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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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obama's mission to educate girls around the world" tonight at 9:00 eastern only on cnn. thank you so much for watching. wolf will be back tomorrow. and erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next. breaking news, a new report from the "new york times" alleging donald trump touched two women inappropriately. they are on camera. one on an airplane, the ore outside an elevator at trump tower. that is moments away. and donald trump accusing paul ryan of a secret and sinister deal in his words as trump's war against his own party heats up. plus under attack, a key battleground's state's voting system hack. all signs point to russia. what is the motive. let's go "outfront." and the breaking news at this housh, right now just breaking a damming report from the "new york times" that claims donald
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trump inappropriately touched two women. the first nearly two decades ago. the second in 2005. despite saying he's never sexual assaulted a woman, it did though take anderson three times to get him to say he had not actually done those things. the first is from a woman je jessica leads. the "new york times" wrote trump quote grabbed her breasts and tried to put his hand up her skirt. she says mr. trump lifted the armrest and began to touch her. she said she had never met him before. the second is in a woman rachel crooks. while working as a receptionist as the real estate investment company trump began kissing her. that was in 2005. "outfront" live in florida where trump was speaking today. this is a very damaging report in part because there are names
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now associated with this usain bolt of -- associated with both of these stories. >> reporter: two names, two separate incidents spanning over 30 years. and this most definitely present another problem for the trump campaign. because erin, as you know donald trump has said repeatedly that those vulgar words that were caught on tape were just that. words. he called it locker room talk. he said that he paid it clear that these were just words. words many men say. but he also made a point of saying these wor words that were never acted upon. and of course this "new york times" paints a very different picture. we should altsz point out in the times article donald trump made it clear that he completely and vehemently denied the allegations being made by the times reporter. we have reached out to the trump campaign for some sort of reaction for this. but erin, this once again paints another problem for the trump
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campaign in his effort to reach out to women voters. once again these new allegations coming forward by the "new york times" presenting yet another problem for the trump campaign. erin. >> all right. jason carroll thank you very much. let me go to our panel now. and we have some video in a moment of these women actually telling their stories we're going to play for you. kayleigh mcenany. basil schmeichel. monica langley. let me start with you monica on the significance of this. obviously these are two women here named. these are disturbing stories. i do want to say here just to disclose. i've known donald trump for a long time. worked with him in terms of interviewing him. i never experienced this behavior myself. i have recently learned about the friend who did. which i did report. these are now two more women. they joint temple tag ert who said donald trump kissed her on the lips. how significant is the story
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tonight? this is forced kissing and this is -- assault if this happened on this airplane. it is disgusting, and it is assault. >> welt, i think it is a problem. and i have talked to the officials at the campaign and they are coming occupy the two prong strategy they thought they could carry through in the next 28 days. they needed donald trump to be error free which no more insens. if this continues to pile on this is serious trouble for the campaign. >> kayleigh, what is your reaction when you hear this? as kayleigh mcenany. not as donald trump supporter. >> of course there is no room ever for sexual assault. it is inexcusable and every person who alleges it deserves to be heard. and likewise every person accused of it deserves to be heard. i will wait for the campaign to hear. i hope it is not true. kellyanne conway brought up victims of bill clinton's
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assaults and she was met with the response it was exaggerations. so when bill clinton is accused it is exaggerations. and when donald trump is accused it is hard cold truth. i want to hear from donald trump and the victims. i hope it is not true but i this we have to apply the same standards to both campaigns. >> bill clinton is not the one running for president. hillary clinton is. there is one huge distinction there. and that does not excuse what anybody may have done. but that is a big difference. it is not hillary clinton we're talking about. >> yeah, it is a huge difference. and you saw i think in that initial debate when this issue came up about sexual assault, you saw donald trump kind of brush it away and say that it was locker room talk. even though we have the tape of him essentially bragging about sexual assault. and so here you have these women coming out with these stories. and we had another story today from buzz feed with women who were in pageants basically saying that donald trump had come in as they were dressing. and some of them weren't clothed
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at the time. and again this backs up something that he said or bragged about to howard stern. so it gets really difficult here. because donald trump has talked about these very instances. and then you have women basically corroborating what donald trump himself has said that he's done. >> so let me get your reaction tim on the significance of this what this may be. we're now hearing the stories. this is going to be shocking and appalling to someone. but jessica schneider went to a trump rally. the women there already trump supporters. they were willing to go on beyond this tape. the tape itself no longer mattered to them. >> well, you know, this is why locker room talk matters. this is it -- people who talk this way often act this way. some of them are fant cysts. but some of them are actually speaking from experience and desire.
