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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  October 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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top of the hour, 7:00 p.m. eastern, i'm poppy harlow coming to you live from the campus of washington university. the site of the second presidential debate tomorrow. right here tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. eastern. what a debate it will be. the people behind me are certainly very excited for the debate, but we do begin tonight with breaking news. donald trump gets quite the
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welcome during a surprise appearance outside of trump tower just a short time ago, the crowd there chiefing and chanting his name, watching this. you might not think this is a candidate in crisis mode. a man whose exposed video just surfaced where he made vulgar remarks and spoke of kissing, groping, and having sex with married women and also about grabbing women's genitals. >> trump also tweeting this the media and the establishment want me out of the race so badly. i will never drop out of the
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race and i will never let my supporters down. those at the top of the party, including house speaker paul ryan, wish he would drop out of the race. this list of people speaking out against him continues to grow. trump released a video where he apologized and then attacked the clintons. >> i never said i'm perfect or pretended to be someone i'm not. i have said and done things i roadw regret. the words on this decade old video today is one of them. i said it, i was wrong, and i apologize. i have said some foolish things, but there is a big difference between the words and actions of other people. bill clinton has abused women and hillary has bullies, attacked, ashamed, and
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intimidated his victims. we'll discuss this more in the coming days, see you at the debate on sunday. the debate is just about 24 hours away. trump is staying inside of trump tower. he is preparing for the debate tomorrow, the mood there has been described as deathcon five. we will see nothing would seem as expected for this entire election. you will hear donald trump on a hot mic talking to billy bush. it has language that is graphic and offensive. >> i moved on her. i moved on her and i failed, i did try to [ bleep ] her, she was married. this was and i moved on her very
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heavily, i took her out furniture shopping, she wanted to get some furniture and i said i'll show you. i moved on her like a -- but i could not get there, and she was married. and now i see her and she has the big phony tits. your girl is hot as in the purple. >> you have to look at -- you are a piece -- thumbs up. >> look at you. you and i will walk in. >> oh my god. maybe it is a different one. >> it better not be. >> yeah, that's her with the gold. i have to use some tic tacs in case i start kissing her.
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i just attracted to beautiful women. i just start kissing them. when you're a star you can do whatever you want. >> there you have part of that 2005 tape. there you have part of that 2005 just released. we learned that hillary clinton will not respond to this tape until the debate tomorrow night. that is what her camp is saying. her campaign's top lower tonight assuring clinton's team that there is no way that the republicans can take trump off of the top of the ticket. there has been more and more talk today about putting mike pence at the top of the ticket. i want to to video of rudy giuliani just moments ago leaving trump tower. the former mayor of new york city, who has been a huge surrogate for trump tower, let's listen in.
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>> will you be at the debate tomorrow? >> will he be at the debate tomorrow? >> of course. >> is there anything that can happen now that would convince you he should drop out? >> there is nothing that will cause his dropping out. that is a wishful thinking of the clinton campaign and those people who have opposed him for a long time. he is in the race to win and he is going to. >> what do you think of republicans that are backing -- >> they largely didn't support him in the first place, it's not much of a surprise. they were all republicans who opposed him and didn't support him in the past. most of the people that turned on him are members of the establishment. i receive this as if you want change in washington, vote for donald trump. if you want to keep things the
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same -- >> there you have it, the former mayor of new york city. a big name surrogate saying trump is in it to win it. he said if you want change, you elect trump. defiance from the trump campaign the reaction from the people. rudy juliagiuliani is saying th don't care about the establishment we care about the voice of the people. >> what i can tell you is that people say it has calmed down a little bit. the big crowd that were outside of trump tower, they're mostly gone now, there are still tourists outside taking photos, but really things have quieted down a good amount. and i wonder if part of this is
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because donald trump himself, as you saw a little while ago, came out to personally greet his supporters. it really doesn't get better than that. the fact that he came out and revel in the fact that there was dozens and dozens of supporters outside of trump tower all day showing their support. trump has been huddling with his closest advisors. this is a meeting that has been going on all day figuring out how they can move on from the controversy and maintain the tremendous fallout that we have seen the campaign suffer from rudy jougiuliani, donald trump , they were all spotted going inside, but rudy giuliani left trump tower, and chris christie was leaving. so things may be winding down and all of the attention is on
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tomorrow night in st. louis when trump and clinton will face off for the second time. all of the issues swirling around the campaign for the last tour hours, they're likely to come up on the debate stage tomorrow. things are starting to wind down here at trump tower. >> a huge night. it is also the first time we have been able to hear from hillary clinton. >> thank you very much, let's take a moment and consider these names. the speaker of the house, john ryan, john kasich, the governor of ohio, one of the last ones in the republican primary, arnold schwarzenegger. senator john mccain, and condoleezza rice. they're all big republican names not standing by trump. they're jump set and offended by his language and behavior. they say they will no longer vote for him or support him on election day. my panel is here with me.
