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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 10, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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so much for apologizapologi donald trump is threatening more personal attacks on hillary clinton if any more damaging tapes of his come out. and he says he'll throw her in jail if he's elected. >> we're going to get a special prosecutor to figure this deal out. [ cheers and applause ] >> i have never been so ashamed of this country as what's gone on with hillary clinton.
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>> but good news tonight, for clinton. she is leading trump in a new national poll by 11 points. a lot to get to in the hour ahead, i'm so glad you joined us. i want to begin with betsy mccoy, the former lieutenant governor of new york who is a trump supporter. and tara setmeyer, she's just a wall flower, she won't say how she really feels. >> i know that's not true. >> no, no. >> mark, i'm going to start with you, explain what happened today, when both paul ryan and the rnc held calls about donald trump. >> we often talk about the schism that is now part of the republican party, it's being fractured because of the donald trump candidacy as well as other factors. we saw paul ryan speaker of the house say in a telephone call with his fellow republicans that he's now just folk going to focus on the congressional majority. he's no longer going to go out
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and defend donald trum. he's telling them, you do what you need to do to try to win in november. >> margaret hoover said she believes that paul ryan is saying in that that donald trump can't win, and he doesn't believe donald trump can win. how are voters and party candidates supposed to read these mixed messages. >> it's difficult. paul ryan tried to thread a really tight political needle here. as a lifelong republican and conservative, i cautioned paul ryan about doing this, the full throttled embrace of donald trump back in may, when he had concerns about it. i said, if you do this, you're going to own all of the baggage we know about, and all the baggage we don't know about that is out there, once the fall comes around of donald trump, and then what do you do? this is exactly the nightmare scenario that a lot of us were
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concerned about, the problem right now is that donald trump's comments, his behavior is indefensib indefensible. the democrats are juxta posing it with republican candidates and associating every single republican with those comments and forcing them to say, are you condoning sexual assault. that's threatening the house majority now, it was a 3% generic ballot for democrats before, it's up to 7 now. >> before i get to betsy, do you think that he can win? >> that's correct. this is -- the exact thing happened in 1996 where haley barbour came out, around the exact same time now, it was 52 to 38, bill clinton was winning, they realized they needed to protect the majority. we can't have the democrats have a blank check, we have to protect our majorities to balance it out. >> you think that's wrong, and all the people who came out on friday and saturday saying, we can't support donald trum am,
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you think they're already regretting it? >> i think they confirm the impression of so many americans that professional politicians are just like rats fleeing at the first sign of trouble. that's exactly what they were. they may be hurt by this. >> first sign of trouble. >> not the first sign. >> how many times have we -- >> i want to make another point too. i abhor lewd language. i don't listen to that kind of thing. hillary clinton when she -- >> i thought you said lewd and baudy language? >> you mentioned rap language? >> i don't think anybody likes that, but those people are not running for president. >> i wanted to point something out. hillary clinton expresses that she finds the language on that bus horrific, but in fact she
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likes language like this, i came to slay [ bleep ] when he f me good, i take it -- >> did she say that? >> that happens to be a line from beyonce. you know what i'm saying to you, theres a lot of hypocrisy in hillary clinton expressing such horror. >> you could 234ri7 that around and say it's hypocrisy in the part of republicans who continue to embrace donald trump. we were supposed to be the party of moral values, family values. so how do republicans maintain that moral high ground if they're saying, i know you are, but what am i, they're worse. >> i don't like it either. but i question hillary clinton. >> as much as i liked hearing you read those lyrics, beyonce's lyrics. >> can we try it again?
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>> as much as i like hearing you say that, hillary clinton did not say those words, donald trump actually said the words. >> as my mom would say, that's a horse of another color. >> you're not advocating sexual assault either. >> last night he doubled down on his excuse saying that, well, it's just locker room banter. you know what's happened today, which is so interesting is that a lot of athletes and coaches from the nba, from major league baseball, from the nfl and more have been coming forward, tweeting. they've been saying no that's not what happens in our locker rooms.
