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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 11, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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starts now. -- captions by vitac -- infighting at the very top of the gop, just minutes ago, donald trump fires a new shot at the most powerful republican in congress. he says, our very weak and ineffective leader paul ryan had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty. it is a startling attack. after a remarkable snub. the house speaker saying he will not campaign for his own party's nominee. the latest fallout from the mushrooming scandal over trump's lewd remarks caught on tape. all with the election looming just four weeks from today. cnn's chief political correspondent dana bash is following the infighting this morning. >> it's always interesting to see where donald trump takes his twitter rants. it's really stunning. and i'm kind of -- need to find another word besides stunning to talk about all of these
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developments. to see that he's using twitter to focus his ire on the top republican in the house, the top republican elected official in the land, house speaker paul ryan. now, just by way of background, very quickly, the reason he's clearly so angry is because paul ryan held a conference call with his rank and file yesterday. telling them that he, ryan, is not going to defend trump anymore. he won't campaign with them, which he hand done yet anyway. he also, most importantly, told his members they should feel free to do what they need to do. making clear he doesn't think trump is going to win and they need to be in self-preservation mode. he did get pushback from some conservatives and that is what donald trump is seizing on in these tweets this morning. let's start with what you put up. our very weak and ineffective leader, paul ryan. this is republican talking about a republican. had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his
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disloyalty. that followed one about an hour or so earlier saying, despite winning the second debate in a landslide, every poll -- which need to tell our viewers these were online surveys which were not scientific, here's the important thing. it is hard to do well when paul ryan and others give zero support. i was just told in my ear, carol, we have yet another tweet from donald trump. so we can put it up on the screen and i can read it and we can see, as our viewers see it at the same time. it is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and i can now fight for america the way i want to. so there, clearly, another aim at paul ryan. explanation of why he's doing this. now, let me just -- before i move on and give context to this, tell you what paul ryan said in response through a spokesman. paum ryan is focusing next month on defeating democrats and all
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republicans running for office should probably do the same. basically saying, why are you focused on us, you need to focus on hillary clinton. but, carol, donald trump is clearly laying the groundwork for blaming house republican leaders if he does lose, and also trying to gin up his base and make them angry about the fact that the leadership is not with him. which he was pretty successful with and it helped him get the nomination in the first place during the primaries. >> all right, dana bash, thanks so much. i want to bring in now former minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann. she is a trump supporter. welcome, congresswoman. >> good morning, carol, good to be on with you this morning. >> good morning, it's good to talk to you again. and unfortunately, we have to talk about this -- now it's civil war within the republican party. why is donald trump brawling and not trying to reunify his party? >> well, i'm a friend of both
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donald trump and paul ryan. i served directly with paul ryan in the house of representatives and i serve on the executive advisory board for donald trump. i spoke with members yesterday that were on this conference call. and the members said, to a person, people were in support of donald trump and they really were perplexed why paul even had the conference call in the first place, because donald trump delivered a masterful performance in the second debate. clearly he won. and the members of congress who were behind donald trump and all this conference call did is take away from the news on trump's conference call, and then of course there was also speculation about the timing of these videos being dropped last week and why that was being done. so i think that this isn't a civil war. as you wrote it.
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it's really the members in congress who are saying we're not going to fall in line and abandon donald trump. >> congresswoman, two things, i know you say donald trump won the debate, but the polls that he cites are unscientific polls. they're online polls which are virtually meaningless. most people do think hillary clinton won and trump just performed above expectations. so i don't know how you could say he had a stunning victory on that debate stage the other night. >> well, i think that's the cnn view, but if you talk to people on street, it was amazing. people were fist bumping yesterday. they love what donald trump said. >> why are his poll numbers tanking then? >> i think what we're going to be seeing from now until the election is probably one bombshell after another going off. but remember, we've had these massive, massive bad news.