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it is shocking. this is just awful. and yes we have to -- he's innocent until proven guilty. what i find powerful though is that people are willing to give up their privacy. these women are giving up their privacy by giving their names. we -- mr. trump is innocent until proven guilty. but you know the language he uses, the tweets he sent. at what point are we all just going to come to the conclusion that he's a sexual predator? and that he is running for president. and what kind of symbol are we sending to the world, let alone our children and let alone ourselves if we put in the oval office representative as our bold eagle. head of state remember? someone who is at the very best an alleged sexual predator. >> as you point out it is innocent until proven guilty. hundred percent. and the comments he made back then are inexcusable. no doubt about it.
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i ben carson said he knows donald trump prayed for forgiveness before the debate. james dobson who i look up says he knows the bhoern recently led donald trump to christ. i do think he's had a recent faith journey. that doesn't excuse the comments but i do think he's different person standing here today than he was. to me that is what matters. >> the one on the airplane was more than three decades ago. the one with the unwanted kiss was i believe 2005. someone is going to correct me if i have the wrong date. i believe 205. the one that i know personally was the spring of 2010 basil. so this is something that at least in terms of those data points would be over a very long period of time. >> perhaps. and to your comment about the faith conversion, i do not see anything in his current behavior that says to me that he has had the type of faith conversion that may mitigate or could ever
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mitigate the behavior from the past. the way that he tweets. the language that he uses from communities of color for women in general to this day to me, there is no smergs there. -- conversion there. and sexual predator or not. whether he's found guilty of any of this or not, it is troubling. and i would say for republicans in particular. >> you are not helping yourselves by saying you are going to stand with this person even though you disagree with what he says and does but you're still standing with him. that doesn't jive with me. >> two senators today whoed a attacked him and said they were walking away from if him because of the audio tape today reversed themselves and now said they are supporting him because the republican base was so mad at them for going against donald trump today now reversed himself.
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so if more women come out it is going to be interesting if they zigzag again. >> brian stelter is with me on the phone. i want to read a couple of quotes here from the norts "new york times" article. about mr. leads in particular. the one who said donald trump put up the armrest and put his hand up her skirt. and she said such unwanted advances were throughout her time. he accept it for years of the we were taught it was our fault. he recalled bumping into the mr. trump at the charity event about two years later and said he seemed to recall her. insulting her with a crude remark. and as he ran for president she started sharing this with her son, nephew and two friends. what duke donald trump's response listen to this? >> according to the times he yelled at the female reporter who interviewed about this last night and also threatened to sue the newspaper. and i think it is so important erin these people are speaking
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because of sunday's presidential debate. anderson cooper did something very important and very specific at the start of the debate. when trump said oh you heard on the tape those are just words, not arbgszs. cooper said just for the record you did not actually kiss women without consent or grope them without consent? trump did not answer the first or second time. then anderson asked a third time, have you ever cone those things and trump said i will tell you, no i have not. it is because trump denied it that these women spoke to the "new york times." and he's threatenening to sue the paper and we'll see his reaction now. >> and especially now that they have put their names to this story. we're going to continue our coverage of this breaking story and next our report on the master mind behind trump's campaign who no doubt is dealing with this at this moment. did he have a scheme to derail his own party all along and no trump tapes uncovered on cnn.
