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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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good evening and thanks for joining us for the second hour of "360." donald trump right now getting ready to cap out what could be the first day of the rest of his campaign. in other words, a new beginning. might also be the beginning of the end. that's how pivotal today potentially was, with the candidate apparently declaring war on his own party, especially party leaders. he says he's now unshackled. others say this move untethers him from the very people he needs to govern. our sara murray joins us from florida. tump the trump is about to speak. he's been tweeting a lot today.
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what do we expect here? >> reporter: the trump campaign tells me when donald trump takes the stage here in panama city, he's going to be having his focus trained on hillary clinton. they're saying that he is going to be very critical of her based on these apparently hacked e-mails from her campaign chairman, that were then posted on wikileaks. so he's going to be launching a number of sort of grenades her way on that. but, anderson, i think the thing to watch for is whether donald trump can really keep his focus trained on clinton at this rally or if we hear him going off again again against members of his own party. this is something that has made republicans feel very nervous. they feel he could have a negative impact on their chances of keeping control of the house and the senate and that's what we're watching for tonight. >> he appeared in texas earlier, but he was very prolific on twitter today, even by his own standards. some of it, as you said, was directed against republicans. >> reporter: a lot of it was directed at republicans. donald trump went after paul ryan were hard.
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of course, house speaker paul ryan said he was no longer going to be out there defending donald trump. he also went after john mccain, who has rescinded his endorsement of donald trump, and essentially said he's disappointed in what he perceives as disloyalty from the republican party. the trump campaign insists that this is the kind of strategy that is not going to hurt them with their base and they believe it's going to thep drive turnout among anyone who is sick of the washington establishment. >> we'll keep an eye on that stage behind you. joining us now, trump campaign manager, kellyanne conway. great to have you on. so donald trump said tonight he doesn't care about paul ryan's support, he doesn't want paul ryan's support, that he might be better off without paul ryan's support. can you say for sure whether donald trump is rescinding his endorsement of paul ryan and whether he believes the speaker should be re-elected to his congressional seat. >> well, he's not talking about any of that. he's trying to be elected
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president of the united states and he's doing that with or without certain people's endorsements, anderson. and the fact is that paul ryan's job is what john boehner's job was in 2012 when mitt romney was running. his job is to make sure the republicans get re-elected. and i would say, when paul ryan was running for vice president last time, they lost eight of the nine swing states, and people like i certainly supported him. i know donald trump certainly supported the ticket. but, you know, the fact remains that we're running a presidential campaign. and we're doing that through appearances like today, fund-raisers like today, where donald trump was in texas, raising money, not just for the trump campaign, but, drumroll, please, for the rnc and the republican committees, which benefits all these candidates that paul ryan is trying to protect. when donald trump raises money for the party, raises money, a lot of that money goes to the party, and that's fine. if you're doing a door-knocking program, for example, in wisconsin, it also helps ron johnson who's running for senate. it helps the congressional candidates. if you're doing it in kelly
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ayotte's new hampshire, it helps her. we're being very good team players here and very happy we've got a great working relationship with reince priebus and the rnc. they've been spectacular to us. >> but clearly the candidate does not believe that paul ryan is being a good team player. does he believe that paul ryan should be speaker of the house come january? >> well, paul ryan is speaker of the house and that is up to members of the caucus. donald trump is not running for a congressman from manhattan where he would actually vote on the speaker. but i appreciate the good wishes that we're actually going to be the next president of the united states and that we'll have to work with the speaker. we want a republican majority in the house and the senate. there's no question. but the bigger issue is that we're communicating directly with voters. for those members of congress that endorse us, terrific. for those that don't, we're still winning voters in their state. for everyone that doesn't want to endorse donald trump or doesn't even want to support him, he should realize he actually has a connection to his voters. look at all of these states and senators who aren't endorsing him. we're doing well in most or all of those states. some of them aren't even competitive. >> as someone who works in gop
