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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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but they always blame russia can the reason is because they think they are trying to tarnish me. >> as reported the white house says it will deliver a proportional response. i'm told proportional could mean economic or diplomatic responses as well as something in cyberspace. >> jim sciutto, thank you so much. and thank you so much for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts right. n now. "outfront" now. donald trump ranging tirade against paul ryan. who's sticking with trump? and whooes dumping him at this hour? and tump in his own words defending the convicts rapist mike tyson. and what was happening behind the scenes for real at the clinton campaign? let's go "outfront." i'm erin burnett: "outfront" tonight the breaking news.
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donald trump declaring war in an unprecedented move t republican nominee now using his scorched earth strategy against his own party leading to an all out battle with top republican leadership with 28 days to go. trump with a new and angry twitter storm tonight. i filled with rage and resentment of the republican lawmakers who abandoned him in his campaign he called paul ryan weak and b in effective today. and taking on john mccain calling him the foul mouthed senator. and republicans more crooked than hillary clinton. and the shackles taken off me. and all part of a new strategy to build up his base with national themes. a brand new poll shows trump trailing hillary clinton by nine points. just before the debate but after the lewd videotape of trump surfaces he was up --. just moments ago president obama spoke out for the first time about the trump videotape.
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>> you don't have to be a husband or a father to hear what we heard just a few days ago and say, that's not right. you just have to be a decent human being to say that is not right. >> and right now, live pictures, trump/pence a rally about to get under way in the crucial swing state of florida. what do you want do you expect to hear sara? >> reporter: earlier today a trump aide was telling me his focus tonight one on hillary clinton. would be on her e-mails. painting her unfit to be commander in chief. of course donald trump in fact has spent much of the day training his fire on his own party. declare okay twitter that "the
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shackles are off." donald trump began launching 140 character grenades today at the party that anointed him its nominee. in a day long twitter tirade trumper to into house speaker paul ryan, senator john mccain and others. disloyal rs are far more difficult than crooked hillary. they don't know how to win. i will teach them. moments earlier he wrote the dems have always proven to be far more loyal to each other than the republicans. the brash billionaire saved much of his ammunition for speaker ryan who told house republicans monday he will no longer defend trump. that's after access hollywood footage showed trump boasting that he could get away with touching women without their consent. it is hard to do well when paul ryan and others give zero support. adding our very weak and in effective leader paul ryan had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his
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disloyalty. paul ryan is focusing the next month on defeating democrats and all republicans running for office should probably do the same. even johnny mccain was a target. the very foul mouthed senator john mccaccain begged for my support and then dropped me over locker room remarks. these comments from 2005. >> kissing them. like a magnet. i don't even wait. and when you are a star they let you do it. you can do anything. >> reporter: despite the all out assault on his own party donald trump didn't hold back against his democratic rival. >> crooked hillary clinton. oh she's krookd folks. crooked as the $3 bill. i'd lock her up is right. >> reporter: and in a radio interview new jersey governor chris christie says he still backs trump but doesn't believe going after bill clinton's accusers was the best strategy.
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>> he should have been much more direct and much more focused on just saying i'm sorry and only i'm sorry. >> reporter: and as he faces increasingly narrow path to victory the billionaire businessman is insisting he'll fight to the end. >> i may be limping across that finish line but we're going to get across that finish line. >> reporter: donald trump's slash and burn strategy was certainly effective in the republican primary but it's made more awkward in the general election. especially when you consider it was just yesterday red zone chairman priebus held a conference call with the members of the red zonc insisting the -. and as, you know, the rnc is not just responsible for helping get the president elected but responsible for helping the republicans win in all those down ballot races as well. >> thank you very much. i want to go out to washington to manu raju.