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thank you all for being here. 48 hours ago i do not think we thought this is what we would be talking about. sitting in front of the site of tomorrow night's debate. this is bigger than any one person. this is a moment you say we haven't even seen in modern elections. >> we'll remember this for a long time. basically a civil war is breaking out in the republican ranks. you have an avalanche of topnotch republicans saying they cannot support trump. at the same time, trump is rallying the people. and that event outside of trump tower, that was defiant. and -- >> he came out with his hand up. >> his fist up, basically he is recasting this as the people versus the elites and it's a war. i will fight on. i think he feels his one way out
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of this is to rally people behind him and force his way through. >> i have been so keen to hear, and we will hear for awhile, is from kellyann conway. his third campaign manager. a woman, what will her voice be in this, what does she say? >> i think everyone is waiting to see how he does on that debate stage here tomorrow night in that town hall where we imagine this will come up and it will be a delicate situation. and i think everyone is waiting to see -- to establish what comes out of that, and how kellyann conway spins it. she has been on our air touting trump, being the donald trump whisperer in some ways, and was very much brought in to massage his image, particularly with women and it has not worked, right? it's hard to imagine she could
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spin this in a way that makes it go away. and it's not only with women. when we look at his numbers, he is getting support among men across the board and even with those non-college whites as well. those supporters as well. so it is hard to see what kellyann conway can say to make this better, and to make it go away. >> she is the one that got him back on script. >> she was the first 20 or 30 minutes of the last debate. many people thought that was the kellya nshlgs n effect. think about last republicans, that's living republican presidents. four of the five standard barers have walked away from this man. george h.w., george w, john mccain, walking away. bob dole we have not heard from
4:13 pm
yet. put this in context for us. >> i think if you take a quick step back. we're really here because donald trump said he could sexually assault a woman and get away with it because of his power. we all know that is crass, wrong, unlawful, and if you're a suburban father, a husband, it doesn't matter, that is inflaming people right now. presidents or nominees. they have to acknowledge they didn't have a personal relationship with him. >> giuliani said they didn't like us anyway. those who are not backing us, they were never really really
4:14 pm
there. they came came out and said they're withdrawing their endorsement and that is powerful. >> do you think they will in the next couple days? >> here is the reason why. democrats are starting to put pressure on them. if you're in a tough race, are you're going to face him. they will have to face their opponents and explain why they're still backing donald trump. that is hard. and then the senators in trouble. >> not to mention, the man next to donald trump on the ticket, mike pence refusing to go to wisconsin today, refusing to stand next to paul ryan. today they're saying you own this, i'm not speaking for you. >> pence had been speaking for donald trump, right? he had been, you know his
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conduit. i think since he is pulling back that is significant. republicans think -- the republicans i talk to think there is more to come, right? there could be something out there that is worse than what we already know and perhaps that's will get others going. >> stay with me, david, mark, nia, this is a special edition of washington university. ♪ we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love.
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comments about women. it including john kasich. condoleezza rice, arnold schwarzenegger. pressure is mounting on the rnc to dump trump, but with less than 31 days, is it possible in joining me now is jamie, i want to dig into the funding. money and funding is so critical in this election. you're reporting that some republican sources are talking about the option of ending something known as the joint funding agreement, what is that and what would it look like? what would the implications be? >> this is the legal agreement between the rnc and the campaign to jointly fundraise. the word i kept hearing all day was disgusted and frustrated that republican sources say are
4:20 pm
ending them. a certain percentage of the money they raise goes to trump and a certain amount goes to the rnc. the reason for this is two words, down ballot. if they ended it, the rnc could focus fundraising exclusively on the critical down ballot races and encourage donors who are no longer writing checks. after this week, maybe even less inclined to write checks. it could give them leverage with trump, the rnc, and also might help them financially with do down ballot races that they're desperate about. >> also tonight, jamie we'll see what happens on that front, also tonight, we're hearing really for the first time in this race from condoleezza rice.