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on this one trump brags about seeing women at beauty pageants naked and takes it even further with howard stern. >> you are a powerful man, i want to sleep with you. you are not the type that would say no. >> i don't want to hurt their feelings. >> and trump unleashes a series of attacks on the leaked e-mails. while the equilibrate campaign may be worried when standard cancer treatment no longer works for patients like lynn, advanced genomic testing may lead to other treatment options that can work. learn how genomic testing is changing the way we fight cancer at
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breaking news. donald trump going nuclear. the republican nominee telling reporters in florida that house speaker paul ryan is involved in what he says is a sinister deal. >> wouldn't you think that paul ryan would call and say good going? in front of just about the largest audience for a second night debate in the history of
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the country. no he doesn't do that. there is a whole deal going on there. i mean, you know. there is a whole deal going on. we're going to figure it out. i always figure things out. but there is a whole sinister deal going on. >> cnn also learning that some republicans may try to oust ryan because of his split with the donald trump. manu raju is "outfront" and you have been talking to republicans. obviously that's pretty significant that paul ryan could emerge in this as the loser. what are they saying about this war between ryan and trump? >> concern on both sides. one side house richepublicans believes ryan essentially abandoned trump at a time when the party should be uniting. on the call monday -- in the wake of that lewd access hollywood video. today congressman jim brandonstein became the
4:17 pm
first --. ryan can't afford many defections in order to keep the speakers gavel. on the other side a number of pro trump republicans simply think donald trump is making a major error by focusing all of his attacks on ryan. they told kellyanne conway he should be focuses on hillary clinton, not paul ryan. >> trump suggestion that house speaker ryan is involved in a sinister deal comes as --. the hill reports that steve bannon told bright bart staffers, which was the conservative website that he used to run. he told them, paul rhine is the enemy. is he behind trump's anti-establishment war? sunland surfati is "outfront." >> there is a whole sinister deal going on. >> reporter: donald trump's scorched earth, take no
4:18 pm
prisoners strategy against his observe party. >> we don't get the support from guys like paul ryan. so look, i don't know i don't want his sport. i don't care about his support. >> seems to be covered in the fingerprints of this man steve bannon who's long time mission to target the establishment wing of the republican party may be egging on trump's anti-establishment tear. >> the shackles are some of the establishment people that are weak and in effective people within the republican party, senators and others and paul ryan led to a certain extent by paul ryan -- >> reporter: -- in august from the far right conservative website bright bart news. >> what we need to do is bitch slap the republican party and get these guys heeding too. and if we have to we'll take it over. >> reporter: a no holds bar stance of his own. >> if you are fighting to take the country back it is not going to be sunshine patriot. it is people who want to fight.
4:19 pm
andrew breitbart was all about the fight. in fact we call ourselves internally the fight club. >> taking aim at the establishment wing of the party. >> we don't really believe there is a functional conservative party in the country. we certainly don't think the republican party is that. >> ban steams to have been oning to take him down for some time. e-mails obtained by the hill number show bannan telling his breitbart staff the long game is to have ryan gone by spring. breitbart producing head lines against ryan over the years, desperate, failing and running scared. a foe and a fight which trump is tagging into the ring now, even suggesting if he becomes president, ryan's speakership might be in jeopardy. >> i would think that ryan maybe wouldn't be there. maybe he'll be in a different position. >> and those attacks on paul ryan is something trump did keep up today going after ryan by name, bashing ryan for critiquing him rather than praising him after last week's
4:20 pm
debate. >> thank you very much. my panel is back with me. nia, to you first. what to you make of bannan's strategy? >> it is not surprising. if you look at breitbart they also had an anti-boehner strategy as well. and were very much the voice of conservatives who didn't like the establishment. they thought the establishment republicans were too polite they didn't fight in a bare knuckled way and didn't get anything done even though they were voicing opposition to obama throughout the last eight years. so yeah, you have this, i think the emergence of a real, you know -- a real partnership here on one hand, you know, donald trump in some ways isn't as disciplined. he's all id and emotion and then you have in ban this person who has a media platform with breitbart. very much knows how to punch messages through. so you have this real dynamic
4:21 pm
duo. and again he's been around conservative circles for years. he at some point was whispering into the ear of sarah palin when she was at her most powerful. she's continuing that sarah palin line throw donald trump and this could work. he's inflicting all sorts of damage on paul ryan who's angling in many ways for 2020. >> you have republicans who came out over the weekend and said they couldn't vote for trump and some are coming back. >> right. i don't understand. >> there are people who are coming to trump's sides on this. this is far from a done deal paul ryan will win this. >> what we're watching is the vengeance of the nihilism. he wants to burn everything. wants to destroy all the institutions and if you compare what he said in terms of ryan being sibser and language he used against hillary clinton in the debate. i don't understand. this is a dangerous time in politics because donald trump's back is up against the wall and who knows where he goes from here. and that is really scary.
