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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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unafraid ♪ ♪ i'll rise up, and i do it a thousand times again ♪ >> this was sort of a full circle trip. we got to see the many different facets of the challenge, but also to be reminded of the beautiful stories of these girls and the promise that we have. and it just reinforces the fact that we can't afford to waste that talent. we need to invest in it and let it bloom because we need their resources. >> over come challenges to become -- ♪ i'll rise up, rise like the day ♪ ♪ i'll rise up in spite of the ache ♪ ♪ i will rise a thousand times again ♪
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♪ and we'll rise up, like the waves ♪ ♪ we'll rise up in spite of the ache ♪ ♪ we'll rise up and we'll do it a thousand times again ♪ ♪ for you, ooh, ooh an enspiring uplifting documentary. michelle obama making the world a better place for those girls. it shows how many people look to our country and the first family to light the way. if only this campaign we have been covering the last year and a half, this ends in 27 days from now was anything like we just saw. instead tonight, we have breaking news to report to you. there are more explosive new allegations by women against donald trump. this is cnn tonight.
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i'm don lemon. "new york times" reporting two women have come forward accusing trump of touching them inappropriately. donald trump denying the accusations, telling the times, none of this ever took place. let's discuss with all of this going on our breaking news coverage with senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny, brian stelter, phillip bump, "washington post" political reporter and cnn correspondent. this is another bombshell. it's explosive. new allegations in the "new york times." two women have come forward to say trump accosted them. one woman did an on-camera interview. let's listen to her story. >> it was over 35 years ago. i was hired by a newsprint company. i was a sales rep. i was traveling this the middle west. i was coming back in to new york city. it was on that flight the stewardess asked me would i like
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to move up to first class. i didn't need to be asked twice. i sat down next to a young man, blond, tall and he introduced himself as donald trump. i was not really aware of the real estate world of trump. we just chatted back and forth, nothing particular. it wasn't until they cleared the meal that somehow or another the armrest in the seat disappeared. it was a real shock when all of a sudden his hands were all over me. he started encroaching on my space. i hesitate to use this expression but i'm going to, and that is he was like an octopus. it was like he had six arms. it was like he was all over the place. if he had stuck with the upper part of the body i might not have gotten that upset.
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when he started to put his hand up my skirt and that was it. that was it. i was out of there. i thought to myself, gee, i wish the stewardess would come and rescue me. and then i decided, i got up. i got my purse, and i a said i'm going back to my seat in coach. i was so glad to get back to that seat. >> brian, where did this come from? >> my heart aches hearing an account like that. this woman reached out to the "new york times" in m.i.a. she had read a story where other times where donald trump acted inappropriately. she didn't want to speak on the record. she was reluctant to speak. as have other women that have been reluctant up until now. what changed is sunday night's debate when anderson cooper asked if he had ever taken
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action, not just spoken about disgusting sexual behavior but acted on it. >> it took him a while to get there. >> had to ask him three times. >> this woman and another woman who contacted the "new york times" said they wanted to speak about their experiences. the trump campaign says it is fiction and they are preparing a lawsuit against the times. >> the 22-year-old reception at the time, was in a real estate development company located in trump tower. she said she introduced herself to trump outside of an elevator. he kissed her on the cheek and then full, directly on the mouth. it sounds familiar to what donald trump boasts about on the "access hollywood" hot mike tape. listen to that. >> maybe different one. >> better not be. it's her. >> that's her. with the gold. i got to use some tic-tacs in case i start kissing her. i'm automatically attracted to
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beautiful. i just start kissing and when you are a star you can do it. they let you do anything. grab them by the pussy. do anything. >> all you can see is the legs. >> looks good. >> oh, nice legs. >> get out of the way. . >> what is interesting, it startingly close to what he says on the tape and what these women say happened. how does this affect the ratings. >> one thing donald trump wants to do. he has the core support he has had. he think this is the media out to get him. >> we can say it is not. one of these women told the story to friends right after it happened decades ago. >> exactly. >> so what we saw is after that tape that we watched came out we saw a couple of polls that
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damaged donald trump with women. for example a poll suggested he dropped 24 points with women between thursday and the weekend because the tape. we saw him build that up in part because he denied the allegations. >> same effect. >> so, donald trump has this core base of support. he's tried to expand it without success. women who are moderate republicans, white college educated women have been skeptical of donald trump if they were giving him a third chance after what he said about the debate. >> it is because so many women experienced the behavior these women are describing, not from donald trump but in their day-to-day lives, sometimes decades ago and sometimes more recently. some women have never told people about it. if you were to conduct a poll of american women, most would say they have experienced harassment verbally or physically.
