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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 12, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> so i'm going to try to whip you guys into shape. we have to go into the hold to get ready for our conversation with these amazing girls here. we'll be joined by mrs. obama. we'll find out about you girls go through to make their hopes and dreams come true. >> we will rise tonight at 9:00 here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. now to jim sciutto and "the lead." trump accusing his own party of a sinister, behind his back deal. "the lead" starts right now. donald trump firing in all directions. war heroes, party leaders, doubling down on throwing his opponent in jail. a strategy so out there, could it work? hunt for red october. kremlin says accusations that russia hacked american emailings are flattering but ridiculous. a plane plunges out of the
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sky, exploding into a fireball. now the fbi is involved after a survivor says this was no accident. welcome to "the lead" i'm jim sciutto in for jake tapper. welcome to day two of the unshackled donald trump. the republican nominee doubling down with more attacks on his own party's leaders as republican hopefuls up and down the ballot look anxiously ahead to november 8th. and democrats openly discuss their hopes of victories not just for the white house but also on capitol hill. cnn's senior white house correspondent jim acosta is live in lakeland, florida. that's where donald trump just spoke. jim, tell us what his message was today. >> reporter: he is talking right now behind me, jim. he is blaming the news media, including us, for covering up for hillary clinton. he is straining to move beyond his tape-gate scandal and trying to put the focus on hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. but his offensive comments seem
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to follow him everywhere he goes. doing all he can to hit the delete button on the damaging hot mike moment, donald trump is hammering hillary clinton's e-mail scandal every chance he gets. >> the election of hillary clinton would lead, in my opinion, to the almost total destruction of our country as we know it. >> reporter: with a nod to his current free-fall in the polls he pointed to new disclosures of clinton e-mails stolen by wikileaks and called on close to investigate his rival even if he goes down in defeat. >> whether i win, lose or draw, i am ashamed of what's happened to our country, and so are you. >> reporter: trump complains he is at a disadvantage after resent defections of top republicans like paul ryan and john mccain who bolted after tape-gate. >> especially when you have the leaders not putting their weight behind the people. wouldn't you think that paul ryan would call and say, good going?
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there is a whole sinister deal going on. i. >> reporter: the controversy hot on his trail as this protester blared the audio from the tape to a crowd waiting to attend the trump event in florida. also venting his frustrations on fox news. >> i wouldn't want be to in a fox hole with a lot of these people. >> including ryan. especially ryan. >> i got that. >> reporter: if he wins trump warned ryan may be replaced as speaker. >> i would think ryan wouldn't be there. maybe he would be in a different position. >> reporter: as he tried to explain away again his comments. >> women have come up to me and say i've heard worse than that over my life. >> reporter: a recent survey of 31 gop governors, 54 republican senators and 246 gop house members found 87 of the leaders are not endorsing trump. >> pay to play politics. staggering alms of cash poured into the clinton foundation from
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criminals. dictators, countries that hate america. >> the trump campaign blasted out a new ad looking to remind the party that its goal is to beat clinton. campaign manager kellyanne conway argued this is no time to abandon ship. >> enough of the pussy footing around in terms of do you support us or do you not support us? the fact is some of the leaders have been very wishy washy. i think paul ryan has a job to do to keep the majority in congress. >> reporter: donald trump is back to needling hillary clinton's health. one day after he released an ad sowing her coughing and stumbling during her recent bout with pneumonia in september. trump at a rally earlier today said she could not handle or hold up at one of his rallies. clinton recovered from that illness last month. >> familiar messages from trump today. hillary clinton trying to capitalize on the growing gulf inside the gop over trump's candidacy. this as her campaign chairman john podesta suggested the trump
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campaign is colluding with wikileaks to release his private, stolen e-mails day by day with just 27 days before the election. cnn's senior washington correspondent joe johns joins me live now. john, how concerned is the clinton camp about what appears to be the trump's strategy here, attack her, attack her, attack her and depress democratic voter turnout. >> reporter: john podesta, the campaign chairman says the trump strategy seems to be to disgust everyone with the dialogue so they won't come to the polls. the theory is the nastier it gets, the more the voters get turned off. as hillary clinton looks west her campaign is keeping an eye on the latest batch of stolen e-mails released by wikileaks. the daily deluge the campaign chairman john podesta's stolen e-mails becoming an unwanted distraction for clinton, the contents offering a glimpse of the inner workings of the
