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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 13, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. damning new accusations in donald trump's presidential campaign is reeling. several women coming forward, saying trump was lying when he dismissed his sexually aggressive comments caught on tape as just locker room talk. they say he made unwanted physical advances on them. an attorney for mr. trump denying the claims, demanding retractions and threatening lawsuits. cnn working to confirm the reports in the "new york times" and in "people" magazine. trump lashing out on twitter just in the last hour, saying quote, the phony story in the failing "new york times" is a total fabrication written by the same people as last discredited story on woman. okay. so watch this. here's one accuser in the latest "new york times" story. she shared her story on video.
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>> i was hired by a newsprint company. i was a sales rep. i was traveling in the middle west. i was coming back into new york city and it was on that flight that the stewardess asked me would i like to move up to first class. i didn't need to be asked twice. and i sat down next to a young man, blond, tall, and he introduced himself as donald trump. i was not really aware of the real estate world of trump. we just chatted back and forth, nothing particular. it wasn't until they cleared the meal that somehow or another, the arm rest in the seat disappeared and it was a real shock when all of a sudden, his hands were all over me. he started encroaching on my space and i hesitate to use this expression, but i'm going to, and that is he was like an
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octopus. it was like he had six arms. he was all over the place. if he had stuck with the upper part of the body, i might not have gotten -- i might not have gotten that upset but it's when he started putting his hand up my skirt and that was it. >> all right. that was jessica leeds. she and several other women came forward after hearing trump denying mistreatment of women during sunday night's debate. in this exchange, with anderson cooper. >> are you saying that what you said on that bus 11 years ago that you did not actually kiss women without consent or grope women without consent? >> i have great respect for women. nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> so for the record, you're saying you never did that? >> frankly, you hear these things. they're said. and i was embarrassed by it, but i have tremendous respect for women. >> have you ever done those things? >> women have respect for me and i will tell you, no, i have not. >> okay. so we have a lot to cover this
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morning. let's begin in florida with jason carroll. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. as you know, donald trump's attorney is denying that report out of the "times" calling it reckless. donald trump also denying allegations that are being made by "people" magazine writer named natasha stoynoff who says back in 2005 she was doing a profile piece on donald trump and his wife, melania and she was at his property at mar-a-lago in florida, in south florida, and she basically said once the two of them got alone, once she got alone with donald trump, she alleges the following happened. she said quote, we walked into that room alone and trump shut the door behind us. i turned around and within seconds, he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. i was stunned. donald trump, as you know, likes to tweet, tweeted about that just within the past hour or so,
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saying the following. why didn't the writer of the 12-year-old article in "people" magazine mention the quote incident in her story? because it did not happen. stoynoff actually did mention the alleged incident to one of her editors at the time and went on to say that the reason why she didn't go public with it in part was because she was worried about and concerned about her career. now, as you know, we have heard donald trump criticize what he calls the liberal media. he's done it at many of his rallies. in fact he did it at a rally just yesterday here in florida. so what we expect at this point going forward, he is expected to have another rally here in florida later today, expect him once again to go after what he calls the liberal media. that feeds into this whole narrative that he's been painting that the decks are really stacked against him as he says. this really plays well to his base. does it play beyond that? that pretty much remains to be seen.
