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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 10, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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campaign events. >> mike pence is a loser. i hate his guts. i call him puny pence. >> cecily strong, i adore you. jost, thanks for the tickets. "saturday night live," we'll be watching next weekend. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" starts now. >> thanks, brooke. i need to issue a parental advisory. i'm going to be discussing the presidential race on the show today so you might want to have your children go outside and play. "the lead" starts right now. in ugly business, we may have just witnessed the ugliest presidential debate yet. hillary clinton not taking the bait, however, and today polls say she might have won the debate. trump coming out firing, even threatening to jail his political opponent, but did his performance last night save a campaign that was already torpedoed by a tape? plus, this breaking news in the politics lead.
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paul ryan, the highest-ranking elected official, basically telling everyone in his party, ditch donald trump if you need to. so why won't he? good afternoon, everyone, welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're in uncharted waters these days, the speaker of the house today telling his fellow republicans that he would no longer defend his party's presidential nominee, and instead would entirely focus on trying to save the republican majority in the u.s. house, paul ryan giving every republican member of congress permission to unendorse trump if need be. since friday, republican officials have been fleeing from donald trump after that video leak from 2005 as he was filmed saying, grabbing them by the [ bleep ] because i can do anything. trump down to 35% of likely
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voters nationally, trailing hillary clinton by 11 points in a matchup. speaking of ryan clearly making this calculation that the league tape, in which he was talking about sexually assaulting women, it's just too toxic for trump to survive. >> that's right. enough was enough for paul ryan who, of course, as you know, jake, full well has really st g struggled with this donald trump endorsement, but he really the last few weeks had gotten behind donald trump, dismissing controversies such as whether or not he's paid taxes for the last 18 years. i asked him a few weeks ago about his feud with beauty queen alicia machado, and he even downplayed that. but not anymore. on this conference call with republicans today, he said, quote, you all need to do what's best for your district. he said the only thing he's going to be worrying about for the next 29 days is saving the
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congressional majority for the republicans. he said no longer is he going to defend donald trump. instead he's just going to focus on raising money and campaigning for his own colleagues downed ballot. that did not go over well with conservative republicans who pushed back very hard and said, we need to be united and this is going to foster division. but one thing, jake, paul ryan said he would still endorse donald trump and probably still vote for him at this time but just not change his vote. things will keep coming up, jake. he was talked about like a man who went down with the titanic. they had hoped his debate performance would halt that.
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sara is in pennsylvania. the trump campaign has always had a rocky road with paul ryan. on twitter he doesn't seem happy. >> reporter: that's right, donald trump is not exactly taking this graciously, and he took to twitter saying paul ryan should take more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste time fighting a republican nominee. here in pennsylvania, you can see donald trump has already started behind me, already talking about crooked hillary, already bringing up her e-mails as he tries to bring attention to her and away from his own campaign stumbling. donald trump made this much clear on the debate stage. he's willing to try anything to pull his campaign out of a tailspin. >> bill clinton was abusive to women. hillary clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously for them here today.
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he still tries to hold hillary clinton for allegations of sexual harassment and assault against her husband. >> he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses. . my friend michelle obama advised me, when they go low, you go high. >> trump aims to take the focus off the videotape where he speaks of sexual assault. >> i apologize to the families, i apologize to the american people. i'm not proud of it, but this is locker talk. >> a news poll taken after the comments were made but before the debate shows clinton leading by 11 points, with 46% of the vote to trump's 35%. as he tries to inflict mental damage on clinton sunday night.
