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tv   New Day  CNN  October 13, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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politically motivated. he called "the times" article reckless and defamatory. cnn has not been able to verify the accounts of the women. we should warn our viewers, some of the language you are about to hear is very graphic. >> reporter: several women speaking out accusing donald trump of touching them inappropriately. >> it was a real shock when all of a sudden his hands were all over me. >> reporter: two of these women, jessica leeds and rachel crooks telling "the new york times" they were groped or kissed by trump without consent. the incident with leeds allegedly took place 35 years ago when she sat next to the billionaire in the first class cabin oa flight. >> if he had stuck with the upper part of the body i might not have gotten, i might not have gotten that upset. when he started putting his hand up my skirt. that was it. >> reporter: crooks telling "the
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times" after introducing herself outside an elevator at trump tower he would not let go of her hand and then kissed her directly on the mouth. something she says felt like a violation. crooks said this happened in twoub fi 2005. >> reporter: trump boasted to billy bush that same year. the two women telling "the new york times" they came forward after watching trump deny ever assaulting women at sunday's debate. >> women have respect for me. i will tell you, no, i have not. >> reporter: the entire article is fiction calling "new york times" story a character assassination also in 2005. natasha stoynoff claimed she was
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attacked while writing a piece on trump and his wife melania's one-year anniversary. she was briefly alone with trump in a room when within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. the trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment, but a trumps spokesperson told the magazine, this never happened. there is no merit or veracity to this fabricated story. this as another recording that year reveals trump bragging to howard stern about going back stage at the beauty pageants he owns. >> i'm allowed to go in because i'm the owner of the pageant and therefore i'm inspecting it. they're standing there with no clothes. >> reporter: former miss arizona tosha dixon that's exactly what happened in 2001. >> it was announced donald trump was going to come in and before you could put a robe or dress yourself, he walked in. some women were half naked and others were in the process of
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changing. it puts us not only in a physical, vulnerable position, but also an emotional state. >> reporter: trump's campaign manager refusing to comment. >> there's no way for me to know what happened there. >> reporter: and the clinton campaign quick to come out with the response saying, these reports suggest that he lied on the debate stage and that the disgusting behavior he bragged about in the tape is more than just words. this is a subject that is sure to come up at the next debate next wednesday. chris, alisyn? >> all right, jason, let's discuss these allegations with national political reporter for "new york times" alex burns and political reporter for "washington post" philip bump and washington bureau chief for "daily beast" jackie kosinsich. let us replay what happened during the town hall. this was the first time that the allegations about what were on the audiotape with the "access
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hollywood" situation were kind of discussed and anderson cooper pressed to get the difference between talk and action. heerdz here's what happened. >> just there the record, though, are you saying that what you said on that bus 11 years ago that you did not actually kiss women without consent or grope women without consent? >> i have great respect for women and nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> you never dsaid that. >> i am embarrassed by it, but i have tremendous respect for women and women have respect for me. >> now, bump, the aftermath of it and even during it it, anderson cooper, why is he being such a pest and interrupting and the media is so unfair. he pushed him taanswer the question, he answered the question. women heard that answer and said, that's a lie and came forward. where does this go? >> it's a great question of where it goes. it doesn't go anywhere good for donald trump.
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it's worth pointing out that donald trump had avoided the press. this was the first time he had been confronted with it and this huge audience with all these millions of people watching. give that answer from what we're learning from these women who have come forward. donald trump is already in bad shape with women. they may have given him a second chance after hearing his apology during the debate, but with n z these new allegations. >> can donald trump ever talk about the allegations against bill clinton again? >> well, he certainly can. i think he's opened an entirely front in this campaign by trying to argue that the words that he has said in the past are merely words and what bill clinton has done and now the story has really changed. >> let me read something from "people" magazine this is from
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one of the women who was a celebrity entertainment reporter and she was doing the profile on donald and melania trump for their first wedding anniversary in 2005. this is what she says happened. she and donald trump walked into the room alone, i turned around and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. that is when melania had gone up to do an outfit change. women have come forward with actions now. >> what i think makes it so difficult for the trump campaign to sort of brush these allegations aside is this is precisely the behavior that he was describing on the "access hollywood" tape and you have women coming forward at exactly the same time describing those experiences. this is not a matter of, you know, a person here, a person there throwing charges that seem to come out of left field. this is entirely consistent with what we've heard donald trump say on his own. >> also contemporaneous and this
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in 2005 and the "access hollywood" tape in 2005 and the howard stern discussion that we played for you this morning about them joking around about what trump does with his pageants 2005. jackie, the big push back from the campaign thus far other than we're going to sue, this is all a lie. why now? why did they wait so long to come forward? conveniently timed to hurt our campaign here towards the end of the election. what do you make of that? >> well, i mean, "new york times" story after they heard donald trump make that denial during the debate is when they felt like they were compelled to come forward. so, that seems to be the answer to that question. and, if women were calling different news outlets, there's a story in the "palm beach post" a "people" magazine story. once you see that, it seems to be triggered by what donald trump said in the debate. >> there is another reason and
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that is women are afraid, not afraid, women are embarrassed and humiliated. this is an experience that you don't relish ever telling in public and that is what this same entertainment reporter from "people" magazine. >> the women do say in several accounts that they tell people at that time in their closed circle. >> in fact, i believe she went to her managing editor and told her and wondered whether she should get the whole story about donald trump's domestic bliss killed because she knew the truth. here's what she says. like many women, i was ashamed and blame myself for his transgression. i minimized it, it's not like he raped me. i doubted my recollection, you hear this time and again from women. bill cosby alleged victim s and that's why they didn't want to talk.