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w wikileaks dump for hillary clinton. where this is, like, real news that impacts you and me and everyone in the nation and our lives. things that hillary clinton has said and done plants to do. she does not plan to close our borders. she plans to give amnesty to illegal aliens. she said she told the billionaires on wall street -- she's telling them one thing and she's going to tell the american people another. in other words, admitting she's going to lie to us in order to get elected. this is pretty severe information that no other candidate survives, would survive if they don't have the -- >> congresswoman, would you prefer that candidate trump just talk about the issues that you just mentioned, which are worthy issues to talk about, and not talk about bill clinton's past sexual affairs? >> well, i prefer that we are talking about the
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disasters and the military disasters that happened under barack obama. >> my question is, do you want donald trump -- my question is, do you want donald trump to stop talking about bill clinton's past infidelities and inviting woman who accuse bill clinton of sexual assault to things like national debates? >> well, there's a reason why he did. it's because the case was brought up against him. he was only trying to show that bill clinton engaged in criminal behavior toward women -- >> so you think that's good strategy? >> -- including potentially raped so i mean these women should be heard. >> they should be heard but should they be invited to a debate when you yourself said that america's interested in talking about real issues? issues that are important to their lives. i'm not discounting these women's concerns. sure. in this circumstance, i think it
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was very much fair game. it was a surprise attack at donald trump going at his character. all he was trying to do is remind a lot of the millennial voters who have no idea about bill clinton's past sexual criminal behavior and he's bringing these women to remind voters of that and also so that they can't be ignored by the media. >> well, here's the thing -- >> but this is not what he wants to talk about -- >> -- because you ran for president and you know what it's like to be a woman running for president. you've expressed sympathy for some of the things hillary clinton is going through, running for president in the past. my point is hillary clinton is running for president, not her husband, bill clinton. do you really think by attacking -- by continuing to talk about these past infidel y infidelities, that will win over many of the women voters that donald trump frankly really needs to win at the moment?
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>> i think really it's going to depend on hillary clinton's team, what they want to talk about. if they want to bring up like 11-year-old videotapes on donald trump, think you'll see if donald trump is going to fight back in the same venue. so it really is going to be up to hillary. i think what all of us would like to see is more talk about obamacare and the disasters that are happening in syria right now. the tragedies over there. and also with our economy. that's really what we would like to be talking about. but then it really will be up to hillary clinton's team to make sure that there aren't these sort of videos and things that are coming out because donald trump will respond in kind. why shouldn't he? >> all right, michele bachmann, thank you so much for joining me this morning. former congresswoman michele bachmann joining me. let's talk about what she just said. cnn political analyst michael gergen, jackie kucinich, of the
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daily beast, and jason johnson, politics editor of welcome. okay, david, lots to unload. there's this civil war again brewing within the republican party. you heard congresswoman michele bachmann say, you know what, paul ryan started it, donald trump is justified in fighting back and one more thing, if hillary clinton continues to bring up these tapes from 11 years ago, bill clinton's infidelities is fair game. >> we're just in extraordinary times. when the nominee of a party attacks the highest ranking member of his own party. you know, paul ryan is the highest ranking elected republican, speaker of the house of representatives. and paul ryan basically disassociates himself from the trump campaign. you then have -- this is a titanic clash and one that's only guaranteed to reduce republican chances in november.
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because some of these voters are either going to be disenchanted or revolt or do whatever. no one knows what. i want to say this. you know, michele bachmann and others are now basically accusing the republican leadership, especially paul ryan and some others, of being disloyal to them. the question can be reversed. and that is whether donald trump has ever been loyal to the republican party as a party. and to the other members who are running on, you know, allied with him. you know, right from the beginning, he started chasing off hispanics from the republican party. he started chasing off, you know, african-americans from the republican party. he started chasing off college-educated people. and more recently he's now been, you know, chasing off women. it's not just this tape. it is of course a string of things. going back to megyn kelly and including a miss universe. that have indicated to a lot of american women voters a man who is disenchanted with women or at least treats them dismissively
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and as objects and something he's entitled to. if you lock at thok at that, th doing enormous damage to the republican party. and he doesn't seem to give a damn. >> wow, that's strong, david. so jackie, i always wonder, you know, donald trump picks fights but do you think he ever sits back and says to himself what is this doing to the republican party, how is this affecting voters out there, how is this affecting young people who perhaps have just, you know, gotten involved in the political process and have no good thoughts about it yet? does he ever to that? >> let's remember, donald trump wasn't necessarily affiliated with the republican party. he wasn't a creature of the republican party. he's never been elected to public office before. so why should he have any
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loyalty to them? you saw this throughout the primary. they would try to wrangle him and talk to him as he was going further and further in the process and he would not be wrangleled. i don't know that he thinks like that. when you put that against paul ryan who, this time of year, has one job, to keep the republican majority in the house. and when he sees -- when members are coming to him saying people aren't going to vote for me now because of what donald trump has said because we are allied with this person who doesn't represent the values of that district. i'm not saying that across the board. there are a lot of different districts that are very red, that are very big donald trump supporters. but that's not cross country. and so if paul ryan is looking at the spread saying, okay, i'm going to lose a lot members because of what donald trump said, he's got to protect his members before the republican nominee. >> so, this is such an unusual year, it's even hard to come up with -- any question i would ask you that would pertain in previous elections wouldn't apply, right, because i really