4:22 pm
if i were going to be unselfish for a second. i would rather republicans unite against him than be on the fence. we have have a donald trump president i unroll all the gains we've made and roll them back. >> what is he talking about? is this paul ryan doing a deal where hillary clinton or what is donald trump incinerates. >> i think seems that there are folks on the hill, elected officials the blishlt who are aligned against him. and it's been happening from day one when they were trying to keep him from 1237. there are folks in washington dead set against him because he's against washington. donald trump is about empowering the people and pushing down the establishment country club elite in both parties. that seems to include paul ryan now. a lot of republicans sitting back criticizing paul ryan long before donald trump came. >> sinister deal. what does it mean? >> i think what it means is that steve bannon and others believe that paul ryan and hillary
4:23 pm
clinton are both policy wonks and their policies are closer together than ryan and trump. and that he believes they would be able to work together more easily than ryan and trump. the other thing about steve bannon is he is as, you know, wanting donald trump to come out hard against hillary. so he's hitting ryan and hillary clinton. and you saw that in the debate when donald trump called hillary the devil. and then he called her -- >> called her heart -- >> and that's the part of the problem. >> so tim we're talking tonight about the "new york times" reporting, the allegation of two more women against donald trump. there was a poll that came out today. had him ahead still in missouri. another poll from wisconsin has clinton ahead by seven points. over the past four days, he was ahead by one point on thursday. before the tape. after the tape on friday clinton was ahead by six. saturday and sunday 19 points. settled though at seven.
4:24 pm
so you could look at that either way. he's dead or he's coming back. >> couple of things. one this is -- what's unprecedented is you have a fringe element in american politics who are controlling the messaging of a major political party. we haven't had anything close to this since the cpusa, the communist party in the united states in 1948. this is a fringe movement directing the messaging of the republican party. breitbart does not represent the thinking of most conservatives in the united states. let alone centrists and of course not liberals. what's remarkable here is there is no thought to governing. let's say he wins. how do you govern with an election -- how do you govern when you have basically torn down absolutely everybody in your party who's not slavishly committed to you? that is the challenge here. that is why the temperament test is so interesting. this is the time for him to find
4:25 pm
common cause with ryan. not the time to destroy the republican party. >> -- opportunities to do -- >> all of you are going to stay with me next the breaking news of two women coming forward tonight saying donald trump touched them inappropriately. this comes as cnn uncovers more tapes of trump bragging about seeing women naked at beauty pageants. we're going to play that next. and trump supporters and evangelical leader jerry falwell jr. is coming out to talk about all this, to answer to these things for donald trump whom he supports. he'll be my guest next. p ything. even mer-mutts. (1940s aqua music) (burke) and we covered it, february third, twenty-sixteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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breaking news. "new york times" naming two women claiming donald trump touched them. the trump campaign released a statement saying the entire article is fiction. and for the "new york times" to launch a character assassination on mr. trump on a topic like this is dangerous. to reach back decades in attempt to smear mr. trump trivializes sexual assault and sets a new low for where the media is
4:30 pm
