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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 12, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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running mate mike pence campaigns in virginia and in north carolina. among the democrats, hillary clinton visits swing states colorado and nevada while husband bill clinton kicks off a two-day bus tour of iowa. v.p. nominee tim kaine is in north carolina. meantime, trump and clinton are sparring over some e-mails stolen from her campaign. trump now says they show she was in cahoots with the justice department. right now, hurricane matthew plays into another election debate. a federal judge is hearing a case from florida democrats. they say voter registration deadline should be extended so those affected by the storm will not be shut out on election day. let's dive deeper into trump's assault on john mccain and paul ryan. two key republicans who defected after trump's most recent scandal. here's what trump had to say last night beginning with the speaker. >> what i want to do is i want to win for the people. the first sign of a little bit of difficulty, he unendorses. i wouldn't want to be in a
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foxhole with a lot of these people. that i can tell you. >> mccain's a brave man. >> including paul ryan. >> he's a brave man. >> including ryan. especially. >> i got that. >> let's bring in cnn politics' mark preston to talk more about this. >> yes, donald trump saying neither paul ryan nor john mccain are very loyal. in fact, are running for the hills at a little sign of trouble. in fact, last night, he went directly at john mccain. let's hear what donald trump had to say. >> mccain was desperate -- >> let me ask a question. >> no. he was desperate to get miy my endorsement. i gave him the endorsement because he needed it for the primary. he ran against a very good woman. i feel bad i gave him the endorsement but that's okay. he easily wins his primary, he easily wins his primary and all of a sudden he does the unendorsement. >> he doesn't like the tape thing. >> give me a break. he's never heard salty language before. john mccain who has probably the dirtiest mouth in all of the
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senate. >> it's not just donald trump, either. it's his surrogates. it's his campaign manager, kellyanne conway on "good morning america" offering lukewarm support at best for paul ryan next year to be speaker of the house. >> does mr. trump want paul ryan to be the speaker if he's elected? >> well, that's up to the members of the congress, but i hope it means that we have a majority in the house, the senate and the presidency because that actually would be the best indication that americans who are voting for donald trump for president also want a mandate for him to push through different pieces of legislation. >> now, you know she is right, the fact is if donald trump were to win the election that means we probably have coattails, we drag republicans across the finish line, republicans would have a good shot at maintaining the senate and of course the house of representatives as well. but still, the lukewarm reception to paul ryan, i guess we can't be too surprised being that paul ryan distanced himself. >> let's say republicans do get control of the senate and the house, right? that means mr. trump would have
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to work with fellow republicans and he said some nasty stuff about them. >> he has but -- >> republicans are not all on one page these days. how is he going to manage that? >> they have the common enemy in democrats and politics are situational. if donald trump were in the white house and paul ryan were the house speaker and mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader, i'm sure they would find a way. >> paul ryan is pretty passionate about his budget. >> true, but we have to see how that works out. >> mark preston, thanks so much. so just how bad could this trump/ryan rift get for the gop? iowa congressman steve king added his two cents. >> i also think about the establishment wing of the party could simply be amputated out in what's going on right now. >> i think they should leave. >> in the end maybe we can rebuild. >> let's talk about this. with me is jeffrey lord, former reagan white house political director and trump supporter. patti solis-doyle, hillary
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clinton's 2008 presidential campaign manager and s.e. cupp, political commentator. good morning. >> happy whatever, carol. >> we are over monday. don't make me go back there. s.e., i want to start with you. i don't know, do you consider yourself an establishment republican? >> in today's parlance, i guess i would be for not supporting trump because he's not conservative or really all that republican. but i just think it's the height, the height of arrogance or maybe ignorance for trump's supporters to tell people like me who warned for months that trump was totally unelectable and radioactive for the party to show our party loyalty, where is our party loyalty and why aren't we supporting the nominee when the nominee has shown very little party loyalty. i mean, his feuding with ryan is not new. he was feuding with him months