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don't know what's going to happen next, do you? >> no, no, i don't. honestly, carol, after the debate, i spoke to a couple members of the rnc and they talked about how difficult this tension has become. they have said that in some instances, they're literally hiding from members of the trump campaign. they have events they want to go to. they're being told in central georgia and florida and ohio the rnc can come but don't bring trump. and then some trump people are saying, well, you can come, but you can't bring members of the rnc. when you have that dine of tension, look, you cannot stand with a house that's divided. there is avenevery reason to bee part of this stems from donald tru trump. you can't run as an outsider and then assume those elites are going to help you. this is going to be a real problem that extends far beyond the election, whether trump loses big, whether he loses small, it's going to be a problem. >> all right, stick around, david gergen, jackie kucinich and jason johnson because we have more to talk about. americans are buying more and more
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all right, donald trump is on sort of a tweet storm this morning, he's tweeted five times. this was his fourth tweet in those two hours.
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this one says, it is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and incan now fight for america the way i want to. this was after, i don't know, three or four tweets attacking paul ryan, the most powerful republican in the united states at the moment. let's bring in cnn political analyst david gergen is sheer, jackie kucinich is back, cnn political commentator and bureau chief of the daily beast and jason john, editor of t help sa he says it's so nice the shac e shackles have been taken often me and i can fight for america the way i want to. where you aware the shackles were on donald trump? >> he seemed to be the most unshackled candidate wefr had. he's been saying what he pleases. opportunity in caring too much about the consequences. he went into the first debate and he was dismissive of
7:20 am
preparations and he wound up losing badly. what i do find interesting, carol, is that he has made the argument, several times, that he can win this without the elites. in fact, he's running against the elites of course now. he can win without these people. but one of his earlier tweets this morning, he said, look, i really did well in the second debate. and if i'm doing badly, it's because they're not supporting me. he flipped the argument to saying i can do it without them to blaming them to the fact his poll numbers are sagging. >> okay, here's the fifth tweet. you can handle this one, jackie, okay. he says, with the exception of cheating bernie out of the nominati nomination, the democrats have always proven to be far more loyal to each other than the republicans. again, he's maligning his fellow republicans for fleeing his campaign and saying, hey, look, the democrats are sticking together. despite what hillary clinton did
7:21 am
to bernie. it took a while for democrats to get around hillary. listen, this particular incident isn't about hillary clinton, it's about what donald trump said, his first nonapology, the second, well, apology, and how he's continued on. he could have moved past this. and instead, 28 days before the election, he's choosing to fight with the republican party instead of hillary clinton and to go after democrats. >> the other thing he's doing, jason, and you heard michele bachmann mention it, it he's saying that maybe it was interesting timing when that tape dropped. like who really released that, right. also, if you look at the brightbart news, cnn's most evil
7:22 am
organization in the world, right, because we're maligning mr. trump unfairly when we're not telling the truth, in fact, no member of the mainstream media is, and hints again that we might have a fraudulent election coming up. >> it's almost hardtop begin on the level of nonsense. i think we can all see this, where this is heading, when he stood there and said one of the first things i'm going to do as president is basically throw my political opponent in jail. when you hear someone say that, when you hear someone running for president of the united states say, i will throw political opponents in jail, there is no question what other things he's willing to do. he will dismiss his own party. he will pretend he doesn't have a relationship with his own vice president. he will say that either mevery outlet that does not kowtow to him is somehow an enemy to the state. this is dangerous talk. the real key here, he can attack paul ryan all he wants but at
7:23 am
the end of the day donald trump was leading in a place like ohio, now he's losing. why is that happening? because you can't even make friends with a popular governor like kasich. he's insulted even chris krichtkrich krichtie who was loyal to him. he's not making friends this campaign season. >> something interesting appeared on facebook the other day, and it's from glenn beck, who attacked clinton for years and years, posted this. quote, if she is elected, the world does not end. once elected, hillary can be fought. if one helps to elect an immoral man to the highest office, one is validating his immorality, lewdness and depravity. david, glenn beck said that. >> yes, i know, i believe that glenn beck is a mormon, he has many friends in the mormon community and eehe's close to mt romney. i would not be surprise ed if
7:24 am
was basically offended by the tape. i think he might be particularly offended. and he's venting about it. i don't know much more about his personal history with donald trump himself. >> it's just interesting that there's this split among, you know, because glenn beck is -- >> i agree -- >> really conservative, right? >> it's like throwing a grenade into the middle of your party. you know, and then everybody's throwing them out. it is a civil war in the republican party. i think a lot of us felt this would break open this kind of war within the party after the election was over and then there was a fight for the soul of the party and direction of the party. but it's starting, you know, 28, four weeks before the election, the civil war is starting. it really is going to drag down a lot of republicans and dispirit them. it is hurti ining everybody to this go on. i think that paul ryan before this is over may withdraw his own endorsement.