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campaign. one between huma abedin and john podesta. abedin wondering if she can survive without answering questions from the press. donald trump is seizing on the cache of hacked e-mails to make the case against clinton. >> this is the most heinous, the most serious thing that i have ever seen involving justice in the united states, in the history of the united states. we have a person that has committed crimes that is now running for the presidency. >> reporter: poe testa brushing aside the attacks claiming trump's scorched earth tactics are designed to energize supporters and turn off everyone else. >> this seems to be their strategy. disgust everyone with sort of democratic dialogues. >> clinton is trying to make sure that doesn't happen, rallying supporters today in
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colorado and nevada. ahead of her trip, the clinton campaign releasing this spanish language ad featuring a nevada woman who entered the u.s. illegal illegalrily with her parents when she was 4. >> reporter: in florida today, a federal judge granted an extension of the state's voter registration deadline due to the effects of hurricane matthew. giving the clinton and trump campaigns until next tuesday to register additional voters. if it is true there is an effort to depress turnout by turning off voters, the clinton campaign says their efforts to get more voters registered and push an affirmative policy message become all the more important. they say they want to tell their supporters what they're trying to sell, not just voting against trump. >> we'll see how that works. thanks very much. hillary clinton is about to speak in pueblo, colorado.
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this is her republican rival donald trump appears as hell bent on battling gop leaders as the democrat thes. jeff zeleny is with the clinton camp. what's the message today from hillary clinton? >> reporter: jim, what hillary clinton is trying to do here in colorado at the palace of agriculture here at the colorado state fair, she is trying to make the case that democrats indeed to need to turn out and vote. there is a worry inside the clinton campaign of complacency. so she is traveling to states like colorado where her campaign believes she is ahead by a good margin to remind voters that they need to come out. she is also going to address, i am told, some of the scorched earth tactics that she believes donald trump is using. you can hear the crowd behind me getting fired up. she'll take the stage in a moment. she'll say that she will be the president for all americans, and she's going to give a message of inclusiveness. more than anything, jim, make the case that democrats, no matter what you see, the
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implosion you may be seeing from donald trump and the republican party, still need to turn out and vote. vote by mail starts here in colorado very soon. jim. >> that's a place where ground game will certainly come into play. turnout. jeff zeleny, thanks very much. paul ryan can't seem to win. getting flak for not officially withdrawing his endorsement of donald trump but on the other side there is a ryan revolt under way as members of congress lash out at him for not fully backing donald trump. that's right after this.
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welcome back to "the lead." house speaker paul ryan is sticking with his decision to stop defending and to stop campaigning for the nominee of his own party, donald trump. now, some trump supporters in the house are saying that ryan's position could cost him his job. cnn's senior political reporter manu raju joins me. >> reporter: this has not fully played out yet. what we know, jim, is that hard-line conservatives are angry at ryan for saying he
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won't defend trump in the vulgar video of the businessman talking crudely about woman and ryan saying he'll only worry about saving the congressional republican majority. some are telling him stand by the nominee for you may face consequences. one threatened to withdraw his support if the house speaker won't fall in line behind trump. he said this in a tweet today. given the stakes of this election if paul ryan isn't for trump then i am not for paul ryan. now, ryan is still endorsing trump but is essentially abandoning the republican nominee. that's why he's angered some members of his conference, jim, ahead of november. the reason why brydenstine is important is because he voted for the speaker in the last election when paul ryan ran for speaker. this will be a narrow republican majority in the house next year, if the republicans hang on. that means he can't afford many defections. if he loses more people, it
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could be a problem. he already lost ten republicans last year, jim. >> we'll speak to the representative in a couple of minutes. i know trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway was speaking to trump's supporters about ryan's moves. >> reporter: she got pushback from trump supporters on a private conference call earlier today i am told by a source on the call that several house republicans who back trump told conway to have donald trump focus his fire on the republican nominee, not on house speaker paul ryan. they think the intra-party conflict has become a major distraction. i am told that conway did not commit one way or another. it shows even if some folks in the pro-trump wing may be frustrated with paul ryan they believe that right now they should focus on the common enemies which are democrats. >> doesn't appearing based on statements today that the candidate is listening. i want to bring in republican oklahoma congressman