determined to go in this election. this as trump is dealing with new fallout. former contestants have been coming forward to talk about trump's actions backstage. this is something we now have for you. ed lev lavandera is out front. >> reporter: donald trump laufs beauty pageant. and by his own admission he was no stranger backstage for nearly two decades. >> is everybody okay. you see these incredible looking women. so i sort of get away with things like that. >> in 2001 thasha dixon was mis arizona. she experienced this firsthand. >> our first introduction to him was when weste were at the dres rehearsal and half naked changing into our bikinis. >> reporter: dixon was 18 at time and says watching trump storm into the dressing room was shocking. >> to have the owner come in
4:31 pm
when we're naked or half naked in a untphysically vulnerable position and then the people telling us to fawn all over him. walk up to him. get his attention. who do you complain to? he owns the pageant. there is no no one to complain to. >> four years later donald trump bragged to howard stern about what he could get away with since he owned the pageants. >> i'll go backstage before a show. and everyone is getting dressed and ready and everything else. and no men are anywhere. and i'm allowed to go in because i'm the owner of the pageant and therefore i'm p inspecting. >> and trump asked later if he ever had sex with miss universe or contestants. >> never comment on thimpx like that. >> first. >> reporter: this weeks after hillary clinton brought up trump's attacks on alicia machado. trump once described her as miss
4:32 pm
piggy and then told his twitter followers to find her sex tape. and another interview where trump is seen interviewing playboy play mates and basks in a question from jeanne moos. >> have you ever dated a placement. >> i refuse to answer. >> may be true? >> reporter: trying to get a better understanding of donald trump's personality. >> i'm telling you he owned the pageant for to reason to utilize his power to get around beautiful women. >> reporter: and just before this "new york times" report emerged here in the last half hour or so the campaign manager for the trump campaign was on cnn asked directly about this behavior at these beauty pageants. and the campaign manager essentially dodging those questions tonight. >> thank you very much. and former miss arizona tasha dixon will be a guest at 10:00 tonight. i want to bring in jerry falwell jr. now.
4:33 pm
the largest christian university in the world. and donald trump supporter. i want to bring up a story within the past hour. and two women saying donald trump touched them inappropriately. one of them just in case you haven't yet heard it, i want to just read you do coat of what jez kah leads says happened to her an a first class fight. 45 minutes after take of you she recalled mr. trump lifted the armrest and began to touch her. mr. trump grabbed her breasts and tried to put his hands you have her skirt. she fled to the back of the plane. it was an assault. what is your reaction to this jerry? >> well of course i don't know anything about these reports. but i do know that the most recent breaking news is trump campaign is denying that any of those allegations are true. and they are very upset with the "new york times" about launching
4:34 pm
an attack like this. and to do it so late in the campaign. and it's -- i take him as his word. i think he's a good man. i know the donald trump of today. i know that he was his first major hire was to bring mike pence on as his vice presidential candidate. and he spoke at liberty university today and he had 10,000 evangelical christian young people cheering for him. gave him five standing ovations and that is the donald trump i know. somebody who would choose somebody like michael pence to be his running mate. i think he's been through a change in the last four or five years. i think he's been influenced strongly by his children, by his grandchildren. and i don't think he's the man he used to be. i think he -- dr. james dobson one of the most respected evangelicals of the last four decades said yesterday that jesus said he who is without sin cast the first stone. and he said i'm more concerned
4:35 pm