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ago, calling him out, calling out reince priebus, insisting he doesn't need any of them to win. when that became untrue and paul ryan actually did take his support away, donald trump said well, if i lose it will be because of people like paul ryan. now he's back to bashing. this is what a dying campaign looks like and i have to tell you to steve king and laura ingraham, i will be the one left standing. it's people like me who will be left standing after this election is over, not people like them. we are not going anywhere. >> okay. not people like you, jeffrey lord. >> well, i'm not going to blame my friend s.e. for anything here, but i will say i have a column in the american spectator this morning calling for speaker ryan to resign as speaker immediately. his views on donald trump or anything else are between himself and his constituents in wisconsin, but as speaker of the house, he is the senior leader. he's not only the leader of the
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republican party in the house, he's a senior leader of the national party, period and he won't support the republican presidential nominee. i don't care who the nominee is, that's a gross dereliction of dutiy and he ought to resign on the spot. secondly, what we have, this is a battle that began, to be perfectly candid, when the bushes came to power after ronald reagan. it's what i call the ruling class, if you will, who have basically a lot of contempt for the average republican voter and grassroots conservatives and they are very much on the inside culture of washington, d.c. they have no intention of changing it. this is not ronald reagan. this is what reagan used to call the paternal order of republicans. they think they can do this and get away with it. i think steve king is right. this is going to mean the end of the ruling class. >> okay. so democrats are kind of looking at this rift within the gop and are doing the happy dance, right? in the meantime, donald trump
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continues to go more negative. in fact, the trump campaign just released a new ad attacking hillary clinton. it's titled corruption. let's watch. >> the clintons, from dead broke to worth hundreds of millions. so how did hillary end up filthy rich? pay to play politics. staggering amounts of cash poured into the clinton foundation from criminals, dictators, countries that hate america. hillary cut deals for donors so let american workers, exploited haitians in need. she even handed over american uranium rights to the russians. hillary clinton only cares about power, money and herself. >> i'm donald trump and i approved this message. >> okay. so donald trump is going to go very negative. we just saw more evidence of that with that ad. so a lot of democrats are worried that this kind of negativity will kind of suppress the democratic vote. voters will see these ads and say i'm just going to stay home. that is a concern? >> look, i think we know what
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donald trump's strategy is right now. that's to go very very negative on hillary clinton and really appeal to his base. but that's not a winning strategy for him. he has to expand his base. he has to appeal to women. he has to appeal to minority voters. and he's not going to do that in the next 29 days by putting up ads like this. i also think that the clinton campaign has invested enormous amount of resources in their tv effort in all of the battleground states. early voting begins today in many of the states and they are working very hard. and in terms of the enthusiasm for hillary clinton, i think in the last two debates she really sort of closed that enthusiasm gap for her voters. so i think there's no real need for democrats to worry. in terms of tv turnout. >> i think the strategy for mr. trump, he will lay negative out there he can about hillary clinton. he's not going to try to expand
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his base. he's going to try to make what the voters [ inaudible ] at the polls which this negativity does. might this be a winning strategy at this point? >> i think it's his last hope. i thought that was a very effective ad except for the guy at the end saying i approve this message. all the stuff he was laying out there about the clintons is true. it's like she found the one candidate that she could beat. anyone else i think would have been making that case about hillary clinton's corruption and cozy ties with nefarious actors, would have been making those kinds of arguments throughout the campaign. now, it's really all donald trump has. and instead of trying to reach new voters, undecideds or people who, you know, are maybe open for the taking, he's really just saying to the voters he already has i want you to like me even
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more. and i just don't think there are enough of them to get him over the finish line limping or otherwise. >> so jeffrey, i mean, can donald trump win without women, without any minority group, without gay americans? >> well, the assumption here is that women do not -- that women like hillary clinton or that various members of minority groups are all solidly in the democratic party camp. i don't believe that for a second. to s.e.'s point -- >> do the polls lie? >> i would say that donald trump is the only candidate on the republican side of all these people who ran who would have the nerve to put a commercial like this together. other republicans just let these things pass. i remember four years ago seeing an ad from the republican national committee saying that the only problem, that everybody wanted president obama to succeed but alas, he had failed.