7:25 am
i think if he could act on his own, he would withdraw his endorsement. he's trying to protect his members. he's trying to walk a fine line. donald trump's extraordinarily angry. what you have is a sense of donald trump, the tiger who is caged up in that debate is now breaking loose. i think he's been unshackled all along but he's venting his anger and resentment. >> all right, well, we're going to be talking about this for a long, long time on cnn in the days to come. david gergen, jackie kucinich, jason johnson, thanks to all of you. does trump still have a path? we'll break down the math, next. what is success? is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work
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and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me this morning. donald trump appears to be in total meltdown this morning. he's been tweeting all morning long. attacking house republican paul ryan for paul ryan saying he will no longer campaign for mr. trump. paul ryan has still not pulled his endorsement for mr. trump but that doesn't matter to mr. trump. he's very angry at paul ryan. ip it's very obvious by his tweets. say, i can now fight for america the way i want to. leapt's talk about this and also the electoral map and if any of this will help donald trump. mark preston is with me. he's the cnn politics executive editor. also larry sabatto joins me, director of the center of
7:31 am
politics at the university of virginia. so, where do i start, mark, have you ever seen anything like this? >> no, what we're seeing right now, a republican nominee, carol, a month before election, who seems to be, as you said, absolute meltdown right now. starting to -- i mean basically what we have is the wagons that have been circled and donald trump is shooting inward right now. how better time to talk about the electoral map. the path to victory to 270 looks like it's slipping farther and farther away from donald trump. >> let's put up the map. the red is solid republican. the light blue leans democrat. the dark blue is democratic. in the yellow, battleground states. larry, i'm going to center on ohio, because i know most about ohio, because i am from that great state. ohio was leaning trump. after this tape dropped, ohio didn't seem so into donald trump anymore. in light of his fight with his fellow republicans, how might
7:32 am
that affect voters in ohio? >> well, i know here in my operation, the crystal ball, to our surprise, because we had had ohio as one of the two swing states, ohio being the other one, leaning to donald trump. we switched it. we don't think it's heavily in favor of hillary clinton. we think it's a point or two in favor of her. it might flip back. look, if donald trump can't carry ohio, he has zero chance of being president. if i could just interject one thing, carol, listening to mark, i'm older than mark, and i remember 1964, and i'm not saying this has pure parallels and i'm not saying trump is going to lose in the same massive way that barry goldwater did. but what i do remember of that general election is one of the big issues almost every day was which republican had flaked often the republican ticket.
