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tv   New Day  CNN  October 11, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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hold. and it comes at the same time that trump's numbers are dropping in the latest poll. just as he ramps up attacks against the clintons. any ceonnection? certainly a lot at stake. eight days remaining until the final debate. election day exactly four weeks away. cnn has all the news. let's begin with cnn's chief political correspondent dana bash. good morning, dana. >> good morning, chris. forget about the attacks on the clintons, the republican nominee used precious campaign time on stump in the crucial state of pennsylvania to go after the republican house speaker. let's listen. >> you have people that can't fix a budget, but then they start talking about their nominee. but they can't fix the budget. isn't it really sad that we don't have stronger leadership on both sides? >> so what's going on here, trump is furious that the house speaker paul ryan held a conference call with his rank and file and told them he will no longer be defending trump and he wants every one of his
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members to say and do whatever they need to about trump. sources tell me several gop lawmakers on the call push the back at ryan, saying he's effectively conceding the race to hillary clinton. though republican leaders deny that it's his intent, the reality is that's exactly what ryan's message means. republicans i talked to are confident that trump will lose, and they're panicked that he'll not only take the senate republican majority down with him, gop strategists say internal polling shows they have concern about house republicans in competitive districts. they could be in real trouble. so ryan and his fellow republicans are in self-preservation mode right now, alisyn and chris. they're privately saying the way things are going, the house may be the only place for republicans to keep a check and balance on democrats. >> on the list of things that bash and cuomo never thought they'd say during an election, we now have to add, boy, those republicans better hope their nominee loses, otherwise they're going to be in trouble. all right, dana. thank you very much. trump not just threatening his
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own party, he's going right at the clintons. he says, if you find more tapes of me saying terrible things, i'm going to go after them even more. is this working? take a look at this new national poll. clinton has a double-digit lead after what's being called tapegate, i guess. cnn's joe johns live in detroit with more. joe? >> reporter: chris, the harsh rhetoric of this campaign now beginning to turn bitter. a threat of retaliation from donald trump. the clinton campaign saying he's trying to intimidate his client. donald trump and hillary clinton back on the campaign trail after what many are calling the ugliest debate in u.s. history. a bitter tone from trump toward his opponent, the media, and his own party. >> she's crooked, folks. she's crooked as a $3 bill. lock her up is right.
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i said we are going to get a special prosecutor to figure this deal out. >> reporter: while acknowledging that other inflammatory tapes of him may exist, but warning if they're released, he'll attack even harder. >> if they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things, we'll continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. >> friends don't let friends vote for trump. that is exactly the case, right? >> reporter: hillary clinton ignoring trump's warnings and attempting to keep the focus on the 2005 tape where trump is heard bragging about sexual assault, something he said was just words, not actions. >> the whole world heard him talking about the terrible way he treats women. he just doubled down on his excuse that it's just locker room banter. well, i'll tell you what, women and men across america know that is just a really weak excuse for behaving badly. >> reporter: the democratic
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nominee increasingly confident despite thousands of hacked campaign e-mails released by wikileaks, concerning the inner workings of her campaign and apparent excerpts from her wall street speeches. >> wikileaks, i love wikileaks. >> reporter: clinton defending herself against trump's attacks on her decades of public service. >> on the day that i was in the situation room watching the raid that brought osama bin laden to justice, he was hosting "celebrity apprentice." so if he wants to talk about what we've been doing the last 30 years, bring it on. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is happy to see the latest polling that shows hillary clinton up by 11 points, but they continue to say what they do expect is a close election this november. back to you, alisyn. >> okay, joe. thanks so much for all that. let's discuss it now with our
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panel. we have cnn political commentator christine quinn. we have former trump campaign manager and cnn political commentator, corey lewandowski. >> i support donald trump. >> i should have mentioned that. you support donald trump. >> he's clarifying. >> i want to be fair to clihris. >> thank you for clarifying that. chris, this audiotape from "access hollywood" seems to have bigger ramifications than anyone could have predicted. now there are something like 32 gop members defecting from supporting donald trump, and paul ryan -- i mean, the country's leading republican says he can no longer defend him. what do you think -- how do you explain that was the tipping point, this videotape? >> i think to be fair, donald trump is the leading republican now. when you become the republican nominee for president of the united states -- >> okay, but paul ryan is up there. >> he is. but look, paul ryan has not really been a steadfast supporter of donald trump from when the campaign has started. what paul ryan has done is made his career in washington, d.c., and that's perfectly acceptable, but this is about a change
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election. if you're going to bring change to washington, you want an outsider. paul ryan for his entire adult political career has been inside washington, d.c. unfortunately, washington has failed. >> so you don't think you need paul ryan. in other words, the trump campaign doesn't think -- the fact he says he can no longer publicly support and he's not going to go to rallies with him, you don't think you need paul ryan. >> i think you need the people. you need the people who are going to show up and vote. reince priebus, to his credit, has said we are 100% behind donald trump. you know why that happens? ryan priebus is elected by 168 people. you know how those people are elected? by their states. the closer you get to the people voting every day, supporting donald trump, that's where the power is. >> you don't care about john mccain saying he's out? >> again, you know what happens? john mccain was in a tough battle in a primary. he supported donald trump. now it's politically expedient not to support donald trump. if washington were listening to the people, they would all be supporting trump. >> christine, i know this is music to your ears.