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>> some men may not be aware. some men are but -- >> donald trump's reaction to the "new york times" was to yell at the female reporter. >> i want to get his reaction. what is the trump campaign saying about the new alleged incidents? >> the trump campaign came out with a statement denies the allegations and call it entirely false. they believe the reports are politically motivated. i want to read you jason miller, senior communications adviser for the trump campaign, his entire statement. he said "for the "new york times" to launch a false coordinated character assassination on mr. trump on a topic like this is dangerous. to reach back decades in an attempt to smear mr. trump trivializes sexual assault. and it sets a new low for where the media is willing to go in its efforts. it is absurd to think that one of the most recognizable
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business leaders on the planet with a strong record of empowering women would do this is ridiculous. further the times story buries the pro clinton financial and social media activity on behalf of hillary clinton's candidacy, reinforcing this truly is nothing more than a political attack. and he ends saying, this is a sad day for the times. of course, as brian noted earlier, trump on tuesday night in talking to the "new york times" reporter according to the "new york times" says none of this took place is what he told her. >> either blame the media and clinton campaign. i will get to jeff zeleny in a moment about what the clinton campaign is saying. why are you shaking your head? >> particularly the point someone so recognizable would do this. in the era of bill cosby that's a bad defense. we saw women sit for decades uncomfortable talking about what happened with bill cosby.
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donald trump tweeted with bill cosby. saying if he is not talking he can't be innocent. that's the parallel. as soon as i hear that it is 2016. that's no longer the case. >> cosby and roger ailes, who is a long-time friend of donald trump and adviser of donald trump who may be giving him advice about this. he's been accused by 20 women of sexual harassment. >> clinton campaign, what's their response? are they saying anything? >> hillary clinton was flying to las vegas where i am now. she will be holding a rally any moment flying here from colorado earlier this evening when this report came across. i'm told she did read this report and she was shocked by it, like many other people were. we have a statement from her communications director, jennifer paul mary who i talked to a short while ago. it says this disturbing story sadly fits everything we know about the way donald trump has treated women. these reports suggest he lied on the debate stage and the disgusting behavior he bragged
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about on the tape is more than just words. that's a communication from her communications director. i am told he doesn't plan to address it at the rally or in the coming days necessarily. but what they are trying to get their hands around here is that, you know, this is a different moment and phase of the campaign. with every new thing that happens, they are actually worried about this becoming a scorched earth campaign, in secretary clinton's words that will depress voter turnout at all. they are watching it carefully. this report in the times, as well as other reports in newspapers, in other parts of the country tonight about allegation against donald trump. this is just beginning with some 27 days to go in this campaign. >> john podesta said he believes it is an effort to suppress the vote, by going to the bottom. brian mentioned one of the alleged incidents, one in 2005
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that wasn't reported to the police or press, but they told others a the time. does that help to corroborate their story? >> i think it does. the "new york times" apparently spoke to some of the people who had spoken to these women contemporaneously. one woman said as trump's campaign progressed she started to tell the story more and more. the idea this is somehow coordinated by the clinton campaign or the media,er the "washington post" was leaked this snippet of video from nbc. it came up at the debate. women saw his response at the debate. they responded by reaching out to the media. that's the story that makes sense. >> that's what happened. that's how it works. >> i have limit time. is he threatening to sue the "new york times"? didn't he threaten a reporter on the phone. >> on the phone he threatened a lawsuit. >> what are they saying. >> there is a lawsuit being drafted right now. i have been asking for comment but they haven't confirmed it. if they do sue it would open
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trump up to discovery. it would be surprising if he would want to do that. the "new york times" says they are on solid ground and the story was newsworthy. >> the "new york times" reporting that two women are accusing donald trump of inappropriate touching. donald trump is denying the accusation. "credit karma, why are you checking your credit score?" "you don't want to ride the 13l forever, do you?" "credit karma huh?" "yeah, it's free." "credit karma. give youself some credit." it's your tv, take it with you. with directv and at&t, watch all your live channels, on your devices, data-free switch to directv and lock in your price for 2 years, offer starting at $50 a month.