7:33 am
which republican official, governor, congressman, senator, was not supporting barry goldwater that day. so this is reminding me a bit of what i saw in the fall of 1964. but as far as electoral college is concerned, there are theoretical paths to victory for donald trump but they're becoming increasingly theoretical. >> okay, so theoretical path to victory, mark, do you want to tackle that one? >> sure. i mean, look, larry's absolutely right, let's look at this, let's look at the number, if we can throw the map back up, we can zip through it and show you how donald trump can possibly get there. so he's at 196 electoral votes according to the cnn map. the yellow, starting with florida in the bottom, so he would have to pick up florida, north carolina and ohio. if he does so, all he would need is 12 more electoral votes to get him over the threshold of 270. so then what he would have to do, perhaps, is pick up some combination of colorado and
7:34 am
wisconsin would get you there, or pick up pennsylvania and virginia solely. now, virginia is not going to happen. larry's home state, my home state, because tim kaine is on the ticket. speaking to a trump official last night, they said new hampshire and michigan, some kind of combination as well of new hampshire and michigan could get them there as well. the bottom line is this is a -- this is like going down a dark road with no lights, no flashlight and not knowing where the path's going to go. >> okay, so hopefully donald trump's advisers are telling him these things, right, larry, and donald trump, you know, you saw that tweet, he says he's going to take the shackles off. he brought up ted kennedy in chappaquiddick yesterday in his rally. >> i'm sorry, i'm chuckling too much here, but look, when a nominee is focusing as much negative attention on key members of his own party and also dredging up the ancient past, like chappaquiddick, you
7:35 am
know that nominee is in trouble. mark was absolutely correct in those pathways that he just identified for trump, but i know he'd agree with me here's the basic problem. donald trump is behind in every single state that mark just mentioned. so, you know, he's well behind in michigan. he's well behind in pennsylvania. he's behind at least a little bit in new hampshire and north carolina and florida, ohio. so suddenly donald trump has got to thread the eye of six or seven or eight needles in the dark to carry on mark's metaphor there. awfully difficult to do. >> all right, i have to leave it there. mark, larry, thanks. still to come in the "newsroom," warren buffett firing back at donald trump over taxes. not all businessmen think the republican nominee is in the wrong. i talk to some of the wealthiest men in america.
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that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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more than a year, donald trump has been touting his wealth and business savvy as proof he will make an effective president. and his role as job creator. i sat down with three of the wealthiest men in america who arguably are more influential than donald trump. ken langon is founder of the home depot. leon cooperman is the former krp eo of goldman sachs. and t. boone pickens is founder and krp eo of bp capital. my conversation with these men. some people might say we have a wealthy businessman running for president of the united states.
7:41 am
is he a great role model? >> as good as hillary. okay. >> we have different views. >> that's our choice. certainly as good as hillary. she's had more controversial around her life for a longer period. >> i'm not just talking about donald trump as a wealthy businessman. is he the kind of businessman that you want presented to the world for young people to look at and to look up to? >> this is a contest between two undesirable candidates. >> exactly right. >> two undesirable candidates. i personally -- anyone who mocks a handicapped person, okay, which he did with "the new york times" reporter, or somebody who says that john mccain isn't a hero, could i not bring myself to vote for that person. president obama successfully made romney's success a liability. now we get a guy, stands up in front of the camera, says, i'm richer than you think. he's not, by the way. the public is eating it up. >> you don't believe donald trump is worth $10 billion? >> no. >> do you believe donald trump is worth $10 billion? >> no, but let me make --
7:42 am
>> none of you do? >> let me make a point here, okay. hillary clinton, conman, she's rich, he's rich. he worked. and she got money from -- >> making speeches. >> foreign countries, everything, and she may be worth more than donald trump. >> harry truman said that if you go into politics and you leech rich, you're not honest. the idea in this clinton initiative of taking money from heads of states when the wife is secretary of state is just unsavory. >> of course i have to ask you the question of who you're going to vote for. >> i am not pleased with either candidate. i'm a registered independent. i don't think i can bring myself to vote for donald trump. and hillary, i don't know. i may waste my vote. >> really, don't. >> so you're going to vote for donald trump? >> hold it, let me tell you what's missed. this is not about trump. this is the american people using trump as a token.
7:43 am
>> exactly right. >> to express their anger and disgust with the system, okay, with the media, because you're all part of this thing. guess what, if trump comes in and brings a lot of cowboys, meaning people who have not been around down there, lobbyists and stuff, game changes. what's good about this election. like dealing with a drunk. we were getting their bottle. maybe not this time but by the next time, we will. whether it's trump or hillary. >> so are you going to vote for donald trump? >> yes. >> we have picked donald trump, probably not, but the system allowed that to happen. >> right. >> carl icahn, who's a friend of yours, and carl's a very smart guy, he said, boone, you and i both want change. he said there's only one out of the bunch that will provide change. help said now, if he gets it, we're going to get change. boone, i'm not sure that you and
7:44 am
i are both going to like the change we get. >> but we were going to get change. >> but we're going to get change. >> one of the most highly respected businessmen in the world is warren butch felt. when he makes investments like he did in ge, what did he do? he got preferred stock. you know why he got preferred stock instead of bonds? because it's 85% tax free. does berkshire hathaway pay dividends? no. you want to know why? because buffet thinks it's very inefficient. if i pay dividends, i pay the taxes to the corporation and then when i give you the dividend, you pay another tax. >> so it's double taxed on the profit. >> he avoids it. the point i'm making is we all do it. you don't think hillary and bill didn't take advantage of what writeoffs, what deductions they could use? come on. >> i called warren butch fe ren and i said, you talk about the rich people have to say more.