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striking home on capitol hill where you spent your day manu. what are you hearing from republican lawmakers about trump. >> reporter: well they are nervous about this fight. and the party is a in self preservation mode. each member running in a tough ree lerksz is deciding ho tow deal with donald trump. whether deciding sticking with donald trump like richard burr saying he still supports trump or running away in donald trump like ayotte or mccain. and the problem for a number of these senators and members in difficult races is they need the donald trump supporters and they don't want to alienate them. look at joe he can in nevada. in a very difficult race to win the senate seat back for republicans over the weekend he rescinded his endorsement. and what did he get? backlash from trump 130r9e supporters. so this is a real challenge for the party going forward. even if they do distance themselves from the nominee. they face a lot of punishment at the polls, erin.
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>> and let's go to republican congressman franks of arizona. huh for taking the time. we just read some of them. donald trump lashing out in a stream of tweets. paul ryan weak. john mccain a foul mouthed senator. those are the terms he's using. do you groo agree with mr. trump? >> my same-sex marriage somehow as a party we have to clearly condemn the outrageous remarks that donald trump made. and yet also point out the difference between his words and hillary clinton's policies. the contrast is profound. i have the privilege of sharing the constitution subcommittee in congress and i truly believe with all my heart if hillary clinton is president she'll appoint supreme court justices to the court that will undermine american leadership. and all republicans needs to understand one thing. we took an oath before almighty good to defend and support the constitution and if he let
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hillary clinton become president we ab gate that oath. >> what policies has she put forth that would support assault is this. >> well the left has coursened this culture in every way imaginab imaginable. it is okay for adult men to walk into little girl's restrooms. it is okay to stand by with a golf club in your hand and watch isis sill little six-year-old girls into the slavery for 60 cents -- >> he talked about grabbing -- >> -- manifests in a presidential campaign, all of a sudden the left feign this is outrage. and it is -- >> but there is no feigning outrage. i'm sitting here as the journalist telling you it is pretty outrageous when someone talks about grabbing women's p's. >> of course it is.
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>> but you japaneuxtapose that her policy -- >> let me give you one policy. here donald trump's words degraded and insulted women in the most flagrant possible way. and yet hillary clinton's policy is to allow the murder of a half a million little tiny women every year. and if she becomes president that could continue for god knows how long. that is the difference. the it is difference between degrading and insult -- >> so you think her being pro choice is equivalent to him grabbing women's genitals. >> no i think her standing by and supporting policies that allow abortion on demand for no reason and she wants taxpayers to pay for it. and if that statement isn't accurate why didn't she say so? >> i appreciate your time. congressman franks from arizona tonight. >> thank you erin. i appreciate it. >> david gorg b out front now. you just heard congressman franks making a case, an equivalence that simply is not there. but let me ask you about what
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he's fundamentally defending, which is donald trump going nuclear. effective? donald trump going nuclear? is it going to work? >> it is going to work in one sense. and that is it will fire up his base and keep his base with him. but in the fundamental sense of trying to win an election no. it is not going to go beyond the base. and more importantly he's effectively destroying a lot of republicans. he's leaving carnage behind that we've never seen before in politics and doing it quite purposefully. i think what we see increasingly is looking at what's going on inside of him is like looking boo the pit of a living volcano. rered hot and angry and boiling over. sort of hellish fires that he's exposing here and going after johnny mccain and the way he has. he started that fight by says mccain was no hero. he got captured. made him weak. and going after paul ryan, the highest ranking republican.
