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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and good morning i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. damning new accusations. donald trump's presidential campaign reeling. several women coming forward saying trump was lying when he dismissed his sexually aggressive comments caught on tape as just locker room talk. they say he made unwanted physical advances on them. an attorney for trump denying the claims, demanding retractions and threatening lawsuits. cnn working to confirm the reports of "the new york times" and "people" magazine. the latest bombshell just 26 days before the election and threatening a campaign that has struggled to regain its footing just take a look at the cover of "time" magazine. there's a whole lot to cover this morning. we'd like to begin with cnn's jason carroll.
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he's in florida where trump held an event yesterday. good morning. >> good morning to you, carol. you know trump's lawyer calling on the "times" to retract its story. also releasing a statement saying quote your article is reckless, defamatory and constitutes libel per se. it is apparent from other things the timing of the article that it is nothing more than a politically motivated effort to defeat mr. trump's candidacy. several women speaking out accusing zm of touching them inappropriately. >> it was a real shock when all of a sudden his hands were all over me. >> two of these women, jessica leeds and rachel crooks telling "the new york times" they were both groped or kissed by trump without consent. the incident with leeds allegedly took place 35 years ago when she sat next to the billionaire in the first class cabin on a flight. >> if he had stuck with the
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upper part of the body i might not have gotten -- i might not have gotten that upset. when he started putting his hand up my skirt and that was it. >> reporter: crooks telling the "times" after introducing herself to trump outside an elevator at trump tower crooks alleges he would not let go of her hand. then kissed her directly on the mouth. something she says felt like a violation. crooks said this happened in 2005. >> i'm automatically attracted to beautiful women. i just start kissing them. >> reporter: that same year trump boasted to billy bush about how he forces himself on women. >> whatever you want. grab them. do anything. >> reporter: the two women telling "the new york times" they came forward after watching trump deny ever assaulting women at sunday's debate. >> women have respect for me. i will tell you, no, i have not. >> reporter: the trump campaign says the entire article is fiction calling "new york
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times" story a character also in 2005 natasha stoynoff, a writer for "people" magazine, claimed that she was physically attacked by trump at mar-a-lago estate while writing a piece on trump and melania's one-year anniversary. stoynoff says she was briefly alone with trump in a room when within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. the trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment but a trump spokesperson told the magazine, this never happened. there is no merit or veracity to this fabricated story. this as another recording that year reveals trump bragging to howard stern about going back stage at the beauty pageants he owns. >> i'm allowed to go in because i'm the owner of the pageant and therefore i'm inspecting it. they're standing there with no clothes. is everybody okay? and you see these incredible looking women. and so i sort of get away with things like that. >> reporter: former miss arizona tasha dixon tells cnn that's exactly what happened in 2001.
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>> it was announced donald trump was going to come in and before you could put a robe or dress yourself, he walked in. and, you know, some women were half naked. others were in the process of changing. it puts us not only in a physical, vulnerable position, but also an emotional state. >> reporter: trump's campaign manager refusing to comment. >> there's no way for me to know what happened there. >> and carol, just within the past few moments, donald trump who although likes to tweet, has tweeted about some of the allegations being made in that new york "times" article saying the following, quote, the phony story in the failing new york "times" is a total fabrication written by same people as last discredited story on woman. watch. of course he's talking about a story written about the "times" -- written by the "times" last may where the "times" was talking and quoting women who were talking about
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trump's tweet -- treatment of women. some of those women later coming out, carol, and saying they were misquoted by the "times." so once again, donald trump taking aim at the new york "times." taking time at the media. he is expected to have another rally here in florida later on today, where once again, we're expecting him to go after the media, blaming the media once again for these latest allegations. carol? >> all right. jason carroll, many thanks to you. of course, "the new york times" put one of trump's accusers on tape. you saw a bit of that in jason's story. we have our brian stelter on this story as well. he's going to dig up more information on this news report that mr. trump is talking about in his latest tweet. trump ever the counter puncher is threatening a lawsuit against "the new york times." if he does, that might prove troublesome. so let's talk about that and more. david gergen is a cnn senior political analyst. david louter is the washington bureau chief for "the los angeles times," and mel robbins is a cnn commentator and senior
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analyst. mel, if mr. trump does file a lawsuit doesn't that give "the new york times" the opportunity to request any information about trump's entire sexual history? mel, can you hear me? oh. darn. i think she's on skype and that sometimes happens with skype freezes and i'm so frustrated because i want her to answer this question! mel you back? okay, did you hear me? >> you know, you cut out at the end of your question. but you know i think one of the things that i can say, carol, is that one of the problems for donald trump is keeping this thing alive. i mean he doesn't seem to understand that by counterpunching at this stage in the game he's just making his problems bigger and bigger and bigger, carol. so yes, bringing any kind of lawsuit is only going to make us all scrutinize this even further. >> but, but, i mean there should be a deposition, right? and doesn't that give "the new york times" the opportunity to