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politics for a living, are you concerned at all that donald trump could be burning the party down, not just this year, but for cycles to come? if there's a republican civil war for the next four weeks and if donald trump does poorly with women or minorities on election day, doesn't that risk hurting the party for years? >> we're working very closely with the rnc. hand in glove. i talk to reince priebus several times a day. sean spicer is here today. katie walsh is here often, the chief of staff there. we have a great -- that is the party. and we have a great relationship with the party. in fact, the party has provided so much of the ground game and field operation and data operation to supplement what we already had, when i got here, and what we're building on, that we literally are doing it with them, in these swing states. the rnc is the party. and the rnc is also helping these candidates. and we're helping them to raise money and frankly, to field the candidate that's bringing in new voters in some of their states. >> when donald trump says on twitter that he's glad the
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shackles are you have, that he's feeling unshackled, what's he referring to, specifically? who was he shackled by? >> he gave an interview this evening to fox news channel's bill o'reilly and i think he explained some of that, anderson. where mr. trump said that he gets some people's endorsements and then they take them back. and then they beg him for his endorsement, he gives it in the primaries, and then they waiver. so, you know, that's just not donald trump. donald trump among wishy-washy people, who decide one day they want him, and they want his endorsement, they support him, and the next day they don't. it's much better for him to take the message directly to the people. we welcome all republican endorsements, no question. we'd be happy to have that. we'd be happy to have more fair treatment in the media. but i'm not going to find unicorns on my doorstep tomorrow either. so in the meantime, we're going to continue to go with him as a master communicator and connector directly to the voters. >> monica langley of the "wall street journal" is reporting tonight that donald trump's strategy is essentially two-pronged. that he's trying to use the split in the gop to rally his
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base and trying to depress democratic turnout. do you believe that is enough to win? do you believe you can depress democratic turnout by going after hillary clinton, by going after bill clinton? >> well, i think hillary clinton's been's depressing democratic turnout. why is this woman at 46%. she's like the magic 46. she's 46 in the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll -- >> she's ahead of your candidate. >> pardon me? well, anderson, she's running as the first female president who has a sitting president and first lady, much more popular than she'll ever be -- >> your candidate is below 40%. >> is that a question? >> well, you're saying 46% is bad, but 37% is worse. >> you asked me about hillary clinton -- you asked me if i thought -- well, yes, one does not need to be a pollster to know that. but here's the deal. i'm asking you how someone who has all of these advantages. you're asking me how we win, and if hillary clinton can enthuse her base and turnout enough, can
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she win. she still doesn't have the sanders voters, they're angry. they're not going to be happy about all the pay-to-play that was released today. if you're a friend of bill, you can get in on those haiti earthquake relief contracts. how disgusting. we should be focused on the haiti earthquake victims, not on what contracts your company should get, if you're a friend of bill. go read it. i know it's not exciting news for everyone, but i'm sure the viewers will see it. and you're asking me how she can win. and i'm asking you, i'm completely perplexed how someone who has most of the mainstream media for her, a sitting first lady far more popular than she'll ever supposed to be, a former president also her husband, the sitting vice president, a thousand people working in brooklyn, she has all these states locked up and she can't crack 50% and stay there. so we know we can do it. >> so you believe, by bringing up the bill clinton past, by bringing up you say is enabling by hillary clinton, is part of that strategy to lower
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democratic turnout? >> it's part of the strategy to remind people of who hillary rodham clinton actually is. if others aren't going to hold her account for her full record, then, yes, we will. and her record includes naming and blaming women who came in contact with her husband, whether it was consensual relationships like monica lewinsky, an intern at the white house with him as president, completely debasing the office of the white house -- the office of the presidency -- or jennifer flowers, 12-year affair while he was governor of arkansas. or these women who he sexually assaulted. juanita roderick, kathleen willy, paula jones. he gave -- he settled a sexual harassment case for $850,000 with paula jones. the last time i didn't sexually harass someone, i didn't pay them $850,000. >> your candidate has settled numerous lawsuits without admitting any guilt on a whole number of things. are you implying that settling a lawsuit is implying guilt? if so, it means your candidate is guilty of an awful of lot of