about america's future than i am donald trump's past. and i agree with that. i think we have to be worried about hillary clinton and these e-mails revelations how she -- >> so jerry let me just -- i understand your point. but i want to ask you more about this. because i just want to understand. look he's told you these things didn't happen. just to be clear, the reason these women came forward to the "new york times" was because anderson cooper asked donald trump three times whether what he said on the video was something he actually did it took him three times to actually say no. when they heard that they felt it was a lie. and so that is why they came forward with their stories now. they came forward because they say he lied on sunday night. if he has lied to you. if he really did these things, is there any forgiving it? grabbing a woman's breasts. grabbing women's genitals. kissing multiple women without their consent. is that something you forgive to the extent that you say this person can be president of the
4:36 pm
united states? >> it is not up to me to forgive anybody. i'm not -- i'm not jesus christ. it is only jesus who can forgive. and he can forgive anybody. all of us, we're all redeemable. and like i said, jesus was accused of being a friend of sinners when he was here on earth: and it is not up to us to forgive. it is up to us to decide who would be the best president of the united states, who would take the right position on the issues to make america great again, to bring us back to financial health, bring us back to a place of position in the world to appoint the right justices to the supreme court. that is our only job as christians is to be good citizens to do what jesus said. render -- jesus said render under caesars the things that are caesars. that means being a good citizen. choose the person not who would be a great pastor or priest if
4:37 pm
you were catholic. but somebody who will be best president of the united states. it is that simple. >> you made the point that you are not electing a pastor. but i want an answer from you directly about how you feel about this? if these things happened would you still support him, would you still vote for him if these things. >> i can't answer a hypothetical question. you are saying if, if he murdered somebody would i forgive him. this is -- >> well these are women saying it with their names. i've known him for a long time. i've never experienced anything like this from him. he's been professional. i do know someone very well who did get kissed by donald trump without his his consent. that was in 2010. so i'm giving you a hypothetical because these women are coming forward and telling their story. he says it isn't true. be if what they say is true does jerry falwell jr. vote for donald trump. >> i'm going vote for crump because i believe he's the best qualified to be president of the united states. and i'm going to say anything to
4:38 pm
besmirch the character of any of these women. it is the heat of the election. four weeks away from election day. and serve in a frenzy. so we have to keep that in mind. the "new york times" is very anti-trump. and i believe the statement that was just released. they absolutely deny all the allegations. but that is not the point. the point is what about the donald trump of today? is he a changed man? i think he is. he is taken all -- all the right positions on all the issues. he will do what's best for america as president. hillary clinton has admitted that she has different positions in public than she does in private. in haiti she gave her friends who donated to her foundation contracts to rebuild the country after the earthquake. she's colluded with the justice department in her e-mail scandal. she is -- she'll do anything to avoid talking about the issues. >> jerry --
4:39 pm
>> -- and she talks about the issues with donald trump she loses every time. >> i will say though one of the reasons people listen to you is because you are a man of faith. you are a man who talks about spiritual journeys. there are a lot of people who look to you to see what you say about these issues and donald trump. would you say he's a changed man, i want to understand more about what you are saying exactly? here he is. i'm going play three things he said. the date on these 2015, 2013 and two weeks ago in 2016. here is donald trump. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. >> you have called woman you don't like, fat pig, dog, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> you dropped to your knees. that must be a pretty picture you dropping to your knees. >> -- gained a massive amount of wait and it was a real problem. >> is that a changed man?