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but corey has a good point. his rallies continue to draw tens of thousands of people. people still like his message. >> well, actually, if you look at the polls, it doesn't appear that people do still like his message. but i want to say, corey's description of who the campaign wants support from would be an interesting campaign strategy if this were months and months ago. but they courted paul ryan. mr. trump went to the capitol to meet with paul ryan and husband caucus, his delegation. so they wanted him. we're not talking about a list, growing list of republicans who they decided not to ask for their endorsement. this was people whose endorsements they wanted, they sought, and now they're fleeing ship. and this tape, i think, has moved republicans to do that because it's not the first time. this is a continuing escalating
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line of him attacking americans. >> i'll get to the trouble for your side in a minute. first, corey, are you concerned about the new polls that are out that show nationally donald trump with a double-digit deficit? >> again, national polls at this point don't matter. >> okay. but battleground polls also show him sliding. >> what unfortunately i don't think your electoral map shows when it comes to donald trump's path to 270, the state of maine. you give that all to hillary clinton. no way that's going to happen. the state of maine is allocated proportionally. >> so you think you're going to win maine or at least do well there. what other battleground states? >> new hampshire is a place donald trump is going to do well in, if the primary is any indication. his support there has been steadfast and has the best ground game. >> you think you can get to 270? >> absolutely, the path is still there. >> there's no way to compare donald trump -- this again is just a statement about being desperate and the campaign going in the wrong way because of donald trump's own words. but there's no way -- and i
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think the trump campaign yielded this a while ago -- to compare hillary clinton's ground game with donald trump's. he does not and has never had the infrastructure. >> let's talk about the embarrassing thing for your side. that is that these john podesta e-mails that were hacked and released in this wikileaks dump show her campaign casting about for a vision. her handlers and her advisers were trying to figure out what she stood for, what her message was going to be. there is a feeling of -- for people who might be on the fence, there's an inauthenticity. they hadn't fastened on what her message was going to be to voters. is that a problem? >> i think every campaign, republican, democrat, independent, figures out how to package the message in the best way. it's long been discussed that -- and i think she would say it herself -- that secretary clinton gets into the weeds, loves to discuss all of the policy stuff, and fights against a slogan.
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we know that about her. i think you see her staff trying to work within that context, which can be challenging. really, i got to tell you, i was reading one of the stories about john podesta's e-mails this morning. i found it boring. i actually -- like, i'm into this stuff. i think it's typical campaign back and forth. >> corey, you're enjoying this part of the interview. >> i love chris, but hillary clinton has gone out in those e-mails and said that -- two things. number one -- >> she was in very few of them. >> we don't want to talk about the health records. number two, the defense of marriage act, which defines marriage between a man and a woman, something chris is very knowledgeable about, and hillary clinton has said that she's going to support that defense of marriage act. now, that's a vast change from where she stands today with the lgbt community. >> okay. i want to talk about that. i see you flashing your bling at me. very impressive. >> thank you. my late mother-in-law's. >> didn't you feel she was very late to the support for same-sex marriage?