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and i just happen to think that our athletes and our coaches know a lot more about what happens in our locker rooms than donald trump does. >> that's the speech police. >> a lot of school -- >> she's going to tell americans what they should say and what they shouldn't say. it's interesting to watch hillary clinton redefine her campaign, it's not about boosting the economy, it's not about defeating isis, it's a referendum on political correctness. that's what hillary -- >> he's also talking before the same things today, he's not talking about policy, he keeps going over and over this. >> and the voters are getting cheated. >> do you wish he would -- >> yes, he has an excellent. >> then why doesn't he do it because i don't think he really wants to win. he's running a tabloid campaign -- >> let's play shrink here. >> no, it's pretty obvious, he's a narcissist, incapable of empathy. he positioned his campaign
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chairman, who wants to take down the party establishment, and this is what he's zoided to do, the direction he's taking the country in, it is a sad state of affairs. >> we deserve better candidates than both of them. >> he did say he would call for an independent special prosecutor, here's why it's important. >> hillary clinton denied that she had erased those 33,000 e-mails after she was subpoenaed. >> she didn't personally erase them. >> politico ruled her statement false. >> the throwing her in jail part -- >> he was just expressing his opinion. she said he was unfit, he said she belongs in jail. >> it's interesting -- >> a special prosecutor is the right thing to do, because so many americans look at these fancy people like hillary clinton who always seem to allude the law, who don't play by the rules, that is their complaint, the washington
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establishment gets away with murder, and other people who ignore. >> you said the fancy people like hillary clinton. do you think donald trump is fancy? >> he doesn't like the idea that people in washington get away with things, if you or i were subpoenaed to provide material to congress, we would go to jail. >> that's partially -- >> i'm telling you -- >> that part of it is true, except that donald trump is a hypocrite on a lot of these things, given the way he uses our laws and twists them, the fact that -- good for him he's not paying federal taxes, don't sit there and say that -- >> i can open that one too. >> i'm sure you can. >> shocking. i want to talk about this particular -- >> you paid your -- >> he should release his taxes like warren buffett did. >> red wine please. >> is this strategy working for him. >> no, it's not working for him. listen, there are two different
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arguments, we can take the hillary clinton argument and talk about all the problems she has, she does have problems, but the donald trump problem, he's sucking up all the oxygen, he's inflicting all the wounds upon himself. he could be doing 100 times better, had he listened to some of his strategists that are more mainstream. he acknowledged last night he's a politician. he doesn't act like a politician. he acts like a very rogue politician. most successful politicians are those who listen to advisers who know what they're talking about, whether that is about politics or policy, i know people hate washington, i get it, there are a lot of smart people in washington. >> hold your horgss. now i know what i wanted to ask you. is he not listening to the people or are we giving the advisers too much credit. >> i think he's listening to people he shouldn't be listening
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to. i won't name any names. >> who would say, bring those four women from -- >> steven bannon and -- >> how does that work in any? >> it doesn't. he doesn't really want to win. this is about doubling down on this strategy of being a tabloid candidate, and his brand, whatever he's going to do after the fact. how does bringing up 20-year-old sex scandals with bill clinton, which were a shame. >> women are seen as the victim in those cases and hillary clinton will be seen -- >> hillary clinton's went up 20 percentage points -- >> how much money working people are going to save with donald trump's tax plan, and i thought, i wish everybody had heard about that. >> what are you saying to him -- >> what do you say to him -- >> you're a trump surrogate, and they talked about taxes last night, he admitted in some way that hen the paid taxes in almost 20 years, what do you say to him and his advisers who are
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saying, it's okay to bring up juanita broaddrick, paula jones. when most of america are saying, what are you doing? >> i think his feelings were hurt. i'm just expressing my viewpoint here, i haven't talked to them about it, i think his feelings were hurt that everybody -- he said, i've been under assault nor 48 hours from the media, because of these things i said on a bus. of course they were unforgivable. they were so many years ago, and look what bill clinton did. >> okay, hold on. >> did she just say his feelings were hurt? >> yes. >> donald trump, mr. big bad bully from new york -- >> she has a good point. >> he was upset that he got caught and people were abandoning him and he had to be held accountable for his own actions. which he never takes responsibility for. >> on the temperament, your feelings are hurt. don't you just say, i'm above
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the fray i'm going to move on. he brought up the affairs in the '90s and hillary clinton moved on and turned and pivoted right to policy? isn't that what a leader should do? i'm not just saying hillary clinton, but my feelings are hurt, i'm going to get you. fine, but let's talk about my tax policy. >> he just couldn't. >> i think we should give betsy credit for telling us what she thinks. putting aside all the other liabilities and situations, he's created for himself, that is a big liability for him, that's why people don't think he has the temperament to be the commander in chief because of things like that. >> hillary clinton's tax plan is going to push us into a recession very fast, raising corporate taxes. >> probably, but it's -- >> republicans lose the house and senate, you can forget about having checks and balances, donald trump's reaction to what was going on instead of taking personal responsibility was to exploit the emotions of those women for a political stunt.