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6r789s breaking news tonight, "new york times" says two women have come forward saying that donald trump touched them inappropriately. good evening to you. you saw -- we read the trump campaign statement moments ago. i want to hear what you have to
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say about this latest story. >> all i can tell you is what i have read obviously in the papers. i haven't talked to anyone in the campaign about this incident. i think we need to be careful about jumping to conclusions that we don't have factual basis for. we have a person who made an accusation and rebuttal from the campaign that said it didn't take place. one thing we need to be cautious of is understanding the timing of this. i am not saying it did or didn't take place. the campaign says it doesn't but i find it interesting it took place 35 years ago and we are just hearing about it now 27 before the election. i think the timing is unique. i understand they say it is because of his response to anderson cooper's question. he's been running for the president of the united states for the last year and a half. he's been a high-profile person in the community for the last 20 years. there's been an opportunity to come forward and have a discussion
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. . . if you look at the women who had
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been part of his corporation and continue to be a part of the corporation. no one has eluded to or made a statement about anything like this happening. >> yet. >> he has tens of thousands of women who have worked with him over the course of a four-decade career and not one of these women have said anything. >> one woman said she had to sign a nondisclosure in order to work there. i would imagine any employee of donald trump would have to sign that and abide by that. >> that may be the case. if you have been assaulted and you are going to come forward and talk about that, i think your non-disclosure agreement would be put by the wayside if an assault has occurred. that is a criminal activity. we cannot find one person over a 40-year career who has ever had an incident of donald trump. not one person. look at the senior executives that have been part of the company for 20, 30, 40 years.
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>> first of all, that has nothing to do. what he did in his business world has nothing to do with the way he clearly treats women in his personal life. this is nothing new. we saw him -- we heard him on howard stern in the '90s talk about women in such a demeaning and degrading way. they were objects to them. they were objects to be used and abused to his benefit whenever he wanted. if they were beautiful, because he thought -- >> play the howard stern thing because she brought it up and we will talk about it. >> go backstage before a show. >> yes. >> everyone is getting dressed and ready and everything else. and i'm allowed to go in because i'm the owner of the pageant because i'm inspecting it. >> like a doctor. >> is everyone okay. subpoena everybody okay? and you see these incredible looking women. i get away with things like that. >> that is howard stern.
10:23 pm
>> that is him saying he would walk in to the back rooms of the pageants. a number of contestants said that donald trump walked in on them during the pageant naked. listen. >> to have the owner come waltzing in when we are naked or half maked in a physically vulnerable position and have the pressure of the people that work for him telling us to fawn all over him. walk up to him, talk to him. he just came strolling in. no second to put a robe on or any sort of clothing, anything. some girls were topless, other girls were naked. >> he admitted to howard stern that he did it. is he telling the truth or lying? >> if we are going to said his business endeavors don't reflect anything we have to understand that hillary clinton defended a rapist. that was part of her job.
10:24 pm
>> we are talking about donald trump. you can answer my question and then -- >> i will be happy to do that. >> so the young lady that miss arizona is saying he walked in on them naked, a lot of young women naked, some half naked and he admits that howard stern is telling the truth. >> if he admitted that he walked in the back of the beauty pageant. >> is that disturbing to you. >> i have never been to a beauty pageant. i would assume that he is not the only person in the back of a beauty pageant. i don't know. >> what's your point? >> maria says that mr. trump's work over 40 years an the women he's employed don't have ramifications. look at hillary clinton's job as a defense attorney where she defended a rapist and accused of 12-year-old girl of seeking older men -- >> i'm glad you brought that up. the accusation from donald trump
10:25 pm
and politifact proved it false. she was basically a legal aide. the fact checks show your claim, meaning a surrogate, not you specifically and donald trump is false. if you want to you can look at it. >> the audiotape has her laughing on two occasions. >> they said the audiotape is false as well. >> the audiotape isn't accurate. >> it is a false accusation in terms of what she is laughing at. >> what she is laughing at -- >> it's not even clear it is her on the audiotape. >> it is absolutely clear it is her on the audiotape. >> i would tell our viewers to look at it. that's like saying that is not h donald trump on the howard stern tape. >> donald trump has not disputed it. >> hillary clinton has not disputed that her on the audiotape. >> every fact check -- >> are you saying it is not hillary clinton on the aud yoi
10:26 pm