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things, no? >> for that, really, as governor of arkansas, using state troopers to procure a win for you? >> you're saying settling a lawsuit is questionable and raising questions about guilt. your client settles lawsuits all the time, even though he says he doesn't, right? >> no, what i'm saying is, what was hillary clinton's conduct towards those women -- >> no, you're implying that settling a lawsuit implies guilt. donald trump has settled numerous lawsuits, including the racial discrimination lawsuit years ago without accepting any guilt. you saying there may be some guilt there? >> i'm saying that i believe that paula jones, is what i'm saying. and i believe that that $14,000 a year arkansas state employee being brought up to the governor's hotel room and him exposing herself as all the evidence said. what's relevant about this to hillary clinton? it's very simple. it's the way she treated these women after the fact. it's the way she blamed and shamed the women. read "the new york times" piece from about ten days ago,
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anderson, it was terrific. days ago after "the new york times" endorsed hillary clinton for president, they turned around and talked about the way hillary clinton and her cohorts always went after these women. the other person i want everyone to know is a household name is kathy shelton. she was raped at the age of 12. and hillary clinton defended her -- defended the rapist, got him off in a plea deal, and a year tolerate laughed about the tactics. this is before the rape shield laws were on the books in arkansas -- >> donald trump has made this very front and center and we've covered this a lot. my question is, do you believe that's going to depress democratic vote, and clearly you do, because you believe this is a strategy that's wise to pursue. >> so, i believe that voters should know who hillary clinton is. and i'll let them decide whether it's enough for them to stay home or come to the polls. but they ought to know, i want kathy shelton to become a household name. it's a disgusting case and it shows it's always hillary first. >> she was acting as a public defender, which is in our constitution, but donald trump -- >> she didn't need to laugh the next day. the next year, about the
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tactics. >> donald trump told bill o'reilly tonight that women have been coming up to him in recent days saying that they've heard what he's dismissing as locker room talk over the years. does that depress you, that this is so common that a lot of women are coming up to donald trump saying, they've heard this all the time. >> did you say, does it depress me? >> yeah. that so many american women have heard, allegedly heard men talk about sexual assault? >> if you're talking to me about the coarseening of our culture, yes. i can say, particularly as a mother of four small children. i can talk about the coarsening of our culture, but i don't think that's why we're discussing this. i will tell you that monica langley's own piece, which i'm glad you're discussing and you have on your panel tonight, she was noting in her piece, the number of republicans who wanted donald trump to step aside over the weekend has really lessened in the latest "wall street journal"/nbc poll. he says in there that he may have stopped the bleeding from this. yes, if we want to talk about the coarsening of the culture, i
6:15 pm
hope you devote a whole two hours to it and i would be happy to be a guest, but i'll also offer up some other guests. i don't appreciate many of the things that are said in our political discourse or things that are said on social media. you and i am are attacked every single day, i'm sure. i never knew i was so stupid or so ugly until social media, anderson, i'm sure the same -- >> same with me. >> yes, but again, don't let it rock your world, i know you don't. so that as it relates to a presidential campaign, why can't we talk about the issues? i was really just amazed that team hillary after everything came out the other night, they said, she just wants to talk about the issues. she wants to have a debate about the issues. really, is that what their ads are about? is that the filth they peddle every day -- >> but let's just be clear, the reason this has been making headlines is because donald trump was discussing and bragging about sexual assault 11 years ago on a bus. it's not hillary clinton who put those words in his mouth.
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>> anderson, first of all, in case anybody's wondering, because somehow read my mind after this broadcast, i have said my opinion on that is expressed privately and publicly is a combination of donald trump's, melania trump's, and mike pence's statements from the weekend. i find those comments to be disgusting and reprehensible and i'm really glad that he apologized. and i think when somebody seeks mercy and forgiveness and means it, and i was with him the entire time, including when he learned about this, people ought to think about that. they ought to think about when people ask -- >> but years later, when asked if it was okay to call his daughter a nice piece of you know what? >> yeah, i don't know if you're trying to drive a wedge between those two, but good luck, they're very close and have a beautiful relationship. >> no, just why would a father say that about his own daughter? i don't understand. >> the question i have is, why can't cnn cover obamacare and isis and radical islamic
6:17 pm