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carol? >> jason carroll reporting live from florida this morning. the former house speaker john boehner now reacting to that 2005 video where trump brags about forcing himself on to women. in an interview on fox news, boehner describes the video as dynamite but says he's still standing by trump. >> i was disgusted by it. i thought most amecans would be disgusted by it. frankly, i'm a little surprised that more people aren't disgusted by it. >> so your view was this is dynamite? >> i thought it was dynamite. i thought it was real bad. and you know, you can't defend it. frankly, donald trump isn't even trying to defend it. listen, my view, the election is pretty simple, but the political process in washington is at a stand-still and will be regardless of who wins. the only thing that really matters over the next four years or eight years is who's going to appoint the next supreme court nominees. i just believe that the next
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president's going to appoint two, three, maybe four justices to the supreme court and all throughout the federal court system, because more and more issues because they can't be dealt with legislatively will end up in the court system. so i believe that donald trump's view of who these judges should be, much closer to where i am than the judges that hillary clinton would appoint. >> so you plan to vote for trump? >> i am going to vote for him. >> all right. let's talk. with me, ryan lizza, cnn political commentator and washington correspondent for "the new yorker," heidi pryzbila from "usa today" and former federal prosecutor laura coates is here. full disclosure, laura used to be an associate for a law firm that represents mr. trump. however, she did not personally litigate any matters at all related to trump. just full disclosure here because we are into transparency at cnn. welcome to all of you. heidi, you heard what former speaker boehner said. he said the trump controversy is
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dynamite, indefensible but he says trump is still fit for office. thoughts? >> well, i think this is the only rationalization that republicans have left in terms of supporting this man considering how hard they went after bill clinton for offenses that seem pretty much very similar which is that it comes down to the courts. i just don't think that's going to be enough for a lot of republicans. i think it's not going to be limited to women at this point. i think it's going to be men as well, men with daughters, men with wives. i think the really damaging counter punch to all of this is that he's no longer just going after the media in his response. we are now seeing widespread victim blaming both by donald trump but also his surrogates, katrina pearson was on earlier saying these women are seeking 15 minutes of fame. well, the next wave of news is going to have experts on sexual assault who will testify to the
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well-known phenomenon of women not reporting this, how underreported this is in our society, these types of sexual assault, and that is just not going to go over well with a lot of women and men voters, frankly. >> how does trump marry that? because if he's attacking these women, isn't that the very thing he's accusing hillary clinton of doing to the women who supposedly had sexual contact with bill clinton and some of them did, i don't want to make it sound like none of them did. >> yeah. not to get into the crass politics of this because obviously the allegations are very serious, but if you are going to base the final month of your campaign on bill clinton's sex life and the fact that bill clinton allegedly, according to the trump folks, and hillary clinton attacked the accusers, you probably want to sit down with your advisers and make sure that those same allegations can't be credibly thrown back at you.
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so that is sort of the astonishing part of this, is that the last month they decided they are going to go all in on the allegations against clinton and seem not to have known or been prepared for -- it's been 24 hours since the anderson cooper got trump to say that he never assaulted anyone, and that is what openedthe flood gates of these accusations. we have half a dozen accusers already in that short period of time. i think that to me is what was so shocking from why did they go down this road when they must have known or at the very least, donald trump must have known he was opening himself up to lots of investigative journalism, lots of people stepping forward if indeed he's had this history. i don't think we have seen -- it's only been one day. i don't think we have seen the last word on this at all. >> no. because trump is now threatening a lawsuit against the "new york
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times" saying they fabricated the story and what these women are saying are not true. cbs had one of those reporters who wrote that "new york times" story on this morning. this is how she said she went after the story. >> -- two women who went on the record and used their names. we talked to the people around them who went on the record and used their names. there are no anonymous quotations in this story. these are people who are putting their names and their reputations by the claims that were described in these stories. i think that's important. >> at the time they alleged these assaults they had told close friends and family who recall similar stories. >> in the case of rachel crooks that's absolutely correct. in the case of jessica leeds she began about a year and a half ago, she said, to tell a widening circle of people including her son, her nephew and more than two friends but we talked to two friends as well as the nephew and son who recall the details of what she told them which lined up with what she told us. >> you talked to donald trump? >> absolutely. we would never just go ahead and