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>> first, let me say it is rich to have corey given the platform of the republican party, which does not support marriage equality, which supports conversion therapy that we -- >> focus on hillary clinton. >> if you're going to say something, let's be honest about where you're at. do i wish hillary clinton and a lot of other democrats had come to marriage equality more quickly? without a doubt. i'm never going to say that's not true. of course that's true. but i'm also going to tell you, you know, when i told my father, who's now 90 that i was a lesbian in the '90s, he said never talk about that again. and then he ended up marching in gay pride parade after gay pride parade. it takes people some time. i've had the honor of sitting across from hillary clinton and having long personal conversations. i was not easy on her. about lgpt issues, marriage equality, at the time domestic partnership. >> did you feel then she truly didn't support it?
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that was a poll-tested position. >> i felt like she was, as a lot of people have, struggling with it, evolving. it was kind of a new concept for her. a lot of our conversations were about domestic partnership. she shared really a turning point for her this couple, two men who lived near her parents. one was a nurse. they became surrogate children to her parents and cared for her father as he was dying. that's what changes people and makes them open their minds, those personal experiences, which sadly the republican ticket has apparently not had. >> all right. we have to leave it there. corey, christine, thank you. chris? >> all right. so we just had this headline, the speaker of the house, gop paul ryan says he cannot defend or campaign with trump. the house speaker has not withdrawn his endorsement yet. so what do other lawmakers think? we're going to talk to one of them who is standing by trump, next. are you ready?? you gotta be ready. ♪ oh, i'm ready i mean, really ready.
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donald trump doing what he does most, if not best, he's lashing out at someone who said something he doesn't like.
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paul ryan, the house speaker, said he can no longer defend or campaign for the nominee. trump tweeted, quote, paul ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs, and illegal immigration and not waste his time fighting the republican nominee. the party now in turmoil over who supports trump and who doesn't. joining us now, republican congressman steve king. good to have you this morning. there's a picture we have of the now 26 or 32 big shots within your party, office holders, who are withdrawing from overtly supporting trump. your face is not up there. why not? we know that you don't support the kinds of things that came out on that tape. you'd never say anything like that. >> well, i wouldn't. i wouldn't say none of us have back in college years, but neither would anyone defend that statement, including donald trump. so i don't say either that an apology absolves everything.
4:18 am
but he's shown humility. i go back to that thursday evening when donald trump gave his acceptance speech in cleveland. point after point after point in that speech i agreed with. if we're going to move a conservative republican platform agenda, the best way to do that is with a president trump. so i'm sticking with him. i think that's the best place for conservatives to be. and i think most of the faces on that chart that you're showing are going to be people much closer to the left side of the republican party than those that are the solid conservatives in the party. >> well, but you had some big name -- john mccain has never been called a lefty. you said back in college, you know he was 59 years old. this isn't about what he said back in college. you weren't always a trump guy. you wanted somebody else. you didn't think trump was the right guy. what has changed since then for you? how has he proven himself to you given all we've learned about him? >> chris, it really comes down
4:19 am
to this. when you get down to the nomination, there are two nominees. hillary clinton and donald trump. i've said to people on the floor of congress, i have an opportunity to vote yes or no on any bill that comes to the floor depending on whether i agree with the policy and whether i believe it's constitutional. but i don't get a yes or no for president. i only get a yes. i look at the two candidates. which one will move the agenda in the right direction, which one will move the agenda in the completely wrong direction? that's our choice. we only get to vote yes. i'm hearing from some of my republican colleagues and some of the leadership that they're not really telling me how they're going to vote. they just say they're not going to actively support and campaign for donald trump. i think that's a mistake. i think that drags the entire ticket down. i think if we support our presidential candidate and the platform and the agenda, then that lifts everybody up. the better donald trump does, the better everybody out here on the ticket does all across america. >> are you worried that some day people are going to ask you why you were for donald trump then, that it's not just about winning
4:20 am
elections, it's about holding on to your integrity and that some of the men and women in your party are saying even if we lose the majority, it's not worth it for me to back somebody who i think could do something to harm this democracy? >> well, i would ask them on the other side of this argument, what does it do to your integrity if you help hillary clinton become president and we see one, two, three, or maybe more appointments to the supreme court? you see the constitution itself destroyed by decisions made at the supreme court and the federal bench level as we watch a mess in foreign policy, as you watch obamacare become a single-payer plan that's completely socialized medicine. it's mess after mess with hillary clinton. and not to mention the things that happened to 60 million babies since roe versus wade. you'd see that many again on the resultings of this. you'd see your second amendment rights be diminished or destroyed completely. this is not a hard decision. it's a binary decision.