terrorism. >> we do, all the time. >> no, you don't. respectfully, you don't. 94 million people -- >> you guys should know we do, because you watch cnn all day long. >> you don't want to cover it now, you want to talk over. you don't want to hear that there are over 60 million women in poverty on president obama's watch. and hillary clinton has been fighting for women and children for 30 years. where's the deliverable. >> you clearly don't want to address what your candidate said about his own daughter or allowed others to say about his own daughter in front of him, which a lot of people think is kind of odd. >> i've addressed it many times. i've addressed it many times. i've addressed what he said this weekend many times. >> i haven't heard you address the thick on howard stern about a nice piece of you know what? >> you want me to address something he said on howard stern ten years ago or 15 years ago, but you don't want to talk about the fact that hillary clinton defended a rapist successfully, and i want everybody to remember the name kathy shelton. she deserves a hearing. i know cnn did not want to put her on cnn the other night when
6:18 pm
she was in the debate hall. i thought it was incredibly courageous and brave of her to be there. >> i should just point out, we did an entire piece on that case just last night going into all the details. all right, kelly anne conway, i always do appreciate you being on. we're going to listen in for any news from the trump rally tonight and get the panel's take on all of this right after a quick break. [ cough ] shh. i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. better take something. dayquil liquid gels doesn't treat a runny nose. it doesn't? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels fight your worst cold symptoms including your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is! ♪...nausea, heartburn,♪ indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
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donald trump tonight, a month before the election, waging open warfare with his party's leadership. he says he's unshackled. back with the panel. joining us also this hour, "new york times" political correspondent, patrick healey. patrick, what do you make of donald trump, what appears to be this strategy, not only to fire up the base, but also to depress democratic turnout? >> anderson, this is the campaign that he has wanted to run for months. i remember back in may, he told me in an interview that he was really eager to get hillary clinton on a debate stage where he could throw basically years of frustrations and animosity and allegations into her face and challenge them and hold her accountable. these were the issues, not policy issues, but personal character issues, that would energize the republican base, like it wasn't for mitt romney in 2012 and john mccain in 2008. so he's basically going back to what he originally hoped to do.
6:23 pm
and it sounds like for the last interviews with trump campaign officials, today, over the next four weeks, the plan is this barrage of television ads and a, as he's described it, a kind of unshackled donald trump on the stump and in the third debate. they're hoping his hope is to drive up those hillary clinton unfavorable numbers in states like ohio and north carolina and florida, ride the support that rob portman, the senator from ohio, is now sort of receiving in that state, and hope to be getting up to like 44, 45% and that will be enough. that is the approach. i don't know if it's a strategy to count on your opponent's voters not to turn out, because that's a gamble. but i think, to some extent, at this point, donald trump isn't going to convince a lot of people that he has a different character than he, in fact, does. what he needs to do is drag her down to where he is. >> right. kayleigh, does -- i mean, is
6:24 pm
there a, uh -- is it -- i don't know what the word is, but is it -- on the one hand, kellyanne conway is saying, donald trump wants to talk about the issues, wants to talk about policies. and on the other hand, is bringing up the past with bill clinton and hillary clinton. are those two reconcilable? >> they are. and i think we saw that in the debate, both from mike pence and from donald trump. they brought up the negatives of hillary and also talked about the issues. and i have to say, i think this is more than -- this unshackling is more than what people are saying it is. let's go back to the primary and let's remember that ted cruz, donald trump, and to some extent, ben carson, ran not only against the democrats, but against the republicans in washington, against the establishment. and then you had this odd tethering when donald trump became the nominee of paul ryan reluctantly coming to his side, establishment figures reluctantly coming to his side. i think this unshackling is not just i'm going to go and have a scorched earth policy, it's, i don't have to abide by what the establishment is telling me, i can run against washington
6:25 pm
altogether, not just democrats. >> to brick's point about suppressing the vote, i think these wikileaks are doing a great job of assisting trump in suppressing the vote. there was a story that just broke while we were on the air today about a new leak about john podesta and jen palmieri bashing catholics, saying that rupert murdoch -- couldn't believe that rupert purr dmurdo baptized his children as catholics. 70 million catholics in america, saying they bastardized their faith is going to suppress the vote. >> i read that exchange, and they didn't say that, an outsider adviser did. they're very devout catholics. there is a bit of a debate within the catholic church, as there is in america, between theological conservatives and theological liberals. most churches have that. that's all they were talking about. believe me, they were not trashing the holy mother church. there's no chance that john or jen would ever do that. >> they said, they must be attracted to the systemic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be