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jim bridens itine. >> you said if paul ryan isn't for trump, i am not for paul ryan. to be clear, you're saying to your republican colleagues in the house that they should vote paul ryan out of his speakership? >> actually that's not what i am saying at all. what i am suggesting here is that the stakes of this election are extremely high. and we need all republicans to be united. that's my objective here. we have so much at stake in this election as republicans that now is not the time to be fighting amongst each other. now is not the time to be backing away from our nominee. we have very serious things at stake. >> let me ask you before you go there. your tweet said the words "i'm not for ryan" if ryan isn't for trump. does that mean you don't support the house speaker of your entire party? >> the tweet says, given the stakes of this election, if paul ryan is not for donald trump,
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then i am not for paul ryan. it's an if/then statement. >> are you giving paul ryan effectively a chance to come around and support donald trump? is that what you're saying? >> absolutely. i am encouraging the speaker of the house, and all republicans, to stay on board for three and a half weeks. that's all we're talking about here. three and a half weeks. the balance of the supreme court hangs on this election. >> but it wouldn't be three and a half weeks, would it? if donald trump is elected president, that's for three and a half weeks plus four years, right? in fact you're asking for them to support for the long haul. >> i am asking them to support donald trump because this election is bigger than donald trump. this election is bigger than paul ryan. it's bigger than any of us who serve in elected office. the supreme court hangs in the balance. donald trump has shown us who he will appoint to the supreme court, and we know, based on who bill clinton appointed to the supreme court, who bill clinton -- or who hillary clinton will appoint to the supreme court. this election is critically important. we have three and a half weeks
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until the election. i don't know who is going to say what or what might have been recorded in the past. we have three and a half weeks until this election. republicans need to hang together. i am encouraging all republicans to stand strong and stay with our nominee so that we can win this election. >> let me ask you this because paul ryan's position effectively -- he still says he is endorsing donald trump, just that he will no longer defend him for things like the offensive tape and also not campaign with him. so still endorse him but not campaign with him, not defend him. is that a fair balance, in your view? >> i mean, i think what we have to do is recognize that donald trump is the nominee of the party quite frankly because republicans have been ineffective on pushing back on this president. now that donald trump is the nominee, we need to support him to the end to win because this election is too important. obamacare is on the ballot in this election. a secure border on the south side of the united states is on the ballot in this election. donald trump is our nominee. hillary clinton is not the
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person that is going to defend the republican values that we hold dear. >> let me ask you a question about republican values. i'm curious. from what you heard on the tape, donald trump's comments about women and seemingly saying that he committed sexual assault or touched women without their consent, is that consistent with your party's values, in your view? >> absolutely not. and his words were absolutely horrible. and nobody disagrees with that. but if you compare his words to what bill clinton did, not only as president but before he was president, he actually did sexually assault juanita broaddrick, pauola jones. he had sex with an intern in the oval office as president. he actually did these things, and hillary clinton, as the first lady, attempted to silence and shame the women who were victims of bill clinton. >> based on the tape, donald trump did sayin' on the tape hd these things. are you saying he was lying? >> he said he didn't do those
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things. he said it was just locker room talk. that's what i know at this point. what we do know is what bill clinton did, and we know that hillary clinton went high order and said that bill clinton's victims were part of the, quote, vast right-wing conspiracy, if you remember that. and she said, we're going to learn more about these victims and they're going to have a lot to answer for. she shamed and silenced the victims -- >> congressman, that of course a continuing question for the voters and will come up later in this campaign. we appreciate you taking the time today. >> thank you. duelling rallies going on right now on the campaign trail. hillary clinton and donald trump. and every second counts with just 28 days to go. our panel here to talk about all the attacks and counter-attacks, that's right after this. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework...