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what we're watching here is just incredible destruction pulling down the pillars of his own party. and basically he started out by saying, listen, i don't need those damn people. and i'll win on my own. and if i go down it is because of them. >> and in the meantime, mike pence here -- actually let me bring up sort of a john mccain moment. trying to tamp it down at the town hall and say something just isn't right. isn't appropriate. here se is when a woman wins she wants to support an actual revolution today. >> from me personally? if hillary clinton gets in, i myself, i'm ready for a revolution because we can't have her in. >> yeah you don't -- >> but i'm just saying it. >> what you do make there of mike pence basically saying no. no, that is not what this is about. >> well i think he is trying to play the responsible adult in
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this. and thank goodness he is. that was very important. back you remember when john mccain ran with sarah palin. i think he played a very responsible role and we need adults running. look, i think the country is embarrassed by what they see. but just look at it as a raw political matter. donald trump has been within striking distance in this campaign you will until recently. he's gone off on these rampages now since that first debate he's had one week in which he got into a fight with miss universe and all the things he had to say about hillary and all the reasons about what he wanted to do for the country got lost in that debate. now he's spending -- in the second debate he's spent three days now fighting with the republican party. and his message is not getting through. that is another striking part of
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this extraordinary campaign. >> david gorgen staying with us. and next another tape tonight. donald trump talking about rape and mike tyson. you will hear that. plus more hacked clinton e-mails today. trump charging they are proof that she is in his words unfit to run. and why does donald trump say things like this? >> by the way your daughter. >> she's beautiful. >> can i say this? a piece of ass. >> yeah. [ cough ] shh. i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. better take something. dayquil liquid gels doesn't treat a runny nose. it doesn't? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels fight your worst cold symptoms including your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is! sureor put themhave ston a rack.e tires. but the specialists at ford like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands.
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>> that ad though contradicted what trump said two days ago at the presidential debate. >>ly say this about hillary. she doesn't quit. he doesn't give up. i respect that. i tell it like it is. she's a fighter. >> jim acosta is "outfront." and trump going at it today as if he has nothing to lose. >> this is donald trump unshackled apparently. i can tell you the official talking point from the campaign is that this is now about outsiders very insiders. donald trump versus the establishment. whether that establishment is hillary clinton or paul ryan. i talked an advisor who said trump has been undisciplined from the beginning so what does this change? it doesn't change anything. trump indicated he'll continue to attack paul ryan from the campaign trail at a fundraiser earlier today. said again he feels unshackled now and he wishes the
4:18 pm
republicans were as united as the democrats at this point but there is a real worry among top republicans trump could take the whole party down and jeopardize congress. sources close to paul ryan are 23409 firing back at trump. one no itting that paul ryan is tril a prolific fundraisers. one source who's worked with ryan over the years erin blasted trump's campaign and the latest episode of a rolling psycho drama. adding we are long past healthy. there are a lot of republicans who are very upset about donald trump and this split with paul ryan. >> thank you jim. outfront now --. mark let me start with you. and that ad. it might be a very effective ad. the problem is of course it does
4:19 pm
contradict what were extremely gracious words from donald trump the other night about hint talking about how she never gives up. >> right. and, you know, our friend always says i'm an anomaly because i really like tough, dirty ads. >> one of the the reasons we all love paul. >> he's very honest about it. regardless of whether democrat or republican. with that ad who's he trying to reach? that is not -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> -- undecide. right. that is a base. almost a republican presidential primary ad. and quite frankly some people are going to be turned off by that. that is a tough, tough ad, which isn't based in fact mind you. >> and you famously have said again and again let trump be trump. and you have been proven right about that multiple times. >> correct. >> in the past 24 hours he's gone on this twitter rant against paul ryan and john mccain and tweeting about the
4:20 pm
former beauty queen in the middle of the night. i could go on. but he's been doing all these things. is that even a coherent strp strategy to let trump be trump if that is what it is. >> donald trump now serves as the head of the republican party. and what he did today in dallas, texas is he raised money for the republican party. and if you want to look at what he's done for the republican party compared to what paul ryan has done, donald trump has raised the republican party probably $350 million to fund their entire ground game operation. paul ryan has raised probably three or four our five million dollars. and that is good for him. but when it comes down to the officials and what they need. donald trump is the one who is out raising the money for them. so they should be standing behind donald trump right now. >> i can't fact check those numbers -- >> and i'm not a big supporter of paul ryan. but he has been a republican his whole entire life and is very well regarded, respected.