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>> tax policy, that's where the conversation should be. >> 100%. >> that's why i like having you on. you don't take it personally. you realize this is not personal. >> thank you betsy, tara, and you, of course. >> just ahead, donald trump dismissing those lewd comments about women which were caught on video as locker room talk and tried to pivot away from this conversation at last night's debate. did he succeed? causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be. i wanted to know where i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me.
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donald trump dismissing the comments as locker room talk. >> i moved in on her, i was down in palm beach, i moved on her, and i failed. i tried to [ bleep ] she was married. and i moved on her very heavily, in fact i took her out furniture shopping. i'll show you where there's nice furniture. i couldn't get there, and she was married. all of a sudden i see her, she's got the big phony tits. >> she's your girl in the purple. >> whoa! >> yes, the donald has scored. >> you are a piece of work. >> yeah, that's her with the gold. i got to use some tic tacs just
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in case i start kissing her. i'm automatically attracted to beautiful women, i start kissing them. i'm like a magnet. and when you're a star, you can do it, they let you do anything. >> looks good. >> come on, shorty. >> ooooh nice legs. >> go ahead. it's always good if you don't fall out of the bus, like ford, gerald ford, remember? >> hello, how are you? >> mr. trump, how are you? nice to meet you. >> you know billy bush? >> nice to see you. how are you doing, arianne. >> how about a little hug for the donald, he just got off the bus. >> of course. >> melania said this was okay.
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>> i'm going to bring in andre bauer, who is supporting trump. >> it's like a hostage video to keep having to watch it over and over and over again. >> the more you watch it, the more it sort of makes you cringe. because i'm wondering after everything, all that's been said and -- i'll ask lonnie, someone who is not committed on this panel. is it -- >> we all need to be committed. >> what is the -- who is the real donald trump, when he says legs, look at that. and then he goes, hi, how are you? >> this is part of the problem that donald trump is having now, their argument seems to be the donald trump you see in the video is not the donald trump of today. that is a fine argument until there's another video or says
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something or behaves in a way -- at the debate last night -- this is just locker room talk. >> let's play it. >> are you saying that what you said on that bus 11 years ago, you did not actually kiss women without consent or grope women without consent. >> i have great respect for women, nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> for the record, you're saying that never happened. >> i was embarrassed by it, but i have tremendous respect for women. >> have you ever done those things. >> women have respect for me. i will tell you -- no, i have not. >> i was just saying, and then you hear that answer last night that suggests he sees the dialogue in that video as, you know, just kind of banter, this is just kind of what guys do. i think it's difficult for the trump campaign and donald trump to make the argument or say somehow he's a different guy
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now. everything that he said, every explanation he's had, every apology about the video, suggests that this is who donald trump is, this is just who this guy is, and americans have to accept that's who he is when they go to the ballot box. >> hillary, he says he's not that guy any more, but there's alicia machado which he talked about and said, go watch her sex tape, that's who he was just a couple days ago, or even weeks ago, now he's all of a sudden dink than this videotape. >> i thought hillary clinton in the debate put this into context, this is not just one thing he needs to apologize for, there's this litany of uncontrolled misogyny, sexism, racism, that all comes out of this need to be little other people, and object if i women. and you know, usa today had an interesting article, he's subjected to, he's the subject
8:23 pm
of something like more than 20 lawsuits around sexual harassment. firing women who aren't good looking enough, you know, who haven't met some standard of what he thinks. firing women who are pregnant because he doesn't like pregnant women on the job. i mean, this just goes on and on and on with donald trump and his history. i don't think that he's successful when he tries to say this isn't me. he's probably more successful saying, you know, look, this is me, but it's not the most important thing for you guys to worry about. that would be more honest at least. i think this back and forth about, i don't care if i do this, or you know, don't look at me, look at bill clinton, neither of those things work. >> andre bauer, this is what our file team found over the weekend, another piece of tape from donald trump on the howard stern show. >> my daughter is beautiful, ivanka. >> by the way, your daughter -- >> she's beautiful.