6:26 pm
totally unaware of christian democracy. it's amazing that they -- it's an amazing bastardization of a faith. i think that's bashing catholics. i don't know how you don't see that as bashing catholics. i think 70 million catholics, 90 million evangelicals would probably agree with me that that's -- >> first of all, evangelicals and catholics are very different creatures. >> the e-mail goes on to say -- >> wait, wait, joe, please stop. >> please, defend it. >> they are faithful catholics themselves. within the church, there are debates -- an outside adviser wrote in and said, hey, this is what the conservative catholics, these particular people, who are pretty famous people, this is what they think, and they had their own private conversation about it. what we're not talking about, though, is that this was a theft. this was a break-in by our intelligence agencies believe, by the russians. on july 27th, donald trump stood up on national television and he called on the russians to hack americans. he invited cybercrime -- >> this -- >> no, it is a crime. in private, people say all kinds of things, including things
6:27 pm
about theology. they do, they talk about religion, they talk about politics, they talk about family. you say a lot of things in a private e-mail. this particular one i happened to read because i care deeply about my faith and those two are good friends of mine and brother and sister in faith. so it's particularly upsetting to me to have someone suggesting they're attacking the church, because they're not. >> so every time these wikileaks come up, the pivot point for clinton is russia, russia, russia, and always allude that donald trump is behind them. they can never point to up with e-mail in the wikileaks that russia fabricated. so -- >> i didn't say that either, joe. i said trump called on it. i can read you the quote. >> don't pivot to string donald trump said on july 29th, my birthday, as a matter of fact,. >> and two days after mine. look how close we are, joe. but he said it. i think there's a curious thing going on in this campaign as it relates to donald trump that the things he said in july 11 years ago are kind of brushed off, and
6:28 pm
the reality that he -- wait, wait, wait! joe! stop! stop! don't say it again, you're just doing it to piss me off now. everything he says, the trump campaign disregards as if someone puts a gun to his head. but you know what's the most curious theme running through the trump supporters tonight and through mr. trump himself is just blaming others. it's paul ryan and the insiders. he went and sought their endorsement, went and had conversations. now we've got, he doesn't want -- he will blame insiders, he'll blame his microphone, he'll blame moderators -- >> okay, i -- >> all to not take responsibility. >> i just want to -- >> spy movie and the russians. >> i didn't it's the russians. >> what do you anticipate for the next -- from now to the finish line of this campaign? is this the way it's going to be? >> the next big inflection point is the next debate. donald trump has signaled with unshackling that he's going to throw as much mud as he thinks he needs to get to where he
6:29 pm
wants to go. >> that's someone who wants to talk about the issues. >> as we've talked about before, it's a tough road. it's a plausible strategy. i don't know if it's going to be a particularly pleasant one for those of us who have to watch it and cover it, but it is an accepted and traditional strategy to try and, you know, highlight your opponent's negatives, right? do a contrast. i think we're going to see a lot of that. >> i want to thank everybody. just ahead, donald trump's laser focus on women's looks is not limited to strangered, as we mentioned earlier, he has a history of bragging about his daughter, ivanka, about her beauty. he told howard stern what we talked about with kellyanne conway. we'll take a look at that and more, in a moment. ... ...what if it's built with better ingredients... ...and even given super powers? since benjamin moore reinvented paint... it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. hey team, i know we're tight on time, but i really need a... ...sick day tomorrow.
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when asked if sunday's debate to name something she respects about donald trump, hillary clinton praised his kids. of trump's five children, ivanka trump is most often in the spotlight, one of her father's closest advisers. but over the weekend, newly uncovered audio of howard stern's radio show shed light on the way trump has talked about his daughter's body over the years. deborah feyerick tonight reports. >> thank you, everyone. >> reporter: donald trump has every right to be proud of his
6:34 pm
daughter. ivanka is a successful ivy league educated businesswoman, author, and mother. she's now helping run his campaign and introduced her father at the republican convention. yet at times, his fatherly praise is downright cringe worthy, like on "the view" in 2006. >> i've said that if ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps i'd be dating her. >> stop it! >> it's so weird! >> stop it! >> reporter: far from protecting her daughter from being talked about as a sex object, he has encouraged it multiple times. on howard stern's radio show in 2004, and then again in 2006. >> by the way, your daughter -- >> she's beautiful. >> can i say this? a piece of ass. >> yeah. >> she looks more voluptuous than ever. >> in may, she defended her father about his alleged negative treatment of women.