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ask everything about donald trump's sexual history? and then it might end up on videotape and some lawyers office? >> yeah, but, carol, keep in mind, we're weeks away from the election. there's no way in heck given our current legal system that they're going to expedite something in that short of a period of time. so, by, by, by filing a lawsuit he's making a, a, a preemptive strike and basically sending a signal to his supporters that this is a bunch of baloney, i'm attacking them, i'm filing a lawsuit, which of course in and of itself proves that it's a bunch of baloney and he's not going to have to do a deposition before the election. so i think it's the oenlt option that he's got if he wants to fight it. i think a better move is to actually ignore it, move on, start talking about issues because as i travel around the country, that's what i hear from his supporters that they're basically make ago judgment call that yeah what he said is deplorable but at the end of the day i care more about what he might do with the economy. i care more about how he might change the government.
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and so they're compartmentalizing the disgust that they may feel from some of this behavior and they're prioritizing what they really want from him, which is a change. >> all right. so david gergen, you've advised four presidents. you know all about scandal. how do you advise a man who is accused of by -- is accused by women of the very behavior that he bragged about. >> carol, listen, i think -- before the second debate. it was obvious that he was going to be asked are the things you're bragging about in this tape true. did you do any of these things or did you not? and i think the better answer then would be, i did a lot of bad things when i was younger. i have changed. so he wouldn't leave himself open by saying flatly no i did not. to this now the countercharges are coming forward, and, and this is not going to be tried in a court of law. it's going to be tried in the court of public opinion and what we have now is a tape in which
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donald trump says very openly and in a bragging way i did these things. i hit on all these women. he was asked by anderson cooper in the debate, no i didn't do it. and now the question is not whether he's a changed man. that argument may need to win. the argument is -- the question is, did he lie to the american people in the second debate? did he openly lie to the country? that's a really egregious thing to do in the midst of a presidential campaign. and now that we have four women coming forward and maybe a fifth, we've got three different news organizations or three different publications involved with this, not just "the new york times," and we have, i think, such a gross statement. these women -- the -- the miss universe pageant saying this is a guy that sort of burst in on them when they're in their dressing rooms because he could. and what one senses throughout this is a theme, it runs through a sense of entitlement. >> lsht.
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all right. i was just asking my producers do we have that moment that you are talking about, david, where anderson cooper specifically asked donald trump whether he actually did grope women and make unwanted advances. we're going to have that -- in just a second. but david louter, two seconds. oh, actually i'll get this question to you. "the new york times" reporters -- okay we got it. so let's watch that. this is why these women came forward because of the answer that donald trump gave anderson cooper during that second debate. watch. >> you called what you said locker room banter. described kissing women without consent. grabbing their genitals. that is sexual assault. you bragged that you have sexually assaulted women. you understand that? >> no, i didn't say that at all. i don't think you understood what was said. this was locker room talk. i'm not proud of it. i apologize to my family. i apologize to the american people. certainly i'm not proud of it. but this is locker room talk. you know, when we have a world where you have isis chopping off
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heads, where you have -- and frankly drowning people in steel cages -- >> so for the record you're saying you never did that? >> i said things that -- frankly you hear these things. they're said. and i was embarrassed by it. but i have tremendous respect for women. >> have you ever done those things? >> women have respect for me. and i will tell you, no i have not. >> okay. so, so here's the thing, and, and i'll pose this question to you david louter these women in "the new york times" they said they came forward because of donald trump's answer to that question. "the new york times" reporters also asked these women family and friends if these women shared these stories about donald trump at the time. those friends and family are also quoted in that new york "times" article saying, yes, they did share these stories. so, does donald trump have much of a leg to stand on? >> well, trump, carol, obviously will argue to his supporters that this is a political hit job, or you know that "the new york times" is out to get him. but the problem that he faces now is that he's out there
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saying all of these women who attacked bill clinton, you should believe everything they said. but all of these women who attacked me, you should believe nothing they say. it's a double standard that there's very little chance that voters are going to test that if he continues to try to attack bill clinton by bringing forward one woman after another, who is already said something about him then it puts him in a very, very hard position to say well but ignore all these women who are talking about me. i don't know how that's going to possibly work. he can continue to argue that it's political and that -- >> funny you should say that because donald trump just tweeted again. this time about "people" magazine and the writer who said donald trump attacked her at mar-a-lago. he said quote why does the writer of the 12-year-old article in "people" magazine mention the incident in her story? because it did not happen.