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no. no. a lot of us didn't want president obama's agenda to succeed because we disagreed with it but they didn't want to go down that road. they never do. they never want to go after the other side, yet the other side was out there saying mitt romney killed a steelworker's wife and all this kind of thing. they play hardball. >> i totally get it except president obama's approval ratings are at 55% at the moment. patti, go ahead. last word. >> it takes a lot of nerve to put an ad up like that but it's not effective, jeffrey, my friend. i hate to disagree with you. it will not be effective in getting people out to vote. the people that he needs to vote. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. a hearing on florida's registration deadline is getting under way at this hour. hurricane matthew halted sign-up when it slammed into the state last week prompting democrats to request more time for people to register. the republican governor, rick scott, chairman of a super pac
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backing donald trump, denied that request. but a judge sided with the democrats and extended the deadline to today. cnn's martin savidge is following it for us. good morning. >> 5:00 today is when the registration deadline is set to run out in the new order put out by judge walker. he's a federal judge who was nominated by president obama and in tallahassee, that hearing is under way. we don't know how long it's going to go but of course in theory, he probably has to issue some kind of ruling before 5:00 today because that's when his previous order expires. we all know what's at stake here. florida is the largest of the swing vote states so the biggest prize for either candidate. but historically it's had the narrowest of margins. in 2012, less than 1% of the vote decided who won or lost the presidential race in that particular state. so when you're talking about potentially maybe a few thousand people who could have somehow been disrupted from registering to vote because of hurricane
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matthew, that matters a lot. what's interesting, though, is the democrats that are asking for more time. governor rick scott tried to deny it but that was overruled by this judge. so we will wait to hear what the judge has to say. maybe he will even allow more days after this. carol? >> who knows. i know you will continue to follow that for us. thanks, martin savidge. still to come in the "newsroom" hackers steal e-mails from the clinton campaign and donald trump says they reveal a disgraceful secret with the justice department. we peel back the layers next. of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you the search for relief often leads...
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♪ effective at a cellular level. improve joint comfort. cosamin. for joint health, it's time to start believing again. donald trump seizing on hacked e-mails released by wikileaks saying the department of justice helped hillary clinton's campaign in his words cover up her crimes. >> this is collusion and corruption of the highest order and is one more reason why i ask my attorney general, i will ask to appoint a special prosecutor.
7:18 am
we have to investigate hillary clinton and we have to investigate the investigation. this was a disgrace. >> we will get to the e-mail mr. trump was talking about in just a minute. first, clinton's camp is firing back, hinting that trump's team and russia are actually in cahoots. >> so i think it's a reasonable assumption or at least a reasonable conclusion that [ inaudible ] had advance warning in the trump campaign and advance warning about what assange was going to do. >> so what is russia saying about this? cnn's christiane amanpour sat down with the country's foreign minister this morning. >> reporter: i asked lavrov what he made of those accusations and were they worried now that the white house has said that it will proportionately respond. >> well, it's flattering, of
7:19 am
course, to get this kind of attention from original power as president obama called us some time ago. now everybody in the united states is saying that it is russia which is running the united nations presidential debate. it's flattering, as i said, but it has nothing, you know, to be explained by the facts. >> reporter: let's get back to the facts. you deny this -- >> we did not deny this. they did not prove it. >> reporter: i asked you about motive because if you remember, not many weeks ago, president putin himself told bloomberg news that in fact, the publication and the hacking and the leaking of those hillary clinton and democratic party e-mails was quote, a public service. still, lavrov denied that russia is trying to intervene on behalf of one or other of the u.s.