6:35 pm
>> is there unending commentary on the female form? >> no. i've known my father, obviously, my whole life. and he has total respect for women. >> please welcome the lovely ivanka trump. >> reporter: still, even ivanka seemed confused when talk show host wendy williams asked about things the two have in common. >> what's the favorite thing you have in common with your father? >> either real estate or golf. >> donald? with your daughter? >> well, i was going to say sex, but i can't relate that. i can't relate that. >> donald trump has always been proud of his daughter. >> i call collect to his office. i was probably ten years old. he would pick up the phone every single time. and he would put me on speaker phone. it wouldn't be a long conversation. he'd introduce me to whoever was in his office. >> and he was front row when ivanka took to the cat walk during her short-lived career as a fashion model. still, donald trump repeatedly points out how hot his daughter is. saying last year in a "rolling
6:36 pm
stone" article, yeah, she's really something, and what a beauty that one. if i weren't happily married and, you know, her father -- >> my daughter, ivanka. >> yeah? >> she's 6 feet tall, she's got the best body. >> yeah, she's hot. >> reporter: anderson, ivanka continues to defend her father and has said he is not sexist. earlier, her twitter account showed a little heart liking an article about her father's decades-old comments to howard stern. the trump campaign refers to ivanka's brand managers and a source there says it wasn't ivanka herself who liked the article, it was a simple mistake made by a staff member. cnn has reached out to the trump campaign for a response about the comments themselves. anderson? >> deborah feyerick, thanks very much. until last month, the presidential nominee never been caught on tape about groping women and blindsiding them with kisses and getting away from it because he's a star and not using the word voluptuous and daughter in the same sense. yet, many evangelicals are still standing by donald trump. russell moore is not among them.
6:37 pm
he's with the southern baptist ethics and joins me now. thank you for being us. i wonder when you heard donald trump say what he said on that bus 11 years ago, what went through your mind? and did it surprise you at all? >> i didn't think that i could possibly be surprised by anything happening in this campaign, and i was genuinely stunned to hear this. and what i found, if the days since, i'm hearing from a lot of evangelical women, who were already deeply disturbed by the tenor of this campaign and the sort of thing that we've seen go on, who are almost traumatized, by the -- not just what's happening at the national level, but the way that some people are simply waving it off. we see that today. with people saying, it's locker room talk or just being macho or it's being an alpha male. that is completely contrary to everything we believe as
6:38 pm
christians about the dignity of women and the way that we ought to respect and treat women. and it ought to be contrary to everything we believe as americans. >> it is interesting, because there are evangelical leaders, tony perkins, ralph reed among them who are still supporting donald trump. how do you -- how do you explain that? i mean, the remarks on that tape do stand in direct contrast to evangelical values. >> you know, i've been listening to some of these evangelical leaders since i was 10 years old say "character matters," that the moral tenor of leadership matters. that the coarsening of a culture is bad for all of society. that the bully pulpit ought to stand up for values. we've been told, we ought to vote our values. i'm not the one who's moved. and what i'm hearing from many evangelicals right now, there are a lot of evangelicals who feel homeless. they can't go in the direction, obviously, of hillary clinton, and they also can't go in this
6:39 pm
direction. and so i hear from many of them who are simply throwing up their hands right now and saying, what is going on? they don't trust her with the supreme court or executive orders, and they don't trust him with the nuclear codes or their wives. that's a really, really ing pla. >> let me play devil's advocates here. there are some evangelicals who say, look, it's abhorrent what he said, i'm not supporting what he said, but this is a binary choice. and you know, if you're concerned about the issue of abortion, if you're concerned about the future of supreme court, you know, religious liberty, you know, that's why they are continuing to support donald trump and say, look, maybe they're holding their nose or saying, you know, that character is one thing, but these things are more important. what do you say to them? >> i understand people who are wrestling withconsciences and making really, really difficult decisions right now. the problem i have is with those national leaders who are willing to just wave this off, to defend
6:40 pm
it. this is just locker room talk, or this is just being macho. when you have someone boasting and bragging about sexual assaults, in the same way that i have a problem with those people who would say, well, let's just don't worry about hillary clinton's views on abortion. these are serious matters. not only as it relates to this kind of toxic culture about women and sexuality that we've seen, but also the race baiting and the immigrant bashing that we've seen take place. our african-american and hispanic american and asian american evangelical brothers and sisters in christ are often saying, where in the world are our white evangelical brothers and sisters right now? and similarly, we have many evangelical women, one evangelical woman, who faced sexual assault, not many years ago, who said to me, how are we going to expect our young girls and women to come forward, when they see christian leaders on television saying, well, these