8:24 pm
>> can i say this, a piece of ass? did your daughter get breast implants? >> no. >> you mean that? >> no. i mean, i would know if she did. why, did she look a little more stacked? >> she looks more voluptuous than ever. >> she's always been. she's 6'0" tall. she's been -- she's an amazing beauty. >> andre, what's your response to that. >> this guy's been a tv guy all his life, he's always chummed it up, when he ran the apprentice, part of his showmanship was talking up whatever crowd he was around. >> andre, come on. if anyone -- you're the epitome of a gentleman, if anyone talked that way about your daughter you would smack them in the jaw, you know you would. that's the most appalling thing that he just sort of takes it like, yeah, check out my daughter. you would never stand for that, andre, you would never stand for that. talked about my daughter that way, they wouldn't be standing
8:25 pm
there for two more minutes. >> thanks for letting me have a couple minutes here. i'm jumped on right away before i can finish a sentence. it's pick theer issue and pound pound pound. >> you're not responding to the question. >> whether it was mitt romney. >> i wanted to, but i never got half a cen sense out. >> you're saying this is typical. he's talking about his own daughter and someone's calling her nice or hot piece of a. that's really the question. >> and you're giving a michael dukakis answer. >> i'm not giving -- what i'm telling you is, we keep talking about this, the news media gets to decide whatever they want to talk about, they keep driving it toward this. we could be talking about the debate right now. this was a story that came out on friday. we're now monday night, still talking about it, donald trump didn't decide to talk about it. instead of deciding, let's inform the voters of the
8:26 pm
differences where there were policy disagreements, whether it be through job creation, economic development, safety, borders, whatever, we're not discussing that, because the policy now is driven on sensationalism, how can we get the voters riled up over this, we could go through hillary's past where she talks to wall street bankers and she has a different policy than what she tells the voerers. >> the reason we're talking about this is because your candidate is donald trump. had he not -- >> we should be talking about hillary clinton. >> the media did not go in and say talk to howard stern so that we can use your words against you in the future. donald trump as a grown man went in to talk to howard stern and did an interview where he allowed -- >> that was a news story friday. >> where he allowed. you could say, e-mails were a news story a year ago after she spent 11 hours on capitol hill. >> we're not going to talk about the debate? >> because he said this isn't me. it's a one time thing. >> that is part of --
8:27 pm
>> he almost dares people to bring this up. >> why aren't we talking about hillary's release -- we talk about hillary's speeches. >> we are talking about hillary's speeches you're just not in that particular segment where we're talking about it, but go on. >> i think with 30 days to go, the voters want to hear about the difference in the debate, to analyze that, to talk about that, where there were differences. this is a story that came out on friday, and for a four-day story is a long time, when we have so few days left to get into policy differences. >> andre, i understand what we're saying, we spent four segments in the show before this one, and this one, two segments with betsy, talking about the debate and the differences and all of that, there's lots to discuss here. this one, we're talking about in the context of videos that donald trump did on his own or audiotape that he did on his own. that's a particular segment that you were brought in to talk about. it's not that we're ignoring those other things. >> i don't think the media
8:28 pm
can -- needs to own this one, don. donald trump today, he had all day long to go out there on the campaign trail and talk about issues or what he wants to do in syria or how he wants to hug up his bro vladimir putin or even the difference between he and hillary clinton's supreme court nominees and what does he do? he trashes bill clinton. he's obsessed with paul ryan. i mean, he is bringing this on himself. >> yeah. >> he's saying, the video that you said about me is a one time thing, and then, of course, more video comes out. donald trump can't dig himself out of this himself. why would anyone else stop talking about it when he doesn't stop talking about it.