4:21 am
it's either -- it's a yes vote. it's yes for hillary clinton or yes for donald trump. i can defend that all of my lifetime. i'm hopeful that have a lot of my colleagues will see that the same way. >> let me ask you something. we understand that donald trump has been getting intelligence briefings. among the things discussed was that the u.s. government believes that russia has been trying to motivate hacking of these different varieties that we've seen, maybe even with the wikileaks. who knows for sure. but he's been told that. yet, he gets up at one of his rallies and he, i guess, pretends that he doesn't know whether it comes from russia or not, that he doesn't think there's any proof. now, forget about why he would defend russia against hacking. does it concern you that he could have gotten intelligence briefings and then basically denied that information for his own political perspective? >> that's an interesting question, chris. of course, i don't have any idea whether he's gotten intelligence
4:22 am
that would indicate whether the russians are trying to -- >> let's assume he has. if it turns out to be wrong, the reporting, then we'll take it back, we'll apologize. but if it's true that he has been told russia is behind the hacks, he then goes out and says, we don't know if russia is behind the hacks, what does that say to you? >> well, i just can't answer that question because i don't have any knowledge base behind that. but i am thinking also when you raise the question about the wikileaks that have been dumped out there, that donna brazile was leaking information across the line from the dnc over to the hillary campaign. we watched what's happened with debbie wasserman schultz. so i think they need to be taking care of their own house. as far as i'm concerned, it's still a rumor with regard to the russians. it's been just getting a little bit more persistent.
4:23 am
i just have no facts to work with on that and it's hard to speculate. >> i got you, congressman king. thank you very much. politics is a dirty business. imagine if they got reince's e-mails when trump was fighting his way through the primary field, what they would say. it's a dirty business. congressman king, always a pleasure to have you on. alisyn? >> this ain't bean bag, as they say. so he was center stage at the democratic national convention. now he's back in the spotlight. what did that gold star father think about donald trump's comments about his fallen son during the debate? mr. khan joins us next. ♪
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time now for the five things to know for your new day. number one, house speaker paul ryan ditching donald trump, saying he can no longer defend the republican nominee and will instead focus on maintaining republican control of the house and senate. hillary clinton campaigning in florida today with former vice president al gore. clinton calling trump's locker room talk excuse for his lewd comments, quote, weak. samsung now stopping production of its galaxy note 7 smartphones. the company says the phones are
4:28 am
still a fire risk and are urging all users and carriers and retail partners to suspend use and sales. a florida girl is reunited with her family in tennessee after her kidnapping sparked an amber alert. authorities say the family friend who led them on a three-day search for the 4-year-old child is now in custody. the child was not injured. a rare shark attack off the coast of oregon. authorities say the shark bit a 29-year-old surfer in the leg. the surfer is hospitalized with serious injuries. for more on the five things to know, go to for the latest. the family of a fallen american-muslim soldier is back in the spotlight. at sunday night's debate, donald trump said if he had been president in 2004, khizr khan's son would be alive today. his son is army captain khan. he died in iraq in 2004. his story wound up becoming part of the political narrative. his father and mother gave a
4:29 am
really powerful presentation at the democratic national convention back in july. gold star father khizr khan joins us now. mr. khan, thank you for joining us on the show. i just want to say at the onset, of course we respect the service of the family, and talking about speculation about what would or would not have saved your son's life does not bring me any pleasure, but i know it matters to you. you wanted to talk about what it meant to you to hear donald trump say that. what was your response? >> i was saddened all over again that this candidate lacks the character, lacks the ability to understand the pain of those that have sacrificed their lives in defense of this country. in addition to that, i want to salute and extend my deepest gratitude to all men and women that are serving today and have