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welcome back to "the lead." we're going to continue with politics and take a detailed look at each candidate's path to 270. last week the numbers leaned barely in favor of clinton. we could see just enough states for her to win election day with 272 electoral votes. that was before the second debate, before trump's explosive "access hollywood" tape, before he started a war within the republican party. to be clear, it was also before clinton started facing more of her own struggles. specifically stolen e-mails released by wikileaks targeting her campaign. what's the new battleground for clinton and trump in john king maps it out. >> we haven't officially changed our cnn map. we still have it projecting 272 for clinton, 196 for trump. the gold states, four left are tossup states. we'll look at this as the week goes on to see if the back lash
1:26 pm
against trump after the tape dispaedi dissipat dissipates. at the moment. florida, hillary clinton leads. a change. north carolina likewise. clinton now leads. ohio, clinton now leads. and nevada, clinton now leads. that is the recipe, if it holds, jim, for an electoral college blowout. we want to wait a bit. let the polls dissipate and see what it looks like at the end of the week. let's look at the tough environment for donald trump right now. the thing getting the most buzz today. ruby red utah. as conservative as you can get. stunner. hillary clinton and donald trump in a tie at only 26%. the conservative third party candidate evan mcmullin in the hunt at 22%. gary johnson, 14%. the race in utah is competitive and that tells you how tough the map is for donald trump. that's about as red as you can get. hillary clinton, that's a pretty low number but in this split she has a chance. that's a big deal. we have looked at the national
1:27 pm
polling. this is the nbc "wall street journal" polling. right after the tape was released she jumped to an 11 point national point lead. after the debate donald trump got some republicans back but still a nine-point lead. again, see what the national number is by the end of the week to see if voters swing back to trump or if the tape does lasting damage. he recovered a bit with the debate. we'll keep an eye on it. here is one of the issues as we look at that data. one of the reasons donald trump is being so harsh, hard-core, so anti-clinton on the campaign trail is that he is bleeding republicans. he has an 83 point lead over clinton among republican voters. may seem like a big deal but that means some republicans are defecting to hillary clinton or to third party candidates or undecided. she has an 88 point lead among democrats. he is losing the republicans. that explains the hard right tone on the campaign trail. this one is stunning and changing the map when you look at it. hillary clinton has a 29-point
1:28 pm
lead among white women with college degrees. a huge number anyway but especially significant that even as he lost in 2012 mitt romney won this group. white women with a college degree by six points. if you look at those trends in the polls, especially among the white, college-educated women and independents and moderates, if they told, donald trump is in a lot of trouble. we'll watch this one as it plays out. >> john king. thank you for breaking it down. cnn political commentator anna navarro. she is not supporting donald trump. ed brookover and anguli rye, former executive director of the black national caucus. supporting hillary clinton. thank you for being here today. >> you have donald trump in addition to sort of spitting fire at some of his republican colleagues, saying today that there is, quote, a sinister deal going on inside the republican party to defeat him. is there a sinister deal?
1:29 pm
>> i think he is certainly feeling frustrated by some of the comments over the past few days by some of the republican leaders. as john king's survey just said. he still has an 83 point lead among republicans. if he improves on that a bit we're back to the neck and neck race. we're in a race which has been very fluid and will continue to be. >> anna navarro. as part of the confidence we hear from ed here. he is looking at the republican primaries, look how well i did there. i can get the folks together and win this. looking at the numbers, do you believe he can turn this around? >> no, he can't. i think he's done. put a fork in him. he is done. it's all been his own doing. that being said, i think what he is doing is signaling, if i go down, i'm taking all of you with me. i am in a scorched earth mode. and i think what he is signaling to republicans is you all better stop coming after me and attacking me because i'm going to tell my core group of supporters, and they're loyal to him, make no mistake about that,
1:30 pm
not to vote for you down-ballot and i'm going to make life very, very difficult for you. this is what you are seeing rhine from donald trump is called hostage taking of other republicans down-ballot from him. republicans are in a very difficult situation. on one hand they have to wrestle many of them with their own conscience and principles and on the other hand with the political realities. it is not, not an easy cat to skin. >> on this note, this idea that it's lost and maybe he knows that it's lost, some of his language has struck me. he said today, whether i win, lose or draw, he's talking about a movement as opposed to a win. is there, in that language, do you sense him setting up his supporters for a scenario where he loses but there is still something that he -- he brought together and only he can lead? >> i think the movement chose him. he didn't choose the movement. i worked for dr. carson first, who competed with mr. trump. we didn't win. came in behind mr. trump.