6:41 pm
are just words? and that's especially true when what we saw from the candidate himself is not, "i apologize" and "i'm sorry" and "this is how i've changed." we saw at the debate sunday night a waving away of these things, it's just locker room talk, it's just words. now, we've seen that with hillary clinton, as well, when it comes to issues of e-mails and other things. but, surely, we ought to have some place for character and for moral norms in american life right now. that's a really, really sad place we've come to. >> russell moore, i always enjoy having you on the show and appreciate you being here. thank you very much. >> thanks, anderson. 16 years after losing the state and the election, a lock, winding road for al gore. he was on the campaign trail today with hillary clinton. we'll take a look at what happened today. when your pain reliever stops working,
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
if you closed your eyes today in miami, you could for a moment feel 16 years younger. al gore making his clinton campaign debut in the state that made the fateful difference back in 2000. if you lived through it, it's a reminder of how the smallest things can change history.
6:45 pm
to the clinton campaign, sure looks like a sign they're leaving nothing to chance and using everyone on their bench. 16 years ago, the gore campaign chose not to and paid the price in fascinating. the history is fascinating and appears the history is not lost on hillary clinton. more from gary tuchman. >> reporter: when bill clinton picked al gore to be his vice presidential running mate in 1992, the warmth between both clintons and both gores was unmistakable. and eight years later, when gore was getting ready to be nominated as the democrat who would try to take clinton's place as president, the families were together again in celebration. >> he is the right person to be the first president of the 21st century, al gore! >> but the relationship between the gores and the clintons had changed. and as the 2000 campaign went from summer to fall, al gore made a decision, voters were,
6:46 pm
for the most part, not going to see bill clinton by his side. >> gore/lieberman win! the people win! let's do it! god bless you! thank you! >> reporter: the major reason the relationship between gore and clinton had deteriorated, president clinton's relationship with monica lewinsky. gore was upset by bill clinton's judgment and felt the impeached the president's actions could hurt his campaign. >> we shouldn't have had to go through it, because i felt what the president did was terribly wrong, as a parent, i thought it was inexcusable. but by the grace of the american people, we did get through it. >> mlk had apologized for what he had done, and had a 66-% approve rating when he left office. he reportedly felt gore should have utilized him on the campaign trail. back in 1999, he responded diplomatic to gore's comments about him. >> i took no offense at it. he didn't say anything that i hadn't said in much stacker terms a long time ago. >> reporter: offended or not, the popular president, warts and
6:47 pm
all, could have been the difference. following weeks of recounting and court action, gore lost the state of florida by 537 votes, which, of course, gave george w. bush the white house. gary tuchman, cnn, new york. >> and back now with paul begala. you were there in the clinton white house during this time. what did you think seeing al gore out there on the trail today? because he -- and they haven't always had the closest of relationships. >> that's right. it was very close -- first off, before clinton picked gore to be the running mate, they had searched each other warily as ambitious young politicians. then clinton put him on the ticket. gore had not even endorsed clinton before that day. i remember telling clinton that, why pick gore, he hasn't endorsed him. and mayor clinton said, if i pick him, i believe he will. but then they became very close in that campaign. the two couples, they rode around together on the bus, they really had a friendship. and that was ruptured as gary's reporting talks about. they put it back together after 9/11. they were both traveling and they reunited, bill clinton and
6:48 pm
al gore. hillary and vice president gore, there was always a little tension there, because there were different power centers in any white house. hillary was advancing health care, the vice president had a project called reinventing government to cut bureaucracy and make the government more efficient. any bit of the president's time or attention that went to one, came out of the other. so there's always that kind of to and fro. but they worked together very well. >> does he help her out on the campaign trail. he's certainly a cautionary tale. >> he's the living embodiment that you have to vote and every election matters, but that elections have consequences. i think the greatest lie ever told in american history is when ralph nader say there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between george bush and al gore. that was the most consequential election of my lifetime. and i think it helps enormously with millennials, the last group of the democratic coalition that's resistant somewhat to hillary. >> do they know al gore?