4:30 am
served before. their sacrifices -- there were about 4,500 approximately men and women that died in iraq. and for this candidate to put his political expediency ahead of any realization of pain and suffering of the families is shameful. i have said it two months ago, that this candidate does not have the character to be the commander in chief of the armed forces. my appeal to the republican had been, and i repeated that they should have repudiated. we would not have been watching what is happening to the republican party. republican party used to be the party of the family values. is that what we are going to be leaving behind? is this what republican party has come to? >> i know that after donald
4:31 am
trump took a shot at your wife during your presentation at the convention, he backed off that. he said, this is a gold star family, your son was a hero. did he ever reach out to the family? have you heard from him directly yet? >> no, we have not heard from him. >> so the next mention that you get from trump is bringing up your son again, saying that he would be alive. were you shocked that he brought him up? >> that is so true. we were not only shocked, we were saddened that for such disingenuous expression of his thinking and of his feeling, and that was nothing but it was so blatant political expediency. >> look, you're not a politician, but you were motivated by your personal situation. you came out. now you're part of the dialogue. a lot of military members back donald trump. they say that he gets them, he
4:32 am
gets what they need, and they support his candidacy over hillary clinton. what do you say to them? >> i respect them equally as i respect my son and other military members. they deserve our respect, and they are entitled to their choice, but i ask them to think back, review this person's character, review what he has done for this country. nothing. look how much he has paid in support of the military. nothing. think back what his character had been. is that what we want in our commander in chief? look what he -- how he has shown up until now that his values are only for the self-interest. the political party is somewhere down the line. nothing but a selfish person that is exploiting the
4:33 am
sympathies, exploiting the loyalty of the military families. >> mr. khan, he has changed his position on muslims. originally he said no muslims can come in the country. essentially they're all a risk. now he says we're just going to do extreme vetting so that we can make sure that only muslims who share american values and pass some unexplained checklist of qualities will get into the country. do you see that as an improvement? >> i wish i could accept that as an improvement, but knowing his behavior for the last -- entire year, you will see every day something changes. it is nothing but political expediency. he's insincere. he does not comprehend the implications of his statements. when he realizes and his surrogates realize he has made a mistake, they begin to backtrack. so these are insincere
4:34 am
statements. i was shocked to listen to his speech a couple of nights before when he said something so profound and i want to remind this nation to reconsider, to think about what has happened in 1973 october when then-president nixon interfered with the independent prosecutor and the attorney general of that time and the deputy attorney general of that time, resigned in disgust that this president was interfering in the investigation. donald trump has laid the foundation of interference to investigate hillary clinton, his political opponent. this is not a third-world country. this is the democracy of the united states. what example are we setting? are we setting this example that will come to haunt us later? i am just so shocked, and i
4:35 am
wanted to remind this nation to think back to that event of saturday night massacre is in our history and we are so far away from that. this candidate thinks and makes us fear that this candidate is able to do that sort of thing all over again. >> you have to remember, the reason that trump says he needs to appoint a special prosecutor is because he believes that the system was manipulated to help hillary clinton, that the attorney general essentially met with bill clinton and decided not to prosecutor a case that would have been prosecuted against anyone else. but that's politics. i know from someone who you speak to that this is killing you on a certain level, having to come out and speak about this, that it opens up wounds for your wife and opened up wounds for you. you're not a politician. you're dealing with having lost a son who gave everything he had to the country. why do that to yourself? why open the wounds to get involved in an ugly campaign?