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learn more about the safeguards at welcome back. . i want to bring in my guests. franklin d. roosevelt and the land of america. good to have you on this evening. thank you so much. rebecca, you first. these new allegations out in the "new york times," detailed accounts from two women who say they were groped, kissed, unwillingly by donald trump. what's your reaction? >> not only are they detailed accounts but also on the record which makes it a potent piece of information in the campaign, and
10:31 pm
a very serious allegation on behalf of these women against donald trump, the republican nominee. it could not be coming at a worst time for donald trump in this campaign when already there's been this building narrative starting, of course, with the audiotaped leaks on friday, or published on friday by the "washington post." this narrative that he demeans women, that he may have assaulted women and this really feeds in to what hillary clinton has been trying to tell voters. that donald trump would not be respectful of women if he were president of the united states. >> we should say these are allegations at this point. donald trump described in the piece as highly agitated. said none of this ever took place, said mr. trump. this is what the "new york times" writes who began to shout at the times reporter who was questioning him. he said the times is making up the allegations to hurt him and he would sue the news
10:32 pm
organization if it reported them. you are a disgusting human being, that's a report as she questioned him about the women's claims. the campaign released a statement that i read a short time ago. do you think people will believe him? >> here's the problem. normally in any campaign when you have something explosive like this come out so close to a campaign people are skeptical. they are like why did somebody wait, it seems suspect. however, with the tape released last friday the problem for donald trump is he uses a lot of the benefit of the doubt. it will be interesting to see how people respond. when you see some of the things he said you will have to live with the result of that and this is a perfect example. >> this is what trump said in a debate to anderson cooper just on sunday. >> for the record, are you saying that what you said on that bus 11 years ago, that you did not actually kiss women without consent or grope women without consent. >> i have great respect for
10:33 pm
women. nobody has more respect for women than i d do. >> so for the record you say you never did. >> you hear these things that were said, i was embarrassed by it but i have tremendous respect for women. >> have you done it. >> no, i have not. >> if you take these women at their word and the times reporter spoke to, say the women told them about it in the past, what's an untrue statement on trump's part? >> you know, first off, anderson did a great job of pressing that. that's going to be part of the historical narrative that he got trump to deny that. and here the women in the "new york times" coming out. i think when richard nixon said i'm not a crook, you are now in a position where donald trump is saying i'm not a serial groper, i'm not a sexual pervert. that's not where you want to be a few weeks before the election.
10:34 pm
i will be interested to see if he does go forward and sue the "new york times," whether he defames the reporter and perhaps these two women, or does he try to do another stunt of this time having 100 trump employees that are women standing behind him and saying he never tried to grope me. any way you cut it, this is building in to the dream narrative of hillary clinton who's on the verge of bill clinton historic first woman president. every day it seems to get worse for donald trump. >> john, i'm going to ask you, to douglas' point, what's the strategy here? can he continue to blame the media or to blame the clinton campaign? again, we have to admit, these are allegations. the timing that is at play here. but can he continue to say this is my opponent, it is the media out to get me. >> i want to be careful here. i don't want to dismiss these
10:35 pm
allegations and say let's talk about strategy because those aren't important. they are a part of the campaign. i recognize they are important. however, a campaign has to go on. a campaign has to try to win, and i think what we saw at the debate is they are going to try to win ugly. by ugly you say i'm going to show the other person has more faults than i do and probably made a relatively decent case on the debate on sunday. the other thing i think we are seeing is he is not only attacking people like paul ryan today, trying to show he is also going to take on the entire washington establishment. so, this is a little bit like we're coming with torches and we are going to burn the place down. frankly that message works for a decent part of america because of the dissatisfaction that exists with the status quo and washington. >> rebecca, when everybody else is wrong around you, doesn't
10:36 pm
that say something? i'm right but everyone else is wrong? >> it does feel a little bit right now, don, like donald trump against the world. it's not really clear that's a strategy that's going to be winning over new voters. it's a strategy for donald trump's own personal satisfaction, it would seem. his campaign, by all accounts, is going to continue on this path. his campaign steve fannin spoke to bloomberg and in an interview said they were looking in to bill clinton's past sexual 5i8 gags to bring more to light. he told bloomberg he wants to make bill clinton look like bill cosby especially. my question is how effective that would be when donald trump is looking at these own allegations from his past from women of sexual assault to then be talking more about this issue, instead of pivoting to talk about topics of policy
10:37 pm