4:21 pm
>> right there are some fanames you showed up there on the chart that were not a surprise. condoleezza rice said donald trump should not be president. i hope to support someone that has the dignity and stature to run for the highest office in the greatest democracy on earth. i can tell you this was stunning to those of us who know her. people have been reaching out to her. this entire campaign, and she said i'm not going to get involved, i'm staying out of this, that she would speak out is really a big deal. for her to get involved in this. >> and she begins with enough and many exclamation marks. the first time we have heard from condoleezza rice the entire
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giuliani said. more and more republican leaders are withdrawing their support from trump or to distance themselves from him. joining me is caylee and patty. thank you both for being here. let me begin with you, you came out right away last night. you said i support donald trump but he has to apologize. have we felt contrition from him in that taped apology? >> yes, he said tomorrow i will be a better man. he said he regrets this moment in his life. he apologizes. i think to convince people who are not supporters, he needs to have a moment that he says from
4:27 pm
his gut and heart. >> in his statement, he didn't mention any of the women that he not only offended, but talked about sexual assaults. using his power to grab o woman's genitals. he didn't talk about the women. >> i don't think he needs to name every woman in america for his apology -- >> he apologized for the statement, he took it back, for me two apologies is good enough. he made the written statement as well. other people may need three, four, five, six apologies. that's why i think storm night is the moment to connect and apologize from his gut. >> so let's say that happens, that's probably what his campaign is telling him to do right now. we'll see, right? if he does that, you know hillary clinton's mind inside and out, you ran her campaign eight years ago, how does he
4:28 pm
respond? >> i think if he does that tomorrow night, it is too little too late. first he referenced locker room banter which to me translates to boys will be boys which is unacceptable. we're talking about sexual assault. the second apology he looked like he was being held hostage and forced to say those words, say he was sorry. he was very defiant, then he brought in attacks his opponent again. i think even if he is remorseful and more contrite, i think it is a little too late. trump put out a few tweets, i don't know if we can pull it up, but he said -- he pointed his finger at us, the media and the establishment. he says the media and the establishment want me out of this race and i will never get
4:29 pm
out. michelle bachmann said the media was complicit -- >> we never called on trump to withdrawal from the race these are his fellow republicans. >> but it's not up to the media, it's up to the american people, it's really frustrating -- >> i think it is very frustrating all along the way. this is a legitimate thing that needed to be discussed. his comments were inexcusable. legitimate to cover it. but i think the frustration comes in the fact that every step of the way it's donald trump will not get to 1237 and if he does we'll change the rules. it's been a backlash from the media and the republican establishment.