1:31 pm
this movement is out there. it's out there on the republican side with mr. trump's supporters. it was on the democratic side with bernie sanders' supporters. this movement will be out there. he's signalling that he thinks the movement deserves a voice. he has found the voice and he's going to fight for the voice. >> angela, why don't you go on that. then i'll ask you about the wikileaks releases. >> sure. a couple of things. one is what donald trump is doing, i would argue, is less than leader-like. he is absolutely, you know, feeding into this whole frenzy of not just anti-establishment politics, not just anti-elected officials, not just politics as usual frustrations. but he is also telling people that, if certain people vote or if certain things happen in certain states then we really have an issue, this election was thrown, it was rigged, using some of that bernie sanders language not in a way in by bernie sanders intended. who are they going to blame.
1:32 pm
they find ourselves back in the position of 2010 when the tea party rose up and talked about taking their country back. who are they taking the country back from? we elected our first black president. i don't think the rhetoric he is using. i don't think it's leader like. if he wanted to be responsible for a movement, it should be a movement toward positivity, not destructing everything we built. >> i want both you and ed to respond. he has said if i lose there has been cheating. it is a rigged system. >> yeah. >> bringing up frankly a possibility -- his supporters listen to him -- that if the result doesn't go his way, that this anger gets channelled somewhere dangerous. how concerned are you, anna? >> i think this election has brought out the worst in us. i think that the division, the hostility, the anger, the hatred out there is something that's going to need to be addressed come november 9th. we are going to have to come to jesus.
1:33 pm
we'll have to saniing "kum ba y as an american people. the next three and a half weeks will be extremely challenging. we'll see a donald trump who at this point sees himself in a corner, has nothing to lose, thrash around like a shark with a seal in its mouth. but it's up to us to then have the healing come around after november 8th. >> the question is what are the three and a half weeks or more after the election? >> ready yourself, steady yourself. take some medication. >> ed, it's a long way from now. will he respect the results of the last election. >> he said he would in the last debate. i would agree with anna that this country is beyond frustration. there is anger out there about -- anna and angela, the anger is directed mainly at the problems in washington, the problems that haven't been
1:34 pm
solved. it surprised me to have iowa voters, new hampshire, south carolina, small business owners out there who were frustrated because they have a government which is not keeping them safe, which doesn't have an economic future for them, and they want something done. >> anna, i want to ask you. feeding to this anger and this frustration in washington are some of the e-mails leaked by wikileaks that get inside the private communications of specifically of john podesta, clinton campaign manager. i want to read some of the most recent revelations from these. we have one. we'll show it on the screen. if she thinks we can get to labor day without taking press questions, i think that's suicidal. internal debate about that period of time when she was not speaking to the press. another one dated august 21st. poe tes john podesta encouraging her to connect with, quote, needy latinos. that was freed ricoh pena. former transportation secretary under bill clinton and former new mexico governor bill richardson.
1:35 pm
angela, does that kind of communication offend you? >> i think it's certainly frustrating. the first thing i think we have to remember is the campaign has not confirmed the authenticity of the e-mails. first and foremost. we know the russians, if they are involved, which it looks like they might be since they're no longer denying the dnc hacks. >> there were ones that were clearly false. we talked about one yesterday where donald trump was reading from a cut and pasted "newsweek" piece. there has been no challenge to the content of these specific e-mails. >> sure, but they've not acknowledged that they are their e-mails. regardless, i don't like the content of the e-mails. i would say i agree with the press issue at the time, and the one now that donald trump is certainly embracing on his side. there was never a good strategy in keeping her away from the press. point-blank, period. full stop. she is a trustworthiness
1:36 pm
nebrasissue with the press. she changed. on the latino issue, i said time and again, racism, issues with bias don't exist solely within the republican party or the democratic party or even among independents or with gary johnson libertarians. we have racism in this country. it is real. it is alive and it is well, unfortunately. we need to address it even within the democratic party. not a good heading for an e-mail if it was john podesta. he needs to immediately address it. maybe he needs to take implicit bias training too. they do it all over corporate america. i don't know why we're not doing it in the party structure yet. >> thank you for breaking it down for us. russia blamed for another hack attack on our democratic system, just three weeks to a presidential election. wait until you hear the cripple l -- kremlin's response to the jaw-dropping accusations. that's next. philadelphia® garden vegetable. rich, creamy... ...and delicious
