping out, brilling new people into the fold. we'll see between now and then. >> he cannot win with just his base. he cannot mathematically do it. this electorate is more diverse than under romney. romney couldn't do it. >> i have to get a quick break, stay with me. more breaking news from the site of the next presidential debate tomorrow night.
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>> we are back like at washington university, the site of the next presidential debate. you are looking like outside trump tower. a big group of supporters rallying around, gathering to show their support for him after that videotape from 2005 emerged and the scandal all broke in the last 24 hours. the comments donald trump made, talking about his actions, sending tremors to this presidential election. moments ago, trump surprised the crowd. he walked out of trump tower to those huge cheers. let's bring in senior media correspondent. those are reliable sources. we are all stunned. he could have gone out the back or the garageful he issued a clear statement to his people, to his supporters. >> yes. >> the question debated within
2:37 pm
trump world this afternoon, would he come out and hold a press conference, a speech, address the public tonight before the debate, what have you learned? >> there was talk of a rally, a full blown rally, the trump campaign says there will be no rally tonight. the indication is there will be no public event tonight with trump. what we saw here, poppy, was an alternative. this was a moment for trump to bask in the glory of the crowd there. a chance for him to get that attention, to soak it up. because it must feel pretty lonely in trump tower, hearing about all these gop standard bearers, knowing he has what, 28 to prepare for the most important debate of his life? in there the most important moment of his life. >> the stakes are each higher than two weeks ago. >> we are learning hillary clinton will not say a word about this until she takes the debate stage with at least 80 million more eyes will be on this. >> that's true. >> talk to me of the strategy of the clinton catch right now. >> ordinarily, it's as much as
2:38 pm
the first debate. now, with the wake of this story, with this firestorm, it can be an even bicker audience. the campaign has a lot of preparation to do. a lot about the trump campaign having to figure out how to respond to this. clinton has to figure out what to siep, what not to say. what to do when trump provokes her, brings up bill clinton's alleged abuse. trump was clear in his late night statement, he is going to go there. he will bring it up on the debate stage, clinton has a lot of thinking to do. maybe that's why he she is holding back until tomorrow night. >> he is tweeting, this is the media's fault t. media wants me out of this race. >> he has benefitted enormously, now he's at the other end, other side of the story. the reality is this event today is actually being driven by the republican establishm figures, by the john mccain-type statements you are reading on there.
2:39 pm
>> you now have the standard bearers of the republican party that are out. john mccain out, bush out, george bush out, romney out, bob deal. >> i was speaking on the phone, no event tonight at all. that means trump will be secluded in trump tower tonight, presumably working on debate prep. >> of course, brian, we'll have a lot more tomorrow morning, reliable sources, 8:00 a.m. eastern live, tomorrow night is when it all goes down. these two candidates head-to-head. will you hear from hillary clinton for the first time. how will she react? our own anderson cooper moderates. we'll be right back.
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2:43 pm
>> welcome back to our breaking news, you are looking at images from moments ago. this was donald trump moments ago, coming out of thump tower getting high 5'd and cheers. the first we have seen since the videotape dropped 24 hours ago. you wouldn't know his campaign is in crisis mode after the lewd, vulgar and sexually aggressive remarks made a decade ago. people close to the hillary clinton camp tell us you will not hear a word from her about all of this until she takes the debate stage tomorrow night in st. louis. >> that is when and where she will address what donald trump said. she will do it according to campaign, we are hearing early on in the debate tomorrow night.
2:44 pm
two political cnn commentators with me. patty doyle, hillary clinton's campaign manager, the insider, andy dean, former president of trump productions and a donald trump supporter. thank you for being here. patty take me into the mind of secretary clinton. we know she will address this tomorrow night on stage. she will do it early remember what will she say? >> i think the pressure was on donald trump before this happened for him to really perform and knock the debate out of the park. obviously, it's even more so now. for hillary clinton, she has to condemn donald trump in the strongest words possible. this is a woman who has devoted her adult life for fighting for women and families. sheet done it on the international stage. she's done it domestic amy. she's fought for equality for women, economically,
2:45 pm
politically, socially, and so she's almost an icon for women in this country, so she needs to condemn him. that's her one and only priority tomorrow night. >> i think as far as what we have been saying, if are you this paragone of virtue for women, why does the clinton foundation accept millions of dollars from middle eastern countries where women are horribly abused. >> are you making an equivalency what the:t foundation takes for donations to in some way excusing what donald trump said? >> no, there is no equivalency. >> what itself the point you are making? i'm confused. you think she's supporting human rights abuses? >> well, she's taking money from countries that do. >> and saudi arabia? >> what i'm saying is, if i ran a news network, can you have breaking news, fancy music, say, hey the clinton foundation is up to this i i don't see an end
2:46 pm