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so david, he's doing exactly what you're saying he's doing, he's asking voters to believe all of bill clinton's accusers, but -- but not his own accusers. mel, how can that fly? >> it doesn't fly. i mean, i think with regard to his base, which is going to stick with him, carol, as crazy as that sounds, they just don't care about this as much as they care about the economy, as much as they care about a nonpolitician stepping in and hopefully changing washington. they also, you know, are frustrated with the media, they're frustrated with people that talk as if they know better than them, and there's a huge sense of not only outrage, but defiance. and so i think what you're seeing is a prioritization of issues by his base. now, the independents, people that he needs to win over, is this going to fly with them? of course not. i think we're all sick and tired of hearing about, you know, the past regarding bill clinton, and about what trump is doing and
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his sexual appetite for women. >> so, david gergen, i hear what mel is saying. but i do think that people care about this. and i do think that some members of donald trump's base care about these issues. what do you think? >> i agree with you. i don't think we know the proportions. but listen i go all the way back to nixon. i remember when he was under siege and insisting he was telling the truth and everything like that. and there were a band of people out there who insisted that nixon was right, that he was doing a great job as president. and, you know, we should just go forward and forget about this. and of course he went down, because -- because the overwhelming number of people in the country were -- were, you know, became very suspicious and then they thought he can't possibly serve and he had to go. and in this situation i do think that there are going to be a lot of women, we'll have to watch the public reaction. i may be wrong. maybe people will be very
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forgiving, whatever, but i do think that this is going to, at least the last four weeks you want to be out talking about the issues, and for the last two weeks, what is he doing? he's been talking about everything but the issues. and he just got himself wrapped up, and now he's getting wrapped up in fights with newspaper people. and what appears is, that instead of trying to win the election, which i think he feels maybe he can't win, he's trying to mobilize his base so that when he leaves, he's going to have a populist movement that will stick with him, maybe start a new tv channel. but he continues to be some kind of force in american public life. that appears to be the more likely strategy than that he's actually trying to win the presidency through all of this. >> yeah. all right. i have to leave it there. david gefrgen, david lauter, mel robbins. trump supporters have been laudly defending their candidate. but what about the women in this family? where's ivanka or melania? guess what guys, i switched to sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network.
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well, donald trump has just begun to fire back on twitter at the new york "times" over its explosive report it's been radio silence from his family. including daughter ivanka, and his wife melania trump. the last time we heard from mrs. trump was when she issued a statement saying trump's comments on the billy bush bus was offensive. with me now two of our political commentators, hillary clinton supporter maria cardona and ben ferguson. so ben where are ivanka and melania, you think? >> they need to be out on camera but then it also keeps feeding the story. you're in a tough situation. donald trump is in trouble here because of his own words. and some of these other allegations that are coming out are just going to feed the fire and maybe it would be good for donald trump's family to come out and to, again, humanize him
6:21 am
as a father. but, if you do that, you're continuing to feed the beast of a story which is not keeping you on the issues, and the subject matter. donald trump -- >> well, ben, let me just interrupt you here. because donald trump is feeding the beast. he started tweeting this morning already. starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. >> yeah. >> and seriously, if someone said those things about my husband, i would be coming to his defense. >> well, i think you have to have a game plan here and a strategy, and the strategy of tweeting out every person that you don't like or comes after you, it doesn't keep you on the issues. i mean i said it yesterday, going to war with paul ryan makes no sense when you're 20-something days away from the election. you have raw meat with wikileaks. you should be talking about that. but every single moment that you spend on this issue, or threatening to sue "the new york times," which would not be settled before election day, is meaningless and it is only going to hurt you on election day. >> so maria, trump will likely
6:22 am