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>> it's just good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> and even referred to her as the devil. >> i was so surprised to see him sign on with the devil. >> while some of the debate left a sour taste in those who were already president is a. ghaes? >> and clinton alley. it's already reassuring trump's running mate, who insists he never considered dropping off the ticket. >> it's absolutely false to suggest that at any point in time we considered dropping off this ticket. it's the greatest honor of my life to have been nominated by
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my party to be the next vice president of the united states of america. >> but last night a vicious. if it continues to aid syria. trump said it will do no such thing. plenty of republicans are still grappling with how they are going to navigate donald trump for the next 30 days. i spoke to one republican leader, the ohio republican chairman, and he spoke today and saided you can't try to distance yourself from your comments. they were your comments and you have to own it. jake? >> thank you so much. let's bring in our panel to discuss this. david gergen, david axelrod, and
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long-time correspondent with abc news, my dear friend ann compton. let me start with you. they released the first audiotape of donald trump. hillary clinton 46%, donald trump 35%, gary johnson 9%, jill stein 2. do you know how serious she has hurt donald trump? >> it's certainly at the trough of that controversy, but even if he kbroofz, nobody is gathered billed sef just to put this in perspective, no one has won by double digits, i think, since ronald reagan in 1984. this is in a four-way that she's up by 11.
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in the two-way she's up by 14. what's alarming to president kl candidates. they jump from 3% to 7%, which is a really, he really concerning number. that's why you saw paul ryan stepping out as he did told. >> and the poll shows trump dragging down republicans across the country. now they say they want democrats and power on the hill. john weaver tweeted, thanks to trump and his fellow travelers nbc will win in a landslide with both hillary accompanied by -- do you think they'll lose because of donald trump? is this a truly positive scenario here snl many.
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>> he's still got another debate nejts. i talked to mrs. clinton about you would be in jail, that's a strong echo from his convention where the shouts of "lock her up" just resonated through the convention hall. he's still got some fight left in him. but i don't think he's down the ticket, either. >> david, a moment from last night getting a lot of attention, as ann just referenced, trump. take a listen. >> p i didn't think i'd say that, but i'm going torz to get a special prosecutor to.
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some there has never been so many lies, such deception. there's never been anything like it and we'll have a special prosecutor. >> daifrvid, i don't need to red you, when richard nixon came to come in, he told them to fire some escalators recall. thought it was his best moments for trump in the debate. >> it ended the. under the law, the president can confess, butment. . checks had to be put around the president of the united states. so for him tlog and in and of himself. he never spent an hour and aim
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half studying, who would it be? if i were president, you would be in jail. i'm going to point to you that it's way outside the mainstream. that's the language of a 10-pot dictator. it's trying to suppress the opposition. we see that in other countries, but we never imagine we would see it in the united states, and i think that's one of the reasons that so many people today are embarrassed about this debate, that it went so low. it felt like so much mudslinging. i'm not sure americans want a third debate. >> steve schmidt, one of the top strategists for john smith in wait. the wreckage will take a substantial amount of time to pick up. there will be a restoration but it's going to rg revealed
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himself to the american people. that even if trump loses, it's going to be that catastrophic for the republican party? >> i honestly think it's going to be hard for them to lose the house just because there aren't that many competitive races and democrats need to pick up 30 seats. could happen, but more likely you'll have a narrower house and a remember are moderately, but i think the republican party has a tremendously different situation here because sufld. then you have this rabbit trunk faction. anybody who thinks drumpl is going to, on election night,
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reanswer in this debate any longer. he hasn't been studying the man. i think the republican party has been using a lot here. >> and he mentioned warren buffett, who is a clinton supporter. warren buffett today says trump takes advantage of this and he has not. he writes, quote, i have pald ld of all 72 of my returns and. i guess the big question, ann, is does it even matter and warren buffet a. does that matter? >> probably not those who are going to the positively ds rs fl r there may not.
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there is no question that the republican party is fll. they'll have to contend with millions of americans who vote for donald trump and where do they go after november? >> that's the big question, ann, david and david, thank you so much. a cnn poll showing clinton won the debate. it was a poll that had a leaning of democratic viewers of the debate, but is it too late -- too soon, rather, for hillary clinton to take a victory lap? that story next. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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start gathering the information you need... to roll into sixty-five with confidence. welcome back to "the lead." let's continue with our politics lead and hillary clinton's attempt to flip the script with e-mails put out by wikileaks. today she called the hack disgra disgraceful. this after clinton's high road approach last night, but now she's trying to keep up momentum. jeff zelany joins me from ohio where trump is about to speak.