7:20 am
presidential candidates. christiane amanpour, cnn in moscow. >> you can catch the full interview with sergey lavrov on cnn international at 2:00 p.m. how does this wikileaks stuff and russia play out on the campaign trail? i'm joined by the director of the university of virginia center for politics, larry sabato and david cantonese from "u.s. news and world report." let's start with the wikileaks and the leaked e-mails and john podesta may have been getting a heads-up from the department of justice about investigations into hillary clinton's e-mail server. is this resonating with voters, larry? >> not particularly. but you know, since we are talking about wikileaks leaks, i think you can call this a drip, drip, drip problem for the clinton campaign. you know, everybody knows that in all probability, they are
7:21 am
saving some good stuff, probably bits and pieces will leak out all the way to november 8th. so it's a continuing problem in that it's a distraction for the campaign and there may be something really embarrassing in the documents. we need to remember, this is illegal and in a sense, we are all participating in the illegality by discussing it. but it's hard not to discuss it. >> that's right. it is hard because you want to examine the contents and by the way, there's no definitive proof of any wrongdoing at the moment, right, but who knows what other e-mails will reveal. at the same time, david, you heard what donald trump said. he said he wants to appoint a special prosecutor and wants to investigate the investigation, and you heard what john podesta said. he said that russia is working, he kind of intimated that russia is working with the trump campaign so that hillary clinton doesn't win. so what are we to believe? >> look, they are all trying to
7:22 am
get the best vantage point on this because it is embarrassing for the clinton campaign to have all their private e-mails thrown out there into the public. it's a lot of internal campaign strategy that is common in all of campaigns but you certainly don't want it out there for the masses to review because there are offensive and embarrassing things that are said in private e-mails, in all of our private e-mails, that would be the case if this is true. on the russian part of it, there's an aide, brian fallin had a connection at the justice department, used to work at the justice department, so he was sending an e-mail over there to say hey, can you give us a heads-up. he knew someone over there on the justice department side that could give him a timeline of events. this is a lot of ways how washington works. people have connections, they worked in places before, they try to get a leg up, they try to get information before others do to help their candidate. there's no real link, though, or proof that the justice department covered up clinton
7:23 am
crimes because of this relationship. this is just sort of how washington works. on the other side, though, for podesta to say we can assume that the trump campaign is coordinating with the russian government, that's also false. he hasn't shown any proof of that. roger stone, a long-time aide to trump, not formally tied to the campaign, had been tweeting that this was coming, but there's no credible proof that podesta has that he can show at least to date that the trump campaign officially was coordinating with the russian government or anyone else to release these. >> but still, donald trump is pouncing on these leaked e-mails or i should say hacked e-mails because you're right, this was a crime. it wasn't just leaked. they were hacked into and stolen from john podesta. but trump put out this new campaign ad called corruption. so donald trump is probably betting that that will win over or energize his base of supporters. i will bring mark preston into the conversation because we just got word of this new poll out of
7:24 am
utah. it is a credible poll, mark. it shows something amazingly -- i'm just looking at these results. it's so bizarre because utah is usually a reliably republican state, but this poll finds clinton at 26%, trump at 26%, and independent evan mcmullin at 22%. i would say that most voters don't even know who evan mcmullin really is. >> correct. this is something larry and i and you have been talking over for the last couple days. this is a point where donald trump is not adding on to his coalition. he's losing states right now. in a state like utah, shouldn't even be on the board. they shouldn't even be polling in utah right now. it would be a waste of money. the fact of the matter is when you have utah right now, a number like that coming out, you have a state like north carolina that trump needs to win, a state like florida. we have even seen polling out of ohio that has hillary clinton up. that should be a state that donald trump should be winning. this is where you are looking at hillary clinton getting momentum
7:25 am
behind her and donald trump losing a lot of gas. >> interesting. i'm sorry, my executive producer is technology me something. who endorsed what? the salt lake tribune endorsed hillary clinton. >> which is amazing. >> wow. okay. so larry, will these negative ads work and will the continuing calls to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton win trump the voters he needs to win this election? >> in a word, no. look, this is, as you suggested, carol, energizing the trump base. i don't know that they need to be energized. i think most of them have had quite a few cups of coffee in the average day. that utah poll, i know mark agrees with me on this, when i heard about this this morning, it absolutely blew my mind. utah is a 70% republican state. 70%. but what you have had there is the governor, a whole bunch of
7:26 am
the members of congress, senate and house from utah and other officials unendorsing donald trump, and of course, mitt romney has a lot of influence in utah as well. it's pretty clear that this is helping the independent, evan mcmullin who is being supported by people like bill kristol, editor of "the weekly standard." this is a three-way tie in utah. i think we need to go out and poll some of these deeply red states. if this is happening in utah, it might, might be happening in some other states. >> that would be so fascinating. so mark, larry, get to it. david, a final question to you. so donald trump says his attacks on establishment republicans will not make a difference and that he will still win but obviously, if this poll in utah proves the opposite because he attacked mitt romney, he
7:27 am
attacked what other prominent republican politicians within the state of utah and obviously, it's not working. >> look, this utah poll is a reaction to his terrible last three or four days. i should remind everyone that there was a previous utah poll taken this summer that had him dropping and then he had a good september and he rebounded pretty well, was up i believe 10 or 12 points. look, there's four weeks left. lot of these numbers will bounce around a lot. but right now, donald trump is bottoming out everywhere. there's a new poll out of ohio today, down nine points. that was his best battleground state. just a few weeks ago he was up five, six points. so you are going to see him dropping in polls everywhere. watch georgia, watch arizona, two other traditionally red states where i think he will have problems. unless he course corrects and brings not only republicans back on board but starts appealing to adding to his coalition of 35% to 40%, it's going to be a long four weeks for trump.