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>> that's exactly right. i think we have now had enough experience with situations like this that most americans who pay passing attention of the news that this is the pattern that emerges. there are isolated incidents in which people don't say anything and they feel perhaps that they are the only ones that experience this sort of activity. what we saw after the debate is donald trump said, no, this didn't happen. but, wait, that did actually happen to me. little did they know there were people stepping forward at the same time. >> look, no small irony that he decided to go down an ill-advised road because people saiddonald. what's true, what isn't. we have to figure it out. now we're all in a mess here, alex. what do you do? do you not go down the road of trying to figure out the allegations of these women and isn't that a disservice to them and their rights and their lives or do you cover the issues that we were supposed to be covering and try to force the narrative back? we're in a little bit of a box
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here on now what do you do now that this is out there. >> questions journalists deal with when it comes to politicians personal lives. this is not a question of marital infidelity. this is a question of sexual assault. that raises a set of legal and character-related issues that are much more profound than the sort of question of, you know, should we cover gary hart running off for the weekend. >> you believe there is a responsibility to follow up on this. that there is an urgency. >> to alisyn's point this idea coming from the trump campaign isn't it convenient and isn't it easy to ambush him in this way weeks before the election. it is not easy. it is incredibly difficult. we see backlash including reporters with very significant news platforms of their own. these are private people coming
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forward and they're taking a big risk doing so. scrutinize all the allegations against the presidential candidate, but, of course, there's a responsibility to go there. >> jackie, very quickly. does this come up at the next debate on wednesday night? >> i think it has to. it's ultimately up to chris wallace, but this does raise a lot of really important questions and you have to imagine it would be addressed at the presidential debate. >> panel, thank you very much. please, stick around. we have many more questions for you. another batch of hacked e-mails from inside hillary clinton's campaign. they have been released. what do they reveal and could they damage clinton in the home stretch of her campaign? we discuss that. whatcha' doin?
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whether or not there is respect for catholicism within the clinton organization. cnn senior washington correspondent joe johns live in washington with the latest. that's just one of the suggestions, joe. what else? >> well, chris, another day, another drip of stolen e-mails from wikileaks. it's a continuing distraction for the clinton campaign because they've been forced to respond again and again to the release of internal messages. this time the communications director in the spotlight for seemingly joking or mocking catholics and evangelicals. palmari suggesting some people seek catholicism as the most conservative religion because their friends wouldn't understand. trump and pouncing on the messengers and messages. placing the blame for the stolen e-mails on attempts by russia to destabilize the u.s. election
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and accusing donald trump of being in cahoots with the russian government. "this level of meddling by a foreign power can only be aimed at boosting donald trump and should send chills down the spines of all americans regardless of political party." it matters because the clinton campaign readily admits it's often difficult for them to get their message out to voters over the daily roar from the trump campaign and having to respond to wikileaks every day isn't making it any easier. >> all right, joe, appreciate it. let's do it this way. let's read the actual e-mail exchange and then we'll play for you what trump is saying what it is actually about. let's put up the e-mail. >> let's do that and bring back alex burns, philip bump and jackie kocinich. >> john halpin is writing to the clinton campaign. he says, "many of the most powerful elements of the conservative movement are all
3:18 am
catholics, many converts. it's an amazing bastardization of the faith. they must imagine they think it it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion. politically conservative religion their rich friends wouldn't understand if they became evangelicals. philip, let's talk about this exchange. basically, it sounds to me to me as if jennifer palmieri is trying to, but in the process she maligns catholicism. how big of a smoking gun is this? >> well, i mean, you know, i think it's important to keep in mind this is a 2011 private e-mail that became public. this is not something that became part of hillary clinton's talking points. >> this is not policy. this is not let's ban all catholics that border. >> that's correct. it is not that. i think that the game that we're seeing here is that donald trump is here in the polls and hillary
3:19 am