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back with me now, andre bower, here's your chance to talk policy and about the debate last night. trump wants to talk about policy. let's listen to this debate last night. this is the second attempt about a foreign policy question about syria.
8:33 pm
>> mr. trump, let me repeat the question, if you were president, what would you do about syria and the humanitarian crisis in aleppo. i want to remind you what your running mate said. he said provocations with russia need to be met with american strength and if russia continues to be involved with air strikes along with the syrian forces of assad, the united states of america should be prepared to use military force to strike the military targets of the assad regime. >> okay, he and i haven't spoken, and i disagree. i disagree. >> you disagree with your running mate? >> i will knock out isis. right now, syria is fighting isis. we have people that want to fight both at the same time, syria is no longer syria, syria is russia and iran who she made strong and kerry and obama made into a very powerful nation and a very rich nation, very very quickly, very very quickly. >> what do you think will happen if aleppo falls. >> i think aleppo is a disaster,
8:34 pm
humanitarian -- >> what do you think will happen if it falls. >> i think basically it has fallen. >> does this sound like someone who knows what they're talking about, who has a plan? >> i actually thought he did a great job. i was impressed he had opinionated and facts that he gave in so many of those answers. i thought he really dove into some of them a lot deeper than i thought he had the background on. and the fact that they disagree, i don't have a problem with that. they're both independent thinkers, when someone runs on a ticket, that doesn't mean you adopt every single one of their policies, i think after they're elected they'll work together with people who are more informed than they are, that specialize in this every day, as leaders, you formulate the best plan of attack. that doesn't mean on every issue, we're lock step together. we know mike pence is a different man than donald trump. >> it's pretty relevant right
8:35 pm
now. the fact that they disagree is disconcerting when you have just this week, vladimir putin threat thing to create a permanent battalion in syria, which is it going to be. are we going to push back on his aggression, or let vad mere putin do whatever he wants and just focus on isis? i mean, i think that we don't really know what a trump administration will bring. >> didn't he go on to pivot away from aleppo? he talked about iraq? what did you think of his answer? >> i didn't think the answers were particularly well informed, i think hillary clinton didn't really illustrate last night how she'd be all that different from the obama administration's current approach weren't either to isis or syria. i think donald trump, the issue with donald trump throwing pence under the bus, pennsylvania was articulating a point of view, that a lot of republicans have about what has to happen with respect to u.s. policy toward syria going-forward. the question is, how does trump disagree?
8:36 pm
and i think what trump needs to start to do a little bit, if he wants to talk about policy, he does need to say look, here's where i differ from my running mate, here are the two or three things i would do with respect to syria. he keeps talking about knocking out isis, it's not entirely clear what he would do to pursue that strategy. he needs to be clearer about that, if he's going to say i disagree with mike pence, i think he has to be able to tell us how he disagrees and then they have to get on the same page at some point. >> it is relevant, every time he articulates a policy in the middle east, he ends up essentially parroting vladimir putin, where as you said, i think the right thing is that -- actually conservatives are pretty adamantly against what putin is doing, and against the aggression that he's been showing. so which is it? >> let's bring it back now to what's happening within the republican party, with paul ryan, with reince priebus and on and on and on. this is an nbc wall street
8:37 pm
journal poll taken after the release of this tape, it shows clinton leading by 11 points. does this support paul ryan's conclusion that trump's campaign is it beyond saving, hilary rosen? >> i wish that it were true, that trump's campaign is beyond saving. i'm not a pundit who's taking a victory lap. we have several weeks to go before this election, we cannot take anything for granted. we have seen this guy rise from the ashes before, and so i think that what paul ryan is doing is saying, i don't really care, i'm going to focus on our caucus first, and we're going to distance ourselves just to play it safe, but i don't think that means that donald trump is, you know, all of a sudden has no chance to be president. i think it means that paul ryan is looking for money and resources to support his own caucus. >> andre, what do you think of
8:38 pm