4:30 pm
i think that is his frustration, that being said again, he apologized twice, i need tomorrow he needs to do it a shirt time. >> what will we hear from hillary clinton tomorrow night. her campaign made it clear she is not going to say anything until she takes the stage. >> the story is taking on a life of it's own. but i think tomorrow night she needs to condemn donald trump. >> she needs to stand up for the wiem of the country. i think she is going to speak for women of the united states and condemn him. >> if trump brings up bill clinton's indiscretions? >> bill clinton is not on the ballot. it's about him and his actions. live from st. louis on the special edition of cnn news room. donald trump spending the day
4:31 pm
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...absorbent core turns liquid to gel. i know i'm wearing it but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks. welcome back, we're live tonight, just over 24 hours from hillary clinton and donald trump facing off in their second head to head debate. right now the story playing out at trump tower in new york. take a look. that was the scene just a short time ago. trump made a surprise appearance tonight, they are cheering despite a video of him being exposed about him making vulgar
4:35 pm
and explicit comments about him grabbing a woman's genitals. the trump campaign is if anything defiant. rudy giuliani just spoke to moments after leaving. >> will he be at the debate tomorrow? >> is there anything that could happen that would make him drop out? >> there is nothing that would cause his dropping out. that is wishful thinking of the clinton campaign. and those people who have opposed him for a long time, he is in the race to win. >> what do you think of so many fellow republicans backing up. >> they largely didn't support him in the first place, so it's
4:36 pm
not much of a surprise. they opposed him and didn't support him in the past, and this is the insiders against the outsiders anyway. donald trump is the populous candidate. most of the people that turned on him are members of the establishment. i receive this as "if you want change in washington, you vote for donald trump. if you want to keep things the same you vote for hillary clinton." >> thank you, thank you. >> thank you. >> there you have it, rudy giuliani saying that trump is in it to win it. trump says he is vowing to stay in the race. my panel is joining me now, thank you all for being here. douglas to you, take me back to the election of 1912, an election that -- >> in 1912, theodore roosevelt split the republican party in
4:37 pm
two, punished william howard taft, and tr came in second. woodrow wilson who was not that popular to win, if you combined taft with roost selt, but they split the party. >> to me, this is like 1968. the states that trump will win are the south and that has always been that vote, it doesn't really go away. it a peered in 1972. he is a movement politiciapolitt a republican. >> and rudy giuliani said just that. this is the insiders versus the outsiders and you call this unprecedented? >> yeah, i think 1912 was more
4:38 pm
personalities, teddy roosevelt was very happy to practice the pau split. and it was so clearly, he wants to go after the establishment, the republican party, and the media. he is lumping them together. >> that works for the voters that already loved him, it doesn't help him get more voters on board. >> that has always been his problem, right? if you look back to the gop occupation, it stood for growth and opportunity project. trump is not a growth and opportunity project to expand the group of people they're already getting. and you see him doing poorly with people they normally get. hillary clinton is very
4:39 pm
competitive with voters over 65. and what started in the minutes after that debate, when people saw he lost that debate, and you see that showing up in the polls, some of his support just starting to faulter. >> can mike pence save donald trump? with the likelihood of mike pence getting on the top of the ticket is nil at this time. >> it's small. >> can he help trump pull through on this? >> no, i think only donald trump can do that. and that is why so much hinges on this the second debate. a lot of republicans feel that if donald trump remains on the top of the ticket, he will take himself down, if they lose the senate, they might lose the house, and they think the honorable thing though do, and i happen to agree with this, is for him to withdrawal.
4:40 pm
and that is one way that he can say -- does he not feel he owes anything to the republican party? >> no, he said he is not going to. a lesson from history want to, what is it? >> in 1972 we had water gagate, was all on the news, it was right before the election, it didn't hurt nixon, but there was no tapes. trump disgraced himself. the party is fleeing in groves right now. women first got the right to vote in 1920, it has been a long movement. this is a gift, this tape we have been watching over and over again showing him as a sexually predator. we're on a campus, where they're teaching men in dormitories and athletic teams not to act like donald trump did. this is not 1992 with bill clinton any more. this is an era of women and
4:41 pm
equality and trump is flunking out but in the end his brand is not tarnished, it's the g.o.p. and republicans, the joint forces carrying the taint of trump with him for the rest of their lives. >> so many leaning members pulling as far away from him as they can tonight. thank you all, we appreciate it. much more after this live from washington university, the site of the debate tomorrow night, just about 24 hours away. a quick break and we're back on the other side.