clinton is here in the polls and he's not able to get up, so he's using things like this to try to get catholics who are a little concerned about a hillary clinton presidency are trying to leverage that. >> picked every winner except eisenhower, the catholic vote is with every winner. here's the problem. i it ain't what trump is making it out to be. >> the new e-mails also show members of the clinton team viciously attacking catholics and evangelicals. they attack catholics and evangelicals. viciously. anybody of religion, i really think you have to vote forhones you. >> now, there is another portion of the exchange it is about rupert murdoch who is the head of fox news and other media
3:20 am
properties and how he decided to raise his kids catholic. a snarkiness that he went to some high church to get them christened and super catholic and they're playing with that idea. but even taken at its worse, i don't get where trump gets his reckoning of the situation. i am a practicing catholic. i don't like people coming after my faith. i don't see it. any legitimate basis for his take? >> i think his characterization is way over the top. we've seen this as a pattern. the way he describes what is in the wikileaks e-mails is much more sensational and much more offensive than they actually read on paper. i think this is, we alluded to several of the people on that e-mail chain being catholics themselves. i think people talk about their own faith in private differently than you would think a politician to talk about it in public. donald trump is underperforming past republican presidential nominees with the catholic vote which is a really serious problem, particularly in the
3:21 am
mid-western state where he bet the whole farm of his campaign. if this is just one weapon he can use to try to scare some people back into his corner, he is going to use it. >> he wants to talk about what bothers catholics, he should talk more about the refugees. that is a huge issue with catholics because of the ideas of helping the vulnerable. >> speaking of the vulnerable, jackie, let's talk about these other e-mails that were released. this isn't the wikileaks stuff, this is about a freedom of information request that came forward and this, once again, appears to show that there was not a firewall between the clinton foundation and the state department. during the haiti earthquake, the clinton foundation was trying to flag the state department to get attention for friends of bill clinton so that they could be first in line. for what? maybe for aid to haiti, maybe it was for travel to haiti. but either way a state department official responded this way. need you to flag when people are friends of william jefferson clinton. most i could probably id, but
3:22 am
not all. jackie, what do you think of this, that, once again, it does show collusion or a cozy relationship between the two. >> yeah, this isn't good. this goes back to what we've been discussing about the clinton state department, clinton foundation narrative this entire time. it does look like people that were close to the clintons were getting better access to people with power. and people don't like that. it's not playing by the normal rules and that's something the trump campaign has effectively used against hillary clinton. so, you have to wonder if they're going to address this more today. but this continues -- this is why the e-mails are a problem for hillary clinton, much more so than some of the other things that are coming out of the wikileaks. >> we'll be following it, panel. thank you very much. tensions are rising in yemen. you have an american warship striking back after coming under fire again in the red sea. who is targeting the u.s. navy
3:23 am
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and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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we have some breaking news for you the u.s. navy retaliating for several missiles fired at a warship off the coast of yemen. hit three radar sites along the red sea coast. this is the first time the u.s. military has directly attacked rebels in yemen. the pentagon says this was in self-defense after rebels fired missiles at the "uss mason" in international waters sunday and again yesterday. the mason was not hit. the rebels deny targeting the navy ship. we have breaking news out of nigeria. a source telling cnn that they released 21 of the missing school girls to the nigerian government. the source says no fighters were released in exchange for the dwurls. you remember the terror group kidnapped more than 200 of them back in 2014. there was a gun battle in boston overnight. it left two police officers critically wounded. the city's police commissioner
3:28 am
said the officers were responding to a domestic disturbance that spiraled out of control. the suspect was shot and killed and the police say he had an assault rifle and a ballistic vest. nine other officers were treated for stress and minor injuries. the ceo of wells fargo is out. the company announcing that he will immediately. creating up to 2 million fake accounts to meet sales goals. he testified twice before congress and still no legal action against him or the bank. relations between the u.s. and russia are getting chillier after disputes over syria and hack attacks. is this a new cold war? we'll dig deeper on that conflict, next. ust better. that's why at mccormick pure flavor is our mission. so you can realize the rich taste of pure flavor.