this? because many people have counted out donald trump before, and have been quite wrong about it, do you think that paul ryan is saying donald trump can't win? >> no, i think hilary rosen hit it pretty well. paul ryan's number one job is to make sure they stay in the majority in the house, that's his number one objective. he's got to first and foremost make sure he maintains the house, i think he's hunkering down and fwoek using on that, but i think in the back of his mind he's thinking, do we have another brexit here, i think he sees the undercurrent like so many republicans, realize there's a frustration in washington with the whole bunch and donald trump is turning out unbelievable numbers in these forms he has. whether it be town halls or big coliseums, the numbers are astounding, it's like what president obama was able to do. there's an undercurrent that doesn't show up in your polling. i don't know if you've been polled, i haven't been polled this whole election year,
8:39 pm
there's a lot of folks out there like me. >> do crowds necessarily equate to vote what happens in the voting booth? >> i think that can be a deceptive measure. i think all campaigns down in the stretch are going to be drawing big crowds. that's the nature of the campaign. i think one interesting thing about the poll that came out today, donald trump is lagging mitt romney by 20 points amongst republicans, that's part of the problem right there. you have donald trump attracting 70 some odd percent of republican voters. i think the challenge that the trump campaign has ahead of them. they have to remind republicans over and over again, this will still be your guy. i think in that sense, the debate will be helpful for them. paul ryan surprised me today. i think he's saying, look, i'm going to focus on doing what i need to do, donald trump will focus on what he needs to do. lt's see what happens as we go down the stretch about there's a bigger question how this affects paul ryan's future personally.
8:40 pm
>> let's not forget one quick thing, this was the last week essentially that all of these candidates for house and senate are raising money. because if you don't get the money in in these next several days, you won't be able to get air time, hire the get out the vote teams. everybody is making as dire a consequence a case as they can, in order to raise more money this week for their final push. and republicans are going to try to distance themselves from donald trump by going out on their own. >> got to go, hillary. >> democrats will not let them. >> coming up, many establishment republicans are jumping ship and saturday night live jumped on that. >> many republicans have stood by you through a lot of other scandals but are now pulling their support. people like senator john mccain. >> coward. >> carly fiorina. >> she's a four.
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for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. saturday night live, and a presidential debate this
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weekend. it's hard to pick which had the biggest laughs. what did you think of last night's debate? >> i don't know what's worst, the character of donald trump on snl or his performance on access hollywood this week. it's a sad commentary of what's going on currently in american politics, it's sad for me. i've been following politics and government since the early '70s, it's a sad commentary on the electoral process, and it's bad for the american people and insulting to the institution of the american presidency to be dragged through the mud like this, and taken down to truly an all time low, at least in my lifeti lifetime. >> you took it to a serious level, i was going to talk about
8:46 pm
snl. >> let's go. >> this is john mccain speaking out about donald trump and why he's had to disavow him. >> i did not like it, i spoke out strongly against it. i spoke out strongly on several other issues where i thought that mr. trump was absolutely wrong. i've not been shy about it. the son of the khan family, a man who literally sacrificed his life to save others as he approached an i.e.d., all of those things i thought were very wrong. but then when mr. trump attacks women and demeans the women in our nation and in our society. that is a point where i just have to part company. it's not pleasant for me to renounce the nominee of my party. he won the nomination fair and square. but this is -- i have daughters. i have friends. i have so many wonderful people on my staff. they cannot be degraded and
8:47 pm
demeaned in that fashion. i believe that i have to withdraw my support just as i cannot support hillary clinton. >> so this is all just into cnn, he made those comments tonight. this is after last night's debate. what do you think, billy? >> this is unchartered territory, just when you think it couldn't get any worse for donald trump, he jumps the shark once again and provides the news media and the american people with an avalanche of evidence that just proves he's unfit for the office of the american presidency. the columbus -- not just john mccain and other republican leaders, the columbus dispatch, the cincinnati inquirer, the arizona republic, foreign policy, the national review, many conservative publications are endorsing a democrat, that democrat being hillary clinton for the first time in their history, the usa today, and some of the history spans over 150 years. they've called him a malignant