4:36 am
>> look, our son gave his life in protection of this country, in protection of constitution. he was honorable to his oath. we do all this under his grace, under his light care for this country, care for this nation. how could a patriot american sit and watch this mockery of the democratic process that this candidate has conducted himself. it is under that spirit, under the service of this country that we stand up and we stand up and fully realize that we will be subjected to all the hate and un-american hate, we will be subjected ed tto ridicule. but that's the price we're willing to pay because we want to stand up for some values, for the values of this country, for the values of democracy. so we will do it all over again. we will do it a million times to
4:37 am
stand up and point out that this candidate is unfit, unsuitable for the leadership of this country. >> mr. khan, i respect your stepping up, i just wish your motivation didn't come from such a place of loss and pain. again, we are sorry for the loss of your son. we thank all of you for your service. appreciate you being on "new day," sir. >> thank you. >> alisyn? chris, house speaker paul ryan delivering a blow to donald trump's presidential bid. who has more to lose in this showdown? michael smerconish joins us to discuss this and more next. who says i shouldn't have a soda everyday? my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. wait, i know what i want. make sparkling water at home. and drink 43% more water every day.
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the nation's top elected republican paul ryan saying he'll in longer defend donald trump. instead, the house speaker says he'll focus on keeping control of congress and helping vulnerable republican members try to win. joining us now is cnn political commentator and host of cnn's "smerconish," michael smercon h smerconish. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us about what you think are the ramifications of paul ryan saying he can no longer defend donald trump. >> i think paul ryan believes donald trump is about to lose and lose badly. i'm sure he's mindful of polls like those that have just come out, whether it's nbc news and "the wall street journal" or it's politico and the morning consult, which show that trump is now trailing by double digits in nationwide polls. and even more importantly, that in the battleground states, he's fallen behind and we still haven't seen the full impact, i don't think, of both the tape and the debate. so ryan is looking at the tea
4:42 am
leaves. he's looking at the data, saying to himself, i've got to do whatever i can do now to try and hold on to control of the house. the short-term loser, i think, is donald trump because donald trump is the one who's in peril in just three-plus weeks. paul ryan's going to be around, but what kind of a party he'll be leading after november 8 obviously has him concerned. >> look, that comes down to whether or not trump winning would be a good thing for the gop or a bad thing for the gop. i know to many people, they'll be like, well, house would be good. not necessarily. steve king was just on. he's a diehard, obviously. what we used to call a rock ribbed conservative. he says there's only one choice and it is trump because clinton is unacceptable. that could be where your long-term analysis comie inge c. if she wins and gets in there, will ryan be held responsible? >> i watched the interview. that is the pitch he makes. his pitch is not so much to defend donald trump, if you heard him, and you obviously
4:43 am
did, but rather to say come on, look at the alternative. now, that works with the base when you say that trump is preferable to her. but it's all feeding on itself. in the aftermath of the 2012 election, the rnc had that autopsy report. one of the conclusions from reince priebus was that republicans need to stop talking to themselves. that's exactly what's going on now. this is all about salving the wounds of the base. that debate on sunday night was a greatest hits reel for the hardened constituency that they already have. but there was absolutely no outgrowth. i'm convinced that the people who are now running the trump campaign, that inner cadre, continue to tell him that all he needs to do is tell him that which leads breitbart or fox news. i got news for you. it's a big country, and that's not enough to win. >> michael, i can't count the
4:44 am
number of times you've come on this program and you were certain, as were many pundits, that there was some moment that was going to tip the scales away from donald trump, whether it was going after the khan family, whether it was going after p.o.w.s, whether it was going after muslims. why was it this audiotape, this lewd audiotape? why is that the tipping point? >> i'm not so sure that it was. and look, let me call out myself. you're right. i'm one of those who told you that when he said what he said about john mccain that he would sink like a stone. and he didn't. so i was wrong. but the cumulative effect of all of these things, i think, has finally caught up to him. the tipping point did come in the form of that tape, although he has now struggled to regain his footing and try and chalk it up to locker room talk. i think i've been in a lot more locker rooms than donald trump ever has. i'm waiting for somebody to tell me where on his resume it describes the number of sports that he's actually played.