1:20 pm
jeff, what is she saying about this high road strategy? >> she is not keeping height ro -- the high road, at least not entirely. she went through what she talked about at the debate last night. she's trying to fire up democrats, of course, and also trying to reach out to republicans. today it seemed like she was taking a victory lap, but a cautious one. ♪ hillary clinton back on the campaign trail tonight trying to capitalize on her rise in political fortunes. >> did anybody see that debate last night? [ cheering ] >> well, you never saw anything like that before. >> reporter: a bitter and bruising debate with donald trump behind her, clinton is all smiles writing her new momentum to michigan and ohio. >> trump is spending his time
1:21 pm
fighting when he should be apologizing. >> reporter: in a series of new television ads she's featuring republicans standing against trump, offering a path for mothers and fathers to join. >> i've been republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs and bimbos. >> my son max can't live in trump borworld, so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. >> clinton came to the campaign trail with a far brighter landscape. a news poll gives her an 11-point lead over trump in a four-way race. for the next 29 days, she's pressing her case as she did sunday in sait. louis, starting with trump's temperament. >> prior nominees for president, i disagreed with them, politics, policies, principles. but i never questioned their fitness to serve. donald trump is different. >> a cnn poll of people who
1:22 pm
watched death bathe debate say clinton won. 34% say trump did. but clinton with a 49% advantage of men over 64% of women. after wikileaks published hat campaign e-mails, clinton also confronted her old words in paid speeches she gave, saying politicians often have a position on one issue. she mounted the abe lincoln defense. >> as i recall, that was something i said about abraham lincoln after having seen the wonderful steven spielberg movie called "lincoln." it was a master class watching president lincoln get the congress to approve the 13th amendment. >> she lied. now she's blaming the lie on the late, great abraham lincoln.
1:23 pm
that's one that i haven't heard. >> now, jake, i talked to more than one democrat today who was rolling their eyes at that abe l lincoln defense. i'm not sure we'll ever hear that line from her again. what the clinton campaign is doing now is looking at the potential to expand their map, to see if there is a way to capitalize on donald trump's shortcomings in arizona or georgia, but she's also trying to get democrats to vote. it's the second to last day to register. tomorrow is the final one. jake? trump may have stopped some of the bleeding with his debate performance last night, but did he improve his chances in the key battleground states at all? plus, the internet star of last night's debate isn't donald trump, it isn't hillary clinton, it's ken bohn. who is ken bohn?
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back to "the lead." just 29 days until the election. let's check in on cnn's map showing the path of the 227 electoral votes. we're now only seeing four states that are leaning neither one way or the other. florida, north carolina, nevada, ohio. all of them are up for grabs. every other state seeming to be a trump state or a clinton state. even if trump, however, sweeps all of these four states that are up for grabs, sorry, that's not enough electoral votes. let's talk more about this with our political panel. david tharenfold broke the trump audio tape. a lot of people not happy with
1:29 pm
you, david, because of the bad language. first i have to ask in terms of the scoop, are there more tapes coming? do you know of women who are going to say that, yes, he actually did these things that he claims in the tape? >> well, there's been women now in the record before this that have said in various stories that sort of thing had happened, and i think we're getting more reports that we're trying to run down of new people that said this happened to them in the past. it would not surprise me, or us, for new people to confirm that what donald trump said he had done he did do. >> the clinton campaign is trying to expand the map, trying to play arizona and missouri. the governor for missouri didn't even go to the debate in their own state. could clinton really win in
1:30 pm
missouri and arizona? >> they can expand the map. the republican electorate has changed the campaign. we've seen ohio, the numbers being decent. i joked that he would be the disruptor who would disrupt too much and he would lose everything but ohio and florida. that may be where we end up here. because he has significant downsides, and although she does, he's not deft enough to beat her at this point. >> david, wikileaks released another trove of hacked e-mails from clinton's campaign staffers. in one of the e-mails, chelsea clinton is called a spoiled brat, another one saying when clinton should come out with the keystone pipeline in order not to make it an issue with the
1:31 pm