4:40 pm
are you comfortable with those things, as the very influential christian leader that you are? >> he has -- he has -- i'm a college president. i'm an attorney. i'm -- he has his own style. he has his own way of saying things. he's a new york businessman. he grew up in a different culture than i did. what sounds raunchy to me might not sound raunchy to him. but the point is i think he's a changed man. i think he's seen the pain of the american people. i think the reason he's come so far in this campaign in this election is because he is not for the elitist. he's for the average american. and i think he's -- you know, i think he's got his flaws like all of us. but all of us are sinners. every single one of us and it is hard for me to say that my sin is any better than donald trump's sin or anybody else's sin. that is not -- jesus, the bible
4:41 pm
teaches that we are all sinners. we all need forgiveness and to me it is that simple. >> i guess what i really am trying to get my arms around to understand this better jerry from where you are coming from. if these things happened he would be a serial sexual predator. that would be what that is. if these things happened. >> i haven't even heard the accusations. but i have seen the denial. i noticed you had me scheduled to come on earlier and you moved me to 7:30 because you know this was coming out. >> i want everybody to know why we moved it. because the piece ahead of you wublt going to be cut in time to pre tape so i wanted to make sure you could hear the whole thick before you came on. it came from me directly i want to move you to 7:30 live. >> i'll take your word for that. but i just really -- you know, i was -- i'm so impressed with the donald trump that i know now. donald trump of five, ten years ago, even two or three years ago
4:42 pm
may have been a different person. i didn't know him well then. but i can tell you, i've watched his relationship with his family. i i've watched how he treats his employees. but the bigger point is he is going to appoint the right justices to the supreme court. he's going to control immigration. he's going to bring our country back to a position of strength again. and that is why i'm supporting donald trump. >> jerry -- >> john f. kenedy. -- i don't know who was a worma i izer. who assaulted more women, john frksz kenedy or bill clinton. but i can tell you. john f. kenedy dd did the right bring. and i would vote for him if he were on the ballot tioday becaue of his conservative leadership. i hate to say it. we're not electing a pastor. we're electing a president. and that is what we need to keep
4:43 pm
our eyes on. and our country is going to suffer if we get sidetracked on these rabbit trails about is this person a good person, is that person a good person? it is not about that. it is about what are their positions on the issues and we can't get hillary to focus on the issues because she doesn't want to go there. >> jerry falwelfalwell, i appre you coming on and taking the time and answering these questions. thank you. >> thank you, erin. appreciate it. >> and next more on our breaking news. the two women telling donald trump inappropriately tumpd them and trump relentless on personal attacks over hillary clinton's leaked e-mails. the is the clinton have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the audi a4. with one notable difference... ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available traffic jam assist.
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4:48 pm
here she is. >> i sat down next to a young man, blond, tall and he introduced himself as donald trump. i was not really aware of the real estate world of trump. we just chatted back and or the forth. nothing particular. it wasn't until they cleared the meal that somehow or another the armrest in the seat disappeared. and it was a real shock when all of a sudden his hands were all over me. he started encroaching on my space. and i hesitate to use this expression but i'm going to. and that is, he was like an octopus. it was like he had six arms. he was all over the place. and if he had stuck with the upper part of the body, i might not have gotten -- i might not have gotten that upset.
4:49 pm
but when he started putting his hand up my skirt and that was it. >> let me give you chance to response. it is powerful to see someone putting their name and face to this story. >> donald trump has come out and said this never happened. he's completely denied it he yelled at the reporter when happened. i personally believe sexual assault claims should be litigated in a court of law not in the media. i encourage miss leeds if she wants to wring this to a the court of law. donald trump's denied it. i take him at his words. i fully agree with jerry falwell. i think he's a changed person and i believe him. his word against her word and i think voters will make up their mind but i think voters will make up their mind based on the issues not just he said, she said accusations. >> of course. the statue of limitations in a lot of these cases won't be an option. this is ultimately given the time we have between now and
4:50 pm
election going to be litigated in the court of public opinion. -- now starting to put their faces to these stories. >> yes their stories are going to matter a great deal. people have to make up their own minds about who's telling the truth and who's not. but i would emphatically they the story is no longer about whether donald trump is a changed man or not. the story, the question is whether he lied to the american people in the second debate when he denied he had ever groped any women. and now we have two women who have come forward in the "new york times." a third who's already on record and a fourth who's your friend erin that you have talked about in the past. we have four women who have come forward. very importantly about the two women from the "new york times" is they told people contemporaneously that they had been groped by mr. trump at the time. in other words they went and told people directly.