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welcome back. we are learning today that federal investigators believe that russia is behind a cyber attack on florida's election system. the fbi believes hackers working for russian intelligence accessed the personal data of florida voters. the fbi is now preparing to provide updated guidance to state election officials across the country to defend their own systems from similar attacks. all this coming just days after the white house named and shamed russia for the ongoing cyber attacks against democratic party leaders and institutions. despite the mounting evidence russia's foreign minister said today russia is innocent. officials warning that russia is attempting to undermine the u.s. election and election system. today the highest levels of the russian government denying the
1:42 pm
kremlin is behind ongoing and widespread hacks of the u.s. election system. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov telling cnn's chris jeong amanpour that there is no proof. >> it's flattering as i said but it has nothing to be explained by the facts. we have not seen a single fact, a single proof. >> russian president vladimir putin going further, saying the u.s. is pointing the finger at russia to divert attention from what's actually inside the hacked e-mails. >> translator: all the hysteria is aimed at making the american people federal government aboor manipulation of public opinion. everyone is talking about who did it. is that important? who did it? the most important thing is what is inside this information. >> the evidence is mounting. investigators believe russia is behind a cyber attack on a
1:43 pm
contractor for florida's election system that exposed voter data. this after the u.s. took the rare step friday of publicly naming and shaming russia for hacks of democratic party leaders and institutions. white house press secretary josh earnest not mincing words about rush russia's interests. >> it was interested in attempting to destabilize the political system. >> claiming russia wants more, to win the election for donald trump over hillary clinton. john podesta whose hacked e-mails are being released on wikileaks suggest the trump campaign is actively working with wikileaks to damage the clinton campaign. they pointed to this tweet by roger stone in august and what cnn believes he meant to say, quote, trust me. it will soon be podesta's time in the barrel.
1:44 pm
>> the conclusion that mr. trump had advanced warning about what assange was going to do. >> stone told cnn that he had no foreknowledge of the wikileaks documents. we're seeing today more heartbreaking, haunting images of the ongoing war in syria. we want to warn you, the video we're about to show is powerful. you also may find it disturbing. it's of a young syrian girl covered in dust and blood after being rescued from the rubble. >> that is 8-year-old aya desperately calling out for her father. she and her family were apparently wounded in an air strike that hit her home in northwestern syria. a few days ago she was a regular kid going to school as you see in the photo on the left. she is just one of the countless, harrowing reminders of the war there that continues to go on.
1:45 pm
a couple months ago you may remember this picture of the little boy rescued from aleppo. this one shocked the world. not to mention syrian aryan curdy who drowned a year ago trying to escape the war older than he was. unicef estimates some 8.4 million children are affected by the war. breaking news. for the second time this week the navy destroyer uss mason has had to respond to an incoming missile threat. the latest came a few hours ago after the coast of yemen. the pentagon says the u.s. destroyer detected a missile and had to employ defensive measures. authorities believe it was fired from territory controlled by houthi rebels. the rebels are aligned and backed by iran. the rocket never hit the ship. no crew members were hurt. the ship was not damaged. the defense department says it will respond to the threat at an appropriate time. a plane plunges to the ground near a defense contractor
1:46 pm
building. why investigators were initially concerned that this could possibly have been a terror attack. the heavy rain is gone, but the death toll is still rising in north carolina as historic flooding continues to get worse there. cnn's paulo sandoval is live in one of the areas still under water. >> reporter: the worse far from over for many here in north carolina. many people jumping inside some of these boats and getting a first look at the devastation and finding out what, if anything, they can salvage from inside their homes. we went inside one of the boats a short while ago. that closer look coming up next. y we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto® was proven
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. today's national lead. a climbing death toll after hurricane matthew. haiti reporting 473 people killed in last week's storm. that number still expected to rise as authorities begin to identify victims. in the u.s., 29 storm-related deaths. 19 killed in north carolina alone. most from drownings. the state is now dealing with the flooding emergency. all the water from the hurricane's rain rushing
1:51 pm
downhill and now flooding towns in the process. want to go live to cnn's paulo sandoval. new evacuation orders under way apparently for some of these towns. >> reporter: this is why, jim. you mentioned it. all the rain water dumped by hurricane matthew on the region is now pouring into those rivers and eventually into people's neighborhoods. mind you it's been almost one week since hurricane matthew slammed the region here. yet neighborhoods look more like rivers. you can see this is in the town of lumberton. all these homes still at least partially under water. we have seen officials come and go here. the majority of the people were evacuated early on. the last person who decided to ride out the floods was eventually evacuated a short while ago. it was an individual who lived down the street. some neighbors actually came out here to help him leave here. what we've seen are officials go door to door in a methodical way. they're essentially checking into windows, through windows and even forcing open some doors