continue to hit back hard today. he's already threatened nastier attacks if new tapes surface. so, is hillary clinton ready? >> i think she is ready for anything. i think what we saw at both debates and throughout the campaign trail is that this is a woman who expected the worst from frankly the worst and nastiest candidate that we've had in probably a presidential candidate history. at least modern history. and he's also telegraphed what he's going to do, right, which is kind of ironic but he always talks about how unpredictable he wants to be. he has said from the very beginning that this is going to be nasty. he bragged after the first debate, which was a debacle for him, that he can be nastier than she can. and he sort of went there, where, you know, a lot of his own strategists and republican strategists in general were cringing, and telling him not to go. which was focusing on bill clinton's infidelities. because we all know that doesn't work. and is actually backfiring. >> and a point because there is
6:23 am
some evidence that this strategy has backfired ben i want you to take a look at what eric trump posted on his twitter feed. eric trump posted this map from the political blog 5838. so put that map up. put that map up so people can see what i'm talking about. because it looks awfully good for trump, right? the problem is, ben, this map only includes male voters. take a look at the other map that was posted on that blog. this is what happens if only women vote. trump doesn't even track 100 electoral votes. ben, he has a problem. >> yeah, he has a massive problem. and look, the first week and a half when kellyanne conway would take over the campaign donald trump was focused and he was focused on what the issues were. he has lost that focus. and if i was sitting in trump tower right now i would say donald, you cannot go to war with the gop, you cannot go to war with bill clinton. that's not going to get enough people to vote for you. he's down in the polls right now.
6:24 am
and hillary clinton, her vulnerability is her honesty and integrity. look at where she is in the polls. when you have a horrendous leak at donald trump just had hillary clinton should be above 50% and my point is she's vulnerable. she's still in the 40s. even after what could be, you could claim is the worst -- >> you're absolutely right i can -- i can't disagree with you -- >> yeah and so you've got to go after that. and not talk about these other issues, and says -- >> but still here is my plan for this country. >> exactly. and but but if donald trump continues to attack these women and talk about these issues -- pop up -- okay, let me give you an example about the weird things popping up. allow me to vent for just a moment. these maps that the 538 blog spawned, okay, so these maps spawned a trending hashtag called repeal the 19th that gave women the right to vote by the way. men are actually tweeting stuff like this, quote, if women are the only thing stopping the greatest country this president has ever seen why not repeal the 19th.
6:25 am
trump train? really, first? dude? dude? you are delusional. and secondly, dude, who raised you? maria, this is insane. >> well, you know what, carol, and everybody has criticized hillary clinton when she first came out and talked about the basket of bemorables and she has clarified that. but i'm sorry as a hillary clinton supporter, this person and everybody who came up with the #repealthe19th. they belong in that basket of deplorables, period. instead of repealing the 19th i think that donald trump needs to repeal his candidacy. because that is what we are facing in this country. this man is dangerous and unfit to serve as president of the united states. >> and the argument that donald trump should be making out there today is look at what hillary clinton said -- >> ben, before you -- before you launch into your hillary clinton thing, i want to know, when the women who love you, and i'm sure there are many, because we love you, too, ben, we do, what do you tell them about why you're supporting donald trump in spite
6:26 am
of this distaste on the billy bush bus, in spite of these women coming forward now accusing him of groping -- >> sure i literally had this conversation with my wife and i also had it with my mom the last couple days and i said here's why i can easily vote for donald trump. i do not trust hillary clinton on key issues. i don't trust her on the support. and i do not trust her on national security. and i don't think she has an understanding of the threat of isis. i don't think in her e-mails from wikileaks prove this. that she knows that we have a problem with these immigrants that she wants to allow in from some of these countries like jordan and syria. yet in public she says oh, we can vet them and they're fine. i don't believe her, the supreme court is far bigger than donald trump. >> what do you tell those women that you love about how donald trump will stand up for them? >> i -- >> for -- >> i will make it very clear. i make it very clear. as a father with a new kid, i care about his future far more than i care about this issue with bill clinton, or hillary clinton, or donald trump.