7:28 am
>> thanks to all of you. still to come in the "newsroom" one of trump's top aides says he found religion after the infamous 2005 video. do evangelicals believe him? redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the donald trump campaign debuting a new defense of its crass and lewd comments caught on a hot mic. they were made before trump had quote, revitalized his religion. listen as trump campaign
7:33 am
co-chair sam clovis explains. >> he's a new christian. this is a personal who's revitalized his faith and over just recent years. for many of us who have been on a faith journey for a long time, we all understand this and how this evolves. that's why evangelicals are sticking with him regardless of the gutter talk that took place. >> despite his assurances, not all evangelicals are sticking with trump. christianity today published a scathing editorial denouncing the candidate, saying that trump has no evidence of humility or dependence on others and wants to celebrate strongmen and quote, he is in short the very embodiment of what the bible calls a fool. let's talk about this with the editor at large of christianity today and the author of "a woman's place." kate lynn beatty. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> you heard what sam clovis
7:34 am
said. donald trump is just dipping his toe in the water. he's revitalized his faith in light of this election. so he's going to make mistakes. what do you think? >> well, it's true we all make mistakes and it's true we all can be forgiven. at the same time, donald trump is not a man who has shown any remorse. he's boasted about the fact that he is someone who doesn't need to ask for forgiveness. so i think for any evangelical, that's a huge red flag. >> have you guys ever done an op-ed before like this? >> as a non-profit, christianity today really tries to be centrist and we are not allowed to formally endorse presidential candidates. at the same time i think the seriousness of a donald trump presidency is such that the editors felt the need to sound a
7:35 am
very strong word, warning evangelicals of what could happen if he were elected and to really have moral clarity in a time when evangelicals are tempted to throw in their lot with trump for the sake of political power and unfortunately, i think are being taken advantage of. >> i think many evangelicals are worried about the supreme court, right, and they trust donald trump over hillary clinton to appoint the kind of supreme court justices that more align with their values. >> right. i do think that that is a serious concern. i understand the fear that many christians have about a clinton presidency. at the same time, i do think we need to look at questions of character. evangelicals have always been people who have looked at moral character and moral integrity in our leaders, and donald trump is not someone who has shown himself to have much moral
7:36 am
character in his comments about ethnic minorities in this country, in his comments about women. there's no vulnerable community in this country that he has not lashed out at. i think as evangelicals we do need to ask questions of moral character. that's not to necessarily say that we throw our lot in with clinton either, but to have integrity in this country, i don't think that we can support donald trump. >> i have heard support from many male evangelicals. is there a split? do women, do christian women feel differently than men do? >> you know, it's hard to say. i think in the last few days, i have heard more male evangelical leaders come forward and distance themselves from trump. at the same time, i do think there's something about trump's comments about women, women of
7:37 am
color and just the grossness of his comments and the, you know, the joking about sexual assault from last week that does affect women in a very specific way. one in five women in this country will experience sexual assault or rape at some point in their lives and that means that women in every local church, there are women in every local church for whom this is a very deeply personal issue. in a way that perhaps some of the male evangelicals can't understand by experience. but i do think some are coming forward in empathy. for others, unfortunately, it seems like either political expediency or just the temptation to have power and be aligned with someone who promises power and that's unfortunate. >> my final question, how would you as a christian characterize this election?