enviros. did any of this strike you as newsworthy? >> my colleagues are going through it, still. there is nothing in there they've found so far beyond what you mentioned. there is nothing in there that shows hillary clinton in a whole new light or puts the race in some new position. i think these are the sort of things people thought they already knew about hillary clinton. these things are being confirmed. >> that might be one of the problems with these wikileaks, for instance, with the trove that was released last time showing clinton was cozy with wall street bankers, and maybe she had a private position or a public position even if you excuse it with the lincoln movie. these are are things people thought about hillary clinton and it might be baked in a little bit. >> but trump is baked in, too. i think she might be trying to get the bernie folks back on, trying to get them not only voting for her but volunteering and things. the problem is trump doesn't have a ground game. he has from the rnc which is very doubtful now if they want to work with him at all to some
1:32 pm
degree. i think, again, the american people are always weighing, who is the worst of these candidates? and it's thea tough call. >> david, i just have to ask. when you got this tape on friday, what was your reaction when you saw it? did you just think, holy cow? or perhaps more fitting words that would fit in with the theme of the tape? or did you have any idea it was going to be this explosive? >> i knew it was going to be big. i didn't think it was going to be this big. certainly the language in there is so different than we've heard trump use. the key thing to me was the fact that it was private meant so much. we've seen trump in public say outrageous things, things that would have killed off mitt romney or some other republican candidate in years past. what was different here was he wasn't playing a role, there was no showmanship, he was talking to a few men in private talking about seemingly what he did and had done. i knew it would be powerful but not as big as it turned out to
1:33 pm
be. >> part of what made it powerful for me, because i'm not surprised he talks like this, is that it actually wasn't that private. he was mi irkmiked up in what, him, is a private setting. he was with guys he didn't know that well. it wasn't like he was chatting with a buddy or in a locker room. that to me is where it crossed into, what the heck is going on here? >> yeah, it was odd, and we've debated this and discussed this at length, but i don't know of any locker room where anybody talks like that. i've never heard any man talk that way. david, you're a man. have you ever heard anyone talk that way? >> no. people call it locker room talk, and i think the implication was he was just using naughty words or he was talking about women and appraising their a attractiveness. that wasn't this. he was saying, here's what i do to women. i grope them and i can because i'm famous. that's not the kind of thing you hear in any locker room.
1:34 pm
>> locker rooms are like, give me the bad news, man. >> mary katherine, one thing i want to ask you about, mike pence was at the morning shows, and he was railing against the accusers trying to take a hit at hillary clinton. take a listen. >> i remember the avalanche of scandals that came out of president bill clinton's despicable behavior. even with a 23-year-old intern named monica lewinsky. >> does this win over anybody? i guess that's my question. are there people in northern virginia where you live, in florida, the philly suburbs who think, oh, yeah, good point? >> there's a part of my right winger soul that goes, yes! he should pay a price for this, it should be thrown in their faces. his behavior was critical and he was given a pass. does it reach out to independent voters and college-educated
1:35 pm
women? for the most part, i don't think so, because the american people, like it or not, from people like me, have decided they like bill clinton and that they have forgiven him for this, for the most part. and so i don't think that you are doing anything for bringing up old stuff from their perspective, even though i might think, okay, this is a righteous attack, i'm not sure it's doing you any good. >>. marriage, fidelity, family values are pushed. so why are some still standing behind trump after those remarks in 2005? that next.
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of tomorrow possible. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. welcome back to "the lead." after the leak of that videotape of donald trump boasting of being able to grab the genitals of any woman he wants because as
1:40 pm
a star, quote, you can do anything, some of his staunch defenders are leaders of the religious rite. walt reet says, people of faith are voting on issues like who will protect unborn children. i think a 1450i6 year-old tape of a private conversation with a tv star is low on the list. also still on the board with other evangelical leaders, they have a different take. dr. moore, thank you so much for joining me. good to see you again. >> good to be with you. i'm not drinking yet, jake, but i can't say i'm not tempted. >> dr. moore, is it enough for you that donald trump says he agrees with abortion and religious liberty despite what you heard on the tape and the life he has lived?