6:27 am
i look at the supreme court and i look at national security. it's come down to those two issues for me. so, i don't -- obviously i'm not defending donald trump's words. and you haven't seen me on here defending his words recently. but i do believe that hillary clinton, on those two issues, is a much bigger threat to this country, and her accountability on lying, look if donald trump had not had this issue with billy bush the wikileaks would be a massive story. there is tons of corruption there. >> i've got to leave this conversation there but it's been a great conversation. thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom" donald trump firing back taking aim at both "the new york times" and "people" magazine for their stories. ♪ sing girl, come on. ♪[ singing ]♪ sorry, ariana you gotta go. seriously? verizon limits me and i gotta get home. you're gonna choose navigation over me? maps get up here. umm... that way. girl! you better get on t-mobile!
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all right. the opening bell just rang on wall street. it looks like we're seeing possibly a fed rate hike hitting the dow and we're down more than 100 points now so far this morning. cnn's alison kosik live at the new york stock exchange with more. >> good morning, carol. just a couple minutes into the trading day already it's a rough ride so what's gotten investors bent out of shape? the possibility of a rate hike. it just got more likely. it's a question that's really roiled the markets for month and now it seems almost inevitable. but a rate hike is happening this year. i want you to listen to a sentence that's swirling around wall street this morning. some participants believe that it would be appropriate to raise a target range for the federal funds rate relatively soon. translation, get ready for the hike to happen in december. investors are a betting bunch, and they're betting that the fed will not do anything at their next meeting in november. because it's just days before the election. even though fed schar janet
6:33 am
yellen said the election doesn't influence its decision. still everybody's banking on a rate hike increase happening in december, carol. right now we're seeing the dow down 107 points. we will keep an eye on all the numbers for you. >> all right, alison kosik we appreciate it. for more on what's moving the markets you can go to cnn money to sign up for the newsletter and downloan the app. available at the app store and google play. good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the donald trump's campaign has come out swinging against new allegations from women accusing trump of sexual misconduct. several women have come forward to say trump made unwanted physical advances on them. cnn working to confirm the reports in "the new york times," and in "people" magazine. a trump attorney firing back in a letter to "the new york times," writing, quote, your article is reckless, defamatory and constitutes libel, per se.
6:34 am
it is apparent from among other things the timing of the article that it is nothing more than a politically motivated effort to defeat mr. trump's candidacy. the letter goes on to demand a retraction and apology from the "times." and says the trump campaign is drafting a lawsuit as we speak against the newspaper. let's bring in our senior media correspondent brian stelter to talk more about this. first of all, let's dive into could these stories be politically motivated? why is donald trump saying or his lawyers saying that? >> you understand why conservatives in particular would see a series of stories from "the new york times," the palm beach post, "people" magazine and elsewhere and think this is some sort of coordinated effort. the alternative narrative presented by "the new york times" reporters is that these women were compelled to come forward and speak publicly because of sunday night's debates. because of "time's" denial on the debate stage when asked by anderson cooper if he'd ever engaged in actions, not just words about sexual assaults but actions. so that moment on sunday night
6:35 am
is what caused one of these women to reach out to "the new york times," to send an e-mail to the reporters who ended up publishing this story. the other woman they profiled she had already been in touch with the staffers but didn't want to go on the record. this other woman was reluctant to speak publicly until that debate on sunday night. so i would just suggest to people who see this series of stories, and wonder, gosh, this is really convenient. is this a political opposition dumb? that the other narrative, the more logical narrative from a journalistic perspective is that these women felt they needed to speak up now, specifically because of his denial on stage. >> okay so you talked to one of the reporters who wrote "the new york times" article. she called mr. trump, right? she reached out to him. what was his reaction? >> according to the interview tuesday night she was asking him about these allegations and he shouted at her and said to her, you are a disgusting human being over the course of the phone interview. he also very firmly denied the allegations and said they were made up. that's the same thing we're seeing on his twitter account
6:36 am
this morning. saying the "people" magazine story did not happen, saying "the new york times" story is a total fabrication. i would suggest, though, that trump is going down a dangerous path here by automatically and flatly denying the existence of the stories, but going a step further and saying that "the new york times," "people" magazine and others are making it up. journalists do not make up stories. whether you believe the accusers or not, these women are -- >> -- the reporters want a step farther because i can like envision what happened you have these great interviews from these women as a reporter and your editor says wait a minute. you've got to corroborate their stories. have you talked to their family and friends. and that's exactly what these reporters did. >> that's the most important detail actually. and that's the point these reporters have made to me overnight that they were able to reach out to friends and family members who had heard these accounts either months ago or in some cases years ago, in some cases before trump was running for president. so that is the key detail. now, trump did threaten to sue during that phone interview. he then sent a legal letter on
6:37 am
wednesday afternoon. the "times" went ahead and publi published. i believe it's on very solid legal ground. there's a deland for the retraction. not a lawsuit but a demand for a retraction. you can understand right now why donald trump feels like he is under absolute siege from all the media stories. we haven't seen a lot of trump surrogates on television this morning. we've seen a few. we know he has this rally at noon. that's his first opportunity on camera to respond. >> brian stelter thanks for stooping by. still to come in the "newsroom" the wikileak drip. what we're learning from the hacked e-mails from the clinton camp.