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publish these accounts without talking to the presidential candidate himself. so on tuesday night, he got on the phone with me and i spelled out the allegations and you know, gave him a chance to respond. >> what did he say? don't leave that hanging. >> he insisted that all of the allegations were a fabrication and that the "new york times" was making them up and he got increasingly agitated as i continued my questions, and started to yell at me and told me that i was a disgusting human being. >> okay. so two reporters wrote that story. those were the two reporters responsible for the story in the "new york times." so mr. trump says he's now going to file a lawsuit. he said everything in that article is untrue. does he have a prayer? >> well, in the court of public opinion, that will weigh very heavily in the election perhaps, but the legal ramifications are very different. the reason these reporters came on air to talk about their
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investigative journalistic practices is because the court wants to know whether you really had actual malice towards your publication of this actual article. actual malice is not do i like donald trump. no. it's about whether or not you took caution, the necessary caution to figure out was the story true, were there any black holes in the story you need to actually fill in in some way, did you have to go back and actually check different sources. that's why the language of the attorneys who are writing on behalf of donald trump were very careful to talk about whether it was reckless, whether they actually have done all of their investigative journalistic duties in this case. so if it turns out that the court finds if he does file a lawsuit and the court finds that the practices followed by those particular journalists are not on par with what they normally would do, or that it's so blatantly obvious based on the credibility of the witnesses or the credibility of the accusers or their trustworthiness, this may be a chance for a civil lawsuit that may be successful but right now, we don't know that. all we have is the beginning of
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what looks like an iceberg of accusations that may take place and what we necessitated to find out is whether or not there were other things the journalists could have done or should have done to show this story was false or overwhelmingly true. >> so heidi, perhaps one of the things donald trump is trying to accomplish is trying to scare other reporters off from writing similar stories. >> i think that might be part of it. but "usa today" actually did some good investigating this morning and found that mr. trump has threatened many journalists over the years and has actually not followed through on a lot of those. of course, the stakes this time are much higher for him and so it's possible that this could be a warning shot to other journalists but i don't think that is going to stop this dam from breaking. we know there's a lot of other information out there, specifically the "apprentice" tapes where there seems to be a bit of a tussle to make those public, that there is information on that that is much
7:14 am
more damning than the stuff that's come forward in terms of that videotape on the bus. and it just paints a broader narrative. it's not about any one of these single incidents alone. it's about the totality of all this information that is now coming out about the comments on the 10-year-olds, the things that just look unsavory and distasteful. >> so ryan, can mr. trump recover? >> i mean, i don't want to drain the drama from this election given we have almost a month to go, but a candidate polling where he's polling and struggling with the groups and in the states where he's struggling has never come back this late in the game. it would take an extraordinary collapse by hillary clinton for donald trump to win at this point. so never say never. lot of people counted this guy out in the primaries. but you are very happy just from a strict political sense if you
7:15 am
are hillary clinton right now. >> all right. i have to end it there. thanks to ryan, heidi and laura for joining me. still to come in the "newsroom" trump brags about peeking into pageant dressing rooms. as a beauty queen says his behavior made her uncomfortable. we hear from her next.
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and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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the "new york times" bombshell report sparked fury online. trump fans on twitter calling the story a hoax, even launching a hash tag next fake trump victim. one user writing quote, less than a month until the election and women suddenly start claiming sexual assault. democrats will do anything. other users took those tweets as a call to arms, launching their own hash tag, quote, women stop trump party. one person tweeting mark my words, this hash tag existing means november is going to be at best a gop bloodbath. i'm joined by former philadelphia mayor and hillary clinton supporter michael nutter along with donald trump
7:20 am
surrogate representative brian babin of texas. welcome to both of you. i want to step back because both of you have run for office. michael, what would it be like to be in the middle of this kind of election? >> oh, it's just -- it's a firestorm. we saw when the first tape came out, the bus, and all of that disgusting talk, you know, donald trump apparently was held up in his trump tower, you know, as if they were in a bunker somewhere scrambling around trying to figure out what to say, what to do, kind of a half-baked, half-hearted statement, then you know, the hostage-like video. they are scrambling.