1:41 pm
>> what i'm concerned about is the christian evhe hav evangeli they're just waving away shocking things that don't matter at all. over a year ago, hispanic ev evangelicals had been alarmed of why aren't our leaders taking things seriously? now i'm hearing from women repeatedly all over the place, can we really have leaders saying these things don't really matter? to say this is just locker room talk or macho talk or even some supposedly christian leaders who are saying, this is just the way men talk? it's astounding to me. >> it's not the way men talk, just as a factual matter. why do you think that is? why are ralph reed and jerry
1:42 pm
falwell defending him despite the tape and other issues he raised. >> those who are pro life and pro family know hillary clinton are not with us and we can't go in that direction and that way. but that doesn't mean we have to follow another way that is also reckless and horrible. and i think what we're seeing right now is a divide in he h e evangelical christianity that isn't 2016 but is highlighted and shown by 2016. i think it's just leaving a wreckage of cynicism in its wake, and it's going to take us longer to recover from this year than it took us to recover from the scandals of the tv evangelists in the 1980s, i'm afraid. to stand up and say we believe
1:43 pm
in objective truth, for instance, many of the people who have warned us for years about situational ethics and moral relativism are now asking us to practice it. it's really heartbreaking to me. >> dr. moore, one of the things that's so interesting, and i don't know if this struck you as well, so many leaders of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints, so many mormon leaders are practicing what they preach. mitt romney, the governor of utah, congressman love, the desir desi desirae news, strongly supporting donald trump saying this is not what we want but still strongly opposing hillary clinton. when did mormon leaders become stronger in terms of faith of the teachings of jesus christ than christian leaders? >> i think tlhere are a couple reasons for that. first is mormons have never had some sort of illusion that they're the majority culture in the united states. so when latter-day saints see minority religions being
1:44 pm
targeted in terms of their religious freedom in the way that has happened this year, they're alarmed and they're awakened by that. i also think that you have cohesive communities in utah and places like that that, frankly, i completely reject mormon theology, but we ought to learn something about what it means to train up our children in what we believe. and when we look at the sort of fraying and decaying that's going on in the bible belt and around this country when it comes to keeping communities solid, i think that's part of the problem. >> dr. russell moore, always a pleasure to have you. thank you for your time, sir. >> thanks. good to be with you. he won the debate and he didn't even win the lottery. who is ken bohn, and how did seth meyers see his role in this election cycle? seth meyers will visit "the lead," next.
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. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. just five years ago the idea of donald trump running for president seemed far-fetched. here's what comedian seth meyers said, who at the time was the
1:49 pm
writer for "saturday night live" and "weekend update" said it in 2011. >> donald trump said he will run for president in the election, which seems surprising since i thought he was just running as a joke. >> no joke. fast forward now to 2016. meyers is back in the nation's capitol this week hosting late night with seth meyers just in time for the presidential election season. we spoke on friday before the infamous trump tape was leaked. >> let me bring in my friend seth meyers who is host of "late night with seth meyers" with the national broadcasting corporation. thanks for joining us. good to have you here. >> it's nice to be on "the lead." >> you're doing a whole week of shows in d.c. why? >> we had always wanted to take our show on the road. i always liked it when other late night shows went on the road. >> letterman did that. >> late night, conan went to san francisco. we wanted to pick a place that seemed to make sense and
1:50 pm
washington, d.c. seemed to make sense right now. >> with a lejty examination of the recent congressional circus around defunding planned parenthood, meyers took a step towards being one of the more political hosts in late night. if you're looking for a daily replacement for your jon stewart fix, seth meyers might be your man. you have a segment on your show called "i closer looka closer l" it's basically a 10-minute takedown, often of donald trump. >> when we started, it was going to be jokes. but it has turned into the donald trump segment of the show. probably more than we expected, but -- and we tried to do other stuff, but in the 24-hour period between each one, he does so much that we end up doing it more than we thought we would. >> is it just like a -- willie sutton was once asked, famous
1:51 pm
bank robber, why do you rob banks? he said that's where the money is. is that also where the jokes are, or do you see it as a calling to take him down, in a way? >> that's definitely where the jokes are. with that said, this is important right now. the election is what we would be talking about, anyway, but -- so we do think it's important but i don't think we would do it as much if there weren't this many jokes. >> there is a big debate going on in the world of comedy right now. it puts you in somewhat of an awkward position because you are former head writer for "snl" and also you follow jimmy fallon and he's been criticized for being too soft on donald trump. but samantha bee does a show called "full frojntal" on tbs ad here's what she had to say. >> they did sever ties with donald trump. if by severing ties, you call inviting him to a flagship show to tell him how wonderful he is.