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hillary clinton's campaign on the defensive after wikileaks released another batch of hacked e-mails from inside her campaign. this time we're seeing what appears to be e-mails from the clinton campaign chair john podesta and his comes as one of donald trump's campaign allies says he's got connections at wikileaks.
6:42 am
>> i have a back channel communications with wikileaks, but they certainly don't clear or tell me in advance what they're going to do. >> senior washington correspondent joe johns is following the story for us. hi, joe. >> yeah, roger stone has been accused of giving advanced warning about the podesta hack. and he's denied it. not clear podesta's in the barrel, as stone put it. but john podesta's stolen e-mails continue to be front and center for the clinton campaign because they've been forced to respond again and again to the public release of internal messages between some of hillary clinton's closest aides, including clinton communications director palmieri taking heat from the trump campaign for seemingly mocking or joking about catholics and evangelicals. listen to what donald trump had to say about that. >> the new e-mails also show members of the clinton team viciously attacking catholics, and evangelicals.
6:43 am
they attacked catholics, and evangelicals. viciously. and that won't be tolerated. but it won't be tolerated by the voters. tell you what, anybody of religion, i really think you have to vote for donald trump, to be honest with you. >> the trump campaign has also gone off the clinton press secretary brian fallon for an e-mail he wrote to the department of justice about a lawsuit over hillary clinton's e-mail server. trump called that the most heinous, the most serious thing he's ever seen involving justice in the history of the united states. trump and his campaign pouncing on the messages, and the messages john podesta in the statement placing the blame for the stolen e-mails on russia to destabilize the u.s. election and accusing donald trump of being in cahoots with the russian government. quote this level of meddling by a foreign power can only be aimed at boosting donald trump and should send chills down the spine of all americans
6:44 am
regardless of political party. pretty clear these e-mails are a thorn in the side of the clinton campaign, carol. >> all right, joe johns reporting live for us this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," jerry falwell jr.'s reaction to new accusations against donald trump. he says trump is a changed man. but tell that to some of his students at liberty university. they are not buying it. listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs for a 100% fresh mouth. feeling 100% means you feel bold enough to... ...assist a magician... ...or dance. listerine®. bring out the bold™
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woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive. donald trump is fighting back against allegations he groped multiple women by filing a lawsuit against "the new york times." but the damage may be done. trump appears to be bleeding
6:49 am
support. although the reverend jerry falwell jr. who is president of liberty university, a christian college, defended mr. trump. only to be smacked down by his own students. here's reverend falwell on erin burnett's show. >> i take him at his word. i think he's a good man. i know the donald trump of today. i know his first major hire was to bring mike pence on as his vice presidential candidate. and he spoke at liberty university and had 10,000 evangelical christian young people cheering for him, gave him five standing ovations. and that's the donald trump i know. i think he's been through a change in the last four or five years. i think he's been influenced strongly by his children, by his grandchildren, i'm going to vote for donald trump because i believe he's the best qualified to be president of the united states. >> okay. but many of falwell's liberty
6:50 am
students don't agree. in fact, they're repulsed by statements like that. on wednesday a group called liberty united against trump said quote, trump has made his name by maligning others and bragging about his sins, not only is donald trump a bad candidate for president, he is actively promoting the very things that we as christians ought to oppose. the statement goes on to say quote, while our president, jerry falwell junior tours the country, we want the world to know how many students oppose him. we don't want to champion donald trump. we want only to be champions for christ. with me, someone who does support donald trump, republican congressman jim bridenstine. welcome, sir. are you still supporting donald trump? >> i want to be clear, i didn't support donald trump in the primary. i worked very hard for a different candidate but what's on the ballot now is bigger than donald trump and given the stakes of this election and the
6:51 am