7:45 am
i accept that. aggressive income tax structure. he gave an answer. >> what was the answer? >> if you make over $1 million, 35%. if you make over $5 million, 40. guess what, you're already past that between obamacare, 39.6%, you know, federal income tax, social security tax, inheritance tax, state tax, you're already past that. >> how much should the wealthiest americans pay? >> warren buffett's number. 40%. i'm happy to give 40% of my income to the government. i think that sounds like a reasonable number to me. >> is that reasonable to you? >> okay, let me tell you -- >> you're deflecting. >> i'm going to answer. but after i was 70 years old, 70 to 88, 18 years, i have paid $675 million in taxes. okay. and that's it, that's a fact, i have paid that.
7:46 am
but i haven't paid any taxes in the last three years. why? because i had losses in '08 and '09 and i'm still working off my losses. >> you want to fix america's problem? term limits. >> do what? >> term limits. >> yes. >> let me tell you why. you want to know the real disgrace about the taxes i pay. i get $4,000 a month from government. that is an absolute disgrace. >> you're talking about social security. >> i shouldn't get it. but the politicses haven't got the guts to say to me, you don't get it. you know why? because they want to get re-elected. if hillary thinks if she wins -- let's say she gets 52%. ask yourself if trump was as bad as you say he is, what's the message him getting 48%. >> what was the message that she had great difficulty running against a socialist?
7:47 am
bernie sanders gave her a run for her money and he's a socialist. >> warren buffett, by the way, weighed in on trump's tax controversy. yesterday, he released his 2015 tax return to prove he's paid federal income tax since 1944. warren buffett made $11.5 million in 2015. he paid $1.8 million in federal tax income. he also added he is under audit but he had no problem releasing his return. coming up in the "newsroom," he slammed some of his republican colleagues for not sticking by donald trump. now what congressman steve king has to say about donald trump's battle with the speaker, next. is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t!
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it's lemonade, man! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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donald trump is on a twitter tirade this morning. he's quite angry at congressman paul ryan. the house speaker of course said he would not appear at any campaign events for trump. ryan did not pull his endoshsment but trump is angry at paul ryan for not stand by him fully. latest tweet from trump coming just moments ago. this is what he said, disloyal republicans are far more difficult than crooked hillary. they come at you from all sides.
7:52 am
they don't know how to win. i will teach them. let's talk about this with iowa congressman steve king. he joins me now on the phone. welcome, sir. congressman, are you there? are you there, congressman? >> i am just here, yes, but it's skipping out on me, your audio's not cominging through to me. >> ek, we're going to try our best because -- we're going to try our best. so donald trump -- >> can we dial back and reconnect this? >> okay, can we try to dial back? i'm going to ask my producers in the control room. i can read some of mr. trump's tweets while we do that. okay, so we're going to dial back congressman king. and while we do that, i'm read you some of the tweets. believe six tweets have come in, in the course of two hours from mr. trump. the fifth one was this one. it is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and i can now fight for america the way i want to. you know, in talking with my
7:53 am
political panel, specifically david gergen, he said, you know what, he's not aware that the shackles have ever been taken off donald trump. but you can bet that donald trump, nothing is out of bounds anymore. at his rally last night, nothing appeared to be out of bounds. he brought up ted kennedy and chappaquiddick and the controversy there and he continued to attack hillary clinton and bill clinton's infidelities. all right, congressman king are you back with me? >> i am with you now? >> oh, good, i can stop dancing then. congressman, donald trump appears to be in total meltdown. is that how you see it? >> well, i didn't quite read it that way. i saw tweets as they came through almost in real time. i do think he's going through one of those phases where he's going to get his rebuttal also out there. circumstances that have unfolded starting yesterday morning. i understand why he would feel
7:54 am
frustrated that they're going into the debate, about friday, is when they unleashed that tape of him which no one defends, including donald trump, and only just some hours after that, paul ryan disinvited him to an event in wynn wi. then wisconsin. then he had a great debate on sunday night. then there's a conference call that says -- from the speaker, i'm not going to spend my time campaigning for donald trump. i'm going to turn all my energies to holding the house majority. i can see where the narrative, the narrative that could be a good narrative coming out of a terrific debate for donald trump was essentially dine verdicted to making this a national controversy about that conference call yesterday. i can understand his frustration. >> let me ask you this, i think he will run this course out and