run, there is news. >> i'm not going down the rabbit hole of the clinton foundation, because cnn has covered that extensively. as you well know. >> no, we see the difference. we beg to difference, there is something very important going on. >> for you someone who knows donald trump so well, worked with him for more than five years, how does donald trump address this? >> he already has he apologized. >> he apologized in taped remarks. many people didn't see it. >> he's going to apologize again, he has to do it again. >> what do you want to see from your candidate? i know you don't agree with the comments. >> no, i don't. trump doesn't agree with the comments. they were very rough over comments. but at the same time, while they were made 11 years ago, he was on a mick, a hot mic, that doesn't excuse it, i'm explaining he didn't realize he was being recorded. that's awful. these were 11 years ago. what i'm saying. >> he was 59 years old. >> you can make it seem. >> he was 59-years-old. >> you can replace clips on howard stern and say it's
2:47 pm
breaking news every day for the next 31 days t. voters, this is the key piece. the voters know that trump can sometimes speak in a way that is vulgar, they knew that a year-and-a-half ago, this is a part of the primary process what i'm saying is happening here. >> here's what's different. right. it's not just vulgar. >> we get it. it's inup sulting. >> it's not just july gar and insulting. it's sexually aggressive and predatory. >> talking about a position of power to grab a female's genitals. >> there is a difference. we all agree that is horrible t. part you are ignoring here, when you cover every eight minutes that people say donald trump shoum step down is this is a lot bigger than donald trump. >> his own party members. >> the establishment to begin with, let me finish my point here, this is much bigger than donald trump. he is only a man. if there were a primary process, you could argue. now, this is a part of our democratic system, 14 million people over a year long process
2:48 pm
went to the polls. you're saying we should forego the democratic process? >> i'm not saying that at all. >> that's what these reporters are saying the cage dwellers. i think cnn is insinuateing wane e when you call for what a amounting for him to step down. are you asking him to step down. >> no one is asking him to step down. all right. his own party members, andy, his own party members are the ones. >> the elite establishment who have never liked him. jason chaff etc., a marco rubio supporter. kelly ayolt, trump is rung against them. agree, it may be news. there is a whole other side that isn't being covered. >> what do you think is not covered about hillary clinton? >> fume russ. >> name one thing. >> this whole week, trump tacks, trump taxes, why was it 1995 released, there was a reason it was 1995. we can get into that later. but trump's taxes, now this controversy of inappropriate things. we knew that a year ago, an
2:49 pm
august 6th, mr. trump, you say inappropriate things t. voters understood that, we don't agree with it. we want a stronger society. he is very imperfect. >> you will be with me on the other side of this break. patty will be in here. much more from walk university t. site of tomorrow night's debate coming up. but first, we have to jump to this. this week, cnn's hero, we want you to mete jeff payne. >> a lot of parents would not toss their kids a gun and tell them to have fun. many don't think twice of throwing the dhar keys. we throw them out on the road and be prepared to handle every situation. that's just not the case. we're doing our job to make a difference and make the roads safer for all of us. >> all right. we have to get a break if. mom,
2:50 pm
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back with my panel now. hillary clinton's former campaign manager from 2008 is with us. andy dean, former president of trump productions and a donald trump supporter. patty, to you. we saw just moechments ago, don
2:54 pm
trump moving in a defiant clear move to his supporters, getting high fives and cheers from his supporters. not just men, women in the crowd too. we see him defy the odds time and time again in this presidential race. what tells you it is different this time? >> i think it remains to be seen at this point but donald trump's problem is he needs to expand that support. he needs to reach out to women, minorities, african-americans, hispanics. the only way he can win the presidency is to win white, educated women and right now with what's happened in the last 36 hours, there's no way he can do that. >> andy dean, there have been indications from him he would bring up bill clinton, a former president's indiscretions in the debate. does he do that tomorrow night and should he given the developments of the last 24 hours? >> i wouldn't recommend it because the american public are well aware of what bill and
2:55 pm
hillary did in the 1990s. i mean, that is out there. what i would bring up are things like the clinton foundation's connections to the middle east and uma abedin. >> why would you bring her up? >> this is something that may not get reported, but she did write for a magazine that was anti-american. >> actually, andy, she's listed on the contributor as something she rarely, rarely did. also wasn't paid by that publication, and you're also mischaracterizing. >> i'm not. she was part of the magazine that said anti-american things. >> in what capacity? >> it was an imam. >> what did she write? >> i'll tell you the e-mails. >> you're bringing up uma abedin. make your argument. >> i will make the argument if you want. in this magazine, it's said
2:56 pm
claiming america for 9/11. if women dress provocatively, they can invite violence among themselves. that's what was in the magazine. it's worthy of exploration. >> it's not true. >> these are facts. i'm saying, 99% of the time is devoted to trump's this, trump that. can't we figure out who hillary clinton's main chief of staff might be and her links to this magazine? >> i have a second rebuttal. >> it's just not true. it's just not true. untrue. >> read it. >> we're out of time. thank you very much. thank you for watching. i'm poppy harlow. i'll see you back at the top of the hour. "smerconish" is now.
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i'm michael smerconish coming to you from the keystone state of pennsylvania. this is a remarkable day and in any other cycle, you'd surely be saying, he's done. here's a live picture of trump tower an hour ago. donald trump emerge to chants of "usa, usa." we've got a month until election day. the huge town hall debate


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