4:21 pm
drafted by everybody to come in and take over the speakership. i know there is a rub between donald trump and paul ryan. what i don't understand is why donald trump is even arguing with paul ryan and why he isn't just running his observe campaign. >> i want to play new audio. more tapes coming out. we have audio tonight. donald trump talking about mike tyson's rape conviction back in 1992. again it is on howard stern. let me play it. >> the truth is he's been very loyal to me. he has most of his fights at my places. he does best at my places in terms of his best fights. and he's been great. and i just had hate to see what's happened to him. it is a travesty. >> there it is. >> loyalty ahead of facts david gergen and what is the significance of this? obviously mike tyson convicted. >> i don't think it is anywhere near as explosive as what we've heard already and may be hearing from new tapes.
4:22 pm
but i do think that -- a i i think he shows the loyalty so you have to give credit to him on that. but when you come to him. mike tyson went to jail for six years. and a court of law and a jury found that he was guilty. and then here trump turns around and says he was the victim. it was the girl that did it. there were these girls always hanging around him. and therefore he shouldn't be found guilty. and he proposed that instead of going to jail what he augmeough do is take his proceeds from a couple of boxing matches and give them to rape victims. it is indicative of a frame of mind -- i don't think this is egregio egregious. but a frame of mind that is dismissive of women and what their legitimate claims might be in a rape culture. >> i would say it is egregious with all deference to david. and again this is not the most
4:23 pm
disturbing thing. certainly the 2005 video is more disturbing. but that is pattern. a pattern of demonstrated misogyny, demeaning, littling of women, insult, name calling, fat-shaming women. and then you see when that crosses over into bragging about sexual assault. this is really -- i mean, we are about to go down in history as -- we have a presidential nominee who's been caught on tape boasting -- boasting about assaulting women. you know look, it doesn't -- i -- there is no way to sugar coat this. i will say what corey says let trump be trump. also let the titanic be the titanic. this is going down and he should. >> we also have a --. man who raped a 12-year-old. knew the man lied on the polygraph. admitted that and now he heard that he lied and a he shh has no faith in the polygraph --
4:24 pm
>> -- >> what she did to that 12-year-old girl and say that 12-year-old girl was seeking other men is egregious. and that girl has come forward and she not only was a victim. she a victim of rape and we have to keep that in mind. and there is no one in the mainstream media talking to her about what her experience with hillary clinton was. and i think that is a shame. >> i don't even know how to sum up where we are in this campaign right now. we are so far in the gutter right now. nothing is surprising rights now. that ad we just saw that donald trump has come one. look, i'm sure democrats are going to come up with something just as equally as hard, if not her campaign will be a super pac. we have less than a month right now to head in. and what do i think we're seeing is fatigue amongst voters with you will the negative. >> it is incredible. we've never had such a conversation about women.
4:25 pm
that in and of itself is an important thing to have. it is an important conversation to have. >> -- respects women and doesn't -- >> i think david's right. it could be the silver lining these are very serious conversations that need to be had and people need to know where they stand. next clinton's hacked e-mails raising new question answer her staffers and what was going on behind closed doors and donald trump's history of saying things like this one about his daughter. >> if ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps i'd be dating her. it's your tv, take it with you. with directv and at&t, watch all your live channels, on your devices, data-free switch to directv and lock in your price for 2 years, offer starting at $50 a month.
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clinton and gore together again. former vice president al gore seldom seen with the clintons making his clinton campaign debut today in florida. even though they rallied the crowd to talk about cliech, they were forced to deal the fallouts of the new release of stolen e-mails.mate change, they were forced to deal the fallouts of the new release of stolen e-mails. >> reporter: hillary clinton's team hoped this would be her memorable moment on the trail today. a clinton and gore on stage in florida. the old band back together.
4:30 pm
instead clinton's campaign found itself fighting allegations and responding to the release of thousands of private e-mails sent to and fro from its chair john podesta that were hacked and published by wikileaks. today e-mails appeared to show conversations and collusion. in one e-mail clinton's press secretary a former dodge smoexman appears to receive and pass along information from his contacts at the justice department. this exchange did not pertain to the fbi investigation into clinton's private server but rally a lawsuit to make those e-mails public. the campaign pointed out the filings were public record and stressed that the hacks are illegal. but today donald trump tweeted i hope people are looking at the disgraceful behavior of hillary clinton as exposed by wikileaks. she's unknfit to run.