7:21 am
they are not focused now on the presidential election. it is impossible under these circumstances to fight so many battles in so many places on so many fronts all at the same time. the last thing they're doing right now is focused on the presidential election. we are filing lawsuits, making denials, doing all kinds of things that have nothing to do with trying to become president of the united states of america and we are now within the 30-day window. it should be all campaign all the time and he can't do that. >> congressman, is that what it's like in the trump campaign? >> i disagree 100%. we're just seeing a lot of tabloid journalism that's going on. the video has been disavowed by mr. trump himself. he said he apologized for it. i can't defend it but the big issue here is that simply there's so much coming out on
7:22 am
mrs. clinton, the wikileaks, the information, the disparaging of catholics, of evangelicals, of her coming out saying she has two positions on each issue, a public and a private one. when asked about it, she invoked abraham lincoln's name in the debate the other night and i have read a little bit about honest abe and hillary is no honest abe, i can assure you of that. >> congressman, don't you think, don't you think that donald trump is partly to blame for that? he's not tweeting those things this morning. he's tweeting things about the women who were quoted in the "new york times" and calling the reporters' reports politically motivated. >> you know, again, this is he said/she said. some of it 30 years old. i'm not going to get into tabloid journalism. >> but you did.
7:23 am
>> with every respect -- >> let me say one thing. the people of this country, 70% of them believe this country is going in the wrong direction and there's only one agent of change here and that is donald trump. mrs. clinton has doubled down on what mr. obama has done for the last eight years. what the american people want is a -- securing our southern border, wants answers on the clinton foundation, why she illegally deleted 33,000 e-mails, mishandling her classified information. >> michael, i hear you, but i hear you, congressman, i do. >> carol, a couple things. >> go ahead, michael. >> couple things here. first of all, with every respect to the congressman, i hate to disagree with you but mr. trump did not disavow the video from
7:24 am
last week. he half-heartedly apologized. he has not disputed that it is him, his voice, his image, he was the only person coming off of that bus. he did not disavow that video. he did not disavow his statements about nancy o'dell for whom he has never apologized to her or her husband. he did not disavow what miss dixon said last night on don lemon that he walked into the dressing room of the beauty contestants who were in many instances naked, half-dressed, virtually unannounced and was creepy. he's like a backstage peeping tom. these are all actions and words by him. this is not tabloid journalism. these are his words and his actions coming back to bite him. and he -- >> to that point, congress we have videotape that bears truth in everything michael just said. let's play it. >> i'll go backstage before a
7:25 am
show and everyone's getting dressed and ready and everything else and you know, no men are anywhere -- and i'm allowed to go in because i'm the owner of the pageant and therefore i'm inspecting it. i'm inspecting. i want to make sure -- >> you're like a doctor. >> is everyone okay, is everybody okay. you see these incredible looking women and so i sort of get away with things like that. >> all 50 contestants are in one room and you know, there are chaperones helping us change and whatnot, and it was announced donald trump was going to come in and before you could put a robe or kind of dress yourself, he walked in and you know, some women were half naked, others were in the process of changing. >> so congressman -- >> that's just disgusting. >> congressman, your thoughts? >> can i get a word in here, if you don't mind. this is the kind of stuff that is a distraction from the
7:26 am
significance of an historic election and it is he said/she said. >> congressman, i have to interrupt you right there. there is not a distraction. this points to the character of a man running for president of the united states. so when you hear things that donald trump said in the beauty pageant -- >> how about mr. clinton a few years ago. mr. clinton was doing far worse. he had deeds, not words back in the '90s. >> why aren't you as upset at mr. trump as you are at mr. clinton? >> he's not running for president. he's already been president. >> no, he's not. he's not running for president. but his wife certainly is. she went after -- >> what's that got to do with it? >> it's not what america's interested in. we are on the precipice of a possible war, conflicts, an open border, we have illegal criminal aliens that are not being deported. we have a $20 trillion national debt and the very things that people are worried about, their
7:27 am
jobs, the economy, our economy's in the ditch right now and this is what we need to be talking about. mr. trump has said he's a changed man. he's not perfect. none of us have been. as far as that video that he had, that's locker room talk. i heard it before in my life. i can't defend that kind of stuff. we need to get on with the election and the issues. mrs. clinton has so much baggage, she's going to have trained circus elephants to carry all her baggage. what you're doing is completely scrutinizing one side, one candidate in this campaign rather than both of them. it needs to be an equal playing field here. it's just too important. >> i'm going to have to leave it there. thank you so much, congressman, michael nutter, thanks to both of you. coming up, the last time utah went for a democrat for president, lyndon johnson in 1964.