7:38 am
>> it's been a very discouraging election for most christians that i know. i think many evangelicals feel like there's no -- there's no winner. there's no choice. but i think also at the end of the day this is a season for christians to remember that our ultimate hope isn't in the political system and certainly not in a two-party political system. that doesn't mean that we can't be involved in politics. but it certainly has been discouraging but it's also been clarifying. i think that the way that evangelicals conduct themselves in this election will have an impact in this country for better or worse 20, 30 years from now. so i hope that we do the best that we can and speak truth and love for the next four weeks until it's all over. >> we do need to speak love. thank you so much for joining me this morning. up next in the "newsroom"
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looks like i'm good all night! some cough medicines only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. the rain may be gone but the danger from hurricane matthew is far from over for residents of north carolina. flood warnings are in effect for dozens of counties and waters are predicted to head higher. polo sandoval is there. >> reporter: it wasn't hurricane matthew who forced people out of their homes, it was the flooding that followed it earlier this week. some of the people who are now staying in this dark gym invited us in. you can see for yourself what
7:44 am
it's like in one of about five shelters in the area in southern north carolina, specifically inside the south robison high school gym, home to about 300 people. still no power here. whatever little power can come from a generator now being used to essentially light it with some emergency lights. even a small television, to keep people entertained because obviously people have been here for a very long time. tonight will be night number three for dennis and jamie hayes. i want you to hear directly from them. tonight will be night number three for you all. you had to be rescued from your home. tell me what it was like earlier this week and what it's like for you now. >> right now, we are in a great spot. some of the other shelters have got 600 more people in them. right here we have got a little less than 300 so you can see we still have plenty of space. they are feeding us like crazy. the outpouring of love from this community has been tremendous. they have donated clothes, donated food.
7:45 am
we have church groups bringing in food. brought hot food. they treated us very well here. as far as the early part of the week it was very devastating experience. i have seen it happen to other people and never -- i always felt sorry for them, never knew what they felt like. now i have got an idea how they feel. it's been a devastating experience. we don't know -- as far as we know right now we do not have a home to go back to. >> reporter: very briefly, your husband told me this storm deeply affected folks with limited means. that is the point you want the rest of the country to know? >> oh, yes. people with little or nothing, this flood took it all. but we're here, we're safe, got a roof over our head, hot meals and you know, we're just thankful for that. the ones that aren't as lucky as us, my heart goes out to them. it really does. but all of us in here, we come
7:46 am
in strangers, we'll leave friends. >> reporter: thank you so much for your time. just two of the voices we are hearing from here. despite the situation here, the heartbreaking situation here, they still consider themselves lucky as just under 20 people already confirmed dead after this flooding. north carolina seeing over half the fatalities after hurricane matthew. already five days after the storm swept through the region and still, the effects being felt in this part of the country. >> thanks so much. we'll be right back.
7:47 am
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- i was diagnosed with parin early 2013.lly it took awhile to sink in. we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids. - the income of airbnb really helped to mitigate the stress.
7:50 am
- but we have that flexibility of knowing that if you know things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat. - so that's very, very important for us. it was a horrendous crime that shook new york city and brought donald trump into the headlines. five young men wrongly convicted of beating and raping a jogger in central park. now one member of the so-called central park five speaking out about trump's campaign. cnn's miguel marquez has the story. >> reporter: a gang of violent teens terrorized new york. >> reporter: the crime inflamed the city and the nation. >> they beat her with their fists, we believe a rock and metal pipe. she was raped by four of these youths.
7:51 am
>> reporter: arrested within hours of the attack, five teens, four black, one latino, all charged with the brutal rape of a 28-year-old jogger in new york's central park. >> it was the scariest, scariest time in my life. >> reporter: this was one of the so-called central park five, just 15 years old, paraded in front of cameras. >> had this been the 1950s, i would have had the same fate. >> reporter: you would have been hung. >> i would have been hung. >> reporter: two weeks after their arrest, donald trump took out full-page ads in four major newspapers calling for the death penalty to be reinstated. trump wrote criminals must be told that their civil liberties end when an attack on our safety begins. >> he was literally like the fire starter. he lit the match. >> reporter: salam served his full sentence, nearly seven years in prison, as did all the central park five. but none of them were guilty. >> men cleared after spending
7:52 am
years in prison for a crime they did not commit. >> reporter: in 2002, a serial rapist came forward claiming he was solely responsible. his dna and description of the crime matched with no dna evidence linking the central park five to the crime, their sentences were reversed. >> when we heard the verdicts were being vacated it felt -- it was like the best feeling in the world. and that feeling quickly came and went. >> donald trump! donald trump! you can't hide! >> reporter: the central park five, their families and supporters wanted an apology from donald trump. the billionaire refused, telling the "new york times" they confessed, now they say they didn't do it, who am i supposed to believe. those confessions, parents and lawyers said, were coerced. >> they didn't give you no food, no sleep for 43 hours. that's how they did it.