4:31 pm
tonight clinton's campaign is using al gore to sell the idea that every vote counts. >> take it from me, tfrs a very close election. elections have consequences. your vote counts. your vote has consequences. >> the sunshine state ended gore's presidential aspirations in 2000 when the supreme court halted a recount leaving him 537 votes shy of beating bush. since then he's made preaching against climate change his mission, an issue clinton's team believes could help motivate millennials. >> we cannot help putting a climate denier in the white house. >> and the clinton campaign is taking nothing for granted tonight as his former running mate and his wife stumped in miami. bill clinton was also on the trail at a voter registration event. and it turns out florida voters now have an extra day to register to vote. the deadline was extended from
4:32 pm
today to wednesday at 5:00 p.m. per court order because of hurricane matthew. but erin, clinton's camp still fighting in court to get the deadline extended even further. >> thank you jessica. i want to talk about these wikileaks e-mails. first al gore. he's been in the witness protection program. [ laughter ] and he came out today. is he going to be effective? >> well he came at today. let us note that it was al gore who didn't want bill clinton to go campaign on his behalf in 2000 and had bill clinton gone and campaigned on his behalf in 2000, al gore probably would have won. is it going to be effective with millennials. unlikely because a lot don't remember him. and there is a large part of the democratic base that are clued into the idea of climate change and the destruction that it causes and i do think he could -- >> so he's trying to win, this is millennials you are talking
4:33 pm
about? >> well they say the millennials love the environment. i really think he's better for the base in general. i think he's a better base play. >> i wouldn't agree. i actually think you go out and talk about millennials they really do care about the environment. they are watching the cataclysmic storms and -- >> al gore -- >> yeah he's like papa smur f o the climate change conversation. all the millennials i've -- >> -- number two he's also all these voters olders and younger who are thinking voting third party. a really important warning sign for them. >> i want to talk about wikileaks. there are some important things in here. let's start with an e-mail brian fallon signed. a former justice department employee and now clinton spokesman. was in both of those roles at different tielgs. last year while working for clinton he wrote an e-mail about
4:34 pm
the investigation saying doj folks informed me. obviously this information was publicly available. but you think there is more to it? >> i think what this is is once again you get the cozy washington relationship and sharing it with your friends and there are two sets of rules. the set of rules for everybody out there doing their jobs every day and there are a set of rules for the political elites. and brian fallon had information with the justice department he 145i shared with the campaign. and you have also e-mails about -- chelsea clinton. she was potentially about to drive someone to committing suicide according totally e-mails we've now seen that no one is talking about. we see the inner works of the clinton world and b chelsea clinton was her concern about
4:35 pm
the closeness of the foundation and the state department and the people that are using their experience and their relationships to profit off of the clintons. >> i just want to be clear. in the e-mail you are referring to. did refer to chelsea clinton as a spoiled brat. on the suicide part i want or the clear. he said talk about one of the chiefs to the foundation. she called me to tell me the stress of all this office crap with wjc, bill clinton and cbc chelsea clinton as well as her family had driven her to the edge -- >> goes on and says she's sitting at the edge of the water with her foot on the gas pedal considering whether or not to drive in. so please don't edit. a you need to go and read the whole thing -- >> -- [indiscernible]. >> -- dismissed clinton, chelsea as an entitled and power how longry young woman who wreaked havoc at the clinton foundation and created a stressful
4:36 pm