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all right. are the u.s. and russia on the verge of another cold war? oh, that's too provocative. is it? if you look at the situation the relationship between the two
3:33 am
countries is really deteriora deteriorating and disputes over eastern europe independence and all this hacking which just seems to be dismissed as another occurrence. joining us now michael weiss and co-author of "isis inside the army of terror." it does seem that we keep saying, wow, it's really weird what's going on with russia, as if it can't really mean anything that bad down the road, but -- >> well, look, the u.s. has spent a lot of time saying the cold war is over and all the while russia has essentially been fighting the cold war. i mean, look at the last night alone. ballistic missiles their exclave in europe which borders poland and these are missiles that can strike any number of nato capitals within a matter of
3:34 am
minutes. this is a big deal. on the verge of almost a cuban missile crisis. >> they move a heavy defense system into syria, also. >> two of them. s-300s. now, when russia went into syria claiming they're fighting isis. what do you need anti-aircraft systems in syria for. this is to deter u.s. intervention. they test fired three ballistic missiles this week. they have hacked the dnc and now we know. christiane's interview, we never denied it, but you have to prove it. they denied shooting and they denied bombing the u.n. cargo convoy in syria and they denied invading crimia and ukraine but not denying trying to sway a u.s. election. i think, unfortunately, we on the american side have downplayed this much to our peril and now people are beginning to realize that this is much more hostile and dangerous than we have
3:35 am
perceived. >> i agree with all of that until the last part because it doesn't seem like people really get it. but, i mean, look at the ukraine situation. we went over there thinking that we were covering a plane situation and we wound up in the middle of a civil war that was, obviously, funded if not orchestrated by russian military. >> absolutely. >> they just denied it even though there were people walking around in russian military uniforms. >> the thing i'm notings, chris, they're becoming more provocative in this kind of behavior. this week alone putin gave a speech before an audience, one of the russia's state-owned b k banks and sanctioned in helping to announce the takeover and invasion of ukraine. he more or less said we went into ukraine to protect our russian-speaking -- again, a belated emission of something he denied now doing for years. forget about all of this.
3:36 am
look at the rhetoric when it comes to nuclear escalation. an ultra-nationalist has come out and said if america doesn't elect donald trump, this is a guy who has threatened nuclear war against the baltic states. time and time again he claims that all three baltic states belong to russia. they have no right to their independence. again, if you're on the periphery near the russian border, poland, you've been experiencing this for over a decade. but americans are now fearing it because the russian-state media is amplifying this to such a fever pitch. >> so, we are more providing more scrutiny to donald trump for what he said. msnbc has this interview that tom roberts did i think in 2013 where he says, yes, i have a good relationship with putin and now he's denying he knows anything about putin. more scrutiny on him. but not on the u.s. government
3:37 am
these situations and even these hacks. if it happened in any physical world, the digital space, you would think it would be a war nishiat initiator. what can the u.s. do? >> scrutinizing options. hacking into state ministry, i don't know. i think the u.s. is still very much on a de-escalation footing, right. we cut off diplomatic relations with russia and we said we did over the crisis in aleppo. but then within 48 hours back on the phone saying, let's do a deal. it was just reported yesterday a summit or a talk on saturday about kick starting the peace negotiations over syria. but, look, when it comes to the election and to syria, these two things are intertwined. make no mistake. the kremlin wants to see donald trump president, but more important than that, they want
3:38 am
to see hillary clinton not president. why? because her policy platform on syria is essentially one of intervention. she has come out in favor of safe zones and no-fly zones and touring russia from the skies over aleppo. why is this important from a u.s. national security point of view? don't take my word for it. the fall of aleppo is not just a hum humanitarian crisis, but a population one. the people will be radicalized and it looks horrible for the united states and a call to groups like isis. >> and if people wanted to go from the theoretical and the practical, just look at afghanistan. where people are beaten down and radicalism can take root. thanks for getting ahead of the curve on this. on to sports the national hockey league begins its 100th
3:39 am
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nchsh time for five things to know for your new day. first, at least three women are accusing donald trump of unwanted advances. two, telling their stories to "new york times." a third a "people" magazine writer. the trump campaign denies these allegations. the clinton campaign plays
3:43 am
defense after another batch of released e-mails. campaign chair john podesta. until next tuesday to register to vote. giving residents an extra week because of hurricane matthew. democrats and other groups pushed for that extension. an ntsb says a small plane crash in connecticut does appear to be an intentional act. the student pilot who died reportedly fought with his instructor before the crash. it appears to be a suicide attempt. the fbi is investigating. bermuda is bracing for hurricane nicole. the powerful storm is expected to make a tredirect hit on the island today. go to for all of the latest. it is opening day of the national hockey league, that was yesterday. what a historic debut it was for the maple leafs 19-year-old