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and reduce our environmental footprint. for a customer like whole foods, saving energy means helping our environment, and we can be a part of that. helping customers save energy is a very important part of what pg&e does. we can pass those savings on to the environment, the business, and the community. pg&e really is an expert in saving energy, and that partnership is extremely exciting. together, we're building a better california. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. donald trump fires back against allegations of sexual misconduct. trump tweeting this morning quote, the phony story in the failing "new york times" is a total fabrication written by the same people as last discredited story on women. watch. several women have now come forward accusing trump of making unwanted sexual advances.
7:33 am
cnn is working to confirm those reports. the trump campaign also denying allegations made by a "people" magazine writer who says back in 2005 while she was on assignment, this happened. quote, we, donald trump and she, walked into that room alone and trump shut the door behind us. i turned around and within seconds, he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. i was stunned. trump also responded to that accusation tweeting quote, why didn't the writer of the 12-year-old article in "people" magazine mention the incident in her story at the time. because he says it did not happen. these allegations weighing heavily on the trump campaign. his poll numbers are dropping across the country, putting one solidly red states back within the democrats' grasp, including states like utah which has voted republican in every election since 1968. clinton is tied with trump there. the third party candidate evan mcmullin in a very close third. let's talk about this with james evans, chairman of the utah
7:34 am
republican party, and peter caroon, chairman of the utah democratic party. welcome to you both. >> morning. >> good morning. james, you are the republican guy. what do you think about this? >> well, i think you have a general answer to all of this, is that this is salaciousness in this presidential campaign, clearly there's a character lynching against donald trump. it's just disappointing across the board because no woman should have to suffer sexual assault but also, we must be cautious this close to the election when you start hearing allegations. i think i'm more interested -- well, not more interested but just as interested in wondering does hillary clinton, is she willing to believe that paula jones and kathleen wiley, do they deserve to be believed.
7:35 am
we need to have the same standard when talking about these accusations. >> peter, do you think that's why conservative republican utah voters are gravitating toward other candidates besides the republican nominee, because of character assassination by the media? >> not at all. utah is one of the reddest of red states and i'm the democratic party chair so i know that. utah's a state where family values matter. we have the most children per capita of any state in the nation and our families are important to us. when we hear somebody like donald trump coming out and saying these things about women, our state turns away. he does not represent utah values. he doesn't represent frankly conservative values or democratic values and we don't think he's going to be the candidate here in utah. we think for the first time in over 50 years, that utah is going to turn blue. >> okay. that would stun a lot of people, james.