1:52 pm
to make sure that there is nobody inside. if the house is empty, they'll tie a small piece of yellow caution tape to the door, an indication that the house is clear. many of the people here woke up this morning to some of the devastating news that two additional residents were now confirmed dead, bringing the death toll close to 19 here in north carolina, over half of the total death toll in the southeastern united states. >> polo, you spent time at a shelter there. what did you see? >> reporter: spirits were high but it's a heart-breaking scene. we spent -- we shared -- there is about 250 people or so in a gym there not far from here. men, women and children, people there are really holding on to prayer and hope that they will eventually be able to finally return home to be able to see what, if anything, they can actually salvage. what adds insult to injury here is that so many of the people that i spoke to in some of the shelters, jim, they were already
1:53 pm
people living with extremely limited means in government housing, and yet they lost whatever -- what little they already had, but at the same time, as we mentioned, their spirits are high and they have high hopes that eventually they will be able to return home someday. >> we wish them the best. the effects last a long time after flooding like that. polo sandoval, thank you. at first investigators were worried it could be terror. what raised red flags about a small plane crash. that's next. y-five. now is a good time to get the ball rolling. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like any of these types of plans, it could help you with out-of-pocket medical costs. call now and request your free decision guide and explore the range of aarp medicare supplement plans. start gathering the information you need... to roll into sixty-five with confidence. not to be focusingo finaon my moderatepe.
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welcome back to "the lead." a small plane plunges to the ground in connecticut, killing one person, injuring another. but what may have seemed like a tragic crash is now the subject of a federal investigation because the sole survivor says this was no accident. i'll bring in sara ganim, she has been looking into this. what do we know about the crash and the evidence that this was
1:58 pm
an intentional act? >> reporter: investigators were able to determine based on an interview with the flight instructor who was in the cockpit. he told investigators that just moments before the crash there was a struggle in the cockpit with the student pilot who was killed in the crash. the fbi moments ago took over the lead from the ntsb indicating this is now a criminal investigation. that flight instructor survived this crash, jim, by getting out of the plane before it burst into flames. according to a u.s. official with direct knowledge of the investigation, he told investigators he got into an argument with the flight student who appeared frustrated with his own family because he felt he was being forced to become a pilot just moments before it crashed. now, there were no recorders or any video on board to corroborate the claim, but based on what that flight instructor later said, investigators do now believe the crash was intentional. we expect that law enforcement will get a search warrant for the student pilot's computer, and we know officials will
1:59 pm
interview his family as well. it's unclear who was flying the plane at the point of the crash since there are two sets of controls inside. this crash initially sparked concern because you can see from aerial images that it happened very near to the headquarters of pratt and whitney, a u.s. defense contractor that makes airplane engines. that heightened the level of the investigation, although at this point there is no indication that pratt and whitney was a target. this plane ended up crashing onto main street in east hartford, connecticut, not far from a residential area and barely missing a minivan that you can see in the street. when the crash happened the plane was headed back to brainard airport where it had taken off. just a small note, jim, there was a twin-engine plane, indicating that that student pilot likely was not a beginner. >> no flight or data recorder on a plane this size, i assume? >> reporter: that's correct. sara ganim.
2:00 pm
thanks very much. >> be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter on jim sciutto or tweet the show. that's it for the "the lead." i turn you over to brianna keilar, in today for wolf blitzer, as always in "the situation room." happening now, sinister deal. donald trump launches new attacks on republicans who have abandoned his campaign after hearing reporting of him bragging about groping women. he is singling out house speaker paul ryan, accusing him of ignoring the will of the people and putting trump at a disadvantage by refusing to defend him or campaign for him. i will be talking to donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway in just a few moments. republican back lash. fighting inside the party is raging as some members are begging trump to lay off paul ryan and focus instead on hillary clinton. others say if ryan won't support trump they won't support the speaker. trump himself warns that, if he wins, ryan may be, quote, in