3:44 am
rookie his name auston matthews. history of the good kind. tell us about it. >> no doubt about it. chris, this guy born in california, raised in the desert of arizona and those are two places you can't even play hockey outside. he is now the number one overall pick in this year's draft and the first person in nhl history to score four goals in their playing debut. sid the kid crosby hasn't scored, matthews scoring at will all night for the maple leafs. mom and dad so proud. loving every minute of this historic night. so, you know, again, no rookie ever scoring that many goals in a do bu. the team lost to the senators, that's not the story. all about matthews. going to be watching this kid all season long. denver going to take on the
3:45 am
chargers without their head coach on the sidelines. he is going to miss the game with a complex migraine condition and on the field they might get their starting quarterback simien and rookie was sacked six times against the falcons last week and that was the broncos first and only loss of the season. siemian a game-time decision. winner has a date with the cubs in the national league championship series and tomorrow the blue jays and indians in the alcs on our sister station tbs. >> we're debating here, coy, if you missed your first good opportunity since you've been doing this. when you said that auston matthews born in california and moved to arizona both of us thought king tut. born in arizona and moved to babylonian. >> i love that you guys are on me and you're going to push me to be better. i have to bring it for you
3:46 am
tomorrow, guys. >> steve martin references, that's what we provide. thanks so much, coy. >> you're welcome. a former long-time trump executive speaking out about her former boss and what she saw on the job. what is her reaction to the avalanche of new allegations against trump? that's next. in everything that matters? in first place... introducing the all-new 2017 ford super duty. the only high-strength, military grade, aluminum alloy body heavy duty pick-up. it takes first place in every measure of tough: best-in-class towing. best-in-class payload. best-in-class horsepower. and best-in-class torque. winner, winner, chicken dinner. this is the next level. this is the ford super duty.
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just for the record, though, are you saying that what you said on that bus 11 years ago that you did not actually kiss women without consent or grope women without consent? >> i have great respect for women and no one has more respect for women than i do. >> so you're saying you never did that. >> frankly, you hear these things. they're said. i was embarrassed by it, but i have tremendous respect for women. and women have respect for me.
3:51 am
>> have you said those things? >> no, i have not. >> that was the pivotal moment at sunday night's debate that prompted 74-year-old business woman jessica leeds to speak out to "the new york times" about an incident she had with donald trump in a flight in the 1980s. >> it was a real shock when all of a sudden his hands were all over me. he started encroaching on my space and i hesitate to use this expression, but i'm going to. and that is he was like an octopus. it was like he had six arms. he was all over the place. if he had stuck with the upper part of the body, i might not have gotten -- i might not have gotten that upset. when he started putting his hand up my skirt and that was it. >> well, donald trump calls that claim completely false. he is threatening to sue "the new york times." cnn has not been able to independently confirm her account. our next guest barbara rez
3:52 am
worked for trump on and off for 18 years and the author of "all alone on the 68th floor." thanks for being here this morning. >> my pleasure. when you hear that woman's account in "new york times" and another woman that "new york times" spoke to that said he kissed her in the hallway when she first met him. an unwanted kiss and also a report in "people" magazine from an entertainment reporter who said he accosted her. do you believe these women? >> yes, i do believe it. absolutely. >> why? >> when we started out he was respectful of women. his mother was alive and he had this incredible adviser, assistant who was very influential on her and ivana was around and he had me and another
3:53 am
sale sales people. i never saw him act in a way that was sexist. he did say some things to me when he hired me that gave an indication. >> but, sure, saying sexist things are different than forcing yourself on a woman. why do you believe these women's accounts? >> as time went on he became more and more forceful. he said women were chasing after him and women were following him. and women wanted to have sex with him and then at a point in time he said that he was spending so much time off having sex with so many women that his business went down. he blamed his brother and his executives for the crash of his business. >> did you believe him at the time that he had become a so-called womanizer? >> yes, absolutely. after the "playboy" thing and maples and he wanted to look like a sex machine, it seemed. he wanted people to think of him
3:54 am