7:36 am
perhaps one of the reasons utah, conservative utah voters are turning away from mr. trump is because it's romney country and mitt romney hasn't been so complimentary of mr. trump and mr. trump has not been complimentary of mr. romney. >> well, that is true, but i just wanted to answer my colleague there. there's no way that hillary clinton's going to win utah. so we can put that to rest. yes, this has more to do with the interplay between -- within the republican party. you do have that dynamic between donald trump and mitt romney, but i keep taking you back to the larger environment where there is a double standard when you start hearing these sorts of allegations. i want to repeat over and other again no woman deserves to be assaulted. women deserve to be believed but we must do it in the same context where it seems as though if there's an accusation against
7:37 am
bill clinton and that hillary clinton covers it up, that seems to be dismissed and three weeks before the election, now you are hearing these other allegations against donald trump. first of all, utahans are pragmatic but we are absolutely a family state. that's why it's a republican state. we are the party of family values. i want to make this one last point if i could. i'm looking forward to the interview you will have with bill clinton's illegitimate son and ask hillary clinton -- >> no, no, no, come on, please, that's just rubbish. he does not have an illegitimate son. you have no proof of that. >> how do you know this? >> talk about people being salacious. you drop that one on national television? oh, come on. >> because i'm making the point, you are ready to defend hillary clinton against -- i-got to go. i'm out of here. thank you both so much for joining me. we'll be right back. the heirloom tomato.
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all right. wi wikileaks released more stolen documents yesterday, about 1,000 pages. the clinton campaign is fighting back. let's check in with joe johns. >> reporter: what appears to be a new installment of stolen e-mails just posted by wikileaks within the last hour following the previous pattern, apparently more e-mails of clinton campaign chairman john podesta and just reading through the first of them, like the others, there appear to be more of the inner workings of the campaign, including day to day communications. our team is just getting started looking through them and we will be back to you when we know more
7:43 am
about them. of course, i think the significant thing you can say about these e-mails is the critics of hillary clinton, the opponents of hillary clinton, are asking the public to look at the content of the messages the hillary clinton campaign is asking for the public to look at the fact that these e-mails were stolen from the campaign and there may be some collusion with russia and they accuse the trump campaign of essentially being in cahoots with a foreign government to try to destabilize the election. we will have more when we find out what's in the latest installment. >> so the clinton camp is fighting back by saying russia is behind this. it's working in concert with wikileaks. and that somebody very close to the trump campaign is working with wikileaks. >> reporter: that's true. and the clinton campaign has alleged that roger stone, who is
7:44 am
a close ally of donald trump, has actually been in contact with wikileaks, he has said on the record that he has a back channel connection to wikileaks but he's also denied that he knew anything about the release of these e-mails in advance. so there's some of this and some of that. the bottom line, though, is the clinton campaign is trying to push the notion that the trump campaign is somehow involved in all of this with russia as an intermediate. >> joe johns reporting live from washington this morning, thank you. right now, surgeons in new york city are hoping to pull off a miracle separating a pair of twins who are conjoined at the head. meet jaden and anias, the mcdonald twins. dr. sanjay gupta has been given exclusive access to the remarkable journey. very soon if it hasn't happened
7:45 am
already, the boys will begin what's expected to be a 20-hour surgery to separate their shared brain tissue. dr. sanjay gupta joins me now on what is likely to be a remarkable day. hi, sanjay. >> carol, it is a remarkable day. this is one of the perks of the job. just next door is where this operation is happening. very few people get to see this. very new neurosurgeons get to see something like this. you mentioned it is so rare. dr. james goodrich is the lead neurosurgeon next door. he's widely considered one of the leading cranial neurosurgeons in the world. these are twins conjoined, connected at the head. i will just lean over and pull up this model for a second. i want to show you something. actually, it's amazing the technology nowadays. when you look at what is possible even before the operation starts, this is a
7:46 am
model of the boys' heads and the blood vessels inside that are so critical. i will show you just a little bit inside. if you take a look, these are the blood vessels that will be so critical in terms of actually making this operation successful. this is the challenge when you talk about up to a 20-hour operation. this is really what that entails. but also as you mentioned, it's the parents who have had to go through remarkable decision making and thinking about this and trying to figure out how to put this all together. take a listen. >> they're perfect. they are so funny and -- >> happy. >> -- happy, you know. >> and crazy. >> they are crazy. crazy. he really bears the brunt of the burden, i would say. he's got breathing issues and feeding issues and he has some vision issues and in the beginning his hearing was off
7:47 am
and he's gone through heart failure, has had seizures. >> you know, the twin boys born september of last year, they found on a routine ultrasound the boys, first they found they were twins, then they were in fact conjoined and it's been a whirlwind. this family from a small town in illinois now moved to the bronx to seek out dr. goodrich and to under go what is happening next door. >> i can't wait to see the results. what an amazing story. thank you so much for the inside look, dr. gupta. always appreciated. we'll be right back.