1:52 pm
>> why are you hosting "saturday night live"? why? why? >> i don't know! i guess because ratings mean more than brown people? >> this is not a nice thing for me to do because i'm putting you in an awkward position. nbc is where you work and "snl" is is where you come from, but you obviously -- if one had to delynn y delineate, you're obviously on the samantha bee side, not where you stand about donald trump. >> samantha does comedy about politics and we also do comedy about politics. i would say we're similar in y that way. >> do you think a comedian has the responsibility not to normalize a monster or do you think there is something that a
1:53 pm
lot of people do a lot of different ways? >> i think that's best for comedy, if people do it a lot of different ways. i think you want to have the best show possible because i understand -- it doesn't make me super happy, but i understand with what i do every night, i'm alienating part of the audience. i don't necessarily blame them for that, but i also like the fact that for people who come home after a hard day's work who want to watch a late night television show, that a lot of them don't want to hear about politics and i'm glad there's other places for them to go. >> that's interesting you're potentially alienating part of the audience. what does it mean when you might be saying, i need to look ash in the eye versus this is a game of addition not sub stratraction kf thing. >> i think we all have to do the show that's true to us, and i feel like audiences have a real sense of what is authentic and what is inauthentic. i am very much looking forward
1:54 pm
to however this election breaks. i think we will talk about politics less come december, come january, come february. i think that will be fun for my writing staff to have that period of reinvention. but i do think this election is really important, and i care about politics a great deal, so it just made sense and it has been authentic to what we want to do to do what we've been doing. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> you can watch seth meyers tonight at 12:30 a.m. you might recognize one of the guests. coming up, he's the mustached fellow who disposed of the camera that stole our hearts. how ken bohn won the second presidential debate, coming up. ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪ ♪ whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ♪
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all day long my staff and i, we've been ponderring this
1:59 pm
important question. what makes ken bohn so awesome? ken bohn, as you may recall, was the undecided voter in the red sweater who asked the energy question at last night's debate. why do we all find him so charming? is it the red sweater? that was his backup outfit after he says he split his pants to his olive-colored suit. maybe it's the mustache? perhaps it's the disposable camera he used to snap pics after the debate? ken bohn's name started trending on line during the debate, now mr. bohn is making the tv interview rounds. he told cnn earlier today about his new following on twitter. >> i went from last night having seven twitter followers, two of which were my grandmother because she had to remake her account when she forgot her password, to now i have several hundred. i don't know why they care what i have to say but i'm glad they're engaged in the political process. >> he's more awesome than ever just watching that clip.
2:00 pm
that number is more than 30,000 now. and the ken bohn means are every wrch everywhere. there's the ken bohn halloween costume kit complete with glasses and microphone. all joking aside, ken bohn says he's now more undecided than ever after last night's debate, but he is looking forward to the one next wednesday. thank you for watching. happening now, new low. donald trump hits bottom in his debate with hillary clinton, and in a new national poll which has him trailing by double digits, is the trump campaign in freefall and dragging down the republican party with it? ryan's revolt. house speaker ryan says he no longer will defend donald trump and will focus on keeping the republican party's hold in congress. ryan tells republican voters to head for the exits if they need to. expanding the