8:48 pm
clown, unstable, they've called him a threat to national security. i just -- i was weaned on the watergate nipple, if you will, i've been around politics and government, paying attention to it since the early 1970s and i've never ever seen anything like that. perhaps since the impeachment of president nixon. >> thank you for answering that. let's talk about your brother and his portrayal of donald trump this weekend. watch this. >> mr. trump, this leaked audio showed you saying -- you know, i can't quite say it on live television, but basically, you said you wanted to -- >> grab them by the [ bleep ] i would like to take this time to formally apple-gize. >> what? what are you saying? >> i deeply apple-gize. >> are you trying to say
8:49 pm
apologize? >> no, i would never do that, what i am doing is apple-gizing to all the people that were offended to my statements. but more importantly to the people that were turned on by them. i think it's really 50/50. >> i think the background is perfect. i just realized, that was my colleague brooke baldwin, her portrayal by cecily strong, what did you think of it? >> i thought he was terrific again this week. again, donald trump offering an avalanche of material for the snl writers, and the voters, quite frankly. you know, he's pulling a thelma and louise, the only problem is, he's taking the republican party and perhaps control of the senate right off the cliff with him, it's -- i'm surprised -- i'm glad that we now have a double-digit lead, there's a little bit of separation. i don't know what's going to happen in the next couple weeks,
8:50 pm
i think there's a lot more material out there on donald trump that's yet to come forth. i thought it was interesting that your colleague anderson cooper pushed him to say these are just words, but you've never physically gotten involved with these women in this >> there's supposed to be more. but they're saying they can't release legally from the apprentice. >> it doesn't have to come just from that. i'm sure there will be an abundant of sources over the next 29 days. >> thank you. see you soon. coming up, a red sweater day for one debate attendee.
8:51 pm
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the lowest prices on our hotels are always at so pay less and get more only at and still haveealthy, gum disease. use gum® brand for healthy gums. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. some are declaring clinton the winner of last night's debate, but it wasn't either of them that twitter fell in love with. >> reporter: who do a fly, a sniff, and a red sweater have in common? the power to distract us from a doozy of a debate. the fly got a lot of buzz when it buzzed hillary's brow. >> when they go low, you go high. >> reporter: it lingered on her
8:55 pm
finger, spawning more than a dozen twitter accounts, claiming to be the fly. hillary did not swat the intruder on her eyebrow. her restraint caused some to compare her to a robot. the fly made only a brief cameo. the sniff were nonstop pests. critics called it a tell. the bigger the sniff, the bigger the lie. last debate the donald suggested a bum microphone picked up his breathing. most experts think the sniff is a nervous tick brought on my stress. but a coach blames it on his posture interfering with his rib cake requiring him to sniff to get more oxygen to his brain. this undecided voter's sweater was nothing to sniff at. somehow submiten with his
8:56 pm
mustache and red sweater, twitter lit up. one tried to cash in promoting the sweater selling for 48 $.99 at coals. and ken bones explained how he was originally wearing a suit. >> i split the pants. the sweater was plan b. >> it was like a mongoose and a cobra in a steel cage match. >> reporter: only, there was no hissing, just sniffing. cnn, new york. >> all that and a beyonce reference. see what you get here? have at it, beehive. that's it for us. i'll see you back here tomorrow. good night. what?
8:57 pm
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good evening, thanks for joining us tonight. the presidential race possibly at a turning point, the republican party at a breaking point after a debate unlike any other and developments you simply would not believe if you hadn't heard them for yourself. in the last 72 hours we heard donald trump talking about being able to sexually assault women with impunity because he's a star. we heard him promise on the debate stage last night to put his opponent behind bars if he wins the election. we've seen the highest ranking lawmaker in trump's own party disavow him and today we got new polling that shows how much this race may have shifted in just a few days. we'll break down those numbers co


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