concerns to the american public. it's sort of mind boggling actually. >> for everyone who said, you know what, maybe you shouldn't bring up these allegations from the past as it concerns sexual improprieties because people in glass houses. we are talking about the republicans who are concerned about it. some are backing away and coming back saying he stopped the bleeding. where are they now? we will discuss. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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what will the gop look like if trump loses or even if he wins for that matter? here's day two of donald trump unshackled. >> so, wouldn't you think that paul ryan would call and say, "good going"? just in front of about the largest audience for a second night debate in the history of the country? you know, you would think they would say great going, don,
10:42 pm
let's go. let's beat this crook. she's a crook. let's beat her. we have to stop it. he doesn't do that. there's a whole deal going on. you know. a whole deal going on. we are going to figure it out. i always figure things out. but there's a whole sinister deal going on. >> does he have a point? do you agree the party is trying to damage his chances of winning? >> i think that's ridiculous. in fact, i think if you look at the chairman of the party, if you look at -- there was a scheduled event on saturday that paul ryan was going to be with donald trump before the new remarks came out on friday night. i think it is unfair to attack some of them. i think they wanted to help but put the pause button on it. i can't come up with the strategy. the only thing i can think of is that he wants to send the message of you better not abandon me or my followers will
10:43 pm
abandon you. that's the only logic from a political standpoint of him making these attacks today. >> is that i'm going to take everybody down with me? >> yes, that was classic joe mccarthy you just heard, going after dwight eisenhower, republican senator from wisconsin trashing a republican president dwight eisenhower. when the paranoia fills you up. everybody is out to get you. you are watching a sick meltdown here of donald trump. he's going to have nobody left to shoot at anymore. in the end, i think he sees himself at becoming the king of the alternative right and he's been a third party candidate all along. so if you are not with him, you are against him and if you are not fully with him, you are against him. the fact he is willing to toss mccain, ryan and denounce them, but he has denounced republicans all year long. i think it is just the republican party is sick of him
10:44 pm
and you are watching people defect to hillary clinton or a third party in utah or libertarian party. trump's losing people almost on an hourly basis. >> rebecca, whose part is it now, donald trump's party, paul ryan's party? whose is it? >> great question. it is obviously republican primary voters who elevated donald trump to win the nomination. so he is the leader of the party right now. yet, you still have in terms of professional republicans and moderate republican voters, this tug in the opposite direction. so it's really not clear what will happen to the party after november. i know already many republicans, within the party, are starting to think through what that would look like and what steps they need to take potentially to rebuild if donald trump loses. at the same time, there is a possibility he could win, even though based on recent polling
10:45 pm
the odds of that have diminished greatly. if he were to win, he is going around insulting allies he would need to work with in congress on the republican side and it doesn't make sense from a strategic standpoint. it suggests to me that donald trump is laying the groundwork to explain how and why he lost this election. >> okay. >> who agrees with that? >> i completely agree with that. that's what he is doing right now. he's incapable of taking the blame. so if he loses it will be the elite, corrupt media, people like paul ryan, john mccain, anyone but himself. his own buffoonry is the reason. but the problem with trump is he never has a political record. he says how great it is not to have one, but if he ran for congress or senate would have come out years ago and now they are raining down on him right now.
10:46 pm
it is almost painful to watch him go through the last few weeks. >> rebecca said the odds seem to be diminishing right now. what are the odds when it comes to donald trump. he has defied the odds so far and we have some time left before we go to the polls. >> the big savior in this is hillary clinton who i think a lot of people would argue is the worst candidate running for the second time in the history of presidential politics who has her own faults, problems and scandals. that's the one saving grace. there were polls out today, one in pennsylvania showed it a four-point race in what is a state that should be strong democrat. the amazing part of all of this is that there are still a lot of close races. the second thing, it doesn't seem to be having a lot of impact on the down ballot senate and congressional races. >> thank you very much, everyone. coming up, the release of the hacked e-mails has the clinton campaign scrambling and donald trump on the attack.
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so you can learn to be better. good job. start building your credit skills today for free. visit right now. experian®. be better at credit. effective at a cellular level. improve joint comfort. cosamin. for joint health, it's time to start believing again. the release of hacked e-mails by wiki leaks has the expand on its heels. with us the author of "the price of silence" we will talk about the clinton campaign with the wuky leaks and all of that. what's your reaction on the speeches, on the women coming forward? >> don, i think it's the end. it's capitulation.