4:45 am
but this really was a tipping point, but it's everything in total now and the commercials that are being run that are reminding americans of all the things that have transpired in this campaign. >> i like all the athletes coming out and saying, not in our locker room. let me play you something that happened with mike pence yesterday when alisyn was interviewing him. we want to get your take on whether or not he's just flat-out lying about what his position was. >> i've talked to him about our policy. frankly, i got a lot of respect for martha radditz, but she just misrepresented the statement i made in my national debate, frankly, alisyn. you know, the question i got was about aleppo. it was about humanitarian aid. it's about being willing to use military force to prevent a further humanitarian crisis, to establish safe zones, and allow people to escape the horrors of further barbaric action in aleppo. >> so michael, basically what he was saying, he only wants to use u.s. military force to solve the
4:46 am
humanitarian crisis. in his debate, he said, no, i just have to tell you the provocations by russia need to be met with american strength. >> and by strength, he meant military strength. he says it later in the bite. >> basically, he seems to be at odds with donald trump on this position, that donald trump doesn't want any military use in syria. he's threading his own needle of whether or not he would just do it to protect the humanitarian crisis or to avert the humanitarian crisis or from russian provocations. >> i watched your interview. i also, of course, watched the debate on sunday night. it was pretty clear to me that governor pence was contradicted in what he said to you yesterday by what he said in the debate itself. the second point i would make is i don't get unnerved by the idea that the president and the vice president are at odds on some issues. i kind of get a kick out of the fact that gary johnson and bill weld speak openly about the issues where they disagree.
4:47 am
i watched jake tapper interview tim kaine the other day. kaine struggled when he couldn't say whether the wikileaks data was accurate. to me, it's like a couple that, you know, they date for a while then they're married. they still have some disagreements about the way they look at life. now they just happen to be husband and wife. i think it would be healthy for presidential and vice presidential candidates to say, we don't see eye to eye on everything, but in the end, it'll be the top of the ticket that calls the shot. >> yeah, nothing wrong with that. he was right about one thing, although he was saying it in a nice way. he was still going after martha radditz. she's one of the best, hardest core journalists in the business respected by everybody around. he got that part right. he just got it wrong that she misquoted him because she didn't. >> michael smerconish, thank you very much. great to have you. >> good to see you guys. both candidates are trying to court millennials. but what do these young voters care about? do they care about the controversies like trump's lewd comments or bill clinton's past? do they care about hillary
4:48 am
clinton's e-mail saga? we break it down with supporters from both sides, next.
4:49 am
4:51 am
mill littlian -- millennial
4:52 am
voters make up as much of the voting electorate as baby boomers. this important voting block is a focal page. this is a front page story in "usa today." here we have trump supporter kayly macananie and korean jean pierre. "usa today" you guys are on the front page. everybody wants to know what makes millennials tick. what are the issues that are most important to millennials? >> look. alisyn, millennials are the most diverse and progressive group that are going to be a huge factor, maybe make or break the election this cycle. so they really care about the issues because of that. they grew up in a time where nasty, you know, ads, tv ads really took over and so this is
4:53 am
why they really care about climate change, they care about income inequality, college -- debt free college. that's what they're going to be looking towards. i think hillary clinton really aligns with the issues that they truly, truly believe. >> and yet we hear that they're not enthusiastic about donald trump or hillary clinton. what do you think is behind that, kayly? >> that's true. i think the big story is millennials are progressive and lean left but they don't like hillary clinton. donald trump has never hit the fact that hillary took 2 million in speaking fees from universities on the backs of students. her team called it the special university rate. that could have funded six students going to college. >> is that her fault or is that the university administration deciding to pay big ticket speeches. >> if you're going to give a speech to the university, give the money back so six students can go to school free. i have student loan debt. don't tell me you don't care
4:54 am
about my student loan debt. >> 40 million people in this country have student loan debt. that's definitely a a reality. >> would it have helped millennials enthusiasm if she said i'm going to give this to a scholarship fund. >> 73% of millennials believe that donald trump is biased towards women and minorities. that's just a fact. >> yeah. >> we're talking about them being progressive -- >> i do want to ask you about the most recent controversies. do millennials care about p-gate? is this something that millennials are talking about, the controversies with bill clinton's past or donald trump's lewd comments? >> i do think they care about that. i think they care about being respected, authenticity, i think they care that they turned out to support bernie sanders and then they find out from the wikileaks document they care deeply about wall street, paying