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checking some top stories for you at 51 minutes past, the u.s. strikes back after an american warship is targeted by two missiles in the red sea. according to the pentagon, three radar sites believed to be used by houthi rebels were destroyed. the group denies it was behind the strikes that targeted the uss mason earlier this week. 21 kidnapped school girls are free after boko haram hands
7:52 am
them over. the girls were taken in the middle of the night back in 2014. a source says the girls were released because of high level negotiations between the government and the terror group. two police officers are out of surgery and recovering after a gun battle in boston. officials say the officers who are listed in critical condition were responding to an amanner domestic disturbance that spiralled out of control. the suspect was shot and killed. he had an assault rifle and ballistic vest. john stumpf is out. wells fargo announcing he retired effective immediately. the move comes amid national uproar after regulators accuse the bank of creating as many as two million fake bank and credit card accounts. a source telling cnn stumpf made the decision to leave which was welcomed by the board. donald trump said his lewd and sexually aggressive comments caught on tape were nothing more than locker room banter. how does that dismissive description sit with two iconic athletes?
7:53 am
let's bring in coy wire with their response in today's bleacher report. >> good morning. tom brady, lebron james, two megastars who can have completely different reactions about donald trump's response to those locker room comments. first, you have tom brady, a friend of trump though he's never publicly endorsed him, at a weekly press conference. >> how would you respond to donald trump's version of locker room talk? >> you guys have a good day. >> that is what the young once call ghosting. he's gone. doesn't want to answer that question. then you have lebron james, a hillary clinton supporter. he tackled that same exact question head-on. >> what is locker room talk to me? it's not what that guy said. we don't disrespect women in no shape or fashion in our locker rooms. that never comes up. obviously i got a mother-in-law,
7:54 am
a wife, a mom and a daughter, and those conversations just don't go on in the locker room. >> thursday night football, matchup, who do you have? defending super bowl champs the denver broncos going to san diego to take on the chargers but the broncos will be without gary kubiak. he will miss the game with what they are calling a complex migraine condition. on the field, the broncos starting quarterback trevor siemian may or may not be back from his shoulder injury. last week his backup, rookie paxton lynch was sacked six times against the atlanta falcons. that gave the broncos their first loss of the season. they are going against the 1-4 chargers but those chargers, four losses only by an average of three points. we will see how it turns out. it will be a good one. now, 19-year-old auston matthews making his nhl debut scored four goals to start the season. this was no fluke. this kid was the number one overall draft pick in the nhl this year. one of the most fascinating
7:55 am
facets of the story is this guy is from the desert of arizona. he can't just run outside and find ice to skate on when you grow up in the desert. outstanding night, four goals in the game. last year's stanley cup mvp and likely future hall of famer sid crosby never scored four goals in a game in his entire 11 year career. auston matthews making history and making mom proud. tonight dodgers/nationals game five, winner goes on. cleveland hooking up in the american league championship series on our sister station tbs. >> you know i'm picking for the world series. cleveland. i think it's cleveland's year. they won the basketball championship. i think they will win the world series. >> cleveland for carol. i like it. >> notice i didn't mention the cleveland browns. they are so awful this year. >> smart woman. >> yes. coy wire, many thanks. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello.
7:56 am
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hello, i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. in just a short while donald trump will stand on a stage in west palm beach, florida. the question is, is he standing on the precipice? how does he handle the flood of new accusations of unwanted, inappropriate kissing and touching? what will he say? can he survive? just a short time ago he tweeted this. phony story in the failing "new york times" is a total fabrication written


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