10:51 pm
remind me of a stock that's going bankrupt, you know, it is a high flyer for a while, valiant pharmaceuticals. bad news comes out. $250 a share. now it's trading at $30. maybe on its way to bankruptcy. donald trump is on his way to political upts bankruptcy. >> you think so. >> it's over. >> there is still a lot of time left now between now and the election. >> there is a lot more death by a thousand cuts coming. has a bill cosby feel to it. to me. >> let's move on now. you have been reporting a lot on hillary clinton's wall street speeches. that was before the hacked e-mails came out. what do you think they contain? >> in my reporting, and i was trying to get at what they contained because she wouldn't release them which sort of had me scratching my head. somebody who gets $225,000 a speech should be willing to say what she was talking about at those -- during those speeches
10:52 pm
which occurred in 2013 before she was running for president but knew she was going to be running for president. what i was able to discuss discover was that she talked perhaps about foreign leaders inappropriatebly. maybe that's why she didn't want to release what she had said. but now these e-mails show big snippets of what she said. instead of pandering to wall street, which is what i thought she had done, why she didn't want the release the speeches, she showed a good understanding of what wall street is all about. she understood some. nuances of what would make the capital markets effective and what wall street's role is. and she articulated that to buch bank. and insisted these banks needed to take control of their regulation. if they didn't self regulate, if they didn't change the way they do business the big time washington manipulators would step in and do it for them.
10:53 pm
>> she said she never insinuated as you said, she capitulated to wall street. if she had done something and said the other, do you think -- obviously some are looking at this as a yawn. and political opponents are saying this is proof. is it surprising she may have said something about open borders? i don't know. she seems to embrace open borders -- >> when she talks to wall street? >> yeah. >> i don't think it is a surprise that hillary clinton embraces open borders. she is secretary of state. >> do you think she didn't want those things to come out because it might have hurt her in the primary against bernie sanders? >> i don't know why she didn't release these. she made the issue bigger than it needed to be. if she had just released her speeches when it first came up we would be well beyond this now and these wikileaks would have no effect whatsoever and we wouldn't be talking about it. the fact is she should have released them if what we've
10:54 pm
gotten from the snippets, part of this 80 page development which was given to john podesta, which you think would be the worst of it. and frankly the worst of it isn't bad. i don't understand in she is paranoid. i never understood why she is relentlessly pair thoid about releasing. >> this is from the hacked e-mails. clinton talking about regulations in october of 2013. and she said, how do you get the golden key? how do we figure out what works? and the people that know the industry better than anyone are the people who work this the industry and i think there has to be a recognition that, you know, there is so much at stake now. i mean the businesses change so much in and the decisions are made so quickly, nanoseconds basically, we spend trillions of dollars to travel around the world but it's in everybody's interest that we have better framework and not just for the united states. but for the entire world, in custom to operate and trade. you said based on the excerpts,
10:55 pm
that clinton should seek out a good psychiatrist. why is that? >> because i don't understand why she has been so paranoid. >> that's what you are alluding to. >> right. >> you don't think it is a big deal, then. >> she is absolutely right. right, that wall street is like the left ventricle of pap talism. and wall street needs to operate properly. >> but this is proof, evidence, on the right that she is -- >> that she is right about how wall street operates. >> that she is corrupt and has something to hide in her e-mails. seriously. i am joking but it is, if you watch and read conservative media, this is a death knell for hillary clinton. >> well, it's -- okay, i don't watch and read conservative media. i try to think rationally about what's been said and what she was saying. and it's somebody who understands the market and wall street and how capitalism works. what she is saying is totally appropriate and makes complete sense. why she would choose to hide that, that's why i think she need a confessor of some sort to
10:56 pm
find out why she is paranoid. >> maybe because she thinks it doesn't show her as honest. she says one thing and then -- no? >> she said i can't really relate to the middle anymore because bill and i are worth $140 million. she didn't say that but said we have made a lot of money and cnn reported it's $140 million. so she is actually quite in touch with the way wall street works and her own feelings. but she is not in touch with admitting how in touch she is. >> the last line left out of that is we haven't forgotten about that, meaning we haven't forgotten where we came from. >> she tells the story of her upbringing and says she hasn't forgotten that. still ahead, two women are accusing donald trump of inappropriate touching. trump is denying the accusations. like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands. all backed by our low price tire guarantee.
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. this is cnn breaking news. the breaking news explosive new allegations against trump. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. the "new york times" reporting two women are accusing trump of touching them inappropriately. donald trump denying the accusations telling the times, quote, none of this ever took place. i want to begin our breaking news coverage with washington correspond end jeff zeleny. brain brian stelter, the host of reliable sources, rebecca byrd. and sunland serfaty. and call pollen. brian, i want to start


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