7:55 am
get the campaign back on the rails again. >> is there a danger do you think donald trump will leave the republican party? >> did he what, carol? >> could he leave the republican party? could he just say when all is said and done before the election, you know, i disavow the republican party? is there a danger he'll do that? >> no, there are way too many republicans that support him. i've been out around and done some events and met with people in the last couple of days as this unfolded. and i'm not hearing people that are saying i've had it with trump, i'm walking away from him. they're saying instead that he's our nominee and the agenda we want is going to be accomplished if trump wins the presidency. >> congressman, here's the thing. >> establishment republicans that have long before not trump or never trumpers and i think they jumped the gun and got a little -- they got ahead of the game. i don't know when that conference call was scheduled, but for 10:00 on a monday
7:56 am
morning, one would think it would spin early to do that. and given results of the debate the night before, donald trump should have been able to take the bounce off of that -- >> i just want to get in this one question before -- congressman, congressman. i want to get this last thing in here. obviously many republicans are so uncomfortable with what donald trump said on that tape, they can no longer support him. now he's attacking those republicans for doing what they think is right morally in their hearts, right, so by doing that, isn't there a danger donald trump could drive even more republicans away from his campaign and why is he doing this now with 28 days to go till the election? >> well, he's responding to what happen to change the narrative on him yesterday. i would say to people who claim it is a moral position to walk away from donald trump because of what he said, again, i don't defend what he said.
7:57 am
no one, including donald trump, defends what he said. but we have positions that will only be defensed by the republican party, by our nominee, our nominee is a donald trump, mike pence at his side. mike pence has the highest moral standards. i served with him ten years on the judiciary committee. i know what he's made of. >> i understand, i understand where you're going, congressman -- >> -- immigration, obamacare, isis, the deficit -- >> that's right, but donald trump -- >> -- the second amendment, all of that -- >> sir, donald trump also maidea deal with his fellow republicans -- >> -- if we don't have a donald trump as president. >> donald trump also mailde a dl with his fellow republicans he would stand by them and do right about them and tell them when damaging things were coming out about him. now he hinted last night at his rally there could be more damaging tapes coming out and he's going to come bat that by becoming even more nastier so in light of that, why should
7:58 am
republicans support him, especially when some of them are running for office themselves? >> well, for me, i'm saying to my constituents, who are sanding by me, by the way, we have only two choices, hillary clinton or donald trump. it's that simple. i explain it this way. when i'm voting on a bill that comes before the house of representatives, i can vote yes or no depending on whether i agree with the policy and whether i believe it's constitutional. when it comes to the vote for president, you only have a yes vote, you don't get a no vote. you have to decide who you're going to vote yes for, hillary clinton or whether it's donald trump for president. and so i'm voting yes on donald trump and i'm voting yes to preserve the constitution. all these values i mentioned. i think that's the yes we need. this is the party. it's the platform. it's the principle. it never needs to be about the candidate. it needs to be about what we
7:59 am
believe in and what best advances the agenda we believe in -- >> i got it, congressman king -- >> -- but he's our nominee and i've been a supporter of this agenda that he's delivered and i tend p to stand behind this agenda -- >> i'm going to have to end our conversation because i'm out of time. but thank you so much for joining me this morning. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this the hour" after a break. gotta make a truck heavier to make it stronger, has been workin' too long without a hard hat. meet the all-new 2017 ford super duty. they cut weight with a high-strength, military grade, aluminum alloy body and reinvested a big chunk of it to beef up the high-strength steel frame. forging the most capable heavy-duty pickup in america. time to punch work in the face. this is the next level. this is the ford super duty.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone, i'm kate boldu bolduan. >> i'm john berman. the breaking news, anarchy within the republican party and donald trump's twitter account. right now, trump has spent the last few hours, last few minutes, raging, not against the


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