environment that contributed to one person contemplating suicide simply because she was belligerent in the relationship with her father. >> let me say this. obviously these e-mails are terrible for the clintons. it does sew a coziness. cory is right. this shows an assessment of someone's mental state who's not a professional. i we have to be careful about -- >> [indiscernible]. this is another one from the campaign chairman john podesta talk about the speech. i know she's begun to hate every day americans but i think we use it once the first time she says i'm running for president. i think if she does say it once --. it that appears to be very clear. nonetheless, because of the deplorables, comment she made,
4:37 pm
could this be something that could be turned against her. >> i think we could all agree that hillary clinton anyone who knows her and is associated with her should just stop using e-mail. they should go to courier pigeons or telepathy. clearly this is not good. i find some of these i males i disturbing and bothersome. also knowing people on the bernie campaign, having had exchanges with them directly. this is unfortunately the ugly politics and we all know political operatives aren't often nice. don't mince their words. i don't mince my words in my e-mails. and maybe i should be more careful. but they are not hacking me next. they are not hacking trump's. they are not hacking bernies. they could. they are hacking hillarys and they are releasing them for a reason because they want to hurt her campaign and presumably hurt donald trump. so we have to look at the context in the e-mails being
4:38 pm
hacked and leaked. it is suspicious. >> should trump also be saying this is wrong, that this is happening because this is a foreign government. >> -- state department says it is probably the russians bedon't equivocable know that. >> white house says it is the russians -- >> what is taking place we've seen time and again there are two separate rules. one for the political elites and one for the rest of the world. and -- so that we can confuse the people. this is what the plan has always been because they knew there were going to be problems with these e-mails and that is why they don't want to be -- >> -- politics on all sides. in thanks to all. next donald trump's long history of objectifying his daughter. and billy bush about to pay very heavy price for his role on the donald trump voop voop. the question is whether lump will as well.
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4:43 pm
about how he's spoken about her or acted around her. deborah feyerick is "outfront." >> reporter: donald trump has every right to be proud of his daughter. a successful ivy league educated businesswoman, author and mother. and now helping on his campaign and introduced her father at the convention. yet at times his fatherly praise is downright cringe worthy. >> if ivanka weren't my daughter perhaps i'd be dating her. >> so weird. stop it. >> reporter: and he has encouraged it multiple times. on howard stern's radio show in 2004 and then again in 2006. >> by the way your daughter. >> she's beautiful. >> can i say this? a piece of ass. more have lupts you than ever. >> in may ivanka described her
4:44 pm
as the feminist while defending her father on cbs after a scathing "new york times" article about his negative treatment to win. >> is there unending commentary on the female form? >> no. no. i've known my father obviously my whole life. and he has total respect for women. >> please welcome the lovely ivanka trump. still even ivanka seemed confused when wendy williams asked about things the two have in common. >> what is the favorite thing you have in common with your father? >> either real estate or golf. >> well i was going to say sex but i can't relate -- >> donald trump has always been proud of his daughter. >> i call collect to his office. i was probably 10 years old. he would pick up the phone every single time. and he'd put me on speakerphone. it wouldn't be a long conversation. he'd introduce me to whoever was in his office. >> and he was front roub when ivanka took to the cat walk
4:45 pm
during her short career as the fashion model. still donald trump repeatedly points out how hot his daughter is. saying last year in a rolli ini stone article, yeah she's really something and what a beauty that one. if i weren't happily married and, you know, her father. >> my daughter ivanka. she's 6'0" tall. she's got the best body. >> she's hot. >> ivanka continues to defend her father and has said he is not sexist. earlier her twitter account showed a little --. a source tells us it wasn't ivanka who personally liked the item. it was quote a simple mistake by a staff member. cnn has reached out to the trump campaign for a response about the comments themselves. erin? >> all right deb. thank you very much. and next the breaking news. nbc anchor billy bush paying a major price for his part in the donald trump tape scandal. that's next. ng...