two visions for america that the two candidates have and how big of a difference each one of these candidates will be as president, there's a massive gap between them, i'm on board with donald trump. what is at stake here is bigger than donald trump. it's bigger than paul ryan. >> so congressman, you abhor the statements donald trump said on that recorded audio, right? now we have women coming forward that accuse donald trump of the very things that he bragged about with billy bush. doesn't that concern you? >> what concerns me is that hillary clinton when she was first lady, she tried to silence and shame the real victims of her husband who was guilty of sexual assault, paula jones and jaunita brodrick. bill clinton paid $850,000 to paula jones and what was hillary clinton's response to this? >> okay. i will give you that. i will give you that, no, no, i
6:52 am
will give you that. >> what was the response hillary clinton had? >> your candidate is in the same boat, congressman. your candidate is in the same boat. >> this was part of a vast right wing conspiracy. we are going to find out the truth about these women and these women are going to have a lot to answer for. that's what hillary clinton said. >> okay. congressman, stop. stop, stop, stop. congressman, you are filibustering me man, stop. your candidate is blaming the media and other political conspiracists out there with what these women have come forward to say. he's doing the very same thing you accuse the clintons of. how is it different? >> well, this is why i supported a different candidate in the primary. >> how is it different? >> what is on the ballot here are two visions for america. that's what's on the ballot. is the supreme court going to be 7-2 liberal or is the supreme court not going to be 7-2
6:53 am
liberal. you have the southern border of the united states on the ballot. you have obamacare on the ballot. which is compelling people to pay for abortions. these are all things on the ballot. the question is given these two circumstances, what are you going to do. >> so is there anything that -- >> i'm going to support the candidate that aligns with my principles. >> is there anything donald trump could do or say that would say to you you know, i just can't vote for him? >> if donald trump supports the policies of hillary clinton, i could not support him. that's absolutely true. but one of two people will be the next president of the united states. it will either be hillary clinton or it will be donald trump. hillary clinton is objectionable and there's nothing she can do to get my support. >> here's the thing, congressman. i have heard that. >> is there anything hillary clinton could do, shame and silence the victims of her
6:54 am
husband -- >> i would be glad to but i'm talking to you right now, sir. okay. here's the thing. i think that some conservative republican women think quite different from you as a conservative republican man and i will give you an example. the head of the iowa federation of republican women resigned. this is a pro-trump organization in an important conservative state. she equated the continued support of trump to being in a bad relationship. she's out. that was the line for her. this came before these two women appeared in the "new york times" article. so doesn't that trouble you? >> are they supporting hillary clinton? >> no, she isn't. but she's not supporting donald trump either. >> because that's a terrible relationship for hillary clinton to have with the people that support her as well. the situation before us is difficult, for sure, but the reality is there's one of two people that will be the next president of the united states and what is at balance here is the supreme court and southern border and obamacare.
6:55 am
these are all things that are on the ballot. republicans need -- we need to stay united right now. we have three and a half weeks until this election. >> well, republicans are not united. let me ask you this last question and i promise i will let you go. so what do you tell young women about the things that donald trump has said? how do you explain to them that it's okay? >> i don't. i explain to them what we had in the white house in the 1990s, someone who was willing to have sex with an intern in the white house, then lie about it. and we had people that were accusing the president at the time of sexual assault and you had a first lady who was shaming them and silencing them when it was completely inappropriate. >> i will end it there. congressman, thanks for joining me this morning. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break. guess what guys, i switched to sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now.
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. damning new accusations in donald trump's presidential campaign is reeling. several women coming forward, saying trump was lying when he dismissed his sexually aggressive comments caught on tape as just locker room talk. they say he made unwanted physical advances on them. an attorney for mr. trump denying the claims, demanding retractions and threatening lawsuits. cnn working to confirm the reports in the "new york times" and in "people" magazine. trump lashing out on twitter just in the last hour, saying quote, the phony story in the failing "new york times" is a total fabrication written by the same people as last discredited story on woman. okay. so watch this. here's one accuser in the latest "new york times" story. she shared her story on video.


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