that way. >> again, being a womanizer is different than being a sexual assaulter. do you think from what you saw that he's capable of being this aggressive, what these women talk about? >> yes, i do. i saw him be aggressive in business and throw his weight around and abuse the fact that he had power. a think sexual assault and sexual harassment are about the abuse of power. i can do this to you because i am who i am. i do think it went to his head. so much else went to his head that it does make sense to me that he would do something like that. >> when you heard those audiotapes come out of him and billy bush on that bus that said, i just kiss women. it's like i can't control myself. you can even grab them by the genitals if you're famous. what did you think when you heard that audiotape? >> at first i was surprised. wow, admission to a crime, basically. why would he do something like that? and then i put it in context and said, well, it's probably true
3:55 am
and the fact that he would brag about it just is consistent with his other behavior that i had seen before. >> so, again, you did not see any physically aggressive behavior, but you did see sexist behavior from him? what was your experience? >> initially like i said it was pretty good but after a while we started talking about women in a different way. >> such as? >> well, he would say that this woman is very hot and she wants me and that kind of thing. but then he got weird. i mean, we had a meeting with an architect once which was really shocking to me, out of no where, he started talking about women have to work harder and their bodies, he described their bodies as being tighter and stuff like that. the architect and i looked at each other and we didn't know where this came from. but, you know, at the time i thought he is having this break down because his empire is falling apart and maybe, you know, it's just a temporary
3:56 am
thing. but, obviously, it got worse. >> and, yet, i want to ask you about the memoir in 2013 that you wrote because you talked about him and your take on him was different then. let me read it for everyone. donald, for all of his womanizing and commentary was the least sexist boss i ever had. as far as trusting me and viewing me equally with all the men we encountered in our mutual dealings. expound on that. >> that's an honest statement. he did not treat me. he did not discriminate against me and i didn't see him dscriminating against, all the women he hired were very beautiful. but as far as trusting me, he trusted me. he treated me like the man. he yelled at me like he yelled at the men and cursed at me. but he respected me. so, that was not sexist. however, having said that and i could still say that statement is true. based on what i know now and
3:57 am
what i saw of his comments in writing and in the press and the things that he said to howard stern, i could never say that he wasn't a sexist because he is such a blatant sexist. i would just retract that statement. >> you're saying that in your experience he treated you like one of the guys and trusted you with all the hard work, but now that new information has come out, given what you heard him say, as well as all the new audiotapes you res have your vi view of him. >> don't forget, i was in construction. that's such a sexist business. a lot of stuff went right past me. i didn't think about it. i spoke to some women that worked there at the time and i was reminded of things that he did and the way he looked at women. he did leer at women, no question about it. he even leered at me once at a black tie dinner. i took it in my stride. i didn't say, oh, my god, he's doing this.
3:58 am
it was just, well, he never saw me like this. i was always in construction clothes or business clothes. >> it was a different time. everything has to be looked at that of it being the '80s. it was a different time. so, you support hillary clinton? >> i absolutely support her. >> you do not support donald trump. you say it's not just because he's sexist. it's for other reasons that you know. >> first of, all he has no experience. the idea that he would be president is just redeiculous. i have other developers i worked for and, i mean, you need to have some experience and some knowledge of government. the way he shows himself, he doesn't even seem to know basic civics. but the worst thing about trump and the reason not to vote for him for president is his temperament. he flies off the handle and he attacks vicious. you know, it's like shooting someone and having a nuclear
3:59 am
bomb come back at you. he's vindictive and he's dishonest. he always was dishonest all the time i worked for him. we never knew when he was telling the truth and when he wasn't. and i don't think that's what we need in a president. >> barbara res, we appreciate getting your personal story having work would him for so long. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. we're following a lot of news this morning. let's get right to it. >> we want trump! >> i see all these women with trump signs. i love this. explosive new allegations against donald trump. >> before you could put a robe or dress yourself, he walked in. >> the whole world has heard how donald trump treats women. we're not going to let donald trump get away with it, are we? >> this took place years ago. we're just hearing about it 27 days before the election. >> she has to go to jail. >> they're going to use a quote scorched earth strategy. that just shows how desperate
4:00 am
they are. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. this election has taken another sorted turn. donald trump said his comments about women were locker room talk and he never did what he said. several women have come forward say ing he was lying. two women taking their stories to "new york times" and another magazine writer. >> trump says he's suing "the times" and anyone else who voices these allegations. so much for who can keep you safe or get you a better job. the current state of play in this election who has treated women worse? we're just 26 days until election day and only six until the final debate. we have all the news for you and let's begin with cnn's jason carroll live in ocala, florida. >> good morning to you. you know, the trump campaign says that a o


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