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4:50 pm
be done the end of this week. one way or another bush will be leaving the today show and nbc. a stunning reversal. because two months ago he was brought in to be the start star of the 9:00 a.m. hour. there was going to be a big party this weekend for him actually. it's now been canceled. >> let's listen to billy bush's role. he was getting ready for the interview when this whole tape trans pierd. let me just play it. >> hello. how are you. hi. >> mr. trump, how are you. nice to meet you. >> terrific. you know billy bush. >> nice to o see you. >> doing very well. you ready to be a soap star? >> we're ready, make me a soap star. >> here we go. excellent. well you have got a nice co-star here. >> yes. absolutely. >> and of course what was disturbing about that enabling hug, that might have been the most disturbing moment. because just before that trump
4:51 pm
and bush had been discussing how -- in lewd terms how gorgeous she was and trump saying well i need to take a tic tac in case i kiss her. >> and bush is about half the age of donald trump. there is some -- there is an oddity to the idea that burn is the one losing his job. the one being told you are fired even if he ultimately gets paid out and is not formally fired by nbc. trump trying to get through this. he'll pay a price playbook at t ballot box. >> before we go in more tapes to come? >> it feels that way. there is a view within the trump camp this is inevitable and a view within news rooms this is inevitable. nbc news is now on a man hunt and many other news rooms trying to the same thing. >> brian, i want to bring in our cnn political analyst and
4:52 pm
washington bureau chief jackie kis niche. this video stacked on the shelf for 11 years. there are reports billy bush knew about it and told people about it jokingly as recently as the olympics. what do you make of the timing? the fact it came out when it did. >> it is october. and this is when these things tend to leak. the washington poe post did a little bit of a tic tac of the leak that reporter daichb f avi farenhold received. and he received a call this was coming and they were working on it and there was a race to publish. so was this dropped to effect the election? yeah, probably. that is when these things happen, particularly because this existed before that. but we don't know. farenhill is obviously protecting his source and that
4:53 pm
is why the answer lies. >> -- is that possible? >> we have to take them at their word at this point. we don't know. >> a fair point. obviously a big question out there the source did feel it wouldn't get out there if they didn't leak it. thank you. and next michelle obama says it is not about policy. it is personal for her. the first lady speaks out next. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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today is the international day of the girl. and michelle obama marked the occasion with a debut of the new cnn film "we will rise" at the white house. the documentary follows the first lady along with actresses meryl streep and freida pinto and our own on their journey to liberia to talk to young women. here is a clip. >> i made sure that every day i came to my job that i brought a level of passion and confidence and trust. and i try to operate from that place every single day. maybe those are some of my strengths, is the ability to just be me, no matter where i
4:58 pm
am. you don't have to be somebody different to be important. you are important in your own right. people want and need too value you because of who you are because of your story. because of your challenges. that is what makes unique. >> "outfront" now is isa. you were with michelle obama on this trip. pretty incredible there to watch her interacting with those girls. what did you learn about her? >> hi, erin. i learned that she has an incredible capacity to connect with people. >> it is truly something to behold and especially for these girls who live in such difficult circumstances in many cases. when she turned her light, if you will, on her and spoke such words of confidence and
4:59 pm
encouragement, you could see it in real time having an impact on these girls. >> on this documentary, what was the most meaningful part about it for you. ? >> i that it was once again a reminder, erin, that girls all over the world, whether they are sitting in liberia or in morocco or denver or network girls are all the same. and they wish for the same things. the difference is opportunity. and it was so meaningful to me to be with them in their homes, in their schools and to share those dreams and to hear from them just what they image for their futures. >> really looking forward to seeing this. and thank you so much for talking about it with us isha. >> thank you. >> and that documentary tomorrow night at 9:00 right here on cnn. thanks so much as always for joining us. see you again tomorrow night.
5:00 pm
watch "outfront" any time. all you have to do is go to cnn go. have a great night. ac 360 starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us tonight. donald trump goes rogue. goes to war with his own party. goes it alen. however you say it, it adds up to to the same thing. 28 days left, the major presidential party candidate has all but broken with the party that nominated him. we've never seen anything quite like this before. trump is in panama beach florida, after lashing out all day at the organization he needs to raise money, buy ads and get voters to the polls. on top of that he's openly dissing the leaders he'll be counting on if he wins. to many it looks like a scorched earth campaign. when it comes to republican likes house speaker paul ryan who have been condemning trump but still endorsing. and t