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welcome back, donald trump caught on a hot mic making vulgar comments about kissing, groping, and trying to have sex with married women. it's not the first time that trump has talked about women in a way to raise eyebrows. we have dug through clips of him on howard stern's show, and we have found comments on him having sex with women on their menstrual cycles, to only caring for thin women. this is a recording from april of 2005. >> you go in this pageant, you meet the girls, and one of them
4:46 pm
says mr. trump you're sexy, you're a powerful man, right, i want to sleep with you. you're not the type that would say no. >> i don't want to hurt their feelings. >> but you see a beautiful woman, you want to have that -- >> couldn't that be construed as a conflict? >> it could be a conflict of interest but you think about that later on. >> how could it not be construed? >> some of the foreign girls. mr. trump, in my country we say hello with our vagina. >> i will go backstage before a show, everyone is getting dressed and ready, and i'm the owner, i'm inspecting it, i'm like a doctor -- is everyone okay, you know -- they have no
4:47 pm
clothes, and you see incredible looking women, so i sort of get away with things like that. cnn reached out to the trump camp and did not get any comment. earlier this week he was asked about his lewd comments on stern and told a las vegas news station that "a lot of that was done for the purpose of entertainment. there's nobody that has more respect for women than i do." my colleague andrew kaczynski is here with me. welcome to cnn. 31 days out from quite an election. you hear more and more about trump, in one of these you are talking about his own daughter and her appearance, what did you find? >> they represent about 17 years worth of sort of crude, public sex talk that donald trumped that with howard stern over a
4:48 pm
period from 1993 to 2010. you see him making a lot of comments that were very much in line with that bombshell 2005 clip that we saw on friday evening. he talks about women's appearances. you know says all sorts of really gross things. on numerous occasions talked about his own daughter's appearance. saying she had -- if she had breast implants and that she was always voluptous. >> i'm going out with a girl who is maybe 21, and it's like they are studying algebra. 30 is like a perfect age. >> too much life experience. >> at 35 it is "check-out time."
4:49 pm
>> so, andrew, he is speaking about his daughter, he in one of the clips gave howard stern, seemingly, permission to use that derogatory language about his own daughter, is that right? >> that's right, he basically asked permission to call her a piece of ass and he says yes. besides that clip, there is all sorts of other stuff, there is really gross nasty conversation about tiger woods. there is a conversation about paula jones. he says she should have run faster from bill. there are clips where he talks about -- stern talks about trump
4:50 pm
saying he was shocked that trump was face full into there are all of these comments so when you look at them in the context of the 2005 clip, he is making those public comments that are very much the same as his private comments. >> andrew, you've an investigative reporter and have been doing a lot of digging throughout this election cycle. what has surprised you the most from a journalistic style point in terms of what you found in these tapes. 17 years' worth, as you said. >> what's very shocking that i found is that sort of that donald trump talked about women in this way for just -- i mean going back two decades. so we see donald trump, you know, talking the same about women in the 1990s where he says crude things to the latest clips in our article were 2010. and it's interesting to a lot of
4:51 pm
people because trump has blamed these comments saying that he was just doing entertainment. but a lot of trump's comments came, you know, before "the apprentice" which he has very publicly said these comments were a part of his persona. so this playboy persona that he was blaming for these comments, he had way back in the '90s. >> andrew kaczynski with the k file, welcome to cnn. thank you for the reporting. just point folks to and see much more of andrew's reporting so much. coming up, i do have some tragic news tonight out of palm springs, california. we have just learned that two police officers there have been shot -- two of them who had been shot have died. three officers shot in total, two dead. details ahead. using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit...
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breaking news tonight out of palm springs, california. that is where three police officers were shot today. we have just learned that two of those officers have died from the injuries they sustained in that shooting. not many details are in yet, but we are told the police were responding to a domestic disturbance in the palm springs area when the gunfire broke out. we will update you when we know more. two police officers have been shot and killed today in palm springs, california.
4:56 pm
a third officer wounded. details as soon as they come in to cnn. thank you for being with us tonight for a special live eition of "cnn newsroom" from washington university here in st. louis. my thanks to the university for having us. up next on cnn, my colleague, wolf blitzer, picks up our special live coverage right ahead of the second presidential debate here tomorrow night. i'm poppy harlow. have a good night. there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. and better than that diabetes pill i used to take.
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happening now, breaking news. complete chaos. in a show of defiance, donald trump greets supporters while the republican party goes into meltdown over his stunningly vulgar and sexually aggressive remarks. as gop lawmakers abandon their nominee, there are growing calls for him to drop out. not backing down. trump says there is zero chance he'll quit the race and even his video statement of regret shows a willingness to fight as he quickly turns to attacking hillary clinton over his husband's sex scandals. even more audio. cnn uncovers more shocking comments from donald trump, crude and demeaning conversations about women, including his own daughter, that aired over a 17-year period on shock jock howard stern's radio show. welcome to this special edition of "cnn newsroom," america's choice


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