6:49 pm
>> through "an inconvenient truth" than they do through his vice president. so they think about him as a guy who was right about climate and first about climate, and climate change is enormously important to millennials. so he's actually very cool with young people, because he's no longer seen as a politician, he's seen as the teller of "an inconvenient truth." >> paul begala, thank you very much. appreciate it. coming up, help is on the way to haiti. a million vaccines to try to control the spread of cholera after the devastating hurricane. a live update from port-au-prince, next. and can resist any amount of moisture... it still paint? aura bath & spa from benjamin moore. paint like no other.
6:50 pm
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minutes are still? shelters in the aftermath of hurricane matthew. thousands had to be rescued by boat and helicopter, and the governor is warning nor flooding is on the way. meanwhile, haiti's situation is dire, and the death toll is rising, and cholera cases are on the rise. only one in three people had access to proper bathroom facilities. less than three in five had access to safe water and the situation is more dire in rural areas of the island, focused on trying to rebuild. our cnn international correspond an ant ivan watkison reports. >> reporter: days after hurricane matthew, help is on the way. rice and plastic tarps choppered in by the ultimate. sadly, this humanitarian aid is
6:53 pm
a drop in the bucket because of the scale of the damage after this deadly storm is massive. here's what's so terrifying about what we're seeing here. all of these homes destroyed, all of this destruction was caused by the hurricane's winds moving at speeds that are barely conceivab conceivable. in the port town of jeremie, the storm flattened concrete walls and peeled roofs off many buildings, including the 19th century cathedral. >> my family are living. >> reporter: >> here. >> can we go in? >> yeah. >> reporter: he makes me to what is left of my home. >> the wind flew the roof right off. >> reporter: he and his children cowered in the corner exposed to
6:54 pm
the storm. >> for hours in the rain and wind? >> the rain. >> reporter: the storm decimated the top floor of the town's hospital and made a mess of what's left. the wards that still function treat hundreds of new patients a day, including dozens of cases of cholera. many people here fear a wider outbreak of the water-borne disease. >> the water is very contaminated so very difficult to have safe water. >> reporter: at the banks of the river where residents wash and bathe, these women tell me the storm surge drowned their pigs and cows destroying their main livelihood and source of food. but the survivors are not giving up. while they wait for the outside world to send help, they are forwarded work with the daunting challenge of getting this town back on its feet.
6:55 pm
>> and ivan joins us from po port au prince. you can tell us more about the concern of cholera? >> the theory of what had been already poor infrastructure, so heavily damaged by the storm now people won't have access to clean water and this cholera outbreak that first came in 2011 was first introduced by united nations peace keepers it could surge in the hurricane-strike in area where people don't have access to clean water and food. that's the other major fear here, anderson, this was the bread-basket of the country. the world food program says 100% of the agriculture there has been wiped out, so even though the loss of life here is nowhere near the catastrophic earthquake in port au prince, there are
6:56 pm
concerns of the food fly for su the country. >> where are people sleep something all the roofs of those houses look like the roofs and walls are gone. >> the mani met there, his family is staying at a shelter. other people are sleeping next to the husks of their houses and it's like almost every other house that lost its roof there. and so they're exposed to the elements and as you know, they were under tropical sun out here. it's hot, hot, hot. i met one woman with three kids and said not only were they sleeping in the open, no food. she hadn't eaten all day. so again these people are getting back to work on surviving, on rebuilding, but they could sure use some help. >> ivan watson, appreciate you being there. we'll be back. i'm here in bristol, virginia. and now...i'm in bristol, tennessee. on this side of the road is virginia... and on this side it's tennessee. no matter which state in the country you live in, you could save hundreds on car insurance
6:57 pm
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pa that does it for us. thank you for watching. cnn with don lemon starts now. this is cnn breaking news. breaking news, scorched earth, donald trump takes new aim at hillary clinton and his own party. this is "cnn tonight," i'm don lemon. trump unleashing an angry hello of tweets against leaders calling house speaker paul ryan weak and i know effective and calling them no longer supporting him dislow ayal and he's going to do what he wants. president obama reacting for the first time on camera about the