7:53 am
>> reporter: the five sued new york city and settled for $41 million in 2014. trump incensed, saying settling doesn't moean innocence but indicates incompetence on several levels. it is politics at its lowest and worst form. >> i spoke to donald shortly after the city made its settlement with these men, and he was outraged. >> reporter: michael dantonio's "the truth about trump" follows the nominee to the top of the ticket. >> he's not a person who takes in new information and then adjusts and accepts reality. the only reality that matters to him is his judgment which was rendered many years prior. >> reporter: no matter how total the vindication for the central park five, there is still one thing they would like to see. >> i keep saying to myself, one day, donald trump is going to perhaps take a full page ad out and apologize to the central
7:54 am
park five. you know, that would be tremendous. that might make the -- >> reporter: you really think that's going to happen? >> i doubt it's going to happen. >> reporter: in a statement to cnn, trump not only didn't apologize, but said they admitted they were guilty, the police doing the original investigation say they were guilty, the fact that the case was settled with so much evidence against them is outrageous. salam denies any wrongdoing that night. as for the actual rapist, reyes, he is serving 33 years to life for a series of rapes but interestingly, not for this one. by the time he admitted to the crime the statute of limitations had already run out. miguel marquez, cnn, new york. the central park five case is also dogging the trump campaign and pulling his endorsement of trump, senator john mccain said a number of known differences with trump included his statements about this central park five case. coming up, tim tebow's miraculous moment had nothing to do with sports.
7:55 am
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after an historic comeback against san francisco, the chicago cubs are closer to ending a century of misery. coy wire, good morning. >> good morning. it's been 108 years since the cubs last won the world series. could this be the year? they have tons of talent, the best record in all of baseball through the regular season and we know they do not quit. looked like the giants had this all locked up. they had a three-run lead going into the last inning. what could go wrong? the cubs. they got those bats a'cracking. they scored four runs in the top of the ninth inning to take a lead. it looked like man, they're going to do it. but the giants had one more chance until chapman started throwing the heat. every pitch over 100 miles per hour. cubs win 6-5, advancing to the
7:59 am
national league championship series for a second straight year. they will face the winner of the dodgers and nationals who are in a winner take all situation after the dodgers tied up that series at two games apiece tuesday. crafty veteran chase utley knocking in the go ahead run. eventual game winner, too, in the eighth. dodgers win 6-5. that deciding game five is on thursday. for the first time since starting a national movement in sports by not standing during the national anthem, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick will make his first start of the nfl season. kaepernick's protests of social injustice and police brutality sparked a national conversation and now it will be his play on the field people are talking about. his team is 1-4, his 49ers face the buffalo bills this sunday. we'll see if he can spark that team. difference maker of the day. tim tebow making his arizona fall league debut yesterday. it wasn't what he did on the field that has people talking. it's what happened after the
8:00 am
game. fans gathering to get autographs from players when one of them collapsed and had a seizure. tim tebow ran over, started talking to the man, praying for the man. he didn't have to do that. that man started breathing on his own. the emts rushed him to the hospital. he's going to be okay. much respect to tim tebow for jumping in to comfort and console that man in a scary moment. >> that was really nice. that was really nice. coy wire, many thanks. thank you for joining me today. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello. i'm john berman. kate is off today. want to show you live pictures right away from ocala, florida. donald trump is set to hold a rally there just minutes from now. will he, a, attack hillary clinton, b, attack members of his own party, c, all of the above, or d, he has been on twitter the last few minutes so


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