4:51 pm
and in a court of law that is usually very, very important evidence. whether someone -- you know, ten years later to say oh he did that to me ten years ago and you never told anybody at the time, it frankly treated very lightly because it is not believable. but if you tell people contemporaneously, that matters. >> there are questions of course. and i think kayleigh raised this fairly. why did she not do something about it at the time. i think david important she did talk to people contemporaneously and did tell people at the tame. but the question is why did she not come forward in a more formal way? she did answer that question. let me play it. >> during the late 60s, 70s and into the 80s culture had instilled in us that somehow it was our fault. the attention that we received from mens. that we were responsible for their behavior. you didn't complain to the authorities. you didn't campaign to your
4:52 pm
boss. if something happened to you, you just buck up and you went on. >> is that the answer going to answer that question for voters is this. >> yeah, i mean unfortunately there is stale culture of secrecy and shame around sexual assault. and women who are victims of sexual assault very often empower -- in positions where they are less powerful than the man who was doing the assault. and donald trump talked about this, right? he said in that videotape when he was on access hollywood, he said that because of his power it essentially gave him license to kiss women. he said that he didn't wait. he just did it. i think many women have been on the end of this kind of behavior and don't necessarily speak out.
4:53 pm
you might tell your friends but often times you are afraid of the repercussions. >> what is the response going to be? simply the statement we just got. it is false, it is false. >> i think so. that is what he does on almost everything that comes out. he says it is not true and the question is not whether he's lying or not. i think to his face it is going to be whether or not his base believes him. and i'm already getting e-mails from them and they said this happened 20 years ago if it's true or not they don't care. they are sticking with donald trump just the way jerry falwell did. >> and what is next for trump's campaign? plus trump slams hillary clinton over leaked e-mails saying she has to go to jail. why the clinton campaign may be worried tonight. my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms.
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4:57 pm
tonight growing concerns about donald trump's new campaign approach. the fear that personal attacks could derail clinton's message and hurt turnout. so what is clinton doing? jeff zeleny is "outfront." >> announcer: tonight hillary clinton heading west to try and chemo keep democrats fired up and focused on the finish line. >> i want to give you something to vote for and not just against. >> accusing donald trump of trying to turn of democrats with a scorched earth campaign. >> that is all they have left. pure negativity, pessimism and we're not going to let donald trump get away with it, are we?
4:58 pm
>> as she rallied supporters in colorado, another batch of stolen e-mails published today by wikileaks offering an even deeper look at the clinton campaign. a drip drip drip of distraction. with campaign chair dron podesta's hacked e-mails now being released on a daily schedule by julian assange. top aid huma abedin trying to keep reporters away from clinton. podesta rote if she thinks we can get to labor day without taking press question, i think that is suicidal. we have to find some mechanism to let the steam out of the pressure cooker. podesta is accusing donald trump of trying to turn off voters and depress democrat turn out. >> i think this is the strategy, disgust everyone with sort of democratic dialogues and so they won't come out to the polls.
4:59 pm
>> another top aide, jeffrey palmieri under fire from some catholic groups to how she responded to a group. palmieri wrote their rich friends won't understand if they become evangelicals. palmieri dismissed the criticism today telling reporters she is catholic. as a republican civil war intensifies the clinton campaign is pushing to keep democrats engaged. so clinton visiting colorado for the first time since august. she's leading in most polls but trying to remind democrats she still needs them. >> to reject the dark and divisive and hateful campaign that is being run by my opponent. >> reporter: there are 27 days left before election day. but every day that goes by more and more people are voting. and democrats say they are concerned about complacentsy within the ranks.
5:00 pm
thattise why she's chaining more aggressively to get the early vote so it can be banked before something changes in the race. >> thanks to uleoff fur watching. anderson's next. which. thamgs for joining us. we begin with breaking news. two women going on the record telling the "new york times" that donald trump either kissed them inappropriately or in the case of jessica leeds, that he groped them. she spoke on camera with the times. here is a portion of her account. >> it was over 35 years ago. i was hired by a newsprint company. i was a sales rep. i was traveling in the middle west. i was coming back into new york city. and it was on that flight that the stewardess asked me to, would i like to move up to first class. i didn't need to be asked twice. and i sat down next to a young man,