4:55 am
their fair share, these are progressive values millennials hold and yet hillary clinton is standing before wall street not releasing the transcripts because she was telling wall street that she's going to do everything for the financial industry and using the dnc to thwart the messenger. >> here's the thing, alisyn. hillary clinton has senator sanders, senator warren, she has president obama, michelle obama all behind her. who does donald trump have at that level? nobody. that's just the reality that we have there. >> let's look at the poll numbers there in terms of how millennials feel. if you're under 45 -- is that a millennial? you have to be -- >> getting older. >> here's where we have 54% of under 45-year-old voters support clinton right now. only 29% support trump. i hear you, kayly, that they wanted bernie sanders but they're not crazy about donald trump. >> yeah. this is where donald trump could improve. he has a message that millennials will hear. that is, i'm going to better the
4:56 am
economy. you're going to have jobs. you're still hurt by the great recession. i'm here to help you. i don't think he's effectively brought that case to college campuses, to millennials. he has four weeks left. he should start to do that. that's important. >> i totally agree. look, last night hillary clinton was at ohio state. 18,500 people showed up. it doesn't speak to who's going to vote but it definitely speaks to enthusiasm. millennials aren't stupid at all. they're very smart. they're paying attention. there was a muslim woman, a young muslim woman asked donald trump how are you going to deal with islamophobia. a blackman asked him how are you going to bring america together as president? what does he do, he talks about inner city violence which he assumed because he was black that he lived in an inner city. so millennials are paying attention to that and they're listening and watching. >> they also don't need these answers refiltered. he said to the islamic woman,
4:57 am
islamophobia is a real problem. we have to address it. he proceeded to talk about islamic terrorism so i think millennials see the nuance there. we've learned today in wikileaks hillary clinton said terrorism is not a problem in 2013. how precient was she? >> how about the idea that millennials are not that familiar with bill clinton's controversial past with women and by bringing these women into the debate donald trump sort of raised awareness of what had happened in the '90s? >> i think it's a completely failed strategy. it's not going to work. that's not what millennials care about. they care about climate change, college affordability, income inequality. they grew up in a time where attacks really took over their lives and that's why issues matter to them. that's why bernie sanders really resonated on those types of issues. >> i think they care deeply
4:58 am
about this because, look, there's a revolution on college campuses. i was on harvard law school's campus last year. sexual assault was the dominant issue among young people and black lives matter. >> they didn't know about it, it's important to them. >> look, at the end of the day especially when we talk about black lives matter, there's only one candidate meeting black lives matter, only one candidate talking about implicit bias. there's only one candidate who has the support of the mothers of the movement. i think that's what matters. that's what they care about. >> donald trump has talked about sandra bland. >> no. no. what donald trump -- not at all. what donald trump has done is that he goes in front of majority white audiences and does a character assassination of the black community and what does he offer? hey, what do you have to lose? >> ladies, thank you for spelling out both of your positions. really appreciate it. what do you all think? you can find me on twitter @alisyncamerota. we're following the growing
4:59 am
turmoil in the gop. let's get right to it. >> i meant what i said and it's still how i feel. >> people that can't fix a budget but then they start talking about their nominee. isn't it really sad? >> i no longer support donald trump. >> did you see that debate? i'm not sure you'll ever see anything like that again. >> if they want to release more tapes, we'll continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton. >> he just doubled down on his excuse that it's just locker room banter. that is just a really weak excuse. >> wikileaks. i love wikileaks. >> we now know who donald trump is, but the real question is who are we? >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." up first, is there a republican civil war happening right now? house speaker paul ryan declaring he can no longer defend his party's nominee. he says the focus has to be keeping control of the house and senate. >> this as the first national poll is out after trump's vulgar
5:00 am
comments on that audio surfaced. they show trump's 11 points behind hillary clinton today. trump is promising to ramp up attacks against the clintons. only eight days until the final debate and just four weeks left until election day. cnn has every angle covered for you. let's begin with chief political correspondent dana bash. good morning, dana. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. that 11 point gap is why the speaker is telling his rank and file he will not defend donald trump anymore and they shouldn't feel compelled to either. gop strat ghegists i talked to d trump's spiral is threatening house republicans. plus, there is real concern that that ""access hollywood"" tape is not the end of it. more is coming. congressional leaders have fully shifted into self-preservation


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